Thoroughly clean the skin in early autumn

Thoroughly clean the skin in early autumn

The hot summer days are over. You thought the weather was cool and comfortable, and you can rest on your face.

However, look at your face in the mirror: darkening, wrinkles, pimples. It turned out that your sun protection and whitening work for one summer was still not a success, and this summer still left marks on your skin.

It’s not the time to lament the sadness, so quickly pack up your mood and give the skin a thorough cleansing exercise in the fall.

  Skin problems that may be left over in summer: skin tanning, dark spots appear In the summer, the strong ultraviolet rays are still activated, and the skin may be tanned and have unpleasant stains.

  Small wrinkles have high humidity, large amounts of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, poor spleen and stomach function, eat less, consume too much, lack skin nutrition, skin cells do not get enough nutrition, skin cells are prone to dehydration, keratosis, cell aging, lackVigor and elasticity, prone to small wrinkles.

  Acne (acne) endocrine disorders, excessive physiological hormones, excessive heat and humidity, increased sebum secretion, keratinization of hair follicles, accumulation of sebum efflux, if the heat is high, acne grows actively, if the humidity is high, acne is easily infected, and purulentOr running water.

  Save summer skin with SOS warm water wash.

Warm water promotes blood circulation in the skin, removes toxins, opens the pores, promotes the proper secretion of sebum, and facilitates the excretion of toxins. Wash your face with light salt and warm water during acne.

Especially Beijing Shuiliang, using cold water may be beneficial to the skin’s elastic immunity, but often at the expense of skin color and luster, especially if the physical quality is slightly worse, warm water is used.

  Eat properly.

Supplement the right amount of protein, such as soy products, milk, fruits and other nutrients to supply skin needs.

In addition, you need to pay attention to maintaining smooth stools and excreting human toxins. You should eat more high fiber and less polluting vegetables.

  In early autumn, the skin is more tanned than in summer, and freckles are more likely to increase, making the skin thicker and harder, and the keratin and epidermis becoming thicker.

In addition, because the concentration of the ionic layer in the autumn is thinner than in the summer, the amount of ultraviolet rays absorbed by the ionic layer is less than in the summer.

Therefore, the autumn climate is certainly pleasant, so it is a season with strong ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, the key points of skin care for autumn and winter should be: restore the skin from the sun; choose skin care products with whitening, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects; show massage and apply face to promote metabolism.

  With the advent of the autumn wind, the autumn and winter replenishment action makes the weather dry and cold, and your skin becomes prone to dryness, lack of elasticity, and even peeling.

Therefore, 24-hour uninterrupted moisturization is essential in autumn.

Among them, it is necessary to add moisture to your skin.

  Drinking plenty of water, drinking cold water, drinking water, nourishing skin, and beauty is best with at least cold water, because when the boiling water is naturally cooled to 20-25 ° C, the gas dissolved in the water will be reduced by half compared to before boiling, and the cohesion of water will increaseThe molecular gaps become closer and the surface tension increases. At this time, the molecular structure of water is very close to that of human cells, and it has a high bioaffinity.

    The key to retaining water is nutrition. Although some people often drink water, their skin is still very dry. The essence is that the body’s water storage function is weak and it cannot hold water. Therefore, if you have water, you must retain it.

The human body’s water storage function mainly depends on the osmotic pressure of crystals composed of inorganic salts and the osmotic pressure of colloids composed of proteins., Mucopolysaccharide, lecithin, vitamins, mineral-rich foods to improve skin nutrition and enhance skin’s water storage capacity.

If the body fluid is severely inadequate, you must supplement the internal blood with traditional Chinese medicine decoctions or ointments to nourish the yin and regenerate the fluid.Take 20 ml twice daily.

  Water spray + grease.

  In addition to having to drink plenty of water, you should also put a basin of water in the room or start an air humidifier to increase the humidity in the room, and spray the skin with water every few hours, so that the skin is always in a relatively humid statestatus.
  The maintenance of autumn skin should first be based on hydration. Water-based skin care products such as nutrient water, honey, milk, ice crystals, and gel can be used.

Because this kind of skin care products contain many amino acids, urea, vitamins, natural plant extracts and other nutrient moisturizing ingredients, and mainly based on the water phase structure, skin penetration and absorption can increase and improve skin volume.

     Full body bath + fox care after bath Bathing is a good method for skin care and beauty. Since the time of Cleopatra and Princess Nile, humans have adopted bathing to care for the skin.

When washing, the general water temperature should be controlled below 37 ° C, and the time should not exceed 20 minutes. If the water temperature is too high and the time is too long, it will easily dissolve the skin surface lipids and cause the water to volatilize.

  After the bath, the whole body is massaged with plant essential oils. The combined application can seal the moisture on the surface of the skin. Alternative massage can eliminate nervous tension, promote blood and lymph circulation, and make the skin full of vitality.