Since the future is more unambiguous,It is better to enhance strength。

Two people continue to go to the road,Be careful。
Finally, I chose a burning meteor.。
NS3949chapter Closed door
This star,Volcano in the whole everywhere。
Magma,Smoke,The condition is extremely bad,And the location is remote。
Summer open road with chaos,Gobian strength is super,It is also very afraid of such a environment.。
They walk heavy heat waves,Go deep into the underground rock formation,Open a stone room,In again, it will be closed by the array.。
As long as it is not a sense of exploration,This is extremely difficult to find。
Summer takes out the cloud world,Invite Gof Sword to practice。
After all, his stream is arranged in a powerful concealment.、Laster。
Goflord will naturally not refuse,After coming in,Direct access to the range of large array,The two respective sacrifices。
Enter the deep practice。
The outside world has passed,Time field,Equivalent to practice for eleven days。
With practice,Summer understanding of the power of chaos is getting more beautiful。
He found,The power of chaos condensed one heavy day,A star ring。
In the middle of the star ring,That is divided into ten levels。
One layer increases,The strength will jump a big cut。
He is now the level of chaos in the body,50% from the second day。
In other words,His current chaos,According to the level in the level,Fifteen floors。
Summer pressing determination,This closed door,At least 18 floors。
At the time,Even in the ranks of the realm of God,He also stands in a very high level。
Even the strong people who have confident。
The conversion project of chaos is a vast and difficult。
According to the Gogan said,Genius of the pole,Enhance a level of chaos,No hundreds of years can’t do it.。
Summer advantage is that there is no polar map。
But even so,His speed is impossible to become faster。
therefore,He decided to take the sword。
That is to upgrade the unpolated map。
Since insight has no polar nature,In the summer, the unpredictable figure is used as an upgradeable tool.。
What you have to do now is in the energy node within it.,Continuously increase the number of changes in the crowd。
However,The speed of this biological refiner is too embarrassing and mystery。
It can be said,Every step in the summer is needed,Repeated experience,Be careful。
Once an error,His strength will not be retracted。
Energy nodes and variations in the original non-precipitial map,It is only equivalent to a five-piece first-order。
Later, summer continuous transformation,Now now,It has reached a change in 150,000。
This closed door,He strive to break it through two million caveths……Once a breakthrough of two million cars,Unprofitive map is equivalent to five medium-term propagumes。

This discovered this,Gu family is here。

When you see Gu Yi,In the mind, I repeatedly recall that the scene of him,Her whole person is not shaking from autonomous。
Gu Yi did not miss the panic of the moment.。 He walked quickly,“Small memory,sorry,It’s a big brother.,Big brother doesn’t know what you.?Small memory。”
Gu Yi’s words exit,Everyone has done。
After Gu Yi said, he found some unsatisfactory.,His sex is straight,Can’t live in the heart,This is the reason why Gu Jia’s people have never told him.。
Gu Yi Lin looked at the big brother,but,Say,Save their family has been uncomfortable。
They all arrived.,Xiao Yi should also know。
Lu Haocheng glared at Gu Yi。
This bastard
Blue Xin is shocked,In this moment,It seems that all guess is the departure。
She quickly reincarnation:“Mr. Gu,You got the wrong person。”
Blue Xin denied the road,Who doesn’t look,Vertical eye,I don’t know where to see。
Lift your eyes,Lin Dami’s tears full face,Allah。
Her heart is painful,And Lin Demon is quietly regarded。 “Blue,Blue,You are my mother’s daughter.!”Lin Daung said out。
The whole person is sitting on the ground.。
Gu Yi Lin,Quickly walk in the past。
“mother,You just fainted because of your heart,Now your emotions can’t get down again.,Will fainted again。”
Blue Xin is not credible,Tears can’t control it。
“how so?”She murmritic。
Gu Xihong gets up,Looking at Blue Xin,I feel excited:“Blue,Parent-child identification has been done,You are the little daughter who is lost.,Gu Yi blue。Do you still remember that Dad saw you for the first time??At that time, my father recognized you.,But I don’t dare to affirm it.,so,Dad has been looking for you during this time.。”
NS512chapter:Do you know you?

