“this is,Artifact for soul defense?”Cecilia surprised:“Ok,Doesn’t feel as good as the one above,But there is no gap,This should be precious?!”

“Ok,This is my reward for breaking through the 16th floor of the cemetery of the gods,But it’s right for you,I don’t need it anyway。”correct,Why don’t you take it back and refine it?。
Wright is not hypocritical,Directly accepted,These artifacts cannot be left unused。
Two people flying all the way,Extremely fast。
Soon,The two returned to the area of the Puang Empire。
However, the closer to the imperial capital,The faces of the two became more and more gloomy。The Puang Empire was more prosperous than 20 years ago。But now they look down from the sky,But it looks like a bad name。A large number of people carrying packages on the road,Pale yellow,There are even a large number of dead bodies lying down on the road。
Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,I have a worried look in my eyes。
Wright is full of consciousness,With his soul power stronger than the upper gods,Under the weak bondage of the material plane,You can easily scan a range of thousands of miles。
moment,Wright was shocked,Not just in the one he can see,Even within the scope of his spiritual consciousness,About one-fifth of the area of the entire Magnolia continent,Wherever humans live,There are large numbers of refugees。
This is nothing but,The Poon Empire on the west side of the Warcraft Mountains,Fleeing from north to south,The refugees from the Magnolia Empire on the east side fled from south to north.。
“Catherine,Have you noticed the situation on the mainland??!”Wright’s soul power swept through,Talk directly with the high priest within the scope of the divine consciousness。
“Are you talking about the refugee wave,I have found,I am now summoning the disciples,understand situation!”
“I will go to the Temple of War later?!”

If the sword is sweet than Dade,Thank you for your life.,Understanding the chance of the Sword。Liao Wenjie can only say,The leeks in the vegetable garden are fine.,Actually I think I am a person。

As for the swordsman,What should he do if he and the world?……
Liao Wenjie said that the problem is not big,Heroic。
Swordsman,A old face is like a cold ice,Basically, a white beard facial paralysis,Excellent acting skills with good endage,Playing a sword。
World meeting。
On the shoulder youth,Under the list of strong mountains,Layout,Coordinated by the Dudity。
Biller returned with Nie Feng,Overlooking the army,The more I want to think that the second half of the born is very bad.。
“Where is the cloud?,Let him see me。”
He said that the clouds have brought back their own head.,Biller’s heart slightly,I know that the tempo wisdom will be poisoned,Not a positive hard,This only returned the heart.。
I’m talking about my mouth.,Be more dismissed,In fact, who is believed,Everyone is more tangent。
The command of the domain is conveyed,But I can’t notify the clouds,No one knows where he is,In addition to the hell of love,Because the cloud is shocked at this time。
Kongci as a hetege,Self-small and frost、wind、Yun San Brothers,Brothers have a unique clock,She didn’t let three brothers disappointed,Some of them have a special for them.。
If it is secluded,Don’t choose one,Kongcissile selection Qin Shuang。
Take him out and have a unique list,Then and the steps、Nie Feng continues to maintain a couple of love。
can only say,It is a big daughter,The ambition is a mold that is engraved.,Bay borrowed from Feng Yunhua Long,She also wants to have the wind on the sky。
As for the relationship between Kongci and Stepsy, a major breakthrough,Subvert the three-legged three prior,Expand of non-post-palace novels,Abandoned,It is the first hand of the cloud。
Being sent to the Double City to perform the task,There is not many steps in the clouds.,He knows that he is far from the opponent unique.,I am afraid of this fierce,Then, on the front of the previous night, to the eye-catching。
Well-known,Stepping is a small face,Three sticks can’t play a fart type,Even if it is a confession, there is not much sweet words.。
That night,Single knife direct,Nothing。
Kongci looks in the lover,Only fear that Nie Feng in the other half is jealous,Half of time, is he。
Stepping and returning to the world,Although only half of the task is completed,Did not bring back unparalleled swords,But my heart is concerned with Kongci,I don’t care how to punish it at all.,Take out these days,Every night is within the Parents of Kongci。
Feiyun Tangtang is the master of martial arts,Loen the world,It is also very light work.,I have never missed the wall for a few nights.。
When the soldiers convey orders,Nobody thinks that the cloud is being hurting and,So when he saw the clouds,Distance to the command has passed a time。
study,Biller, slap in the table,Anger:“what happened,Where is your people?,Why do you not find your trace for a long time??”
Stepping cloud single knee,No sadness on the face,May be the sage time,Easy from the past,today’s‘Don’t cry’More staying peaceful。
Know all,This is a man who is dry and dry.,The expression will be revealed。
Steps and love,For her to give up everything,Love house and black,Less than three points in the face。
Biller is frightened by a weird eye to see creepy,Faint feel that there is no wonderful,Suddenly recall the second half of the born,In the eyes of murder。
not good,This people want to rebel!
If you say that the Billets of the House Heart, Nie Feng is disdainful and contempt.,Striving is another attitude。
Ten years ago,When he received a shocking cloud,The latter captured the motility,There is a revenge for the father.。so,Although there is a step of surprise the rules for decade,Ren Diaforepass, there is no complaint,Billets have never put down。
The more you look at the cloud,Better is more,This is the heart、Depth,Can you bear to bear,Johnson’s martial arts,He must be a big disaster。

