Always put people in the highest position in your heart (people’s point of view)

The Communist Party of China believes that the people-made actions of the people have explained that "I will not be me, no people", and always put the people in the highest position in my heart. I have to implement the love of the party and the people in action, for the masses Thomed, unremitting struggle, always struggled to build a party hundred years, "Seven Medals" won the deeds of countless Chinese.

Lin Dan, secretary of Fuzhou, Fuzhou Military Community, Fujian Community, Fujian Community, is committed to "Let the herdsmen will live a good day" in the Inner Mongolian Xilin Gol Grassland Ting Bartel. After retirement, I have always served in the first line of Ningxia Wuzhong City "Wang Lanhua The enthusiastic group "The Party Branch Secretary Wang Lanhua … Chinese Communists think that the people of the people are actually actions," I will not be me without me, no people ". General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: "Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan, playing Jiangshan, guarding Jiangshan, keeping the people’s heart.

"Our party’s hundred years of history is a history of practicing the initial mission of the party. It is a history of the party and the people, the same breathing, and a total of life. Born for the people, because the people are always in the same people Together, it is struggling for the people’s interests. It is the fundamental starting point of our party to the party. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes: "To conduct the power of the people, education guide the majority of party members and cadres Put the people at the highest position in your heart, and use the people of the people, intimate people, leading people, and use their own relationship to solve the problem of the masses, and strive to promote all the people’s common prosperity to achieve more significant progress.

"Half of quilt" story master public Xu Ji Xiu said, what is the Communist Party? The Communist Party is a quilt, but also half of the people who give people. "The good example of the county party secretary" Jiao Yulu faces the sand, salt base , The prostitute, the first-year-old pawn, with the masses, the water, the water, the land, the heart, there is no self; "Times model" Huang Wenxiu, the grassroots level, one heart is the people, with life to the mission, the flowers of youth are in the university On the way … After the birth of the Communist Party of China, he made a happiness in the Chinese people. For the Chinese nation, the revival of the Chinese nation was established for his own mission. In the past 100 years, the Chinese Communists have implemented the initial mission, and there is a blessing with the masses. Salt with salty, no salt, no matter what you have, now, the party always insists that all for the people, everything relying on the people, always put the people at the highest position in the heart, always print, together with the people, unity and struggle. Always Put the people at the highest position in your heart, it is necessary to implement the love of the party and the people in action, do practical things for the people, do not strive, always struggle. Deversion of poverty attack, Mao Xing Lin leads the village to carry hoes, steel brazing, hammer, lagard Seven years of chiseling "Bench Road".

Into the new corona pneumonia epidemic, "I am a party member" cry, the red party flag is highly fluttering, "people’s first, life first" highlights the blessings of the Communists and the bones. The critical period of flood control, the party members and cadres rushed to the front line, running in heavy rain and time racing, for the life charges, "always put the safety of the people’s lives and property in the first place."

In order to take care of the mission to serve as a mission, you can firmly be a glorious mission. History and practice prove, win the people’s trust, get people’s support, the party can overcome any difficulties, it will be unhappy. The greatest power is from the people, the most profound changes are the people, the most real results benefit from the people.

Now, the Communist Party of China leads the Chinese people to embark on the road to realize the new test of the second hundred years of struggle. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Taking history as a training, it is necessary to unite the Chinese people to struggle for a better life." In the new journey, we face new topics, new tasks. Finishing the people’s urgent problems, promoting all the people’s common prosperity, and requires party members and cadres to always stand in the people’s position, implement the party’s mass line, respect the people’s first spirit, and practice the people-oriented development Thoughts, condense, pioneering and innovative spiritual gods and work hard, and really grasp the weight of the power. The star is not asking to ask the road, and it is a struggle in the future. General Secretary Xi Jinping called on all Party members: "Keep in mind the initial mission, firm ideals and beliefs, practice the party’s tenet, always keep the flesh and blood of the people, always think together with the people, dry together, wind and rain together, continue to achieve people For the long way to make a good life, strive to strive for greater glory for the party and people. " Adhere to the people’s position, the people’s supreme, persistently do something good to do practical things, condense the strong power of the strong national revival, we will be able to create a party, worthy of the people, innocent performance.

