After that, Li Dao did not want himself.、I don’t want iron unparalleled people.,Sorctive madness is your own,Ate woman,I have embarked on the road of top ten wicked people.。

Iron and unparalleled don’t know the truth,At that time, I also organized the right hand.,Chasing Li Dali for a while,Every time I heard the name of Li Daizui,Are both heartache、唏 唏……
There is also a pile here,Iron unparalleled things。
That is, in fact, his granddaughter is still alive.,This granddaughter is still young,The world believes that Li Dazhao can’t let his daughter.,However, Li Dali is not really crazy.,His daughter is naturally alive,Just not bring it around,It is rushed to the collar palace adoption!
Jiang Yilang learned from the lotus,Li Daozu is actually a daughter,Maxim、Tiefang,Give it to your friends,His big wicked person,What can I have a reliable friend??
Tie Ping is abused by two couples since childhood,Later, I fled myself.,Coincidentally get into the floral palace。
Because I heard my daughter who said my own,Listen to the rivers and lakes,Li Daren took his wife and woman,Tiefang thought,She ate her mother and her sister,Thinking in the future, I have to find Li Dadu.……
Lotus and Tiefoutang are good,I have heard of this matter.,Later, I gave Jiang Yulang.!
And Jiang Yulang specially found the friend of Li Daozui.,Fake support learned from him,Shake it now,The saying is that Tiefang is abused by the floral landscape.,Always、Don’t get out,Therefore, the people who have secretly harmonized the floral palace retaliate。
Especially let Jiang Yulang say this.,There is a lot of flowers in the transcotary.,What feeling for Tiefang……
Flower no short mist,Tiefang him confirmed,But with his best palace girl is a lotus,Secondly the lotus,Tiefang can only say it is because of his age,So is more cooked。
Jiang Yulang’s speech,Iron unparalleled, I want to kill the flower,After that, two palace owners came to Sanxiang,Borrowing yourself in Sanxiang,And the sex of the moon,After shouting,Collection of Sanxiang Wulin’s power,Will invite the month to kill this!
certainly,This, Jiang Yulang did not speak,Otherwise, no matter what,He has to accompany,Just listen to this means。
Now because Jiangnan Heroes see the autumn,There is also Chu Taicheng to live in the situation.,especially……Moon martial arts!
Sanxiang Wulin,At this time there is only Hengshan School、Iron pauses help these big schools are still,Others have made birds and beasts,Natural iron unparalleled conspiracy,I don’t attack it from breaking.。
After this evidence,The iron unparalleled motive suddenly。
“Pinggui……She is still alive, she is alive.?”I am also surprised after I heard that I have heard it.。
Jiang Yulang Wen Yan,Just acknowledge,As if:Old iron,Have a painter。
After all, he has already taken the route of the flower bonard.,Different with his ace,No need to install a gentleman。
Unlike him,Also play the last moment,At this time, I am depheticing iron unparalleled,A pair he just learned from his son’s mouth.。
“I、I am clear that I have just learned this.!Flower chief……My granddaughter……Are you ok?”Iron is unresolved,Otherwise, the ability,First, I will care for Tiefang.。
“Nature is extremely good。”Flowers have no lancens。
Although I have used myself、Use《Ming Yucheng》Perceive,Tie Ping also was invited to hit the month,but……Master father,Can it be abuse??That is love!
Iron unparalleled this loose tone,And greatly opened:“Since the iron home is not,How can I want to secretly transform the fire??”
Mo Da is also interested 不 大 大,Just saying that it is a thousand gold。
Just in the hearts of everyone,I died again.,Liu Qin behind the iron unpack,At this time, I was glaring by Jiang Yilang.,Later……A bit bite out,Fort-in and pour in front of the Jiang Bifai:“Jiang、Jiang Man!I have something to say.!”
Iron unparalleled appearance first,Then reveal the color of the anger。
No matter what Liu Que is to say?,He wrapped his master,Directly worship the heroes,This movement has made the seniors in the scene frown.……
“You are……Liu Qi Shaoxia?Our rivers and lakes,Only worship the heaven,Side people can’t afford this gift。”Jiang Bifai Crane is busy helping him。
Iron unparalleled anger:“Liu Que!what are you up to?”
Liu Qi heard,怯 神 神,Hide from the Yangtze Crane:“I……I saw,My Master……People dressed to a book,I bought a porcelain bottle……that is……That is the one searched after the scene!I、I didn’t want to say it.,Master is Master、It is Master to kill me.!”
Iron unparalleled chest pain、A flower,Almost fainting,Fortunately, Being Qiong is supported by the side.……
Since the others have not seen,Bai Qiong helped iron unparalleled hand,At this time, you should quietly twist the iron scorpion on your fingers.!
But just at this time,Liu Jing suddenly stood out,Drink:“brute!What are you talking??”
Bai Qiongben was shocked,At this time, I was shocked by this.,I didn’t dare to work immediately.……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 847 trust you

“My idea,Everyone has no opinion.?”

