Create a tough city world city day China home event opens in Shanghai

World City Day China Home Activities and First City Sustainable Development Global Conference Holding Toughness City Promotion of Urban Governance Modernization Li Qiang attended and delivered speeches, Gutrez sent Cong Xin, Wang Menghui, Mai Munna · Sheriff, Gong Zheng announced Release "Shanghai Index" comprehensive indicator system framework and 2021 "Shanghai Manual" ■ The "Shanghai Index" comprehensive indicator system framework is the world’s first "five-in-one" concept of "five integration" worldwide The city’s sustainable development index system is designed to assess the level of sustainable development of global cities, and promote people-oriented cities sustainable development concept. This newspaper (reporter is talking about Yan) Yesterday is the world city day, "address climate change construction The theme of the Tough City, 2021, China, China, China, China, China, the opening ceremony of the first city sustainable development, in the world of the world of Shanghai North Bund. Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, attended and delivered a speech.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutrez sent a congratulatory letter. Wang Menghui, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered a speech, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, the Executive Director of the Habitat, Madun Sheriff, delivered speeches through video. Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Mayor Gong Zheng announced the release of the "Shanghai Index" comprehensive indicator system framework and the 2021 "Shanghai Manual".

Li Qiang pointed out that the world’s urban days in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, "City, let life better" is the theme of Shanghai World Expo, which reveals the purpose of urban development, and the wish of people in the city.

As the largest economic center city in China, Shanghai is in accordance with President Xi Jinping and the central government of the central government, while building international economic, financial, trade, shipping and science and technology innovation, focusing on building tough cities and accelerating the modernization of urban governance. We seriously practice the important concept of "the people’s city people’s construction and people’s cities as the people" proposed by the Chairman of the President, as the core of the city, and all around the needs of the people, and insist on leaving the best resources to the public, strive to put "people" People have a chance of life. Everyone can participate in governance. Everyone can enjoy quality life. Everyone can effectively feel the temperature, everyone can have a beautiful vision for realistic picture. As a living body, organism, fear city, be kind to the city, explore the establishment of urban life signs index system, and better play the role of urban operation "a network system", so that the city is more or more healthier and safer. Under the current urban development needs of this World City Day, under the impact of climate change and various uncertainty, large cities especially need to accelerate tough urban construction, we look forward to listening to unique observations from different countries, different cities, different cities, different fields Share with experience. Wang Menghui pointed out that the city carries more than half of the population worldwide, and it is a beautiful home of human beings. It is an important field of carbon-up peaks, carbon, and is the main battlefield to address climate change.

Madun Sheriff said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the challenges brought about climate crisis provide opportunities for cooperation and innovation. This year, the World City Day is another milestone that UN-Habitat works closely with Chinese partners.

Looking forward to the "Shanghai Manual", "Shanghai Index" can be widely shared, and better promote the implementation of United Nations sustainable development goals. I hope Shanghai will show more best practices in "cities and make life better".

Di Mitri Ken Tech, UK, UK, Russia, Russia, Japan, Osaka City, Japan, Xiamen, Fujian Province, Guangzhou, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, Mayor, Fuzhou, Fujian Province Come to the video.

Prior to the opening ceremony, Li Qiang, Gong Zheng, etc. to see the World City Day China City Development Case Exhibition, listen to the world’s city’s global home and China’s home activities.

Jiang Wanrong, deputy director of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, presided over the opening ceremony. Shanghai leaders Zhuge Yujie, Cai Wei, Xiao Guiyu, Li Yiping, Director of the Bank of Communications Liu Wei participated. The World City Day is the first international day for the United Nations as a city-oriented international day. It is also the first international day for the Chinese government to promote the establishment of the United Nations.

This year, the world’s home event is held in Egypt, Luke, Egypt, and China’s home activities are jointly hosted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Shanghai Municipal Government and United Nations Results, including opening, theme forums, special forums, and series activities.

The "Shanghai Index" comprehensive indicator system framework is the world’s first urban sustainable development index system in the world’s concept of "five integration" concepts, designed to assess global cities. Continuous development and progressive levels, promoting people-oriented cities sustainable development concept.

