4 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City

People’s Daily Wein, December 3, Shijiazhuang City, Luquan District, the leadership group of the new coronary virus infected pneumonia epidemic work leading group released on December 3, and the four cases of new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed. The positive case (1 pulse type, 3 Lightweight) has all been transferred to Shijiazhuang City Center. On November 29, after receiving the big data to the area of ??Manchuri, the Luquan District received the investigation and verify it.

After investigation, Liu Moumou is a visit to Manzhouli City, and the two nucleic acid detection during isolation is negative during the morning on November 30. In view of Liu Moumou from a high-risk area (Manzhouli Dongshan Street), the Luquan District was launched on the site of Liu Moumou (Luquan District Shan Yin Village) All personnel in December 2nd. Nucleic acid detection.

On December 3, the nucleic acid laboratory of Luquan District CDC and Luquan District People’s Hospital reported Liu Mou (for the above-mentioned high-risk area Liu Mou), high a certain, Zhang Mou, Wang The results of a four-person nucleic acid detection are initial sir, and the review results of Shijiazhuang City CDC have been positive. All of them have been transferred to Shijiazhuang City Center, diagnosed with new crown pneumonia confirmed cases (1 case, 3 cases). On November 29, the Luquan District was negative in the detection of 5 people in the nucleic acid detection of the key population. On December 1, given Liu Moumou from high-risk areas (Manzhouli Dongshan Street), 4 of the four adopters of Liu Moumou were single-room isolation on the Xixing Electron-relocated project of Luquan District.

Cardship case 1: Liu Mou, female, 44 years old, exclusive residence in Puxing Electronics Site, Yincun Town, Luquan District.

On December 3, in the nucleic acid detection, the first screening is ranted from the negative pressure ambulance to the designated hospital of Shijiazhuang City. After the recovery is positive, according to the nucleic acid detection of the patient, combined with clinical manifestations and the results of the lung CT examination, it is expert consultation, Diagnosis is new crown pneumonia confirmed cases (ordinary). Credentia 2: High, male, 43 years old, exclusively resourcefully residents in the Puxing Electronics Site Dormitory of Shan Yincun Town, Luquan District.

On December 3, in the nucleic acid detection, the first screening is ranted from the negative pressure ambulance to the designated hospital of Shijiazhuang City. After the recovery is positive, according to the nucleic acid detection of the patient, combined with clinical manifestations and the results of the lung CT examination, it is expert consultation, Diagnosis is new crown pneumonia confirmed cases (light type).

Case Study 3: Moumou, male, 26 years old, exclusively resourcefully residents in Xixing Electronics Site, Yincun Town, Luquan District.

On December 3, in the nucleic acid detection, the first screening is ranted from the negative pressure ambulance to the designated hospital of Shijiazhuang City. After the recovery is positive, according to the nucleic acid detection of the patient, combined with clinical manifestations and the results of the lung CT examination, it is expert consultation, Diagnosis is new crown pneumonia confirmed cases (light type). Credentia 4: Moumou, female, 51 years old, exclusively resourcefully residents of the Xixing Electronics Construction Site in Shan Yin Village, Luquan District.

On December 3, in the nucleic acid detection, the first screening is ranted from the negative pressure ambulance to the designated hospital of Shijiazhuang City. After the recovery is positive, according to the nucleic acid detection of the patient, combined with clinical manifestations and the results of the lung CT examination, it is expert consultation, Diagnosis is new crown pneumonia confirmed cases (light type). At present, the close contacts of the confirmed cases, close contacts, close contactors, the close contacts of the close contact, and the transfer isolation, and the centralized isolation measures are implemented in strict accordance with the relevant provisions, and the prevention and control measures are in order.

Here, the masses have reminded the following prevention and control measures: First, Since November 19 (inclusive), there has been contact history and the history of the history of the hospital or the history of the history of the hospital, please take the initiative to live The township (street) and village committee (community neighborhood committee) are reported, cooperated with nucleic acid detection, isolation observation, etc.

Such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste), decrease, diarrhea and other symptoms, timely call 120 to designated hospital.

