Xia Jian put his hands on his shoulders,I thought for a while and said:“As you say,This is really a bit troublesome,Does not rule out the possibility of hands-on”

“You Cai also said,Only you can settle such things。So you have to help us with this,Otherwise, who’s unbelievable,Kill me,Really unbearable”Wang Degui’s sincere look,This makes it difficult for Xia Jian to refuse。
Xia Zecheng was talking now,He coughed twice and said:“Jianer!The old village chief rarely asks you to help him。You have to help him with this,Anyway,This is also our business in Xiping Village。Moreover,SZAre you familiar with that??”
Xia Zecheng said everything for this purpose,Xia Jian can’t say anything anymore。He thought about it:“Old village chief!My company has a lot of things,So if you want me to go,We have to come and go from the plane。and also,If the situation is like what you said,Wang Youcai must take another person”
“Who do you want him to take?”Wang Degui asked quickly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You bring him what I said,He should know”
“it is good!We will go back,Let your aunt cook some dishes at night,Everyone sits and drinks two glasses,By the way, study this matter carefully,If time can catch up,You will leave tomorrow”Wang Degui is not the head of the village,Turn around and leave。
Chen Yueqin has a look,Got up from the sofa quickly,Quickly chase Wang Degui。
Wait for Wang Degui and his wife to leave,Sun Yuejuan launched a fire on Xia Zecheng。She lowered her voice and shouted:“You immortal,I’m confused when I’m young, right?!”
“What are you crazy?I didn’t mess with you just now”Xia Zecheng knows he is wrong,But I didn’t admit it。
Sun Yuejuan sneered:“You’re a big deal,What about the people in Xiping Village?Do you think Jian’er is omnipotent?What if you do something with someone?”
“Damn!Will not,With Jian’er’s ability,You still need hands to handle such a small matter。Moreover,Xia Jian helped Wang Degui’s house,This is a matter for our parents”Xia Zecheng is getting more and more excited,Speaking of the back,I laughed a little smugly。
Ma Yan is not happy anymore,She raised her brow slightly and said:“dad!It’s not that mom said you,Your promise today is too reckless。Encounter something like this in the future,It’s up to Xia Jian to decide!If you have to do it,Do what you promised”
“Ha ha!I have this ability。If Xia Jian doesn’t want to go,I’ll return to his house in a while”Xia Zecheng said,The temper is up too。
Xia Jian has a look,Hehe smiled and said:“Nothing!Since I agreed,Let’s do this well。SZWhere do i have friends,Such a thing will not be too difficult”
What Xia Jian said,No one else said much。The result of this rush is a fight,I must be unhappy after the trouble。
At dinner,Wang Youfa came to invite Xia Jian in person,Xia Jian didn’t want to go,But Wang You stubbornly pulled him away。In my case,He could only follow Wang You and send it to his home。
When Wang Youcai saw Xia Jian came,I was very happy to let him sit on the big kang。Then he smiled and said:“What do you think my brother did,Even you are tired”

But the strange thing is that this man and Yuxing’s members have almost no intersection,Just in different time periods,Appeared near the Fengqing Bar。Is it just a coincidence?Ling Feng is not afraid of killing the wrong person,I only worry about not having a second chance,So he suppressed his excitement,Those who are waiting for Sun’s abduction take the lead before making sure。