China Jenteng deep plow big data innovation model continues to improve platform mechanism

With the booming of Internet finance, the proportion of Internet financial business is getting bigger and bigger. As the complement of traditional finance, the birth of the traditional finance, solves many problems, and makes up for many of the fields that have not covered by traditional finance, and the Internet finance has been in promoting employment, promoting praise finance, promoting financial democracy, etc. . Based on the exploration of intelligent innovation and traditional entities, after years of steady-ranking operations and expansion, China Junteng already has a wide range of international sales networks, professional management operation teams and advanced business management models.

Our deep tillage research and innovation, combined with big data and artificial intelligence model, based on strength, providing powerful technical support for project applications, gaining multi-party recognition and patents, was identified as a new leader in the financial industry, Hainan has a prestigious enterprise.

At present, the company project has fully covered the Internet promotion platform, advertising is radiated to any of the country, and the field of project development is in the country.

In addition, China Juantun also elaborated from the perspective of cultural perspectives. The social responsibility construction of corporate social responsibility must be attached to the culture, improve public welfare and service capabilities, and Internet financial enterprises should carry forward the interconnection, integration, and compliance. Self-discipline, practicing responsible enterprise cooperation, honest and trustworthy, professional rigorous, compliance, publicly transparent, actively spreading Popular financial knowledge, actively promoting public welfare charity, and promoting the health and orderly development of the entire Internet finance industry.

In the process of corporate operation and project investment, we attach importance to risk control, with investor fund safety as the highest principle, providing investors with security, assault, intimate, and satisfied service, in the process of realizing asset preservation for investors Realize the Shenzhen, look at the world, and build a leading brand in China’s Internet finance financial platform industry. Strategic development goals.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

China Great Wall: Ten years of grinding swords to help core parts

[] "We have grind a sword for ten years, continue to invest in R & D for more than ten years, and innovate construct a self-safety computer software and hardware system called ‘China Architecture’. In 2018, 2018, 2019, three consecutive years Won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, the latest version of the operating system won the ‘2020 companies’ heavy objects’.

"China Great Wall Hunan Computer Intelligent Manufacturing Base (hereinafter referred to as" Hunan Great Wall ") General Manager An Shaping told the" Economic Report "reporter.

According to him, at present, although there are many computer manufacturers in the domestic market, if key core components and core technologies do not belong to us, information security is not guaranteed for a long time.

  The network space has become the fifth territorial field after the country, the sea, the sky, the four major territories. Like other territories, the security of cyberspace needs to be guaranteed. As a professional child group, China’s electronic company, China Great Wall applies all the latest achievements to the development of end products, all of the key core hardware and software realize localization, "Off-door" "Blocking Cave", from the bottom of the technology The essence of domestic computers.

At the same time, we have perfective ecology, build a complete "core-end-cloud-control-network -Antian" product industry ecological chain, build a safe base for my country’s digital construction. In fact, China Great Wall is the earliest computer brand in China. In 1985, China’s first Chinese microcomputer-Great Wall was born in the Great Wall Shenzhen manufacturing base in China, which was a sensation. After that, the Great Wall of China has been exploring on the road "breakthrough key core technology". In order to realize domestic computers from "available" to "easy to use" to "easy to use", the Great Wall of China has been in front of "China’s creation". The domestic autonomous safety computer performance and the gap between the frontier technology are getting smaller and smaller.

