After that, Li Dao did not want himself.、I don’t want iron unparalleled people.,Sorctive madness is your own,Ate woman,I have embarked on the road of top ten wicked people.。

Iron and unparalleled don’t know the truth,At that time, I also organized the right hand.,Chasing Li Dali for a while,Every time I heard the name of Li Daizui,Are both heartache、唏 唏……
There is also a pile here,Iron unparalleled things。
That is, in fact, his granddaughter is still alive.,This granddaughter is still young,The world believes that Li Dazhao can’t let his daughter.,However, Li Dali is not really crazy.,His daughter is naturally alive,Just not bring it around,It is rushed to the collar palace adoption!
Jiang Yilang learned from the lotus,Li Daozu is actually a daughter,Maxim、Tiefang,Give it to your friends,His big wicked person,What can I have a reliable friend??
Tie Ping is abused by two couples since childhood,Later, I fled myself.,Coincidentally get into the floral palace。
Because I heard my daughter who said my own,Listen to the rivers and lakes,Li Daren took his wife and woman,Tiefang thought,She ate her mother and her sister,Thinking in the future, I have to find Li Dadu.……
Lotus and Tiefoutang are good,I have heard of this matter.,Later, I gave Jiang Yulang.!
And Jiang Yulang specially found the friend of Li Daozui.,Fake support learned from him,Shake it now,The saying is that Tiefang is abused by the floral landscape.,Always、Don’t get out,Therefore, the people who have secretly harmonized the floral palace retaliate。
Especially let Jiang Yulang say this.,There is a lot of flowers in the transcotary.,What feeling for Tiefang……
Flower no short mist,Tiefang him confirmed,But with his best palace girl is a lotus,Secondly the lotus,Tiefang can only say it is because of his age,So is more cooked。
Jiang Yulang’s speech,Iron unparalleled, I want to kill the flower,After that, two palace owners came to Sanxiang,Borrowing yourself in Sanxiang,And the sex of the moon,After shouting,Collection of Sanxiang Wulin’s power,Will invite the month to kill this!
certainly,This, Jiang Yulang did not speak,Otherwise, no matter what,He has to accompany,Just listen to this means。
Now because Jiangnan Heroes see the autumn,There is also Chu Taicheng to live in the situation.,especially……Moon martial arts!
Sanxiang Wulin,At this time there is only Hengshan School、Iron pauses help these big schools are still,Others have made birds and beasts,Natural iron unparalleled conspiracy,I don’t attack it from breaking.。
After this evidence,The iron unparalleled motive suddenly。
“Pinggui……She is still alive, she is alive.?”I am also surprised after I heard that I have heard it.。
Jiang Yulang Wen Yan,Just acknowledge,As if:Old iron,Have a painter。
After all, he has already taken the route of the flower bonard.,Different with his ace,No need to install a gentleman。
Unlike him,Also play the last moment,At this time, I am depheticing iron unparalleled,A pair he just learned from his son’s mouth.。
“I、I am clear that I have just learned this.!Flower chief……My granddaughter……Are you ok?”Iron is unresolved,Otherwise, the ability,First, I will care for Tiefang.。
“Nature is extremely good。”Flowers have no lancens。
Although I have used myself、Use《Ming Yucheng》Perceive,Tie Ping also was invited to hit the month,but……Master father,Can it be abuse??That is love!
Iron unparalleled this loose tone,And greatly opened:“Since the iron home is not,How can I want to secretly transform the fire??”
Mo Da is also interested 不 大 大,Just saying that it is a thousand gold。
Just in the hearts of everyone,I died again.,Liu Qin behind the iron unpack,At this time, I was glaring by Jiang Yilang.,Later……A bit bite out,Fort-in and pour in front of the Jiang Bifai:“Jiang、Jiang Man!I have something to say.!”
Iron unparalleled appearance first,Then reveal the color of the anger。
No matter what Liu Que is to say?,He wrapped his master,Directly worship the heroes,This movement has made the seniors in the scene frown.……
“You are……Liu Qi Shaoxia?Our rivers and lakes,Only worship the heaven,Side people can’t afford this gift。”Jiang Bifai Crane is busy helping him。
Iron unparalleled anger:“Liu Que!what are you up to?”
Liu Qi heard,怯 神 神,Hide from the Yangtze Crane:“I……I saw,My Master……People dressed to a book,I bought a porcelain bottle……that is……That is the one searched after the scene!I、I didn’t want to say it.,Master is Master、It is Master to kill me.!”
Iron unparalleled chest pain、A flower,Almost fainting,Fortunately, Being Qiong is supported by the side.……
Since the others have not seen,Bai Qiong helped iron unparalleled hand,At this time, you should quietly twist the iron scorpion on your fingers.!
But just at this time,Liu Jing suddenly stood out,Drink:“brute!What are you talking??”
Bai Qiongben was shocked,At this time, I was shocked by this.,I didn’t dare to work immediately.……
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