These people are holding batons in their hands,It’s another security uniform,The key is the red armband on their arm,This makes Xia Jian a little embarrassed,Do it once,In case you touch the criminal law,It’s not worth the loss。

Just when he hesitated,The two arms have been controlled,So far,He won’t resist,Let it go,Just do them。
A big one,The corners of the mouth curled up,Untie the walkie-talkie from the waist,Turn on,Deliberately raised the voice and shouted:“Captain Captain,02call”
Just listen to the noise in the walkie-talkie,A loud voice came over:“Please tell me!”
“Sha San found a suspicious person,No temporary residence permit,Do you want to bring it back?”The big man said,Deliberately glanced at Xia Jian,Xia Jian turned his face,Secretly cursed,To your uncle,What can you do to bring me back?
The walkie-talkie rang for a while,I only heard an angry voice inside:“Do you want to ask me about this??You’re such a fucking fool“
The big man was scolded by the captain,Look a little embarrassed,After turning off the intercom,Then he muttered:“You don’t explain,How do i know what you want?I’m not the roundworm in your stomach“
“I said the monitor!Such a big sun,What are you going to do,Can’t let us stand here for the suckling pig!“One of the team members protested。
The big man wiped a sweat,Glared at someone,Then shouted at Xiajian:“You don’t have a temporary residence permit,Fine and leave!Take you to influence our patrol“
cut!Going around or around the money,Speak earlier!What temporary residence permit,I really want to be her mother**I want to set up an archway again,Xia Jian cursed secretly,No angrily asked:“Fine?Less i have,Too much“
“Yo ha!You little white face,Don’t give me air,If this is placed before,It doesn’t matter how much you pay,First go to transform,Straighten your mind,I won’t remember it with you today,Punish500,Pay and leave“The team lowered their voice,Said to Xia Jian fiercely。
Xia Jianyi listen,I almost scolded my mother,500Equivalent to a worker’s salary,Isn’t this blackmail??But the words came to the lips,Xia Jian refrained from saying,He knew the money must be paid。
“I did not,I only have a hundred dollars“Xia Jian can only tell the truth,It’s true that the amount of change he carries is only so much,This is his habit for many years,Don’t like to bring more money when going out。
The big man grinned:“You’re not a fucking refreshing person,Brothers stand with you in the sun,Do you think it’s easy?Stop standing,Not doing it yet?“

Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu were told by Xia Jian beforehand,So sitting in the car is silent,Only Xia Jian and Song Fangdong were chattering with each other。

The car that picked them up was a business Buick,Not only spacious inside,And sit comfortably,Xia Jian looked at the scenery along the way,Keep thinking,When can Pingcheng be built like this,Why would he be willing in this life,Of course he is still young,Not without chance。
It’s about seven o’clock,The car entered the factory of Chenguang Animal Husbandry,As the sky is already dark,Everything outside the car window can’t be seen clearly。
“President Xia,We will be there soon,I’ll let someone accompany you to a potluck for a while,Rest after you’re done,We have our own hotel,Conditions are ok,I’ll talk about the rest tomorrow“suddenly,Deputy General Manager Zhang sitting in the front row turned his head and said to Xia Jian。
This man is in his forties,Medium build,Wearing a gold-rimmed myopia,Few words,But it always feels like a domineering look。
Xia Jian said slightly startled:“OK!But Mr. Zhang, please arrange it tonight,Let us choose400Head cow,Please match the ratio between male and female,Reselect1000Piglet,Also choose the best boar,It’s over20000Little chicken,If we can watch,Just set yours,If you can’t see,We will go to Hebei tomorrow“
“Good good!I’ll make arrangements for you tonight,But our company has regulations,This money must be paid 60% first,Wait until everything is ready before finishing the remaining 40%,Don’t know…”Manager Zhang heard what Xia Jian said,People suddenly come to the spirit,Keep talking about a few,But he still mentioned money a little worried。
Xia Jian won’t wait for him to finish:“No money,We inspect the goods,After tagging,Instant transfer,Wait until the bill arrives,You just start,Deliver to destination,We’re done”
“Ok,Xia Jian is really young and promising,Act decisively。Xiao Zhang drove the car to Chenguang Hotel,I personally accompany Mr. Xia to drink two glasses”Manager Zhang’s attitude suddenly changed one hundred and eighty degrees,This made Xia Jian a little happy。
Big group is different,Not only own hotel,And all the supporting facilities are complete,Although this is in the country,But the conditions are never worse than in the city。
Had a great meal,Then I checked into someone’s high-end hotel,They don’t have to grab a bed anymore,Because each person has a room,This can make Chen Erniu happy。
Wait for everyone to take a shower,Xia Jian brought them together,Had a small meeting,Because tomorrow they will do a big deal,It can be said that the future of Xiping Village,In the hands of a few of them。
“Me and Sanhu,Still not saying a word tomorrow,It’s better to say less,We both do our job well”Chen Erniu said first。

