Ling Xi looked at Fuming,Fuming nodded at Lingxi,Ling Xi walked inside,Naturally, all these small actions came to Qu Anlie’s eyes,Even unhappy,But I have to endure it in front of Lingxi。

Wait until Lingxi enters,Qu Anlie turned his head to look at Fuming,The atmosphere at the moment became a bit frozen。
“To outsiders, you are Lingxi’s brother,But to me you think you are a lie,Is it enough!”Qu Anlie reached out and interrupted Fuming’s explanation,Fuming was choked back。
indeed,Maybe this fake identity can deceive others,But want to fool the elders of the college,It is indeed a little unrealistic。
Qu Anlie calmed down a bit,Sitting in a chair and poured myself a glass of water,Dried up,Then he continued to speak:“I won’t investigate the matter this time,But definitely not next time!”
Nodded helplessly,I didn’t do anything by myself,How can you be like a sinner who tricks an ignorant girl。
“You won’t see Lingxi for a while!”Qu Anlie said a word。
“Because our college recently discovered a space-time relic”Qu Anlie explained。
“Time and Space Relics?What is it”
Qu Anlie flattened his mouth“Time and Space Relics,It’s a crack created by time and space,Inside the space-time ruins, a space of its own,So far,That crack only opened twice,These time and space cracks will open from time to time,We humans cannot control,Maybe a hundred years will open,Maybe a thousand years!”
“What are the benefits of entering,Treasure hunt?”
“The same meaning,For example, you might find some rare ones that the earth can’t find。。。wrong,It should be a medicinal material that never existed,Just show these medicinal materials,Will be snatched by many forces,Of course no one in our college dared to do this!”

“Get me up,Pretending to be dead。What’s the big deal,Is Xia Jian still missing a girlfriend??Really hopeless”Xiao Xiao went crazy,Xia Jian did not recruit。She just dragged Xia Jian off the bed,Took him to the bathroom。

Xia Jian is like a bull,He didn’t bow his head when he got to the washbasin。Xiao Xiao tried his best,But Xia Jian just didn’t listen to her,He won’t wash his face。
Xiao Xiao is on fire,She was walking around the room with anger。But Xia Jian is like a wooden person,Standing still in front of the washbasin。
Suddenly Xiao Xiao’s eyes moved and said:“Heiwa is waiting for us in the car。I have been in for so long,If you are not afraid of others gossip, just stand stupidly!”
Xiao Xiao’s words,Xia Jian moved immediately。Xiao Xiao on the side shook his head with anger,It seems that he still cares about his reputation。
Everything is ready,Xia Jian just followed Xiao Xiao out of the courtyard。There are really two cars parked outside the gate,One is Xiao Xiao’s BMW,And the other is Xia Jian’s jeep。It seems that when Xiao Xiao returned to the company this morning,,She didn’t drive the car built in Xia。
“We two ride in a car,Let Heiwa drive your car behind。The snow on the road has not melted,The car is a bit slippery”Xiao Xiao said,Tell Heiwa to drive Xiajian’s jeep。
Xia Jian opened Xiao Xiao’s car door and got in,Sit in the car,Began to become like a wood。Xiao Xiao sneered:“Sit on the wood”
Big road,The large snow removal machines are all turned on。A group of workers in cleaner uniforms,Be busy following the snow blower。Go all the way,From time to time I can see a car slipping to the side of the road and causing an accident。
Xiao Xiao is very careful,She drove the car,Teasing Xia Jian,Hope he can say something。But Xia Jian’s mouth looks like a seal。
Arrived at the parking lot of Yijuyuan Community。Xia Jian suddenly said to Xiao Xiao:“I haven’t eaten breakfast”
Xiao Xiaoyi listened,Can’t help but smile:“Breakfast is waived,It’s lunch time soon。The meal may have been delivered to the office,Let’s go up now”
What Xiao Xiao said is right,Fast food has been delivered,It seems everyone is waiting for them。Xia Jian sat on the sofa as soon as he entered,Who greet him,He ignored,As if I didn’t hear it。
Everyone see Xia Jian like this,Suddenly became quiet。Even Xi Zhen, who I like to call my favorite, is quieter。Her two eyes don’t leave Xia Jian’s body,I’m afraid that Xia Jianhui will get angry by accident。
Xiao Xiao may have known Xia Jian’s feelings in advance,So in the takeaway order,All of Xia Jian’s favorite dishes。But Xia Jian is not polite,Where did I sit down and eat。

what?!Also vision?Li Tianchou almost didn’t jump off the rock。This old man talks freely,Too far away?I’m almost blowing myself into a fairy of Da Luo,Isn’t it possible to make money without incense in this view?,Want to make a big stroke?

