“Not bad!”

“The white light of the world,Psychedelic with dense fog at the entrance,High mountains in the center,There is also a Wang Bitan at the foot of the mountain?”
“Exactly!”The old man’s surprised look is definitely not a disguise。
Teenagers are more surprised,He didn’t expect other than Huo Tianzun,There are people who have explored mysterious places in the more ancient ancestral continent,This old man can become the creator of the Five Elements Temple,Really worthy of three words。
“Xiao Ke came from that place。”
“how is this possible?You are young?”The old man screamed。
“Just a coincidence,Huo Tianzun,Even if my master,He discovered the mysterious place,I just picked up a ready-made one。”
“That’s not incredible。”The old man shook his head straight,“Someone who can survive that place,I haven’t heard of the old。”
Juvenile ignorant circle,But then I realized that the old man in front of me was not a real person,Just a ray of human form,Since the guardian said,The first four palace masters are already dead,This mighty man naturally does not exist in the world。
“Don’t you guess,The old man has visited the land of confusion three times,But the first two times only dared to circle around,Feel terrible,Foggy again,So I didn’t dare to set foot。
“Third time after,Not a ghost,Rather, the old found out that the origin of the Ancestral Continent is inextricably linked to the land of confusion.,So after leaving this ray of soul,Take risks,Set foot in the meantime,The sight is just like what you said,But the white mist is ever-changing,Those who are weak will easily lose their nature,Dead without burial。”
“So dare to ask,Has the old palace master ever fallen into that Bibotan??”
“Green waterhole?”The old man smiled bitterly,“When the old man saw the waterhole,Already dead,Suddenly lightning flashes above my head,I just don’t see the shadows of clouds and thunder,That kind of thunder,Even the old man has the strength of Tianzun,Explore the void nearly ten times,Experienced turbulence and storms,But never heard such a terrifying thunder,In the end the old man didn’t know he was struck to death by lightning,Still scared to death。”
Juvenile petrification again,The memory of the soul in front of me may end here,Interaction between the soul and the body,It’s no surprise that I can keep this memory,Can still be sensed at such a long distance,It can be seen how powerful the old man’s cultivation was。
But this old man is really brave and cute,The origin of the ancestor mainland comes from a mysterious place,Big eyeballs have long been judged,But the peerless powerhouse tens of thousands of years ago had to fight his life to explore to prove,Big gap,Hard to imagine。
Risks experienced by the elderly in mysterious places,Juvenile feels ordinary,It’s not that he is stronger than the old man,But its special relationship with the mysterious place,From a certain angle,Mysterious land is the homeland of young people。
Contact the story of the two stones told by Big Eyeball,The boy has already seen one by Bibotan,Maybe more than one,The two small stone teeth on the side of the colorful stone may also grow into the future stone,So which one of them is he?