If it is an indivisible magic weapon、Resources wonders, etc.。

Li Mingfen’s five and a half,Xiaoyao Tianzun、Kuafu and Zhuanxu each have a half,Venerable Fuhu Yicheng。
This is also based on the distribution of strength。
“Wow~”On a small star tens of billions of kilometers before the ancient gods,Li Ming flipped,Take out the Ancestral Temple。
But three thousand years,When Li Ming cracked the big array,The other four powers will naturally not stand by the side。
Four Powers,Taoism and Buddhism are all about saving all beings、Save the common people。
Zhuan Xu is one of the Five Emperors,And the gods and devil praise the father also loves all beings,Otherwise, I wouldn’t hunt down those golden crows and run around。
The four great powers are also quite unhappy with the way the blood rule of the gods and demons in this world。
but,They are unwilling to deal with those gods,But it is to guide some of the mundane of this world。
Such as Venerable Fuhu,I value a little guy with a strong desire,It is said that once experienced the red dust,Give up desire,Then it can fit with Buddhism。
And also threw a low-grade innate spirit treasure,And personally follow and guide for a long time。
Kuafu spreads some magical doors in the ordinary。
Emperor Zhuan Xu is even more simply,Find some gods directly,Hand down the method of becoming a true immortal—This world,The highest cultivation method is the realm of heaven,There is no way to break through to become a true fairy。
But in fact,If Tianxian comprehends the avenue,The distance from breaking through the real fairy is really just a thin line。
Only way,Can break through as a true fairy
Tianxian in the world of ancient gods,There really is such a realm,Who knows a great way。So celestial,Emperor Zhuanxu even moved the heart of the Three Realms under his family,After all, the major forces of the Three Realms,There is no shortage of true immortals。
As for Xiaoyao Tianzun—Really happy,Wander around,Accepting a disciple only occasionally,Leave after teaching。

Said President Jiang completely stopped breathing!

“What do you really want……”Jiang Wan’er didn’t expect,They move so fast。
Their men,There are always people?
“what happened?”
Seeing Jiang Wan’er suddenly lost,Hu Yili doubts。
“You got it!fast,Call Fang Yu……Without him,My father will definitely not survive!”
Jiang Wan’er quickly ordered。
Very eager!
Hu Yili called Fang Yu,Prompt is in a call。
That means,Fang Yu is still driving,Don’t want to answer the phone。
That’s it……
Wait for Fang Yu to go back and cook the medicine,Uncle Jiang is dead too。
“right now,You stay in the company,I leave these bodyguards for you……Fang Yu,I’ll find!Do not worry,everything will get better!”
Hu Yili didn’t say much。
Hurried downstairs,Drove to Fang Yu’s side!
hope,Don’t be too late!
First186chapter Stand up
Tuk tuk……
Fang Yu is planning to start making medicine,There was a rapid knock on the door outside。

Such means,Actually for the Tan family,Nothing at all。

And Tan Long,In itself,He feels,If this is the case,I can handle it。
And as Tan Long looked at him a little bit,The more so,Actually Tan Long’s heart,I am a little eager to try。
And by Tan Long’s side,At this moment,Someone suddenly said。
“Master, don’t worry,this matter,We are already ready。”
After all these,Nothing at all。
So let them deal with,These people have no problems at all。
obviously,Look at Tan Long,Actually such a thing,He has already seen it。
slowly,Watching here。
In this situation,Actually Tan Long himself,On the contrary, there are not many problems at all。
And look over here again,In this situation,Tan Long said directly。
“Other questions,I won’t say so much for now。”
“But then,Actually there is one more thing to deal with。”
Tan Long finished,These people looked at each other,They raised their heads and looked in front of them。
Actually here,In the hearts of these people,Also feel very curious。
What kind of thing is it,I have to say that?
Now,Tan Long looked at him,Is very direct。
“Actually now,That’s just staring at them for me。”
“I suspect,These guys are going to escape。”
When Tan Long’s words are finished,obviously,In the hearts of those around you,It’s somewhat unexpected。