If you have no news, you will be responsible for the presence of serious consequences.

Second, the masses must enhance personal protective awareness, do good personal protection, properly wear masks, hard work, often ventilated, do not gather, take the new crown vaccine. Third, please closely pay close attention to the development of the epidemic, if it is not necessary to travel to the high-risk area and epidemic situation in the middle of the high-risk area; Prevention and control requirements. At the same time, please don’t have to panic, keep a good mentality, don’t believe in not rumors, strictly observe the prevention and control requirements.

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Complete "ten tasks" to help high quality development

This newspaper on October 26th, the 12th Congress of Huaxi District of the Communist Party of China successfully completed the victory of the agenda. The meeting vote adopted a resolution of the 12th Congress of Huaxi District, Guiyang, China, on the resolution of the 11th Committee of Huaxi District, Guiyang City, China, and "China Communist Party Guiyang Huaxi District Chaosi District Regarding the resolution of the 11th discipline inspection committee of Huaxi District, Zhigang District, Huaxi District, which clarifies the new improvement in the economic development of Huaxi District in the next five years, and the new improvement of ecological environment is realized, and the cultural tourism quality is new. Reform and opening up levels realize new improvement, and the improvement of people’s livelihood and the improvement of new improvement, social governance efficiency achieved new improvement six "new improvements" goals. In the next five years, Huaxi District will take the courage to attack the hard, the unfair tennis, and the solid style, and coordinate the overall layout of "five integration", coordinate the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, and persist in steady The total tone, adhere to the people-oriented thinking, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, stronger the global, keep the development and ecological two bottom lines, adhere to "high-end, green Chemical, intensive ", focus on" four new "main attack" four-way "to implement the" strong capital "action as the main line, in-depth implementation of industrial strong district, innovation, ecological zone, and Wen travel area" four strategies " , Vigorously promote the "ten tasks": – Promote the "main engine" of high quality and high quality development.

Using electronic information manufacturing and high-end equipment as the leading industry, introducing specialty new enterprises and quality enterprises, build hundreds of billion electronic information manufacturing and high-end equipment manufacturing aggregation areas; with special food, forming a special industry, promoting new industrialization In combination with new urbanization, agricultural modernization, tourism industrialization; in-depth promotion of large data and physical economic integration, build a group of intelligent manufacturing projects and "two chemical" converger companies; in-depth promotion "Thousand Enterprise Reconstruction" projects, create a batch There are driven, influential companies.

– Promoting the "hard support" of high quality development in the promotion of urbanization.

Vigorously promote the new urbanization of people, improve the urban energy level, and the resident population exceeded 1.8 million, the urbanization rate reached 85%; promote the South Extension of Migoba Road, Toyo Avenue, Rail Transit 3, S1 Construction, build "eight horizontal eleven" urban backbone road network; accelerate the completion of the Qingxi Road-Guanlu Road, Jiaxi South Road – Huatong North Road and other node transformation; accelerate the construction of Jiaxi South Road, Ma Lingshui , The water supply project such as the stone water plant, the urban water supply penetration rate reaches%; implementing smart Huaxi transfer backbone network project, achieving full coverage of the rural key area 5G network; accelerate Meng Guanqiu City, the transformation and upgrading of the company. – Promoting the development of agriculture and steady "basic disc" in high quality development. In-depth implementation of rural resolution strategy, and fully promote the modernization of agricultural rural; strengthen the investigation of poor hidden dangers, continue to improve the five systems of the benefits of easy-to-rank, do a good job of food production, vigorously develop vegetables, fruits, tea and forest economy; deepen technology Helping farm schools to cooperate, develop high-quality seedlings, build high-quality seedling bases in the province; vigorously develop the profound processing of agricultural products, agricultural product conversion rate reached more than 75%; implement "brand strong farmers" plan, create a "flower" brand public brand More than 10, do more than 30 provincial demonstration family farms and farmers ‘professional cooperatives and farmers’ professional cooperatives.

– Promoting the high quality of tourism and answers the "plus the title" of high quality development.