Li Tianchou suddenly lost his impression of the old man,Remember last time,The other party went straight to the subject,The technique of hypnosis is also superb,Why is it in the mist this time,Confusing?He already wondered if it would be the end,Go home。
“Little friends,Believe it,It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it。”The old man is still not impatient,“Let me ask you。When going up the mountain gate,You are obviously upset,But not aware of the pain,After entering the small courtyard,Obviously want a lot,Now it’s clear?”
“No,I always wanted to ask the master to point out the strange things in this body,Where did the spiritual platform come from??”
“Ha ha,Just saw this scene,In addition to cleaning the air,What else can the little friend discover and feel?”
“Feeling?”Li Tianzhen scratched his head,Looking at the blue water and blue sky in the distance again、A corner of the verdant mountains and the miniature city,But gradually his face changed,How can these colorful scenery become black and white in my eyes?,Monotonous,It also lacks the three-dimensional sense of the past。
Very surprised Li Tianchou hasn’t reacted yet,The scene changes again,From clear to fuzzy,Finally it’s dark,bad!Is it blind??What kind of blindfold does this demon way use,It’s so invisible?
Li Tianchou was frightened,Waiting to react,Changed again,The dark scene quickly turned gray,And gradually produce light,The white light turns from hazy to clear,Pure and flawless,Fills up all the space at once,Bright and dazzling,Until it hurts the eyes,He just jumped up,“You old man,What trick……”
Volume Seven Steal the day
Chapter five hundred and forty two Flowing Clouds
But the curse just blurted out,The white in front of Li Tianchou suddenly disappeared,Replaced by two colors of yellow and blue,First appeared,The whole mind feels far and wide、Eternal and desolate,The kind of yellow and faint Jinhui,Like the color of the mountains in my hometown at sunrise,But that kind of blue is indescribable,There is always an urge to open arms to embrace。

As for Li Ming’s three guards,That is‘Bald’Living on metal,Let Lei Jiahou shine again,Barely survived。

And the other two explosive apes and rapier,Although Li Ming’s Mo Yun Teng also protected them,But the explosion is too powerful,Even if it is weakened by more than 90%,The remaining power will also kill these two。
Li Ming is too late to be sad,Because the owner of that paw,Has appeared in front of everyone。
That’s a perfect body,But there is a monster named king with a hideous head。
But even if the head is extremely hideous,But the invisible mark between the eyebrows that seems to be condensed in the void represents this identity。
Another strong person。
Lei Jiahou, who is relatively more knowledgeable, reminds the King of Flame Core through the virtual network。
The ultimate powerhouse of the monster king—【Ran Jiu Wang】!!!
Two Flames made Wang and Lei Jiahou immortal and quickly stopped in front of Li Ming,While pulling him back quickly。
Fight at the moment,It’s no longer for them to intervene。
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Chapter Fourteen The battle between the lords
Fierce battle between the two figure stars fragments,Terrible power fluctuations,The space is crushed and shattered by this power fluctuation,And those star fragments were randomly affected,Instantly turned into powder。
The peak king of the Huosong clan, the King of Flame Core and the king of the monster clan, the ultimate king Ranjiu。

If the sword is sweet than Dade,Thank you for your life.,Understanding the chance of the Sword。Liao Wenjie can only say,The leeks in the vegetable garden are fine.,Actually I think I am a person。