But it was cut,There really is no chance。

Difficult choice!
“The effect of the anesthetic is about to pass……”
At this moment,The anesthesiologist next to you。
Once the patient wakes up。
The consequences are more serious。
Must make a decision as soon as possible!
“Close the belly!”
According to the director。
But now,time over。
Fang Yu has fast eyes and fast hands。
Quickly holding the silver needle,Stuck in several parts of the patient。
moment,The patient returned to anesthesia。
According to the director, stunned。
Fang Yu’s hand,It’s too powerful!
“According to the director,Not yet closed?”
Fang Yu reminded。

“Why wait for me to cut this guy’s tongue first……Pooh,Gouged his eyes first!”Said the blindfolded man in Wupao。

“There are a group of masters,Is surrounding our monument wall。”Said the brawny man。
“Know the origin?”Asked Wupao leader Guo Chang。
“I know!”Zhu Minglang suddenly said。
“shut up!”The head of Wupao picked up the barbed knife and pierced Zhu Minglang’s eyes。
I wish Minglang escape easily,Those nooses trapped on his body are like hanging on him,It all fell off with a light shake。
“I’m the son of the royal family, Zhao Yinge,Ben Shizi has been staring at you group of demons and evil cults for some time,Special masters come to destroy religion!”Zhu Minglang said loudly。
First211chapter Eyeless Dragon
The height of the monument wall,A man in a black robe drew out his sword。
He pointed his sword at a sneaky person,And shouted:“Protect Master Zhu!”
The sword holder is Wu Feng,He is wearing the same black robe,A look like a secret guard,Use rough swordsmanship against Fu Hao。
Commander Hao evades immediately,And summoned a quartz ankylosaurus covered with thorns,He crawled and hid behind the dead waiters:“He is inside,Kill me,Take people down at all costs,Dead!”

As for Li Ming’s three guards,That is‘Bald’Living on metal,Let Lei Jiahou shine again,Barely survived。

And the other two explosive apes and rapier,Although Li Ming’s Mo Yun Teng also protected them,But the explosion is too powerful,Even if it is weakened by more than 90%,The remaining power will also kill these two。
Li Ming is too late to be sad,Because the owner of that paw,Has appeared in front of everyone。
That’s a perfect body,But there is a monster named king with a hideous head。
But even if the head is extremely hideous,But the invisible mark between the eyebrows that seems to be condensed in the void represents this identity。
Another strong person。
Lei Jiahou, who is relatively more knowledgeable, reminds the King of Flame Core through the virtual network。
The ultimate powerhouse of the monster king—【Ran Jiu Wang】!!!
Two Flames made Wang and Lei Jiahou immortal and quickly stopped in front of Li Ming,While pulling him back quickly。
Fight at the moment,It’s no longer for them to intervene。
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Chapter Fourteen The battle between the lords
Fierce battle between the two figure stars fragments,Terrible power fluctuations,The space is crushed and shattered by this power fluctuation,And those star fragments were randomly affected,Instantly turned into powder。
The peak king of the Huosong clan, the King of Flame Core and the king of the monster clan, the ultimate king Ranjiu。

The more so,Actually from the current point of view,For the immediate situation。

Zhou Xinlin looks more and more seriously。
“Now it’s ready,Then we actually don’t have any need to continue to consume it。”
When Zhou Xinlin saw this,Is talking to this side。
And Wang Teng,From beginning to end,Are looking at all of this with a very indifferent look。
But for now,I won’t consider other things for now。
So from now on,Such a problem,How to solve it,Actually just this,It’s already very important。
And after watching for a while,Put it in front of you,Wang Teng at this time,The more I think about it, the more interesting it feels。
See these,At this moment,Wang Teng said directly。
“All right,Actually next,There is no need to continue to consume it here。”
“But then,Don’t talk about other issues for now,What to do,Everyone figure it out!”
When Wang Teng finished directly,At this moment,Those in Hawbao Camp,All swarmed up。
in fact,Looks at Wang Teng,Zhou Xinlin now,There is no resistance at all。
Even as long as Wang Teng behaves a little more seriously,Want to solve it,It’s very easy。
For these,Of course Zhou Xinlin doesn’t know。
Zhou Xinlin is here,I still have a hint of fantasy in my heart。

Nalanyu,Can’t help but smile:“What you said is too easy。But if I were Luo Yi,Would rather give up prosperity and wealth,Pursuing true love is true”

