China-ASEAN information port interconnection ability

This year is the key year to implement the "China-ASEAN Information Port Construction Implementation Plan (2019-2021)".

On April 19, the reporter learned from the China-ASEAN Information Team Construction Headquarters that our district is closely focused on the overall planning of China – ASEAN Information Port, fully promoting planning implementation, to create a digital economic open cooperation in ASEAN Significant progress and significant results have been significantly improved in new highlands, and the interconnection ability is greatly improved.

According to reports, after 4 years of construction, the information port has been built into three international communication sea cables, built in the opening of the Open, China and Myanmar, the old and old-age cross-border land optical cable system, as well as 13 international communication nodes, national domain name CN top nodes.

Built into operation of China-ASEAN Information Harbor Data Center, China Mobile (Guangxi) Data Center, China Telecom (Guangxi) ASEAN Data Center, China-ASEAN Information Harbor Laos Calculation Center and other 4 cloud computing centers. By building a comprehensive information infrastructure in Sealand Air, China has opened the information large channels of China and ASEAN countries, which greatly enhanced the interconnection of information and communication in China and the ASEAN, which laid a solid foundation for China’s further development of digital economy in China.

The improvement of information infrastructure has promoted China-ASEAN information sharing and continuous expansion, technology cooperation is continuously strengthened, and the economic and trade interconnection is continuously upgraded.

Information Port is built into China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center, with 9 Eastern Union countries such as Thailand, establish a government bilateral technology transfer mechanism; China-ASEAN cross-border payment system is completed, 4 payment agencies have carried out cross-border RMB in Guangxi Business, cross-border financial service platform covers 13 mutual market points in the region, 9 settlement banks, accumulated cross-border settlement services over 100 billion yuan. Cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform, China-ASEAN mass commodity trading platform and other project construction is accelerating.

At present, our district is planning to organize the mid-term effective assessment of China-ASEAN information plan, prepare the "Digital Silk Road" Development Plan (Guangxi) and three-year action plans for ASEAN (2021-2023). This year, the information port will further improve the digital infrastructure for ASEAN, promote the landing of the North Wanhai Cable Logging Station, the International Internet Offices, Offshore Data Center and other interoperable infrastructure; promote Nanning national internet backbone straight point, Beidou A number of key core digital infrastructure, such as the network optimization of the foundation enhancement system network optimization. (Reporter Zhao Chao correspondent Xiong Zuoxiong) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yule).

Champions "fire", Chengdu took the lead

  On November 22nd, the first round of the Meizhou Division in the fourth stage of this season ended. Finally, Wuhan Third Town and Chengdu Rongcheng kicked a Mars splashing competition. In the event of Wuhan, in the case of a goal, with Rosen Wen and Marcang’s goal, the reversal defeated Chengdu, keeping itself in points The second position in the list.

In advance, the Zhejiang team in Kunshan FC was defeated, and there were still three points in Wuhan, and the Chengdu, which lost the ball, Zhejiang 6 points in Zhejiang. After the war of the top three stages, the fourth stage is crucial in every game for the four teams that are expected to be superior.

In particular, the direct dialogue between the top four teams has a strategic meaning of 6 points, which also makes Wuhan and Chengdu competition have become the battle of the focus of this round. Compared with the posture of the strong team with other teams, the Chengdu team entered the competition faster. The first half of the Chengdu team used its midfielder’s advantages, frequently blocking the attack organization of Wuhan team, and using Feli and Liu Ruoyan vanadium to initiate counterattack. The Wuhan team seems to be insufficient, and the opponent’s straight punch is a 1 goal.

At the end of the first half, Chengdu temporarily leads to Wuhan.

  After the war again, Wuhan, unwilling to make adjustments immediately, replacing the sang-of-the-counter, and become 442 to strengthen the number of midfielders. This change has gone in the second half of 30 seconds, and the Rosenwen banquet is equal to the score.

