Go to the provincial capital this time to find her,I don’t know if she will see him?I don’t know if Qin Xiaomin will beat him if I meet him,Or scold him or something?Anyway, Xia Jianyi closed his eyes,Full of these things。

After resting for half an hour,Xia Jian drove the car on the road again,It’s about 12:30 noon,Xia Jian has driven the car to Yao Junli’s convenient hotel。
It’s a pity that Yao Junli is not in the hotel,Even so,Xia Jian registered a room and moved in。Because the conditions here are good,And the price is also favorable。
Went to the room,Xia Jian washed her face,Take a break,See if it’s almost time,So I called Qin Xiaomin。
The phone rang for a long time,Just got connected。Qin Xiaomin’s low voice came from inside:“Hey!Who are you?what’s up?”
“Xiaomin!I am Xia Jian”Xia Jian quickly said softly。Qin Xiaomin on the phone suddenly lost his voice。Just when Xia Jianzheng was at a loss,Qin Xiaomin hung up the phone。
Xia Jian will call again,The phone was hung up as soon as it rang。Xia Jian played three times in a row,Every time。In the end, Xia Jian couldn’t help it.,He knew,Qin Xiaomin won’t answer his phone again。
Thought for a while,Xia Jian sent a message to Qin Xiaomin“I’m in trouble,Need your help now”
This is his last resort,If Qin Xiaomin reads this message and ignores him,Qin Xiaomin really hates him to his bones。
About ten minutes later,Qin Xiaomin sent a message and asked“where are you?”
“I’m in the provincial capital,You say where I am looking for you”Xia Jian quickly returned a message。
Qin Xiaomin replied“Elegant Room, No.2 Ziyuxuan Tea House, Nanping Road”Xia Jian took a look at this place,Should be not far from Qin Xiaomin’s house。He wanted to drive there,But then think about it,forget it!It’s more convenient to take a taxi。
Xia Jian cleaned himself up,And quickly went downstairs。There happened to be a taxi at the hotel entrance to take the guests back,Xia Jian got in without a word。
Xia Jian reported the name of the place,The taxi driver thought about it,And started the car and drove towards the destination。Along the way,Xia Jian didn’t have the mind to appreciate the scenery outside the car window,He kept thinking,What should he say when he sees Qin Xiaomin?。
Anyway,He didn’t think about anything。One sentence,This thing is a bit too unsympathetic for him。Actually, there is no alternative。

what?!Also vision?Li Tianchou almost didn’t jump off the rock。This old man talks freely,Too far away?I’m almost blowing myself into a fairy of Da Luo,Isn’t it possible to make money without incense in this view?,Want to make a big stroke?

Li Tianchou suddenly lost his impression of the old man,Remember last time,The other party went straight to the subject,The technique of hypnosis is also superb,Why is it in the mist this time,Confusing?He already wondered if it would be the end,Go home。
“Little friends,Believe it,It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it。”The old man is still not impatient,“Let me ask you。When going up the mountain gate,You are obviously upset,But not aware of the pain,After entering the small courtyard,Obviously want a lot,Now it’s clear?”
“No,I always wanted to ask the master to point out the strange things in this body,Where did the spiritual platform come from??”
“Ha ha,Just saw this scene,In addition to cleaning the air,What else can the little friend discover and feel?”
“Feeling?”Li Tianzhen scratched his head,Looking at the blue water and blue sky in the distance again、A corner of the verdant mountains and the miniature city,But gradually his face changed,How can these colorful scenery become black and white in my eyes?,Monotonous,It also lacks the three-dimensional sense of the past。
Very surprised Li Tianchou hasn’t reacted yet,The scene changes again,From clear to fuzzy,Finally it’s dark,bad!Is it blind??What kind of blindfold does this demon way use,It’s so invisible?
Li Tianchou was frightened,Waiting to react,Changed again,The dark scene quickly turned gray,And gradually produce light,The white light turns from hazy to clear,Pure and flawless,Fills up all the space at once,Bright and dazzling,Until it hurts the eyes,He just jumped up,“You old man,What trick……”
Volume Seven Steal the day
Chapter five hundred and forty two Flowing Clouds
But the curse just blurted out,The white in front of Li Tianchou suddenly disappeared,Replaced by two colors of yellow and blue,First appeared,The whole mind feels far and wide、Eternal and desolate,The kind of yellow and faint Jinhui,Like the color of the mountains in my hometown at sunrise,But that kind of blue is indescribable,There is always an urge to open arms to embrace。

