Beautiful Zhang Yunxia: Innovative Breakfast "Low Carbon" Guardian Green Home

  The 130th Canton Fair opened on October 15th to welcome global buyers.

This is the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the largest line of the world’s leading recovery, reflects the latest achievements of China’s overturbation prevention and control and economic and social development, highlighting China’s active expansion of firm beliefs. The 130th booth scene of the 130th Canton Fair.

Xinhuanet’s group home air-conditioning overseas market minister Zhang Yunxia said that the export of home appliance industry is facing the rise in raw material, the cost of shipping, and the limitations of manufacturing delivery capabilities. How to attract our customers in the Canton Fair in the exhibitors of friends, is the key challenge of breaking the battle. In the beautiful home export sales in the Flash Store of the Digital Canton Fair in the US Global Innovation Center, there are three split air conditioners of the home export "heating family" – treme, alleasypro and oasisplus, and two hot water Machine exemplary, building an immersive experience for users. "’Sales raw season’ thinking is the key to home export manufacturing sales contacts.

"Zhang Yunxia said, in general, Europe and the United States consumers are difficult to combine air conditioners together with cold season, this beautiful home export innovation adopts the" time to change "policy to be able to bring warmth in winter "Heating family" product line is laminated, not only on the business level, but also opens up new marketing contacts, which is both a brand and user contact, but also to achieve business development in time. More possible. After China clearly proposes carbon peaks, carbon neutralization, the pace of the United States is further accelerating. Zhang Yunxia said that with global climate change, it is expected that by 2050, the heat pump may become The world’s main heating method, the upgrade of global heating equipment will become trend. Application of heat pump technology, heating products, have cleaning and environmentally friendly advantages, and an air-capable heat pump water heater in the United States is also The strategic layout of the heating business in the future is the foundation. "The United States attaches great importance to research and development. "Zhang Yunxin said that the United States has established 18 R & D centers in 11 countries and regions overseas.

At present, the United States has invested more than 45 billion yuan in the past five years to innovate product development, and earned more than 66,000 domestic and foreign patents.

  Zhang Yunxia said that the beauty of the home air conditioner will continue to work hard, not only actively promote the development and listing of low-carbon environmental protection products, but also use the strong and complete home appliance industry chain to create a "zero carbon" concept, build energy acquisition, storage, Integrated solutions for transformation, use, manage, for Earth’s green career, energy saving and consumption, and undertake the social responsibility of the company.

  "I hope that the beauty of the United States can meet the needs of different people, bringing you a better life.

"Zhang Yunxia said that in the first three quarters of 2021, the performance of the US home air conditioner overseas export sales was 14%, higher than the industry average.

Beijing held the second retired military entrepreneurial innovation competition

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 17 (Huang Jianfeng, Zhou Jiawang) Recently, the 2nd Beijing Retired Military Innovation Competition finalized by the Beijing Municipal Deportary Military Affairs Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, hosted "online road" The cloud match is successful.

This competition is the theme of "establishing a new business in the style of entrepreneur, the exhibition military style", setting "emerging industry", "traditional industry and life service industry" and "innovative team" three groups, attract 107 from all districts A retired military entrepreneurial innovation enterprise or team signing up.

After fierce competition, expert review and on-site justice, final micrigeration and expansion real software products and service projects, Internet + mode care care service platform projects, single soldier protective equipment projects have won three groups of 3 groups of competitions.

At the same time, there are six second prizes, 9 third prizes.

It is reported that there are more than 4,300 retired soldiers in the city to successfully establish enterprises, achieving approximately 8.3 billion yuan, of which more than 10 million registered capitals reach more than 1400, aerospace, new generation information technology, biomedicine and other high-impact fields The proportion is more than 36%.

The retired military entrepreneurial innovation competition is conducive to establishing and strengthening the "retired military personnel" within the whole society, and creates a good atmosphere for the employment of retired military employment.