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Can I drink ice beer? Don’t be confused by cool illness.

  With the heat waves, many people especially male friends like to drink some ice beer to cool.

Although drinking the ice bee can bring a faster, if you don’t pay attention to these taboo, it is likely to be counterproductive, causing harm to the body.

  First of all, can I drink the ice bee really? actually not. Beer is mainly made of large malt, and the fermentation is made, and the big malt itself does not have the effect of heat and heatstroke.

Conversely, beer is wet heat, and the excessive drinking may lead to weakness of the spleen and stomach, induce a bad breath, diarrhea, loss of appetite.

Therefore, "drinking the ice bemeric" is actually just the imagins of Ice, and it is not fundamentally achieving the effect of heatstroke.

  So how is the best drinking temperature of the ice beer? In order to pursue a cool taste, many people like to put beer ice to a very low temperature. In fact, this will not only destroy the beer itself, but also bring some burden to the body. The optimum temperature of the ice beer is between 5 ° C and 10 ° C, if the temperature is too low, the protein in the beer will decompose, and its nutrients will be destroyed. At the same time, the disorders of various ingredients in the beer will also affect the taste of beer. Most importantly, beer temperatures will make the gastrointestinal temperature of the drinks, and the duodenal pressure is high. It may also induce gastrointestinal disease when severe, and even cause acute pancreatitis. In addition, many people like to drink ice beer while eating, but this kind of diet is actually unhealthy. Seafood, meat and animal viscera are a very popular dish in the barbecue, however these dishes and beers contain higher sputum, and purine will form uric acid after metabolism in vivo, and excessive uric acid will induce gout and other diseases. Therefore, if you eat beer and barbecue, it will greatly increase the risk of suffering. In addition, the barbecue can cause carcinogenes such as benzopyrene, while drinking beer will make the vasodilation of the digestive tract, dissolve the mucinous protein surface of the digestive tract mucosa, accelerate the human body to absorb these carcinogenic substances, thereby increasing the risk of cancer . Healthy drink beer, should not exceed 500 ml per day, while drinking ice beer, consider looking into light dishes and fruits and vegetables. (Source: Science China).

CITIC Bank Hefei Branch 2021 Campus recruiting new staff training ending

October 8, 2021 –10 21, CITIC Bank Hefei Branch 2021 annual open campus recruiting new staff training. The new employee training, is in the building CITIC Bank Hefei Branch of background training system continued innovation training, training is divided into thinking pre-construction research, professional training, systems, personal growth, instructor led, group activities, assessment assessment and other aspects, so that new employees into the corporate culture as soon as possible CITIC Bank to meet the job requirements, to complete the transition from student to the role of the workplace.

In the course graduation ceremony held on the 21st of CITIC Bank Hefei Branch President Lin Changjun said branches through comprehensive, multi-form of the training system, to help every new employee to grow up as quickly as possible, to better adapt to financial institutions corporate culture and job requirements. CITIC Bank Hefei Branch will give employees the warmth of home and spiritual care, and provide display wisdom and skill of the stage. Meanwhile, Lin Changjun also affectionate message to the new staff, I hope you cherish the work, dedication, honest business, tireless efforts, hard work to play to enhance learning, to promote learning lines, uphold the fine tradition of CITIC Bank, marching footprints of their predecessors, open up new mileage. The graduation ceremony was also growing teacher recruitment and apprentice ceremony and selected outstanding team and outstanding individuals during the training, all new employees self-directed program "Little Chen Zhongxin Dream Road" to get the audience bursts of staff applause.

In recent years, Hefei Branch of China CITIC Bank attaches great importance to the training of new employees, training, and constantly promote young talents scientific, efficient, and orderly development, with the occupation period full coverage, full coverage of staff, full coverage of all types of job training programs, stimulate the new generation of employees passion and wisdom, provide strong intellectual support and comprehensively promote the construction of the Hefei branch of "regional first-class commercial banks," the grand goal. (Chen Yang) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) share to allow more people to see.

