What to eat calcium?

The five fruits and vegetables are more calcium-rich than milk. How many do you know?

What to eat calcium?
The five fruits and vegetables are more calcium-rich than milk. How many do you know?

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Introduction Many people think that meat is more nutritious than vegetables and fruits, but it is really one-sided.

In many ways, vegetables and fruits do not lose meat.

For example, calcium supplementation, some vegetables and fruits can be very powerful, and you can make up your body.

1. People with too many white bamboo shoots think that the black spots on the white bamboo shoots are broken. In fact, the black spots on the white bamboo shoots are fungi such as the black fungus, which can delay the aging of the bone.

However, attention to women before and after menstruation, patients with physical weakness, renal function decline, patients with urinary calculi should not eat white bamboo shoots.

2, cabbage because many vegetables contain calcium, but also contain oxalic acid, reducing the absorption of calcium.

For example, white, bamboo shoots, spinach, spinach, leeks, celery, etc.

Therefore, it is best to use such boiled water to remove most of the oxalic acid before cooking.

3, spinach people who like to eat vegetables want calcium, do not miss the spinach, a small bowl of spinach can supplement 25% of the daily demand for calcium, in addition, spinach contains health-friendly cellulose, iron and vitaminsOne.

However, it should be noted that spinach contains oxalic acid phytic acid, which needs water before cooking. Otherwise, oxalic acid will combine with trace elements such as calcium, iron and zinc to form a compound that cannot be absorbed, which affects the absorption of trace elements such as calcium, iron and zinc.

4, onion has a very strong bactericidal effect, can enhance human immunity.

Eating onions often helps prevent the loss of calcium in the bones, and onions have the effect of preventing osteoporosis.

Cabbage contains more potassium and less sodium, which has many complications for the cardiovascular system, and it is easy to make people feel happy.

In addition, fresh cabbage can inhibit bacteria and inflammation, as well as ulcers and good therapeutic effects, can accelerate wound healing.

Finally, cabbage can also be folic acid and iron, pregnant women and anemia patients can eat more.

5, Korean cabbage contains vitamin K, can play an anti-osteoporosis effect.

Vitamin K helps the body absorb vitamin D and calcium. It is an indispensable nutrient for preventing osteoporosis in the body.

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Moxibustion health moxibustion treatment of rhinitis and its principle

