Looking at Wang Wei to get down from the car,Li Hui Feng also smiled and praised a few words.。

“Pretty,Really beautiful,Not only is good, but also fast,I thought that I had to have a day.。”
“hehe,Since pretty,Brother, do you see if you give your brother??”
I heard Wang Wei.,Li Hui also took the money yesterday.。
“How much is an acre??”
“Um,But more,Two hundred pieces are good。”
Chapter 22
Hear this price,Li Hui’s eyebrows can’t be frowned。
“Brother,I used the excavator used yesterday.,People’s 81 acres,Are you too expensive??”
Wang Wei looked at Li Hui’s frowning,It’s amazing。
“brother,You don’t listen to,Who dares to recall the wasteland in this vicinity?,Did that two people dare to come yesterday??
Several our brothers can be risky,We all feel less than two hundred dollars.。”
I listened to Wang Wei.,Li Hui Feng knows that it is definitely what Zhao You can find him.。
But he just started,The first step in the plan is not moving out, I will encounter such trouble.,Li Hui is also a fire.。
But in the case of a lot of things, it is better to be less.,Li Hui is still ready to set the money to each other。
“Hey-hey,Row,哥,I don’t have so much cash now.,How do you give you an owe??”
Looking at Li Hui’s hand, less, two thousand pieces of cash,Wang Wei is looking at the other people and laughing.。
“Row,Who let my brother feel good?,I owe yours, I owe it 100,000 yuan.。”
Wang Hao took money,Say it very casually。
I heard Wang Wei said this.,Li Hui’s thoroughly understands that these people are clear about seeing things.,And still find him trouble。
100,000 yuan don’t say he did not,That is, he is impossible to give。
“Brother,These wastelands add up to one hundred acres.,And the removal yesterday, I have been reclaimed in these days.,There are also seventy acres of up to 70 acres.,An acre of two hundred is just a thousand four thousand dollars.,How to calculate this 100,000 yuan?”
Wang Wei looked at this time.,Li Hui is still telling him,The so-called college students in front of you are more dismissed.,In his eyes, Li Fah is a typical nerd.。
“Hey-hey,How do you calculate it?,I don’t give money today.,That more than one hundred acres, us soon made here become a Tiankeng,Do you believe?”
Looking at Wang Wei’s appearance,Li Hui Suddenly:“Is Zhao Youyi let you come.?”
What Zhao Youcai,I only know that you don’t give money.,Let Write the owe of the bar。”
“hehe,Isn’t it part of you just??
And the land reclamation cost of 10,000 is the price.,You dare to get 100,000,You said that I wrote this owed, is it very stupid.?”
“You are stupid, I don’t know.,I only know that you don’t give money today.,Brother, a few first repair you a meal,Then turn you here into a Tiankeng,If you don’t want to be buried,乖 写。”
Wang Wei is already too lazy to continue to play with Li Hui Feng.,Before driving the excavation machine, I will let him feel angry.,If Zhao Qingyou is forced to do so,He has long taught Li Hui with a few people.。
At the very least, Li Hui has become a pig with a pig’s head.。
“Owing the barrel,You still let Zhao have come.,Or let people behind you come to me.,This is not interesting like this.,You go back to tell the one who makes you packing up.,Do he want to eat a big loss, come to me.。”
Although Wang Wei did not admit it to Zhao Youcai,But this thing Li Hui Feng feels that ten eight nine and Zhao can。
Wang Wei did not expect that Li Hui Feng is not afraid,I still dare to take the people behind him.。
This made how he accustomed to him in the town in the town.。
“Depend on,Boy,It seems that you don’t give you some colors.,You don’t know what we are.。”
Speech,Wang Jiancai directly slap the head of Li Hui’s head,This slap is a heavy,Li Hui said less and said that it is a brain shock.。
He thought that Li Hui will be filled with the patrol of Wang Wei.,But I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually understood the wrist of Wang Wei’s wrist.,And it is also very easy to cut it off.。
Listening to Wang Wei’s pain,Looking at the deformable wrist,Several other people are also a glimpse。

When Lao Xiao listened to Xia Jian’s talk about the leisure agriculture project, there were no results,The old man said with a smile:“This is for us in the north,Is a new type of project,No results yet,Explain that the leader has begun to research,It seems that this is already a certainty,Because this piece is in the south,Very well developed”