Dagelijks Guangming: het schrijven van het meest magnifieke epos in de geschiedenis van de Chinese natie voor duizenden jaren – een is de geest van het bestuderen en implementeren van de partij van de 19e plenaire zitting van de Communistische Partij van China

  "Het feest en de mensen worstelen voor honderd jaar mensen, schreven de meest magnifieke epos in de geschiedenis van de Chinese natie." Op 11 november was de zesde plenaire vergadering van het 19e Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China met succes gesloten en de plenaire vergadering zal het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij overwegen. De resolutie van de 100-jarige strijd en de historische ervaring van de partij wordt zeer ge?valueerd door de belangrijkste prestaties van de honderd jaar van strijd van de partij. Het systeem is samengevat door de historische ervaring van De 100-jarige strijd van de partij. Het gebaar beweegt naar de nieuwe reis en het nieuwe tijdperk van succes is voorzien van een krachtige spirituele kracht. De reis van de honderd jaar is prachtig en de wind en regen gegoten glorie. In het werkproces in de 100 jaar van de partij leidt de partij het bloed en de gevechten van het volk en is het een grote verwezenlijking van de nieuwe democratische revolutie; zelfredzaamheid, verontwaardiging, en cre?erde de grote prestaties van socialistische revolutie en constructie; bevrijding Idee?n De grote prestaties van hervorming en opening en socialistische modernisering; zelfvertrouwen en zelfverbetering, eerlijke innovatie, cre?erden de grote prestaties van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken in het nieuwe tijdperk. In het bijzonder, sinds het 18e nationale congres van de partij, de eenheid van het feest, de United Party van Xi Jinping, die de nieuwe belangrijke prestaties van het hele feest leidt, die een nieuwe waardevolle ervaring ophoopt, die de sterke vitaliteit van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken benadrukken, Party Het hart van het hart is ongekende, en de internationale status van mijn land wordt steeds meer geconsolideerd. Het biedt een completere systeemgarantie voor de realisatie van de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie, en een meer vaste materi?le basis en actievere spirituele kracht.

De Chinese Communistische Partij en de Chinese mensen verklaren plechtig de wereld met hun heldhaftige en vasthoudende strijd. De Chinese natie luidde de grote sprong in om op te staan. De geschiedenis van het feest is het meest levendige, meest overtuigende leerboek, en we gebruiken in de toekomst geschiedenis als een voedende agent.

De plenaire vergadering heeft de "resolutie van het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China" aangenomen, dit glorieuze marxistische programma, het systeem vat het leiderschap van het feest samen, houdt zich aan de eerste, hecht aan de theoretische innovatie en houdt zich aan onafhankelijkheid, Houd u aan de weg van China, houd u aan de wereld, dring erop aan pioniers en innovatie, dring erop om te strijden om te worstelen, te hechten aan de harmonische ervaring van de uniforme voorkant en zich aan de zelfevolkingsgeschiedenis te houden en het nieuwe begrip van het centrale inzicht van de partijen vast te houden en te hechten Comité, weerspiegelen onze partij-aandacht en goed het hoge politieke bewustzijn van historische regels zal het hele feest moeten motiveren om voet op de tweedehonderd jaar strijd te stellen voor de nieuwe test. De politieke partijen met wetenschappelijke theorie?n hebben de kracht van de waarheid; de oorzaak van wetenschappelijke theoriebegeleiding heeft een mooie toekomst. De hoogtepunten en belangrijke bijdragen van de 19e plenaire zitting van de partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van China worden duidelijk voorgesteld dat "XI Jinping’s nieuwe tijdperk is het socialistische denken is het hedendaagse China Marxisme, het marxisme van de 21e eeuw, is het tijdperk Van Chinese cultuur en Chinese Geest, realiseer je de nieuwe sprong van marxistische China. De oprichting van de begeleidingsstatus van het socialistische denken aan Chinese kenmerken in het nieuwe tijdperk, zodat de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie gedachten, theoretische armen en scherpe wapens heeft.

De hele partij moet het denken, verenigende wil, verenigende actie en worstelen om een ??strategisch doel te bereiken met de persistentie van Qingshan, ontspant niet, om snel de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie te bevorderen.