Although with Wu Wu’s help,,Clean up Monkey Lu。But he always feels like this,Is very dangerous。

Back to his residence,Xia Jian didn’t even take a bath,He fell asleep。He didn’t know he was tired,Still tired,Anyway, I don’t want to move。
In Doctor Lu’s room,I saw Doctor Lu reclining on the bed,And Wang Youcai sat on the chair in front of him,The two spoke softly。
“Hey!Doctor Lu,You said our hospital was opened,Can He Jing reuse this woman??”Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Asked with a smile。He asked this,Naturally has his meaning。
Doctor Lu took a breath,Smiled slightly:“This woman has good nature,Just be more selfish,This is not a big problem。When young,Just too romantic。That’s why I fell to what it is today”
“Do you want to talk about reuse?Can’t burden him too much,But it won’t work without her,This woman sees general diseases,It’s still quite easy”
Dr. Lu said,Then he laughed,He has a confident look。
Wang Youcai smiled,Just about to speak,Just listen to the sound of a little messy footsteps coming from the yard。He couldn’t help but frown,I thought it was so late,Who will come here?
Just before Wang Youcai didn’t react,,Just a plop,A figure planted in from outside the door,Suddenly crawled under Wang Youcai’s feet。
Wang Youcai was scared and took a few steps back,He stuttered and asked:“you are…Who?Run here…What to do?”
Doctor Lu sat up from the bed,His eyes are piercing,Staring at the man crawling on the ground could not help but curse:“evil creature!”
Only then did Wang Youcai react,He looked down slowly,This person crawling on the ground,Not someone else,It is Dr. Lu Monkey who has not heard from him for many years。
As soon as I saw this guy,Wang Youcai’s heart was like knocking over a bottle of five flavors。Why did this bastard pop up at this time?,Why didn’t he die outside!Wang Youcai cursed secretly,Reached out and helped Lu Monkey who was crawling on the ground up。
I saw this guy with a green face,I feel hurt everywhere。He bowed his head,Gasped and said:“Give saliva!”
I saw my son came back,And it still looks like this。Doctor Lu didn’t know it was excited,Still angry,He was always in tears,Crying so sad。
Wang Youcai poured a glass of water for Lu Monkey。This guy took it and drank it,I feel like I haven’t drunk water for several days。


Green Bull gave a low voice,My clothes burst open immediately,Then dive into the water and head towards the pirate boat。
The speed of the green bull is much faster than the speed of the boat,When the ship is still one or two nautical miles away,Green Bull is already on the Pirate Ship。
Then there was a sound of fighting。
Wait until the navy approaches the pirate ship,One of the ships has been pierced by the green bull,Everyone is lying in random,The Green Bull is fighting on another pirate ship。
It seems that the leader of the pirate group is fighting the green bull。
But the opponent’s strength is obviously worse than that of Green Bull,That is48level,Hard power is twice as bad。
The navy is not surprised to see this scene,They have all seen the strength of Green Bull,Even if the naval base can beat the manatee, it is the colonel and lieutenant colonel of the base.,Even the other two majors can’t beat。
The speed of the battle ended soon,The navy began to conquer the spoils。
“Major Leo,The results have been counted,This time……”
Leo immediately stopped Feng Si’s report。
“No need to tell me that,You can discuss the arrangements yourself,I only want a reward from those pirates!”
“Yes!”Fengsi left happily。
Leo doesn’t care about money,He doesn’t spend much,So his goal is all in battle exploits,Latent time has been long,He needs to enter the navy headquarters。
“Not surprisingly,I will be able to break through Jian Hao within half a year,There is no need to stay here at that time!So I want to accumulate military merits during this time and get the opportunity to enter the headquarters training!”

