Chen Erniu thought about it:“Ok!I listen to the leader。I will ask Mo Yan to go,Just can she go,I can’t guarantee”

“Go! Go! Go!You’re a scared wife,I call her,Let her go early to help my mother”Ma Yan said,I really called Mo Yan。
Song Fang came out of the village committee,Suffocating。Unexpectedly, the more she wanted to get closer to Xia Jian,Instead, it got farther。This kind of distance is the distance between heart and heart,Just like before,She can feel Xia Jian’s indifference to her。
More than an hour before get off work。She is the deputy village head,I’m sorry to take the lead to leave work early。This time,Through her unremitting efforts,Make Ma Yan change her mind。Ma Yan gave her the right to ship the vegetable greenhouse,This is also an affirmation of her work ability。
Just when Song Fang lowered her head thinking that her mind was moving forward,Suddenly from behind the big tree at the entrance of the village,Come out,This shocked Song Fang。
“Who are you?What do you want to do sneakily?”Song Fang’s eyes widened,Screamed。
“Yo!Are you Wang Youcai’s sister-in-law Song Fang?!I am his good friend Chen Feng。To put it more popular,I’m Mayor Chen’s brother”Chen Feng didn’t leave,He has been dangling at the entrance of the village,This is not waiting for Song Fang。
I heard that the man standing in front of him is Mayor Chen’s younger brother,Song Fang is still happy,After all, she is a relatively powerful person。
“Oh!Mayor Chen’s brother!Nice to meet you!I don’t know what Mr. Chen is asking for”Song Fang said to Chen Feng very politely。
Chen Feng glanced around and said:“How about let’s get in the car and talk?”
Facing Chen Feng’s invitation,Song Fang couldn’t move,This is her fatal weakness。If this person is not Mayor Chen’s brother,Song Fang will definitely not agree。
Chen Feng’s car stopped by the big tree at the entrance of the village,Song Fang hesitated,Got into the car。Chen Feng is happy,Opened the door on the other side and got in。
“I don’t think we are much different in age,So I just call you Song Fang,Don’t call Mr. Chen anymore,Call me Chen Feng”As soon as Chen Feng got into the car, he confirmed their name。
Song Fang smiled slightly,Whispered:“OK!Are you looking for me,Just say it。We have been sitting in the car for a long time,Inevitably something wrong,So you should hurry up!”
“Ha ha!I have long heard that Wang Youcai has a beautiful sister-in-law from the south,See you tonight,Sure enough。But what I didn’t expect was,You are so feudal,It seems to be affected by this small mountain village”Chen Feng said with a smile。

Xia Jian heard that Old Xiao wanted to divide the money,Can’t help being surprised,This startup group has a lot of money,Give him a little,May be enough for the rest of my life。

Old Xiao took a sigh of relief,Go on:“This is such a long time since Xiao Xiao left,Regardless of the group and my life or death,I won’t wait for him anymore”
“Maybe she has some difficulties?”Xia Jian is still trying to excuse Xiao Xiao。
Old Xiao shook his head,Sad to say:“Even if you encounter difficulties,Make a call,It should be ok to write a letter!This child is too hard,Even if I raise a white-eyed wolf”
Xia Jian rarely saw Old Xiao being so sad,This may be related to his kidnapping this time。That’s it,Xia Jian couldn’t help but complain about Xiao Xiao,Anyway,It should be okay to write a letter back!It’s been such a long time since she left,Dead or alive,So heartbreaking。
Old Xiao paused,He looked up at Xia Jian and said:“I am going to distribute 20% of the shares of the group to Xiao Xiao,Give you ten percent,Wang Lin 3%,Jin Yimei 2%,I’m sixty percent,Wait for me to die,When Xiao Xiao comes back,She inherited,She won’t come back,I give you all my equity”
Xia Jianyi listen,Said hurriedly:“This makes President Xiao,How am I?,Dare to inherit your equity,You still take it back!I get so much salary every month,Already satisfied”
“Ha ha!What are you nervous,No one ever said that there was too much money he didn’t want,You are an example。It’s you that I value you。We have exceeded the employment relationship,I always treat you as my own child,I don’t know what you think?”Old Xiao was talking,Suddenly asked this question。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Who said no,I regard this as my home”
“Hahahaha!it is good!What I want is your words,It’s late,Hurry up to sleep!”Old Xiao stood up happily,Walk towards his bedroom。
Xia Jian stood up,Gently turned off the living room light,And locked the door,I went back to my room,He is lying on the bed,Can’t sleep for a long time。
This Xiao Xiao,Really an unfilial daughter,Old Xiao is this old,She can even pretend。In case she comes back one day,Old Xiao is gone,I don’t know how she should face it?
Thinking about all these messy things,Xia Jian fell asleep slowly,Once this has fallen asleep,Want to wake up,But it’s not that easy。