I don’t know that the development of the plot is not that way at all,The grandchildren are so careless,People are stunned before they act。The suspected Li Tianchou seems to have fallen out of thin air,All the horses were swept away by lightning,Although Sun Guaizi himself hasn’t reacted yet,But Ling Feng has completely determined that this person is Li Tianchou,Especially this person had a brief intersection with Zhu Lei at the side entrance of the Little Sichuan Restaurant,More illustrative。
No time to laugh at Sun Kaizi,No matter how stupid the other party is,Also considered a great help,It’s just that he has no obligation to help warn,Such an overwhelmed brother after death,Hang up if you hang up。Ling Feng, lying on the roof in the distance, had the urge to shoot several times,But the process of Li Tianchou’s appearance alone was extremely short,*’S front sight could not be locked,Plus distance and angle issues,He has never been certain that one blow will kill。
After repeated consideration,Ling Feng temporarily abandoned his plan to kill that night,He spent a whole day,Follow Li Tianchou carefully,Until the other party’s whereabouts and temporary footing are completely determined。
of course,In this process,Ling Feng also witnessed Li Tianchou’s capture of Sun Guaizi.,Surprised him,Feel the other party is more fierce and cunning than before in Shimizu,And very sensitive,Almost found by him at least twice,This made Ling Feng’s heart vaguely disturbed。
In the afternoon,Li Tianchou left regularly“Ghost house”。A kilometer away,Ling Feng, who had been observing from a distance, unconsciously set up*,But just caught the target on the front sight,The other party seems to foresee in advance,Turning his head in return with a sneer and icy gaze,Let Ling Feng shocked,Just a short moment,When he concentrates again,The target in the front sight suddenly disappeared。
After looking very carefully for four weeks,Ling Feng still has no point,Li Tianchou is like the image in the air suddenly evaporated。Unconsciously,He actually broke out in a cold sweat,This is a rare phenomenon,The opponent in front of him made him feel guilty,I haven’t felt this way for many years。
Ling Feng tried to adjust his breathing,Calm down slowly,Let your body shrink as much as possible in the uneven pit,quickly,He gave up the kill plan again。Maybe choose to do it at night,More certainty,but no matter,This is the last time,If it doesn’t work, leave decisively。
Or maybe it was a good choice to go abroad with Zhang Zhiqiang,How could a ghost stay here to take revenge??Ling Feng laughed at himself,But shocked,How can I be so timid??He knows very well that for a professional killer,This mentality change is fatal,Can be afraid,Can also worry,But it’s definitely not when you are about to fight。
Struggled very painfully,Ling Feng makes a choice,He decided to try again at night,Success or failure,Far away,Never come back。
It’s already one o’clock in the morning,Apart from the crying cold wind around the ghost building,Nothing else。Under the clear moonlight,Visibility greatly improved,But Ling Feng felt a little sour in his eyes,Maybe it’s too nervous,He tried to move his stiff fingers,Try to relax the body。
When looking forward,Still grey and black,On the vast garbage dump,Not even a mouse has ever appeared,This place seems to have been completely forgotten by the world。This damn Li Tianchou,Won’t stay outside and won’t come back?Ling Feng cursed secretly,Changed my eyes,But still nothing found。
Sweaty palms,Impetuous mentality,Keep watching the time……Ling Feng gave a brief comment on his performance at night,The conclusion stunned him,This state is worse than a rookie,The already determined mentality actually collapsed like a ruin,He could not help but retreat。
“Bar”A soft sound,Interrupted Ling Feng who was fighting fiercely,He instinctively clenched his hands*,Then listen carefully to the surrounding movement。The sound seems to come from downstairs,Very clear,But the strange thing is that within Ling Feng’s perception,There are no obvious breath fluctuations around。
Could it be small animals like wild cats and wild dogs??Ling Feng at the moment is extremely unconfident,He held his breath,Withdraw the gun slowly,Then bend and change from prone position to sitting position,Muzzle up,But his sullen gaze turned to the black hole at the back of the door。
At this moment,There is another soft noise,“Click”Voice is clearer,Obviously from near the door。Ling Feng Weimi’s eyes suddenly widened,Hair grows up like a hedgehog,“Kara”Click the flat end frame,He concluded that the target was close at hand,I have no time to consider how Li Tianchou got in,Just now。
however,No more noise outside the door,Quiet and scary,Ling Feng’s whole body is like a tight spring,Dare not relax。After a stalemate for a few minutes,He let out a sigh of relief,All my muscles slowly relax,Judging from the perception just now,There is really nothing else at the door,Maybe it’s a mouse,He is too nervous。
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Nine lay down
But Ling Feng is not a rookie after all,Have rich experience in fighting and hiding,After I scared myself,He adjusted his mind quickly,Showed consistent patience and resilience,After tens of minutes of perception and observation,His figure has touched the door silently,Then stand still like a clay sculpture。
There is no sound outside separated by a wall,Ling Feng seems to have regained his confidence,He Will*In the corner,Then slowly drew out the dagger,Suddenly rushed out like lightning。