of course,This standard is not absolute,There are only three heads in the old devil’s own body,And in its memory,The big boss of the battle of the devil also only has three heads,But he is the number one magical power in the demon world。

But Zhang Zhiqiang’s extraordinaryness is obvious,Six heads not only represent the speed of cultivation,Supernatural combat skills emerge endlessly,And the life-saving methods are extraordinary,One head for one life,Take advantage in future battles of the same realm。Develop accordingly,After Zhang Zhiqiang’s first level of magic is completed, he has achieved a small success,Even in the demon world can run rampant,Endless potential。
Zhang Zhiqiang suddenly got up,An somersault jumped onto a huge rock,Although I broke an arm,But the whole person’s mental state and momentum are much stronger than before。
“he came。”Zhang Zhiqiang looked up at the sky,Seems to be sniffing something。
“Not bad!How are you?”The old demon also sensed that Li Tianzhi who was always chasing behind him,After the previous battle,It also understands,This person should be the clone who captured it,It’s just that the situation was very critical,It has no time to take care of,I will take back the clone this time。
“Divide fast!”Zhang Zhiqiang,Turned around and jumped from the huge rock to another higher huge rock,Doesn’t seem to be ready to hit the head,I didn’t mean to ambush a sneak attack。
The old devil snorted in his heart,It is still very afraid of Li Tianzhi’s blasting sword,The brilliance that destroys everything will never be forgotten by the old demon,But it didn’t interrupt,Because it understands that Zhang Zhiqiang wants to kill opponents cleanly and frontally,Under the skyrocketing strength,Confidence is bound to burst,In the demon world where the strong respect,This mentality couldn’t be more normal,Nothing wrong。
In fact, the old demon has already raised his jealous and fearful heart towards Zhang Zhiqiang,The worst plan is when Zhang Zhiqiang’s body is destroyed by the Thunder Blade,It will wait for the opportunity to cast spells to stun its blood to escape,Alpine jungle,It’s night again,The odds of escape should be more than 60%。
Besides, there are meeting gifts all the way to that boy。
Li Tianzhen runs incredibly fast,I bypassed a dangerous peak in the blink of an eye,He finds that running comfortably can excite himself,It can also resonate with the ball of light in the pubic field,Not only does not consume much energy,It also contributes to the growth of vitality,It’s not much worse than meditation,If the spirit can support,He likes to keep running like this。
No major abnormalities on the way,But was attacked by two beasts,A clouded leopard in the mountains,Jump out of the bushes on the trail,Fast action、Very suddenly,Li Tianzhen rolled on the spot while avoiding the attack,The wooden spear in his hand pierced like lightning,Pierced directly through Yun Leopard’s abdomen,After this thing fell to the ground, it didn’t struggle much and didn’t move.。
Later, I met a mountain wolf,The skinny appearance did not pose much threat to Li Tianzhi,But Li Tianzhen suddenly stopped,Staring at the corpse of the mountain wolf for a long time without speaking。
“‘Big earthworm’what have you found?”Li Tianzhen suddenly faced someone who was shining in his pocket‘Big earthworm’Ask。
“Little Fairy Wisdom,This thing and the leopard just now were dead before they attacked,Uh……In other words, the souls of these two little beasts were taken away long ago。”
“Now that I know,Why don’t you remind me?!”