Nine Uncle only looks,I know what the idea of Liao Wenjie.,Continue to say:“No wonder she can lose the fascination of the banana forest,I thought it was a female ghost that I learned.,So I personally go to do a bait.,Solve you and Qiusheng’s ability,I was confused by the girl……”

“Yes Yes Yes,Nine uncle’s father said yes。”x2
“Humph,I don’t know my heart.。”
Nine uncle is lazy to take care of Liao Wenjie and Qiusheng,believe it or not,Anti-rightness。
He waved from the cuffs and shaking a yellow,Post on the tree must be thrown on the foot:“Ager、Autumn,Be optimistic,Which banana tree is most powerful,Which banana tree is attached to,Eye hand, let her find her。”
Qiusheng just wants to ask,Sudden,Sticker yellow complicated on the tree must,The entire tree must,The banana forest is screaming,Big banana tree is shaking。
“found it。”x3
Three people look at the same time,Then go to the three orientation of the banana tree.。
Jiu Shihuang Sword,Punch the banana tree in front of it,See it without reaction,Dark road is too dark,Turned to Qiqiu。
the other side,Liao Wenjie also punctured the banana tree with money sword,Effect,抡 抡 铁 砂 补 下 下,Confirm that it is too dark to see him,This runs to the location of the autumn。
Yicheng is miserable,Waving money sword,Banana has no response,The result is suddenly moving behind him.。
I haven’t waited for him to chase,Under the foot of the mud,Instantly flooded the knee position。
“Master saves me!!”
Wooden swords come,Pre-autumn,Wolling is not,Autumn feet inserted in the soil。
Saving Qiusheng,Nine uncles stop,Go straight to the banana tree,opposite,Liao Wenjie came from the sword。
Wooden sword and money sword front and back,Piercing the banana tree at the same time,Screaming,Banan tree flower bark,No more moving。
Jiu Shi squatting on the banana tree,Looking at the top of the eye,Laugh:“Autumn,Take the shovel in the house。”
“Master,You first take the shovel to dig up and talk about it.。”
Half,Three people use iron shovel to turn over the banana tree,Nine Uncle touched in the root,Finally, take a finger from the dirt.。
“Nine uncles,what is this?”
Liao Wenjie immediately came to the spirit,Qiusheng is also curious,Delight:“Is it true body?,Species in pot,Water fertilization,I can grow a lot of female goblin next year.?”
It’s you!
Liao Wenjie is awe:“Autumn,I don’t think you have to fight the woman.,When you are really courageous。do not worry,Head seven,I definitely not absent.。”
“Jie Ge, what do you want?,I’m not that kind of person,Just want to put the demon intense in Master’s bamboo forest。”
“Qiusheng is right,This jade species is just buried in the bamboo forest.。”
Nine uncle laughs, huh, jade,Interpretation of the two people:“How can ordinary banana trees can be easily,It can be a baby to attract the sun and moon essence.,I buried jade into the bamboo forest.,Watering the heavens,The molded bamboo must also be a treasure,Good luck,May not be able to make‘Gain’Instrument。”
“so smart,Then I am……”
Liao Wenjie wants to take ten baskets of copper money to smash the nine uncle,In exchange for jade species,Can you touch if you can bring things back to the original world?,Feel。
Ghost stick,Have a rich future,He bought 18,The rope is formed into two nine-nine whip,A daily use,A plaque eat ash。
“Master,Jade species in bamboo forest,There will be no bamboo becomes a female demon.?”
“Will not,I am looking at it.,Where is so many demon。”
Jiu Shile huh, shot, put on the dirt,Find the owner to tell details,In their thousands of thank you,Write a prescription of a nourishing body。
The younger brother’s loss is too much,I have hurt the foundation,It is difficult to make up,He can only do its best。
Liao Wenjie,no other meaning,I think this is a fortune.,If you have no, you will use it.。
Return to the road of monastery,He asked the situation of ninexion,How to accurately,Instead of being empty, it will be aggravated。
Nine uncle talks,Liao Wenjie is analyzed in detail outside the outside.,And frank,Although medical can’t be separated,But he is not a doctor,Medical drilling is not deep,I can’t do it, I can cure all diseases.,Charged to treat usually cold and cold。
but,Because grasping the ghost demon experience,He is very good at treating some‘Strange disease’,That is, the disease that ordinary people hit the evil spirits。
Liao Wenjie listened to the head,Take the nine uncle finished overnight,All the whole process is talking‘Strange disease’topic of,Profoundly。