  In order to fully promote the widespread application of domestic computers, China Great Wall is not only actively investing in research and development, but also has a layout early in the production and manufacturing link. At present, Hunan Great Wall Intelligent Manufacturing Base mainly produces intelligent terminal products, including MiniPC, POS, laptops, tablets, AI products, etc., has four SMT production lines, two lean belt assembly lines, three times speed chain semi-automatic assembly line and 300 square parallel Mi 10,000 clean workshop, with a manufacturing capacity of 2 million units per year.

Multi-functional patch machine, high-speed patch machine, 3D AOI, shaped plug-in machine, full tunnel nitrogen wave welding, solder paste printing machine, is a leading industry, and the production process has achieved interconnection through intelligent systems. Interoperability, greatly enhanced manufacturing level.

  "The R & D team gives a innovative gene for laptop, and our duty is to make these scientific crystals perfectly.

"Introduction to Hunan Great Wall Production Management," Birth of every Great Wall laptop needs to pass a patch, plug-in, test, assembly, aging and network filling, packaging, etc., we use a lot of intelligentization Production equipment and advanced manufacturing processes to enhance product quality of domestic computers. "Qin Le, the Great Wall Production Director, told reporters that with the increasing number of employment costs and the shortage of employment, in order to maintain competitive advantage, China Great Wall began to cut into robots in replacing artificial exploration.

The company has made a large number of basic studies for the production characteristics of computer products, which determine a new robot technology route, which can achieve high precision and cost control at a lower level. It is reported that Hunan Great Wall’s self-developed intelligent manufacturing line is the intelligent manufacturing line of the 3C electronic assembly field to assemble and produce the assembly of the robot. It is the first in China, and the MES system and equipment to develop by the Great Wall are docked. All production processes Realize intelligence, traceability, reach the industry’s level.

"Since the implementation of intelligent manufacturing strategies, after the production line on the robot, the factory production efficiency has increased by 25%, and the operating cost is reduced by 20%, and the product development cycle is reduced by 30%.

"And Shantian said.

China Mobile Liaoning Bedrijf implementeert het plan "5G +" om de ontwikkeling van "digitale liaoning" in staat te stellen

Krachtige nieuwe infrastructuur, het streven naar het doen van netwerk sterke land, digitale China, slimme sociale hoofd militaire nieuwe infrastructuur als een belangrijke motor die de digitale transformatie van economisch en sociaal bevordert, heeft officieel op "snel vooruit" en ontwikkelt zich snel met "China Speed" . Liaoning Mobile is sterk gehecht aan de nieuwe infrastructuurconstructie en de 5G-constructie wordt gebruikt als een belangrijke politieke taak, integreert in de lia?ne-economische ontwikkeling, het versnellen van nieuwe infrastructuurconstructie zoals 5G, datacenters, industrieel internet en geef het volledige spel infrastructuur in economische en sociale digitalisering, netisatie. Toonaangevende rol in intelligente transformatie-upgrade. Versnel 5G-infrastructuurconstructie. Liaoning Lokale regeringen omvatte 5G-constructie in de "Focus" -beoordelingsdoel, Liaoning Mobile Volledig gepromoot 5G BOUW, Formulerend "5G-netwerk Hoogwaardige bouw en bediening Witboek", 2020 Nieuw 5G-basisstation is meer dan 10.000, Dalian won met succes "China Mobile NSA Top tien uitstekende stad. " Versnellen de gegevenscentrumconstructie.

Kortom, de twee super-grote datacenters in China Mobile (Shenyang, Dalian) zijn kern, stralende 22 datacenters en cloud infrastructuurcapaciteitslay-outs in andere gemeenten, en de totale ge?nstalleerde machinecapaciteit wordt bereikt aan het einde van de planningsperiode, en Het provinciale datacenter gecentraliseerd beheer wordt bereikt. Om de digitale toepassing van de provincie en instellingen op het cloudplatform te helpen. Versnel de innovatie van industrieel internet en blokkettingplatform.