This golden hoop,Heard,Again,Blame him feel too pure,Fighting these old monsters who have been taking a few thousand years。

Big Japan is like a handshake,Rude:“Liao Show,Poor has a curse,Why is it too hurt?,Please don’t be difficult to be poor。”
“Have a matter you think,I want to call it.,so I……Wait a minute,You still know!”
Liao Wenjie’s brainstick,A pair of red eyes to the north,At the same time as the big day,Switch a trick。
He has chosen before,So many ideas,There is only one now,Big Japan is not talking about,He also pulls a pad back.。
Black light beam,Nerve,Day of the sky。
Airflow arrogant,Gods。
A four-party big printed straight,Its shape,Wang trend is unparalleled,His book is destined,Domineering,It is the treasure of Beiyin Son,It is the highest embodiment of Nether’s unparalleled authority and status.。
Beibei Tianzi,Endless darkness,Liao Wenjie’s momentum,An instant explosion is enough to suppress everything。And the vitality within the whole nime is boiling,Hiking in the boiled sea,It seems that there is a mad tide of the whole heaven and earth in the next second.。
“Good,Good,The donor has been robbed,Today’s merits are successful,When you are so happy。”Big day, smile nod,Mage fade,Regardless of Liao Wenjie to hear,Directly back to Lingshan。
Congratulations to the North Yin Tianzi to return to the emperor。
In the middle of the temple,Sustainable,As a bubbles that have a bubble break,Frenzy,Everything is calm。
So big movement,Just following the day,Nether bureaucracy、Ghosts and ghosts gods are neither not afraid,It’s all blown by one.,Take a mess,Green faint lanterns can be seen around。
Liao Wenjie is holding the jade,Looking at no one in front of the sky,Blinking,What does it feel?。
Material is not bad,This called medium,He was mad and stunned.。
After a moment,He raised his hand and touched his head.,Fruit does not fake,The golden hoist is broken.,Powder pulverization,Directly changed gold powder。
Let’s go on the head,And black emperors on your body,Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,Distribute it back to the original clothing。
“One said one,Pure parties,As far as I swear and don’t share the temperament of the sky,Wearing a yellow robe is not like an emperor.!”He raised his hand to throw the big printed to the North Six Palace,叹 叹 回 草。
good,No problem,Liao Wenjie feels that he can still struggle。
Just retrieving the emperor.,A group of running legs,Put together,He can’t go out,These people dare to take him out?
Laugh,Here is the Nether House,He is the boss.!
“Unfielder,It’s really a brother.,One other,Do you have a graze of the grass or not to reduce it?!”
How is it behind?,How is it a glimmer?,Both have identity,Will you see people?!
Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,Dried Baba turns,Inside the line is a male,Strange,Light value than him……Between the villain,Only the emperor’s gas。
Nothing emperor,Because people have been honored。
A face that has never been seen,At least the face never seen before this,Liao Wenjie feels feeling,I read the name of each other。
Zhongtian Purple Microtala Too Emperor。
Scattered memory fragments retrieved by Liao Wenjie,The Ziwei Emperor is his direct boss,Star,Emperor in the emperor,Shandian Wanjie Top Warlord。
The reason why this is said,It is because Ziwei Damei brought a god.,Only on the sky,All the stars are all soldiers in his hand,Plus a normally……
Attempt,Be almost。
“Unfielder,Too polite,You used to call my big brother.。”

As of this generation‘Protoss Palace Lord’,His vision is still very broad。Ask Luo Feng,After comparing the inheritance of the Duandong River,Li Ming almost judged,The complete inheritance of the Star Spirit Palace is equivalent to the inheritance of the Duandong River.,Only similar‘Space for practice’Class hardware lost。