In-depth implementation of "Wen Travel Availability" strategy, close to the province to create a "double-first-class" destination goal, and fully build Huaxi International Mountain Sports Leisure Resort; increase investment, and live inefficient idle projects, linkage in the ancient town, promote Huaxi District "Daqingyan" scenic spot is listed; perfect holiday supporting facilities, enrich resort tourism products, create Tianhe Tan National Tourism Resort; Series Wetland Park – Huaxi Park – Huaxi Pingqiao, build a national-level tourist leisure block; Slope Top Dark Night Twilight Park, Hongyan Canyon and other scenic spots, build a batch of red tourism cards. – "Soft Power" in high quality development is enhanced in the culturality of soul coagulation. Deepen the "green ribbon" volunteer service, carry out the "our holiday" series theme activities, vigorously promote the traditional virtues of China; in-depth promotion "civilization in action, satisfied in Huaxi" activities, let the civilization new wind more infiltrated; continuous brown culture , Traditional culture, national culture, ecological culture, creative culture "five" cultural business cards, cultivate Huaxi urban cultural brands. Significant advantage of thick ecology, as "special students" in high quality development. In-depth implementation of the ecological regional strategy, vigorously develop resource-saving, environment-friendly industries, create a group of ecological civilized towns and villages; promote the promotion of lake in Lake Tima, promote the comprehensive rectification of Huaxi River, carefully protect Huaxi Reservoir, "Water Cylinder" such as Aha Water Library, the air quality excellent rate is maintained above 95%, the water quality of centralized drinking water water is 100%, the urban domestic sewage treatment rate is more than 98%, industrial solid waste disposal utilization, danger The safety disposal rate of waste is 100%. Deepen the "Dynamic Source" of Reform and Open Innovation and Upgrading High Quality Development.

Based on "industrial research" linkage, promote the construction of scientific and technological innovation bases, add more than 5 innovative incubators, more than 50 incubation enterprises; implement college students’ entrepreneurial employment action plan, promote talents and project docking, interaction with the industry Continue to deepen the "most running" reform, focus on "minus link, reduce materials, reduce time limit, cost", improve government affairs efficiency; continue to optimize the business environment, deepen the "noble service" concept, and provide the whole cycle for enterprise development , All chain services, build a relationship between pro-Qingyuan. – Thousands of people have improved the people’s livelihood and build a "laying stone" of high quality development.

High standard planning implements the construction of "one circle of two three reforms" construction, high quality to create a 15-minute living circle, focus on the parking lot, the broad-on-year development of the farmer’s market, high efficiency promotes the transformation of shantytures, old communities, back street streets, Improve the people’s lives of people; increase the stability of stability, promote vocational skills improvement; new construction, change a group of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, new degrees, comprehensive implementation of basic medical insurance, major illness insurance and medical assistance "triple medical protection ", Implement" housing project "; improve the hierarchical classification social assistance system, constantly improve the level of pragmatic, and the level of social security.

Treatment of "Stabilizers" for Growth of Higher Quality Development.

Promote the construction of the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law society, "Xue Liang Project" to create a good law and order; normalization launches the fight against evil struggles, anti-drug people’s war District rural three-level linkage responsibility mechanism, weaving the woven "one center one network ten joint house", do the grassroots grid, let the masses get feelings, happiness, safe sense, more secure, more secure.

Coordinate the "Protective" of the development and safety and high quality development.

Strictly implement national security responsibility system and ideological work responsibility system, resolutely eliminate risk hazards affecting political security.

It is depressed in the depth into the national unity and progress, improve the public health emergency management system, improve the emergency management and rescue system, and fully protect the lives and property of the people. The goal is established, the mission will be.

Huaxi District will take out the strength of the people, "rolling stone Shangshan" is hard, and the toughness of the success is struggling to walk in the new journey in the "Strong Provincial Association", and create an excellent answer to the party and people.

(Guiyang Daily Heading Media Reporter Zhan Yan).

China Aid the old medical team was awarded the Lao People’s Army Medal

  Xinhua News Agency Vientiane November 17 (Reporter Zhang Jianhua) The Chinese People’s Liberation Army aid Laos Medical Expert Group (hereinafter referred to as "Medical Team") was awarded the Lao People’s Army Medal.