Samenwerken met Yingkou City-regering om het eerste "fonkelende kettingnetwerk" backbone-knooppunt van het land in te zetten en de bouw van het Industrial Internet-logo volledig te bevorderen om de constructie van het secundaire knooppunt te analyseren en samen te werken met het botknooppunt van de "Spark Chain" Blokketen. De overheid bouwt een grootschalig supernooppunt van het district Liaoning, bouwt een districtsblokketenproductiemodelproject, dat een duurzaam bedrijfsmodel vormt, uitgebreid verbetert het liaoning en zelfs de noordoostelijke regionale industri?le logo-resolutie-analyse. Volledig implementeren van het "5G +" -plan, bevorder informatiediensten in de industrie, dient het publiek als de nieuwe infrastructuur "leider" 5G, is een sterke motor geworden die nieuwe en oude verplaatsbare conversie bevordert, waardoor de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit bevordert. Liaoning Mobile staart op de ontwikkelingskansen, volledig implementeren van het "5G +" -plan, versnellen de ontwikkeling van slimme steden, slimme educatie, slimme medische, slimme transport, enz., Het bevorderen van nieuwe generatie-informatietechnologie voor infrastructuur, sociaal bestuur, productie, en werk, 5-modelscene penetratie, helpen economische sociale lijnen, intelligente en micrise-versnellingstransformatie. Verdiepen de promotie van 5G-toepassingsinnovatie. Liaoning Mobile richt zich op 5G en kunstmatige intelligentie, internet van dingen, grote gegevens, cloud computing, marginale berekening, blokketens, enz., Gebouwde 5G-inspectie-robots, 5G-netwerkdrones, 5G + 4K high-definition live-uitzending, 5G + A-serie van hoogwaardige, waardevolle, replicabele demonstratietoepassingen zoals AR ARM op afstand. Versnellen de diepte van 5G met industrieindustrie.

Cre?er een Smart Steel Industry Cloud-platform voor de Groep van Anshan, die de kosten van single-afgewerkte staalomvormer aanzienlijk vermindert; gezamenlijk Dandong Taxation Bureau neemt het voortouw in het bereiken van 5G-externe belasting; voor de provincie van de provincie met hoge juridische bouw, Cloud Network, Cloud Opslag, cloudbeveiliging ge?ntegreerd Smart Court Cloud Network System; de eerste 5G Petrochemical Transportation Wisdom Road in Panjin City … Liaoning Mobile Acceleration promoot 5G-netwerk in de industrie, met het publiek.

Voer 5G ecologische samenwerking uit.

Breid de omvang van de 5G-bondgenootschappen en het gezamenlijke innovatie-laboratorium uit, drie opeenvolgende jaren hield een informatieweergaveconferentie, speelt de rol van "één industrie met honderden industrie", waardoor duizenden duizenden digitale transformatie van duizenden honderd industrie.

De transformatie en het upgraden verdiepen, versnellen de hervorming en innovatie, en streven ernaar de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van het bedrijf te realiseren in het proces van digitale economische ontwikkeling, als de technologie de basis is, is innovatie motivatie, dan is het mechanisme-systeem een ??belangrijke garantie .

Liaoning Mobile breekt het traagheidskenden, onderzoekt nieuwe ontwikkelingsmodellen met nieuwe elementen, zoals technologie, gegevens en implementeren actief de hervorming van de overheid en ondernemingen en verbetert de digitale servicemogelijkheden.

Zoek een strategische positionering van "Tube, War, Build". Geef het volledige spel aan de ladingbestrijding van de provinciale onderneming, werkt effectief samen met professionele bedrijven, verbetert de operationele mogelijkheden, bouwen synergie?n en inspireert de vitaliteit van het team.

Verdiepen de hervorming van de overheid en ondernemingen. De politieke en ondernemingenspecialisatie van de oprichting van professionele staafleidingen zoals het politieke bedrijfsontwikkelingscentrum, netwerkbeheer, informatietechnologie en aanbestedingsdiensten, allround-ondersteuning; tot oprichting van een middenverschuiving ge?ntegreerde liaoning, provincie en stadsmaatschappijen om operaties vast te stellen , Ondersteuning, Sales, Service Integrated Political Affairs Operation System, een collaboratieve ontwikkeling tot stand brengen en ondersteunen van het responsevaluatiemechanisme.