With these words from Old Xiao,Xia Jian’s hanging heart these few days has just let go,It seems that the old man analyzes things more thoroughly than he thinks。
When the sky is slightly bright,Xia Jian couldn’t hold it anymore,Straight fight with upper and lower eyelids,Old Xiao said with a smile:“All right,Let’s all go back to sleep!Wake up naturally“
Lie down,When Xia Jian opens his eyes again,Found it was noon,He stretched,Got up and got out of bed,After washing up,Yawned out of the house。
Xiaohei saw him,Pounced immediately,Spreading joy at his feet,Xia Jian crouched down,Touched its head with both hands and said:“Old friend,Too busy this time,When i’m free,Play with you again“
“President Xia is back?“The elegant voice of a woman rang in Xia Jian’s ears。
Xia Jian hurriedly looked up,I saw a young woman in her 30s,Standing in front of him,Smile at him。Tall woman,Beautiful face,If you take off the apron,Put on a set of tasteful clothes,Maybe she is still a beauty。
Xia Jian stood up,Smiled and said:“Are you the new babysitter!“
“Yes, Mr. Xia,My name is Li Xiaolu,What’s wrong in the future,Please also advise“Li Xiaolu smiled。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Just take good care of Mr. Xiao,What’s for lunch today?Do you want me to help you“Xia Jian said,Began to take off his coat。
Li Xiaolu said hurriedly:“No need Mr. Xia,The rice is ready,Mr. Xiao told me,Said you like to eat noodles best,I don’t know if what I did is to your liking“
Just talking,Old Xiao walked in from outside,He smiled and said:“As long as it is noodles,He can eat so much“Xia Jianyi listen,And Li Xiaolu laughed。
At noon,The three of them ate around a small table,I can’t tell that Li Xiaolu is a nanny,She speaks decently,Smart,Unrestrained,This made Xia Jian get acquainted with her soon。

Wang Youcai couldn’t help but be overjoyed,Lightly push,The door opened,He squeezed in one side of his body。There is only one side light in the room,So the light looks a bit dim。

Said it was the changing room,Nothing fake。The whole room is full of hangers,The clothes hanging on it pushed Wang Youcai’s sight。He tiptoed and walked straight in。
The weird thing is,He didn’t find Lan Ling,Isn’t she here?Just when Wang Youcai was about to quit,Suddenly there was a slight sound from the corner of the wall*sound。
Wang Youcai surprised,This voice is from a woman,Because the sound is too small,It’s painful not to hear*Still happy voice。Anyway, there is a voice,Explain that there is someone inside。
Wang Youcai walked over gently,The clothes on the hanger,Only then did Wang Youcai see clearly。Next to the wall,Put a small table,Chair by the table,A woman lying on all sides。
May be due to drinking too much,The cheongsam buttons on the woman’s body are almost completely untied,Showing a piece of white flowers。Wang Youcai took a closer look,This is not Lan Ling who else can be?
A woman who shines in front of others,The ugliness of drinking too much seems to be the same。When I saw Lan Ling half-concealed,Wang Youcai’s heart rate can’t help speeding up,Accidentally made a noise。
Lan Ling sat up abruptly,Cover your chest with both hands:“Who?”
“I!Who else,I heard you drank too much,Come and see you”Wang Youcai was laughing,Two thief eyes looked around Lan Ling’s body。
Lan Ling saw Wang Youcai,His face changed immediately,She laughed:“Boss Wang!How did you find here?You are not so anxious!Sister drank too much tonight,You let me rest,Get off work later,You take me home!”
“Damn!You can’t drink more of this wine,Is this stomach upset?,I’ll rub it for you”Wang Youcai hits a snake with a stick。He stepped over,She hugged Lan Ling who had just stood up。
Lan Ling pretended to be surprised:“brother!Can’t here,Besides, my sister is not feeling well,Don’t you know how to pity and cherish Yu?”
“Brother knows”Wang Youcai said,Both hands pretended to be kneaded on Lan Ling’s belly。
Facing Wang Youcai’s passion,Lan Ling was caught off guard。She can only let Wang Youcai act rashly。
Wang Youcai is a drunkard who does not want to drink,slowly,His hands are no longer honest。Lan Ling is a man who has been forever,Wang Youcai slapped his ass,She knows what shit this person is going to do。
But come out,Like Wang Youcai’s dead skin and lazy face,It’s better to offend a very horny man less,What’s more, the person who protects the field is still under Wang Youcai’s。
Lan Ling thought of this,Hold your heart,Gnawing teeth,Whispered:“Faster,Or someone else”
Wang Youcai can’t wait for these words,He slammed Lan Ling down on the small table,Then a little rudely lifted Lan Ling’s unbuttoned cheongsam。