  At this time, no one thought that decided to finally win, actually the door of Chengdu team Zhang Yan.

In the face of Wuhan team Sang Yi non-30 meters, Zhang Yan actually hit the ball directly to Wuhan foreign aid Markone, the laughing of the big gift will be higher than. In this game, Zhang Yanzheng is a gantry who has emerged before the major mistakes, and I didn’t expect that his mistakes had to swallow the suffering of the game. And the loss of this game also allows the Chengdu team to take the lead in the team in the first two.

  In this round, the Zhejiang team and Kunshan competition have been conducted ahead of time. After competing over the opponent 2 to 1, the Zhejiang team can sit with relaxed mentality. Although the last result did not allow the Zhejiang team to rise in the standings, the team is still full of confidence in the next game.

  Compared with the two teams in Chengdu, Wuhan, the largest advantage in the fourth stage is the schedule.

First play the team of Kunshan, Guizhou, no desire, and then fight with Chengdu, Wuhan competitors, such an arrangement for the maintenance of the team’s state and the tactical playing method more favorable than other teams.

  More importantly, the "slow heat" situation that has always existed, has changed in the game with Kunshan. In the case of advanced opponents, the team eventually wins 2 to 1 reversed, and the first two phases faced a distinct contrast.

In addition to the large number of targeted training in the previous time, it has experienced three phases in the Meizhou Division, and it has also played a role. There are still 7 rounds of competition. At present, the Zhejiang team is 6 points and 3 points from the top two of Meizhou and Wuhan. Direct dialogue achieved an ideal result, you can take advantage of the prior to the prior to the prior to the league (directly eligible) competition. Although there are still many variables in the Super League next year, and even don’t rule out that the top four of this year can be superchard, but for the Zhejiang team, it is not relying on such an accident factor "lying", but use itself. Strengthening the ultra-ultimate goal is the ultimate goal.

(Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Choosing Shanghai is to choose a better future! Li Qiang attended the 2021 Shanghai City Promotion Conference and delivered speeches, Gong Zhengshi

When Gong is experiencing the promotion, from the development potential, open vitality, innovation motivation, urban charm and other aspects, China has introduced Shanghai’s latest development, around the economic development, higher level open, urban digital transformation, ecological Yisheng City, High-level talent highlands, international first-class business environments, etc. Sharing Shanghai advantage, depicting Shanghai’s blueprint vision. He said that we will fully promote high-quality development, create high quality life, to achieve high-quality management, focus on strengthening "four functions", deepen the "five centers" construction, and accelerate the central node of domestic circulation, domestic international double cycle Strategic links, comprehensively enhance urban energy level and core competitiveness, and comprehensively enhance urban soft power. Shanghai will provide more market opportunities, investment opportunities, development opportunities, create better environment, better service, welcome friends from Shanghai, know Shanghai, invest in Shanghai, and join Shanghai to accelerate growth, create a better future. Zhang Xian Chen Chen, deputy director of the World Trade Organization, Jinbing National New Development Bank President Ma Ke, the World Retail Association, Chairman, Jacques Crais, sent a video congratulatory message.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Conference and the Director of the Company Jane Ning made a video main point. 19 on-site signing projects, total investment of 17.8 billion yuan, US-China Trade National Committee, China EU Chamber of Commerce, Japan Trade Revitalization Agency, China German Chamber of Commerce, Singapore Enterprise Development Bureau, Jiazhong Trade Council, Long Triangle Entrepreneur Union, The investment promotion institutions such as China Chain Operations Association and the representatives of the business associations talk about the true feelings of the development of Shanghai, jointly launched the "Investment Shanghai" initiative, invites new and old friends from all over the world to join hands in Shanghai and share the future.

A key project signing is also held.

