Deng Xiaoping launched a reduction of low-rise and interest rate in the anti-Japanese base

  On the eve of the Anti-Japanese War, most of the land land is concentrated in a few landlords, and the farmers are in the landlord’s rented high-grade peeling. After the explosion of the Anti-Japanese War, the Central Committee of the Communist Party first rented the raising policy in the Ruichuan Conference, as one of the basic policies of improving the people’s lives. At the beginning of the Jinyu Ruyu, it is raised the slogan of "Secondary Different Remissive" and "Seed-Trends".

However, it is not soaked that the rental raising policy is not implemented. For the importance of rented rate reduction policies, Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "The policy of renting and hitting interest rate and interest rate, and has opened up a vast road to development production.

Where the resurrection is reduced, the enthusiasm of the majority of the working people is greatly enhanced.

"In order to extensively carry out the rental and interest rate, on April 5, 1941, the Northern Bureau of the CPC Central Committee proposed" the idea of ??the current construction of the Jinyu Yuzhu ", requiring the real estate and restriction, and the rent is generally Two-five principles, down interest rates to a half-standard "."

In order to consolidate the anti-Japanese national united front, Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "In addition to the rental rate of interest, the government also stipulates that SMS must be exchanged.

In order to reduce the relationship between the local level, the unity of all levels, strengthen the unity of all walks of life, and call on all the people’s efforts to produce the savings, from the self-sufficient road to the road of feeding. "Under Direct Leadership of Deng Xiaoping, the rent-raising and interest rate of the Jinyu Luyu Anti-Japanese Base is fully spread in the border, and has achieved remarkable results, becoming the enemy’s anti-Japanese base according to the establishment of the CPC Central Removal Ren. For example, the Taiyue Zhongzi District, "I started anti-corruption struggle in May 1942, and it is transferred to the rent to rent. A total of 1500 stone in the central area, a total of 1400 stone, returned to 206 million yuan, recover 1503 mu, pick back 507 mu, extract more than 4,000 acres of mixed land, 259 to the house " In the environment and war environment, the farmers are in the most underdevelopment of society.

They must not only maintain life overhead with a very low income, but also forced to accept military spending of various military, and the exploitation of rural landlord class. Therefore, alleviating and solving farmers’ burden is the key to the heart of the people. Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "Experience proves that who cares about the people’s problems, who can help the people want to fight against the enemy, protect the people’s interests, who is the leader of the masses.

"Deng Xiaoping attaches great importance to addressing the burden of farmers in accordance with the main leadership in the anti-Japanese anti-Japanese affixing of Jinyu Luyu.

He pointed out: "In the enemy, the enemy has implemented an endless manpower, the promotion of the promotion. The people’s burden exceeds the two times to three times, food, money, and the money have to be paid in the furniture.

"Deng Xiaoping not only puts many times in some instructions, reports or articles to reduce the burden of farmers, further expounding the idea of ??reducing the burden on farmers, but also from the actual situation of the ground, actively dedication to reducing the theoretical exploration and practical innovation of farmers burden, The work is actively implemented to implement a series of policies of the CCP and the Jinyu Luyu Border Government on the mitigation of farmers’ burden. The Jinyu Luyu anti-Japanese base is in reducing the burden on the farmers, "the implementation is a lot of money, the principle of less money, It is quantified into a cooperation with the quantity, both take care of the people’s burden and take care of the needs of the war.

More importantly, it is to make the burden method suitable for the need for rewarding development. The ‘deprecated food deposit is not burden’ above, it is for this purpose: to alleviate the burden of the people. "" In the enemy district and guerrilla area, we have adopted the reducing people’s burden to the enemy, protect the people’s interests. As a starting point for all enemy spacer policies.

"It is this kind of deep understanding and cognition of farmers, with the position and concept of peasant interests, making Deng Xiaoping more attaches more attention to reducing the burden on farmers. This shows his deep sympathy and care for the people of the peasants.

  Deng Xiaoping has achieved remarkable results on reducing the implementation and practice of farmers’ burden ideas. According to Shanxi Yangcheng County Statistics: "The Republic of China) twenty-six (when the enemy is not immigrated), the average annual budes each year three-point two-point two, twenty-seven years (enemy has entered), due to the effects of improving reasonable burden, Every year, each person is twice, and even the 28th year, it is reduced to the hexagon of the six-way nine cents. "This not only guides the party and the government in accordance with the local party and the government to actively implement the practice of reducing the burden on farmers, but also solve the burden of farmers. The issue of heavy problems promoted the consolidation of the base and the development of the people’s army, won the extensive support of the general public. Actively implement a unified income tax (unified income tax is the tax system implemented by the anti-Japanese democratic government during the Anti-Japanese War period, which puts several asset taxes and income taxes on rural areas in one tax. Tax rate is divided by taxable Incumbent).