“Where sunlight refracts,Is my beautiful hometown。。。。”Fuming hummed a song softly,This is the folk song of Baxter Village,Whenever the village holds a grand festival,Everyone will sing this song to celebrate the holiday。

Li Le sang along,Smile,He felt like he was back in Baxter Village,I slowly closed my eyes,Forget all the unhappy things in the past few days,He is satisfied at the moment。
At this moment, everyone in the Yun family looked at the Yun Ming three who were sent back,He also holds a video that is playing,The three Yun Ming have been seriously injured and unconscious,All bloodstained,Yun Kongming’s face is as cold as winter。
At this moment, he felt inside his heart by the terrible anger he had never felt since he was born“well,Ye Fuming,You are really good!”These words came from Yun Kongming gritted his teeth。
Yun Kongming suddenly looked at the shivering guy on the side,Grab his collar,Lift him up“Isn’t it a guarantee that there is no monitoring of the transaction??Why does this video appear in my hands now,what!”
“I。。。I really checked it carefully,Young master,I really don’t know”Don’t mention the guy who came out in horror,He dare not resist,Can only beg for mercy。
Operation control was upset by him,Energy churn,I saw him kicking out,This guy fell to the ground,Endure the pain in my stomach,Struggling from the ground to get up and kneel on the ground,With blood on the corners of the mouth。
“Drag him out,Family Law!And take the three of them down for healing”
“Comply with”Yun Yi lifted the guy on the ground,Go outside,Several more people came and carried Yun Ming three out。
Yun Kongming felt a fire in his heart,But I don’t know how to post。
“Minger,calm down”Just when Yun Kongming was upset,A voice came,Yun Kongming hurriedly got up and saluted respectfully“Met grandpa”
This person is the old patriarch of the Yun family‘Yun Shangxin’
Yun Shangxin waved his hand“Do you remember how I taught you?”
“remember,Be a wise man,I have to manage my emotions,Never allow your thoughts to be influenced by anger”Operation control lowered his head to reply。

“of course,This oil product also participated in the international crude oil market short war that I launched in Dubai half a month ago.。”

“to be frank,Since I just took over this oil field soon,So when I was calculating this oil field,Found that the marketing network of this oil field is very unstable,Downstream oil companies are mainly India、Poor and backward countries such as Central Asia,Capital withdrawal is a big problem。”
“So I always wanted to re-adjust the marketing network of Usco Oilfield,Want to sell most of the crude oil produced by the oilfield outside of China,The remaining crude oil is sold to developed countries in Western Europe。”
“And happened to be half a month ago,I successfully launched the international crude oil market short war,After saving your father and son,Prince Harita is grateful for my life-saving grace,Have to repay me。”
“At that time I was worrying about the Eusco Oilfield Marketing Network,And I know that Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest oil company,The marketing network must be all over the world,So I asked Prince Harita for help.,Introduce major downstream oil companies。”
“Prince Harita is also very interesting,Then I introduced the four major middlemen of Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Group to the head of marketing of Usco Oilfield,They made a series of contacts。”
“And through contact with the four big middlemen,I also learned about the plight of the four major middlemen in the Saudi Aramco oil and gas group,So I handed over the marketing of Usco Oilfield to the four middlemen.。”
“Not only that,I also used personal relationships to help the four major middlemen introduce a lot of business in major oil-producing countries such as Russia and Mexico.,Made them a lot of money,They are naturally grateful to me,Grateful!”
“And i believe,They miss me‘Reinvention’,Now even if I let them give up Saudi Aramco,Paralyzed Saudi Aramco’s entire sales network,They will not hesitate to follow the orders,Prince,What do you say?”
I heard that my son was sent to death,Prince Mahmoud looked pale,Fainting,Almost fell。
“Qiao Tianyu,you.What do you want to do?!”Prince Mahmoud held the tea table with his hand,Try not to let yourself fall。
Now Qiao Tianyu no matter from the marketing network,Still never collected accounts and other aspects have formed a siege to Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Group,Saudi Aramco has been completely choked by Qiao Tianyu’s neck。
“Prince,I just said,My needs are simple,You and Prince Harita leave the British Virgin Islands,Withdraw from the global offshore financial market dispute,Just return the plenipotentiary power to Prince Sartu。”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“If you can agree to these conditions,In the future, Qiao Tianyu and Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Group will keep the well water in the river,We can still be good friends!”
“What if I choose not?!”Prince Mahmoud said unconvincedly。