Moxibustion health moxibustion treatment of rhinitis and its principle

Moxibustion has a good therapeutic effect on rhinitis diseases, including allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, caseous rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, dry rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, etc.treatment.
What is the specific method of moxibustion for treating rhinitis?
Is there any side effect of moxibustion for rhinitis?
Here is a description of the techniques and principles of moxibustion for rhinitis.
  Acupoints: Yingxiang, nose bridge, Yintang, Qizhu, Yangbai, Sun, Feishu.
  Method: It is impossible to treat moxibustion with moxibustion moxibustion box, because the moxibustion box is too big to hold the acupuncture points on these faces, so moxibustion face, it is best to hold moxibustion moxibustion by hand, try to feel hot, soThe effect is good, starting from the fragrant moxibustion, bilateral, on each side of the moxibustion, the part of the fragrant scent stays for a while, feels hot, moved to the bridge of the nose, back and forth several rounds, feeling the heat moved to Yintang,Staying for a while, I feel that the heat is moving to the bamboo, the white, the sun, and the facial moxibustion is about 30 minutes to an hour.
  Moxibustion at Feishu can be moxibustion with a single eye moxibustion box or a double eye moxibustion box for about 15-30 minutes.
Many people have a moxibustion treatment for rhinitis and it is inconvenient to add Feishu. Because the lungs are on the back, they can’t reach it. It is convenient to use the moxibustion box.
However, I do not know that Feishu has contributed to the treatment of rhinitis.
We all know that the main fur of the lungs, “fur” is a form of body, including sweat glands, skin and hair and other tissues, has the function of secreting sweat, moisturizing the skin, regulating breathing and resisting external evils. It is the human body’s barrier against external evils.
  Through its function of promoting the lungs, the lungs can be transported to the whole body, and the muscles of the muscles can be warmed to maintain their normal physiological functions.
It can be seen that the function of the fur is dominated by the lungs, so it is said that “the main fur of the lungs” (“Su asked?
Yin and Yang should be like the big theory”, “the fur, the lungs” (“Su asked?
Cough theory), “The lungs of the main body of the lungs, in the treatment of rhinitis and exogenous, Feishu points, plays a very important role.
Moxibustion is used to treat rhinitis. After moxibustion, the white blood cells in the nasal cavity are significantly reduced, and the immunoglobulin has a two-way regulation effect, which can quickly improve the immunity of the body.
  Therefore, in the treatment of rhinitis and colds, in addition to the above acupoints, it is best to add Feishu points.
  Feishu point: position: the third thoracic spine is opened next to the spinous process.
5 inches Meridian: foot sun bladder.
After hitting, shock the third flank, veins and nerves, vibrate the heart and lungs, and break the air.
  The main diseases of this point are: lung and respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, etc.
The nose is the mouthpiece of our respiratory tract, and the nose will not breathe smoothly without breathing.
  Indications: cough, asthma, vomiting blood, bone steaming, hot flashes, night sweats, stuffy nose.
  1. Must have moxibustion for 40 days, and take a break every 10 days, in addition to careful moxibustion every day.
  2, Yingxiang, Yintang, the sun, nose bones, brow bones, two lung Yu, Guan Yuan, Shen Shen.
These acupuncture points must be carefully moxibusted.
  3, in the next thought that the gods acupoints are indispensable, because the moxibustion gets time, the kind of thermal feeling is really all over the body, very hearty, about allergic rhinitis, the gods’ merits are even greater than Guan Yuan, allergic rhinitis must moxibustion.
  4, 40 days of healing, you must not drink ice, eat ice.
  5, regardless of men and women, the treatment period is relatively unfeasible, sexual intercourse, single teacher wrote a lot of articles, but did not mention this, this is precisely the most important, some people continue moxibustion for 3 monthsGood effect, under the instincts that he (she) did not do this.
Once you have a further view of Western medicine, you will know the importance of this point.
  6, during the healing period, pay attention to keep warm, and three meals to be full, do not stay up late, do not eat breakfast.
  7. Regarding the results of the day, I think that the acupuncture points on the face are up to 35 minutes in total, and are distributed symmetrically according to my own situation.
Guan Yuan and Shen Shen moxibustion for 15 minutes (the period must have at least 7 hours of heat), two lungs and moxibustion for 15 minutes.
  8. If you choose moxibustion, but you have not done the above, it is because your illness is not serious enough, you don’t have enough money, you still feel desperate, waiting for you to suffer for a few more years,Looking back, maybe you can do it carefully.
  Moxibustion is a Chinese medical method (including moxibustion, direct contact) that uses a burning moth to suspend moxibustion.
For internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, ENT diseases.
Especially for mastitis, prostatitis, frozen shoulder, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical spondylosis, diabetes and other special effects.
Moxibustion therapy has a wide range of adaptations and was the main means of treating diseases in ancient China.
In the words of traditional Chinese medicine, it has the functions of warming yang, warming meridians, eliminating phlegm and eliminating qi and supplementing qi.  How to treat sinusitis with moxibustion?

Moxibustion has obvious effects, easy to prevent, economical and practical advantages, almost no toxicity, substitution, as long as the principle of treatment, operating procedures, in general, will not cause adverse reactions to the human body.

  The taboo of moxibustion: 1, where exposed parts, such as face, do not directly moxibustion, in order to prevent the formation of residual traces, affecting the appearance.

  2, thin skin, less muscle, muscles gathered, pregnant women’s lumbosacral, lower abdomen, male and female nipples, genitals, retinal pills, etc. Do not apply moxibustion.

In addition, do not directly moxibustion at the joints.

In addition, at the large blood vessels, there is no moxibustion in the heart, and the eyeballs are facial and no moxibustion.

  3, extreme fatigue, thirst, fullness, drunkenness, sweating, emotional instability, or women’s menstrual period.

  4, some infectious diseases, high fever, coma, during convulsions, or extreme exhaustion of the body, the shape of thin bones and other bogey.