“They can have achieved first-class merit many times before,Meritorious awards are not once or twice,Very rich combat experience。”

“You really picked up a big leak this time,”Gong Gong Jian continued。
“But then again,Actually they followed you,This is a good way out,Stay in this place,Will only limit their development。”
Qin Hao didn’t know how big a thing they committed,Just let them fall from the top of the cloud。
“They were also members of the iron and blood blade before,”Gong Gong Jian said smoothly,Inadvertently revealed a huge secret。
Qin Hao doesn’t know if Gong Gongjian said it on purpose。
But Qin Hao thinks Gong Gong Jian will not make such a mistake。
“Thank you,”Qin Hao said to Gong Gong Jian。
Gong Gong Jian pretended not to hear,Just smiled,Two people know these things well.。
Huang Xiaoding is not by their side,But stand far away。
He is very conscious,Some things cannot be understood by yourself。
Although he and Qin Hao are still comrades in arms and friends,But it’s more of a relationship。
He still knows this very well,So he didn’t keep up。
The news that Gong Gongjian revealed to him accidentally,Qin Hao can follow the news and learn what he wants to know。
In this way, Gong Gong Jian is not leaking secrets。
“I’ll go first,I have a lot of things over there,”Gong Gongjian left with an excuse when the matter was over。

“Lijun,We are all our own,Just open your mouth,You can accept the medical expenses of Song Fang”Xia Jian is very direct,He feels that there is no need to detour。

Wang Lijun thought for a while and said:“Then give me 30,000 yuan!I’m going back,Confess my mother and Deng Li”
“Thirty thousand?Too little”Wang Youcai suddenly said this。
Wang Lijun sighed and said:“All right,There is no need to bargain on this matter,If agree,I will bring you the baby tomorrow。You leave right away,This thing has dragged on for a long time,I’m afraid of trouble again”
“it is good!I’ll be the master of this matter for my brother,You send your baby here tomorrow,I’ll give you 30,000 yuan in cash,But let’s talk ugly first。Clean up behind you when you come,Don’t wear tails”Wang Youcai is talking now,But what he said is totally reasonable。
Wang Lijun stood up,I glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I’m leaving,See you tomorrow at noon”
“it is good!It’s best to get it early”Xia Jian said,He sent Wang Lijun to the door of the hotel。He has to send it down,But Wang Lijun doesn’t follow。
Xia Jian understands what Wang Lijun meant,He had to stay。Wang Lijun left,Song Fang and Wang Youfa ran over。She asked nervously:“Did Wang Lijun agree??”
“accepted,But they have a request,Let you take some money out”Xia Jian said softly。
Song Fangyi listened,Hurriedly asked:“How much to take?Not a lot,I will come out”
“not much,Deng Li’s medical expenses and child support compensation total 30,000 yuan,I promised for you,If you don’t pay the money,I will do it alone”Wang Youcai said solemnly。
Song Fangyi listened,Smile on my face,She smiled and said:“I will definitely pay the money,How can I let you out?”
“Well!Prepare 30,000 yuan in cash,Will be here tomorrow,Wang Lijun will send the child over。As for the related procedures,I don’t feel too anxious。Waited this time,Let’s do it again if your relationship eases!”Xia Jian glanced at Wang Youfa,Said to him patiently。
Wang Youfa said something:“This is so beautifully done,Go to sleep!Everyone is tired”Wang Youfa finally said something decent。This person has come out since he went in,The whole person’s temperament has changed drastically,What I said makes people very unhappy。
Logically,There is no problem between Wang Youfa and Xia Jian,But there was Song Fang in between,This is the trouble。
Xia Jian nodded,Song Fang glanced at Xia Jian gratefully,So we went back to the room with Wang Youfa。Wang Youcai has yawned again and again。He closed the door,Take off the clothes,Fall asleep。
Xia Jian is tired too,Fell asleep as soon as I lay down。When he wakes up,The sun came in from under the curtains。He quickly turned over,A look at the watch,It’s nine o’clock in the morning。
Under Xia Jian’s yelling,Wu Wu and Wang Youcai got up one after another。Wang Youcai rubbed his eyes and said:“Didn’t you come at noon??Let me sleep for a while”