It is only those swindlers who are popular at the end,Because the law emphasizes fairness and justice,If you can’t present everything in a fair and just manner。

Then everything is meaningless,It must be investigated to be fair to everyone,So Yiming and Chu Yao immediately decided to carry out the matter directly。
Because they don’t want to waste too much time,What to study for a few days,I just want to solve everything smoothly today,So they only need evidence。
It just happened that they were able to find many loopholes while visiting the company just now,Can also find many problems,In fact, these problems can be seen by them at a glance,I don’t need any other assistance。
After the two of them saw through, they silently wrote down in their hearts,And then I want to kill them all,And in the process of collecting evidence, they did not find。
So no one is suspicious,In this case, you can really catch it all in one go,Just on the other side, I’m still talking about something to them,How good。
At the same time, Yiming has taken out his phone and prepared to call the police,Because this kind of thing can be resolved smoothly,But if you let the police interfere,They may be punished more。
So we still need to take a formal approach,After all, they are not saints,If these two people solve everyone,The follow-up time may be more troublesome。
So this time let them learn a lesson,As long as Chu Yao breathed out,Yiming felt that this matter could be solved,They may be punished accordingly before the police arrive。
Let them be punished,Then the boss and the so-called team across,Those people didn’t realize that Yiming had called the police,And transmit all the evidence to the police。
So when they have finished speaking,Yiming and Chu Yao can also see,The time has come,So I just tore my face with them,And put the contract on their faces。
Then Chu Yao pointed to the boss’s nose and cursed:“I believe your nonsense,You really think we are three year olds,Do you think we are college students with no social experience,Listen to you lie here。
You still want to send someone to sneak into our boss’ company,It’s also rare that a vicious person like you is willing to spend money to send someone to collect information,It seems that you are really thinking about the dream of getting rich overnight。
But now your dreams are all shattered,Because you did too many bad things,I’ll get retribution one day。”
The boss was obviously taken aback,They didn’t expect someone from Xiao Fan’s company would come up,But after only a few seconds, they reacted,Then they think they are crowded。

From Qiao Tianyu’s decision to return to China’s Shanxi hometown,At the end the plane took off and left the ground,The whole process used26minute39second,This efficiency is no one。

After getting on the plane,Qiao Tianyu, who hasn’t closed his eyes for a day or two nights, can’t stand it anymore.,He took advantage of this rare opportunity to catch up quickly,Qiao Tianyu is so tired!
Mid to early nineties,There are not many direct flights from Bangkok, Thailand to China,Mainly from Bangkok to Beijing、Shanghai、Direct flights to Guangzhou and other big cities。
But no matter which city to transfer, it takes too much time,Qiao Tianyu can’t afford it。
So Michelle considered this practical problem,Directly contact the Russian Embassy in China through the Russian State Property Committee。
The Russian ambassador immediately did it himself,On the one hand, he personally coordinated the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Civil Aviation Administration of China,A special flight from Bangkok to Taiyuan Wusu International Airport is specially approved for Qiao Tianyu’s special plane。
on the other hand,The Russian ambassador sent a military attaché to lead the team in person,Leading a convoy of diplomatic vehicles from the embassy to Taiyuan, Shanxi,I arrived at the airport before Qiao Tianyu’s special plane landed at Taiyuan Wusu International Airport。
And at the same time,The order of the China Civil Aviation Administration was also issued。
In order for Qiao Tianyu’s special plane to land smoothly,Taiyuan Wusu International Airport immediately activated the highest-level air traffic control order in accordance with the order。
Half an hour before and after the arrival of Qiao Tianyu’s special plane,The entire airport is subject to martial law,Ban all flights to and from the port,All inbound flights alternate to other nearby airports。
So after four hours,When Qiao Tianyu’s special plane arrives over Taiyuan Wusu International Airport,Landed smoothly without any hindrance。
At this time, the military attache of the Russian Embassy in China led the diplomatic convoy,Accompanied by local public security organs and airport leaders, as well as the welcome team,Have been waiting outside the tarmac for a long time。
And for Qiao Tianyu,He woke up when he was asleep,I haven’t realized what is going on,Was greeted by the huge crowd,Then there are all kinds of welcome all kinds of handshake, all kinds of photos.
First0469chapter Big girl is not ashamed?