Uitgebreid bevordering van de hervorming van het rooster. Realiseer de klantmanager, de CD-klantinvoer, de oprichting van een beoordelingsmechanisme en "omgekeerde driehoek" ondersteuningssysteem met toenemende en het "omgekeerde driehoek" ondersteuningssysteem en versterkt voortdurend de penetratie van kleine en middelgrote micro-klanten.

Optimaliseer het salaris-incentive-systeem. Het verkennen van de implementatie van stimulans voor projectsysteem, het tot stand brengen van een competent gebied van compensatie SAR, stel speciale prikkels in in belangrijke gebieden, volledig stimulerend weefselvitaliteit. Blueprint schilderen is grieven, zeilen, zeilen.

In het verleden 2021, het jaar van het 14e vijfjarenplan, zal Liaoning Mobile in overeenstemming zijn met het groepsbedrijf om een ??"Power Building" -strategie-implementatie van wereldklasse te cre?ren, nieuwe infrastructuurconstructie te versnellen, zoals 5G, datacenters, industrieel Internet en volledig implementeren van het plan "5G +"., Speel effectief de basis-, pilotieve rol van informatietechnologie om de nationale economie en sociale ontwikkeling te dienen, en streven naar een digitale dienstverlener van economische en sociale ontwikkeling, om de 100e te ontmoeten Verjaardag van de oprichting van het feest met uitstekende resultaten, aan de eerste klasse ondernemingen van China, om de economie en de samenleving een grotere bijdrage in het nieuwe tijdperk van digitalisering in te voeren. (Editor: Xiao Yuan, Danglong).

The company has come to the "Red Gang" Commissioner – Dong’a to create a benefit enterprise service brand

  Shen Xinxin, Yang Teng, the fire equipment of Yang Teng, can not use it normally, whether the fire passage is smooth on November 14, in the size of the Eastern Economic Development Zone, a red figure shuttle in the business workshop, canteen and dormitory.

They took the fire knowledge propaganda page, wearing a red vest with Hui Enterprises and the words of the same words, constantly asking the implementation of the company’s fire control measures, and appeals to companies to attach great importance to daily fire safety.

This group of service is a special identity red armor. In order to create a high-quality business environment, provide quality services to enterprises, Dong’a County set up a Red Government Center to establish a red partition center, tabulated more than 110 business management, project construction, administrative examination and approval, grassroots party building staff to build a red guide team . This team provides a full range of services to the jurisdiction and strives to be a waiter to develop by the company.

  In the day of the day, the Help Commissioner entered the enterprise, fully utilizing the WeChat public number, promoting single-page, fixed promotional columns, etc. Fire safety common sense, all-round, multi-level fire safety promotion, effectively extends the promotion of enterprises, and promote the implementation of fire safety subject responsibility.

  Since the study of the study and education of the party history, the Eastern Economic Development Zone has effectively carried out the whole process of the people’s practical practice activities, actively carrying out the activities of party construction and service enterprises, and give full play to the party building leading role. Relying on the non-public corporate party building Red Help, the promotion, the scope of publicity, the propaganda effect, promotes the construction of fire protection standardization, and solves the practical problems of the enterprise in the heart of the business. The Red Holding Office is not just an identity, but also a heavy responsibility. The Red Handle Commissioner solves all the problems of the enterprise as a work standard with a gangster, providing enterprises with all-time Unicom, all-round service, they shuttle in the enterprise workshop, busy on the project site, actively solving the company, full service enterprise healthy growth.

[Responsible Editor: Hou Mingming].

De eerste dag van de Silk Fair ondertekend 26 sleutelprojecten in Jiangsu bereikte 7,25 miljard yuan.