Shanghai has recently identified the key projects of 83 investment and intentional investment, with a total investment amount of 56.5 billion yuan. Today, there are 19 on-site signing projects, total investment of 17.8 billion yuan, distributed in all districts of the city, Shanghai Safe Trade Test Zone, China, China and Hongqiao International Central Business District, industry involves biomedicine, integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, high-end equipment, advanced Materials, life and health, etc. This conference was held in a wire-offline combination. Entering the exhibitors in Shanghai, a multinational company in Shanghai, in Shanghai, enterprises and municipal state-owned enterprises, representatives of private enterprises, representatives, and some national residents, international organizations and investment promotion agencies, and various departments Responsible person, etc. (Source: Shanghai Post) (Editor: Mu Yifan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

2020 National Amateur Chess Wang Hegemony Line Finales in Zhangzhou

  Xinhuanet Hangzhou 13 december (Reporter Xia Liang) 2020 National Amateur Schaak Wang Hegemony Line De finales openden het slagveld op Zhangzhou op de 13e, meer dan 700 amateurschaken, zullen van overal in het hele land in een 5-daagse gametijd zijn gelanceerd tot de laatste "Chess King".

  De nationale amateurschaakkoning is een groot amateurevenement van gaan, schaken, schaken, schaken en schaken, de drie belangrijkste terminals in China, in China. Sinds de oprichting in 2015 is het voor 6 sessies gehouden. Of het nu gaat om het spelmodel, projectinstellingen, bonussen, deelnemers, enz., Het meest binnenlandse amateurschaakevenement is gemaakt. Het is duidelijk dat de schaakkoning van dit jaar in twee delen is verdeeld: lijn Shanghai wedstrijd- en offline finale. De online wedstrijdstadium wordt officieel gelanceerd van 25 mei, en halverwege september is het verdeeld in acht futures.

Met zijn nieuwe wedstrijdmodel, de drie-game projectinstellingen en rijke bonussen, in meer dan drie maanden, heeft de schaakkoningsregel Shanghai Champion-registratie 380.000 overschreden, die met 56% op jaarbasis steeg. De 2,57 miljoen bureaus heeft gecre?erd een historisch hoog dan 109% op jaarbasis. Dit jaar is de grote groei van de spelers van het schaakspel ook een van de aannemers van het evenement. Du Qiang, General Manager van Hangzhou Hall Digital Technology Co., Ltd., "Vooral op de grote achtergrond van de epidemie dit jaar , O2O-modus De schaakkoning werd gehouden, werd de eerste keuze voor meer schaak en vrienden online communicatie, wat ook een belangrijke reden kan zijn voor de groei van de e-year-oude groei dit jaar.

Liu Wei, directeur van het Intelligent Sports Management Office van Hangzhou Branch, China, zei: "Ik hoop dat" ik hoop innovatieve technologie te organiseren in het traditionele intellectuele sportproject, laat Zhangzhou rijke en diepgaande schaakculturele biecht in combinatie met geavanceerde internetplatforms en betekent. "Dus, een echt schaakevenement wordt gecre?erd voor de meerderheid van de schaakventilatoren. "National Amateur Chess Wang Hegemonie wordt gezamenlijk gehost door China’s Go Association, China Chess Association, China Chess Hospital, Cangzhou City Government en Zhejiang Daily Newspaper Group, Hangzhou Chess Bouw School en Football Kenmerken Cultuur Management Center, Zhangzhou Sports Board, Zhejiang News Culture Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Ying Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Chess Association Oogst. (Einde) Verantwoordelijk Editor: Zhang Ling.

70 large-scale housing prices continue to slightly

  National Bureau of Statistics issued a variety of commercial residential sales prices in April – 70 large-scale urban housing prices Continuation Titas The data released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that in April, the new commercial residential sales price increased by the first-tier city The increase is the same as the last month; the sales price of second-hand residential buildings is up to the month, and the increase is an increased percentage point than last month.