Tie Li finished,Hung up。Xia Jian was shocked,He rushed over,He asked softly:“What happened?Gu Yue again?”

“Xu Yiming kidnapped Gu Yue,Let you come to see him。If not come,Or alarm,He tears the ticket”When Tie Li said this,,The voice trembles。
Xia Jian walked back and forth twice in the living room and said:“I’ll go now,Is Lion Ridge in the mountains??”
“Are you crazy?Lion Ridge is not only in the mountains,And rare。There are only two or three farmhouses alone。Xu Yiming did this,Just want to fix you,Don’t you even think about it?”Tie Li scolded coldly。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Xu Yiming is like a mad dog now,He can do anything。If i don’t show up,He will definitely be against Gu Yue”
“Then you can’t go,What’s more, the injury on your shoulder is not clear yet。No, let’s call the police,Let the police handle this。Or tell Gu Yue his dad”Tie Li said anxiously。
Xia Jian thought about it:“No way,Your communication equipment and people,It may have been monitored by Xu Yiming,You move,Xu Yiming will know immediately”
First2045chapter Action in the night
Xia Jian kept walking around in the living room,His brain is turning wildly,One plan came out of his brain,But he weighed,Gave up immediately。
This thing is extraordinary,Not paying attention will hurt Gu Yue。Xia Jian’s last bite,So he took out his mobile phone,Flip,I found out Xia Fei’s phone number and called。His new account now,Except for Gu Yue and Tie Li,Not many people really know。
The phone is connected soon,Xia Fei’s lazy voice came from inside:“Hey!Who?”
“I!Xia Jian,Is it convenient for you to answer the phone?It’s best if you don’t have anyone around”Xia Jian’s voice is as cold as ice。

Female customer said,It’s like telling a common thing。

“dislike,Then you can skip this dish。”
No matter how Wu Xiaorou can control herself,Hear this sentence,Can’t help it anymore,The tone of speech is no longer calm,Even the title has changed from you to you。
By Zhao Nan’s statement,And the current performance of female customers,She has been able to determine,This girl is here to find the fault。
But I have never seen her,Why did she find her fault??
“What I like to order is my freedom,You can’t control it。”
The female customer gave Wu Xiaorou a contemptuous look,Continue:“Like I don’t like your shop,I don’t like the dishes you cook.,I just don’t like you,But I just want to disgust you。”
This remark,Zhao Nan, who had been standing not far away, suddenly became angry。
She came over angrily,Stand in front of the girl,Said angrily:“Invite you out,Immediately,immediately,You are not welcome here!”
“Yo,Your shop is too bad, right,And drove the guests outside?”
Girl sitting in place,Looked up,Said frivolously,Disdain in the tone。
“I don’t know where I offended you?”
Wu Xiaorou reached out and pulled Zhao Nan behind,Such a thing,She also experienced a lot in her previous life,After Zhao Nan’s interruption,She also recovered calm。
“Why should i tell you?
Anyway, I just see you upset!”
Girl smiled,Keep watching Wu Xiaorou,Snorted and continued:“I will continue to come tomorrow,You have to be prepared!”
Finished,The girl stood up with a provocative expression on her face,Took ten dollars from his pocket,Thrown on the table,Turn around and walk towards the gate。

The sales guy’s eyes rounded,I thought you were the one who made trouble just now!Still comforting me now?This,What’s the situation?