NS512chapter:Do you know you?
Gu Xihong said,I looked at Blue Xin with distressed。
Blue Xin invisible shoud。
Lu Haocheng looked at her appearance,Incomparable distress,He said:“Blue,Gu Boyi is really your own mother。”
“Ha ha”Blue,The eyes are full of sadness。
She looked at Lu Haozheng asked:“Do you know you??”
She suddenly remembered what to go to the Haicheng,Before going to the sea,He knew she is Gu Yi blue。
so,I will say that.。
she,Is the only woman waiting for the man in front of him.。

Fujian Provincial Department of Water Resources: Strengthen the project concentrated review and optimize the water conservancy business environment

The Fujian Provincial Department of Water Conservancy implemented the reform and deployment of "decentralization and management service", and adhered to the "science, standardization, efficiency, and integrity" of centralized review and management in accordance with the requirements of "reduction of materials, minus links, reduction processes, and time limit".It is necessary to ensure that the project construction is needed, ecological security, and can continue. Since 2021, a total of 23 key project reviews have been completed, and the cumulative optimization of project investment is 3.1 billion yuan.

Strengthen scientific review and improve government investment benefits and adhere to the combination of safe ecology.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, it is mainly to repair the water ecosystem of the river and lake, and take into account the construction of the source of the source of the source and the construction of the landscape. The project is optimized from 100 million yuan to 100 million yuan. Adhere to the overall planning of the whole region. Focusing on the entire basin, coordinating the elements, the governance of the grass and sand system of landscapes, forests, and lakes. For example, in the review of the overall plan of water supply and water sources in Golden Gate, fully demonstrate it from a systematic and global perspective. Emergency water volume, normal water storage level, and damper body increase in high scale, saving investment of 100 million yuan.

Persist in security economy.

Carefully review the main indicators of engineering standards and scale, and carefully review from the aspects of depth, quality, and safety. For example, the feasibility study of the reconstruction project of the Beixi Directation of Jiulongjiang, through optimizing the sluice reconstruction plan, engineering layout, etc., it saves investment of 100 million yuan. Strengthen standardized review and improve the process of reviewing the credibility of administrative examination and approval. Formulate the "intermediary service agency to know", provide precise notification services for the reporting unit, solve the problems of unclear reporting processes and inaccurate operation specifications, and realize the transformation from "multi -time running" to "at most" transitions. , Promote the water conservancy acceleration from "running at most" to "one trip without running." At present, the provincial -level water administrative license "one trip without running" accounts for%, and the average number of running times, including the proportion of operations, and "full -process online" matters accounting for%.

Standardize intermediary behavior.

Formulate the "Implementation Rules (Interim) Implementation Implementation Implementation Implementation Implementation Implementation Rules (Interim)" and various project results scores of various projects for the implementation of the project design report scoring system and time system. The evaluation results are linked to the transaction of water conservancy engineering, forcing the intermediary agency to improve the quality and efficiency of service, and realize the "zero latency" and "zero backlog" of the review.

Standardize expert behavior.

The key points of the technical review of the planning, research, and preliminary phase, standardized template for review opinions of 16 types of water conservancy projects, and compiled 32 related documents. Each year, the water conservancy project review and training will be held, and the relevant provisions of relevant laws, regulations, regulations, regulations and regulations, regulations and regulations, regulations and regulations, and standardized provisions of the construction standards of water conservancy projects have been held. Strengthen high -efficiency reviews, provide convenient services for reviewing and reducing the review process, reshaping the review process, and realizing the "weight loss" effect of the review business. The first is to reduce the link and implement the "minimalist review".

The "Water Engineering Construction Conference", "Construction Project Construction Plan for Construction Projects within the scope of river management", "Non -flood -proof construction project flood impact assessment report", "national basic aquatic test station upstream and downstream construction affects hydrological monitoring engineering" The review time of the entire process was compressed from an average of 160 working days before the reform to 60 working days. The average processing time limit was 50 working days, and the pressure was reduced by 63%.

In the province’s various economic development zones, industrial parks, etc., as well as industrial areas determined by governments at or above the county level, the implementation of the "three evaluations, one review, one approval" model of the water and water conservation plan, flood impact, and water resources demonstration area. More than 60 regions in the province have implemented regional evaluations and review and approval for multiple evaluations, and the results have achieved "one -time compilation and global sharing." The second is the time limit to achieve "fast trial". Based on the premise of ensuring the quality of the review, based on the standardized review process, formulate the schedule of the review project, reasonably streamline the time limit for the review, survey, review, post -review, and approval, etc., and timely open the "middle obstruction", major water conservancy projects are accepted from acceptance The entire process of approval was reduced from the original average 25 working days to 15, and the compression ratio of the review time was 40%. The third is to promote steadily and promote "online trial".

