Several details to pay attention to when playing tennis

Several details to pay attention to when playing tennis

Tennis has high requirements on the court. The ground on the court is uneven. If it is too smooth, it will easily cause falls and other accidents, and sprain the joints.

Selecting a qualified field is also something that athletes should pay attention to.

  ● Ladies choose a light racket. The racket is too heavy, the deep muscles of the arm are more laborious, and it is relatively easier to strain, and tennis elbow may occur.

Female exercisers should choose a pat. The racket is too heavy and the arm is too strong, which does not meet the aesthetic requirements of women.

  ● You must stretch before exercise. No matter how you exercise, stretching the ligaments before exercise will help reduce sports injuries.

 Aiming at the characteristics of tennis’s lower limbs, waist, and arm swing, it is these parts that athletes need to focus on “preheating”.

An athlete can fold his waist and press his legs, stretch his waist and lower limbs like a portrait performer; twist his waist and rotate his waist to move his waist; hold one hand’s elbow joint with the other and pull in different directions to raise the ligaments; Toe point rotation of the foot offset, active open foot re-engagement; hands crossed to rotate the hand to reset.

Generally speaking, warm up for 10 minutes in summer and about 20 minutes in winter.

  ● When the player has pain and wears a protective tool, we can sometimes see the athlete’s waist, legs, and elbows tied to things.

Many people wonder, what role do these tools play, can they increase physical strength and improve performance?

 Yang Junxing believes that when the athlete’s limbs are sore and a little weak, but still continue to exercise, he can wear knee protection, elbow protection, waist protection and other protective tools according to the different parts of the pain.

However, if you just start exercising, do not wear it if you don’t have any discomfort. Otherwise, you will restrict your body and affect the consequences of your body.

  ● Low back pain, knee pain, do not play tennis, tennis, waist rotation angle, and often have a squat position. Therefore, those with back pain and knee arthritis (usually faint pain) are not suitable for exercise.

Green tea can prevent cancer secrets from being uncovered

Green tea can prevent cancer secrets from being uncovered

(London, Reuters) Spanish and British scientists have unveiled the secrets of green tea to help prevent cancer.

  University of Murcia, Spain and John of England?

Innes Center researchers found that green tea, a green tea polyphenol (egcg) substance, prevents cholesterol from growing in combination with dihydrofolate reductase (dhfr).

  Professor Thorne Lee of the Innes Center said: “We first discovered that green tea polyphenols can prevent dhfr, an anti-cancer drug targeted.

He added: “As far as we know, this is the first time that green tea polyphenols have been found to prevent dhfr.

Green tea has five times more polyphenols in green tea than green tea. Green tea can reduce the incidence of certain cancers, but scientists have cleared it in the past. What kind of substance is preventing it? So it is impossible to decide how much green tea a person should drink a day.effective.

  Thornley said that green tea polyphenols may be just one of the substances that have anticancer effects in green tea.

They also found that the molecular structure of green tea polyphenols is similar to that of the anticancer drug methotrexate.

  Dhfr is essential for healthy cells and cancer cells. Green tea polyphenols are highly binding to dhfr, but weaker than methotrexate tablets, so they are less toxic to healthy cells than anticancer drugs.

5 wrong walking postures that make the legs fatter and ugly

5 wrong walking postures that make the legs fatter and ugly

Many girls like to learn to play inside the characters when they walk, so it looks very ladylike, so it is easy to make the legs thicker.

Incorrect walking postures can easily affect the leg lines and also make the legs turn into radish legs and elephant legs.

  Kicking away: Some people have a habit of kicking away because they are afraid of dirty water or dirt on the ground wearing shoes or pants.

When you kick, the body will lean forward. When you walk, only the toes will kick to the ground, then step on a bend and the heel will be lifted up.

Therefore, when walking, the waist is rarely exerted, much like walking a small step.

If you have the habit of kicking, then it is best to be careful not to make the whole leg fat.

  Pressing the foot: It is very similar to kicking, but the way to press the foot is to walk on the ground with the feet longer than the person who walks.