Changsheng Township, Kandong County: "One Action One Special" to help the new era civilization practice landing root

Changsheng Township in Kandong County vigorously promoted the construction of civilized practice in the new era, according to the demand and village inherent resources, and strive to create a "one-stop special", truly let the new era civilization practice activities in the door of the people, walk into the people’s hearts ".

Changsheng Township Turning Village New Times Civilization Practice Station relies on the new era of Tianwei Modern Agricultural Machinery Cooperative to create a demonstration base that can drive villagers to stabilize income.

The new era civilized practice volunteers regularly in-depth practice, carry out practical technology, vocational skills training, and guide the villagers to participate in the whole industry chain training services, continuously enhance the attraction, cohesiveness, heart, influence of civilized practice, and further enhance the acquisition of farmers Sense, happiness.

Revision into the party oath, preaching the revolutionary story … standing on a monument to a resistance to Japan in Dongxing Village, Changsheng Township, the inscription recorded the Hero of Dongxing Village Wang Guangqing as the Anti-Japanese Rescue Congress to help anti-Japanese three armies It attracted the grassroots party organizations and party members and cadres to visit here.

Since this year, Changsheng Township relies on the physical, real scene, examples, practical and other carriers, and integrates the red resources and promotes the cultural practice of the new era civilization, and opens the party’s sexual education. The red education base has become a new era civilization practice education base. On the basis of realizing the civilized practice station of the new era of village, Changsheng Township, Changsheng Township, combined with the actual situation of each village, fully integrates the resources of existing party buildings, cultural public service positions, will civilized and practical volunteer service stations, farm book houses, cultural squares, etc. All the places are all integrated into the construction of the practice, integrated resources, open the position, and promote the integration of resources in various aspects of villages, cooperate, according to civilized practice activities, re-configure, reope with the needs of the people, and create standard specifications, Also pay attention to actual, highlighting the characteristic new era civilization practice station, realizing "a place, multiple themes, multiple uses", and smas out the "source live water" of civilized practice. (Gao Hui, Su Guangxin) (Editor: Li Jiahui, Wang Sidi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Chinese Female Red Army Memorial Hall – Latest News – We will not forget – Zhonghong Net

We will not forget that the first sound of Nanchang Uprising, the first voice of Nanchang Uprising, the first voice of Nanchang Uprising, and went to the battlefield. We will not forget a batch of a batch of Chinese women from Shanghai to Ruijin, from Beijing to Yan’an Consolidating under the glorious banner of the Communist Party of China to change the power of China Women, we will not forget that in the Changzheng of 25,000 miles, the group of special figure three inch Jinlian can’t stop their firm revolution, the enemy’s shackles can’t prevent them. The yearning for communism uses weak and fearless victory, the hardships of the hardships and strengthening the snow mountains, conquering the grass, they are a well-deserved horman hero. We have never forgotten that they are women who are as long as us, but they will do the red army makeup made of coarse cloth. They have also been eager to love people’s care and tenderness but put down the body of the lover. The shot of the tears, we did not have Forgetting that they are mother, but they can’t accompany their children to participate in the revolution. They can only abandon their flesh. We have never forgot her to overcome the physiological status of women to jump into the cold-born river. Soads have lost their mother’s rights. In order to deliver information, she encounters the enemy army to chase the interception, and the jumping cliff will leave a lifelong disabilities. They lose their lover but have thousands of lover. They have gathered. They did not become a mother, but they gave birth to thousands of outstanding Chinese children lost their comrades and The relatives have established a fascinating Chinese spirit on the land of the suffering, they have difficulty suffering from them, and they are unyielding and unyielding themselves. They write the Chinese nation’s great revival. They are warm. Sunshine’s Lingxian Flower interprets Chinese Mother’s most big love and inclusive Wusu Lan, Tang Yizhen, Deng Yingchao, He Zizhen, Wang Dingguo, the amiable photo in the hall, which is our neighborhood. The 4113 in the English wall is the name of our never forgetting. You are a mother. You are a Red Army. You are a hero history. You will not forget the people who will not forget that we will not forget that we will not forget.

