But looking at it,In this situation,In fact, Wang Teng is very impatient to solve it。

“prior to,Lucky for Hong Deshao。”
“but,Hong Deshao’s luck,Can’t always be so good。”
Wang Teng is talking here,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
After all now,Actually such a thing,It is still necessary,It can be solved properly。
And at the moment,Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him。
obviously,What will this bring,Actually this matter,It’s very important。
“Lord,They are coming。”
Now,People at Hawbao Camp,He said directly to Wang Teng。
But after these people finished talking to Wang Teng,Now,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,I am a little eager to try。
“well,Since this is the case,Then next,We actually have nothing to wait。”
“Now that it’s determined,Then next,We can go straight away!”
When Wang Teng finished,obviously,In the hearts of those around you,The more I think about it, the better I feel。
Start now,Ready to start。

Actually Li Tianzhen has many souls,Each one maintains independence,Given the limitations of the law,Can’t be merged and unified,From Chaos to the Metaverse,Every reincarnation will give birth to a new soul,But only this lavender mortal soul is regarded as the most precious thing by him。

The other souls have been kept in the blue space where Li Xiucheng once slept,This space is the most inconspicuous in the world of Li Tianyu、Is also the most mysterious place,Since Li Xiucheng’s divinity left,He never paid attention to this place anymore。
Not negligence,But reluctant,About reincarnation,Li Xiucheng and Dayan have hinted,So Li Tianzhen is subconsciously worried,Once you touch something you shouldn’t touch in the blue space,Or release something bad,He won’t be Li Tianzhu anymore,Later he finally understood those who were jealous of him、The unknown is the soul he once had,So he would rather these souls be buried forever with all the dusty fragments。
As Li Tianzhen’s awakening accelerated,The small world has undergone two transformations,But none of them touched this blue space,It gradually sinks in being deliberately forgotten,Sink to the corner,Then it was buried by various fragments that flooded in countless times,However, this burying is just an illusion,Meaningless in front of the rule process,The ultimate goal of awakening must return to its origin,No matter what force can’t stop。
The purple phantom quickly became transparent in the constant impact of the stars,It disappeared like the companion soul back then,Li Tianzhen’s already very large body was once again a big lap,Looks very scary,Body size even surpasses Kuqimo and Shifangjun,He is suppressing the new soul that is about to emerge with all his willpower。
Shinzo,The light blue space has opened up,A very dazzling light flashed,Light golden、Dark brown and milky white light and shadow are superimposed and flow to the edge of the blue space,But stopped abruptly,It’s hard to get out of the bounds of space no matter how squirming,It’s like being blocked by an invisible barrier。
Hard to imagine such willpower,Can actually block the power of rules,The spirit of the starry sky map saw the danger in it,Guess that Li Tianzhen is constantly accumulating strength,The real purpose is not to counter the rules,But want to blew up,Trying to destroy the souls that are about to rush out。
No one can kill Li Tianzhi,Because it represents the lowest level of rules,He can’t do it himself,But if the body of this chaotic matter explodes,The catastrophic consequences are incalculable,Qi Ling screamed in despair,Trying to control Li Tianzhen’s ability to act again failed,Finally went mad and started to guide those remaining void storms,In any case, we must find a way to remove the terrifying energy in Li Tianzhen’s body。
Chapter one thousand and seventy seven Soul of origin
Li Tianzhen is in a bad state right now,The rapid demise of Fansheng’s soul dealt a heavy blow to him,In addition, all the remaining mental power is poured into intercepting other souls in the blue space,The whole state of consciousness is in a daze。
He is not ready yet,Especially it is difficult to adapt to the drastic changes in the late stage of awakening.,Even less willing to give up everything he has in the mortal world,Suddenly there are some extreme thoughts when madly blocking other souls,At first,Li Tianzhen knows it’s dangerous,I got confused later,I just feel uncomfortable,Need to vent。
Star Turtle Spirit is a chaotic attribute after all,Naturally, he knows the source of Li Tianti’s body strength,I am also very familiar with Voidstorm,Easy to guide,quickly,Those violent and chaotic breaths calmed down slightly,The surging power is temporarily suppressed,But the suffering cannot be resolved,The longer these strengths and breaths accumulate,The more terrifying it bursts。
Can do nothing,Revenant,In addition to screaming,There is no other way,At this moment,On the dotted line of the sky map,Suddenly a bright spot of light appeared,It happened to fall in the middle of the trajectory of Li Tianzhen and Ku Chimo,Then there was a thunderous bang,Another heartbeat!
The prestige of this beating is far greater than before,Kukimo was shocked immediately,The body is shrinking rapidly,Even the soul is traumatized,Don’t say it’s it,Even Shifangjun, who was farther away, was shocked.,My head exploded,immediately,The celestial bodies in the entire universe are shaking,Even misplaced,That sprout point sent out thunder anger!
Naturally, the one who suffered the most was Li Tianzhi,The heartbeat is thunderous to the entire universe,But for Li Tianzhu’s extremely sharp sword,A sword pierced his chest,And cut off his mental power,And the connection between the spiritual sense and the forge of vitality。
The horrible hole with its chest like a mountain brings vitality to the helpless spirit,The turbulent storm it immediately led out along the entrance of the cave,Those waves of energy that are already ready to move also gush out,Li Tianzhi’s abruptly swollen body shrank rapidly like a flat ball,And the soul of the gods that was firmly suppressed by willpower in the blue space also rushed out.,Race to the heights of the small world,But everyone avoids struggling in the turbulence of star fragments。
Li Tianzhen’s body has shrunk to a normal posture,The surface looks intact,Just very weak,At this time, he even moved a little finger is a luxury,The severed mental power has begun to heal slowly,Spiritual consciousness is also recovering,Weak perception,But I can see the splendid and weird scene in the gods,Just powerless,Let it go。
Seven or eight ghosts of various colors disappeared one by one in the impact of star fragments,Not just the destruction of every soul,It also means that the traces of Li Tianzhen once existed in a certain era or the heavens have been completely erased,Star fragments are constantly exploding,Only one phantom glowing with milky white brilliance walks through the star rain。
The speed of phantom is not fast,Not even slow,The dense debris seems hard to hurt it,There are more fragments that are not yet close to the white halo and melt on their own,This halo seems to have a very high temperature,Float all the way,Burn all the way、Clean up the mess around after the explosion,Its precarious figure looks extremely tall and straight,Even with no concealment of arrogance。