“All right,Since this is the case,Then next,Let’s wait and see。”

When Han Tianlong said these words,obviously,Actually for these,Han Tianlong’s heart,Even more eager to try。
And look at these,at this time,Han Tianlong’s side,Others see here。
Actually speaking,What should I do,Actually these people,How could you not know?
But the more so,Actually, when looking at these,Han Tianlong himself,On the contrary, there is not much feeling。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,In Han Tianlong think,Such a thing,Actually start now,It’s still necessary to do something better。
“Now words,Let’s prepare first。”
“But there is nothing else to consider for the time being,Want me to see,Let’s hurry up and get rid of this.!”
When Han Tianlong saw these,At this moment,Han Tianlong got up and left。
And others know,Since Han Tianlong has already said that。
Next words,Continue to entangle these things,In fact, there is no need at all。
I’m looking at these things,At this moment,In other people’s hearts,Fully understand all this。
Chapter 263 Check it out for me
“how about it,Still no news??”
Han Tianlong looked at the people around him,He asked directly。
I’m finished with Han Tianlong’s words,at this time,For these things。
at this time,The people around shook his head。

“Who knows,See it for its own sake。”Luo Shaoyan said。

“Raising a young spirit is raising,Raising two is also raising,Even if you want to release,Also give it a little longer,Otherwise it will become food for those sea fish。”Zhu Minglang said。
“You also raise it,The wild dragon is not the orthodox dragon,Its spirituality is not as good as the little hair ball in your arms……But also,It doesn’t matter if you have more young ones,Think better,I’m lucky,Hua Long。I’m not familiar anymore,Can also take care of the nursing home,When only a spiritual pet。”Luo Shaoyan nodded and said。
There is no mark on Xiaoye Jiao’s forehead,It is estimated that the eggshell is broken,Everyone knows it is not Thunder Dragon,Han Su didn’t even try the soul bondage。
The dragons are still sleeping in their cocoons。
Zhu Minglang is now in the period without dragon training。
I’m idle anyway,Raise an extra baby,It doesn’t affect much。
To be really impatient,Without the potential of Hualong,Wait for it to grow scales、tooth,It’s not too late to release after having a certain degree of self-protection。
Put it in the sea immediately after birth,That’s not called release,It’s no different from letting it die,This is not Jade。
Queen Xiayu naturally understands,So let it die by Zhu Minglang’s hand。
On Ono Jiao’s forehead is imprinted with a soul bond,This is also convenient for Zhu Minglang to communicate with it。
Ono Jiao is very depressed。
It is limited by the seal of incubation time,It already has hearing in the egg、Touch。
It can feel that it is being guarded with extreme care by outsiders,Waiting。
The highly anticipated birth,After being born but extremely humble,Fell from heaven to hell,Even if you don’t understand the language,Can’t understand the face,Can also understand the disgust of those people、Mocking and the terrifying anger of someone!

Just when he just put on his pants,A taxi stopped beside him,Don’t wait for him to react,From the car suddenly jumped out of two people,One put a big black bags have the money to Wang’s head set,Another first kick to kick the king have the money sitting on the ground,Then he unwound a wire rope from his waist。

Wang Youcai yelled in the dark:“who are you?Don’t fool around“
First1575chapter Secret protection
“Fuck you!Lao Tzu is nonsense“The guy waving the rope yelled,When he pulled up the wire rope to greet Wang Youcai。I just feel a pain in the waist,Then the whole people will fly out。
Just listen to his associates shouted:“Run fast!“With this cry,The guy just fell to the ground scratching and scrambling to climb up,Run away like a gust of wind。
When the black bag on Wang Youcai’s head was taken down,He asked silently:“Are you guys saved me?How do you know someone is going to plot me tonight?“
It’s not someone else standing in front of Wang Youcai,It Tian Wa Wu and Wu,The two men face smile。Tian Wa stretched out her hand,Pull up sitting on the floor of the king have the money。At this time,Lan Ling standing on high heels,Ran over staggeringly。
Woman with a surprised look,She gasped and said:“What the hell hit?I almost have called the police“
“never mind,There are two little thieves who want to plot against our boss”Tian Wa laughed loudly,Raised his finger at the residential area where Lan Ling rented a house not far away。Means you go。
Wang Youcai is not a fool,He understands that the two people just now must have been sent by Chen Feng,But what he didn’t expect was that Tian Wa and Wu Wu would protect him in secret。This incident really made him happy,He walked over,Patted them lightly on the backs and said:“Go back to sleep!Should be fine”

A dozen?