But even though Qiao Tianyu was shocked,But he still tried to keep himself calm,I don’t want to be led by my nose,So he deliberately set up a problem for her。

“Your idea is good。but**Funds and University Sponsorship Funds,Although they are rich and stupid,But the willingness to take risks is poor,Our hedge funds are again pursuing high-risk and high-return businesses,I am afraid it is not easy to move them!”
“Hehe,master,Why did you slap yourself in the face?”
Chubby chuckles.
First0066chapter In trouble
“Why is it slapped??”
Qiao Tianyu subconsciously reached out and touched his cheek,No!
“Hehe,master,I remember you said,When you persuaded David to set up a hedge fund,Does it mean that hedge funds can be risk-free arbitrage and leverage,To earn high returns??”Chubby smiled。
“At that time you also cited the American Long-term Capital Management CorporationLTCMexample of。”
I heard the little fat face say so,Qiao Tianyu raised his head and laughed,I really slapped myself!
Yes,Qiao Tianyu did say this。


Jiu Shu:……。
Wave wind water gate:……。
Yun Yun:……。
Wu Xing’s words,It can be said to be shocking,Tier 9 Boss,Cosmic powerhouse,Actually still go to school?Say who believes?
Shen Ziyao:@Wu Xing,Lord,It’s not funny at all。
Flower pity:Just,Brother Wuxing lied。
Hexi:Who can teach you?
No one in the group believed Wu Xing’s words,Even Hexi came out at this time。
Wu Xing:Hey,No one believes the truth now,It seems it’s time to show you a wave of real technology。
Words fall,Wu Xing immediately uploaded a Super Seminary admission card。
Ding:The owner uploaded a picture。
When Wu Xing uploaded the enrollment card to the group,All the members were shocked。

Can imagine,Allen·Sir Greenspan’s statement came out,The whole world is boiling。

To know,The longest-serving Fed chairman in U.S. history,Is also a typical hawk,Has always been known for being tough。
As long as Greenspan made the promise,Must be implemented,Never give up halfway,As long as he said he would fight back all short-selling vultures,Will surely defeat all short-selling vultures,This is his principle of life!
And this time Alan·Sir Greenspan chooses to speak publicly on television,It is to show the world his confidence and determination to maintain the status of the yen as an international reserve currency。
He just wants to tell the world,And the five major investment banks on Wall Street and a group of international hedge funds,This time he is serious,This time he will surely let the short sellers come and go!
First0308chapter The situation is urgent
It is clear,With Allen·Sir Greenspan’s statement,It is equivalent to a complete announcement of Qiao Tianyu and the five major investment banks on Wall Street,And the death penalty of a group of international hedge funds!
Inside the Bank of Japan’s Transaction Command Hall,When Allen was shown live on the big screen·After Sir Greenspan’s strong television statement,The scene immediately detonated500010,000 tons equivalent“Big Ivan”Nuclear bomb,There was a burst of cheers like a tsunami from the mountains。
With Allen·Sir Greenspan’s statement,Everyone at the scene is extremely convinced,This twentieth century“Financial Wars of the Century”,It’s over before it starts。
So the scene quickly became a sea of joy,Everyone sings and dances,Celebrating the easy victory。
Even the unsmiling Lily,I joined the celebration team excitedly at this time,Swayed frantically,Celebrate wantonly。
of course,Allen·Sir Greenspan’s public television statement was also immediately broadcast on the big screen of the trading command hall of the Horizon Fund headquarters.。
But it’s completely different from the crazy celebration in the Bank of Japan’s trading command hall.,The trading command hall of Horizon Fund Headquarters fell silent for an instant。
All the people on the scene were all at once by Allen·Sir Greenspan’s statement was stunned,All at a loss。
Even Soros sitting in the front row、Robertson、The world’s most powerful financial predators such as Dario and Meliweather are a little panicked。
Every one of them knows very well,Whether it’s the six powerful international banking groups,Still britain、France,Japan、Germany、The central banks of six countries including Canada and Italy also do,As long as Qiao Tianyu’s trading method is right,They still have a chance to work hard。

