“Ye Boping,You stop。”Zhang Siwei shouted。

Ye Boping sneered,“Zhang Siwei,We have been divorced for a long time,Why are you looking for me?how,Zhao Gang did not come?I think you should go find him!”Go ahead,Was pulled by Zhang Siwei。
“I think,We are not enemies,Can you talk calmly,Shall we not quarrel??”
Ye Boping reached out and touched the knife in his bag,look around,It’s off work time,People come and go,If not for crowds,I really want to kill Zhang Siwei with a single cut。
The corner of his mouth,Pull Zhang Siwei to the corner of the community,“OK,You speak。”
“sit down。”There are stone benches,Zhang Siwei sit down。
Ye Boping looked around,Sit down too,“You speak。”
“recent,What are you up to?”Zhang Siwei tried his best to soften his tone。
“Ha ha,Zhang Siwei,What do you mean,You still care about my life and death?”Ye Boping gave a cold smile。
“Correct,We are divorced,But you’re still Jiajia’s father,When,This relationship is all in,Isn’t it?Even if you get divorced,I think you can speak more normally?”
Zhang Siwei wanted to speak well,But patience is limited,When I saw Ye Boping’s yin and yang look,Temper is coming up again。