Liao Jie breaks free of his sleeve,Twice failed,Direct sword,After connecting:“Previous trails, Yin Cao Cao,Really bold、Houfu、nonsense、Unclear this charter,King is good。”

“You give me a station”
“excuse me,Wholly!”
Looking at the front of the body,Yan Chi Sixe stayed for a long time,Want to meet twins with white clouds,Turning is a glimpse of a glimpse,The thorn is almost flowing out。
“Xiaoxiao Daries have been,The facts of the charter are weak,Please also ask the king to seek high。”
White clouds garbled white gold,Brain aperture aperture,Universities to one meter,Lips red tooth white handsome。
He turned two steps,Disappeared in the air,Going to the dead city lecture。
Yan Luo Wang:Bamboo
Looking at the empty clouds,He gave him a mouthful of mouth,Pressure mountain is destroyed,There is a kind of horses will pick up the names of the name on the life and death book.。
“Yup,I still have a life and death book,Pull my disaster mixer,Did you run?!!”
Yan Chung Qixia is evil in the arms,A spit on the finger,Turned the book page infinite life and death book。
for a long time,He has never found a person who can over the upper number with Liao Jie.。
Hereby world,Inspiration!
Chapter 516 Weak water three thousand only one scoop one scoop is still a scoop
Cui Fu。
Living room candlelight,One master and one guest cup change,The Lord is Cui Jin,Liao Wenjie。
Recently, this time,Liao Wenjie is busy can’t stop,I have no time to narrow the old friend of this world.,Good in Yan Bixia,Grab the work to take yourself,Otherwise, he will still have a problem in the government.。
“Yan Hexia,High-minded!”
Liao Wenjie toasting,I want to think about it.,Direction,So waving down the glass in the ground。
Cui Hong graduate,No Liao Wenjie’s strong solution,Not like Yan Chi, no wine,There are a few cups of belly.。
That’s it,Still is practiced in the officialdom,Before it is more unbearable,Smelling 闻 儿 儿 不 腿。
“Jiege,you’re drunk,This wine can’t be respectful。”
Cui Jin gradually, Liao Wenjie will fell to the ground,Drunken eyes half:“Time,The world is constantly,I witnessed myself in the capital.,I want to find Yan Xia asked,Front view of the road,He doesn’t know how to run.,Otherwise, the three people are not happy tonight.。”
“I can’t get up.,Yan Daxia is busy now.!”
“He has no reason,In addition to drinking, it is,What can I have??”Cui Hong gradually。
“how to say……”
Liao Wenjie touched the Pakistan:“Bike now,Night black wind,Yan Daxia ten eight nine-nine busy giving a dream,Let him get better,Hurry and die。”
Cui Hong gradually listened,I stood up and stood up.,sweating a lot,Scared moments:“Jiege,Don’t scare me,Yan heroes……His skills are very high。”
“just kidding,See you to scare you,As for the Yan Daxia now,Hard to say,I know it for a decadity.。”
Liao Wenjie picks eyebrows,The smile can see Cui Jin gradually,Running a busy cup。
Cui Jin gradually,He is currently a difference in the House,Is a small official,Distance of middle officials,Every day you can use a word to summarize。