  De reis is rechtvaardig en de duizenden mensen zullen opnieuw beginnen.

De mensen van alle nationaliteiten in het hele land moeten nauwer worden verenigd rond het feest tot Xi Jinping als de kern van het feest, volledig implementeren van het Chinese karakteristieke socialistische denken, en krachtig de geest van de grote website bevorderen. De missie is verantwoordelijk, Geweldige dromen van morgen, gebruik de geschiedenis als een training, begon de toekomst, begraafte zijn hoofd, dapper, om de tweedehonderd jaar worstelen te bereiken, realiseer je de grote opwekking van de Chinese natie! .

Arrhythmia can not be seriously death

More and more young people have sudden death, and the ceremonial professor of the Department of Cardiology, Wuhan University People’s Hospital, said that most of them were caused by vorteration.

The heart is known as the human engine, which puts the hydrate of organic tissue through lung oxygen, carried abundant blood to the whole body, nourishes the whole body organic tissue, staying up late. The yellow crane said that this action of the pump needs to have rhythmically contracted and diastolic, and the heart has rhythmically contracted and diastolic manifestation is the pulse and heart rate of the human body.

People skip now, slow or chaotic jumping under the resting situation, and it is called arrhythmia in the medicine. The arrhythmia can occur in different ages, because the type of arrhythmia is different, the pathogenic crowd and the incidence probability of the disease are different.

There is a fast arrhythmia, medical call is called the intermediate, more than the Chinese-emerging people; the patient’s abnormalities will be higher in the elderly people; patients with confinement, patients with ischemic coronary heart disease More common. Value is most dangerous because it may bring sudden death. The Yellow Crane said that we often learn that Marathon players die in some games, most of which have appeared in this disgusting ventricular arrhythmia.

The most important conventional means of rescue room arrhythmia episodes is in vitro defibrillation. If such a patient is fortunate to be rescued, it is necessary to implant one device in the patient’s body. This device is burying the automatic defibrillator (ICD). Once the patient once again occurs, this device can be like a detroander. The role of defibrillation, saving the patient’s life in time.

The most basic function of the heart is to pump blood to the whole body. If the heart has arrhythmia, the function of pumping is not well completed, and a series of symptoms will be exhibited on the body. Such as fluster and palpitations, arrhythmia, the lightest feeling is flustered, this flustered is pleasing quickly, and it is also a kind of panic.

Heart palpitations are a very difficult symptom, a little bit boring, even a little pain, is a description, this is a wider range.

If the arrhythmia is faster or slower, the eyes may be black, and the medicine is called black.

If there is a black, the degree of arrhythmia is serious than two symptoms above.

If you fain, then the seriousness of arrhythmia is more serious on the basis of the darkness, because the arrhythmia has caused hypoxic ischemia in the brain. The most serious consequences of arrhythmia are sudden death.

Arrhythmias can prevent and control through their own management.

Yellow Crane said that paying attention to management emotions in daily lives, the work is regular, and the rational diet and regular medical examination can reduce the incidence of arrhythmia. (Tian Qiaiping).

The second batch of members of China Sports delegation from table tennis and women’s football team arrived in Tokyo to prepare for the Olympics

According to the arrangement, the Chinese women’s foot will directly go directly to the group match, and other athletes will enter the Olympic Village.

It is reported that the team participating in the Tokyo Olympic Women’s football team has been divided into three groups, the Chinese team and the Netherlands, Brazil, and Zambia are divided into group F.

On July 21st, the Chinese team and the Brazil will confront in the first group.

Liu Guoliang, chairman of the China Table Tennis Association, talked about the gold medal target in the airport hall: "We have long set a goal, it has been prepared for five years, after arriving in Tokyo, the game has entered the final stage." Tokyo Olympics table tennisThe competition will be held in the Tokyo Stadium from July 24th to August 6.

The mixed double project will debut in this Olympic Games, the 2019 World Table Tennis Champion combination Xu and Liu Shiwen will play on behalf of the Chinese team.(Editor: Cui Implement, Changhong) Sharing let more people see.