Adhere to the non -relaxed epidemic prevention, the approval of the speed, the speed of the approval, the service of the service, the service of the video conference, the letter review, the online review and other advanced and fast review methods, and make every effort to promote the acceleration of various types of water conservancy projects. For example, through the on -site aerial photography, the problem of linear engineering lines and on -site surveys has been solved, and "on -site surveys" to "online survey"; through video conferences, change "meeting review" to "online review", only 2021 Organized more than 40 games, which not only avoided risks such as epidemic dissemination, but also achieved the "zero cost" of the conference travel. Strengthen the judgment of integrity, create a good service image, close three core tasks, streamlined matters, process optimization, and improvement of effectiveness, strengthen the overall supervision, build a clean line of cleanliness, and ensure that the evaluation work is fair and fair. The first is to establish a "double random" spot check mechanism. Formulate the "Double Random and One Open" Inspection of Water Conservancy Construction Market Maintrales ", and implement key supervision of units with high social attention, high risk levels, and many complaint issues. In 2021, 20 water conservancy construction market subject inspections were completed in 2021 It has created a good market competition atmosphere of the water conservancy industry’s "integrity and shame".

The second is to improve the mechanism of restraint and disciplinary dishonesty.

In accordance with laws and regulations and related norms and standards, strictly supervise intermediary service agencies. In 2021, the three design units were notified to remind them to inform the problem as the precepts to promote the design behavior of the intermediary service agencies consciously in accordance with the law. , Qualifications and reports have significantly improved in compliance. The third is to improve the system of integrity.

Amend the "Regulations on Strengthening the Construction of Integrity in Technical Review", and the relevant personnel of the review signed the "Proposal of Integrity" in accordance with the project, and the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Department and the Administrative Approval Division of the Department of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, which increased its supervision, investigate the risks of integrity, and unblocked the supervision channels. Dispute the problems of the masses in a timely manner, realize the "zero difference" of review work, and "zero violations". (Responsible editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) Share more people see the client download.

CITIC Bank Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch and Yang Muqing Financial Lending Contract Dispute Case One Case

Guangdong Provincial Intermediate People’s Court announced (2022) Guangdong 01 Yang Muqing: The court filed a case for the case of the Guangzhou Branch of China CITIC Bank Co., Ltd. and your financial loan contract dispute. In accordance with Article 95 of the Civil Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, it will be announced to you (2022) Yue 01 to execute the consumer order and implement the decision to implement it. The content of restrictions on the consumption order is: Yang Muqing (ID number: 4401111196506102711) must not have the following high consumption and non -life and work consumption behavior: 1. When riding a transportation tool, choose airplanes, trains soft sleepers, ships second or above. Make high consumption at places such as hotels, hotels, nightclubs, golf courses, etc. 3. Buy real estate or newly built, expanded, high -end decoration houses; Vehicles; 6. Tourism and vacation; 7. Children attend high toll private schools; 8. Pay high premiums to purchase insurance wealth management products; 9. All seats in the G -shaped EMU trains, other seats of other EMUs and other seats, etc. Non -living and work consumer behavior.

During the restriction of consumption, if the executed person provides a true effective guarantee or approved by the applicant, the court may terminate the restriction consumption order.

The acting person who is executed in violation of the consumption of consumption or order is a decision and ruling that refuses to fulfill the people’s court’s legal effect. The court will be detained and fined; if the circumstances are serious and the crime constitutes a crime, the court will investigate its criminal responsibility.

If the executor and the public find that the executed person who is restricted to consumption is violated with this restrictions of consumption or order, you can report to the court 020-83211003 to report. This restriction of consumption will take effect from the date of delivery, until the completion of the debt is completed. The content of the execution decision is: the executed person Yang Muqing (ID number: 440111196506102711) was included in the list of dishonestyes, for two years.

This decision takes effect from the date of making. From the date of this announcement, it is deemed to be delivered after seven days. Special announcement.