The collection of farming taxes in modern rural areas is to adopt a bilky way, and the final burden will return to the farmers. When Jin Yulu, the anti-Japanese base is initially created, the work has not entered the right track, and the work center is not enough to reduce the government’s burden policy.

Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "One of the biggest diseases in history is the village." Therefore, he leads Jin Yulu, "implementation of the county-oriented policy, stipulates that the village has no dispatched rights, reform This disease is.

  In order to reduce the burden on the peasants, restoration and development According to the economic economy, Deng Xiaoping actively supports the implementation of unified incubitation tax.

Unified income taxes are the financial tax policy of the Communist Party of China.

In July 1941, the first plenary meeting of the Provisional Senarian of the Jinci Luyu Bian District will propose a unified income tax system. In this regard, Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "The unified income taxation approach adopted by the Border Interim Sustainments will be implemented in the Taihang District this year, which is more important to take care of all the layers, the burden is expanded, fully compliant with the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China The total number of policies is 80%. After unified income tax, it can not only further lay the financial foundation, but will inevitably improve the enthusiasm of all levels.

"In February 1942, the Second Conference of the Second Meeting of the Border Area Temporary Sencil will decide on the Pilot region.

On April 25, 1943, the border governance issued the "Draft Unified Tour Tax Temporary Tax".

  The promulgation and implementation of unified incumbent taxation, with "there is money to pay, money, money less" as the basic principle, take care of the life of the poor, also take care of the interests of all other levels, reflecting reasonable spirit To alleviate the burden of farmers and ensure the stability of the financial revenue in accordance with the ground, it is conducive to stimulating the enthusiasm of the people to develop production and ease the rural class relationship.

The unified income tax has achieved a significant effect in the implementation of the Jinyu Ruyu according to the ground. According to statistics: "In 1942, the average burden (millet) is averaged, accounting for the average total revenue; in 1943, the average total income per person is 5 liters, the average burden of each person, accounting for total income %; 1944, each person averaged 2 stone, averaged average, accounting for the total income of its total income.

"(Excerpted from" Party ‘s Document ").

COMREDE XI JINPING "Insilleerden om de bouw van menselijke lote community" publiceren te bevorderen

Het wordt aanbevolen om de bouw van 5G-stationconstructie en commercieel tempo te lezen en de integratie-infrastructuurconstructie te verbeteren die wordt weergegeven door het datacenter, het intelligente computercentrum en legt een vaste fysieke basis voor de digitale en intelligente upgrades van traditionele industrie?n. 2021-11-1609: 34 In het "14e vijfjarenplan" moeten we een diep begrip hebben van het versterken van intellectuele eigendombescherming bij het bevorderen van het moderne economische systeem van de bouw, het stimuleren van innovatie, ondersteuning innovatieve nationale constructie en socialistische moderne nationale constructie. Het belang van de betekenis.

2021-11-0509: 32 Vanwege de ontwikkeling van het marxisme is het diep geworteld in de mensen. Voor de mensen, afhankelijk van de mensen, is het de theorie van de mensen, en de identiteit van het volk kan alleen zijn getransformeerd en China heeft de wereld veranderd. Menselijke geschiedenis en leg levendig het theoretische karakter van "Line" uit.

2021-10-2815: 56 Implementatie van een innovatieve rij-ontwikkelingsstrategie, het accelereren van een innovatief land, is een economisch systeem van hoge kwaliteit, een modern economy-systeem. "Innovation Drive" dieper belangrijke vraag is "Drive Innovation"? 2021-10-2609: 43 In het proces van het verplaatsen naar de tweedehonderd jaar strijd, is gemeenschappelijke rijkdom een ??belangrijke strategische doelstelling geworden voor de economische ontwikkeling van mijn land, en ecologische rijke mensen kunnen ook een enorme functie en een rol spelen.

Van 2021-10-2109: 34 Vanuit het perspectief van de bouwervaring is de kruising van slimme stedelijke constructie betrokken bij de regering om deel te nemen aan de samenleving, en het multi-hoofdlichaam, gediversifieerde modeltransformatie van gezamenlijke bouwoperaties " Leidraad + Markt Lood + Public Participatie "Het waarde-model is de moeite waard om te verwijzen. 2021-10-1909: 26 Toekomst in de centrale stad en de omliggende stedelijke cirkels, zal de bevolking blijven groeien. En in de omtrek van de centrale stad zal de bevolking verschijnen. Om aan de trend van re-lay-out te voldoen, zijn deze populatie, het stedelijke en landelijke en regionale ontwikkelingsbeleid vereist om differentiatie uit te voeren.