Originele titel: Silk Fair’s eerste dag Jiangsu tekende 26 sleutelprojecten op 11 mei, de 5e zijden weg internationale expo van "interconnectie en co-constructies delen" en China Oost-Westerse samenwerking en beleggingsbeurs bij de opening van Xi’an, de belangrijkste Leiders van de provincie Shaanxi woonden de openingsceremonie bij en patrouilleerden de Jiangsu Hall.

In deze Silk Expo hebben meer dan 600 mensen deelgenomen aan Jiangsu. Vanaf 11:00 heeft onze provincie onderhandeld over 67-implementatie-samenwerkingsprojecten, het totale bedrag is 15,6 miljard yuan.

In de middag van de 11e werd de Jiangsu-delegatie gekozen uit de 67 projecten die waren ge?mplementeerd. Liu Xiaoyan, adjunct-directeur van het Permanent Comité van SHAANXI Provincial People’s Congress, Liu Xiaoyan, plaatsvervangend directeur van Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, Chen Zhenning, plaatsvervangend secretaris van de Partijgroep, woonde de ondertekeningsceremonie bij. Chen Zhenning zei in de ondertekeningsceremonie, "Silk" is een innovatief initiatief voor "een riem helemaal", dat ook de koppelingsontwikkeling van het Oost-China en China van My Country promoot, het versnellen van diensten om een ??nieuw patroon voor dubbele cyclus "te bouwen. Jiangsu heeft altijd veel belang gehecht aan de "Silk Association". Elke sessie heeft de provinciale delegatie en verschillende groepen van de groep voltooid om het team mee te nemen om deel te nemen aan de Algemene Vergadering, de Jiangsu Exhibition Hall op te zetten, industri?le producten in te voeren, en het bereiken van vruchtbare resultaten. Volledig implementeren van het "One Riem" -constructie-initiatief, breidt de uitwisseling van samenwerking tussen het oosten en het westen uit, de betekenis is verreikend, verantwoordelijk.

Jiangsu zal blijven werken met de "zijde" als een platform om samen te werken met een nieuwe ronde van Sushan-samenwerking, verdere consolidering en uitbreiding van co?peratieve uitwisselingen, en de handen aansluiten bij een betere toekomst.

Plaatsvervangend directeur van de provinciale ontwikkeling en hervorming Commissie, Zhang ShiXiang, plaatsvervangend directeur van de provinciale plaatsvervangend directeur, die economische en handelssamenwerking uitvoert, het implementeren van het samenwerkingsproject is een belangrijke taak die deelneemt aan de zijdenbeurs. Bij deze Silk Expo heeft Jiangsu Co?peratieve projecten ge?mplementeerd Cover 8-velden zoals moderne landbouw, apparatuurproductie, voedselgeneeskunde, high-tech, infrastructuur, energiebesparende en milieubescherming.

(Reporter Wang Jianpeng) (Editor: Xiao Yu, Tang Wei).

Shenyang City shut down to rectify 2 cold chain food sales terminals and 144 pharmacies

People’s Daily Network Shenyang May 20 (Filial Piety) This website learned from the Shenyang Market Supervision Bureau that Shenyang has found a case in Shenyang. Imported cold chain food, retail pharmacy centralized rectification actions. Up to now, the Shenyang market supervision department examines 4,232 retail pharmacies, discovering that there is a problem with 348 retail pharmacies, and has all been ordered to correctly rectify 144 pharmacies who seriously violate epidemic prevention and control.

Check 552 imported cold chain food units, full covering 5 first-stop cold storage and 34 non-fixed-point third-party cold storage, checking 238 self-supplied cold storage, 188 sales terminals.

For cold chain foods and other foods, selling imported cold chain food, no special zone, "three certificates, one yard", have a decisive measures, 2 sales terminals are shut down, 13 self-supplied cold storage Chain food is sealed. Since May 18, the Shenyang Market Supervision Bureau organized the global power to quickly set up 50 supervision inspection teams to conduct special inspections for exemption prevention and control of the city’s retail pharmacies and imported cold chain food production and operation units. The retail pharmacies mainly conduct "five checks".