Bald head walked to Chen Feng,Suddenly laughed:“It turned out to be Brother Feng!No wonder you have such a big tone。Your reputation is really not the same in South Street”

“Bald!who is he?”Chen Da came over, covering his mouth。
Chen Feng is also confused,Who is this person?He feels familiar,I just can’t remember it for a while。The bald glanced at Xu Da who was a little embarrassed and said:“Big brother,This person is famous”Bald head talking,Put the mouth on,Whispered a few words in Xu Da’s ear。
Xu Dayi listen,His face changed slightly,He forcefully smiled:“misunderstanding!Turned out to be a misunderstanding。Since everyone is friends,Forget about it today”
“No way!Afang, I have to take it away”Chen Fenghe points to an inch。
Xu Dayi listen,The smile on my face is gone。My girlfriend was asleep,I was beaten,Take away now,Is this bullying??
“Xu Da,Don’t blame you or me for this,Afang didn’t explain it。She said he broke up with her boyfriend,That’s why I came to you。How about this!My men hit you just now,I will pay for the medical expenses,I will apologize to you”Chen Feng has a terrible headache,He wants to leave as soon as possible,That’s why he said that。
Xu Da heard what Chen Feng said,I have a little face on my face,He laughed and said:“Nothing,This injury is nothing,It’s just about Afang…”
“brother!This matter can’t be forced,Let Afang have the final say”Bald head rushed to talk。
At this moment,Afang walked out of the room carrying a small bag,She apologized to Xu and said with a smile:“Xu Ge!I am leaving,I don’t owe you either。Even if Brother Feng doesn’t show up,I will go too,You should find a good person to marry!”
“Ok!”Xu Da in front of everyone,He said with a strong smile。
Fang finished,Left with a small bag。But Chen Feng found,This woman walked in,With one leg,Seems to be injured。Suddenly he realized,After understanding,He really wants to laugh。
The bald head saw that the matter was over,He laughed and said:“Women like clothes,Brothers are brothers。Brother Feng rarely comes to our South Street,How about this!I’m sitting east tonight,Brother Feng, just show your face!”
Chen Feng’s brain is soaring,He walked to the bald head,The low pressure said:“Take good care of your kindness,It’s not convenient for me to show my face outside,You should understand what I said?”
Bald thought,Busy talking:“Good front brother,In this case,Let’s get together again next time”
Chen Feng beckoned Xu Da,So he took Aniu and the others towards the gate。Just arrived at the hutong entrance,His phone rang,It’s Afang’s call。