The two people disappeared from the same place,Then two very powerful auras appeared far away,Entangled firmly,Can’t separate!

Mr. Lu wants to drive away the strongest people here,Patriarch Tu also felt that it would be easier to handle if Mr. Lu was not there,Because they also have a master who asks the gods。
no matter who,The situation at the moment is developing towards the other side’s expectations,Xia Chenglong doesn’t want to go, naturally it makes sense,He always wanted to make this woman pay a price。
Lu Yinger and her leader have already fought with the elders of the Tu family,I was injured at the gate tower before,Therefore, the great elders who enter the Holy Realm of Stage Nine will be able to reach the level of Stage Eight later.。
For Lu Yinger,It just happens to be a good opportunity to practice。
It seems that there are only two of them left in this place,From the North Sea to noon,From Bincheng to Jiadi City to Lingxiao City,have to say,This woman challenges his bottom line time and time again。
“how,I delivered it myself?”
The situation now,Of course Zong Xueqin is not afraid,Because of her high level,It means everything。
“You used to be a master at asking the gods,So should understand,What is the meaning of this level?”
Xia Chenglong asked and dragged the Xiaotian sword forward,Every step he takes,There will be a piece of ink unfolding。
“So the gap between reiki and vitality,Is the gap between you and me at the moment。”

“extraordinary,Are you stupid?Still looking for a woman!Come back to Hong Kong Island with me!Do you want to be a farmer for a lifetime here?”Erye displeased。

Wu Feifan doesn’t say much,Bury your head in driving,In a while,The truck reached its destination。
This is an ordinary farmhouse,Black tile earth wall,The yard was filled with all kinds of shabby furniture,The smell of rice wafted from the kitchen。
Wu Feifan greeted Erye and the three of them got out of the car,Please come in。
There is a big wooden table in the room,There are a few freshly fried dishes on the table,Present,Two bottles of bulk liquor are also on the table。
Erye, they don’t plan to be polite,Start eating and drinking as soon as you sit at the table。
After all, the food in the detention center is really bad,Wine and meat,How can the three of them be restrained?。
A few glasses of spirits,The state of everyone is relaxed a lot。
At this moment,A chubby little boy carrying a plate of fried peanuts,Timidly put it toward the table,Just run,Made everyone laugh。
“Brother extraordinary,It’s only been a few months,Why are you so old??”Arvin deliberately
Wu Feifan opened his mouth and smiled,Greet brothers to continue drinking and eating。
After a while,The child’s mother is carrying a large plate of spicy chicken that has just been baked,Slightly shyly stood at the table。
Wu Feifan’s brothers all looked at the woman in unison,Look at her uncomfortable,Head down,Hurried into the kitchen again。
“Brother extraordinary,I finally know why you are willing to stay here。It turns out that the hero is sad for the beauty pass!”Aqiang laughed,The tone was full of envy。
That year’s double flower red stick extraordinary brother,Actually willing to nest in such a small country place,So I found Wenrou Township,No wonder he has been reluctant to return to Hong Kong Island。
“eat more!”Wu Feifan is dull and silent,Just to persuade brothers to eat more vegetables。
The second master is calm,Wait till you are almost full,Only then gently put down the tableware in my hand,Speak slowly:“extraordinary,Are you living comfortably now!”
Wu Feifan’s shoulders trembled slightly,Low channel:“Thanks to the second master,Can mix and eat。”