People who have no self-control ability, such as mental patients, avoid moxibustion.

  Moxibustion treatment of rhinitis is best combined with the role of some drugs, the following is a note on the precautions of rhinitis drugs.

  1, antibiotics can collect patients’ purulence for bacterial drug sensitivity test to identify pathogens and select sensitive antibiotics; can not distinguish the pathogens from the course of choice of spectrum antibiotics, such as penicillin, cephalosporins and other drugs.

The medication for acute sinusitis should last at least 2-6 weeks and no longer than 8 weeks.

  2, anti-allergic and nasal local adrenocortical hormone drugs have a significant allergic cause of allergic sinusitis cases, the choice of a drug, such as cetirizine, etc., only need to be taken once a day, the time and dose of medicationAccording to the doctor’s advice; local hormonal drugs, relatively safe, but must comply with the doctor’s advice, and grasp the indications, to avoid abuse and bring a certificate.

  3, mucosal drug-promoting drug This drug has a thinning pus, promotes the function of nasal mucociliary turnover, helps the mucosal clearance system, restores normal function, and promotes the discharge of pus.

  4, topical use of vasoconstrictor nasal drops can reduce nasal ventilation and drainage by contracting the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa, often choose a milder 1% ephedrine saline nasal drops, so that the pus inside the sinus,It’s easier to flow out.

Generally, it is used 2-3 times a day, and the affected side nasal cavity is sprayed 1-3 times each time.

This is especially true. This type of nasal drops should not be used for more than a week, otherwise it may cause drug-induced rhinitis.

  Moxibustion is a good method for treating rhinitis, but there are also some things to be aware of. When taking moxibustion to treat rhinitis, you must choose a professional doctor to avoid serious injury caused by improper treatment.

Green tea wakes up and loses weight

Green tea wakes up and loses weight

Green tea is a tea that is said to be fermented. The color of the leaves is green and the fragrance is quiet. The tea brewed is green and blue.

Longjing, Biluochun, etc., which are familiar to people, are all green tea.

The nutritional value of green tea is extremely high. The frozen green tea water can stimulate the thirst. The hot green tea water can relieve the heat and cool down. Therefore, it is very suitable for people to lose weight.

  Green tea has the effect of inhibiting blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and lowering plasma in the body.

  The tannin contained in green tea has an antioxidant effect 100 times higher than that of vitamin C. It has the effect of delaying the aging of body functions, preventing heart disease and stroke.

Tea polyphenols in green tea can bind to bacterial proteins and kill bacteria.

It has inhibitory and killing effects on acute gastrointestinal diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and Staphylococcus aureus.

Tea itself does not contain free radicals, but tea polyphenols can dissolve trace amounts, so drinking tea can lose weight.

High blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood lipids patients should drink more green tea, and strong tea is better.

The sulphide contained in green tea, and the pantothenic acid in the tea can also moisturize the skin and maintain luster and lubricity.

If you have ulcers on your skin, you should also drink more green tea. Because of the heat of green tea, it is good for beauty.

  The method of brewing cold and hot tea: 1.

Cold drink method, first green tea with warm water soaked, after cooling off the tea residue, add appropriate amount of ice water to adjust the concentration, if you add ice, honey, can increase the fun of cold (frozen) drink.


Hot drink method, green tea should be brewed with warm water, 3 grams of tea about 200cc warm water, the shade varies from person to person, cover the lid for 3-5 minutes, you can taste the pleasant taste of green tea.

In the spring, do not study these 4 elderly people, Kangshou Raiders quickly collect, transfer to the people you care about

In the spring, do not study these 4 elderly people, Kangshou Raiders quickly collect, transfer to the people you care about

Spring is the season of recovery of all things. The weather is warmed by the cold, and various organisms in nature are germinated, showing vitality.

The health care of the elderly in the spring should be based on the characteristics of the spring and the development of the hair, pay attention to the scientific life, avoid misunderstanding, to protect the normal metabolism of the human body, to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.

Moderately exercised Chen Dabo is 68 years old this year. Recently, the weather has turned warmer, and he has developed the habit of hiking and morning exercise every morning.