  Specifically, in the 4 first-tier cities, the sales price of Beijing new commercial residential residential residential sales is%, Shanghai rose, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

In terms of second-hand residential sales price, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen rose%,% and% respectively, and Guangzhou is flat. In addition to the first-tier city, the Chief Statisticalist of the National Bureau of Statistics said that the new commercial residential and second-handed residential sales prices have increased in the same or slightly expanded last month. 31 second-line cities new commodity residential and second-hand residential sales prices rose by% and% respectively, and the increase in the increase of a percentage point than last month. 35 three-tier cities are affected by factors such as the price level, the sales price of new commodity residential buildings increased from the previous month, expanded a percentage point than the previous month, higher than the first-line city; sales price of second-hand residential sales, rising in the same year, increase ratio A percentage point is expanded last month. In contrast, the sales price of new commercial housing in various communities continued to fall year-on-year, and the second-year homes were expanded year-on-year.

  According to the initial measure of the National Bureau of Statistics, in April, the sales price of new commercial housing in the first-tier city rose year-on-year, and the increase of a percentage points over the previous month; the sales price of second-hand residential housing increased year-on-year, and the increase of a percentage bit was more than last month.

The new commercial residential and second-line city sales prices rose by% and% year-on-year, and the increase is falling over the previous month, and it will fall for 12 consecutive months.

The new commercial residential and second-handed residential sales prices in the third-tier cities rose by% and% year-on-year, and the increase is the same or fallen for 13 months.

  Xu Music, Chief Market Analyst, Chief Market, believes that the city in April increased significantly, the performance of the transaction price and the rhythm of the completion of the retribution, the growth of the transaction volume is consistent, and the volume of transaction growth drives the price of the price to rise.

  "In April, as my country’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control further consolidates, the economic and social order is further restored, and the demand for housing in the epidemic or suppressed housing needs is further released.

"Confucius said, continue to stick to the house in all parts, is not used to speculate, and the 70 large-scale real estate market prices continue to slightly, but the overall is still relatively stable.

(Reporter Qiu Haifeng) +1.

The total value of Quanzhou foreign trade import and export growth in the first three quarters increased by over 40%

Original title: The total value of Quanzhou foreign trade import and export in the first three quarters has increased by more than 40% of the reporters from Quanzhou Statistics, the first three quarters, Quanzhou import and export total value billion yuan, year-on-year increased year-on-year; where it is 100 million Growth%, has exceeded 100 million yuan in the year 2020; imported billion yuan, year-on-year increase%; import and export growth rate is higher than the national, high, a percentage point.

From the perspective of trade, general trade accounts for the dominance of Quanzhou foreign trade, and the market purchase trade performance is bright. In the first three quarters, Quanzhou Enterprises imported from ordinary trade in general trade, increased year-on-year, accounting for% of Quanzhou foreign trade; the market purchase trade export value is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year increase, accounting for the total value of Quanzhou Foreign Trade .

Private enterprises’ main military role highlights.

In the first three quarters, Quanzhou private enterprises import and export billion yuan, year-on-year growth, accounting for the total value of Quanzhou City, continued to ranking the first foreign trade operation in Quanzhou; foreign-funded enterprises, state-owned enterprises import and exports are 100 million yuan, hundreds The yuan, the same year is increased,%,%. From the trading partners, Quanzhou has a large increase in the import and export of three major trading partners such as ASEAN, Saudi, and the United States.

In the first three quarters, the ASEAN countries imported from 100 million yuan, which increased year-on-year; to Saudi import and export billion yuan, year-on-year increase%; for the US import and export billion yuan, year-on-year growth%.

From main import and export commodities, Quanzhou export textile, clothing, footwear, luggage, furniture, toys, plastic products, etc. export labor-intensive products and mechanical electromechanical products maintain high level, imported crude oil, electromechanical products The growth is stable. In the first three quarters, Quanzhou exported labor-intensive products billion yuan, year-on-year growth rate; exporter electrical products billion, year-on-year growth%; imported crude oil, electromechanical products increased in year-on-year,%,%.