When you walk, the weight of the body will be pressed on the toes and then lifted up.

If this continues for a long time, the muscles of the calves will become more and more developed, and there will be annoying radish legs.

  Inside the eight-character movement: Many Japanese women are inside the eight-character movement, it looks very cute!

However, you know that this type of internal character will cause o-legs for a long time.

  Outside the eight-character walk: Have you seen the way the big brother of the underworld on TV?

That’s right, that’s the way to go outside.

If you have the habit of walking outside the eight-character, then please note that the outer eight-word moves to expand the scope, the feeling is not temperament, the leg shape will become ugly, and even produce x-legs.

  Toes: The person who walks on tiptoes is actually meant to make the pace even better.

Because it is too hard on the toes, it is easy to cause the radish legs because the upper feet exert a force on the calves.

  Walking in the correct walking position is an effective way to walk the legs. Try to vacate for 30 minutes every day, (to commute or buy things), when walking, straight forward, relax, stretch and straighten, shift the center of gravity from the legsTo the toes, this will increase the amount of activity in the calf, making the legs stronger and slender.

Correct posture, raise your head and chest, tuck your hips, the upper body does not swing too much arc, use the strength of the waist and legs, take the pace to make the body forward.

With a bit of breathing and not sweating, you can achieve the effect of exercise.

  In order to determine your correct walking posture, pay more attention when walking every day!

But be careful to walk safely, don’t patronize your walking posture and forget to watch the traffic lights.

Eating fruit for breakfast is more beneficial to health

Eating fruit for breakfast is more beneficial to health

Many nutrients in fruit are synthetic, and eating before meals is beneficial to the absorption of essential nutrients.

In addition, fruit is a low-migration food, first eat low-migration food, it is easier to grasp the absorption of total conversion in a meal.

In addition, many fruits themselves are easily oxidized and spoiled. Eating fruits first can change their residence time in the stomach, reduce their oxidation, corruption, and reduce the adverse effects on the body.

Therefore, eating fruit before meals is healthier.

  Many people are used to eating fruits after meals, but in fact it is harmful.

Fruit is a cold food. Eating immediately after eating a hot meal can cause discomfort in the stomach.

Moreover, eating fruit after eating and eating, the fructose contained can not enter the intestine in time, so that fermentation in the stomach, the production of organic acids, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea and other symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort.

  Too many families are accustomed to eating fruit once a day, which is better than eating at breakfast, because breakfast is slightly extended, there is very little substitute for food, and fruit is needed to provide vitamins.

In addition, after a night of sleep, the gastrointestinal tract has been cleared, and the replacement fiber in the fruit can be inserted into the “scavenger” to remove harmful substances from the intestinal wall and eliminate the risk of possible tumors.

Dietary fiber also has the function of regulating blood sugar and blood lipids and improving human immunity.

Autumn is suitable for health care to count those foods that should be eaten in autumn.

Autumn is suitable for health care to count those foods that should be eaten in autumn.

Honey has the effect of clearing heat, relieving pain and relieving pain, moistening the lungs and nourishing the lungs, and preventing diseases such as neurasthenia, hypertension, coronary arteriosclerosis and lung diseases.

Lily sweet, slightly cold, heart, lung, with Yin and Runfei, clear heart and soothe the nerves, lungs and thirst, cough and stop bleeding, appetizing and soothe the effect.

Pear has the effect of moistening dryness and eliminating wind, relieving cough and relieving asthma, clearing heart and reducing fire, can alleviate “autumn dryness”, soaking alcohol and detoxification.

Raw pears are cool, and the elderly should not eat too much at one time.

People with weak spleen and stomach can also put in rock sugar and stewed pear water.

Jujube has the nerves to calm the nerves, improve the brain, enhance the appetite, eliminate the astringency, anti-allergic, improve immunity, and prevent high blood pressure, osteoporosis and anemia.