I!I just want to hear!Not scared?Let’s make a friend,Next time I buy a car, I will look for you!”Lu Menglin apologized and comforted each other。
“It’s okay?”The salesman is scared,Muttered。
“Of course!I can buy this car,I can lie to you?Let me talk a few words,You help call the police,And look for insurance!”After Lu Menglin finished speaking with a smile,Got out of the car door。
I saw someone finally get from that Porsche911Inside,The crowd onlookers exclaimed one after another。
“He seems to be a student in our school!Is he the owner of the car??”
“Bravo!The collision just now must be intentional。So handsome!”
“Ruthless,Absolutely ruthless!Millions of sports cars,Hit and hit,Without any ambiguity。This guy is awesome!”
Everyone talked,Still in shock,I couldn’t fully relieve myself。
Jin Soyan saw that the person who got out of the car was Lu Menglin,Laughed immediately,Smile like a peach blossom,More beautiful and moving。
Lu Menglin walked to Jin Soyan,First smiled sly,Then took out the Porsche car key and shook it,Tao:“I bought the car for you,Just couldn’t hold back,Little bump。Repair and repair。Don’t be angry!”
Kim So Yeon smiled with tears,Suddenly fell into Lu Menglin’s arms,Very moved。
She doesn’t care about a Porsche at all,I care about the courage I just hit,Made her feel the overbearing love on someone。
Seeing Mr. Jin and the boy hugging each other tightly,The people watching around suddenly realized。
It turned out to be a red face!Great!Old!
Even the teacher-student relationship should be a taboo topic,It was also greatly downplayed by everyone’s surprise。
After all, this is the university campus,And Teacher Jin’s age looks not much older than a college student,At least from the appearance,It’s no different from a student,Besides, she is not a teacher in the true sense。
Xu Yan who was standing on the side was dumbfounded,The bump just now,Really scared him。
When he gradually regained consciousness,A deep sense of shame came to my heart。

To know that time,How deeply did he hurt Lin Yuner?,and so,God will punish him for hundreds of millions of years of suffering。

in fact,When I came to this place,Xiao Fan really struggled for a long time,Because once Lin Yoona’s memory is restored,She is absolutely likely to ignore him。
but,Xiao Fan really wants a child again,but,The only condition he wants to have a child with Lin Yoona is that Lin Yoona and him must be connected.。
Although they are connected in this life,but,Last life,Last life,But it doesn’t seem like this。
But after Xiao Fan hurt Lin Yun’er in that lifetime,,Xiao Fan was cursed,It is necessary for Lin Yoona to untie all the knots,So he can have a child of their own with Lin Yoona。
and so,After a long time of struggle,Xiao Fan still made a difficult decision,That is to try it yourself anyway,Even after Lin Yoona recovered all her memories,,Choose not to forgive yourself,Then I never regret it。
so,Xiao Fan is here。
only,This result was completely beyond Xiao Fan’s expectation。
Because just now he listens to what Lin Yuner calls him,He didn’t hear any dissatisfaction with him from these words。
Then,Should Xiao Fan at this moment be fortunate?!
“Hush!Xiao Fan,Don’t say anything,I know,I also understand!”Lin Yoona said softly。

“How is this going?”

After Li Tianlin is gone,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but frowned and asked。Had it not been for the three brothers Longhubao to bring Li Tianlin back in time,Maybe Xiang Chen has already killed Xiang Yanshou by now.!
Chapter Three Hundred and Seven Retreat
How is this going?”
When Xiang Chen asked this sentence,Duan Long was shocked by the whole person’s momentum。
Rao hasn’t seen each other for a long time,But when Xiang Chen really got angry,The three dragons, tigers and leopards are still a little trembling。
After all, the way Xiang Chen lost his temper,And when it was murder,The three brothers are still fresh in memory。
Duan Bao no longer giggled,But grinned open,When I look towards Xiangchen,One by one,Looks a little scared;Duan Hu is no longer the bravery when he first met Xiang Chen,Don’t know how to speak,I thought that the big Buddha in front of me was deliberately stern,But recall that my reflex arc just failed to keep up with the rhythm,Duan Hu threw this idea aside again。
Turn around.go with,In the end, the burden of answering Xiang Chen’s question still fell on the eldest brother Duan Long.。
Think twice,Duan Long said to Xiangchen with an embarrassed face:“Mr,Our three brothers got rich because of you,I know this in my heart,If there is no husband,Just rely on the three of us to kidnap Li’s son,It’s already on the street now!”
Before thinking about the narrative,You can’t go wrong with a flattering first!Besides, it is indeed because of the instructions of Xiang Chen,Only three brothers can become millionaires safe and sound,Just a few words of thanks on this point,Duan Long thinks it’s not too much。
But never thought,Xiang Chen doesn’t care about this at all。
“No flattering,I asked you,Why did you take Li Tianlin out??In case of a spread pool,Do you still want to have your three lives?”
Xiang Chenhan’s face,No matter if what he said is true,The three brothers of the Duan family all thank you。
As for Xiang Chen, is he worried about the life of the three brothers?,Or Li Tianlin’s safety,Only god knows this。