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Positive results in the first phase of China’s new crown virus vaccine in China

Original title: China’s new crown virus vaccine 1 clinical trial obtained positive results Xinhua News Agency London May 22 (Reporter Zhang Jiawei) China Research Team issued a report in the English Medicine period "Liuye knife" said that they have a new crown The viral vaccine has carried out 1 clinical trial, and the results show that this vaccine is safe and can induce human body quickly generate an immune response. The team leading this clinical trial. The vaccine used in the test is a recombinant new crown virus vaccine for adenovirus vectors. The team recruited 108 healthy adult volunteers in the experiment, aged 18 to 60 years old. These volunteers are divided into different doses of vaccines into different groups. Introduced, within 28 days after inoculation, this vaccine showed a good tolerance in different doses, and did not cause serious adverse reactions. Chen Wei said in the press release released by the willow knife, 1 clinical trial showed that the vaccination of this adenoviral vector recombinant new crown virus vaccine can induce viral-specific antibody and T cells within 14 days, "these results represent one Important milestones.

  However, Chen Wei also pointed out that it is necessary to treat relevant results. Developing new crown virus vaccines will face unprecedented challenges, and can cause immune responses that do not necessarily mean that the vaccine can protect people from new crown virus infections, the results "show. The new crown virus vaccine is developing well, but we have a longer way to go through this vaccine to let everyone use the stage. "

  According to the report, the main limitation of this clinical trial includes a small sample size, shortest test period, lack of random control group, etc., so further tests are needed to verify.

  According to the "Willow Knife", it is a long-term solution to the prevention and control of new championships. There are currently more than 100 candidate new crown virus vaccines around the world. (Editor: Tang Wei, Zhang Xin).

The Historical Struggle of Zhejiang Revolutionary Struggle after Lonely

Original title: The Si Ming Mountain, the Si Ming Mountain, the Si Ming Mountain after the loneling enemy, located in Ning Shao, the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, with an average of about 700 meters above sea level, and the main peak Jinzhongshan has an altitude of 1018 meters.

Because there is a "four-window rock" on the top of the Dashishan Peak, the sun and the moon are shot through the four stone window holes, so it is called "Si Mingshan". In the west side of Liangcong Town, Yuyao City, Si Mingshan Revolutionary Martyr Monument is located here. Monument to high meter, with granite, majestic, the face is the "revolutionary martyrs permanent" written by Guo Moruo, and there is a "anti-Japanese War period, the War period, the War period, the war The Eastern Region is the martyrs who are bravely dedicated to the revolution. " There are two platforms around the monuments, with a square area of ??3,600 square meters.

From the parking lot to the monument, there are seven layers of 319 steps. Enter the gate of the cemetery, there are two sides of the two sides, there are "the great, death glory" couplet on the column. From the top three levels of steps, there is a red flag stone monument, and Mao Zedong is spent on Mao Zedong. Go on their blood! "After the four-storey step, he entered the Monument Square.

Before the establishment of Zhejiang East China, the anti-Japanese base, in April 1941, the invasion of the Japanese army launched Ning Shao Battle, the Kuomintang defending the festival defended, Shaoxing, Zhenhai, Ningbo, Yuyao and other fills. In order to save the national danger, the Central Committee adjusted the strategic deployment of the New Fourth Army in Huazhong.

On February 1, 1941, the Party Central Committee and Mao Zedong have made a new deployment on the new four armies in Ji Zhejiang: About Zhedong, that is, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Triangle area, our strength is weak, the general command should increase this The strategic base, through the Shanghai Party founded a guerrilla based in the region (based on the original minority armed for Songjiang, the Central Plains Bureau should pay attention to the Shanghai Party.

On April 30, Mao Zedong, Zhu De gave Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi and other comprehensive telegrams, clearly indicating that the anti-Japanese base from the Zhejiang East, and has a separate strategic unit.