Xia Chenglong is speechless,This thing is eaten like this?
“Just give me one pill,Don’t waste other collections!”
Business chart,Isn’t this eaten in a handful?,Not much money。
If Xia Chenglong heard this,,I’m afraid that I suddenly feel like I’m practicing so hard,Not sweet anymore。
“Quotient Chart,Are we two good friends??”
“what……Long brother,Why do you ask this?”Fat guy scratched his hair,A little embarrassed。
Seeing Xia Chenglong not talking,Talking to himself:“Not just friends,You are my respected Brother Long,Adorable master!”
“it is good,Then I want you to promise me one thing!”
“what’s up?”
“I have two moods and don’t want the third to know,May I?”
This is his trick for the final battle,It will not be used if it is not a last resort,So anyone who can know should be dead。
Chapter VIII Eight Spear Spider King

“What is there to complain about??Isn’t everyone watching like this??”

“Ugh,What should I do about this??”Many people are muttering,They have also realized that they might be planted。
But they also refused to admit defeat,Because they know they still have a chance to escape。
Just before those people get down the mountain,
If they run away,This is safe。
of course,They also have problems with the chosen route。
If it’s normal,They got this place,If you walk directly to the neighboring village,Not necessarily how many people will know the situation。
It’s just that they are all going to die,Was discovered in this place,And still have to be so provocative,If such a guy doesn’t die,No one is going to die。
Both sides are running desperately。
Those who are physically fit,That is to stand out directly,Those with poor physical strength can only watch the money fly away。
There is no way,Even report location,That is also to be accurate,When I saw someone’s back, I shouted and saw it,Who is willing to pay for this matter??
Qin Feng and Gao Yu followed slowly,Gao Yu’s breath is already something wrong,He looked at Qin Feng in disbelief and asked:“We are all so desperate,But why is your situation so good?”
Gao Yu has always been by Qin Feng’s side,But he can’t see how,Qin Feng is the one who runs with him。
“I usually exercise a lot,It’s not that I said you can also exercise properly,If you exercise a lot, you don’t need to think so much,If we haven’t exercised well, then we can continue。”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,The corners of Gao Yu’s mouth twitched a little,What are these words?
But think about it,It seems to be the same reason。
He has never exercised,Otherwise it would not be the case。
“All right,If you can’t help it,That’s also waiting in this place,I went to see first,If you are scared,That’s just a group of people following them。”

Wang Shaoxiao shrugged,Said with a smile:“Ms,You are too limited to think like this。Lu Menglin was my child,We grew up together,I know him too much,He is very thief,Never fight an unsure battle!He never lost a bet。”

“Moreover,People even bet their lives,You just paid some money,Still worried about the fart!”
After speaking,Wang Shaoxiao patted big ass and left,Twist your ass,Not take away a piece of dust。
Three days later,Lu Menglin, chairman of Menglin Group, in the name of martial arts master,Officially challenged the Ming family,Want to bet against each other,Resolve all previous grievances。
As soon as the news came out,Suddenly caused an uproar in the capital circle。
How many years it has been,The Ming family accepted the challenge last time,Still ten years ago,That old war monster has been in the capital for more than 20 years,I don’t know how much wind and rain can be kept for Ming’s family,Now someone has stepped up to challenge him,Challenge Ming?
And this time the challenger,Not an unknown person,Menglin Group is a leader in the domestic game industry
,Lu Menglin became famous as a teenager,He is a well-deserved game tycoon,Young people like him,To challenge Ming’s initiative,In the eyes of many unknown people,Isn’t this just looking for death??
The news channels of these rich family members are very well-versed,Of course some people know that Lu Menglin had an adventure,Practiced kung fu,Once showed great power on Hong Kong Island,There are also videos online as evidence。
but,Even if Lu Menglin knows martial arts,But still no one believes,He will be the opponent of Old Monster Zhan,To know,The old monster Zhan has been known as the Zhen Jingshi 20 years ago,Defeated the world master,He is a master of martial arts,And there are also the massive resources of Ming shi,This old monster will only be stronger than before。
How to see,It’s like that Lu Menglin delivers food to the door,Recklessly。
And it is said that the bet on this duel is even crazy,It’s as much as six billion dollars,So shocking,It’s hard not to be noticeable。
The weird thing is,After the Ming clan received the war book,Did not respond in time,But fell into an indescribable silence。
Ming’s hesitation,Outsiders can’t know。Ming Liu, the master of the Ming family, is as deep as the sea,His thoughts,It is not predictable by ordinary people at all。
At this delicate moment,An incredible news came back from overseas。
When the Ming’s ocean freight ships were passing through the Somali Strait,Was attacked by pirates,All the guards on the ship died in battle,Ships and cargo on board were intercepted。

A thinner young officer couldn’t help but smiled:“Don’t force it!Call it out if you want!Buddies,Your finger bones are broken!I’m puzzled,Relying on your poor strength,How can you defeat those monsters?This is unscientific!”