Chinese medicine believes that peanuts can help tonic, stomach and spleen, lungs and phlegm, regulate qi and water, stop coughing, enhance memory, anti-aging, but also arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Chrysanthemum can clear the wind and calm the liver, clear heart and trouble, wind and throat, Shengjin eyesight, hangover poison, have a certain auxiliary treatment for colds and headaches.

Sweet potato has the effect of preventing cancer, preventing constipation and losing weight. Eating sweet potatoes often can prolong life.

Tremella has been the first-class food for nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs since ancient times. Its value is once equal to that of bird’s nest.

In fact, it has the effect of enhancing immunity, and is a good choice for the elderly to enjoy their daily diet.

Walnut is also a therapeutic food for tonifying kidney and solidifying, warming lung and relieving asthma. It has good curative effect on kidney deficiency, frequent urination and cough.

Older people often eat walnuts, which can clear their minds and be clear-eyed.

Chestnuts can not only replenish the spleen and stomach, but also strengthen the kidney and strengthen the muscles. It also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.

In the autumn season, eating a few chestnuts every day is conducive to nourishing the vitality and strengthening the kidney essence.

Sleep health makes you have good skin

Sleep health makes you have good skin

Guide: TCM teaches you that sleep health allows you to have a good skin, sleep, is a spontaneous and reversible resting state of high complication, manifested by the body’s reduced response to external stimuli and temporary interruption of consciousness.

About one-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep.

When people are in sleep, they can rest, rest and recover.

Help people with their daily work and study.

Scientifically improving the quality of sleep is the guarantee for people to work and study.

  Since ancient times, people have always attached great importance to sleep health.

Ancient Chinese medical scientists called “sleep is the important task of health”, and modern medical scientists call sleep “natural healing agent.”

Shakespeare compares sleep to “the tonic on the banquet of life”, which is quite appropriate.

  The advancement of modern medicine further confirms the scientific nature of the traditional sleep health of the motherland.

Studies have shown that the sleep process is not the rest of the nervous system, the motor system, but also the process of active work of other systems in the body.

The metabolism of the human body is more decomposed during the day than by synthesis, mainly by dissipation, and synthesis at night is greater than decomposition, mainly for energy accumulation.

Nighttime synthesis is the storage of energy for the body for daytime use.

At the same time, it is necessary to treat the residual wastes (such as ammonia, carbonic acid, muscle liver, urea, etc.) that are metabolized by day and night, so that the cerebral cortical cells can produce compensatory replenishment, so that the limbs can be relieved and the muscles and muscles can relax and eliminate fatigue.The self-immune system and self-healing system are undergoing a lot of positive adjustments and repairs.

Only in this way, after a good sleep, we will feel refreshed and physically strong.

Some illnesses will not heal.

  Long-term adherence to sleep health can produce magical effects.

During the Five Dynasties, Chen Bo’s ancestors, long and period of sleep health, meditation and rejuvenation, Shou Lu multiplied.

According to legend, he passed through four dynasties until the Ming Dynasty, when he died in the Hongwu period, which is called the birthday of the birthday.

Of course, sleep health can not be extended, but it can also give you great help in many different periods of life, so that you can achieve excellent academic results, make your work enjoyable, and make your relationship harmonious and harmonious.

  There is too much learning about sleep health.

First of all, it is necessary to develop a good habit of sleeping regularly and getting up regularly. The living environment should be quiet, the temperature should be suitable, the air should be fresh, and the indoor light should not be too strong. It is best to turn off the lights and sleep.

Bedding ‘to be comfortable, be soft and comfortable, often dry, wash and wash.

Emotions should be stable, avoid anxiety and anger, and be dim and quiet, and be calm.

Pay attention to bedtime diet, dinner should not be too late to eat too much, otherwise it is not easy to fall asleep after going to bed, or even fall asleep is not deep.

  Do not drink strong tea or coffee before going to bed, so as not to cause excessive brain excitement and affect sleep.

Avoid running, playing games and other activities before going to sleep, so as not to make the sympathetic nerves excited, the metabolic rate of the viscera increases and it is not easy to fall asleep.