Xu Laifu said that the sound is very calm at this time.,But this is the calm question,But let’s let the people you want to speak.。
“village head,Why not all partially,It’s time to get together.。”
“That’s right,And there are too many village committees to stay.?”
“Yup,Yup,How do you say that these twelms will be divided again?。”
Listening to everyone, I am saying something in my words.,Xu Laifu has expected it for this scene.。
I immediately smiled:“Hey-hey,You can really,I don’t say it.,You even think of this thousand eight hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred,Is it some excessive??”
“I am here today.,Either you have 10,000 yuan per household,EitherTMDon’t want,I will pay directly,I am here.,At that time, the pool is still me.,You are still not satisfied,Since it is not satisfied,Don’t have anyone else,I don’t have to have a cooker.,How is it??”
Xu Laifu’s fire,A villager is also closed.。
After all, Xu Jiafu has so many villagers who have been so worried.。
“These 25,000 of some of them will give those excavators of fellows.,Mandatory,There is also the canal sand,You don’t want to seal people’s mouth,This money is so easy to get in your pocket.?”
“Don’t say this,Road is repaired,According to Xiao Li,With everyone to make a fortune station,To set up a new rural cooperative,This is the establishment of the establishment.?”
“Besides,Our village should get a new big square,Use a small wind to be a new farmer’s market,This farmer market does not pay for money?
Let you take a thousand blocks,Will you come out??
If you have, you have a few people in your hands dare to say that you don’t hesitate.,There are a few dare to say no distress?”
Asked by Xu Laifu,The people in the scene have no longer talking.。
Li Hui also saw Xu Laifu’s prestige in the village.。
“Don’t fight,Each family sent a representative,Last signing painting,The neighbors have to go to the notice。”
Finish,Xu Laofu started。
This night,The villagers of the whole lotus village are happy。
After all, every 10,000 yuan of each household is the same as white.。
And at the same time,Li Hui Feng has become a good person in the hearts of everyone.。
After all, Xu Lai Fu said yes.,No Li Hui is going to repair the way,Where can I let each household?。
The most critical is that the road is also the wind, which is also the money.,Not white。
The next morning,Li Hui said with Su Cool.,I am going to pack up and go to school.。
Many things in the village are busy, but they are busy.,But he feels that academics are heavy。
First go to school is better。
Let Li Hui’s accident is,Xu Ruzhen did not follow,But prepare to help management orchard with Qin Su Ya。
This is just out of Li’s expectation.。
Third, it is determined that Xu Ru is not followed.,Li Hui is carrying bags,Step on the way back to school。
Just arrived in the village,Li Hui Feng has encountered an acquaintance.。
The other party is more sexy than before,Judging two people,Charming enchanting with a silk soul。
When I saw Li Hui Feng,The other party is also obvious。
Chapter 222, Li Cuihua Kiss

Boken heard Leo say that,Immediately burst the momentum of the whole body:“Leo,Do you know what you are talking about!”

“Of course I know!”Leo disdain。“If you want money,I can give it to you,But you actually want my credit?Ha ha,I think you really broke your head!”
Boken can no longer hide his fierceness,Sternly:
“Leo,Don’t forget that I have the grace to support you,If it weren’t for me, could you rise so fast?Now the wings are hard,Want to fly solo?What do you think you are,If you have some strength, you dare to ignore?I can lift you up,It can also make you die directly in the sea next moment!”
Leo’s eyes narrowed slightly:“You threaten me?”
“So what?Those who are acquainted will honestly transfer all the achievements to me,Otherwise I will let you know what regret is!”
“OK!I wait for you to make me regret!But don’t stay so close next time,Otherwise my knife is out of control,Maybe just fly out and kill people!”
Speaking of a flying slash, coming out through the body,Flew to Boken。
Boken didn’t expect Leo to really dare to make a move,Dodge quickly,Dodged this trick dangerously and dangerously。
“I just said,The strength of Lieutenant Colonel is not bad,It’s okay to block me!”
Leo smiled and left。
Watching Leo leave,Boken stands in place,Face changes,Leo meant to block a move,Can’t stop the second move?
“Damn,I don’t know the stinky kid,who do you think You Are,I want you to regret!”
Leo doesn’t care,The other party did show some kindness to him,But it has been paid off in the past year and a half,In this year and a half,The number of pirates killed was tens of millions.,Half of it was swallowed by this guy。
Otherwise, it can’t be just a major。
Before Leo wanted to hide,So I don’t want to make trouble,So I endured,But now he plans to accumulate merits as soon as possible,Then go to the navy headquarters,Of course I don’t want to be exploited by this rubbish anymore。