As for the swordsman,What should he do if he and the world?……
Liao Wenjie said that the problem is not big,Heroic。
Swordsman,A old face is like a cold ice,Basically, a white beard facial paralysis,Excellent acting skills with good endage,Playing a sword。
World meeting。
On the shoulder youth,Under the list of strong mountains,Layout,Coordinated by the Dudity。
Biller returned with Nie Feng,Overlooking the army,The more I want to think that the second half of the born is very bad.。
“Where is the cloud?,Let him see me。”
He said that the clouds have brought back their own head.,Biller’s heart slightly,I know that the tempo wisdom will be poisoned,Not a positive hard,This only returned the heart.。
I’m talking about my mouth.,Be more dismissed,In fact, who is believed,Everyone is more tangent。
The command of the domain is conveyed,But I can’t notify the clouds,No one knows where he is,In addition to the hell of love,Because the cloud is shocked at this time。
Kongci as a hetege,Self-small and frost、wind、Yun San Brothers,Brothers have a unique clock,She didn’t let three brothers disappointed,Some of them have a special for them.。
If it is secluded,Don’t choose one,Kongcissile selection Qin Shuang。
Take him out and have a unique list,Then and the steps、Nie Feng continues to maintain a couple of love。
can only say,It is a big daughter,The ambition is a mold that is engraved.,Bay borrowed from Feng Yunhua Long,She also wants to have the wind on the sky。
As for the relationship between Kongci and Stepsy, a major breakthrough,Subvert the three-legged three prior,Expand of non-post-palace novels,Abandoned,It is the first hand of the cloud。
Being sent to the Double City to perform the task,There is not many steps in the clouds.,He knows that he is far from the opponent unique.,I am afraid of this fierce,Then, on the front of the previous night, to the eye-catching。
Well-known,Stepping is a small face,Three sticks can’t play a fart type,Even if it is a confession, there is not much sweet words.。
That night,Single knife direct,Nothing。
Kongci looks in the lover,Only fear that Nie Feng in the other half is jealous,Half of time, is he。
Stepping and returning to the world,Although only half of the task is completed,Did not bring back unparalleled swords,But my heart is concerned with Kongci,I don’t care how to punish it at all.,Take out these days,Every night is within the Parents of Kongci。
Feiyun Tangtang is the master of martial arts,Loen the world,It is also very light work.,I have never missed the wall for a few nights.。
When the soldiers convey orders,Nobody thinks that the cloud is being hurting and,So when he saw the clouds,Distance to the command has passed a time。
study,Biller, slap in the table,Anger:“what happened,Where is your people?,Why do you not find your trace for a long time??”
Stepping cloud single knee,No sadness on the face,May be the sage time,Easy from the past,today’s‘Don’t cry’More staying peaceful。
Know all,This is a man who is dry and dry.,The expression will be revealed。
Steps and love,For her to give up everything,Love house and black,Less than three points in the face。
Biller is frightened by a weird eye to see creepy,Faint feel that there is no wonderful,Suddenly recall the second half of the born,In the eyes of murder。
not good,This people want to rebel!
If you say that the Billets of the House Heart, Nie Feng is disdainful and contempt.,Striving is another attitude。
Ten years ago,When he received a shocking cloud,The latter captured the motility,There is a revenge for the father.。so,Although there is a step of surprise the rules for decade,Ren Diaforepass, there is no complaint,Billets have never put down。
The more you look at the cloud,Better is more,This is the heart、Depth,Can you bear to bear,Johnson’s martial arts,He must be a big disaster。


There was a neat sound of footsteps on the stairs,All three look,I saw more than 30 wearing black、Bodyguards in neat white suits are standing on both sides of the stairs one step apart,In the middle is a man wearing a golden mask walking slowly down from above,He doesn’t go fast,It’s just that every step is extremely imposing。
“Dragon King!”O Sheng exclaimed。
“How do you know he is the dragon king?”
O Sheng gave him a sideways look at the idiot,Whispered:“At this time, who else is there besides Dragon King?!”
Ok,The question I asked seemed really idiot!
“Welcome three big drivers!”
The Dragon King came down the stairs and walked straight to the other end of the oval long table and sat down,Thirty bodyguards are also fast、Stand neatly and line up behind him。
Chen Xiu was so careless that he sat down opposite him,O Sheng and Li Lili stood behind him,Looking back at Ou Sheng、Li Lili,Staring at the bodyguard behind the dragon king again,Suddenly laughed。
“Mr. Chen,Don’t know what you laugh?”
“I won!”
Chen Xiu said proudly:“You have more people than me、Bigger than me,But the total of over 30 of them is not as good as the two stunning ladies behind me!”
Ou Sheng and Li Lili were also curious about what Chen Xiu was laughing at,Unexpectedly, he was proud of such a thing,If it’s not the occasion,They both want to go up and fix him。
The Dragon King couldn’t help but laugh at this reason,But didn’t care much,Even more:“Miss Ou and Dr. Li are both peerless beauty,Mr. Chen Yan Fu is not shallow!”

Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu were told by Xia Jian beforehand,So sitting in the car is silent,Only Xia Jian and Song Fangdong were chattering with each other。

The car that picked them up was a business Buick,Not only spacious inside,And sit comfortably,Xia Jian looked at the scenery along the way,Keep thinking,When can Pingcheng be built like this,Why would he be willing in this life,Of course he is still young,Not without chance。
It’s about seven o’clock,The car entered the factory of Chenguang Animal Husbandry,As the sky is already dark,Everything outside the car window can’t be seen clearly。
“President Xia,We will be there soon,I’ll let someone accompany you to a potluck for a while,Rest after you’re done,We have our own hotel,Conditions are ok,I’ll talk about the rest tomorrow“suddenly,Deputy General Manager Zhang sitting in the front row turned his head and said to Xia Jian。
This man is in his forties,Medium build,Wearing a gold-rimmed myopia,Few words,But it always feels like a domineering look。
Xia Jian said slightly startled:“OK!But Mr. Zhang, please arrange it tonight,Let us choose400Head cow,Please match the ratio between male and female,Reselect1000Piglet,Also choose the best boar,It’s over20000Little chicken,If we can watch,Just set yours,If you can’t see,We will go to Hebei tomorrow“
“Good good!I’ll make arrangements for you tonight,But our company has regulations,This money must be paid 60% first,Wait until everything is ready before finishing the remaining 40%,Don’t know…”Manager Zhang heard what Xia Jian said,People suddenly come to the spirit,Keep talking about a few,But he still mentioned money a little worried。
Xia Jian won’t wait for him to finish:“No money,We inspect the goods,After tagging,Instant transfer,Wait until the bill arrives,You just start,Deliver to destination,We’re done”
“Ok,Xia Jian is really young and promising,Act decisively。Xiao Zhang drove the car to Chenguang Hotel,I personally accompany Mr. Xia to drink two glasses”Manager Zhang’s attitude suddenly changed one hundred and eighty degrees,This made Xia Jian a little happy。
Big group is different,Not only own hotel,And all the supporting facilities are complete,Although this is in the country,But the conditions are never worse than in the city。
Had a great meal,Then I checked into someone’s high-end hotel,They don’t have to grab a bed anymore,Because each person has a room,This can make Chen Erniu happy。
Wait for everyone to take a shower,Xia Jian brought them together,Had a small meeting,Because tomorrow they will do a big deal,It can be said that the future of Xiping Village,In the hands of a few of them。
“Me and Sanhu,Still not saying a word tomorrow,It’s better to say less,We both do our job well”Chen Erniu said first。


“Should be almost done?”Leo frowned。
“I understand what you think,But I can tell you clearly,Really not enough!At least you have to kill a pirate no less than Fu Kern before you can enter the navy headquarters.!”
“I know you think I made things difficult on purpose!But I really didn’t do anything,There are many people above me,A lot of your credit has been shared by them,It’s a lot less to be able to record that the navy headquarters belongs to you!”
Leo felt helpless,Sure enough, there will be such things everywhere。
“I can’t do anything about it,There are so many people who rely on relationships,All need merit embellishment,Naturally, only to those of us who have no background、Not very strong people start!”
“I understand,It means I am catching a pirate no less than Fu Kern to enter the navy headquarters, right??”
“you sure?”
“I vouch for myself,You have a bright future,There is no conflict of interest between you and me,I don’t need to offend you!If you don’t believe it,If you have a chance to become a senior navy in the future, you can naturally find out!”
“it is good,I believe you!I will catch another big pirate,Hope you don’t forget what you said today!”
“of course!I won’t trouble myself!”
Leo nodded,And then left without looking back。
First12chapter Cut iron(Ask for a recommendation ticket、Request collection)
Leave naval base,Leo is still a little complicated,But I have seen a lot of robbers in my previous life、The thing about the fly camp,Not so angry,Do something extraordinary。
“Green Bull,Let’s go see the teacher!”
Leo led the green bull to a sword hall on the south side of the island。
This is where Leo studied,The owner of the sword hall is an experienced swordsman,Although the strength is not,But teaching ordinary swordsmen is absolutely handy。
“teacher!”Leo walked into the sword hall respectfully,Came to the front of the owner。