“If our group wants to hold,Must inject funds”Wang Lin smiled and said。

Old Xiao nodded and said:“Start in this way,Standardize immediately,The group’s funds must be injected,After that, we will sign a shareholding agreement with everyone,These things must be done according to the rules,Can’t be careless”When Old Xiao said this,Very serious face,I can see that he cares very much about this。
The dishes are ready soon,Which bottle of Lao Xiao’s Tibetan wine was also taken out。Xia Jian smiled and said:“Mr. Wang also have a drink,I won’t go back when it’s over,Stay in Xiao Xiao’s room at night”
“Ok!So much the better,Never drive while drinking,There is a place at home,Stay here and you go to work together tomorrow,We can talk a little longer at night”When Old Xiao heard what Xia Jian said,He is very happy。Two young people came home,Aunt Ding was also happy,She seems to see this as her home。
Pour the wine,Everyone just about to toast,Xia Jian’s phone rang,Xia Jian took out a look,Seeing it was Fang Fang calling,He is busy:“Hey!Fang Fang!What’s the matter?”
“What do you mean,I can’t call you if I’m fine?I heard you returned to Bucheon,I want to see you”Fang Fang said harshly on the phone。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“sure!Where are you?”
“I’m at the gate!”With sound,Fang Fang actually walked in through the gate。This girl is still so naughty。Everyone couldn’t help but laugh。
Fang Fang in a police uniform,I can see that she rushed over right after get off work。Old Xiao said quickly:“Hurry up and sit down!You haven’t come to my house for a long time,Is Xia Jian not coming back?,You never come to see me?”Old Xiao laughed,Greeting Fang Fang to sit next to her。Fang Fang is Xiao Xiao’s best friend,See Fang Fang,Old Xiao has the feeling of seeing Xiao Xiao。
Fang Fang put the police cap on the TV cabinet,Then he smiled at Xiajian and said:“I ran into Heiwa just now when I got off work,He said you just came back today,Back to Beishan in the evening,I just rushed over when something happened”
“Good good!Everyone eat and chat,Your legs are really long,I have kept this good wine for more than ten years,Just took it out tonight,You are here,It seems that this is also fate”Old Xiao haha laughed。
Several people laughed and raised their glasses,Such scenes are really rare。Wine is old wine,Naturally energetic。People are old friends,Of course it’s full of love。
A bottle of wine,Of course the four dare not drink,This is really out of print wine,So everyone changed the drink to a product。Thus,The dishes on the table will finish quickly。
Seeing Auntie Ding,Hehe smiled and said:“It seems that my craftsmanship is good,I’ll cook two more dishes and come back,Slowly taste Mr. Xiao’s wine first”
Old Xiao nodded in satisfaction and said:“very good!I want to hear the news from Fang Fang”Old Xiao said,So he put down the chopsticks in his hand,Look forward to。
“This is the top secret in the bureau,But I can reveal a little。The woman who took away the capital of the venture group is really not Xiao Xiao,Her real name is Mei Tong。People are now abroad,Keep changing places,Maybe she found out that we have started hunting her,But the money she brought out,Not much has been spent”Fang Fang lowered his voice and said。
Old Xiao took a breath and said:“This is weird,How does she look exactly like Xiao Xiao,In addition to doing things that people can’t understand,There are really no problems in other places,Even speaking without local dialects”
“Language is nothing,Because Xiao Xiao has spoken Mandarin since childhood,This Mei Tong is not difficult to imitate。But why is she so clear about everyone Xiao Xiao knows,I think this is the difficulty”Wang Lin said suspiciously。
Fang Fang looked at Xia Jian who was silent:“President Xia’s thoughts on this matter?Didn’t you find any flaws in this Meitong??”