Check-inspiration drugs (rural areas are "refundable, anti-virus, antibiotics) sales to identify and real-name registration; check whether to use the additive drug sales information, whether to sell , 即 登 即 报; Whether the staff should wear a mask, do not measure the body temperature every day, and fill in the record, whether it is work clothes, etc., whether the investment industry is ventilated and recorded (requires at least the morning, 1 pm); Temperature measurement and requires scanning code and standards to wear masks. Main "Ten Check" on imported cold chain foods. For the first station fixed-point cold storage, check "batch test, disinfection"; check "three certificates One code "; check" double double lock "; check two teams (special team operators, special staff) operation and protection; check whether the import of cold chain food information is incomugged into.

For a third-party cold storage of non-fixed points, check whether illegal storage of imported cold chain foods.

Food production and operation units and other imported cold chain food sales terminals for the self-contained self-supplied cold storage, check the "three card one yard"; check if "should be completed in the code" through the safety traceability system of the refrigerated food safety of Liaoning Province; The area is sold, the zone logo; check whether the imported cold chain food is confused or sold separately with other foods. If the general public, if it finds that the retail pharmacies and imported cold chain food production and business units have not strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures, they can call 12315. (Editor: Xiao Yuan, Danglong).

The Central Military Commission issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of Major Leaders and Party Committee"

The PLA News Central Military Commission recently issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of Major Leaders and Party Committee" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). "Opinions" adhere to the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping’s strong thoughts, from the strengthening of the leadership of the army and the party’s construction, to implement the party’s party’s political responsibility as the main line, to improve the army party The internal supervision system is the foot, and the main leadership and party committee supervision make system specifications. The issuance of the "Opinions" is implemented, and the intensive power operation constraints and supervision, cracking on major leadership and similar supervision and challenges, with effective supervision to control "key few" to control the "key minority", promote comprehensive from severe administration, and strictly govern the army It is of great significance in the development of deep development.

6 parts of the "Opinions", clearly strengthened the significance, guiding principles, key content and specific measures for the supervision of major leaders and party committees, emphasized the outstanding political supervision, focusing on comprehensive and implementing the presidential responsibility system of the military committee, fulfilling preparations 6 aspects of the duties, etc.; distinguish between major leadership supervision, foreign party committees supervision and three levels of supervision of the lower party party committee, and propose 21 supervision measures; clearly establish four working mechanisms that promote the coordination of supervision and implementation. And the implementation of the implementation of the organization leadership promoted supervision work.

Shaanxi sends a shift in Snow Tour

Recently, Shaanxi Province ushered in the first snowfall in 2020, in order to effectively affect bad weather, November 23, Shaanxi Section and Transmission Engineering Co., Ltd. quickly launched emergency response, anti-ice patrol on the line, To ensure the security of the power grid, the power supply continues to be reliable. For winter continuous rain and snow weather, Shaanxi sent electric transmission and power inspection branch, Shangluobao station, according to the peak winter activities, carefully arranged, actively responded, the first time organized inspector of the defenders 5 roads to 330 kV line equipment Rain and snow weather is crucial to investigate, and focus on combing easy-to-loafen segments and rod towers.

Combining the experience of anti-ice special patrol over the years, the transmission and transportation inspection branch prepares in advance, and grasping the work.

Developed a special patrol plan for the skating and ice disaster in advance, clarify the safety responsibilities, clean the trees outside the ice line passage, prevent ultra-high tree bamboo from increasing the ice and snow, endanger the safety operation, and eliminate the increase of wires to increase the arc of the wire Hidden dangers in the safe distance of tree bamboo. At the same time, strengthen communication with local meteorological sectors, timely understand and master climate change, and arrange the "look back" on the line of ice.