“of course,I’ll arrange for Leo after I go back,Won’t let him continue to make trouble!”

No nonsense,Both sides have their own limits,Finally, Sengoku took Leo back to his office。
When Leo returns to Marin Vando,,Cold Road in the Warring States Period:“Follow me to the meeting room,I have something to announce!”
Leo originally wanted to bugger,Unexpectedly, the Warring States period would not give him a chance。
and so,Leo can only follow behind Sengoku Karp。
When they walk into the meeting room,Leo discovered that there were many people in the meeting room。
It seems that the Warring States had already ordered it。
“This time meeting,To tell everyone,Leo already has the strength of an alternate general,The five old stars have already personally verified!”
Sengoku said here,Slightly paused。
“and so,I want to promote Leo to the alternate general,Do you have any comments??”
Walk through,With strength, you can take shortcuts,Leo doesn’t care about becoming a major general,Directly become the alternate general,On par with the ministers,Only a little lower than the three generals。
The combatants naturally have no opinion,But someone from the clerk immediately shouted:“Leo Gang joined the Navy,No military exploits,Directly promoted to candidate general,Is this inappropriate?”
“Leo has this strength,And he killed the Counting Pirate with a single blow in Demon Valley Town,This is obvious to all!”
“But he has not made substantial military merits!”The clerk was biting,This is for disgusting people。
Warring States slowly:“Wu Lao Xing has agreed to this matter,If you have any questions,You can ask Wu Lao Xing directly!”
The clerk suddenly frustrated,Their backing is the five old stars,Five old stars agreed,How dare they say nothing。
“Since there is no objection,Then it’s so decided,Let’s discuss Leo’s nickname,Then it can be announced!”
“Then follow the usual practice!”Lieutenant General Crane also spoke。
At this time Jiaji suddenly said loudly:“Call it Cha Dolphin!”

“Ye Boping,You stop。”Zhang Siwei shouted。

Ye Boping sneered,“Zhang Siwei,We have been divorced for a long time,Why are you looking for me?how,Zhao Gang did not come?I think you should go find him!”Go ahead,Was pulled by Zhang Siwei。
“I think,We are not enemies,Can you talk calmly,Shall we not quarrel??”
Ye Boping reached out and touched the knife in his bag,look around,It’s off work time,People come and go,If not for crowds,I really want to kill Zhang Siwei with a single cut。
The corner of his mouth,Pull Zhang Siwei to the corner of the community,“OK,You speak。”
“sit down。”There are stone benches,Zhang Siwei sit down。
Ye Boping looked around,Sit down too,“You speak。”
“recent,What are you up to?”Zhang Siwei tried his best to soften his tone。
“Ha ha,Zhang Siwei,What do you mean,You still care about my life and death?”Ye Boping gave a cold smile。
“Correct,We are divorced,But you’re still Jiajia’s father,When,This relationship is all in,Isn’t it?Even if you get divorced,I think you can speak more normally?”
Zhang Siwei wanted to speak well,But patience is limited,When I saw Ye Boping’s yin and yang look,Temper is coming up again。

Lovers get married,Who said no?