“Wow wow!“
Daxiaguo,Yellow Bear County,In a remote town。From a remote branch of the ancient royal family,A baby is born。
“Good boy!”Mother lying in bed,A delicate woman has a hideous face,“The future of my house depends on you。”
The youth of the ancient royal family,Talented,Youth Enlightenment,Enter the practitioner early。
Less than three hundred years,To become an immortal。
Ancient Royal Family,Huge,It’s not a big place,But just in a remote branch,It’s not bad。
The room where this boy is,The position in the branch has also improved a lot,The tribe has gained a lot of benefits。
“Boom boom boom!”
Bombing down。
Together,Two,Three Ways!
Thunder falls one after another。
juvenile。。Do not,Today’s earth fairy faces despair。
“how is this possible,I didn’t even apprehend Tianxian,It’s just the most marginal branch of the royal family,Not much benefit at all。”
“Why,I have survived forty or nine days,But there are at least two waves behind!”
“Nothing more,Nothing more!Just dissolve the flesh,Turn into a fairy,The vast majority,In the end, it was just Cheng Sanxian。Be a blessed fairy,Can live a long time!”
“wrong!”The boy’s face changed a lot,He is about to give up his body,But found a force to lock him。
“this is。。Prohibition?!”
“I must pass the catastrophe,Or become a god,Either the soul flies away。。There is no chance of becoming an immortal?”
“How could this be?!”


There was a neat sound of footsteps on the stairs,All three look,I saw more than 30 wearing black、Bodyguards in neat white suits are standing on both sides of the stairs one step apart,In the middle is a man wearing a golden mask walking slowly down from above,He doesn’t go fast,It’s just that every step is extremely imposing。
“Dragon King!”O Sheng exclaimed。
“How do you know he is the dragon king?”
O Sheng gave him a sideways look at the idiot,Whispered:“At this time, who else is there besides Dragon King?!”
Ok,The question I asked seemed really idiot!
“Welcome three big drivers!”
The Dragon King came down the stairs and walked straight to the other end of the oval long table and sat down,Thirty bodyguards are also fast、Stand neatly and line up behind him。
Chen Xiu was so careless that he sat down opposite him,O Sheng and Li Lili stood behind him,Looking back at Ou Sheng、Li Lili,Staring at the bodyguard behind the dragon king again,Suddenly laughed。
“Mr. Chen,Don’t know what you laugh?”
“I won!”
Chen Xiu said proudly:“You have more people than me、Bigger than me,But the total of over 30 of them is not as good as the two stunning ladies behind me!”
Ou Sheng and Li Lili were also curious about what Chen Xiu was laughing at,Unexpectedly, he was proud of such a thing,If it’s not the occasion,They both want to go up and fix him。
The Dragon King couldn’t help but laugh at this reason,But didn’t care much,Even more:“Miss Ou and Dr. Li are both peerless beauty,Mr. Chen Yan Fu is not shallow!”

Xia Jian glanced at Dragon Ball,I couldn’t help laughing:“What do you do?Where is the funds? I have been in the venture group these years,In addition to basic salary,Nothing,To put it bluntly, just a few hundred thousand yuan,Life is no problem,What can I do with this little money??”

“You have no money,The bank has it!”Dragon Ball said with a smile。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“When I was in the startup group,They persuade me every year to make a loan from their bank,But now once I leave,It’s weird if they care about you。Moreover,I will not start again in Bucheon,Even if it is a business,I will not grab business with Chuanglai Group,You can rest assured Xiao Xiao at this point“
Xia Jian said these words,The color on Dragon Ball’s face suddenly changed,Even Fang Fang and Wang Lin were surprised。Dragon Ball asked quietly:“How did you know that Xiao Xiao asked me to ask you?“
“Ha ha!Who is Xiao Xiao, I know Xia Jian。You tell her,Let her put her heart in her belly,Since I voluntarily chose to leave the venture group,I won’t trouble her again。From now on,No one knows。You go!“Xia Jian stood up,Made a please gesture。
Dragon Ball stood up a little embarrassed,She whispered:“Sorry Brother Xia!“
“Nothing,Each is its own,This is your job,But i tell you dragon ball,You are young,How good is not what you imagine,Xiao Xiao is much more scared than you think,So be careful when doing things“Xia Jian said,Made a please go gesture。
Dragon Ball took a breath,Turned his head and grabbed the door。Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing.。
“Where did you tell that this dragon ball was sent by Xiao Xiao?“Wang Lin asked a little surprised。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“This is not like her Dragon Ball character,After a few glasses of wine, I started to see what I will do in the future?I have an idea,I didn’t expect her to be honest。fair enough,Let her bring a message to Xiao Xiao,Let her complete the task,Second, Xiao Xiao will no longer doubt that I am against the venture group“
Wang Lin took a sip from the hotel and said:“Xia Jian!It seems we can’t stay in Bucheon anymore,Want to leave quickly,Otherwise, if Xiao Xiao doesn’t manage to deal with it, he will really attack us“
“She dare not,This is a society ruled by law,How can she dare to do anything。Don’t worry,If Xiao Xiao dares to come to Fuchuan,,I was the first person to catch her,I do what I say“Fang Fang patted the table and said。
See Fang Fang like this,Xia Jian was very moved,Big entrepreneurial group has worked hard for so many years,It seems that the most caring people are Wang Lin and Fang Fang。