One morning, when Chen Dabo climbed the mountain, he walked too fast, exercised excessively, and accidentally sprained his foot. He had to be helped by his companions to help the hospital.

Spring is a good time for the elderly to walk out of the home to strengthen their body. They often go to the outdoors to exercise, breathe fresh air, can smear the body, improve the heart and lung function, and enhance the body’s immunity.

However, Chinese medicine says that “there is a long-term injury and a long-term injury.” When the elderly are exercising, they should improve their attention: one should be moderate and avoid excessive exercise; the second should be combined with static and fluid, not excessive fatigue;For projects with their own conditions, don’t do too difficult, too big, too dangerous actions; Fourth, we must strengthen safety awareness, preventive measures should be in place to avoid accidents.

On Wednesday, the scientific pricing was a big day for Grandma Ge’s grandmother to marry. Grandpa Ge couldn’t help himself, didn’t feel a few drinks, and ate a lot of leeks.

When I got home, I felt dizzy. When I went to the bathroom, I fainted to the ground. Fortunately, there was no big obstacle. I lived in the hospital for 5 days and was discharged.

In the spring, the body’s metabolism is strong, and when the liver is strong, the elderly are prone to liver fire. If you do not pay attention to your daily diet, it is easy to have dizziness and high blood pressure.

Spring is the beginning of the year, and the “village” of young people’s marriages and happy events is split.

Modern medical research believes that overeating, B vitamins in the body is one of the reasons for spring disease.

The elderly should develop scientific eating habits: first, to ensure the extent, while appropriately reducing the amount of food; second, the combination of thickness and fineness, not to eat more fine grains, can eat more millet, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.; the third is to take protein should be refined, slightly less,Can eat high-protein foods, such as beans, fish, eggs, lean meat, etc.; Fourth, to control salt intake.

In general, the elderly should choose sweet, warm, clear products, eat more vegetables, fruits, etc. in the diet, avoid greasy, sour, cold and cold.

Cold and warm Hu Ayi will go to the park to dance and exercise after dinner every day.

A few days ago, due to the warm weather, Hu Aunt danced a little sweat, then she took off her coat and continued to jump. The result was a cold, fever, accompanied by a cough. The doctor diagnosed it as a pneumonia caused by a cold.

The spring climate is changeable, warm and cold, especially in the early spring, often with cold currents, annihilation and degradation, such as thin clothing, improper warming measures, and extremely vulnerable to cold.

In particular, the elderly have reduced physiological function of hypertension and have poor adaptability to climate change. They are prone to colds and colds, causing acute bronchitis, pneumonia, and hypertension.

Dressing should be based on your own physical condition, combined with climate change, at any time to increase or decrease, to be soft and light, suitable for personal warmth.

Once you have a cold, you should seek medical advice and medication.

When I am a normal living person, I often play mahjong with my old friends in the community when I have nothing to do.

One evening, Zhang Laobo played mahjong until midnight.

I felt very tired that night, my heart burst into pain, and I didn’t fall asleep at night. He knew that it was an old angina pectoris.

After a few days of medication adjustment, Zhang Laobo finally recovered his health.

Spring people tend to feel sleepy, and the elderly should not sleep late, nor sleep too late, which is not conducive to the growth of yang.

The elderly should have regularity in their daily life. They should go to bed early and get up early. The time of entertainment should not be too long. It is best to take a nap at noon every day for about 1 hour to solve the “spring sleepy”.

In the afternoon, you can arrange a moderate amount of sports activities, such as walking, tai chi, and aerobics.

Author: Li Yanming content of the article Source: “medical food reference” More Medicinal and Edible, food safety, food nutrition, disease prevention, weight loss, health, longevity and good health, and other professional information, please pay attention to micro-channel public number: yishicankao (long press to copy).

5 major health effects of moxibustion

5 major health effects of moxibustion

Moxibustion is a Chinese medical method that uses a burning moth to suspend moxibustion of human acupuncture points.

Moxibustion originated in ancient China, and the use of moxibustion originated after humans mastered the use of fire.

The effect of therapeutic therapy has been proved by many clinical practice, and its moxibustion effect mainly has the following five aspects.