2021-10-1514: 04 Digitale beschavingconstructie is een systematisch project, dat meerdere-niveau-inhoud van economische, politieke, culturele, mentale, omgeving, en continue optimalisatie van sociale relaties van sociale digitale, een ordentelijke, effici?nte ontwikkeling van alle aspecten zal zijn. Maak handige omstandigheden. 2021-10-1310: 00 Nationale dag, Meng Liangzhou wordt geretourneerd. Na het ervaren van stormen, bedankte ze de bevolking van het moederland. Ze kreeg diep een sterk moederland. Toen ze het vliegtuig liep, zei ze dat mensen een goede zin hadden: "Er is een rode vlag van vijf sterren is een trouwe vuurtoren. " 2021-10-0909: 24 China gebruikt 9% van gecultiveerd land in de wereld, goed voor bijna 20% van de wereld, en neemt actief deel aan de wereldwijde eliminatie van honger- en voedselhandel, lost niet alleen het voedselprobleem van meer dan niet op 1,4 miljard mensen, maar ook voor de World Food Security maakte een prominente bijdrage.

2021-10-0409: 07 Bevordering van de constructie van het Yellow River National Cultural Park is een strategische startpersoon, taak, systematisch en sterk systeem, en moet goed worden gepland en moeten goed worden gepland.

2021-10-0209: 07 Bekijk het historische proces van hervorming en het openen gedurende meer dan 40 jaar, de Chinese communistische partij heeft altijd in staat geweest om de crisis te draaien als de overdracht en de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit te bevorderen en rijk en waardevol zijn geaccumuleerd Historische ervaring in dit praktijkproces. 2021-09-2614: 57 De American Democratische "transformatie" van de Verenigde Staten voor 20 jaar Afghanistan is slechts een farce van de Amerikaanse zelfgestuurde, "Kabul Time" opnieuw gaf de VS "Universal Value" Pseudo-masker opnieuw op. 2021-09-1509: 18 "Actief uitvoeren, doen niet Wensen", bevorderen de gemeenschappelijke welvaart van meer dan 14 miljard mensen, "China’s regels" -praktijken is het krachtige vertrouwen en de kracht van de wereldvrede en de ontwikkeling, volledig weerspiegelt een Verantwoordelijkheid en verantwoordelijkheid van het grote land zou moeten zijn. 2021-08-3110: 05 China is momenteel overtuigd van de belangrijkste knooppunten van de tweede moderne transformatie in het eerste moderniseringsproces, het is noodzakelijk om te leren van de geavanceerde ervaring van de eerste moderne overgang van ontwikkelde landen en de eerste keer voor de eerste keer. NIEUW Situatie van de tweede moderne transformatie.

2021-08-1614: 42 Governance Corruptie, hechten aan het Partij- en Nationaal Supervisiesysteem, moeten zich houden aan accurate metei, door continu verdieping van hervorming en zuivering politieke ecologie, de macro-politieke kosten van corruptie herstellen, en de "toxines" ge?nduceerde corruptie . 2021-08-1014: 58 In de huidige situatie van de economische financiering van China moet het juridische toezichtsysteem en de industrie-begeleidingsmechanisme van zelfmedia zo snel mogelijk worden verbeterd en het verwachte beheer strekt zich actief uit tot het mediaplatform om het effectief te handhaven markt. Sex en stabiliteit.

2021-07-3116: 13 Volledig implementeren van de diepte, breedte, breedte en moeilijkheid van plattelandsrevitalisatiestrategie, is ondraaglijk en de kruising van de landelijke revitalisering, "Drie landelijk" werk moet het volledige probleem opgelost worden.

2021-07-3009: 45 Of het nu gaat om een ??centrale regio of grote strategie?n in belangrijke regio’s, het is niet mogelijk om stevig zelfzitje te zijn, en moet zich verder houden aan het concept "integratie" op basis van "knuffelen" en zich uitstrekt de interne voordelige industrie en elementen. Aan andere regio’s, voortdurend de samenwerking tussen verschillende stedelijke groepen versterken. 2021-07-2711: 05 Wetenschaps- en technologie-innovatie is de systeemtechniek. Mensen zijn de belangrijkste variabelen. Zolang mensen een goede rol spelen, zullen we de puls van innovatie begrijpen en hebben we ons land beter en een snellere ontwikkeling gepromoveerd . Maximale stroombron. .

14 specifieke maatregelen ter bevordering van de ontwikkeling van bedrijfsdistricten

People’s Network Beijing 26 februari (Dong Zairui) Leerde van het Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce dat om een ??groep internationale invloedsgebaseerde consumentenorganisatie te bouwen, 10 afdelingen, waaronder het Municipal Finance Bureau en Municipal Public Security Bureau uitgegeven "" Enkele maatregelen Om de ontwikkeling van bedrijfsdistricten verder te bevorderen "het specifieke initiatief van ontwikkeling, van de twee uiteinden van de vraag en de vraag, internationale, kwaliteit en handige zakenwijk bouwen. De inspecteur van de tweede level van het Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduceerde dat in termen van het managementsysteem en het operationele mechanisme van innovatie-districten, Peking de lokale overheid, de straat- en eigendomsrechten-eenheden zal aanmoedigen om het Governance-model te innoveren, multi -Party Co-Construction Mechanisme, promoten "Multi-party co-management, de Wangjing Small Street Management-modus van Industry Autonomy, die de rand van taken kleut en speelt het vermogen van de autonomie van de Block Merchant-industrie.

