Lovers get married,Who said no?

It turns out that Wang Yihua was brought by Wang BadshuiYLRear,Forced her to die,If Wang Yihua and Wang Cong contact,He died,I almost died several times,After all, his father,Chen Yani can’t do anything to force her father to death,Under the persuasion of my uncle’s family,Wang Yihua had to hide her miss for Wang Cong deep in her heart。
These few years,She’s not easy,In order to refuse marriage,I don’t know how many times Wang Badshui has beaten her,But Wang Yihua is unyielding。later,Wang Badshui is involved in fake honey,Reported,When investigating in business sector,Wang Badshui, who was dazzled by money, actually beat law enforcement officers,This dozen,Hit myself in。
After receiving ideological education, he suddenly changed his temperament,To my daughter who is visiting:“flower!Go back to your hometown!If any pauper is not married yet,Marry him,Or in this life,I really hurt you”
After listening to my father,Wang Yihua howling and crying,She parted with tearsYL,I drove straight to my hometown the next day。
Wang Yihua’s sudden return,Not only makes Wang Cong ecstatic,Even the whole Dawang Village was lively for a while。The village director personally directed,The whole village will hold an unprecedented wedding in Dawang Village for Wang Cong and Wang Yihua。
Everything is ready,Just one bow。The wedding day of Wang Cong and Wang Yi,Almost all the villagers came,Even mayor Li,And representatives from Qingshan County,Plus the beekeepers of the beekeeping association,Many people are standing outside the yard,Dawang Village is lively like Chinese New Year。
When the marriage man finishes his speech,When Wang Cong gave Wang Yihua a wedding ring,Thunderous applause,What a difficult pair,After years of training,Finally achieved a positive result。
But at this moment,Wang Cong with his face full of happiness,Suddenly his body crooked,Actually fell down。
The shrill siren of an ambulance,Washed away the lively crowd,Everyone looked blank,What’s going on here?
Three days later,A news that made people hardly believe their ears came back,Wang Cong was seriously ill,Confirmed by Provincial People’s Hospital,It’s advanced gastric cancer。
Oh my god!How can this be,What a nice kid,Why did you get this disease?Didn’t you say that good people are rewarded??Dawang Village fell into silence for a while,Some old people are crying and crying。
Because the tumor in Wang Cong’s stomach is too big,Provincial People’s Hospital did not dare to operate,Persuade Wang Cong to go home and rest,To put it bluntly is to wait for time。Wang Yihua knew the result,Almost crazy,She is holding Wang Cong’s inspection report,Ran all over hospitals in the provincial capital,Find an expert,Find a professor,But such a serious condition,No one dared to agree to surgery on Wang Cong。
Just when everyone was preparing to go through the discharge procedures for Wang Cong,A slightly surprising news came out,An oncologist from the Military Medical University is coming to the Provincial Hospital to give a lecture,This is the only hope,Wang Cong who has given up treatment,Suddenly feel bright,He said decisively to Wang Yihua:“I won’t be discharged temporarily,You help me find this professor”
Professor Wang from the military doctor is over 60 years old,His temples are white,Vicissitudes of face,With a thick spectacle lens,He looked at Wang Cong’s inspection documents,While looking at Wang Cong,Unceremoniously:“Young man,Your disease is in its advanced stage,No surgery,You can stay for two or three months at most,Do you have an operation??A serious illness like you,The probability of getting off the operating table is less than 5%!”
First0869chapter Miracles won’t happen forever
“Don’t say anything,Since you dare to do,Don’t worry!I will bear all the consequences,Has nothing to do with you”Wang Cong decisively interrupted Professor Wang’s words。
Professor Wang looks at the thin Wang Cong,Couldn’t help but laugh:“Insiders call me Wang Bold,I dare to do surgery that others don’t dare to do,Since you have such confidence,I’m not afraid of ruining my great reputation on you,Go back and prepare for surgery!”