“Let’s go,Bitch believes you change your clothes first,Then let’s go to Juxia City!”Lena wanted to reach out and pat Xin Zhao’s shoulder,But seeing his image,Gave up this plan。

“Go to the bedroom,That doesn’t need,How can I abandon you, sister?,There is nothing in the bedroom anyway,Just let your eldest sister go with you!”Xin Zhao looks like at this time,Alive is a figure in the palace。
Seeing that Xin Zhao doesn’t care about his image,Lena naturally doesn’t want to care about him anymore。
As for that Jace,Ok,Just leave it to him。
“Jess,Listen clearly,I’ll leave the rest to you,I’ll go back to Juxia City,Is there a problem?”
Jace has a black line,He only realized this time,So this goddess and bitch,Really worthy。All so unscrupulous,Will only bully him as an honest person。
“Damn,Big sister,Able to listen to you,Is the blessing he has cultivated in a few lifetimes,All right,Let’s go,I haven’t been back to Juxia City for a long time。”
“Not bad,Bitch letter,The goddess loves you very much!”
“Thank you goddess for praise,These are what Xin Zhao should do!”
Juxia City、A commercial street
After Lena called Qiangwei,Then took over Xin Zhao passion(After being beaten up by Lena,All the net worth)Donated money,And started buying clothes。
that’s it,A strange scene was born。
Two goddesses walking in front,Followed by a man who seems to be a beggar。
If it’s an ordinary person,Face this scene,Already at a loss,But Xin Zhao went on and on,Walking there like a catwalk。
“Lena,I said, can you throw this guy back,This is too shameful!”Qiangwei feels like a fool,How can she trust this goddess(through)What about,What else to shop,Go shopping。
Xin Zhao followed,She doesn’t want to go shopping。
If Xin Zhao knows the shame, forget it,She may not be so uncomfortable,The key is,This guy named Xin Zhao,Not at all shy。

Shenzhen Expressway (600548): Deducting non-performance is in line with expectations. Financial costs have dropped significantly; it is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the future.

Shenzhen Expressway (600548): Deducting non-performance is in line with expectations. Financial costs have dropped significantly; it is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the future.

The non-performance in the first quarter of 19th was in line with the expected revenue of Shenzhen Expressway in the first quarter of 19th.

310,000 yuan, at least -0.

8%, gross profit is -5% per year, gross profit margin is re-inserted into 2ppt (the above index deviations are brought about by the resettlement of the three highway projects).

Deduct non-net profit profit +6.

5%, in line with our expectations of + 7%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

67 trillion, ten years +17.

7%, corresponding to EPS 0.

21 yuan.

Non-recurring gains and losses increase by 4,000 trillion per year, mainly due to the decrease in the value of swap instruments used for currency exchange losses of 64 million yuan, equivalent to 14% of 1Q18 net profit.

The non-profit growth mainly comes from: 1) For every 7% increase in the traffic volume of managed road products, the toll revenue after excluding the three projects will increase by 5% every year.

Among them, the income along the river is + 18% per year, which may benefit from the preferential policy for half price of trucks; 2) The extension of financial costs is reduced by 0.

7 trillion, mainly due to the annual reduction in interest expenses brought about by the three projects.

Development trend Expected performance will achieve rapid growth: 1) Three projects re-substitute 2019 toll reduction of 7.

3 trillion, but at the same time we estimate that the advance payment of compensation is transferred out, and the index cost is reduced by about 3 trillion, which has a slight thickening effect on the company’s net profit in 2019 as a whole.