It turns out that Wang Yihua was brought by Wang BadshuiYLRear,Forced her to die,If Wang Yihua and Wang Cong contact,He died,I almost died several times,After all, his father,Chen Yani can’t do anything to force her father to death,Under the persuasion of my uncle’s family,Wang Yihua had to hide her miss for Wang Cong deep in her heart。
These few years,She’s not easy,In order to refuse marriage,I don’t know how many times Wang Badshui has beaten her,But Wang Yihua is unyielding。later,Wang Badshui is involved in fake honey,Reported,When investigating in business sector,Wang Badshui, who was dazzled by money, actually beat law enforcement officers,This dozen,Hit myself in。
After receiving ideological education, he suddenly changed his temperament,To my daughter who is visiting:“flower!Go back to your hometown!If any pauper is not married yet,Marry him,Or in this life,I really hurt you”
After listening to my father,Wang Yihua howling and crying,She parted with tearsYL,I drove straight to my hometown the next day。
Wang Yihua’s sudden return,Not only makes Wang Cong ecstatic,Even the whole Dawang Village was lively for a while。The village director personally directed,The whole village will hold an unprecedented wedding in Dawang Village for Wang Cong and Wang Yihua。
Everything is ready,Just one bow。The wedding day of Wang Cong and Wang Yi,Almost all the villagers came,Even mayor Li,And representatives from Qingshan County,Plus the beekeepers of the beekeeping association,Many people are standing outside the yard,Dawang Village is lively like Chinese New Year。
When the marriage man finishes his speech,When Wang Cong gave Wang Yihua a wedding ring,Thunderous applause,What a difficult pair,After years of training,Finally achieved a positive result。
But at this moment,Wang Cong with his face full of happiness,Suddenly his body crooked,Actually fell down。
The shrill siren of an ambulance,Washed away the lively crowd,Everyone looked blank,What’s going on here?
Three days later,A news that made people hardly believe their ears came back,Wang Cong was seriously ill,Confirmed by Provincial People’s Hospital,It’s advanced gastric cancer。
Oh my god!How can this be,What a nice kid,Why did you get this disease?Didn’t you say that good people are rewarded??Dawang Village fell into silence for a while,Some old people are crying and crying。
Because the tumor in Wang Cong’s stomach is too big,Provincial People’s Hospital did not dare to operate,Persuade Wang Cong to go home and rest,To put it bluntly is to wait for time。Wang Yihua knew the result,Almost crazy,She is holding Wang Cong’s inspection report,Ran all over hospitals in the provincial capital,Find an expert,Find a professor,But such a serious condition,No one dared to agree to surgery on Wang Cong。
Just when everyone was preparing to go through the discharge procedures for Wang Cong,A slightly surprising news came out,An oncologist from the Military Medical University is coming to the Provincial Hospital to give a lecture,This is the only hope,Wang Cong who has given up treatment,Suddenly feel bright,He said decisively to Wang Yihua:“I won’t be discharged temporarily,You help me find this professor”
Professor Wang from the military doctor is over 60 years old,His temples are white,Vicissitudes of face,With a thick spectacle lens,He looked at Wang Cong’s inspection documents,While looking at Wang Cong,Unceremoniously:“Young man,Your disease is in its advanced stage,No surgery,You can stay for two or three months at most,Do you have an operation??A serious illness like you,The probability of getting off the operating table is less than 5%!”
First0869chapter Miracles won’t happen forever
“Don’t say anything,Since you dare to do,Don’t worry!I will bear all the consequences,Has nothing to do with you”Wang Cong decisively interrupted Professor Wang’s words。
Professor Wang looks at the thin Wang Cong,Couldn’t help but laugh:“Insiders call me Wang Bold,I dare to do surgery that others don’t dare to do,Since you have such confidence,I’m not afraid of ruining my great reputation on you,Go back and prepare for surgery!”

“Not bad!”

