“of course,I’ll arrange for Leo after I go back,Won’t let him continue to make trouble!”

No nonsense,Both sides have their own limits,Finally, Sengoku took Leo back to his office。
When Leo returns to Marin Vando,,Cold Road in the Warring States Period:“Follow me to the meeting room,I have something to announce!”
Leo originally wanted to bugger,Unexpectedly, the Warring States period would not give him a chance。
and so,Leo can only follow behind Sengoku Karp。
When they walk into the meeting room,Leo discovered that there were many people in the meeting room。
It seems that the Warring States had already ordered it。
“This time meeting,To tell everyone,Leo already has the strength of an alternate general,The five old stars have already personally verified!”
Sengoku said here,Slightly paused。
“and so,I want to promote Leo to the alternate general,Do you have any comments??”
Walk through,With strength, you can take shortcuts,Leo doesn’t care about becoming a major general,Directly become the alternate general,On par with the ministers,Only a little lower than the three generals。
The combatants naturally have no opinion,But someone from the clerk immediately shouted:“Leo Gang joined the Navy,No military exploits,Directly promoted to candidate general,Is this inappropriate?”
“Leo has this strength,And he killed the Counting Pirate with a single blow in Demon Valley Town,This is obvious to all!”
“But he has not made substantial military merits!”The clerk was biting,This is for disgusting people。
Warring States slowly:“Wu Lao Xing has agreed to this matter,If you have any questions,You can ask Wu Lao Xing directly!”
The clerk suddenly frustrated,Their backing is the five old stars,Five old stars agreed,How dare they say nothing。
“Since there is no objection,Then it’s so decided,Let’s discuss Leo’s nickname,Then it can be announced!”
“Then follow the usual practice!”Lieutenant General Crane also spoke。
At this time Jiaji suddenly said loudly:“Call it Cha Dolphin!”