March 10, 22.

Can you take a champion?,I have to look at the audience’s recognition and voting。”

“嘻嘻,Second sister is so humorous。”
“Second sister,I heard that all data this year is open.,Is it true??”
“……”Although the time is not long,But Yunno and others quickly like the second night.,And beaten a piece。
“Of course it is true。”
I nodded very seriously the second night.,Then lead everyone to the background。
On the way,She is lowered to the summer road,“I didn’t prepare for this thing.,But Southern Zhang Yuxi is your sister of your sister.,I think it is necessary to tell you.。”
“Some people want to pick my peach,I even want to make a shady,Want hidden rules。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,“Zhang Yuxi?”
Second night point,“The deaf department within Dahua Entertainment Company is very complicated.,In fact, my shares come from Chujia.……”Toned,She looks straight to the summer,Some complexity,“Although you leave Hong Kong City,But Chu’s family and Gu family owe you people.,They know me and you know,So in this time, I hit a lot in mortgage.……”
First1973Chapter Arrogant white
Zhang Yuxi changed his clothes,After the other players, after the sound,Be prepared to leave。
But just left outside,A work member stopped her。
“Miss Zhang,Some people want to see you。”
Zhang Yuxi,Asked,“Who is it to see me?。”
“Mr. Bai。”
Staff,“Mr. Bai is the president of Dahua Entertainment,He is very good to you,You are lucky。”
Talk time,His face comes out of envious colors,At the same time, I also squeeze my eyes.。
“Mr. Bai?”
Zhang Yuxi once again。
She didn’t heard that each other。
But does not affect your judgment,Hurry,“Do you know what is the matter of Mr. White??”
“Mr. Bai, the big person, Japanese machine,How can I tell me these?。”
Stair smile,“Let it go,I take you,Don’t let Mr. Bai wait a long time.。”
Zhang Yuxi is not a girl。
In fact,She has a star dream from a small child.,Has participated in many elevated programs。
Later, it was in a band and sounded。
Some things in the circle,There are few more and less。
She also encountered some 龌蹉。
Otherwise,Her appearance,And the age of 25……Why is it still a famous little person?。
After a moment,Zhang Yuxi came to the temporary office of the Director of Lord.,But let her doubtful,Didn’t see Mr. Bai,Only Luo Director sits there。
“Yifei,Sit,Sit quickly。”

Be right。

Shi is a stone statue。
This stone is full of two meters.,The gray rock looks like a feeling of being a burst.。
But it seems to have unspeakable power,Not only is flexible,And the speed is extremely fast。
When it is a punch,Although there is no hurricane,Don’t play the knife and master,But this boxing will fly Liuhe Mountain.。
“Hunch”Still in the air,Liuhe Mountain has a large mouth,Not waiting for him to land,This stone is left in the same place.。
The speed is too fast。
“Ah……”Liuhe Mountain has made a fierce and unwilling desperate,I watched the stone statue and raised the stone knife.。
He blinds,At the same time, raising the blade of the hand.。
“Click”“Hunch”Connected sound,The long sword in his hands actually blew,And with the waist of him。
This……Summer is now,Pupil and shrink。
Liuhe Mountain is dead?
Be killed?
This is true or illusory?
Or say,This is not Liuhe Mountain.,It is Liuhe Mountain in my illusion.?
Summary in summer。
Two meters high stone statues stepping on the ground,Heavy pace,Turn away。
Come to the stone statue,Stand in a space。
“Ah……”However, at this time,The extremely strange scene appeared。
I saw Liuhe Mountain, who was louder.,The body disappeared quickly,Chemusting stars,Only leave a beach blood on the ground。
But immediately,He is like a reborn,I have appeared in the air.。
Nothing is intact。
“Bombardment”Just in the moment he just appeared,One of the stone statues left the location,Will it turn to a moving shadow。
Take more than ten minutes later,He was once again behind a huge stone knife,Bai Yessen’s bones and scarlet blood splash。
The previous scene repeatedly appeared。
The body disappeared,Leave only some blood water,But soon Liuhe Mountain appeared in air。
Once again。

Following the 27th "World Reading Day", "Digital Reading" is changing life

What is "World Reading Day" on April 23rd is called "World Books and Copyright Day", also known as "World Book Day".