“The white light of the world,Psychedelic with dense fog at the entrance,High mountains in the center,There is also a Wang Bitan at the foot of the mountain?”
“Exactly!”The old man’s surprised look is definitely not a disguise。
Teenagers are more surprised,He didn’t expect other than Huo Tianzun,There are people who have explored mysterious places in the more ancient ancestral continent,This old man can become the creator of the Five Elements Temple,Really worthy of three words。
“Xiao Ke came from that place。”
“how is this possible?You are young?”The old man screamed。
“Just a coincidence,Huo Tianzun,Even if my master,He discovered the mysterious place,I just picked up a ready-made one。”
“That’s not incredible。”The old man shook his head straight,“Someone who can survive that place,I haven’t heard of the old。”
Juvenile ignorant circle,But then I realized that the old man in front of me was not a real person,Just a ray of human form,Since the guardian said,The first four palace masters are already dead,This mighty man naturally does not exist in the world。
“Don’t you guess,The old man has visited the land of confusion three times,But the first two times only dared to circle around,Feel terrible,Foggy again,So I didn’t dare to set foot。
“Third time after,Not a ghost,Rather, the old found out that the origin of the Ancestral Continent is inextricably linked to the land of confusion.,So after leaving this ray of soul,Take risks,Set foot in the meantime,The sight is just like what you said,But the white mist is ever-changing,Those who are weak will easily lose their nature,Dead without burial。”
“So dare to ask,Has the old palace master ever fallen into that Bibotan??”
“Green waterhole?”The old man smiled bitterly,“When the old man saw the waterhole,Already dead,Suddenly lightning flashes above my head,I just don’t see the shadows of clouds and thunder,That kind of thunder,Even the old man has the strength of Tianzun,Explore the void nearly ten times,Experienced turbulence and storms,But never heard such a terrifying thunder,In the end the old man didn’t know he was struck to death by lightning,Still scared to death。”
Juvenile petrification again,The memory of the soul in front of me may end here,Interaction between the soul and the body,It’s no surprise that I can keep this memory,Can still be sensed at such a long distance,It can be seen how powerful the old man’s cultivation was。
But this old man is really brave and cute,The origin of the ancestor mainland comes from a mysterious place,Big eyeballs have long been judged,But the peerless powerhouse tens of thousands of years ago had to fight his life to explore to prove,Big gap,Hard to imagine。
Risks experienced by the elderly in mysterious places,Juvenile feels ordinary,It’s not that he is stronger than the old man,But its special relationship with the mysterious place,From a certain angle,Mysterious land is the homeland of young people。
Contact the story of the two stones told by Big Eyeball,The boy has already seen one by Bibotan,Maybe more than one,The two small stone teeth on the side of the colorful stone may also grow into the future stone,So which one of them is he?

Wang Youcai nodded,Said with a serious face:“Don’t worry,from now on,I am your son,I will take care of you”Wang Youcai is not stupid,He really found a money tree。

Training:Jade cannot be carved
First0001chapter Embarrassment in the cornfield
Flaming sun,Spicy burning test the earth,A lush corn field in the Weihe Plain,Crawling four or five twenty-two-year-old boys,They all opened their clothes,I kept wiping the sweat off my face。
“Hey!Three young,What do you think this splash will really do with your cousin Zhao Hong in the cornfield??But we are too far away,Can’t see!Or lean forward”A young man with a slightly thin body,Winking small eyes,Whispered to the short fat guy crawling beside him。
The fat man called the third master,Coldly snorted:“Chen Gui,You fucking,on……Just a color,satyr。My dad said,Catch the double,This time we must catch one,Catch a current。from,Near,Stun the snake,This you,You don’t understand?”Hey!This kid was still stuttering,What he said,Amused some of his companions,But everyone wants to laugh but dare not laugh,Had to hold back,Which scene is so fun。
at this time,A corn stalk in the middle of the cornfield shook violently。
Chen Gui crawling on the ground,Excited five fingers scratched the ground hard,I couldn’t help but swallowed in my mouth。
Fatty can’t climb anymore,He waved,Whispered:“on”A rustle passed,The fat man took Chen Gui and some of them,Rushed past like a wolf like a tiger,The scene before us,Completely stunned them。
I saw a young guy about twenty years old,**Upper body,Tanned redness on strong muscles,The sweat beads are crystal clear under the sunlight。He has two big bare feet like iron,Like an iron rake,Dig rows of sunken footprints on the ground,Muddy pants,Pulled over the knee。
The young man is about seven meters tall,Not handsome,But also a little handsome,Especially a pair of big eyes,Look at people like two lightnings,He held a sharpened wooden stick in both hands,The wooden stick is covered with blood,Under a few messy corn stalks,There are a few field mice that have just crawled out of the hole。
On the other side of the mouse hole,Standing a tall beautiful young woman,She has a nice face,Fair complexion,Not like a rural person at all,Looks like he’s only twenty-five or sixteen years old,Especially her mature figure,Forward and backward,And she couldn’t stand it***,A glance will make people think about it。
“Wang Youcai!Why are you like flies,I can’t drive away,What do you want to do?Be careful i beat you!“The young man woke the stick in his hand,Originally handsome face,Burned a ball of anger。His eyes furious,The tall nose twitched twice involuntarily,Plump lips,Panting heavily。
The fat man hurriedly took two steps back,He turned out to be Wang Youcai, the third son of the head of Xiping Village,Relying on the power of my father,Did not graduate from junior high school,Began to dominate the village,The villagers nicknamed him Sanshao,This Chen Gui is his follower。
“Splash down,Don’t you……Don’t bully。I see today,Look at Zhao Hong’s face,Let you one……One horse“Wang Youcai finished with difficulty,I wiped the sweat off my face with my clothes,Cornfield at noon,It’s just a big steamer。
The corner of the boy’s mouth curled up,Said coldly:“Your mother’s bite is accurate,My name is Xia Jian,Instead of splashing,You said let me go,What did i do to sorry you,You want to let me go?“A look of disdain floated in Xia Jian’s eyes,The most unaccustomed to him in Xiping Village is the three Wang family brothers,Relying on Laozi as the village head,The boss has made,When Xia Jian was in junior high school,,So I went to do business outside。

