Due to tight time,Xia Jian didn’t have the time to grind with them,Directly told these three people about the loan repayment。Li Hulin smiled and said:“The leader is really thoughtful,This is the best way,Otherwise, there is really no way to solve the money issue“

Ding Changwa said loudly:“Great,As long as you don’t collect money,There is no problem with this。What I care about most now is this kind of thing,Because the villagers have already cleaned up the land,Just waiting to plant“
He Yonggui never spoke,Xia Jian glanced at him and said:“Why doesn’t Mr. He give his opinion??and also,What kind of situation is in your village now?“
“I took office less than a day,But the situation in Hejiaping Village is very bad。There are many villagers’ lands that have not been sorted out yet,What kind of black potato is a lie,Because they don’t believe that the price of black potatoes will be so much higher than the price of ordinary potatoes“He Yonggui said helplessly。
Li Hulin became angry when he heard it:“Who are you in Hejiaping Village??Mayor Xia personally ran the project,Run seed。Even the seed money is paid by the bank for us。We just plant it,How come there are so many arguments。Not a single family in Liziwan Village is willing to pull down,Are rushing to plant“
“How about this!If you really don’t plant in Hejiaping Village,Give us all the seeds in Shangxiagou Village,We have the ground“Ding Changwa laughed and said。
He Yonggui smiled and said:“How does that work?Just thinking of your own village being rich。I will find a way,It’s just what Mayor Xia just said,I have no opinion,Just have a clear account,Only then can you convince the public“
“Damn!You Village Chief He is so troublesome,Mayor Xia can lie to us?Can you not hear?The cost of his trip to the U.S. is his own money”Li Hulin couldn’t help but say something。
He Yonggui looked embarrassed,He wants to say a few more words。But Xia Jian has stood up,He picked up the phone on the desk,Called Niu Li,What documents and*Took it。
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa just made up casually,But He Yonggui looked very carefully,I also asked Niu Li if I didn’t understand,Niu Li explained one by one,He Yonggui smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia is really dripping,It’s easier to explain to the villagers”
“Easy to say!Secretary Niu took the black potato seeds*Make three copies,Let the three village chiefs take them back to the village。Since everyone has no objections,Execute it quickly。The seeds will arrive in 17 or 8 days,As soon as the goods arrive,Plant immediately,Who is responsible for the delay”Xia Jian said in a very harsh tone。
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa patted their chests to guarantee,But He Yonggui did not,He smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia!This plant pays attention to the humidity of the soil,Could you please let the weather bureau of our city give us some convenience,It is to pass the weather forecast of the recent period to us in time”
Tong Jie frowned as she couldn’t help listening,I think this person has a lot of things。But Xia Jian smiled and said:“no problem,start from tomorrow,I will ask someone to use the phone to inform you of the weather in Pingyang Town in recent times”
“Chief He!If it doesn’t rain for this period of time,What can you do?”Tong Jie asked He Yonggui a little deliberately。
He Yonggui smiled and said:“If it really doesn’t rain,Even if you use a load to carry water,Also keep the soil moist,Otherwise, this kind of seed is no good if it can’t be produced.,This is a lot of money”
“well said,Your two villages should also be prepared for this,When the time comes, the materials that will come with the seeds have planting methods and later related guidance,At that time, I will let someone give you guidance and training”Xia Jian said and glanced at his watch,Because he has to go to the city for a meeting this afternoon。
Tong Jie is very smart,She saw what Xia Jian meant,So she stood up and said:“Today this meeting ends here,Everyone, go back and handle the loan first,Be fast。Secondly, which old saying,Everyone is always ready,Once the seeds of black potato arrive,Let’s plant it right away”
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa stood up as soon as they heard,They laughed and let everyone say goodbye。But He Yonggui sat and didn’t leave,I can see that there is something in his heart。
as expected,When Li Hulin and Ding Changwa are far away,He Yonggui ran by himself and closed the door of Xia Jian’s office,Then he lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia! I need to report to you”
“it is good!Now the four of us,You just say”Xia Jian said, winking at Tong Jie,Tong Jie quickly took the paper and pen。

As for Wright,After comforting Cecilia for a long time,Send Cecilia with red eyes back to Baruch House。As for how furious the Baruch family will be,What will happen to Peg and Sandy,Wright didn’t bother to ask,But I must not let it go easily。