1, Wentong meridians, dispelling cold evils because of this method using the finest Chen Ai, combined with digital Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, made of fire, soft and warm, strong penetration, can warm the cold, to attack the evil.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the normal life activities of the human body depend on the role of qi and blood. The lack of blood and blood is prone to aging and illness.

Then the qi and blood have two characteristics of “when the temperature is met, and the cold is condensed”.

Moxibustion therapy is the use of Ai fire to stimulate the meridian points, so that the blood runs, and the fire attacks evil.

It has the effects of phlegm and cold, phlegm and stasis, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, and promotes cell regeneration, thus achieving the effects of health care, health and beauty.

2, qi and activating blood, dissipating and dispersing the medicine used in the medical method, has the characteristics of fragrant dispersion, the warmth and special odor emitted by the burning, can quickly open the body’s meridians, accelerate the body’s blood circulation.
3, warming and replenishing Qi, Huiyang solid-free moxibustion therapy to replenish and strengthen the body, can stimulate the body’s immune system function, promote metabolism, and strengthen internal and external.

Moxibustion therapy has a special pure yang character, which can make people yang qi, full of blood, solid body, enhance the function of human digestion, circulation, excretion, genitourinary system function.

Muscle numbness caused by high blood pressure and obesity, limbs are not paralyzed, the two are not even, the waist and legs are sore, the movement is short, and the body is tired and tired. As the “Nei Jing” said, “the righteous memory, evil can not be done, evil together,Its qi will be empty.”

4, prevent disease, health, strong body, often moxibustion Zusanli, Guanyuan, Dazhui and other points, can stimulate the body’s righteousness, improve disease resistance, improve health and physical fitness.

Moxibustion therapy can be used for fitness, disease prevention, and treatment. It has been thousands of years old.

Moxibustion can stimulate, improve the body’s immune function, and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

5, moxibustion beauty moxibustion is the most effective means of dispelling fatigue, restoring vitality, replenishing physical fitness, and balancing yin and yang.

There are many women whose faces are not smooth and clean, which is often caused by endocrine disorders. In fact, they are still insufficient in yang, rather than getting angry.

Moxibustion regulates body functions and helps women to glow.

What happened to menstruation in my 50s?

Here is the treatment of menstrual dripping, cholecystitis, freckles, the prescription is 11

The elderly are good at using the mouth to prolong life _1

The elderly are good at “using the mouth” to prolong life

Longevity sounds like a big project, but in fact, some small details can exert unexpected effects after a long period of time.
Older people should eat more food, eat less, chew slowly, be good at mouthwash, diligently communicate, sing and laugh. If you practice these “mouths”, you can delay aging and prolong life.
  Eat less meals. The gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys and other organs of the elderly are weaker. Eating less meals can minimize the burden on the body while ensuring nutrient intake.
It is best for the elderly to eat four to five meals a day, and each time they are 50 to 60 percent.
  Chewing and chewing activities are closely related to the brain.
When the number of chewing foods increases or the frequency increases, the blood flow to the brain also increases significantly, activating the cerebral cortex, thereby delaying aging.
  Good at mouthwash and swallowing Russian scientists have found that the central nervous system will start to excite after about 5 minutes of continuous mouthwashing. The large amount of saliva secreted immediately after the mouthful of mouthwash will exacerbate this excitement and have a good health effect on the brain.
In the traditional Chinese health practice, there is a “drumstick” saying that the tongue is stirred up and down more than 36 times in the mouth, and the saliva produced is swallowed three times, and there is no evil fire, no blood, no blood, no spleen, no longevity.The effect of the year.
  Singing and laughing Singing not only makes people happy, but also enhances immunity.
Laughter is also the best helper for health. French psychologists point out that when people laugh, there will be a “biochemical storm” in the brain that can greatly improve brain function.
The elderly sing more and laugh more, can relax the brain and effectively prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.
  Diligent conversation The longevity of China’s famous Chinese painting master Guan Shanyue is that he often talks with people. He has not only activated his own brain, but also made friends from all walks of life. He is cheerful and open-minded.
More conversation can reduce the incidence of loneliness and depression.