It is just that it is not convenient for public.。

“Hinder,This is not your responsibility。”
Gao Boyi looked at the city of Jiangxin in the distance,Heart is absent-minded。
I heard that solitary pregnancy,Fu Fu also knows what Gao Biyi is worried about at this moment.。He put low sound to Gao Boyi:“Yu Wenxian,It is our hearts and abdomen.。This,If you can save people,Also annihilate,That’s good。”
He didn’t dare to say that Gao Baoyi gave up his own woman.,But the persuasion is very strong,Will be the window of the window。
“Yu Wenxian is my problem,But is the problem of Yu Wenzi。He still goes back to it.。”
Gao Bao said if he thought。
If this time you kill Yu Wenxian,Yu Wenzhen will definitely give Gao Baoyi a big praise.!so,He can take a hand,Support a relationship,But it is also very hungry.。
Is this kind of person??The people in this era are not very seen.,However, Gao Bo Yi knows,Such people can’t say a lot,But absolutely。
After the history of Yu Wen,Yu Wen is not a member of Yu Wenxian,There are still many people who are helped.。If this time Gao Baoyi doesn’t give reluctance,Destroy,Of course, it is eliminated a opponent,But I also liberate a hidden danger in Zhou Guo.。
Since then,Yu Wenzhao does not have to worry about itself, you can do this.。He can concentrate more and more elite troops used to open up the land。
This thing will make a loss or lose,Gao Bao is not allowed to eat,But the woman in her backyard is from the German,Those people in their families will look at themselves,Probably imagination。
Too much in the image,And will kill solvents!
In love,He can’t get rid of the heart of Yu Wenxian,Even if the soldiers in the hand is not much,Can be squeezed at any time。
“Send people into the city,Talk to Yu Wenxian,I parked a logo on the Han River on the side of Shazhou.,There is a banquet to treat him there.。Can’t come, come and follow him.。”
Gao Biyi has no expression of Fu Fu,The latter is straightforward,I don’t know what to say.。
Will it be a bit??
Fu Fei, Gao Baoyi is a little too much.。But find a building ship to Jiangxin,Not a difficult thing,As for a banquet,That is simpler.。
He is very good,Only spent a time,I found a large charter under the hand.,The above sailors are the brothers of Wang Linzhao.。So Fu Di sent a brother who said,To the county county in Jiangxinshazhou,Sent to Yu Wenxian。
Qi Jun’s middle army account,Zheng Minmin is careful to knead his shoulders to Gao Baoyi,The technique is very softeous。At this moment, she can’t see a nervousness on her face.,Judging two people with just around Gao Biyi。
“Yu Wenxian has agreed,Go to the landlord tomorrow to go to the banquet。”
Zheng Minmin asked softly:“How do you know that he will go??”
“Because he knows that I will not kill him。”
“Just this??”
“Yu Wenxian wants to look at it from me,At this point,My thoughts are consistent with him.。”
Human,Tiger is also an account。For an enemy who meets on the sand field,Since you can’t solve him now,So more, know more。
Gao Boyi believes that Yu Wenxian has heard a lot about his own things from the solitary gongrona.。
“correct,I let you do the thing,Are you done??”
Gao Bao is curious。
I heard this, Zheng Minmin,Gao Bo Yi said to make a call“Blind box”s things,But it is a long time ago.,So much better,He does not mention,Zheng Minmin almost forgotten。
Fortunately, it has been done in advance.。
“Alang’s words,I have always been put in my heart.。”
Zheng Minmin observed Gao Baoyi,Leave the handsome account。Soon she returned,Holding a wooden box in his hand,The four quadrants are coated with red-yellow blue green four colors.。
There is a hole in the box that can only reach out.,I don’t know what it is.。
“Alang,How to play this thing?”
North and south,Folk entertainment has been greatly rich,This“Kid”Merits,But it’s a little unique.,It is not worthless to wear a piece of money.。

Go to the provincial capital this time to find her,I don’t know if she will see him?I don’t know if Qin Xiaomin will beat him if I meet him,Or scold him or something?Anyway, Xia Jianyi closed his eyes,Full of these things。