This inheritance,When placed on the continent of origin, they belong to the first sequence of inheritance.。
Although I can’t say that I can’t look down on Six Holy Peaks‘Sacred Heart’,But in Li Ming’s eyes,Even if you get the top inheritance of this sect,Also helpful,It’s not the kind of chance that you have to fight for。
But I think that the other party possesses the secret technique of burning divine power,Indigo scale swallowed,I think the other party’s backing may not be normal。
“Vagrant brother,Are you not interested in joining the Heart Saint Sect?!”
“of course not,But brother Indigo,You have to make things clear too,what is the problem?”
quickly,With the explanation of indigo scales,Li Ming probably understands。
Sacred Heart,Legends are ancient forces that existed when the entire universe was opened up,Not just the entire forest of fools,Surrounded by more than a million square meters and the same level as the forest of fools,Even more powerful territory,Belong to this ancient power。
Sacred Heart,Extremely powerful,Above the true god‘Void God’,In that Heart Saint Sect, it can only be regarded as an ordinary upper level,There are even legends‘One thought of the universe’Eternal existence。
all in all,Is the highest sect in this universe。
In Li Ming’s words,Its status is similar to that of the virtual universe company in the human race.。
Since the status is high,The Holy Heart Sect is very strict in recruiting disciples。
The Sage of the Heart only recruits the masters of the laws or the best geniuses of the true god level on this endless land.。
This time,The Sacred Heart in Ayutthaya‘Wakagi Castle’Recruit ten disciples,This is definitely a great opportunity。
Join the trial of the Sage of the Heart。

“sit down,You’re welcome!”Xu Tian smiled and said to Lu Yi。

Lu Yi is very puzzled,I didn’t expect Xu Tian to find himself,Behind this, it is estimated that Cao Anna and Missing sauce will contribute to the flames……What on earth does this all-star player do?
Seeing that the man in the black sweater who entered the room has not let his guard down。
Xu Tian launched hands,Send a dozen game data to the opponent。Including various data,IPAddress record,Professional play characteristics,Actually there are pictures of graffiti he painted……
Xu Tian’s Finger,Swipe the phone screen,A video of Lu Yi’s game recently appeared in it,Even the game last night……
“I should call you Master Luban,Still Louis XI?”Xu Tian smiled and asked。
“What are you trying to find me for?”Lu Yi raised his head and asked。
“Only one purpose,Invite you to join me‘Phoenix’Team!”Xu Tian is very sincere,He has worked hard for three years、Inevitable!
“Oh?What is the purpose of your team?”
Xu Tian sees the other party throwing questions,Even thought,Replied:“Of course to get‘Battle of Glory’World champion of the project!Break the multi-year monopoly of Hanbok!”
Lu Yi shook his head,Replied:“and so,I can’t join your team……”
Xu Tian didn’t expect to be easily rejected,So I asked:“If playing games is not for grades,Then what are you doing?”
“If you want to know the answer,See you on the court!”
Lu Yi said it,Turned away,He knows to team up with Xu Tian,Is the fastest way for him to complete his revenge,But he can’t be selfish for himself,To bury the dreams of professional players represented by Xu Tian。
in fact,Lu Yi is envious of those who can keep“Very simple”Gamer……Pursuing for a dream……

“this is,Artifact for soul defense?”Cecilia surprised:“Ok,Doesn’t feel as good as the one above,But there is no gap,This should be precious?!”