10 mental health standards for the elderly

10 mental health standards for the elderly

Good psychological quality is good for strengthening physical fitness and improving disease resistance.

How is the mental state of the elderly considered healthy?

Relevant scholars have formulated 10 standards for mental health.

  First, a full sense of security.

Security requires multiple levels of environmental conditions, such as social, natural, working, and family environments, where the impact of the home environment on security is paramount.

The home is a harbor that avoids the wind and waves. It will be safe to have a home.

  Second, fully understand yourself.

It means being able to objectively analyze one’s own abilities and make appropriate judgments.

Whether you can make objective and correct judgments about your own abilities can have a great impact on your own emotions.

If you overestimate your ability and try to do things that exceed your ability, you will often fail to get the expected results of your imagination, and your own mental division will fail. Underestimate your ability, self-evaluation is too low.Lack of self-confidence often leads to depression.

  Third, the goal of life is realistic.

Life goals should be set according to their economic ability, family conditions and the corresponding social environment.

The formulation of life goals must be realistic, and there should be room for it, not to exceed the scope of itself and the family’s economic ability.

Laozi, the founder of the Taoist family, said: “Le Mo is greater than worry-free, Fu Mo is greater than contentment.

“Four, keep in touch with the external environment.

This can enrich your spiritual life, you can adjust your behavior in time, and the brakes can better adapt to the environment.

Maintaining contact with the external environment involves three aspects, namely, contact with nature, society and people.

Older people retire at home, too much time, often produce depression or anxiety.

Today’s old-age activity centers, senior cultural activity stations, and senior universities provide conditions for older people to interact with the outside world.

  Fifth, maintain the integrity and harmony of personality.

The individual psychological characteristics such as ability, interest, personality and temperament must be harmonious and unified, and happiness and satisfaction can be experienced in life.

For example, a person’s ability is very strong, but he is not interested in his work in the military and is not suitable for his personality, so he may not be able to experience the sense of success and satisfaction.

On the contrary, if he is interested in his work, but his ability is very poor, he will feel very annoyed.

  Sixth, have a certain learning ability.

In modern society, in order to adapt to a new way of life, we must continue to learn.

For example, if you don’t learn a computer, you won’t realize the fun of surfing the Internet. If you don’t learn a new concept of health, you will still stay at a level of fullness and warmth.

Learning can exercise the memory and thinking ability of the elderly, and is beneficial for preventing brain dysfunction and dementia.

  Seven, maintain good interpersonal relationships.

The formation of interpersonal relationships includes psychological factors in three aspects: cognition, emotion and behavior.

The emotional connection is the main feature of interpersonal relationships.

In interpersonal relationships, there are positive and positive relationships, and negative and negative relationships. The coordination of interpersonal relationships has a great impact on people’s mental health.

  Eight, can moderately express and control their emotions.

Unpleasant emotions must be released or called catharsis, but they cannot be vented excessively. Otherwise, they will affect their own lives and exacerbate interpersonal conflicts.

In addition, objective things are not the main factor determining emotions. Emotions are produced by people’s evaluation of things. Different evaluation results cause different emotional reactions.

There is an old lady, the eldest son is salted, and the younger son is selling umbrellas.

The old lady is always worried, she is worried about her eldest son on a cloudy day, and she is worried about her little son on a sunny day.

A psychiatrist said to the old lady: “You are really blessed. Sunny day, your eldest son makes money. In the rain, your little son makes money.

“The old lady is happy when she thinks it makes sense.”  Nine, play your talents and hobbies to a limited extent.

A person’s talents and interests should be beneficial to himself, to the family, and to the society.

Otherwise, only relying on your own talents and interests, and harming the interests of others or groups, will cause interpersonal disputes, and add a little trouble.

  X. Under the circumstance of not complying with social ethics, the basic needs of the individual should be met to a certain extent.

When the individual’s needs can be met, there will be a sense of happiness and happiness.

However, people’s needs are often endless. Under the legal and moral norms, it is the best choice to meet the individual’s appropriate needs.