Het is de moeite waard om te vermelden dat de maatregelen ook een uitgebreide wetshandhavingspiloot van de "stripcombinatie" in belangrijke bedrijfsdistricten hebben voorgesteld.

Inleiding, het straatkantoor van het zakelijke district (Township Government) wordt geco?rdineerd met openbare veiligheid, brand, markttoezicht, noodbeheer en andere afdelingen, volgens normen, procedures, tijdslimieten, enz. Vereist door wetten en voorschriften en het vermijden van uitgebreide Wethandhavingstoezicht, het vermijden van problemen zijn er problemen zoals conflicten tussen dezelfde belangrijke beleidsnormen, het niveau van governance verbeteren en de zakelijke omgeving optimaliseren.

De maatregelen zijn ook duidelijk. Voor de ouderwetse ondernemingen die het land en Beijing worden vastgesteld, kan het naast het instellen van het winkeluithangbord de traditionele plaquette en condenses worden opgezet die de historische cultuur weerspiegelen. De opgeslagen winkels kunnen worden gebruikt langs de Unified Brand Design Style, Hue Setting Store-uithangborden, verbeteren Commercial Consumption Sfeer en Business District Aantrekkelijk.

Bovendien, het aanmoedigen van gemeentelijke belangrijke zakelijke districten zoals Xidan, Wangfujing, CBD, weekend, feestdagen, belangrijke evenementen, enz., Die de bedrijfstijd uitstrekken, het thema vasthouden om consumptieactiviteiten te bevorderen. Tegelijkertijd hebben de regeringen van elk geslacht ontwikkeld en ontwikkelen uitgebreide wetshandhaving, servicegarantie en helpen herhaling van ori?ntatiepunten.

In ondersteuning Zakelijke districten, Winkel Mall Transformation, Peking geeft volledig spel aan commerci?le circulatie-ontwikkelingsfondsen om de "Internet + -circulatie" innovatie-demonstratieproject te begeleiden, nieuwe retail, intelligent consumentenervaringcentrum of ervaringswinkels in de ontwikkelingslijn aan te moedigen, Bevordering van wetenschap en technologie Empower Digital Business District.

Moedig tegelijkertijd het zakelijke district aan om de eerste winkel te openen, de eerste winkel uit te voeren, en de eerste winkel en startactiviteiten, ondersteuning van de zakelijke cirkel om het hoofdgedeelte van de hoogwaardige markt in overeenstemming met de huidige eerste te introduceren Bewaar beleid.

Het zal ook de bouw van traditionele winkelcentra ondersteunen in het belangrijkste zakelijke district, de bouw van ondersteunende faciliteiten en digitale renovatieconstructie, inclusief aankoop van apparatuur, uitrusting en water en elektrische warmte.

(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Chen Pis’s new drama "The Dream" Shanghai premiere, the ancestors of the three generations of comedies across time and space "same"

Original title: This drama laughed with laughter and laughing Chen Pez, who was originally in Beijing, was called on November 18, opened in Shanghai, and opened the scene of Shanghai International Compeus Festival.

Thousands of the first batch of audiences and Chen Pez have spent two and a half hours, but not only "baggage", there is still a laugh, but also a deep depth of human nature, the story of tragic and intertwined makes many audience smile I have tears.

  Previously, Chen Pus, Yang Li Xin starred in the drama "Theater" is popular, and hundreds of games have been tour at home and abroad for several years. This time, Chen Pus once again joined his "Play" screenwriter, hoping to bring a new work, bringing a different watching experience of the audience.

Compared with the "stage", "Amazing Dream" is no longer a comedy story in accordance with the comedy structure, but a sad intertwined work. The name "surprise dream" is decking in the famous Kunqu "Garden Shat Dream", the drama tells the strategies that Kunqu playing class and Spring Society have decided in the decision of China’s destiny, it is unexpectedly involved in the strategies of the two sides. Does not cooperate with both parties to carry out the story of the art. Kunqu "The Garden Afall Dream" is a consistent playing, and once the performance of the stage, once the performance of the stage, there is also the angle force of the two sides of the battle. The drama band is accompanied by the Sanzi, and the songs and plots are almost perfect, even more accurate than white more accurately, the situation and the mood of the figure.