“Ok,This is my reward for breaking through the 16th floor of the cemetery of the gods,But it’s right for you,I don’t need it anyway。”correct,Why don’t you take it back and refine it?。
Wright is not hypocritical,Directly accepted,These artifacts cannot be left unused。
Two people flying all the way,Extremely fast。
Soon,The two returned to the area of the Puang Empire。
However, the closer to the imperial capital,The faces of the two became more and more gloomy。The Puang Empire was more prosperous than 20 years ago。But now they look down from the sky,But it looks like a bad name。A large number of people carrying packages on the road,Pale yellow,There are even a large number of dead bodies lying down on the road。
Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,I have a worried look in my eyes。
Wright is full of consciousness,With his soul power stronger than the upper gods,Under the weak bondage of the material plane,You can easily scan a range of thousands of miles。
moment,Wright was shocked,Not just in the one he can see,Even within the scope of his spiritual consciousness,About one-fifth of the area of the entire Magnolia continent,Wherever humans live,There are large numbers of refugees。
This is nothing but,The Poon Empire on the west side of the Warcraft Mountains,Fleeing from north to south,The refugees from the Magnolia Empire on the east side fled from south to north.。
“Catherine,Have you noticed the situation on the mainland??!”Wright’s soul power swept through,Talk directly with the high priest within the scope of the divine consciousness。
“Are you talking about the refugee wave,I have found,I am now summoning the disciples,understand situation!”
“I will go to the Temple of War later?!”

If the sword is sweet than Dade,Thank you for your life.,Understanding the chance of the Sword。Liao Wenjie can only say,The leeks in the vegetable garden are fine.,Actually I think I am a person。

As for the swordsman,What should he do if he and the world?……
Liao Wenjie said that the problem is not big,Heroic。
Swordsman,A old face is like a cold ice,Basically, a white beard facial paralysis,Excellent acting skills with good endage,Playing a sword。
World meeting。
On the shoulder youth,Under the list of strong mountains,Layout,Coordinated by the Dudity。
Biller returned with Nie Feng,Overlooking the army,The more I want to think that the second half of the born is very bad.。
“Where is the cloud?,Let him see me。”
He said that the clouds have brought back their own head.,Biller’s heart slightly,I know that the tempo wisdom will be poisoned,Not a positive hard,This only returned the heart.。
I’m talking about my mouth.,Be more dismissed,In fact, who is believed,Everyone is more tangent。
The command of the domain is conveyed,But I can’t notify the clouds,No one knows where he is,In addition to the hell of love,Because the cloud is shocked at this time。
Kongci as a hetege,Self-small and frost、wind、Yun San Brothers,Brothers have a unique clock,She didn’t let three brothers disappointed,Some of them have a special for them.。
If it is secluded,Don’t choose one,Kongcissile selection Qin Shuang。
Take him out and have a unique list,Then and the steps、Nie Feng continues to maintain a couple of love。
can only say,It is a big daughter,The ambition is a mold that is engraved.,Bay borrowed from Feng Yunhua Long,She also wants to have the wind on the sky。
As for the relationship between Kongci and Stepsy, a major breakthrough,Subvert the three-legged three prior,Expand of non-post-palace novels,Abandoned,It is the first hand of the cloud。
Being sent to the Double City to perform the task,There is not many steps in the clouds.,He knows that he is far from the opponent unique.,I am afraid of this fierce,Then, on the front of the previous night, to the eye-catching。
Well-known,Stepping is a small face,Three sticks can’t play a fart type,Even if it is a confession, there is not much sweet words.。
That night,Single knife direct,Nothing。
Kongci looks in the lover,Only fear that Nie Feng in the other half is jealous,Half of time, is he。
Stepping and returning to the world,Although only half of the task is completed,Did not bring back unparalleled swords,But my heart is concerned with Kongci,I don’t care how to punish it at all.,Take out these days,Every night is within the Parents of Kongci。
Feiyun Tangtang is the master of martial arts,Loen the world,It is also very light work.,I have never missed the wall for a few nights.。
When the soldiers convey orders,Nobody thinks that the cloud is being hurting and,So when he saw the clouds,Distance to the command has passed a time。
study,Biller, slap in the table,Anger:“what happened,Where is your people?,Why do you not find your trace for a long time??”
Stepping cloud single knee,No sadness on the face,May be the sage time,Easy from the past,today’s‘Don’t cry’More staying peaceful。
Know all,This is a man who is dry and dry.,The expression will be revealed。
Steps and love,For her to give up everything,Love house and black,Less than three points in the face。
Biller is frightened by a weird eye to see creepy,Faint feel that there is no wonderful,Suddenly recall the second half of the born,In the eyes of murder。
not good,This people want to rebel!
If you say that the Billets of the House Heart, Nie Feng is disdainful and contempt.,Striving is another attitude。
Ten years ago,When he received a shocking cloud,The latter captured the motility,There is a revenge for the father.。so,Although there is a step of surprise the rules for decade,Ren Diaforepass, there is no complaint,Billets have never put down。
The more you look at the cloud,Better is more,This is the heart、Depth,Can you bear to bear,Johnson’s martial arts,He must be a big disaster。