After resting for half an hour,Xia Jian drove the car on the road again,It’s about 12:30 noon,Xia Jian has driven the car to Yao Junli’s convenient hotel。
It’s a pity that Yao Junli is not in the hotel,Even so,Xia Jian registered a room and moved in。Because the conditions here are good,And the price is also favorable。
Went to the room,Xia Jian washed her face,Take a break,See if it’s almost time,So I called Qin Xiaomin。
The phone rang for a long time,Just got connected。Qin Xiaomin’s low voice came from inside:“Hey!Who are you?what’s up?”
“Xiaomin!I am Xia Jian”Xia Jian quickly said softly。Qin Xiaomin on the phone suddenly lost his voice。Just when Xia Jianzheng was at a loss,Qin Xiaomin hung up the phone。
Xia Jian will call again,The phone was hung up as soon as it rang。Xia Jian played three times in a row,Every time。In the end, Xia Jian couldn’t help it.,He knew,Qin Xiaomin won’t answer his phone again。
Thought for a while,Xia Jian sent a message to Qin Xiaomin“I’m in trouble,Need your help now”
This is his last resort,If Qin Xiaomin reads this message and ignores him,Qin Xiaomin really hates him to his bones。
About ten minutes later,Qin Xiaomin sent a message and asked“where are you?”
“I’m in the provincial capital,You say where I am looking for you”Xia Jian quickly returned a message。
Qin Xiaomin replied“Elegant Room, No.2 Ziyuxuan Tea House, Nanping Road”Xia Jian took a look at this place,Should be not far from Qin Xiaomin’s house。He wanted to drive there,But then think about it,forget it!It’s more convenient to take a taxi。
Xia Jian cleaned himself up,And quickly went downstairs。There happened to be a taxi at the hotel entrance to take the guests back,Xia Jian got in without a word。
Xia Jian reported the name of the place,The taxi driver thought about it,And started the car and drove towards the destination。Along the way,Xia Jian didn’t have the mind to appreciate the scenery outside the car window,He kept thinking,What should he say when he sees Qin Xiaomin?。
Anyway,He didn’t think about anything。One sentence,This thing is a bit too unsympathetic for him。Actually, there is no alternative。

what?!Also vision?Li Tianchou almost didn’t jump off the rock。This old man talks freely,Too far away?I’m almost blowing myself into a fairy of Da Luo,Isn’t it possible to make money without incense in this view?,Want to make a big stroke?

Li Tianchou suddenly lost his impression of the old man,Remember last time,The other party went straight to the subject,The technique of hypnosis is also superb,Why is it in the mist this time,Confusing?He already wondered if it would be the end,Go home。
“Little friends,Believe it,It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it。”The old man is still not impatient,“Let me ask you。When going up the mountain gate,You are obviously upset,But not aware of the pain,After entering the small courtyard,Obviously want a lot,Now it’s clear?”
“No,I always wanted to ask the master to point out the strange things in this body,Where did the spiritual platform come from??”
“Ha ha,Just saw this scene,In addition to cleaning the air,What else can the little friend discover and feel?”
“Feeling?”Li Tianzhen scratched his head,Looking at the blue water and blue sky in the distance again、A corner of the verdant mountains and the miniature city,But gradually his face changed,How can these colorful scenery become black and white in my eyes?,Monotonous,It also lacks the three-dimensional sense of the past。
Very surprised Li Tianchou hasn’t reacted yet,The scene changes again,From clear to fuzzy,Finally it’s dark,bad!Is it blind??What kind of blindfold does this demon way use,It’s so invisible?
Li Tianchou was frightened,Waiting to react,Changed again,The dark scene quickly turned gray,And gradually produce light,The white light turns from hazy to clear,Pure and flawless,Fills up all the space at once,Bright and dazzling,Until it hurts the eyes,He just jumped up,“You old man,What trick……”
Volume Seven Steal the day
Chapter five hundred and forty two Flowing Clouds
But the curse just blurted out,The white in front of Li Tianchou suddenly disappeared,Replaced by two colors of yellow and blue,First appeared,The whole mind feels far and wide、Eternal and desolate,The kind of yellow and faint Jinhui,Like the color of the mountains in my hometown at sunrise,But that kind of blue is indescribable,There is always an urge to open arms to embrace。

Although with Wu Wu’s help,,Clean up Monkey Lu。But he always feels like this,Is very dangerous。