  The Chinese Embassy in Laos said on the Xinhua News Ambassador, and the Chinese medical team is reversed during the epidemic in the Chinese Medical Team. The medical assistance built in the Lao 103 Hospital has achieved excellent results in the help work. And Friendship Medal. The Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Central Political Bureau member, Vice Premier and the National Defense Minister Zhan Shamong said in its medal decision, China Medical Team is dedicated to dedication, using expertise and ability to work in old treatment and medical technology training. , Improve the diagnosis, treatment and care level of 103 Hospitals of the Lao People’s Army. Wang Wen, the fifth batch of old medical team, said in the Yunxun ceremony, thanks to the Lao Defense Department to recognize the work of China Medical Team, they will continue to carry forward the "China Medical Team", and strive to escort Laos military and civilians. The 103 Hospital of the Lao is a comprehensive hospital participating in the China National Defense Department.

Since 2019, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army continues to dispatch medical teams to 103 hospitals, launched a series of medical security, clinical teaching, academic exchange, science lecture, patrol diagnosis, etc., helping 103 hospitals to complete a number of major difficult surgery, and create Laos Multiple "first" in medical history.

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Changchun New District "Administrative Service Station" reform to help enterprise development

The government service station reform transcript, highlights; into all political affairs service station, reflecting the curtains of the curtain, the quiet and orderly service environment, the staff of the warm service, materials accept, production, self-service There should be existence; "Hello, please ask what business" "" " Key sound, inquiry, sound buckle, big things, small things, trouble, everything is concerned.

Since the province, the "Government Service Station" has been first carried out in the province, and the service station service of the Pilot Park in Changchun New District has covered the surrounding kilometers radius. Since the establishment of the station, it has provided the enterprise and consultation services for the enterprise, reducing the distance between enterprises and trip to and from the office, let the "running" "no park" and even "zero surge legs" will become a reality, The park and surrounding enterprises are unanimously praised, the last kilometer of the service company is becoming the most beautiful one kilometer.

Doorway. Changchun New District According to the "New District leading, park implementation, relying on the network, batch promotion", the Changchun, explored "Enterprise Disposal Application, Material Online Guidance, the result on the spot print or post free delivery" government service station operation mode, The "Government Service Station" of the Safety Innovation Workshop, Beihu Science Park, Yitian Silicon Valley New City, and the enterprise does not have a high-frequency administrative approval.

In order to ensure that the government service station works, management is effective, the equipment is effective, the service is active, the operation order, and the new district has issued the construction standard of government service station construction.

The relevant person in charge of the Changchun New District Government Business Bureau said that the government service station in each park has a functional area of ??the materials, the certification, the material flow, self-service declaration and rest waiting, etc., the park is fixedly configured high quality staff, Building a new regional ministerial government service circle, providing "home door" for the park and surrounding enterprises. Changchun New District will have a conditional residual administrative approval and public service matters to the government service station acceptance, and establish a standardized procedure for the actual standardization of the park.

The relevant person in charge of the Changchun New District Government Business Bureau said that the enterprises and the masses have passed the service staff on-site governance at the Self-service Declaration area through the Jilin Provincial Subject Admission "Window" system and Changchun City online office hall. Guide, greatly saved the company’s office, get full affirmation and praise from the park and surrounding enterprises. With the provincial intelligent system, Jilin Xiangyun "small fish" video system is fully opened in a government service station, which provides "one for approval personnel on the spot service staff, and approval personnel. For a "real-time online sector guidance service. At various government service stations, the Jilin Provincial Market Acquisition "Window" self-service declaration, and the industrial and commercial business license realized the "intelligent approval", and the business registration registration realized "second bato stop", and the enterprise set up time to compress Work Day. At the same time, the new district enterprises can enjoy the company to enjoy the "zero-cost" Hui En-enterprise policy, free application, the legal chapter, the financial chapter, the invoice chapter, the contract chapter, the results can be sent free of charge, all required by the new area Come to "pay".