Hearing these Shangguans torturing Zhong Ming,Satirize Sandstorm City,The officers behind Zhong Ming are all indignant,The face is ugly,Clenched their fists one after another。
“What happened?Want to do it?You go together,It’s not Lao Tzu’s opponent!Laozi genetically modified level six,If you want to try,Come though!”The thin young man sneered。
This remark,Zhong Ming’s face suddenly changed,Cold sweat is coming out again。
One thousand two hundred and sixteen chapters Line of defense
Zhong Ming as the third adjutant,Responsible intelligence department,So he knows,One of the biggest differences between chaos circle and outer hunting circle,Is genetic modification。
Although the same human race,But the people in the chaotic circle and those outside the hunting circle,But there is a fundamental difference。In terms of overall quality,Different。
Level 6 genetic modification,Means the arrogant young man in front of you,He is even stronger than Commander Giant。
The original giant commander,It’s not just that I have received Level 5 genetic modification,And it’s still a defective product。
“okay!Xingwei,You still don’t let go?Crushed him,How do we continue the interview?”at this time,A clear voice came from the crowd。
At this moment,Zhong Ming and the officers behind only found out,Among the officials who came down from the spacecraft,There is still a girl。
Yes,Yes!Although this girl is also wearing an officer uniform,But she has a pair of beautiful eyes,Guzi face and plump chest,Among a group of night Korean officers,As outstanding as stars arched over the moon。
The young man who stretched out his hand and crushed Zhong Ming’s finger bones was named Xingwei,He seems to listen to that girl,Smile,Let go of the palm。
Zhong Ming was relieved immediately,Retract palm,Back immediately。
“Sorry,When I just came,We discussed about Sandstorm City,Some people don’t believe you can defeat those monsters,That’s why I gave it a try。”Xingwei,I didn’t feel any shame because I crushed my finger bones.,But it’s a matter of course。
Zhong Ming shook his head,Facing this circumstances,He can only choose to knock down his front teeth and swallow in his stomach,After all, I still count on these Shangguans to bring advanced weapons and equipment to Sandstorm City.!
The girl came up,Frowned:“Xingwei,You should apologize to him!You are too much!”
Talk about it,The girl took out a military pain spray from her waist,Threw it to Zhong Ming。

and so,Long Zhanye realized a little truth,One can’t be too aggressive,I always want to take everything on myself,Actually everyone has limited time and energy,It’s better to concentrate,Do one thing well。

but,This principle does not seem to apply to Lord Wu Hao,I didn’t see him not only his personal strength,The power in hand is getting bigger and bigger,And also study magic skills,It’s really rare in the past。
“Look at this situation,After this mission,Grassroots help these people,Mostly, I have to submit to Lord Wuhao。”Long Zhanye squinted,Some smiles appeared on the face。
All of these people in the Grassroots Gang have expertise,Although the force is lacking,But the effect is greater than mere force。
While everyone is cleaning the battlefield,Lu Menglin is alone,Once again came to the top of the big garbage dump at Houshanya。
This huge dump,After Lu Menglin came to this new plane,The place where I felt the mental shock for the first time。
Know the truth about a world,Or the essence,Should start from the most basic place。At least Lu Menglin thinks so。
Invade the smart panel of the pilot through the system,Lu Menglin’s understanding of this new world,It’s far more detailed than the torture from the pilot’s mouth。
Facing this unexpectedly powerful new world,he thinks,I may need more help。
Lu Menglin pondered for a moment,Take out a seed from the portable space,This is when the dragon army invaded the earth world,A seed extracted from the gene fragment of the dragon’s nest。
The shipboard system calls this seed“Lord of Destruction”,It told Lu Menglin,This is an extremely powerful war weapon,Has the power to destroy the entire world。
originally,Lu Menglin originally intended to breed the seed of the King of Destruction in the earth world,But Xiaozhi stopped him,And dispelled his idea。
One of the few in Xiaozhi about“Lord of Destruction”In the introduction,Tell Lu Menglin,The growth of this seed,At the cost of extracting the world’s original rules,The earth world is too fragile,Can not support the development of seeds。
The earth world itself belongs to the low-order energy plane,Coupled with the rapid development and war of mankind in the past century,Destruction of earth resources,If the seeds of the Lord of Destruction hatch on earth,I’m afraid it’s not enough to take the whole earth in。
Lu Menglin also thought about it,Do you want to incubate on Shenmin Continent?“Lord of Destruction”,But he always felt that it was not time,Because the energy level of Shenmin Continent is too high,And the god nation is too strong,The regime under the rule of the three gods is relatively stable,Once it appears“Lord of Destruction”Such an anomaly,I’m afraid it’s too late to grow,Will be swallowed by the army of the gods。
And the Hongliu Mansion and the City of Steel,If because“Lord of Destruction”And stand on the opposite side of the god nation,The only option is to be eliminated。