Back to his residence,Xia Jian didn’t even take a bath,He fell asleep。He didn’t know he was tired,Still tired,Anyway, I don’t want to move。
In Doctor Lu’s room,I saw Doctor Lu reclining on the bed,And Wang Youcai sat on the chair in front of him,The two spoke softly。
“Hey!Doctor Lu,You said our hospital was opened,Can He Jing reuse this woman??”Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Asked with a smile。He asked this,Naturally has his meaning。
Doctor Lu took a breath,Smiled slightly:“This woman has good nature,Just be more selfish,This is not a big problem。When young,Just too romantic。That’s why I fell to what it is today”
“Do you want to talk about reuse?Can’t burden him too much,But it won’t work without her,This woman sees general diseases,It’s still quite easy”
Dr. Lu said,Then he laughed,He has a confident look。
Wang Youcai smiled,Just about to speak,Just listen to the sound of a little messy footsteps coming from the yard。He couldn’t help but frown,I thought it was so late,Who will come here?
Just before Wang Youcai didn’t react,,Just a plop,A figure planted in from outside the door,Suddenly crawled under Wang Youcai’s feet。
Wang Youcai was scared and took a few steps back,He stuttered and asked:“you are…Who?Run here…What to do?”
Doctor Lu sat up from the bed,His eyes are piercing,Staring at the man crawling on the ground could not help but curse:“evil creature!”
Only then did Wang Youcai react,He looked down slowly,This person crawling on the ground,Not someone else,It is Dr. Lu Monkey who has not heard from him for many years。
As soon as I saw this guy,Wang Youcai’s heart was like knocking over a bottle of five flavors。Why did this bastard pop up at this time?,Why didn’t he die outside!Wang Youcai cursed secretly,Reached out and helped Lu Monkey who was crawling on the ground up。
I saw this guy with a green face,I feel hurt everywhere。He bowed his head,Gasped and said:“Give saliva!”
I saw my son came back,And it still looks like this。Doctor Lu didn’t know it was excited,Still angry,He was always in tears,Crying so sad。
Wang Youcai poured a glass of water for Lu Monkey。This guy took it and drank it,I feel like I haven’t drunk water for several days。


Green Bull gave a low voice,My clothes burst open immediately,Then dive into the water and head towards the pirate boat。
The speed of the green bull is much faster than the speed of the boat,When the ship is still one or two nautical miles away,Green Bull is already on the Pirate Ship。
Then there was a sound of fighting。
Wait until the navy approaches the pirate ship,One of the ships has been pierced by the green bull,Everyone is lying in random,The Green Bull is fighting on another pirate ship。
It seems that the leader of the pirate group is fighting the green bull。
But the opponent’s strength is obviously worse than that of Green Bull,That is48level,Hard power is twice as bad。
The navy is not surprised to see this scene,They have all seen the strength of Green Bull,Even if the naval base can beat the manatee, it is the colonel and lieutenant colonel of the base.,Even the other two majors can’t beat。
The speed of the battle ended soon,The navy began to conquer the spoils。
“Major Leo,The results have been counted,This time……”
Leo immediately stopped Feng Si’s report。
“No need to tell me that,You can discuss the arrangements yourself,I only want a reward from those pirates!”
“Yes!”Fengsi left happily。
Leo doesn’t care about money,He doesn’t spend much,So his goal is all in battle exploits,Latent time has been long,He needs to enter the navy headquarters。
“Not surprisingly,I will be able to break through Jian Hao within half a year,There is no need to stay here at that time!So I want to accumulate military merits during this time and get the opportunity to enter the headquarters training!”

Tie Li finished,Hung up。Xia Jian was shocked,He rushed over,He asked softly:“What happened?Gu Yue again?”

“Xu Yiming kidnapped Gu Yue,Let you come to see him。If not come,Or alarm,He tears the ticket”When Tie Li said this,,The voice trembles。
Xia Jian walked back and forth twice in the living room and said:“I’ll go now,Is Lion Ridge in the mountains??”
“Are you crazy?Lion Ridge is not only in the mountains,And rare。There are only two or three farmhouses alone。Xu Yiming did this,Just want to fix you,Don’t you even think about it?”Tie Li scolded coldly。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Xu Yiming is like a mad dog now,He can do anything。If i don’t show up,He will definitely be against Gu Yue”
“Then you can’t go,What’s more, the injury on your shoulder is not clear yet。No, let’s call the police,Let the police handle this。Or tell Gu Yue his dad”Tie Li said anxiously。
Xia Jian thought about it:“No way,Your communication equipment and people,It may have been monitored by Xu Yiming,You move,Xu Yiming will know immediately”
First2045chapter Action in the night
Xia Jian kept walking around in the living room,His brain is turning wildly,One plan came out of his brain,But he weighed,Gave up immediately。
This thing is extraordinary,Not paying attention will hurt Gu Yue。Xia Jian’s last bite,So he took out his mobile phone,Flip,I found out Xia Fei’s phone number and called。His new account now,Except for Gu Yue and Tie Li,Not many people really know。
The phone is connected soon,Xia Fei’s lazy voice came from inside:“Hey!Who?”
“I!Xia Jian,Is it convenient for you to answer the phone?It’s best if you don’t have anyone around”Xia Jian’s voice is as cold as ice。