But this time he came to see how miserable he was suppressed in this world,Besides,What kind of river water is this,Has no effect on the monster race today,Anyway, Sun Wukong wants to come in the future,Can come anytime。

therefore,He felt that he was still kindly asking the little centipede,Where is he suppressed in this world,Then he went to see,Then you can return to the Yaozu territory。
Wait until the Wutian boss retreat ends,When the Lord of Heaven and the Lord of Buddhism Tathagata comes to cause and effect,No matter how he let go of himself in this world,Why not?
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Nine Monkey King
“Centipede?It’s the monster here,You leave soon,This monster is very powerful,Extraordinary people,It seems that today is the time when the female kingdom of Xiliang is destroyed。”
“I think it will take a lot of time for the monster to destroy my country of Xiliang,You should leave quickly,I am the Queen of Xiliang,Even if it’s dead,I want to fight with my people to the moment of death。”
After the Queen of Xiliang heard the words of the short man in front of her,Turn around and see the monster in the distance coming again,Said helplessly,It seems that today is the time when the female kingdom of Xiliang is destroyed。
just,She will not regret her decision,Her people,Are all her people,Relatives,How could she agree to this monster’s terms?,Give your own people to the monsters to eat?
Then she will be the queen of Xiliang,but,The Queen of Xiliang glanced at the short man in front of her,The first man she met,Or gently persuade the short man to leave。
In the eyes of Queen Xiliang,This is the story of the Xiliang Girl Country and this monster,Has nothing to do with this short man who strayed here,She also didn’t want this innocent short man to be eaten by that monster。
“You human woman is interesting,Facing the strong,Don’t want to be slaughtered,But thinking about taking all the people to the death to resist,Although I don’t think it makes any sense。”
“but,have to say,You have the courage to be the master of a country,Not all creatures can face death calmly,It’s a pity you are an ordinary person,And your Xiliang women’s country is just a small country with only one city。”
“otherwise,You must be a Mingjun,I remember a friend of mine once said a word,The emperor guards the country gate,King’s Death,I think this sentence is quite suitable for you。”
“Leisure time is always short,I should do business,girl,Farewell。”
Sun Wukong looked at the man in front of him and was very scared,But I still want the Queen of Xiliang who will take the entire Xiliang female country to resist the monsters.,Said quietly。
In the eyes of Monkey King,The Queen of Xiliang in front of me,Although it looks weak,But the courage is not small,A group of ordinary people,Face the monster,I want to be dying to struggle,Really opened his eyes。
but,This scene made him familiar,Just like him back then,When the blood flowed in the heavenly court,Facing Buddhism Lord Tathagata,It’s so overwhelming,High spirits。
however,that time,He lost,Miserable,Been suppressed for five hundred years,Been suppressed in that ancient well for five hundred years,No one would have thought of how desperate and crazy he was at the time?