According to the central instructions, the Chinese and New Fourth Army divide Tan Qilong to lead the Lunan Government and Pudong Working Committee and hosted by Pudong Zhejiang.

  Zhedong anti-Japanese affixing is created by three strengths: First, the patriotism of Zhejiang local party organization leaders.

At the same time in the extensive development of anti-Japanese national salvation, local party organizations in Dinghai, Zhenhai, Cixi, Yuyao, Shaoxing built multiple anti-Japanese arms.

The armed forces leaders in various local party have been prepared for the opening of Zhedong according to the ground. The second is the party leadership of Pudong armed forces. Since May 1941, more than 900 people led by the CCP, more than 900 people from Nanlu Hangzhou Bay arrived in "Sanbei" (referred to the irregular Yao, Cixi, Zhenhai North Region), and became the basis for the construction of the new four army Zhejiang.

  The third is the guide for the new four army military and Huadian Government. In June 1942, Tan Qilong arrived at "Three North" with more than 100 fighters. By April 1944, more than 300 cadres such as Zhedong’s party, military, government, wealth, text, Wei, military workers.

  In July 1942, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee decided to set up the armed armed forces from the Party Committee of the Secretary of Tan Qilong. In August in the Cixi Shuanghe Field, the Three-North Tourism, He Kexi, who was commander, and Tan Qilong gave the political commissar, unified leading Zhedong anti-Japanese troops, using scattered motor tactics, after 29 battles, repeatedly Military offensive to Zhejiang District. On April 23, 1943, after 16 hours of attacking, the Liangneang Town Lion Mountain puppet military base was removed, and Liang Dynasty was liberated. The Party Committee and the Sanbei Tourist Command in Zhedong District have been initially established in Liangcang and Hengkanou Village. Since then, Liang became the military, political, economic and cultural center of the anti-Japanese affixing area after Zhejiang East, is known as "Zhejiang Yan’an".

  According to the establishment of 4 years, the Zhejiang Province relies on the four Ming Mountain, with Liang Teng as the command center, with the day, pseudo-and naughty struggle, the troops have grown to more than 15,000 people from more than 900 people, and experience the size of 643 times. 2 of the county, over 110 pseudoquins, and 4 million liberated compatriots, wrote a glorious chapter for the anti-Japanese war compose, and became one of the national anti-Japanese bases.

  After relieving the pain, Zhejiang, the father of the brothers, sisters, southern, southern, southern China, the new four armies have never died. Seeing that the Zhejiang Province, the Zhejiang, the Zhejiang, which is constantly developing. Chiang Kai-shek is in the 1943 consecutive electricity regime to eliminate the China’s military and Zhejiang anti-Japanese base. In October, the Kuomintang set up the headquarters in the Tiantai, which has also attacked more than 20,000 troops, colluding days, and the madness attacked.

  In response to the enemy’s offense, the Zhejiang, the Zhejiang, the leader of the CCP launched heroic and hit and adhered to Zhedong.

At the same time, for the conspiracy of the Kuomintang, in December 1943, the Zhejiang Middle Bureau and the New Fourth Army Military Department were approved. The Zhedong troops were publicly treated by Liang, and adapt to the new four army Zhejiang.

On January 15, 1944, in the Si Mingshan Hushu Village, Zhejiang, the anti-Japanese anti-Japanese base, the highest administrative organ – Zhejiang East Intimensional Administrative Committee, promulgated the "Structures of the Interim Administrative Committee of Zhejiang East" (draft), marking Zhedong anti-Japanese According to the ground, there are planned construction in all aspects, developed to the 4 administrative regions, 16 county-level regimes. In January 1945, the People’s Representative meeting of Zhejiang Province was held, officially elected Zhejiang Administrative Committee, established the Zhejiang Administrative Office, appointed the Si Ming, Sanbei, Jin Xiao, and Shanghai’s four regions of the four regions and counties Long, in the basis of the establishment of anti-Japanese democratic regimes at all levels. After the victory of the anti-Japanese war in 1945, the Joy of the Shengli, but the Kuomintang reactionaries were eager to seize the victory, but not only stepped up to send troops to the Zhedong area, but also called the Zhedong guerrilla column when the enemy had not paid the weapon. "剿".