Beautiful neck yoga reveals sexy femininity

Beautiful neck yoga reveals sexy femininity

Undoubtedly, the woman reveals the sexy part, and the sexy and fascinating predetermined curve can attract too many opposite sex eyes.

The complications of most obese people will be filled with excess meat, which seems to be fat and short again, which is really unpleasant.

Today, Xiaobian recommends beauty neck yoga for you to help you cultivate sexy temperament.


hzh {display: none; }  (1)减少颈部细小皱纹——颈部按摩功  第一步: 选择坐姿或者站姿,将你双手的掌心在胸前快速的搓热。  Step 2: Let the hot palms massage in the order from bottom to top and from the inside out.

  Body sculpting tips: Pay attention to your hands and gently and slowly to practice, so as to fully nourish our skin.

  Efficacy: nourish the skin, prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines, and always show a smooth alternative.

  (2) Restoring retinal skin elasticity – Performing stretching initial: Select sitting or standing position, and the tail is straight.

  Step 2: When exhaling, the head turns to the right and the eyes look right to the right.

  Step 3: Inhale, return to the center on the right, adjust the smooth breathing in place, turn to the exhalation head and turn forward, and look at the left front.

When inhaling, the head is back positive and repeated 3 times.

  Step 4: When exhaling again, lower your head and try to keep your chin close to the position of the collarbone.

  Step 5: Inhale and return your head to the center.

  Step 6: When exhaling, the head leans back, the chin points to the ceiling, inhales, and the head returns.

Practice 3 times repeatedly.

  Body shaping tips: All the consciousness is to add the feeling of stretching, do it slowly and gently during the practice, don’t let the muscles overwork and fatigue, try to keep the shoulders relaxed.

  Efficacy: Stretched muscles and ligaments, active skin, to restore elasticity.

  (3) Eliminate excess meat – shorten the rotation step: choose to sit or stand, keep the back straight.

  Step 2: When exhaling, slowly lower your head and breathe smoothly.

  Step 3: With inhalation, let the pointing to the right and the back.

  Step 4: When exhaling, align to the left and forward, and insert the clockwise rotation of this cycle for 5 turns.

The opposite direction of the exercise also rotates 5 turns counterclockwise.

  Body sculpting tips: Be slow and gentle, try to stay close to the front when you change to the sides, but don’t shrug your shoulders. When you make a “giggle” sound, don’t be nervous, it’s because you’re slowly becoming more flexible.

  Efficacy: relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine and improve the elimination of tension and headache.

Relieve headache, secret recipe, Shichangpu sachet

Relieve headache, secret recipe, Shichangpu sachet

Many people often have headaches, insomnia, and dizziness.

Teach you an easy way to alleviate the above symptoms.

  Many people often have headaches, insomnia, and dizziness.

Dr. Wang Changsong, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Southeast University, suggested that people with frequent headaches and dizziness can make a calamus cyst on their chest, which can play a refreshing role.

  Iris is a dried medicinal plant that can be purchased at a Chinese medicine store.

  You can use the calamus to do some health care, or you can cut the rhizome of the calamus into small pieces, put it in a small bag, and put it in the pocket of the top, which can refresh and relieve the symptoms of headache.

  People who have insomnia at night can use the calamus leaves to make a calamus bag. When they are sleeping, they are placed on the side of the pillow. If it is not a stubborn insomnia, it can be relieved to a certain extent.

  Hanging a calamus can also improve work efficiency and effectiveness in the office or in the workplace.

  In fact, the abnormality of calamus is very small, there is almost no adverse reaction for external use, and the rhizome can be used with 15-20 grams at a time.

  Links: Most of the calamus found in pharmacies is Shichangpu, which is warm, bitter, bitter, has a dampness appetite, opens up the sputum, and refreshes the puzzle.

  Acacia is fragrant, bitter, and slightly pungent.

It can be used as a medicine, and it can also be used to regulate indoor odor in daily life.

The leaves have stronger odor than the rhizome, and the external effect is very good.