Reconstructing traditional business logic, life service, Wu Xi life officially launched

Recently, the Wuhan life advertising e-commerce platform of Guizhou Wuxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. has officially launched the trial operation after the previous multi-stage test. At the launch of the trial operation, there were about 210,000 members of the fans to interact, and the site has also attracted the entrepreneurs visiting a total of many industries. It is reported that Wuhan life is a traditional commercial logic that is committed to applying Internet Technologies Reconstruction, breaking monopoly, with advertising e-commerce for traffic entrance, and empowering local life service enterprises. New ecological platform. Guizhou Wuxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the National Big Data Center Guizhou Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, is an innovative technology company that links consumers to build consumers.

At the event, Ms. Wu Xi Living Lin delivered a warm speech, she said that ordinary footsteps can also finish the great trip, as long as we choose one direction, determine a plan, bravely make a wolf, constantly innovation, Open a new chapter of the consumption. Wu Xi life e-commerce platform is not only a platform for enterprises under communication, but also a platform for more people to turn daily consumption into entrepreneurship opportunities.

Under the common efforts of Wu Xi family, Wu Xi’s life advertising e-commerce platform surpassed our dreams, redefined advertising e-commerce industries, and also gave enterprises and individuals with unlimited business opportunities. Sochi’s life consultant Guanzhou teacher then shared the overall strategic plan of the platform. He mentioned that after the 2021 black swan incident, all walks of life are struggling, chaotic, and Wu Xi people think that the overall situation is currently, technology empowering commercial transformation is imperative.

Consumption needs innovation, thinking also needs to know, this is the time of Wu Xi people. Soi Xin’s life and e-commerce platform is based on the demand for the consumer market, traditional business needs to be changed.

Mr. Zhang Yixing, president of Wu Xixi, was first welcomed by the guests from all walks of life. He said that Wu Xi lived before the trial operation of the initiative, the number of members has broken by 210,000, and it attracts each line. All kinds of high-quality entrepreneurs have visited, why is today’s real life? Wu Xi life advertising e-commerce will slowly develop into a centralized brand hatching ecotropic circle. We encourage more people with entrepreneurial dreams to participate, here you can slowly grow into a team leader, a product developer, a brand holder, do your own boss. Mr. Zhang Yixing said that we will make more ordinary consumers, can also participate in the production and development of the product, brand creation, and opening up the great cause of sales channels, thus creating more employment agencies, casting advertising e-commerce national brands. .

Ms. Wei Shouping, Ms. Wei Shouping, and Ms. Zhou Yishan also conducted a wonderful speech. All the way, there is a setback, there is warmth; there is difficulties, there is also movement; there is tears, more tears, responsibility and responsibility! The above guests and leadership spokes, push the scene atmosphere of the launching meeting to the climax, and Wu Xi life has also opened the way to the merchants, enterprises, and individuals. Han Feizi, the big idea of ??the ancient Chinese French thinking, said: Don’t fly, I have been flying, and the nozzies have been amazing. Any success is a thickness of thin, and it has been in exchange for many years.

Not afraid of walking, I am afraid that I don’t start, Wu Xi life is from tough, exploring development to now steady forward, one step, one step is so stable and practical. We believe that for 2022 we are full of pride, look forward to the future, we are the leaders in the new era! We are new and brilliant creators, and we are a miracle, we are acting.

This is our era, and we will join hands to create a new chapter! Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Shanxi Medicine Tea Release held in Taiyuan to hold the building and speaking

  Original title: Strong regional public brands to create a high-quality life Shanxi medicine tea release in Taiyuan held a building, Yunsheng, and speech Lin Wu to Shanxi Medicine Tea Industry Alliance awarded March 20th, Shanxi Medicine Tea Release was held in Taiyuan The provincial party secretary is now attending and speaking.

The reporter Li Zijun took a drink of the West Drug Tea, and the hundred grass essence. On the morning of March 20th, the Shanxi Medicine Tea Release was held in Taiyuan, and the Shanxi Medicine Tea This Shanxi Advantages, issued Shanxi Medicine Tea Provincial Regional Public Brand. The Provincial Party Secretary Building is attended and speaking.