1018 Trial loophole

Grandmaster Qingyun nodded and said:“Really different,To copy exactly the same person,Need bigger algorithm,It’s not a trial formation that can be supportedihold。”
Chen Xiu put away the nine-ring sword,Laugh more happily:“So you just control the real pressure to the same level as mine。”
Chen Xiu burst into laughter:“So I’m sure to win this level!”
Said with a punch, he hit Grand Master Qingyun,The punch was unremarkable,No fancy moves is a straight punch,It’s just that Chen Xiu’s punches weighed 100,000 catties,Make the air explode,It seems that the air is compressed by his punch。
As Chen Xiu expected,Patriarch Qingyun is also a straight fist to meet。
Two fistsiHit together,A blast of air flows from between the fists into the air,The calm lake suddenly rises。
What Qingyun Patriarch imitated was only the true energy of the Fourth Stage Dzogchen,The fist weighs tens of thousands of catties under the blessing of Zhen Qi。But so far from enough,Chen Xiu has the power of Zhen Qi blessing,His own physical strength is also 100,000 catties。
This is the body doubleiOverbearing!
Under the pressure of Chen Xiu’s powerful fists,Master Qingyun turned out, Chen Xiu’s appearance began to blur,Restored the original appearance of Patriarch,It’s just that he is just a puppet of the formation,Did not show any shock,Bowed his head and said:“Trial,Pass the first level test,You can go to the next level!”
I saw an elliptical black hole appeared behind Master Qingyun,Chen Xiu stepped forward to another dimension,Is to a valley,I saw the red and purple,Manshan Fairview,There is a hut on the hillside not far away。
“Unexpectedly, the test site for the second level is actually here!”
Chen Xiu is most familiar with the scene before him,It is the valley where I followed the wild bee last time,The wooden house on the hillside in front is also the one I lived in。
He walked closer to the wooden house,But I saw a familiar figure standing in front of the wooden house,A plain robe,I’ve seen Chen Xiu,Smiled back:“You came!”

First13chapter Plan failed?

“Little doctor,This is the egg that my hen laid this morning……I rushed over to Qingxin City early in the morning!”
Fangjia Pharmacy。
Fang Yu is still taking medicine for others,The couple from yesterday came。
“He just happens to,Should not go around!You have paid for the medical bill……I don’t want the eggs!”Fang Yu finished,Gave the medicine to another person who grabbed the medicine。
“I heard that your medical skills here are superb……I specially brought some fellow villagers to grab medicine!”
The couple said。
“I still have to go to the hospital if I get sick!”
Fang Yu sternly。
If they all come,The pharmacy is probably too busy every day。
Fang Yu would like to take a break occasionally!
They nodded。
A group of people came from behind。

And Wang Teng,Looking at all this,There was even a murderous intent in my heart。

around,all of these,Actually still going on。
But in Wang Teng’s view,Actually all this,It was already doomed。
Look at these,Wang Teng at this time,In itself,On the contrary, I didn’t feel,What’s the problem with this look。
And seeing these,Sun He at this time,Speak loudly。
“What are you doing in a daze?,Don’t hurry up for me!”
Sun He finished,Those around,Want to continue。
It seems to Wang Teng,Actually all this,It’s very indifferent。
But by Wang Teng’s side,Others see here,Nodded one after another,Don’t forget to directly start shooting here。
“That’s what it said,Ping is like this,Then next,I think we should still test the hobby as soon as possible。”
“makes sense,The lord said so,Then next,Or send them directly!”
“To be precise,Actually do it now,It’s beyond doubt。”
slowly,When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a thing,What should I do。
Don’t talk about anything else,Looks at Wang Teng,all of these,Actually it was already destined。
“Whoops,interesting,Do you want to continue?”
Wang Teng sees here,Raised his eyebrows slightly,Don’t forget to say here。
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,at this time,In front of Wang Teng,Sun He is getting more and more troublesome。
After all now,Actually these things,What should I do。
Actually just this,It is beyond doubt that it has come。