“You love it every day!Mr. Xia should persuade her。There are people in their 30s,There is no right thing every day。Introduced so much,Isn’t it what you are after?”Nalanyu’s mother happened to pass by the living room,She counted down her daughter a bit rudely。
Nalanyu shook her head helplessly and said:“did you see it,I no longer have a seat in this house,The family can’t wait to drive me out”
“Hey!it’s the same。Parents do,Actually for us,I’m afraid we will be alone in this life,Can’t complete the task of passing them on”Xia Jian couldn’t help but laughed。
Nalanyu was in Xia Jian’s eyes before,Just a harsh and unreasonable person。But as the two people get in touch,Xia Jian suddenly thought this woman was very smart。
Especially the knowledge of many things,I have a coincidence with him。They talked a lot of topics,Nalanyu’s mother’s meal was not served until one o’clock。Xia Jian understands the meaning of the two old people,They just want to provide them with the conditions to talk more。
Xia Jian knew in his heart,Nalanyu’s mother’s food is already ready,Just not going up。
May be the reason for being too hungry,Xia Jian is not afraid of the jokes of Nalanyu’s family,He picked up the bowl and ate two large rice bowls in a row。
Make Nalanyu’s eyes a little straighter。
First2250chapter Disco incident
Had lunch,Nalanyu still wants to chat with Xia Jian for a while,If Xia Jian left him immediately。He naturally knew the truth in this。
From Nalanyu’s face,Xia Jian saw her reluctance。But things in the world are like this,It is impossible to have a perfect ending for everything。
Come out of Nalanyu’s house,Xia Jian took a taxi and went to the Luo family。When Ali opened the door and saw Xia Jian came back,She is naturally very happy。
Xia Jian went to the bathroom to wash his hands,Then I went to Grandma Luo’s remains。There are scented candles in the drawer of the image。Xia Jian first put a stick of incense on Grandma Luo,Then I lit two candles。He doesn’t know the meaning of doing this,But he knows,Doing this is also a kind of respect to those who have passed away。
When Xia Jian did these things,Ali has been standing behind him and watching silently。Until he finishes the whole process,Ali sighed and said:“If you could stay!”
“Let’s not talk about this, okay?”Xia Jian smiled slightly,Whispered to Ali。
Ali nodded and asked:“when are you going back?”
“Should be within these two days。Grandma Luo is gone,Luo Yi and Mr. Luo don’t have much time to come back,So I think you will have more time,Read a book free,Learn more”Xia Jian said straight to Ali。
Ali nodded and said:“Miss said,Let me go to work in their group。But I’m still considering。Haven’t gone out to do things for so many years,I don’t want to hurt them either”

And although there is no sanctuary light system bird beast in the sunset mountains,But further south in the sunset mountains,In the vast ocean islands of the South China Sea,Inhabits the sanctuary beast of the light system‘heaven bird’!At the same time, there are Phoenix-type monsters distributed all over the mainland.,It is also a subspecies of light attribute!