How to eat rice to be delicious and prevent cancer

How to eat rice to be delicious and prevent cancer

Tea and rice are traditional Chinese crops. Maybe you didn’t think that putting these two things together would be a natural disease prevention product.
Many diseases that have been seen in recent years can be swept away by them.
  Four wonderful uses of tea cooking
Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases If you want to eat the fragrant rice, you can get the color, smell and taste of the meals with tea.
Tea and rice cooking also has the benefits of getting greasy, cleansing, eating and preventing diseases.
Middle-aged and elderly people often eat tea and rice, which can soften blood vessels, lower blood lipids, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
防治消化道肿瘤  此外,茶多酚能阻断亚硝胺在人体内的合成,胺和亚硝酸盐是食物中广泛存在的物质,它们在37℃和适当酸度下,极易生成能致癌的亚Nitramine, and tea cooking can effectively prevent the formation of nitrosamines, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of digestive tract tumors.
Preventing Stroke Tannins in tea can effectively prevent stroke.
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases In addition, fluoride in tea leaves is an indispensable substance in dentin.
If a small amount of fluorine is continuously immersed in the tooth tissue, the toughness and acid resistance of the tooth can be enhanced to prevent caries from occurring.
  The healthiest cooking method The best way to cook rice is to boil the water and then put the rice, so that the rice is heated by the absorption of water, and the protein is solidified by heat, so that the rice is intact.
Part of the starch gelatinized layer is dissolved in the soup after it escapes, so that the porridge is sticky.
Moreover, during the boiling process, partially condensed proteins protect vitamin B1 from large amounts of water.
With the boiling of the water pot after the addition of the rice, the steam is reduced, so that the vitamin B1 is stored 30% higher than the rice cooked with cold water and rice, and the cooked rice tastes better.
  Add a few drops of salad dressing to the cooking water to make the rice grain crystal clear.
A few drops of lemon juice will make the rice soft.
To cook a pot of fluffy rice, sprinkle a pinch of salt in the pot.
  How to cook tea?
  The method of cooking tea is simple.
Firstly, 1 to 3 grams of tea leaves, soak for 5 minutes to 9 minutes with 500 grams to 1000 grams of boiling water, take a small piece of clean gauze, filter the tea to remove the residue and use it (overnight tea should not be used);In the pot, wash, then pour the tea into the rice cooker, make it 3 cm above the rice noodles, cook and serve.
  The disadvantages of eating white rice – not conducive to control blood sugar & blood lipids White rice is very unhealthy What should I do?
  Try to eat less white rice, their blood sugar reaction is too high, it is very unfavorable for controlling blood sugar and blood lipids.
  How to solve: Eat enough fiber Only enough fiber can effectively reduce the digestion speed of rice, and at the same time can absorb cholesterol and fat in the intestine, which can reduce the blood sugar and blood fat after meal.
This can also make people eat slower and eat less, which is good for weight control.
  Brown rice should not be eaten every day. In fact, most patients with chronic diseases are of the type that exceeds the standard of fat. Controlling body weight is the first priority of dietary adjustment measures.
Some rice with particularly high nutritional value, such as brown rice, black rice, and germ rice, are healthy, but they eat 100% brown rice every day. They feel uncomfortable on the palate and it is difficult to persist for a long time.
Therefore, when cooking rice, you may wish to use some coarse grains to cooperate with rice. The taste will be better and it is easy to accept.
It is best to leave the whole grain in the water for a night so that it can be cooked at the same time as the rice.
  Miscellaneous rice can also be balanced with less meat. When cooking rice or porridge, it is best not to use a single rice, but to add whole grains, beans, nuts and so on.
  For example, red bean rice, peanut oat rice porridge, etc., is a rice food that is very suitable for chronic patients.
The addition of these food materials increases the B vitamins and minerals on the one hand, and complements the protein nutrition on the other hand, and can ensure sufficient nutrient supply while reducing animal foods.
  Peas rice can effectively prevent chronic diseases. More importantly, this can effectively reduce blood sugar response and control blood lipids.
Among them, the combination of beans and rice is ideal because the beans are rich in dietary fiber, and the starch is very slowly digested, which is most effective for preventing chronic diseases.
Add some vinegar to the rice to prevent the rice from changing.
When hot leftovers, add a small amount of salt in the steamer to remove the odor of the leftovers.