This is like an episode in Wright’s life,Soon Wright’s life returned to the usual way。Spend four hours of forging every day to polish yourself,The geography courses in the college are never absent,Stick to the practice of meditation and fighting spirit,Pat and feed Xiaopeng Eagle Little Elek,Occasionally go to the teacher to sit,Listen to the teacher teaches his perception of fire magic。
If it’s not the same,After this incident,The relationship between Wright and Cecilia suddenly got better。Occasionally Cecilia will take Wright to play,Wright rarely refuses。Wright himself is a little unclear about the relationship with Cecilia。Lovers?Not feeling full!Say friends,And it seems more than that。
Of course neither Wright nor Cecilia said anything.,After all, the two of them are determined to become the dual sanctuary of magician and warrior,And the chance is still great,The other one is as long as he doesn’t die,Must become the pinnacle of the sanctuary,Enjoy a long life。
Time for them,There are so many more。
Half a year passed,Wright’s life is still so peaceful,The only trouble is that the little Elek gets bigger and bigger,It’s about one meter long now,Can already release a breath equivalent to second and third level magic,It’s a level four monster!
Although Wright also hopes that little Elek will grow up soon,Can be my own help,But with the growth of Xiaopeng Diao,Food intake is increasing day by day,Let Wright worry a little about his gold coins。
this day,Wright finished the course,Return from the college to the courtyard of the imperial capital。Communicate with little Elek’s soul hiding in his sleeve along the way。
Although today’s little Elek has not yet fully mastered the language,Can communicate with Wright smoothly with soul,But just like a child who is babbling,Also say a few words“the host,I’m hungry!”“To hug!”“what’s for dinner?”Short words like。
The moment Wright entered his courtyard。
suddenly—-A strange wave of magic came,Wright’s face changed,Tap,Holding Xiaopeng Diao horizontally for one meter。And a puddle of black liquid emerged from the place before。
“Zizi”The black liquid corroded the ground quickly,The liquid disappears in a while,A pothole half a meter deep also appeared in the courtyard。
Wright frowned,This magic is very similar to the dark one‘Devour the swamp’,But the fluctuation of the elements is definitely not the feeling of dark magic。
I scanned the courtyard,As if pretending to be calm:“Don’t hide,Come out!”

“Seen once,Also talk on the phone often,Shall we go find her,See if she can apply for more money from the group for Pingyang Town,How else can your leisure agriculture recover?,dont you agree?”Zhao Hong suddenly said to Ouyang Hong。

Ouyang Hong glanced gratefully at Zhao Hong and said:“OK!With your help,Maybe this can be done。Can you ride this bike to the county seat?”
“no problem,I drive you”Zhao Hong said very generously。
Ouyang Hong took out her phone busy,Called Deputy Mayor Zhao,Let him come to Zhangwang Village to be responsible for cleaning up related matters,He is going to the county to run post-disaster reconstruction related matters。
Mulan motorcycle carrying two women,On the national highway leading to the county seat,Raised a cloud of dust。This heavy rain,Washed all the dirt in the ground onto the road,This cleaning work is really not a day or two。
“Zhao Hong!Did Xia Jian contact you during this periodIsn’t your village committee’s computer also available online??”Ouyang Hong sits behind Zhao Hong,Asked with his mouth on Zhao Hong’s ear。
Zhao Hong shook his head and said:“No,I have no time recently,He seems to be very busy”
“If only he could come back now”Ouyang Hong said this smoothly,she knows,She said it for nothing,It’s impossible。
Spacious and bright large office interior,Wang Lin is looking at some information。She has been in Pingyang Town for more than a week,She basically mastered all the business here。It seems that Guo Meili still did a lot of practical things,Otherwise she won’t be so easy to learn。People who have lived in big cities for many years,Suddenly came to such a small county,She suddenly felt uncomfortable。
But okay,She adjusted it in three or four days,I feel very good now。Because the pedestrians in the streets give people a very leisurely feeling,Made her feel,There is no pressure in this life。
Suddenly Xiao Liu walked in,She smiled and said:“President Wang,Two beauties are coming to you,Said you know”This little Liu is a recent college student brought by Wang Lin from Buchuan City,Be her secretary now。Although this girl just graduated from school,But he is very clever and diligent,This is why Wang Lin took her before。
Wang Lin put down the data,Smiled slightly:“Ok!You bring them in”
Soon,Zhao Hong and Ouyang Hong came in。Wang Lin relies on memory,Screamed:“Is it Zhao Hong?!”
Zhao Hongyi listen,Hurriedly walked over,Shook hands with Wang Lin and said:“I am Zhao Hong,She is Ouyang Hong, the mayor of Pingyang Town”Ouyang Hong also came over,Shook hands with Wang Lin。