of course,This standard is not absolute,There are only three heads in the old devil’s own body,And in its memory,The big boss of the battle of the devil also only has three heads,But he is the number one magical power in the demon world。

But Zhang Zhiqiang’s extraordinaryness is obvious,Six heads not only represent the speed of cultivation,Supernatural combat skills emerge endlessly,And the life-saving methods are extraordinary,One head for one life,Take advantage in future battles of the same realm。Develop accordingly,After Zhang Zhiqiang’s first level of magic is completed, he has achieved a small success,Even in the demon world can run rampant,Endless potential。
Zhang Zhiqiang suddenly got up,An somersault jumped onto a huge rock,Although I broke an arm,But the whole person’s mental state and momentum are much stronger than before。
“he came。”Zhang Zhiqiang looked up at the sky,Seems to be sniffing something。
“Not bad!How are you?”The old demon also sensed that Li Tianzhi who was always chasing behind him,After the previous battle,It also understands,This person should be the clone who captured it,It’s just that the situation was very critical,It has no time to take care of,I will take back the clone this time。
“Divide fast!”Zhang Zhiqiang,Turned around and jumped from the huge rock to another higher huge rock,Doesn’t seem to be ready to hit the head,I didn’t mean to ambush a sneak attack。
The old devil snorted in his heart,It is still very afraid of Li Tianzhi’s blasting sword,The brilliance that destroys everything will never be forgotten by the old demon,But it didn’t interrupt,Because it understands that Zhang Zhiqiang wants to kill opponents cleanly and frontally,Under the skyrocketing strength,Confidence is bound to burst,In the demon world where the strong respect,This mentality couldn’t be more normal,Nothing wrong。
In fact, the old demon has already raised his jealous and fearful heart towards Zhang Zhiqiang,The worst plan is when Zhang Zhiqiang’s body is destroyed by the Thunder Blade,It will wait for the opportunity to cast spells to stun its blood to escape,Alpine jungle,It’s night again,The odds of escape should be more than 60%。
Besides, there are meeting gifts all the way to that boy。
Li Tianzhen runs incredibly fast,I bypassed a dangerous peak in the blink of an eye,He finds that running comfortably can excite himself,It can also resonate with the ball of light in the pubic field,Not only does not consume much energy,It also contributes to the growth of vitality,It’s not much worse than meditation,If the spirit can support,He likes to keep running like this。
No major abnormalities on the way,But was attacked by two beasts,A clouded leopard in the mountains,Jump out of the bushes on the trail,Fast action、Very suddenly,Li Tianzhen rolled on the spot while avoiding the attack,The wooden spear in his hand pierced like lightning,Pierced directly through Yun Leopard’s abdomen,After this thing fell to the ground, it didn’t struggle much and didn’t move.。
Later, I met a mountain wolf,The skinny appearance did not pose much threat to Li Tianzhi,But Li Tianzhen suddenly stopped,Staring at the corpse of the mountain wolf for a long time without speaking。
“‘Big earthworm’what have you found?”Li Tianzhen suddenly faced someone who was shining in his pocket‘Big earthworm’Ask。
“Little Fairy Wisdom,This thing and the leopard just now were dead before they attacked,Uh……In other words, the souls of these two little beasts were taken away long ago。”
“Now that I know,Why don’t you remind me?!”