In the year of the month, the Changchun New District Government Service Station has been running, and under the support of the "Zero-Cost" "Repress" and other series of recurrent reform initiatives, the new district has more than 10,000 new market mains, and accumulated Nearly 10,000 households, market vitality is further excited.

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Direct Harbin all nucleic acid detection site

People’s Network Harbin September 27 (Su Jingang, Han Ting, Zhang Zhexin) September 26th, in Harbin Hongqi Street 300, the national nucleic acid detection point can be seen, the staff of medical staff, volunteers and other relevant departments will be around 6It has been prepared for nucleic acid sampling, and the public is in order to detect orderly.A autumn rain, Harbin After a few autumn baptism, the weather is getting colder, but the whole process of nucleic acid sampling is still high quality, high speed and efficient.

From the morning to the night, from the sunrise to the sunset, behind the speed of the ice city, it is the medical staff, public security police, and the sinking community’s organ cadres and volunteers are full of security..(Editor: Wang Sidi, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Timely handling complaints report to maintain consumer rights

On November 17, the reporter learned from the Baiyun District Market Supervision Bureau that the area has established an efficient disposal system mechanism to increase consumer rights law enforcement, strengthen product quality supervision, etc., to protect consumer rights, escort, as of At present, the total acceptance of the "12345" "12315" platform consumption rights related complaints reported 3,690 complaints, and 3,557 were disposed of, and 133 pieces were handling. All complaints were handled by 100%.

Since this year, Baiyun District Market Supervision Bureau strengthens the establishment of an efficient and coordinated handling mechanism, and the "12315" platform complaints report hotline. The city’s fast-organized demand, conscientiously implement the consumption dispute, the organizers, complaints, the test, and effectively put the hotline "Toning", ensuring that the masses have a report ", the parts are falling, and everything is echo." According to reports, the area strengthens the rights law enforcement work, increase market supervision, and launch the "Vision" working mechanism during the disposal complaint, and promotes the medical department, if the administrative department is punished, if it is dealing with the complaint report, it is found to operate If there is illegal violations in the unit, it must be investigated and investigated according to laws and regulations, and the administrative mediation and administrative punishment are effectively connected. Since this year, there have been a total of 15 cases of investigation and complaint reporting, and 13 cases have been investigated, and 13 pieces have been completed. If there are more than 10,000 yuan, the penalty is not more than 10,000 yuan, and it is strongly hit the illegal act.

In response to complaints, there are more products, and the Baiyun District Market Supervision Bureau strengthens commodity quality supervision, increases supervision and inspection and quilt testing, and launch the priority, targeted sampling detection for the sensory, targeted sample detection, and delegation Third-party institutions for testing qualifications are sampling in key areas. If the test results are unqualified, it will be investigated and investigated and analyzed according to law, and effectively disciplinary violations. Since this year, the area has more than 30 groups of goods such as refined oil, wire and cable, hot pot substrates, and 2 cases of unqualified refined oil cases, and investigate non-qualified wire and cable, socket, LED fluorescent lamps. Case 4 pieces, the value involved in the case is 10,000 yuan, and the penalty is not 10,000 yuan.

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Promoting the logic thinking of the CPPCC negotiation and grassroots consultation

As a systematic engineering, the grassroots government conference, as a systematic project, should give full play to the promotion of the promotion of national governance. The author uses the practice of Liuzhou Municipal CPPCC as an example. From the perspective of theoretical logic, the author analyzes, refines, summarizes, summarizes the new form of the exploration of the CPPCC with the social governance.

Logical starting point: Consolidating the party’s ruling basic promotion of the CPPCC and the effective connection of the grassroots consultation, we must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the practice of my country’s new political party system; firmly establishing the concept of grassroots to lead the grassroots governance, and enhance the modernization of grassroots governance Realize the party’s mass work in society’s full coverage, assist the party committee, government coordination relationship, teaching emotions, and resolve contradictions, and further integrate wisdom to seek common development.

Logical fulcrum: The innovation of the development of the CPPCC (1) Crack the "two weak", realizing the full coverage of the CPPCC work is the eye treatment, enrich the work power of the grassroots CPPCC. Liuzhou CPPCC explored the establishment of "CPPCC Committee Service Center" in a conditional area, and counties and districts strive to solve the "one person committee" by increasing the preparation, hiring people. The second is to control this, fully use the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference at all levels.