In order to avoid positive conflicts with the Kuomintang army, it will stop civil war, and strive to come to the new era of Peace, the Party Central Committee and the New Fourth Army have decided to make the greatest endurance and concession, order the Zhejiang New Fourth Army and the anti-Japanese democratic government at the end of September 1945 Exit Zhedong, only to keep a small number of backbone insisted on struggle.

  On October 1, 1945, the CPC Zhejiang East Party Committee reported that "Xin Zhejiang Dongpu" published "tolerance and bid farewell to Zhejiang Master’s Master’s Sister Book". After the northern part of the new four army, he left insisted that there were less than 100 people in the Si Mushan District.

Under the instructions of the China Bureau, the Zhejiang University of Working Committee and the Si Mingshan Working Committee conducted more than 100 models of the revolutionary armed forces and the enemies and the enemy, gradually recovered, and established the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Zhedong Second Guerrilla Color. . The Si Mingshan Revolutionary Base Development became an important part of "Southern Seven District". In Chiang Kai-shek’s old nest, he has adhered to the struggle. He became a sword of Chiang Kai-shek’s heart, which contains some of the Kuomintang army’s strength, and has a strong contribution to the National Liberation War. The revolutionary spirit of Zhejiang Province has passed the New Fourth Army Zhejiang Pleanders in Liangke’s revolutionary experience, leaving a large number of revolutionary relics. Since the full retention of various types of elements such as the party, politics, military, essays, and bathing, and Wei. The country-based system retains the anti-Japanese base of all types of sites, including the local site of the Party Committee of the Zhejiang District, the old site of the Zhejiang Administrative Office, the new four army Zhedong guerrilla vertical team, the old site of Zhedong anti-Japanese military and political department, Zhejiang Lu Xun The old site of the college, the old site of Zhejiang, the new Zhejiang newspaper, the old site of Zhedong Bank, the old site of Tan Qilong, and the people of the people from all walks of life, the old site of the conference of the conference.

More importantly, it left the Si Mingshan revolutionary spirit and struggle tradition, and the generation of people in the generation of people were stronger and building a beautiful home. In the Si Mingshan area, the Si Mingshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, Memorial Hall and Military History, became a party history education and a clean government base. In Liang Ge, Zhejiang Si Mingshan Cadre College and hangs the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Party School, Si Mingshan, Zhejiang Socialist College, Si Ming Mountain Branch, became a cradle of cadre training. In order to further inherit the red gene, promote the revolutionary culture, Yuyao will change the Central Primary School of Liangong Town as the Red Army Primary School in Zhejiang Province, and promote the Si Mingshan spirit. (The author is the deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education).

Take each step of your own way you walk (warmth hot comment)

  [Character] "High Plaen Letter" Wang Shunyou [Story] Wang Shunyou, is a hometown of the original "Marbang Post" in the Liangsisang Autonomous County of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. He insisted in post more than 30 years, 330 days of walking in the high mountain snowfield each year, never lost a message, delivery accuracy reached 100%.

On May 30, 2021, he was in the illness, but people still passed his incompetent "Ma Ban Post" spirit. [Reviews] I mention "Marbang Post", many people will feel unfamiliar.

People living in the Internet age may be unimaginable, "" Postage with horses in the mail, "postage," is what is like.

In the history of my country, this ancient ketile method has been connected to many remote mountains, which is the only choice for their foreign communication. Wang Shunyou is a hometown of the "Marbang Post" in Musli County to Baihuangxiang, Sanyu Township, Yumbo Township, Kara Township.