Use hot water to soak your feet before going to bed, and massage the “Jiangquan” points on the soles of your feet. This is a lifting tool that has the effect of soothing the liver and improving eyesight.

It is best to take the right upper position during sleep. This can fully relax the whole body skeletal muscles, and can rest well in the organs of one day, avoiding the pressure on the heart from the right lung and mediastinum.

Avoid bedtime sleep, the lungs are susceptible to cold air and dust, which is detrimental to health.

It’s not good to sleep, it’s not a good habit, it should be.


  Tips: Head to the east to sleep, good for health.

Since the axis of the earth is north-south, rotating east-west, the head is facing east and the direction of the earth is exactly the same when sleeping: the body is relaxed, making people feel comfortable and can get enough sleep.

Six elements of housing security for the elderly

Six elements of housing security for the elderly

WHO sets the standard for healthy housing: housing should be properly cared for by the elderly.

  After the age, through the decline of physical function, the elderly will inevitably have problems such as incompetence of legs and feet, memory loss, and decreased vision.

These special physiological characteristics determine the particularity of the elderly residential decoration.

The residential decoration of the elderly must be safe, comfortable and convenient. In particular, it is best to do six “yes”.

  The ground should be slip resistant.

The elderly are prone to fractures due to falling, so the ground building materials must be non-slip, especially in the bathroom, it must replace the anti-slip floor tiles with strong surface roughness; the bathtub should have anti-slip particles at the bottom, and the anti-slip mat should be placed in front of the bathtub; there are stairs in the house.If you want to install anti-slip strips or carpets on the stairs; as far as possible, it is best to install handrails in places where toilets, bathtubs, etc. are prone to slipping, to help the elderly.

  The gas switch should be obvious.

Many elderly people have poor memory and often forget that boiling water or cooking is on the stove, which may cause gas leakage.

Therefore, it is advisable to put a reminder note on the gas switch to make it easy for the elderly to see.

In the kitchen, you should also choose a range hood with gas, automatic smoke alarm function and a cooker that can prevent gas leakage.

  The door of the room should be easy to open.

The door to the bathroom and bedroom is preferably a sliding door or an external door. The former is more labor-saving and external rescue occurs when an emergency occurs.

When taking a bath and going to the toilet, it is the most likely accident for the elderly. If there are conditions, you should also install an alarm device such as a pager next to the bathtub, next to the bathtub and next to the toilet to facilitate the elderly to summon family members or nursing staff at any time.

  There are three lamps in the bedroom.

In the old man’s bedroom, at least three different types of lights should be installed: one is the headlights, but the wattage is not too high, so that the lights are too glaring when the night is turned on; one is a table lamp, and many old people like to lie.Reading on the bed and reading the newspaper, the brightness of the desk lamp can be adjusted. When the old man is reading, he can brighten it. When watching TV, you can dim it. Also add a soft night light, which can be kept at night for the elderly.night.
In addition, in the bed of the elderly, it is best to set the switches of these three lights in accordance with the requirements of the hotel.

  The indoor light should be enough.

Old people tend to prefer a warm, quiet, bright home environment, so windows are best to choose colorless transparent glass to ensure the transparency and brightness of the room.

In addition to good light transmission, windows should also have good sound insulation and airtightness.

  The entrance to the shelf should be placed.

At the entrance of the room, it is best to place a storage rack with storage function. The old man can put the common items such as keys, transportation cards and change on the storage rack to avoid forgetting when going out.

Eight major mistakes in daily eating

Eight major mistakes in daily eating

The quality and habits of eating directly affect people’s health.

Have eaten for decades, but do you really eat?

Perhaps you have made the following mistakes without knowing it!


hzh {display: none; }  一、不吃早饭损害身体  最常见的错误之一是不吃早饭。In particular, children sometimes do not know the inevitability of breakfast.

  3 out of 4 children do not eat breakfast or have improper breakfast (such as drinking only 1 bottle of soda).

These affect their performance in school: IQ and physical decline.

  Breakfast helps to prevent obesity by starting a new day to supplement nutrition and energy.