Choose 1-2 grassroots liaison stations, and coordinate the county government commissions to participate in the key consultation supervision of the CPPCC, investigate inspection activities, formative linkage and performance mechanisms, and further enable members "move", the CPPCC works "live" Duty performance "Real".

(2) Engage the "true negotiation" and give full play to the role of "unique, unique, unique, unique, unique" special consultative institutions, and help each street (town) organizes the community, close the masses, will The CPPCC has extended to the grassroots level, and political negotiation expands to grassroots levels.

(3) Give full play to the subject ‘s role of the committee, improve the effectiveness of the Function of the CPPCC’s performance, and the special performance platform of the membership expertise. The second is to promote the Committee of the CPPCC, stipulate the criteria of the committee "under", clear "under", expand the channel of "under", "under" accurate, form a rigid constraint, to "under" pressure The power of "upper". The third is to strengthen education and training, and participate in learning training in the system construction as an important part of its duties and the important conditions of the "Excellent CPPCC", and count the assessment requirements. Logic footprint: Promoting the CPPCC negotiation with the grassroots consultation (1) Grasping the essentials of "how to sink", the construction of the "CPPCC consultation" platform is the construction of the county government commissions to contact the workstation, forming "eight" and Standardization Construction of "Six". The second is to improve the operation management system of the Committee on the CPPCC.

Strive to ensure the standardization management and normalization of the workstation of the workstation, ensure that the work is available, and it can be in accordance with it.

Establish the connection mechanism of improving members to contact the workstation and the CPPCC work, strengthen organizational management and service guarantee, enhance joint linkage with the CPPCC and district (city) CPPCC. Accelerate the formation of a mechanism to improve the reasonable negotiation procedures and effective interaction, and further enhance the CPPCC to participate in the grassroots consultation institutionalization, standardization, and programming levels.

Timely establish a sound party committee attach great importance to the mechanism of the Commission to contact the workstation, and create a good environment for the members.

(2) Improve the mechanism of "How to Organize", promote the organization of the CPPCC, with the grassroots committee, with the special committee, can break the regional restriction, and achieve the multi-level CPPCC committee to perform the job, the city, county two levels The Committee of the CPPCC has been performing duties, and also can directly perform the duties or joint duties in the autonomous region, the municipal, county-level three-level CPPCC or the national, autonomous region, municipal and county-level CPPCC members. "the goal of. Promote the organization advantage of the Committee, the professional advantages of the special committee, and the main body of the community is closely combined, and fully functioning. (3) Research on how to contact the "How to contact", formative institutionalization to ensure that Liuzhou Municipal CPPCC does not simply divide the members under the region, but combined the committee’s independent choice and organizational coordination, fully considers and coordinates To ensure that the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference at all levels has covered all the counties and districts, and "establish a commission of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference on the CPPCC’s grassroots committee", combining the standardization and elastic performance, forming a normalization of normalization. Subside the commission of the community’s leading organizations, each year, every year to each fixed contact point, no less than 1, and can voluntarily carry out activities according to the actual work. Organization, customization, usual activities, outcome.

(4) Perfecting the "How to Negotiate", construct a new performance mode for the participation of the parties involved in the vertical and horizontal linkage, and the longitudinal multilayer coverage is good.

The superior CPPCC organized the "Tiantianda" to play its own advantages, from top to guide the grassroots CPPCC to find the direction of work.

The Grassroots CPPCC organizes "grounding gas" to understand the difficulties of grassroots party and government work, the mass work hotspots, and to determine the negotiation issues for the Organization of the CPPCC, so that the performance is more close to the actual pending, forming the CPPCC Overall cooperability, play the work pattern of the CPPCC.

The second is to cooperate in horizontal extensive development. Grassroots Member Contact Workstation and Residents (Street) Party Representative Studio (Station), People’s Congress on behalf of the Studio (station) and the people’s groups of the Town Chamber of Commerce, carry out the "Building" research, consultation, and play "two generations "Multi-partial integration jointly promotes the construction of grassroots consultations. With the town party committee, the people, the government, the street party work committee, the office, and form a normative system, communication channels, operational methods, etc.