Xia Jian glanced at Dragon Ball,I couldn’t help laughing:“What do you do?Where is the funds? I have been in the venture group these years,In addition to basic salary,Nothing,To put it bluntly, just a few hundred thousand yuan,Life is no problem,What can I do with this little money??”

“You have no money,The bank has it!”Dragon Ball said with a smile。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“When I was in the startup group,They persuade me every year to make a loan from their bank,But now once I leave,It’s weird if they care about you。Moreover,I will not start again in Bucheon,Even if it is a business,I will not grab business with Chuanglai Group,You can rest assured Xiao Xiao at this point“
Xia Jian said these words,The color on Dragon Ball’s face suddenly changed,Even Fang Fang and Wang Lin were surprised。Dragon Ball asked quietly:“How did you know that Xiao Xiao asked me to ask you?“
“Ha ha!Who is Xiao Xiao, I know Xia Jian。You tell her,Let her put her heart in her belly,Since I voluntarily chose to leave the venture group,I won’t trouble her again。From now on,No one knows。You go!“Xia Jian stood up,Made a please gesture。
Dragon Ball stood up a little embarrassed,She whispered:“Sorry Brother Xia!“
“Nothing,Each is its own,This is your job,But i tell you dragon ball,You are young,How good is not what you imagine,Xiao Xiao is much more scared than you think,So be careful when doing things“Xia Jian said,Made a please go gesture。
Dragon Ball took a breath,Turned his head and grabbed the door。Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing.。
“Where did you tell that this dragon ball was sent by Xiao Xiao?“Wang Lin asked a little surprised。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“This is not like her Dragon Ball character,After a few glasses of wine, I started to see what I will do in the future?I have an idea,I didn’t expect her to be honest。fair enough,Let her bring a message to Xiao Xiao,Let her complete the task,Second, Xiao Xiao will no longer doubt that I am against the venture group“
Wang Lin took a sip from the hotel and said:“Xia Jian!It seems we can’t stay in Bucheon anymore,Want to leave quickly,Otherwise, if Xiao Xiao doesn’t manage to deal with it, he will really attack us“
“She dare not,This is a society ruled by law,How can she dare to do anything。Don’t worry,If Xiao Xiao dares to come to Fuchuan,,I was the first person to catch her,I do what I say“Fang Fang patted the table and said。
See Fang Fang like this,Xia Jian was very moved,Big entrepreneurial group has worked hard for so many years,It seems that the most caring people are Wang Lin and Fang Fang。

A Heavenly Dragon has opened his mouth,There will definitely be countless Tianlong people coming from behind。

joke,How can you let Charross act alone??
Their dozens and hundreds of idle dragons can bear to see Charl Rose pretending to be forced?
“And every time I put a monster slightly taller than before!”
Leo has already thought about hunger marketing,Ordinary monsters, Tianlongren, sell them when they come。
But these are definitely not as good as those before,At this time Leo was embarrassed to say that he had a better one,But the price is expensive……
Needless to say,Leo can think of the face of the Tianlongren。
expensive?You tell me how expensive is it?
Who do you look down on!
buy,Definitely want to buy,As long as it can make my monster more powerful than other Dracos,Buy it at any price。
So little,A little bit,Leo feels that one day he can use the essence of life to raise fish,And be a sea king。
“You can also donate Bailey to the Navy,So people in the navy have nothing to say!”
Perfect plan。