“They can have achieved first-class merit many times before,Meritorious awards are not once or twice,Very rich combat experience。”

“You really picked up a big leak this time,”Gong Gong Jian continued。
“But then again,Actually they followed you,This is a good way out,Stay in this place,Will only limit their development。”
Qin Hao didn’t know how big a thing they committed,Just let them fall from the top of the cloud。
“They were also members of the iron and blood blade before,”Gong Gong Jian said smoothly,Inadvertently revealed a huge secret。
Qin Hao doesn’t know if Gong Gongjian said it on purpose。
But Qin Hao thinks Gong Gong Jian will not make such a mistake。
“Thank you,”Qin Hao said to Gong Gong Jian。
Gong Gong Jian pretended not to hear,Just smiled,Two people know these things well.。
Huang Xiaoding is not by their side,But stand far away。
He is very conscious,Some things cannot be understood by yourself。
Although he and Qin Hao are still comrades in arms and friends,But it’s more of a relationship。
He still knows this very well,So he didn’t keep up。
The news that Gong Gongjian revealed to him accidentally,Qin Hao can follow the news and learn what he wants to know。
In this way, Gong Gong Jian is not leaking secrets。
“I’ll go first,I have a lot of things over there,”Gong Gongjian left with an excuse when the matter was over。

“Lijun,We are all our own,Just open your mouth,You can accept the medical expenses of Song Fang”Xia Jian is very direct,He feels that there is no need to detour。

Wang Lijun thought for a while and said:“Then give me 30,000 yuan!I’m going back,Confess my mother and Deng Li”
“Thirty thousand?Too little”Wang Youcai suddenly said this。
Wang Lijun sighed and said:“All right,There is no need to bargain on this matter,If agree,I will bring you the baby tomorrow。You leave right away,This thing has dragged on for a long time,I’m afraid of trouble again”
“it is good!I’ll be the master of this matter for my brother,You send your baby here tomorrow,I’ll give you 30,000 yuan in cash,But let’s talk ugly first。Clean up behind you when you come,Don’t wear tails”Wang Youcai is talking now,But what he said is totally reasonable。
Wang Lijun stood up,I glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I’m leaving,See you tomorrow at noon”
“it is good!It’s best to get it early”Xia Jian said,He sent Wang Lijun to the door of the hotel。He has to send it down,But Wang Lijun doesn’t follow。
Xia Jian understands what Wang Lijun meant,He had to stay。Wang Lijun left,Song Fang and Wang Youfa ran over。She asked nervously:“Did Wang Lijun agree??”
“accepted,But they have a request,Let you take some money out”Xia Jian said softly。
Song Fangyi listened,Hurriedly asked:“How much to take?Not a lot,I will come out”
“not much,Deng Li’s medical expenses and child support compensation total 30,000 yuan,I promised for you,If you don’t pay the money,I will do it alone”Wang Youcai said solemnly。
Song Fangyi listened,Smile on my face,She smiled and said:“I will definitely pay the money,How can I let you out?”
“Well!Prepare 30,000 yuan in cash,Will be here tomorrow,Wang Lijun will send the child over。As for the related procedures,I don’t feel too anxious。Waited this time,Let’s do it again if your relationship eases!”Xia Jian glanced at Wang Youfa,Said to him patiently。
Wang Youfa said something:“This is so beautifully done,Go to sleep!Everyone is tired”Wang Youfa finally said something decent。This person has come out since he went in,The whole person’s temperament has changed drastically,What I said makes people very unhappy。
Logically,There is no problem between Wang Youfa and Xia Jian,But there was Song Fang in between,This is the trouble。
Xia Jian nodded,Song Fang glanced at Xia Jian gratefully,So we went back to the room with Wang Youfa。Wang Youcai has yawned again and again。He closed the door,Take off the clothes,Fall asleep。
Xia Jian is tired too,Fell asleep as soon as I lay down。When he wakes up,The sun came in from under the curtains。He quickly turned over,A look at the watch,It’s nine o’clock in the morning。
Under Xia Jian’s yelling,Wu Wu and Wang Youcai got up one after another。Wang Youcai rubbed his eyes and said:“Didn’t you come at noon??Let me sleep for a while”