Xia Jian ignored Song Fang,Instead, he took Luo Yi and walked quickly towards the farm。Along the way,Met a few acquaintances in Xiping Village,Everyone greeted him affectionately。

Luo Yi holding Xia Jian’s arm,Laughing all the way,She feels like the happiest woman in the world。What words did Song Fang just say?,She didn’t even listen。Because she firmly believes in their future。As for what Xia Jian was like in the past,She doesn’t want to know。
When Xia Jian came to the farm,,Chen Erniu is about to enter his office,He saw Xia Jian came,And when I was with a big beauty。He couldn’t help laughing:“Yo!President Xia is here to check work?It’s just that we smell big here,It’s not good to be careful with this beauty”
“So much nonsense,Where’s the Three Bulls?What do you mean,My old man is back,You guys don’t come to see me”Xia Jian said,So he gave Chen Erniu a punch。
First2173chapter Jealous
Chen Erniu smiled and said:“You are really interesting,You come back and don’t say hello to us,How can we know”
Xia Jian asked Chen Erniu,Just want to prove one thing,It seems that Ma Yan really didn’t tell them about his return。This is enough to prove,Ma Yan has resentment towards him,It seems that what the old lady said is right。It’s better not to stimulate her。
“Hey!Who is this beauty?Not to introduce to my brother”Chen Erniu smiled,Looked at Luo Yi from top to bottom。
Xia Jian pulled Luo Yi forward and said:“My girlfriend Luo Yi,I will call sister-in-law in the future”Things have reached this point,Xia Jian thinks there is nothing to avoid,Should come or come。
“Hello there!My name is Chen Erniu,Xia Jian’s good friend。It’s his hair,More of his brother”Chen Erniu reached out,Haha laughed and said。
Luo Yi and Chen Erniu shook hands,Said with a very generous smile:“On the way to the village,He already told me。That he has two best friends in the village,One is Chen Erniu,One is Xia Sanhu”
“It seems he hasn’t forgotten his roots yet!”With the same voice as Hong Zhong,Xia Sanhu walked out of the studio。He walks this way,While taking off his work clothes。
Chen Erniu smiled and said:“Your sister-in-law is here,I’m about to call you,I didn’t expect you to be so smart,Touched it myself”

Yue Ru Qing Shuang,Sprinkled on the trees in the calm deciduous forest,It also fell on these four Jianzong disciples who were frozen at a speed visible to the naked eye.。

Yawned,Did Xiao Bai change his posture?,Drop the long tail down Zhu Minglang’s shoulders,The white fringed neck fleece rubbed against Zhu Minglang’s shoulder blades,And then fell asleep in a daze。
Zhu Minglang、Nan Lingsha、Fang Niannian walked by these four,I didn’t even pay attention to their horrified eyes……
They can move only their eyes。
“Walking rivers and lakes,Don’t just remember to bring a sword,Please bring your mind with me。”Fang Niannian rolled his eyes,To these Sword Sect disciples。
These Sword Sect children seem to have been extremely humiliated,I want to rush out of the ice,But they can’t break free of Xiao Baiqi’s ice-bound method,After more than a month of sleep,And the cultivation of Saint Lu,How can Xiao Bai’s strength be stronger。
Not surprisingly,It can reach the upper dragon master level at the growth stage。
Entering completion,It’s just a matter of time,Just find a spiritual creature that matches Bai Qi’s attributes,Before the New Year,How can Xiao Bai jump directly to Dragon Lord level。
of course,High-grade nectar and star fragment crystals are absolutely unbreakable。
“Zhu Minglang,What is Jianzong?”Nan Lingsha asked。
“It is one of the four major forests in the Great Court mainland,Yaoshan Jianzong and Mianshan Jianzong are the largest factions of swordsmen,They are at the east and west of Ji Ting Continent respectively,Enshrined by several big countries。”Zhu Minglang explained。
“You have something to do with them?”Nan Lingsha then asked。
“That’s a long story……”
“Long story short。”Nanling Sadao。
Zhu Minglang put away the melancholy and pretentious expression that recalled the past,Secretly looked at Nan Lingsha。
I don’t know if it’s my illusion,Nan Lingsha’s voice is not much the same as before。Although she seems to be normal, there is not much difference,But her eyes,Have her own ideas。

“Wait。”Hua Yun finally couldn’t help it,“Officer Liu,I am the person who reported the case,I was threatened with intimidation and personal safety,You should check with me first,But unfortunately you never asked me a word from beginning to end,So I don’t understand why you put the cart before the horse?”