That is, the two countries established diplomatic relations in the past two years,With the continuous efforts of the embassy, Chen Geng and others,This view and understanding gradually changed,But seeing China as a scourge、The Chinese who shunned and feared still predominate。

“of course,As my most trusted person in United Credit Bank,Who are you not going?And I might as well tell you,If the China Central Government approves the model of the Mordu Government borrowing from us to repair the bridge,I guess there will be many similar investment projects in the future,How do you review the feasibility of these projects??”Seeing Ji Shengcheng’s face getting paler,Chen Geng felt a bit of gloating in his heart。
But Chen Geng’s smile fell in Ji Shengcheng’s eyes,That is red@bare@Naked devil smile,He almost cried:“boss,I……Can i not go?”
“What do you say?”Chen Geng smiled,Full of face“Say it,You say you are not going”Bad encouragement。
Ji Shengcheng:Heart hurts,That used to be talkative、Where did the considerate boss go??
“Oh,correct,”Chen Geng suddenly remembered something:“The private jet I customized from McDonnell Douglas,It will be delivered in two days,Then you will take my plane,Highlight the strength of our company,Can be considered as supporting you……Ok,The Chinese government still values these。”
Like the whole2000Years ago, private bosses were used to using the luxury of a car to identify the strength of their partners.,The Huaxia government before the 1990s actually had a similar“Vice”,You say you are in america、How many industries are there in Europe,We can’t tell if what you said is true or not.?But if the foreigner who comes to talk about cooperation takes a private jet almost comparable to that of the head of state’s special plane,Then there is nothing to doubt:Most people don’t say whether they can buy such a plane,Burning oil can hurt him to death!
So on Boeing727Private jet to China Hammer,Received a grand reception almost equivalent to a foreign head of state(of course,Hamer’s private jet can reach China Capital International Airport directly,Also approved by the adult),Ji Shengcheng is sitting better than Boeing727McDonnell DouglasMD-81Go to the magic city,It is estimated that in the eyes of the Magic Capital Government,Ji Shengcheng is no different from God of Wealth。
Comrade Ji stayed for a while。
The boss customized from McDonnell DouglasMD—81The private jet modified for the prototype will be delivered soon,He knows this,But he never thought that not only would he have the opportunity to use this aircraft,And it is dedicated to serving myself……The richest Americans,Although all private jets are under the company’s name,But which one does not regard the sight of private jets as one’s own prohibition?As for the boss, even if you don’t use it, you should travel to subordinates,Don’t even think about it!
For a time,He even wondered if the boss was joking with himself。
“I usually have that King Air200Will suffice,McDonnell Douglas-81It’s the company’s business jet,Miss Rosemary will issue an application for the aircraft,As long as it meets the conditions of use,Can apply,”Chen Geng smiled and patted Comrade Lao Ji on the shoulder,He was very proud of Ji Shengcheng’s reaction:“remember,This plane was not purchased to satisfy my personal enjoyment needs,To me,It is not a private jet,But a piece of production。”
Ji Shengcheng couldn’t help but smile:Your production materials are really expensive。
But a bitter smile returns to a bitter smile,He was more moved:Met such a boss,What else can I say?The worry about China in my heart before is also the share in my heart“Since the boss values me so much,That’s nothing to say,‘The confidant dies’That’s it,Besides, it’s just going to China,It’s not for his own life,The boss went to Huaxia so many times,Didn’t you come back well??”Feel filled,Nodded heavily:“boss,do not worry,I will bring you a result that satisfies you。”