Late joint exchanges between the neighboring town (street) contact stations, conduct research inspections on the joint concerns, and promote relevant issues to be resolved.

(自 琨) (The author is deputy director of the party building of Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee) (Editor: Li Minjun, Huang Yimei).

Qinghai built a plateau atmospheric oxygen content monitoring station network

  This newspaper Xining November 14th (Reporter Liu Yurui) relying on the second issue of the second Qinghai Tibetan Chemistry Circulation and Environmental Health ", the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau, Beijing Normal University, Qinghai Normal University, the plateauMonitoring station network, after completing the step selection, equipment purchase, program argumentation, etc., has been completed in recent days, planning on December 1st to enter normalization monitoring and operation.It is understood that Qinghai Plateau’s aerobic content monitoring station consists of 25 monitoring sites, including alcohol grassland, alpine meadow, alpine desert grassland, desert, Gobi, shrub, forest, farmland, etc., different altitude, different regional landformsThe environment type, the monitoring element is the oxygen content in the air of the near-surface (ground rice), and the monitoring time is 24 hours of continuous monitoring.(Editor: Chen Jing, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The people’s buildings will be the real estate industry to reduce the reduction and lowering carbon treasury.

Develop green buildings or real estate industry to achieve "double carbon" target, how to achieve "double carbon" target in the real estate construction industry? Industry insiders believe that developing green buildings or becoming an important starting in the real estate industry to achieve carbon-up carbon.

According to Ni Jiangbo, my country’s green buildings and energy-saving careers have achieved significant development results. Data show that as of the end of 2020, my country’s green building area has accumulated more than 100 million square meters. In 2020, the new green building has accounted for 77% of the new civil buildings in the town, and the new construction area of ??assembly buildings is also made from 2015 billions. The square meter increased to 100 million square meters.

"Carbon peak carbon is the key to energy saving." Chen Yiming, Vice President and Secretary General of China Real Estate Association, made a related interpretation of the green transformation of my country’s real estate industry in the context of carbon peak. Chen Yiming said that the current situation of my country’s construction can present low levels, and can be strengthened with energy technology levels. Therefore, Chen Yiming believes that the construction of the building’s energy saving, ventilation, heat transfer measures, and the use of technical products to achieve the same purpose, energy saving and energy saving, and use technology products. Technical energy saving combines, combining the savings of fossil energy and combines the use of renewable energy, it is necessary to consider the energy saving of cities and rural areas. Changing the ability to achieve "double carbon" goal is critical to the real estate industry. China’s modernization can not take the traditional use of Western modernization. It can use renewable energy to replace traditional energy sources, reducing the use of traditional fossil energy, and changing the energy structure. For the construction industry, it is to develop new energy such as renewable energy, nuclear energy, and substitute a large amount of fossil energy in new energy, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Ni Jiangbo revealed that the current Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is surrounding the study of early peaks, low peaks, compact tails, short platforms, deep neutralization goals, and stepping on the implementation plan of 2030 pre-carbon peaks in urban and rural construction, including zero carbon construction technology standards. Many industry carbon emissions normative documents such as building energy saving and renewable energy utilization general specifications are expected to be released within the year.

Huang Junpeng, General Manager of Beijing Lemon Tree Green Building Technology Co., Ltd., said that real estate companies should not put "carbon peak" "carbon neutralization" to do pressure and burden, but should seize this opportunity, through expanding financing channels, enhance the competitiveness of soil shooting To create a hard product force, etc., in advance, attract high value guest groups, and synchronize the "double carbon" target in the recruitment of the core competitiveness. The "2021 China Real Estate Carbon Peak Development Summit Forum" was hosted by the China Real Estate Association.

The Forum synchronized "China Real Estate Enterprise Carbon Emission Research Report 2021", summarized the characteristics and status quo of carbon emissions in real estate enterprises, and proposed recommendations to speeding up the carbon emissions standards for real estate enterprises.