I have been stuck in your Seventh-Rank Consummation for hundreds of years,Naturally you can’t miss this opportunity。

Xie Zhou no longer hesitate,I just pulled out the white bone whip from my waist,Feishen joined the battle circle in the past,And he doesn’t leave any room for action,The tricks are to take Chen Xiu’s key points directly,Very vicious when shot,But the more face,The more I don’t want Chen Xiu to leave here alive today!
“This guy,Saying nice things,But it’s tougher than any of us,Really a hypocrite!”Chai Rong laughed in his heart and joined the battle with a stick。
On Chen Xiu’s side, Liu Feng, who was originally a swordsman, couldn’t hold back.,I’m going to cut him under the sword,Suddenly heard the sound of breaking wind behind,Look back,I saw Zhang Laoba holding a huge hammer and patted it on the top of his head.。
I had to abandon Liu Fengxing,Long sword upside down,Brush,The sword edge leaned up against his hammer。
Zhang Laoba’s hammer is like taking advantage of the momentum,If you don’t let go,The hammer did not hit the top of Chen Xiu’s head,The five fingers holding the hammer have been shaved off first,Seeing the opponent’s long sword sliding along his hammer,This trick is unbreakable,I had to slap the left palm violently,Hit the ground with a palm,Bang,Leap back。
Chen Xiu forced Zhang Laoba back,Li Ji’s double shots hit again,Double guns have drawn three circles in front of you,Illusion of three apertures。
Three apertures are like tangible things,Stop in the air for a while,Slowly move towards Chen Xiu,It’s the trick with Chen Xiu himself“Promise cut”Somewhat similar。
The aperture formed by these guns,Cold wind,Power not to be underestimated。
If it’s ordinary people, it’s naturally difficult to deal with,But Chen Xiu himself is also a master at playing this kind of helix,I can see the flaws in these three apertures at a glance。
Long sword extended,Bevel from the left side of the aperture,That is the first aperture force has passed,A gap between the force of the second aperture。
Li Ji yelled,Hurriedly retreated。
Chen Xiu naturally wouldn’t let him leave so easily,The sword is following him,Jianguang Dasheng。
Chen Xiu’s face is even more blue,It’s already pushing his eighth rank zhenqi to the extreme。

This sweep,Let those who wander around the tomb of the Ninth Army finally realize the disparity in strength,How attractive is the brocade box?,They also lost their will to fight。

of course,That kind of frustration is the most painful。
Everyone is disciple,All younger generation。
Why can he crush so many people alone。
All practitioners,Zhu Minglang seems to be a hero in the battlefield,All of them are just ordinary soldiers,The taste of being one enemy a hundred,But it will spread in my heart,And brutally destroyed their firmness、A stubborn mind!
“I choose to roll,Everyone?”At this time, the little clan children who first met Zhu Minglang in Shicheng said。
At that time they were still competing with Wu Zong’s little disciples for the deed of Runyu City。
After seeing the power of Bingchen Bailong,They immediately turned and fled,I’ve escaped。
And this time I took advantage of the chaos and entered the tomb of the Ninth Army,I just wanted to try my luck。
When I saw a large group of people rushing to Mausoleum Hill,They thought there was a baby,It’s purely a curiosity trend to run uphill。
So many people,So many dragons,They didn’t feel anything to be afraid of。
How did you know it would be such a scene。
The last time I rolled, I was so unwilling。
This time they were relieved,Even because of the slow going up,Further away,They are not hurt as badly as the group of people higher on the hillside,A little bit lucky。
but,I wish Minglang can see the sight,They dare not stay for a moment!
Many people are not reconciled。
But what can I do。