In the drama, the softness of the softness of Kunqu art and the brutal formation of strong contrast, highlighting the theme, the integration of Kunqu and drama, and more skilled with the "stage". In another stage of play, "White Hair" performance, the appearance of "Chen Qiang" this name has triggered the full thunderous applause. Chen Pus’s father Chen Qiang, once in the opera "white hair girl" in Lu Yicheng, I almost smashed the "gun" of the next small warrior.

This time, Chen Pus not only restored this real historical incident, but also paid tribute to his father by "Huang Shiren" personally interpreted. Chen Dai also contributed a wonderful performance in "Afall Dream", making the ancestors across time and space in the same piece of work, which has both stage, and a time memory, can’t be said to be a stage. . For this creation, Chen Pus said that he likes this story very much, so it is not what you want to do in the creation, but according to the structure of this work, it is tailored to it. "I have always pursued things in the past. , Familiar sets, I have given up.

This work, I don’t transform it, I let him transform me, I will wish.

"Today, Chen Pez after being" transformed "does bring to the different sides of the audience.

He still played the master of the course class in this play, but this and the Spring Society "Tong Class" and the five celebration "Hou Class" have a lot of differences, it has become a big elder who is moving "on the guy" .

Chen Pus used the language change, and the operation of the action was once again successfully explained a new role.

The first time and the father of the same stage, the performance of this time is also a sharp point. He played the landlord’s "stupid son" from the entire plot, every time you trigger the audience.

  The famous actor guides Liu Tianchi to return to the stage aquary at 20 years. This time I played a couple in the play with Chen Pez, playing the treasure cabinet, and a piece of hand is full.

In the drama, the Communist Party Command’s Wusi and the Kuomintang Commander’s wits, although the drama is not much, but each has a wonderful.

In addition, the role of "Hong Xiaocong" "Feng Xiaoyong", "Feng Xiaoyong", "Sixth Taiyu", "The Guard", "Sixth Tai Shuai" "Guardian", "Guardian", "Guardian" "Guardian", also brought a surprise for the audience.

  After the premiere of Shanghai from November 18th to 21st, "the Dream" will also conduct a national tour. (Beijing Daily Reporter Niu Chunmei) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

Participation 19th episode "Dongdu Yellow River"

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, use the times with the era of the vocabulary, under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, Culture and Tourism Art Division, People’s Network, People’s Oriental Publishing Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced a hundred collection of short video programs History Times – Party History in Art Works.

From "Shenghang" "New China Birth" to "Chunchao" "Boiling China", the program took more than 100 historical representative excellent artworks, using the beauty of the art, the spirit of the song.

Among them, this short video "Dongdu Yellow River" introduced the famous artist Gaoquan creation works.

This work focuses on the way, focusing on the main generals of leading the Eighth Route Army Dongdu Yellow River, shaping their spiritual looks to the nation. Yin Shuangxi, a professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts: "These characters are like sculptures, and the entire picture is thick and stable, giving a high degree of confidence.

"光辉 历 时 时 画 – Party history in art works.

China Tea Shares issued a prospectus, can it become a "tea first share"?

According to the prospectus, China Tea Shares plans to open the stock of no more than 93.75 million shares, and the funds raised in two projects.

First, invest hundreds of millions of Pu’er tea production capacity construction projects, use 2 years of transformation and new Yunnan Fengqing Factory. After the project is completed, it is expected to achieve 3,000 tons / year, and the small packaging Pu’er taking tea processing capacity is 500 tons / year, and the anti-black tea processing capacity is 250 tons / year. The second is to invest hundreds of dollars for marketing networks and brand building projects.

China Tea Co., Ltd. has a new 50 marketing outlets in large and medium-sized cities in the country in three years. The single store is about 200 square meters. Among them, the construction of the project accounts for the project cost, and the promotion cost is%. In response to the above fundraising plan, July 6, the food industry analyst Zhu Danchong said in an interview with the Beijing News reporter that the focus of Pu’er is because Pu’er is not only a space appreciated, and the application is also wider, and the Chinese tea is adapted to Chinese tea. The trend of development also matches the core needs and demands of the consumer side; on the other hand, the new marketing network is actually the construction of the flagship store. It is a place to establish viscosity with fans. Any brand must have experience. Experience can attract fans to purchase goods.

The Beijing News reporter noted that the prospectus also showed that in the future, China Tea Shares will take Pu’er tea and green tea as the main growth point, further improve the layout of the category, and improve the company’s comprehensive competitiveness. In addition, the present invention revealed the risk of "stock fresses" in the tea industry.

From 2017 to 2019, the book value of China Tea Shares is 100 million yuan, hundreds of millions of yuan, accounting for the proportion of total assets,%,%, and%. China Tea Shares said in the prospectus. If the market demand in the future, it may result in a decrease in the net value of inventory, which will face the risk of inventory depreciation, thus adversely affecting business performance. How old is a lot of tea in the market? The present invention has been disclosed. Since 2009, the growth rate of global tea production has slowed, but the overall growth is still growing.