It is understood that the transfer of the transfer of the transfer of 7 free-free and ice-free zone and the key seven lines involved in 7 lines, and the patrol rod tower is 158 yards.

Most lines are located in the mountains, the weather is cold, the road is difficult, and the inspector is not given up. Seriously check each base tower, each of the wires, carefully observe the wires without ice phenomenon and do a good job record, timely elimination The defects found in the patrol are solid to ensure safe operation of the line under special weather.

(Local Contributed Han Wenliang Zhu Wenxi) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingku).

One village check one question

[I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind] a village check one question – Sichuan big investigation to ensure winning, poverty attack I raised two pigs and some chicken duck, the days were very good, and there were more than 10,000 yuan a year.

"Recently, the villagers of Caijiawan Village, Guang’an Town, Guang’an City, Sichuan, finally stabilized, and he was pleased to say about the reporter. Luoshi phase is in 2016, but because improper feeding, there is a rising risk. In 2019 In the first year of Sichuan, the "two unfair three guarantees" returned to see the big investigation work, the Working Group found this problem, when the rectification is implemented, helping him start raising the pig.

After in-depth study, Luoshi phase mastered the breeding technology, and expanded the scale of breeding, eliminating the risks of the rivers.

The big investigation is an important part of Sichuan to carry out the theme education of "unforgettable, remember mission".

Sichuan clearly requested the provincial partial unit to see the main cuthers of the big rows and reform and reform as the theme education. The city county should regard large rows of rectification as an important task of theme education. All levels of Sichuan, various departments conscientiously implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government decision-making deployment, inspect the initial heart and mission, carefully planned, carefully deployed in large investigation work, strongly deployed, strongly achieved solid results. In June 2019, Sichuan officially launched a three-month large-scale investigation. In the past, Sichuan has organized five working groups, and selected five highly representative townships to conduct pilots, field tests and optimized the scientificity of large-scale questionnaire indicators. The reasonable steps of the method steps, the stability of system operation Sex, make sure the big investigation is safe and effective.

"To find out the number, find out the problem, do some targeted, effectively improve the quality of the poverty alleviation, ensure that you will be able to take off the poverty battle in schedule." In the province, the province has implemented the "two unfair three guarantees" back to see the big investigation work deployment meeting, Peng Qinghua, secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, emphasized that the province has to launch the "two unfair three guarantees" back to the big investigation, as a major measures for the spirit of the important speech of General Secrets, General Secretary, True, as a whole, fighting the poverty-stricken completion stage Basic work and "Niu Nose" project, together and work together to do this work deeply.

After the launch of the big troubleshooting, the working groups strictly control the "two unfair three guarantees" poverty alleviation standards, one village is a village, one house, one, one, strictly enforce the verification process, doing both All coverage, no one, one person, but also to high quality, is never false. It is reported that more than 260,000 people in Sichuan directly participate in the big investigation work, and the province (city, district), 4115 towns, 11501 poor villages, 32,79 non-poor villages have been fully covered. "From the inspection situation, the province’s deformed progress is in line with the expectations, the poverty reduction is obvious, and there is a solid foundation for the fight against the poverty.

"The relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Development Bureau told reporters that in the poverty of the establishment of the poverty, it was found that the problem of being depleted" two unfair three guarantees ", accounting for the number of investigations, and the problem of non-poverteen has taken the problem of%, total Accounting; in helping work, the problem is found to account for the number of investigations; in the easy-to-poverty alleviation relocation households, the problem is found to account for the number of investigations. Discover non-built-in-law Lika special difficult households (edge ??households) 37656 .

After the end of the big investigation, Sichuan held a summary meeting to make a detailed arrangement for problem rectification work.

As of February 29, 2020, the province’s inspection "two unfamiliar three guarantees" highlights have been changed, and the special difficulties of non-arrangement of Ru Special difficulties have resolved%.

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