Little Elek’s father,It’s probably a bird of paradise or a phoenix with bright attributes!Wright also thinks this is better,After all, most of the beasts with the light attribute are milder in temperament,As a domestic warcraft,Little Elek is better-tempered!
After playing with little Elek,Wright placed the Xiaopeng Eagle‘Snake bone wood’Made of wooden frame,Go back and prepare dinner for it。
No matter what pedigree of little Elek’s father is,Are now in their infancy,The bird beast grows very rapidly at this stage,Just three months,Xiaopeng Diao has grown three times longer。But I want Xiaopeng Diao to grow faster and healthier,Better nutrition。
A third-level magic core of the light system is crushed and placed in a tenth,Served with delicious meat,Plus the bone meal of high-end monsters,Just this one10gold。
Don’t look at Wright has nearly a million gold coins,But actually10Gold coins are enough for an average adult to spend a week without being too extravagant。And grew up with Xiaopeng Diao,These expenses are increasing rapidly,You know that the current Xiaopeng Eagle can be counted as a level four warcraft at most,The appetite is not too big,The elements that can be absorbed are not strong,Only when Xiaopeng Diao grows into a seven-level beast,Estimated to grow to five or six meters in length,A meal requires at least a level 4 magic core、Fifty or sixty catties of meat,Worth two or three hundred gold coins。And if you reach level 8 strength,The value of a meal is more than tenfold。
Looks like three thousand gold coins are not many,But one meal a day,Wright’s one million gold coins last for at most ten years!
And little Elek is the top ninth-level Warcraft,And the blood of Sanctuary Warcraft,Grow to level 6,I guess it will only take two to three years。
Besides, Wright spends money not just to feed Xiaopeng Diao。Not to mention anything else,The property in this courtyard where I practiced,Although the location is Xiacheng,But after all, the area is so big,I have to pay a rent of thousands of gold coins every year。As a magician,Some essential robes, staff and other basic outfits are also ready to be updated,And with Wright’s current growth rate,Change one set at least a year。Not to mention own weapons,although‘Hunting Dragon Gun’Material,Enough to use level 8 fighters,But usually weapons also need maintenance!Not to mention that Wright is also a level six fighter himself,Moreover, the physical strength alone reaches the sixth level,Amazing appetite,Even more so now I practice hard every day,Plus practice fighting spirit collection,Eat more。Wright also eats 20 or 30 catties of meat every day,I have to eat some fruits to avoid greasy。Wright has no time to cook by himself,Order food directly from familiar hotels,The price is higher。
These all need gold coins。
Now Wright is only a student of the Magic Academy,On earning coins,Unless I go to experience it again,Otherwise it’s really only going out and not in。
Seeing the rapidly consuming property,Wright doubts that he has millions of gold coins‘huge sum of money’Enough to support yourself‘five year Plan’。There are even faculty members who are considering working part-time at the college,As a sixth-level magician, he is certainly qualified to teach students in the first and second grades,But part-time first and second grade teachers,The college gives more convenience,Or some recommendation opportunities from the college,For example, if you have the opportunity to worship a certain magister or great magister,。However, there are students who are holy magicians,Wright is really not interested in these opportunities,The salary offered by the college is very low,Wright earned at most half of Little Elek’s in a class,wrong,Is one-third of the meal。
“Bang bang bang!”There was a knock on the gate of the courtyard!
Wright, who was patting little Elek to feed Wright, frowned,Isn’t it the gangsters coming to revenge?。
In Xiacheng,It’s a gang rampage。When Wright first lived in this yard,A group of gangsters came to make trouble,The reason is that the courtyard rented by Wright has long been taken by these gangs,They have forced the original owner of the courtyard to buy it at a low price!
Then there is no more,This group of gangsters who came to make trouble was instantly shot by Wright’s‘Meteorite’Get down。
After all, blackmail the gangster who exploits the poor in Xiacheng,Looks scary,But in fact, they are not as powerful as ordinary soldiers in the Empire,Looks full body tattoo,The gang leader with a full face is also a third-level fighter,Even if there are hundreds of them, they are all killed。If according to the customs of the north,,Being a robber is more promising than being a gang。

Actually just these problems,Jiang Ya’s heart,I am a little eager to try。

“All right,Actually now,You should be careful,That Zhao Shijie,But from the second tier of the Zhao family。”
Wang Teng looked at Jiang Ya beside him,Asked with some doubts。
Jiang Ya nodded,When looking at Wang Teng,A hint of curiosity on his face。
what happened,Zhao family,Is there something wrong?
but now,Jiang Ya didn’t say it,Just a little bit curious,Just watching quietly。
And seeing these,Now,Wang Teng waved his hand:“Nothing,Actually such a thing,I’m not worried at all。”
With Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,For such things,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,I don’t even feel any problems at all。
Not only that,Even in Wang Teng’s look,Such a problem,How to solve it。
I won’t talk about other things for now,But then,In fact, there should still be this need to be handled properly is the kingly way。
only,Just look at it just a little bit,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,The more I think about it, the more interesting it becomes。
And seeing these,Actually from now on,Wang Teng is not smiling。
“well,But now,Other things,Don’t think about it so much for now。”
“Since you already have this certainty,Then next,I miss you,Come here soon。”
When Wang Teng finished speaking here,Actually Jiang Ya around,Deep down I agree with Wang Teng to do this。
After all, the Zhao family,Actually she can’t understand。
“Then,Next,What are you going to do?”
Jiang Ya knows,Wang Teng will never let go。