Mission world,Chentangguan,People coming and going at the market,Although they can hardly eat a full meal today,but,Mr. Li Zongbing is in Chentangguan,Demons dare not wreak havoc,They can also live a peaceful life。

at this time,A dark space passage suddenly appeared on the market,This strange thing that has never appeared before makes the people nearby retreat one after another,Looked at the dark thing in horror。
After a breath,A child in white came out of the black thing,Although the kid’s clothes have changed a lot,But the people nearby still recognized the kid’s true identity at a glance。
“The monster is coming,Run everyone。”
“monster,Don’t eat me。”
Next second,Suddenly there was a mess of noise in the market where people came and went,Then the people ran to their homes,The monster appeared again,If you don’t run, you will be eaten by monsters。
“What’s happening here?Is there a problem with my dress?Or they confessed to the wrong person?”
Nezha was surprised to see that the crowded market in front of him became empty in one breath,All the people are frightened and run out of their homes,The whole market was instantly empty。
Nezha, look left, look right,No monsters appeared,After confirming that these people were frightened by their appearance,Whispered helplessly。
He also didn’t know what was going on in this scene?Is it because these people have not seen the space channel?So scared?Or he came to the wrong place?These people admit the wrong person?But shouldn’t,His handsome appearance,Where is it like a monster。
“This seems to be Chentangguan,It’s not clear what is happening in this parallel world,Let’s go home and have a look,As for the people,Don’t care。”
“I don’t know how many young people in Dashang want to worship me as a teacher。”
Nezha shook his head,Decided to ignore these abnormal people,Let’s go home and have a look,Although it is a parallel world,But Nezha is still worried about the dangers of parents in this parallel world。
Besides, you can ask your own parents in this world,Is there anything unusual,Can be resolved neatly,He won’t delay。
“Zhaer,Why did you run out again?Go home with mother。”