Provincial Committee deputy secretary, governor Lin Wu attended and licensing.

The provincial leadership is honest, Li Xiaobo attended, and Vice Governor Wang Cheng hosted and issued the theme. "Drinking of tea, deception of Shennong." Shanxi medicine tea has a long history, and the raw material channel is significant. The provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the development of the Shanxi medicine tea industry, the building is in person with respect, personally deploy, personally promote, with the product of medicinal tea, gathering the field of agricultural products, the top ten industrial clusters, strive to build China’s seventh large tea Tie.

At present, the influence of Shanxi medicine tea is expanding, logo design, trademark registration, standard development, etc. Ordered, Shanxi Medicine Tea Industry Alliance is formally established, the provincial regional public brand will be released at the meeting, the province’s medicinal tea processing enterprises Hundreds of hometown, seabuckthorn leaves, mulberry leaves, jujube, Mao Buya, Mi rice and other single product tea and Huang Pu, 杞菊, etc. In the speech, the building is in the speech, combined with the history of Chinese tea history and tea culture, deeply elucidated the soul, essence of Shanxi medicine tea, expressed its strong confidence and deep period of Shanxi medicine tea. He said that there is a busyness, there is a thing that is always in my mind, that is, Shanxi can have his own tea, when can we drink Shanxi’s own tea? Today, Shanxi medicine tea is finally met with you.

Shanxi medicine tea, history is long.

Shanxi medicine tea, I am very confident in it, I will become China’s seventh large tea. "Shen Nong tastes the grass, the income is seventy-two poison, and it is observed." Tea is medicated, medicine can also be tea. Total medicinal tea is the same root, this is the outcome of Shanxi medicine tea, and the beauty of Shanxi medicine will also be the victory of Shanxi Medicine Tea.

  Louyang pointed out that Shanxi medicine tea as a regional public brand, a public brand, and the public enjoys it. The effect of Shanxi medicine tea is completely accompanied by "high quality life", elegant and special effects.

Ergua Road Medicine, Taoism.

Taking the road herbal medicine is the foundation of Shanxi medicine, the source, the root, the raw materials must be added to the ground and cannot be added.

Three 曰 法, leisurely. The artillery method takes to the tea ceremony, and it is necessary to be super in the tea ceremony. This process must have a kind of temperament, and can give the soul of medicinal tea. Four strong promotion, widely announced.

The so-called innocence, Shanxi medicine tea should let more people enjoy it, use it. The five 曰 industries revitalize, all of them are people. Develop medicinal tea, build a total of top ten industries in agricultural products, and their roots are for the people.

  The building is stressed that Chinese traditional culture is magnificent, tea culture is an important part of Chinese culture. It reflects the thick civilization of the state of etiquette.

Tea culture is an important effect, which is self-cultivation. He hopes everyone likes to like Shanxi, welcome everyone to use medicine tea in Shanxi.

  At the press conference, "Shanxi Medicine Tea Promotion", Lin Wu to Shanxi Medicine Tea Industry Alliance awarded the plaque, Wang Cheng released the development of Shanxi medicine tea, the provincial agricultural rural department, Shanxi Wenxiong Group, Shanxi Zhendong Group respectively Tea provincial-level regional public brands, the construction of Qixian Tea City (Zhaowa Ancient City), Shanxi Medicine Tea Industry Alliance and Brand Operations are specialized. Prior to the press conference, the leaders of the building, such as the province, came to the drug tea test site. The building is in a first one, and the brown tea, red juja tea, seabuckthorn leaf tea, forsythia tea, Huang Ducha tea, Huangqi tea and other products, ask the effect, the product, understand the production process, sales price, I hope the company will play Shanxi resource advantage, product is the lead, market-oriented, with cultural as the kernel, build a characteristic brand, through the promotion of the promotion, promote the promotion, etc.

  The on-site atmosphere was simple and warm.

