Wang Youcai nodded,Said with a serious face:“Don’t worry,from now on,I am your son,I will take care of you”Wang Youcai is not stupid,He really found a money tree。

Training:Jade cannot be carved
First0001chapter Embarrassment in the cornfield
Flaming sun,Spicy burning test the earth,A lush corn field in the Weihe Plain,Crawling four or five twenty-two-year-old boys,They all opened their clothes,I kept wiping the sweat off my face。
“Hey!Three young,What do you think this splash will really do with your cousin Zhao Hong in the cornfield??But we are too far away,Can’t see!Or lean forward”A young man with a slightly thin body,Winking small eyes,Whispered to the short fat guy crawling beside him。
The fat man called the third master,Coldly snorted:“Chen Gui,You fucking,on……Just a color,satyr。My dad said,Catch the double,This time we must catch one,Catch a current。from,Near,Stun the snake,This you,You don’t understand?”Hey!This kid was still stuttering,What he said,Amused some of his companions,But everyone wants to laugh but dare not laugh,Had to hold back,Which scene is so fun。
at this time,A corn stalk in the middle of the cornfield shook violently。
Chen Gui crawling on the ground,Excited five fingers scratched the ground hard,I couldn’t help but swallowed in my mouth。
Fatty can’t climb anymore,He waved,Whispered:“on”A rustle passed,The fat man took Chen Gui and some of them,Rushed past like a wolf like a tiger,The scene before us,Completely stunned them。
I saw a young guy about twenty years old,**Upper body,Tanned redness on strong muscles,The sweat beads are crystal clear under the sunlight。He has two big bare feet like iron,Like an iron rake,Dig rows of sunken footprints on the ground,Muddy pants,Pulled over the knee。
The young man is about seven meters tall,Not handsome,But also a little handsome,Especially a pair of big eyes,Look at people like two lightnings,He held a sharpened wooden stick in both hands,The wooden stick is covered with blood,Under a few messy corn stalks,There are a few field mice that have just crawled out of the hole。
On the other side of the mouse hole,Standing a tall beautiful young woman,She has a nice face,Fair complexion,Not like a rural person at all,Looks like he’s only twenty-five or sixteen years old,Especially her mature figure,Forward and backward,And she couldn’t stand it***,A glance will make people think about it。
“Wang Youcai!Why are you like flies,I can’t drive away,What do you want to do?Be careful i beat you!“The young man woke the stick in his hand,Originally handsome face,Burned a ball of anger。His eyes furious,The tall nose twitched twice involuntarily,Plump lips,Panting heavily。
The fat man hurriedly took two steps back,He turned out to be Wang Youcai, the third son of the head of Xiping Village,Relying on the power of my father,Did not graduate from junior high school,Began to dominate the village,The villagers nicknamed him Sanshao,This Chen Gui is his follower。
“Splash down,Don’t you……Don’t bully。I see today,Look at Zhao Hong’s face,Let you one……One horse“Wang Youcai finished with difficulty,I wiped the sweat off my face with my clothes,Cornfield at noon,It’s just a big steamer。
The corner of the boy’s mouth curled up,Said coldly:“Your mother’s bite is accurate,My name is Xia Jian,Instead of splashing,You said let me go,What did i do to sorry you,You want to let me go?“A look of disdain floated in Xia Jian’s eyes,The most unaccustomed to him in Xiping Village is the three Wang family brothers,Relying on Laozi as the village head,The boss has made,When Xia Jian was in junior high school,,So I went to do business outside。