Police Officer Liu heard that Qi Qiao gave birth to smoke,Unexpectedly, such a charming and beautiful woman in front of her would dare to point her fingers at herself,He stared at his eyes and yelled three times.,Then waved,“Take it all away,understand situation,We have time when we go back。”
The two plainclothes looked at each other,Some hesitation,Li Tianchou took the opportunity to lean against Hua Yun,Don’t speak,Does anyone dare to move?。
Li Tianchou’s action is actually very provocative,Just make things big,It’s best to wake all the guests around,I want to see if your pig head surnamed Liu can cover the sky with one hand。
As expected,Officer Liu roared again,I have to rush over myself with my sleeves rolled,Hugged by Manager Hu,He really didn’t expect things to get to this point。If it weren’t for Li Tianchou’s unexpected toughness,,He didn’t plan to persuade him。
Actually Manager Hu is also guilty,It’s not that he and his employees took the initiative to report the case。What happened made him unbelievable,Not long after receiving a call from Hua Yun,Officer Liu called and said there was a report from the crowd,There was a fight in the hotel,And reprimanded him for not reporting the crime,Manager Hu thinks of Hua Yun’s call,He reported the case in a daze。
Manager Hu thinks afterwards that what the two said is not the same thing,But no matter the location is on the twelfth floor?He quickly watched the surveillance video again,Realize that things are complicated。The video clips are fragmented,The key place is also blocked by the person wearing the clown mask。
Analysis from the screen,Manager Hu vaguely felt that what Police Officer Liu said was unreliable,But he doesn’t want to be troublesome,Although I’m not very familiar with Officer Liu,,But I basically understand that this person is not a good bird,So he dare not offend。
Seeing pulling and pulling,Some tenants have been woken up to watch the excitement。The intercom on Manager Hu’s waist rang again,Take it out and answer,His head is three times bigger,The police are upstairs again。But also good,Simply messed up,It’s not my responsibility anyway,Go to the police uncle if you can。
This is really Zhou Nan from the Criminal Police Team,Different momentum。Li Tianchou was finally relieved,He blinked at Hua Yun next to him to show comfort,Hua Yun will smile。
The Interpol Team’s leader is also surnamed Liu,Called Liu Qiang,Li Tianchou had a fate with him,After the last construction site fight, Liu Qiang went to the police station to take him and Er Kun away。
When Er Liu Yi met, he nodded haha,After all, they are all colleagues who work in the same way,Should be considered an acquaintance。Although Officer Liu of the Security Brigade is full of anger,But now I have to force a smile。
After the painless greeting,After listening to Manager Hu briefly introduced the situation,The last two police officers buried their heads and whispered a few words,So we went outside the room together。
For a while,The two people discussed and returned to the room,The two are kind,It’s not like there is any dispute,Li Tianchou feels things are not right。
really,Liu Qiangqiang talked about the handling principles after discussion,Since it is not a major criminal case,So the case should be handed over to the security brigade that receives the police first,This is also the practice and principle。The implication is that there is nothing wrong with the criminal police team。The only thing that sounds reasonable,Hua Yun and Li Tianchou only need to record on-site,You don’t have to go to the security brigade to investigate。It feels weird,It’s like two people made a deal。
What is this?Li Tianchou was disappointed,Is that what Zhou Nan told his subordinates??The short youth is a very important figure,Definitely closely related to the intimidation in the afternoon,If you go to the security brigade, you don’t know what happened.,Even if he was let go,You can’t help it。

The security guard who came up with them,Puzzled。He turned off the light in Gu Yue’s office behind,And when he catches up,Xia Jian and Tie Li have already taken the elevator downstairs。