2) Newly acquired Nanjing Wind Power increased its 19-year net profit by 2 ppt profit growth rate; 3) Meilinguan property project will start to recognize revenue at the end of 2019. We expect to contribute 12-17 ppt of annual profit growth of the company from 2019-2021.

Pay attention to the progress of new road projects.

1) We plan to complete the second 北京桑拿洗浴保健 phase of the Yangtze River and the Outer Ring Expressway this year.

The completion of the second phase of the Yangtze River will drive the growth of traffic volume of the first phase, and in conjunction with the half-price concession for truck traffic, the profitability of the Yangtze River will be significantly improved; we combined with the sustainable development report to predict that the outer ring will be realized from 2021.

2) Jihe ‘s reconstruction and expansion and the Shenzhen-Shanshan Second Corridor are still actively underway, trying to contribute more profit in the future.

Earnings forecast is unchanged from EPS forecast for 2019/2020.

94 yuan (-40% YoY, deduction + 17% YoY) / 1.

06 yuan (+ 12% YoY).

The estimates correspond to the proposed current A / H estimates.


6 times 2019 P /北京夜网 E, 4.

2% / 5.

2% 2019 dividend yield.

A / H shares have outperformed the market every year since 2013, and gradually outperformed 154 / 165ppt from 2013-2018.

As the top choice for the current highway sector, we maintain our recommended rating and target price.

01 yuan / 10.

HK $ 99, corresponding to 13/12 times 2019 P / E, 18% / 14% space.

Risks: The macroeconomic environment is sluggish, and the Meilinguan project and environmental protection projects have not advanced as expected.

In 2019, the market officially ended, and the 16 products of the Golden Eagle Fund had an income of more than 30%.

In 2019, the market officially ended, and the 16 products of the Golden Eagle Fund had an income of more than 30%.

Source: Shanghai Securities News Original title: 16 products of the Golden Eagle Fund have a profit of more than 30% in 2019. Shanghai Securities News (Reporter Zhu Wenbin) The market situation in 武汉夜网论坛 2019 has officially ended, and the Golden Eagle Fund has achieved a double harvest of “equity + fixed income”.

  According to Wind data, as of December 31, 2019, the Golden Eagle Fund has 16 (A, C spin-off calculation) equity funds with annual internal income of more than 30%, of which 3 products have more than 60%.

  Among them, the most outstanding performance of stock funds is the Golden Eagle Information Industry.

The Golden Eagle Information Industry, which focuses on the communications, technology, and media (TMT) industries, will focus on the growth of 5G, new energy vehicles and other growth sectors in 2019, and select industry leaders.

The data shows that, as of December 31, 2019, Golden Eagle Information Industry had an internal revenue of 62 years.

40%, ranking the top 13% of similar comparable funds in the market, played the “strongest tone” of the income of 重庆耍耍网 its products.

  In addition, Golden Eagle’s diversified strategies, Golden Eagle industry integration, Golden Eagle national emerging, Golden Eagle industry advantage, Golden Eagle technology innovation and other equity funds have also achieved good performance in 2019, ranking the top of similar products.

  For fixed income products, the three bond funds affiliated with Golden Eagle Fund achieved annual returns of more than 15%.

Among them, Golden Eagle’s lasting profit E / C yields 23 in the year.

44% and 22.

85%, ranked 160th and 6th among 160 and 224 comparable funds of the same type, and the average non-class A and class A returns of ordinary bond funds were only 9 during the period.

26% and 9.


  Looking back at the market performance in 2019 and the operation and management of Golden Eagle’s lasting profit increase, it can be found that the fund as a whole increased its equity position in the first quarter of 2019, replacing the market opportunity in the layout stage; in the third and fourth quarters, the market style switched and the fund was appropriateIncreasing the position of convertible bonds, the partial debt portfolio mainly raised the overall position of growth companies, focusing on the electronics and new energy industries that have been deployed in the second quarter, so that the fund assets can maintain a stable appreciation.

  Purely, the secondary bond fund Eagle Yuanfeng’s 2019 annual yield also exceeded 15% to reach 17.


  The company’s pure debt fund also performed well.

Galaxy Securities data shows that among the short-debt funds to which the Golden Eagle Fund belongs, Golden Eagle Tianxiang A’s 2019 return4.

45%, ranking first among comparable 10 short- and medium-term pure bond bond funds.