  At the last century, most towns in Mulai County did not pass highways and calls.

This post of Wang Shunyou walks is the only channel of the people and the outside world.

Rhitched postage, connecting the fresh dynamics outside the mountains, carrying the concern of the home wanderer, conveying the party and the government.

From Wang Shunyou, after the moment of his father’s hand, he put the local people on a heavy expectation of the post, and one is more than 30 years.

  Round-trip posts are engraved with Wang Shunyou’s footsteps. Every time, he will cross the sea level 5,000 meters. Half time, half of the year is covered by ice and snow, then go into an altitude of 1000 meters, the hottest temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius There is also a large and small primitive forest and mountain peaks, Digogiang, sometimes I can’t see a movie for several days. Only a horse is with him … The hard dangerous environment, the loneliness is not letting Wang Shunyou gave him hesitation and stagnation, and even a sudden natural disaster did not let him give up sent. On a lonely night, a dangerous moment, it is a firm belief that he supports him, and the "folks need me."

  A person who takes the horse to send a letter, how important is it in the wood? Wang Shunyou said: "Now we have more than a dozen ‘Marbang Post’, more than a dozen townships, everyone runs a road, does not contribute to the eyes, but all these roads, just put the folies and mountains outside the mountain It’s together, I will connect the party and the government and the wood! "In the mountains in the southwest mountain, there are many" loyal letters such as Wang Shunyou, each step of walking, opening up the bridge. A deep mountain and external communication with the convenience channel. In recent years, the traffic conditions in the wood have gradually improved, and now 110 administrative villages in the county have all hardened roads.

In June this year, Mulai County realized a full coverage of the three-level postal post of counties, townships and villages. The "Marbang Post" is being rapidly evolved to modern logistics.

  Today, "Marbang Post" has exited the historical stage, but Wang Shunyou and "Marbang Post" legend will have been remember; his lofty spirit, like Somama in the plateau, still bright and rainy, will also Incentive more people firmly forward in the new journey.

Shougang Ski Great Tilting Station starts snow

Original title: Shoushui Ski Great Tilting Table 1 week launch (Reporter Sun Yunkong correspondent Cheng Men) The Shougang Ski Great Tour in Shijingshan District has entered a countdown, according to the weather, the big feet is expected to be officially launched within one week. Snow.

  Realize the secret of the skiing platform "silver-shelled", hidden at the foot of the big feet, 7 buildings and 4 build snow cannons have been in place, will meet the starting zone, help the slope, the jet area and the slope for snow Different requirements for the amount and the snow. Snow pump houses and water supply systems, the power supply system has also been debugged, and the weather is safe to start snow.

  "The snow cannon has a big size, the characteristics of the forefront, the snow gun is more fine, the snow is better.

"Shougang Ski Daji" Han Dong said, "We will start the snowfall under the most suitable conditions," we will choose to start the snow machine under the most suitable conditions, and avoid waste of water resources as much as possible.

"The snow gun has 9 control gear, including the sub-file adjustment function, not only can cause more dry powder snow and different water wet snow according to different gear regulations, but also adjust the amount of water, the amount, etc. The quality of the snow is controlled. The snow pump house located on the big jump Taipei, the water pickup port on both sides of the big jump line, the pump house mainly includes snow control system terminal, water storage pool, cold water tower, water pump Wait.

Han Dong introduced that the snow system has now completed inspection and maintenance. It is currently final debugging before the pump room and water supply lines. It is finally confirmed by the Snow plan. "Snowing work will be started according to the weather conditions, it is initially scheduled to start saving in a week, until the end of January 20, 2022, and lasting for about 1 month.

During the period, work mainly includes the scene of the track, snow, shaping, shaping, and two stages of the second shaping team. "Shougang Ski Daji Venue Running Team Venue and Infrastructure Manager Liu Yuchuan said.

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