Got Gu Yue into the car,Tie Li asked softly:“What should we do next?To pick it up home or go to the hospital?”
“Definitely go to the hospital。But you have to think about it,Must find a familiar doctor,Once her situation alarmed the police,The latter things will be very troublesome”Xia Jian whispered to Tie Li。
Tie Li nodded and said:“it is good!Let’s go to Hongdu Hospital!Where is my classmate as the deputy dean”Tie Li finished,So he took out his mobile phone and called。
Rushed to Hongdu Hospital,Because of acquaintances,So all the procedures are very simple。Gu Yue is not sick,So only infusion。
Xu Yiming, this bastard has a dark heart,The medicine given to Gu Yue might be too much,So until the second bottle of liquid is infused,Gu Yue opened his eyes slowly。
When she saw Xia Jian and Tie Li guarding her bed,This woman is confused。It took a long time for her to remember。
“Why am i here?Am I returning to work in the group??”Gu Yue wanted to sit up as she spoke。May be the effect of drugs,She felt a little bit weak all over。
Tie Li glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered to Gu Yue:“Lie down,You are too tired。You fainted while working overtime last night,So we sent you to the hospital”
“Should inform my family,How could it be you two?”Gu Yue looked puzzled。She is talking,Actually fell asleep again。
Xia Jian took a breath,He stood up and moved a bit,Only then did I realize that the sky had already started to light up,It seems that a new day is about to begin again。
This person can’t be poor,But don’t worry if you have money。Just like Gu Yue,Not only busy with group affairs,And deal with these messy things。It’s really tiring and tiring,I really don’t know what people do for。
He Xia Jian can actually put it down completely,Take Chenchen back to Xiping Village with my father and mother。He Xia Jian will do nothing,The money earned over the years can still live a good life in Xiping Village,But he has a dream in his heart,can not stop。
Especially the last words that Old Xiao gave him when he died,If he can’t finish,I’m afraid he will feel uneasy in this life。Xia Jian stood in front of the glass window,Looking through the glass at the light that fades away in the distance,His heart is really messed up。
“What are you thinking?Do you regret taking care of Gu Yue??”Tie Li came over,She stands behind Xia Jian,Speak softly。
Xia Jian turned around,Smiled slightly:“Didn’t think about anything,Just a new day is about to start again”
“You should be busy with your business,Gu Yue is plain here,There is such a big Yunmao Group behind her,Once something goes wrong,Someone will care about her”What Tie Li said is very true。

According to the director now in a high position,And it’s also an expert level from other city hospitals。

Of course speak loudly!
but,That’s it for Qingxin City。
“Dean,That tumor patient……Worsened!”
When they visited。
A nurse came over and said。
“It’s not that Doctor Qiu and other doctors are watching?”
The dean hesitated。
This is a patient they took over before。
The patient has a serious tumor,Good recovery after surgery。
But today,Seems more serious!
“They checked,The location of the new tumor is closer to the heart……Too dangerous!”
The doctor anxious。
Dean was shocked,Such a case,Really troublesome。
“Such little things,I’ll do it!”