Pharmaceutical companies, tea companies, tea merchants, tea companies, tea vendors, listening to medicine tea stories, tasting tea rhyme, and feel the unique charm of Shanxi medicine tea in the province and Beijing, Guangdong, Yunnan, Chongqing, Zhejiang and other provinces (cities). China International Tea Culture Research Association, China Tea Distribution Association sent a congratulatory letter to the press conference.

Next, there will be a series of Shanxi medicine tea procurement activities such as investment, promotion, and tasting in the province. The mayor of each municipality, the membership of the provincial medicine tea industry development leading group is mainly responsible for comrades to participate in the conference. The central government is stationed, the main news units in the province, the Dafu Wenhui Media Group, the Hong Kong Business Daily and the Media reporter were invited to participate.

(Reporter Yang Wen).

Production of self-help, starting from the disaster prevention and mass resettlement point – Daning County, Shanxi Province

  China Taiyuan on October 14th, Self-rescue At the eyes, the flying needle, the whole gods embroidered the tiger head on the jewelry, and the table put two products that have completed the embroidery process, just wait for the staff to pay the money. On the afternoon of October 13, the reporter walked into the largest disaster-critical people in Daning County, Shanxi Province. Seeing Wang Yuemei elderly and more than 100 women gathered in a big conference room to do car hanging embroidery jewelry, the relevant staff on-site receiving points. "I have been in place for 3 days. I have made this embroidery, I have earned more than 300 yuan." Wang Yuemei said that he is a poor household in Southeastburg village. Point money to make up for losses.

  This placement point in the Xiaowun Village Industrial Park in Datun County has placed 542 affected people.

Feng Juan, Chairman of Dalun County Women’s Federation, said that recently, the National Health Committee of the National Health Committee will pay 200,000 yuan to buy a car hanging jewelry made from the local "pull embroidery" process. This resettlement point is passed on the spot, according to the process Live, piecepoint payment, on the spot. Some of the cloth, some paintings, some pieces of silk, some sewing, some embroidered … A embroidery product workshop with complete production pipeline is built here, a unique production and self-help operation Start here. It is located in Danning County in the Loess Plateau. This is very serious, from October 2nd to 7, more than 280 mm, which is the largest precipitation in Shanxi Province. There are more than 50,000 people in the county, and more than 10,000 people are affected. "This is a big disaster, I am very embarrassed, now there is a place to make money, and it is a money, and a lot is also a lot.

"The victims of Chiun Village, Qujiang Town, Daning County, also took off poor, originally live with the big daughter, but the daughter’s house had a danger, but they had to transfer them to the affected people.

He Esiying did the sewing process, complete a earning 2 yuan, daughter as a embroidery process, complete a pair of earning 30 yuan. From Xiaosheng, he will learn to "pull the embroidery", which is both the victims of the disaster and the training teacher at the scene. After the class, I didn’t tire the hand of the students to actually operate.

"I understand them most, most of the students are older old people, it is not easy.

"He Chengying said," Whenever I see them to complete a process, I am very happy to get the money, I feel very happy, I feel worth it. "Currently, producing self-help as soon as possible, reducing losses, is our top priority.

Wang Xiaobin, secretary of Datun County Party Committee, said that all relevant departments are doing everything possible to accelerate this work.

  In another large room at this resettlement point, 50 affected people are accepting the previous training for local housekeeping companies.


But looking at it,In this situation,In fact, Wang Teng is very impatient to solve it。

“prior to,Lucky for Hong Deshao。”
“but,Hong Deshao’s luck,Can’t always be so good。”
Wang Teng is talking here,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
After all now,Actually such a thing,It is still necessary,It can be solved properly。
And at the moment,Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him。
obviously,What will this bring,Actually this matter,It’s very important。
“Lord,They are coming。”
Now,People at Hawbao Camp,He said directly to Wang Teng。
But after these people finished talking to Wang Teng,Now,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,I am a little eager to try。
“well,Since this is the case,Then next,We actually have nothing to wait。”
“Now that it’s determined,Then next,We can go straight away!”
When Wang Teng finished,obviously,In the hearts of those around you,The more I think about it, the better I feel。
Start now,Ready to start。