If you cancel your breakfast, you will be over-saturated during the rest of your meal and choose a high-sorghum and high-sugar diet.

  Healthy breakfast should include skimmed milk, yogurt or cheese (children under 3 should eat non-fat dairy products) and food products, ie, oatmeal porridge, whole wheat bread, fruit or juice.

  Second, often eat soup and rice, many people like to eat a meal and drink a bite of water (soup), or simply directly into the soup, eat soup and rice.

This kind of eating is very unscientific and not conducive to good health.

  Because you often eat soup or eat rice and drink water (soup), the food you eat is often swallowed, and it has not been chewed and digested into the stomach, which increases the burden on the stomach.

At the same time, because water (soup) can also dilute the digestive juice in saliva and stomach, the digestion of food on pregnancy is affected. Over time, it causes indigestion and is prone to stomach problems.

In addition, due to insufficient digestion, it will also reduce the absorption of nutrients in food by digestion, thus affecting the health of the body.

  Third, do not pay attention to the combination of foods of various colors should make the various colors match and change the pattern.

  These diets should be balanced to provide a variety of nutrients such as antioxidant vitamins, folic acid (especially dark green vegetables containing this ingredient), minerals, fiber and phytochemicals.

  Eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day to minimize cooking time, which helps prevent cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

  Fourth, it is obviously beneficial to be harmful and harmful. A serious mistake is the infrequent consumption of fish and seafood that bring a lot of benefits to people.

  These foods provide omega-3 fatty acids that increase resistance, reduce obesity, promote blood circulation and lower plasma and triglyceride levels.

  There is no need to eat these foods in large quantities, and eating twice a week is enough.

Fresh seafood can be steamed, stewed, grilled, or placed in canned juice.

  Regarding misfortune, another mistake is that people are used to applying animal oil or margarine (should eat skim cheese) when cooking oil on bread or not using vegetable oil when cooking.

Excessive absorption of saturated fats, such as plasma in animal oils and hydrogenated fats in artificial urea, increases the risk of disease.

  In contrast, raw vegetable oils contain a high proportion of unsaturated adults (good for adults) and exclude cholesterol, which is one of the important sources of vitamin E.

In particular, olive oil contains substances that prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  At the same time, vegetable oil becomes saturated with strontium at high temperatures, or it decomposes and loses its advantages.

This is one of the reasons to persuade people not to eat too much fried food.

  V. Don’t know the danger of salt. Who doesn’t use salt cans to sprinkle salt before tasting the taste?

Unfortunately, this habit has been ingrained among us.

  Most people know that sodium can be eaten and seasoned, and it is not known that sodium is found in many foods because it is used as a preservative.

  Therefore, it is best to eat unprocessed natural foods or low-salt foods.

  Cold cuts, sausages, canned foods, dry noodles and some seasonings are high-salt foods.

Excessive salt can increase the risk of illness.

Such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage and osteoporosis.

  Sixth, I don’t know if weight loss diet can make people fat. “If you eat it completely according to diet recipes, I can safely eat it.

“This is a serious mistake.The only way to reduce and maintain weight is to be good at eating and avoid sedentary.

When purchasing a diet food, carefully read the trademark brakes to check how the food differs, compare it among the various trademarks and compare the food to the general food.

  In addition, attention should be paid to the food intake of this food, especially for some special foods, such as desserts and cheese after meals.

Only some foods that offer very low speeds are free to eat, such as vegetable juices and jellies.

  Seven, do not pay attention to strong bones “you can no longer eat dairy products after adolescence.

“This is another mistake that is often made because bones always need calcium.”

  The best sources of calcium are milk, yogurt and cheese, as well as other plant-based foods containing calcium (beans and dried fruits including melon seeds), but they do not provide as much minerals as dairy products.

  Barbed canned fish (sardines, precipitated fish and tuna) also provide a lot of minerals.

  Eight, there is two kinds of impurities in the lack of understanding of carbohydrates, one is simple impurities, that is, sugar.

The other is a complex carbide, also known as starch.

  Half of our diet should be made up of 70% of the glucose group, and only about 10% of these glucoses are sugar.