According to the statistics of China Tea Circulation Association, in 2019, domestic tea annual consumption reached 10,000 tons, an increase of 10,000 tons in the previous year, an increase of%; domestic market sales reached 100 million yuan, an increase%. According to the "China Tea Industry" 13th "Development Plan"

However, the current concentration of tea industry in my country is low, and the number of companies is more dispersed. Small and medium-sized and private companies are dominated, and there are fewer brands enterprises with planting, processing, and sales of all-production industry. According to China Tea Enterprise Development Report, 2017 my country Tea Enterprise Development is about 60,000, including more than 1,87 enterprises in large-scale enterprises, 67 companies. The total assets of the enterprise exceed 10 billion yuan.

The Beijing News reporter noted that the level of capitalization of tea industry is still low, and the listed company in the tea industry is currently only Hong Kong stocks – Tianfu (Cai Man) Holdings Co., Ltd. (ie Tianfu Tea), as of 7 On the 7th of the month, its market value was close to HK $ 6 billion.

It is worth noting that China Tea Shares announced on the same day, the ancient tea also disclosed the prospectus, intended to be listed in the small and medium-sized board, and the plan was issued no more than 20 million shares, and raised raised billions of dollars for marketing network construction. Pu’er tea technology and warehousing center construction and other projects. The Beijing News reporter noted that 6 tea companies, Huaxiang Court, Anxi Tieguanyin, Baima Tea Industry, Xie Yu, Colorful Yunnan, except for the incomplete statistics, Huaxiang Court, Xie Yu, colorful Yunnan and other six tea companies have tried Log in to A shares, want to fight A shares "The First Shares of Tea". Among them, the eight-horse tea industry, the colorful Yunnan, and the ancient tea and Chinese tea have launched the listing counseling procedures from 2019. From the current registered capital, China Tea Shares ranked first, far more than the other 7 tea companies. With the continuous rise of the new generation of tea such as tea, Xi Tea, Naixue, the current competition in the tea industry has entered the stage of branding, scale, specialization, standardization. "Zhu Danong believes that as a old tea Enterprise, China Tea Shares also blew the horn of the old tea enterprises.

Today, the entire tea industry is in the stage of innovation and upgrading. If China Tea Shares do not keep up with the industry, it may come back to new generation brands.

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Samsung Electronic Li is investigated by the prosecution of the suspected illegal injection anesthetic

  People’s Network News According to South Korea, MBC TV is reported on March 10, Li Li, deputy president of Samsung, is suspected of impressing propofol frequently. In South Korea, propofol is a mental anesthetic drug defining use. According to the report, the Korean prosecution is investigating in the abundance of Li. At the same time, the police mastered Li’s monitoring video evidence in a hospital. After the police survey, the dean offended that Li was in the fact that Li was visiting the hospital, and the male in the surveillance video was Li in. It is reported that Li is using a fake name "Zhang Boss" to the hospital injecting propofol. The dean said the day of the boss, will arrange all employees to get off work in advance, serving it alone. On the other hand, Li’s lawyer denied the suspicion of the allegations during an interview with the MBC TV. (Kang Yubin Shen Yuhuan) →→ (Editor: Shen Yuhuan, Zhou Yulao).

The sexual assault children’s scandal is constant, called "Sex is looking for God’s way" … revealing the madness of the heart of the heart of the heart, the "God of God" [the shape of the American cult series

Jones wrote in the book: sex in "The Son of God", the so-called Holy Spirit is a full, sexy, good goddess, wearing a heart-shaped bikini.

Sexuality is our service of God, refusal to represent stubborn and selfish. The head of David Berg has always stressed: "Sex is sacred and natural. If we are in a small time, it will introduce it to the children, they will not feel tired of it.

"It is precisely because of this argument of David Berg, members of the" God "have repeatedly extended the claws of minors.

On July 15, 2020, according to the British "Mirror" report, after 5 years of investigation and evidence, a "God of God" is finally rope. ▲ "Mirror" originally reported that the title is "five years after the police investigation, the distortion" God of God "is arrested" The member is called David Lincoln, 1989-1991 is the cult "God’s son "During the missionary, two girls were raped in Scotland.

In 2014, the police launched a survey of Lincoln, but because of the long history, there was a lack of evidence until last year’s cases have broken. The Scottish Police Spokesman Wilson said: "Usually these people (refer to the ‘member of God’ s) does not use their true name, and the victim is still a child, they often transfer them everywhere in the dark, in the wilderness, Without landmarks and any buildings, they can’t identify them, we need to find witnesses around the world.

"According to reports, one of the girls who are raped by Lincoln are named Harper. She said that she was only 11 years old when she was violently violent by Lincoln. Later, with her age, this atrocities occurred every day, afterwards Lincoln Will say "thank you" with her.

Another girl who was raped by Lincoln was only 9 years old.