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Due to tight time,Xia Jian didn’t have the time to grind with them,Directly told these three people about the loan repayment。Li Hulin smiled and said:“The leader is really thoughtful,This is the best way,Otherwise, there is really no way to solve the money issue“

Ding Changwa said loudly:“Great,As long as you don’t collect money,There is no problem with this。What I care about most now is this kind of thing,Because the villagers have already cleaned up the land,Just waiting to plant“
He Yonggui never spoke,Xia Jian glanced at him and said:“Why doesn’t Mr. He give his opinion??and also,What kind of situation is in your village now?“
“I took office less than a day,But the situation in Hejiaping Village is very bad。There are many villagers’ lands that have not been sorted out yet,What kind of black potato is a lie,Because they don’t believe that the price of black potatoes will be so much higher than the price of ordinary potatoes“He Yonggui said helplessly。
Li Hulin became angry when he heard it:“Who are you in Hejiaping Village??Mayor Xia personally ran the project,Run seed。Even the seed money is paid by the bank for us。We just plant it,How come there are so many arguments。Not a single family in Liziwan Village is willing to pull down,Are rushing to plant“
“How about this!If you really don’t plant in Hejiaping Village,Give us all the seeds in Shangxiagou Village,We have the ground“Ding Changwa laughed and said。
He Yonggui smiled and said:“How does that work?Just thinking of your own village being rich。I will find a way,It’s just what Mayor Xia just said,I have no opinion,Just have a clear account,Only then can you convince the public“
“Damn!You Village Chief He is so troublesome,Mayor Xia can lie to us?Can you not hear?The cost of his trip to the U.S. is his own money”Li Hulin couldn’t help but say something。
He Yonggui looked embarrassed,He wants to say a few more words。But Xia Jian has stood up,He picked up the phone on the desk,Called Niu Li,What documents and*Took it。
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa just made up casually,But He Yonggui looked very carefully,I also asked Niu Li if I didn’t understand,Niu Li explained one by one,He Yonggui smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia is really dripping,It’s easier to explain to the villagers”
“Easy to say!Secretary Niu took the black potato seeds*Make three copies,Let the three village chiefs take them back to the village。Since everyone has no objections,Execute it quickly。The seeds will arrive in 17 or 8 days,As soon as the goods arrive,Plant immediately,Who is responsible for the delay”Xia Jian said in a very harsh tone。
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa patted their chests to guarantee,But He Yonggui did not,He smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia!This plant pays attention to the humidity of the soil,Could you please let the weather bureau of our city give us some convenience,It is to pass the weather forecast of the recent period to us in time”
Tong Jie frowned as she couldn’t help listening,I think this person has a lot of things。But Xia Jian smiled and said:“no problem,start from tomorrow,I will ask someone to use the phone to inform you of the weather in Pingyang Town in recent times”
“Chief He!If it doesn’t rain for this period of time,What can you do?”Tong Jie asked He Yonggui a little deliberately。
He Yonggui smiled and said:“If it really doesn’t rain,Even if you use a load to carry water,Also keep the soil moist,Otherwise, this kind of seed is no good if it can’t be produced.,This is a lot of money”
“well said,Your two villages should also be prepared for this,When the time comes, the materials that will come with the seeds have planting methods and later related guidance,At that time, I will let someone give you guidance and training”Xia Jian said and glanced at his watch,Because he has to go to the city for a meeting this afternoon。
Tong Jie is very smart,She saw what Xia Jian meant,So she stood up and said:“Today this meeting ends here,Everyone, go back and handle the loan first,Be fast。Secondly, which old saying,Everyone is always ready,Once the seeds of black potato arrive,Let’s plant it right away”
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa stood up as soon as they heard,They laughed and let everyone say goodbye。But He Yonggui sat and didn’t leave,I can see that there is something in his heart。
as expected,When Li Hulin and Ding Changwa are far away,He Yonggui ran by himself and closed the door of Xia Jian’s office,Then he lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia! I need to report to you”
“it is good!Now the four of us,You just say”Xia Jian said, winking at Tong Jie,Tong Jie quickly took the paper and pen。