However, this is actually not the case.

  Foods with complex carbohydrates are food, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tender corn and some fresh fruits and dried fruits including melon seeds.

Foods containing simple carbohydrates include sugar, honey, jam, regular soda and some alcoholic beverages.

  The difference between the two impurities is that the latter provides conversion without the essential nutrients the body needs, while the former contains vitamins, minerals and fibers.

  Wrong, most people are used to choosing rice and white bread instead of whole wheat bread, and whole wheat bread has many advantages, including fiber and phytochemicals, which can prevent certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Use dried flowers to make tea

Use dried flowers to make tea

Pharmacists believe that some dried flowers and Chinese herbal medicines do not have a major obstacle to the body, but some are not suitable for taking.

  Let me first use Chinese medicine to make tea. For example, the fat sea is a pure Chinese medicine. It is only caused by the wind and heat sin to invade the hoarseness caused by the throat, and the vocal cords are summarized.

The hoarseness caused by incomplete vocal cord closure or excessive alcohol and tobacco is not effective with fat sea.

Moreover, with the fat sea, it will cause complications such as thin stools and chest tightness, especially those who have sudden arrhythmia and spleen in the elderly should be used with caution.

Cassia can lower blood fat but cause diarrhea.

Although Cassia has the effect of lowering blood and gallbladder, it can cause diarrhea at the same time, and long-term interference is not good for the body.

Long-term use of licorice causes an increase in blood pressure.

Licorice has the effects of replenishing spleen and replenishing qi, clearing away heat and detoxifying, etc., but long-term use can cause edema and blood pressure.

  Dry flower tea is not absolutely safe. For example, after reconstituting wild chrysanthemum, a few people have stomach discomfort, poor appetite, bowel sounds, sticky notes and other digestive tract reactions, spleen and stomach deficiency, pregnant women are not suitable, experts pointed out, do not dry flowersChinese herbal medicine is added as a supplement.

In addition, toxic side effects may occur regardless of the dose being too large or taking too long.

Patients who are taking western medicine should pay more attention to herbal tea, because improper combination with Western medicine may cause harm to the body.

Tofu effect can prevent cancer, how to match the most nutritious

Tofu effect can prevent cancer, how to match the most nutritious

Tofu has a great effect on preventing cancer, and how to match it is most nutritious.

Tofu is made from soybeans.

Each hundred grams of soybeans provide nearly 40 grams of protein to the body.

It contains 8 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize and is easily absorbed.

Soy has not ruled out cholesterol, lowering the body’s cholesterol, thereby inhibiting and preventing cancer.

So, who is the most nutritious tofu?

  With 1: Tofu + white radish tofu protein, eating more can cause indigestion.

Radish, especially white radish, has strong digestive function. If it is mixed with tofu, it is beneficial to the absorption of tofu, and people will not be invaded by indigestion.

  Match 2: Tofu + kelp tofu is rich in nutrients, can supplement the high-quality protein that the human body needs, lecithin, linoleic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin E, calcium, iron and so on.

Tofu also contains a variety of saponin impurities, can prevent the production of lipid peroxides, inhibit micro-absorption, and promote micro-decomposition; but saponin compounds can promote the excretion of iodine, easily lead to iodine deficiency, kelp contains iodine rich, willTofu is cast together with kelp and is a very reasonable match.

  With 3: tofu + meat, egg tofu is rich in a lot of protein, but one of the essential amino acids – methionine.

If you cook it alone, the protein is used very low.

If you combine tofu with other meats and egg foods, you can improve the nutrient utilization of protein in tofu.

  Match 4: Tofu + fish tofu has too much methionine content, while fish is very rich; fish phenylalanine content is relatively low, while tofu is higher.

If the two are combined to eat, they can complement each other and complement each other, thus improving the nutritional value.

Because the amount of calcium in the tofu is reduced, and the vitamin D in the fish is eaten together, the effect of vitamin D in the fish is transformed, so that the absorption rate of calcium in the human body is increased many times.