Lincoln’s work is an emblem. But more terrible is that such incidents are not rare in "the child of God."

This notorious cult or even encourages the relationship between the believers and children, claiming that "sex is a way to find God", and sexual assault children are "showing the love and compassion of God."

▲ The propaganda page of "God", "The Son of God" originated in the 1960s, the establisher David Berg is just leading a group of young hippies to promote simple life and do good deeds.

Later, in order to attract more people, Berg began to walk on the path of cult.

▲ "God’s Sub" member activity Licensing "Guardian" reported that Berg left a long white carrier, regard himself as the last one before the end of the world.

He asked members to work, and they can’t send their children to go to school, but should live together in a large commune, waiting for God’s coming.

Followers also need to donate all the property, because David Berg said, the end is coming, God will pick them, they don’t need money, and no need to pension.

▲ David Berg then, Berg announced another provision: female believers should have sex with men, and they can’t refuse, even married people should be obedient, because this is one of the ways of mission, yes " God’s love "is widely spread as much as possible.

They can’t contraception, and these female believers have children, the children are the next generation of missionary tools.

By the 1970s, "the son of God" has 130 communities worldwide, about 10,000 "full-time" believers.

▲ "The Submour of God" is prepared in a room in Texas, USA: The United States of America French "Jiaren" magazine reported the story of Rossi Mike Gann, she is in the "God of God". Child.

Her earliest memory is 4 years old. She is very surprised when she looks at the window outside the window. She is very surprised because she can only leave the "God’s Son" community – or in adults food.

After gradually growing up, Rossi always moved, the living environment and neighbors have been changing. The only constant, it is a strict life regulation: can’t make a sound when sleeping, can’t stain the bed, can’t smile at will, can not be allowed Everything will be beaten once it is violated, and the adults also tell her that you are because I love you.

▲ Rosi Mike Gaoyan Source: "Jiaren" Rossi believes that his childhood is a day day.

They are not allowed to live with their parents, but all children live together.

Wake up in the morning, then pray, then under the leadership of an adult, these children will go to the community to go to the home. In the afternoon, it is physical exercise. As the "God’s army", they must practice good physical fitness.

There is no warm sleep in the evening, but a terrible training, the adults tell them how the world will be ended, and those betrayers will be fired, and the children are in this fear every day.

▲ Berg and the children born in the cult organization of the "God" cult organizations in Rossi ("God’s son" children can’t celebrate the birthday, so many people don’t know their exact age), "the child of God" New regulations – "Fishing". It means that female believers must go out and have a relationship between men, so that more men attract more men. The children are still unsaused, and the adult will teach them to bed skills. At the age of 12, Rossi was sent to the Philippines. One and a half years, she never got out of the community door, nor did she know where her mother is.

From time to time, hungry, beat and even invade, let her think that the world should be this.

▲ "The Son of God" arrived until Rossi’s 19 years old, she met a boys when they went out, and the boys came up with Rossi to take the initiative to leave "God", but Rossi did not dare, she had a life to the outside world. The feeling of fear, she doesn’t know what the world is outside. Until the year, the boys successfully invited Rossi to eat from their homes.

At home, Rossi saw that their family sat together and hugged, she felt very scared, waiting for the people who laughed were beaten, but no matter did not happen.

Finally, 6 months later, Rossi left the "God of God." Today, she is 43 years old, lives with happiness, but the experience of childhood is often awakened in the dream. However, Rossi is still fortunate, she fled the place, and there are still many children in the "God of God".

▲ Children who grew up in "The Son of God" show the adult believer. Source: British "Sun News" According to the British "Sun Daily" report, Ricki Rodriggz was born in 1975, he is a child of Berg, and it is also growing in the "child of God". Believers will play sex in his face, teach him to touch the body of nanny, and even have sex with him. Berg also printed these photos in the books you wrote, the title is "how to raise children." ▲ Berg and Ricki Rodrigs. Source: The British "Sun Daily" grew up in the cult tissue. At the age of 29, he moved to Arizona, USA, is said to be because he heard that the mother has lived here, but he did not find her drop.

One year later, he stabbed his own apartment once in a child, and then drove his door and pulled himself. ▲ Rick Rodriguez after growing up.

Source: British "Sun Daily" until 1993, the "Submit of God" has finally aroused the attention of the International Intercourse, and they began to investigate for Berg’s actions.

The US Federal Investigation Bureau also followed, and Berg fled Portugal and died after a year. ▲ David Berge Source: British "Sun Daily" However, the crime committed by Berg will not disappear because of his death.

Tens of thousands of members are therefore rid of the control of the "God of God", but how to reintegrate into society is the new problem they face.