First2632chapter Master is gone

many people,It was already dark when it was Xia Jian’s turn to eat。
Dark in the mountains,That’s black。I really can’t see my fingers,Just hear it,But no one。The chill brought by the mountain wind,Makes people feel like being in the ice cellar。
It’s about seven and fifty,Xia Jian took Guan Tingna and Lin Wei,Was invited to the main hall by the little Taoist priest。I saw in the censer in front of the statue,Hundreds of candles all burned,Cigarettes linger in the hall,Make people feel dreamlike。
Less than eight o’clock,From the hallway of the hall to the steps,See the courtyard again,All black heads。Xia Jian and the three of them were arranged in a place just before entering the door,The little Taoist gave each of them a cushion,Then each person a kind of incense。
Dao Chang Ziyi was finally supported by two younger Taoist priests and sat on the cushion in front of the idol in the main hall.。Chanting begins,More than a dozen Taoist priests stood in formation,They beat their respective instruments in their hands,Walking gently in the hall。Their beautiful chanting sounds give people a kind of peace。
So many people,But no one speaks,Only the chanting of Taoist priests hovering on the empty ridge。Time goes by。When the incense in Xia Jian’s hand is about to burn to the end,Don’t need Xia Jian to speak,Someone replaced them with a newly lit incense。
Such occasion,Xia Jian’s first experience。Until about ten o’clock,The sound of chanting stopped。Xia Jian suddenly found that Dao Chang Ziyi sitting on the Zen mat had his head drooping,Even the body bends down,Feeling weak。
At this time,I saw Dao Chang Zi Kneeling in front of Dao Chang Zi Yi,He stretched out his hand and probed Ziyi Daochang’s nose,Suddenly groaned:“Ziyi Dao Changxian is dead……”
This sound,Like thunder,Suddenly boiling inside and outside the hall,But only for a moment。Because these Taoist priests in the main hall are not only wounded,They seem extra calm,Like Dao Long Ziyi is leaving,As early as they expected。
Xia Jian,I got up and knelt down。He didn’t say a word,Because on this occasion,He has no voice。
He knew,Daoist Ziyi is over 90 years old,When I came to see him two years ago,Xia Jian found out that his physical condition was no longer good,Unexpectedly, he lasted for two more years,He didn’t leave until the incense of Ziyang Temple appeared in its heyday,And walk so peacefully,Really a kind of practice。
Next thing,Xia Jian is like a dream,Until I was framed by two Taoist priests and returned to the monastery,He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him,Although I don’t feel very sad inside,But he feels that his soul has been stolen,A little confused。
semi-consciously,Not awake,Until eight o’clock the next morning,Xia Jian suddenly found himself lying on a wooden bed,Covered with a thick quilt,And he also felt the warmth in the room。He suddenly turned over and found,Turns out this is a Zen room,And there is a fire in the room,I saw Guan Tingna and Lin Wei sleeping on a wooden table。
Xia Jian quickly sat up from the bed,He just found his shoes and put them on,Guan Tingna and Lin Wei are also awake。The two looked at him in surprise。
“What’s wrong with me?”

The sun has started to tilt,Fang Fang and Heiwa,Still searching in the woods,All very tired。Mu Rong Sisi is sweaty all over,Pale face,Most of her body,Almost all leaned on Fang Fang。

Heiwa glanced at Rong Sisi,A bit disdainful:“You still go by yourself,There is everything in this forest,You can’t look like this,Deep and shallow,In case you step on a poisonous snake,You are so miserable”
“what?There are poisonous snakes here?”Listen to it,Hurriedly stood up straight,A look of panic。
Fang Fang nodded unbearably。
Mu Rongsisi was taken aback,Pick up a tree from the ground,Squinted to the ground:“I’ll go by myself!In case you see a poisonous snake,I will die with a stick”
“now it’s right,You walk in the middle!Everyone speed up,Before dark,In case you still can’t get out of this forest,It’s not easy tonight,The key is that everyone doesn’t have much water”Heiwa said,He looked a little worried and looked forward。
The sky in the forest,Black is black,The sun just set,The light inside is already a little dim,Fang Fang’s heart couldn’t help being raised。She is a soldier,Know the danger in this forest,Still visible during the day,But at night,It’s a big trouble。
suddenly,Someone shouted:“There seems to be a cow barking in front”
Fang Fangyi listen,Busy talking to Heiwa:“Hurry up in which direction he said,Stop watching,So wasting time,We must go out before dark”
Heiwa,Waved,Which security personnel with him,Rushed forward。
At the foot of the mountain opposite,Smoke lingers in a village of more than ten households,Against the backdrop of green mountains and green waters,Beautiful as a fairyland。
“It’s so beautiful,Shouldn’t our Xia be here to enjoy it?!”Mu Rong Sisi wiped his sweat,Gasped and said。
He Jing smiled and said:“As long as he is there“Fang Fang didn’t speak,Just smile silently,As if she has seen,Xia Jian is in this village。
Heiwa took out the military binoculars hanging around her waist,I looked at this village and said:“It seems more closed here,Should not communicate much with the outside world,So so many of us,Can’t go in,Otherwise it will cause their dissatisfaction,This may be difficult”
Fang Fang nodded and said:“At the foot of the mountain in a while,You men don’t need to go in,The three of us go in and have a look,I believe it will be better than if you go in”
“it is good!So decided”Hurry up,Or it’s getting dark。
Xia Jian at this time,Having dinner with Wang Huimin’s mother and daughter,After these days of getting along,Everyone is very familiar,So they are eating,Chatting,The atmosphere is very cheerful。
“Hey Hongyu!I want your mother to take you to Pingdu to study,Do you have any comments on my idea?”Xia Jian stopped the chopsticks in his hand,Suddenly asked。
Hong Yu was taken aback,Asked after a while:“You mean let my mom go to Pingdu too?”