The original creativity came from the International Publisher Association, and the Spanish transfer plan was given by UNESCO.

On November 15, 1995, it was officially determined that April 23 was "World Books and Copyright Day". The purpose of its establishment is to promote more people to read and write. I hope that everyone can respect and thank the masters of literature, culture, science, and thought that have made great contributions to human civilization to protect intellectual property rights. On this day, more than 100 countries in the world will host a variety of celebrations and book promotional activities.

Various types of activities are colorful on April 21. As the 27th "World Reading Day" is coming, it is sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing Cultural and Tourism Bureau, the Capital Library, the Beijing Library Association, and the Beijing Library The 2022 "Reading Beijing" Capital Citizens Reading Series Cultural Activity Conference jointly hosted by the libraries of the city’s districts was held in the Capital Library.

The press conference is based on the theme of "Melting Ancient Casting to the Future of the Future". Beijing".

      The first National Reading Conference · Beijing Reading Season Startup and "Light Reading Light" theme event was held in Beijing on April 23.

The theme of the first National Reading Conference is "Reading a New Era and Entrusted New journey", including a series of forums, exhibition exhibitions, releases and theme activities.

This event is an important part of the first National Reading Conference. It is divided into three chapters: "Reading Beijing", "Reading China", and "to the Future" to link a number of special activities in various districts in Beijing.

  ) April 23 is World Reading Day. As a result of the selection, 19 award -winning books including "Xu Yuan Chong Chong Shi Shi Shu" stood out from more than 2,000 participating books. The Wenjin Book Award was established in 2004. It is a public welfare book award activity initiated by the National Library and participated in the national library industry. On April 23, on the 27th World Reading Day, the first national "Miaobi Shenghua Flower, hosted by Beijing Caoqiao Industrial Corporation, Beijing Huaxiang Huamu Group Co., Ltd., Beijing World Flower Grand View Garden, and Beijing Huaxiang Culture Technology Co., Ltd. The opening ceremony of the reading festival opened in the World Flower Grand View Garden.

The hectare of the 4A -level scenic area World Flower Grand View Garden, when the flowering period is strong, peony, begonia, rhododendron, daisy … Flower Haifang Fei, aroma lingering. On April 23, it was the World Reading Day, and the "Du Shi" was burned by the Central Plains hinterland Jinsha Lake. With the launch of the "World Reading Day and Sands Poems" on the day, the eighth Dufu International Poetry Week was officially unveiled. Guests from all walks of life such as literary poetry and other circles released the shores of Zhengzhou Jinsha Lake in the name of "poetry", and paid tribute to Du Fu of "Poetry Saint" through poetry and chanting.

                                                                                      The 19th National National Reading Survey was announced that April 23 was World Reading Day. The first National Reading Conference opened in Beijing.

At the meeting, the results of the 19th National National Reading Survey were released.

According to the survey, the comprehensive reading rate of various media, including books, newspapers and digital publications in 2021, was%, an increase of percentage points from 2020.

Among them, the reading rate of adult national books is%, an increase of a percentage point from 2020; the newspaper reading rate is%, a decrease of a percentage point from 2020; The contact rate of mobile phone reading, electronic reader reading, PAD reading, etc.) is%, an increase of a percentage point over 2020.

                    The release of "China Digital Reading Report of 2021" was released on April 23.

The "China Digital Reading Report of 2021" released on that day shows that in 2021, the overall size of China’s digital reading industry reached 100 million yuan, a growth rate of%, and per capita electronic reading.

  The report was released at the first National Reading Sub -Forum and the 8th Digital Reading Annual Conference held at the first National Reading Conference. The report data shows that in 2021, the number of digital reading users in China reached 100 million, a growth rate of%. Among them,%are users aged 19-25,%are users under 18 years of age, and "Gen Z" became the main force of digital reading. "2021 China Good Books" announced the "World Reading Day" on the night of "World Book Review", which was selected by the Chinese Book Review Society. A total of 42 books were selected.

Among them, there are 2 types of honorary books, 9 types of theme publishing, 8 types of humanities and social sciences, 14 types of literature and art, 4 types of popular science life, and 5 children’s categories.

  The annual honorary book is: "On the History of the Communist Party of China" (Central Literature Publishing House), "A Brief History of the Communist Party of China" (the People’s Publishing House History Press). Essence