"We have more free to think about things, even ask questions, but I didn’t leave the church immediately, abandon God, I have a" Bible "from the beginning to the end, I want to seek God’s will." A child of "God" The middle and long members said, "Do you really don’t make anything for decades? I should leave?" In addition to teaching, they don’t have any work skills, and I can’t find a job. One member is now The job is to make a balloon and give the children to earn tips. The cult psychologist Ma Lin Wener said that the former members of cults and extreme spiritual groups take long to adapt to reality. They have to make a big effort to adapt to real life we ??believe that Siki is used. Many things in our seemingly granted are not understanding, and they still need to re-establish identity, for example, if I am not the believer’s believers, who I am? There is no disappearance, in addition to the psychological impact of the former members, there are also those who make people feel.

Over the years, the police all over the world have not stopped the investigation and evidence of the cult "God of God".

Scottish police spokesperson said: "We encourage people who have been invaded and abused with the police, no matter who occurs, no matter where they happen, whenever they happen.

"And the previous" God of God ", the" God of God ", after five years of difficult investigation and evidence, finally was taken by the rope.

Perhaps for those who suffer from cult fraud and infringement, only those who have had to be punished, is the best comfort to them! .

The man attempts to travel to the Russia to travel to the Heilongjiang border police to send its origin.

  Mudanjiang November 12 (Li Shuming reporter Jiang Hui) On the 12th, Heilongjiang entry and exit border inspection terminal peony river border management detachment released news, Jiangsu people, Wu Mou, in front of Heilongjiang Province, Suifenhe City, the country, attempted to steal the country (side) to Russia Tourism, being intercepted by the police. After confirming the nucleic acid test results, the police coordinate the local civil affairs department of Jiangsu to send Wu to his original.

  On the 9th, the Mudan River Border Management Detachment Suifen River Brigade No. 1 post office police officers said that a sub-prostinal along the frontier of the border.

The police immediately rushed to the scene to block the man on the spot. In the scene, the police found that their words and poles were suspected, and they were suspected, and there was an attempt to steal the country (while), and they were handed over to the urban border police station.

  According to the police, the man is in the Jiangsu Mon, and the city is going to the Suifenhe City to prepare to travel to Russia. Due to the closure of the port, there is a police officer along the border, and there is a police officer in the duty card, and I’m trying to go to the border. Walk to the mountain. Russia.

After confirming that the nucleic acid test results are negative, on the 11th, Wu is accompanying the road to returning to the countryside in the Civil Affairs Department of Suifenhe City and the urban border police station.

  Since the beginning of this year, the Mudanjiang border management detachment has closely focused on preventing the crossed hunting, the foreign personnel, the strike smuggling, sneak evil, and the density of the dense road, the road and key parts wondered the duty card point, launching the border mass setting in front of the border Point, flowing whistle, accumulated 10 16 people in violation of the administrative case, 3 illegal hunting cases, 38 people in smuggling cases, 16 people who have blocked themselves.


Party Secretary of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, PANG Pan Pan Gongsheng participated in the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Party Branch

  Recently, Pan Dynasty, Party Secretary and Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, participated in the topic of the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Party Branch of the Community Party Branch. At the meeting, Comrade Pan Meng won the theme, and he was in detail to learn from the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the "July 1" Important Speech and the Physical Education of the Party History. PANG Sheng pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping was an important speech at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It was a high degree of development and strategy global, and fully reviewed the glorious process of our party’s 100-year struggle. He highly praised the party group to lead the people. Great achievements, enhanced the spirit of great Justice party, the system summed up the history of "nine must", which is the future "nine must", is a programs of Marxism, and the Chinese Communists do not forget the initiating, keep in mind the mission of the political declaration. In order to promote the forward direction in the new journey, the development direction is specified, and fundamentally follows. PANG Sheng, talked about the personal sentiment on the study of party history. Our party’s 100-year history shows that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the choice of history, the choice of the people is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is the biggest advantage of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. Our party has always practiced the initial mission. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China A comprehensive offensive battle, open a new journey that is moving towards the common prosperity. In the past few years, our party has continued to improve the risk of responding, greet challenges, and the level of challenges, and the party’s 19th National Congress of the Party puts the major risks as one of the three major attacks. In the past few years, under the strong leadership of the party Central, prevent the resolution of major financial risk attacks Obtain important phased results.

All party members and cadres of the foreign exchange bureau should adhere to the guidance of the socialist socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, resolutely implement the party’s central, State Council decision-making deployment, further enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", and "two maintenance " The institutional mechanism promotes the high quality development of foreign exchange management. Pan Gain emphasized that all Party members and cadres of the Comprehensive Division should strengthen the awareness of political organs, study in-depth study and implement the spirit of the "July 1" of General Secretary Xi Jinping, deepen the education and education of party history, and adhere to the work of learning and education, and transform learning results into work Power and work results, better learn party history, understand ideology, do practical things, open a new bureau.

(Contributed: National Foreign Exchange Administration) (Editor: Prince Front, Wang Weiyuan).