Shaanxi Fengxian: Continuous Optimization Business Environment to create a first-class investment

Feng County, ancient Wu Fengzhou, in the Qinling hinterland, Jialing River source Social Security Comprehensive Management Advanced Collective, China’s most investment potential SMA Baiqiang County, China’s best Qiangshen culture and tourism famous counties, China’s most beautiful small town, Chinese pepper hometown, China Lin Hometown, China Top Ten Investment Environment, County, It has ranked among the "top ten counties" in Shaanxi Province for eight consecutive years. Feng County mainly has five major advantages: the location of the county is 3,187 square kilometers, the total population is 110,000, and the 212 provincial roads in the territory is connected. The 316 National Highway has passed the north and south, Baocheng Railway passes, there are 7 railway sites in the territory. 2 railway special lines, county roads 1050 kilometers, vertical and horizontal, four-way eight reached, run through Feng County, Tai Feng Expressway, Baohan Expressway will be built in 2020, with Baotian Expressway, ten-day high-speed connection into more convenient The traffic network system, Fengxian will integrate into Xi’an, Lanzhou, Chengdu and other surrounding cities for 3 hours of economic circle. Industrial basic solid Fengxian mineral resources is enriched, 27 kinds of mines such as lead zinc, gold, graphite, marble, of which is 5 million tons of lead zinc reserves, 150 tons of gold reserves, and the graphite reserves are 10 million tons. It is five major countries. One of the lead zinc bases, Shaanxi Province Gold Tons Materials County. There are 55 industrial enterprises in the county, and the cost of industrial in the county economy is more than 80%. Fengxian industrial base is solid, actively grabbing the opportunity of Shaanxi Province to vigorously develop new industrial clusters such as automobile manufacturing, high-tech, and the development of clustering, park development, and speed up the construction of non-ferrous metal circulation industrial parks, new materials industrial parks and foundry industries. garden. At present, there have been an anest electrode material for $ 1.2 billion of 100 million square meters of power battery, and a number of major projects such as 100 million tons of carbonate, investment billions of 150,000 tons of automobile castings have settled in three industrial parks, supplied by land. Hardware and hardware security such as supporting facilities, preferential policies, have been fully affiliated with future enterprises, and the development of the group has created excellent conditions. There are 3 national 4A and 3A-level scenic spots in the Qifeng County of the Wenxiong industry, and the ecological sightseeing tour, the red cultural tour, the beautiful rural tour, the Yi people experience the four major sections, the advantage is obvious, the Qinling Flower Valley, "Fengfei Dance ", Fenghuang Lake Waterview Performing External Tourism Project is known inside and outside the province, won the" China’s most beautiful small city, China’s most beautiful red county, China Tourism Baqiang County "and so many honors. After ten years of development, Fengxian Tourism has formed a full coverage, whole system, and panoramic domain tourism pattern. It has a stable source market that covers 500 kilometers around Xi’an, Chengdu, and Lanzhou. It is from The investment period enters the gold stage of the revenue period. In recent years, Fengxian has actively promoted the "government guidance, corporate entity" tourism development model, vigorously introduced the cultivation of tourism economic entities, supporting the advantages of enterprise investment, the development of tourism comprehensive development projects, and food and entertainment, health care, cultural and cultural creative The three-sector service items. Agricultural specialties in the field of Qinling, the unique area of ??Qinling, the regional climate is distinct, and the quality is high. It is the hometown of Chinese big red robe pepper. The county agricultural products have passed the overall certification of public hazards, and the Greater Red Robe Pepper Cultivation System was identified as the fourth batch of important agricultural cultural heritage in China. At present, there are 10 million peppers in the county, and there are 10,000 tits.

Linbao’s total cultivation reached 10,000 heads, accounting for more than 60% of the country.

A batch of domestic agricultural leading enterprises such as Sichuan Fengchun, Beijing Tong Ren Tang in Fengxian Many years, Shaanxi Institute of Animal Research Institute, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, settled in the development of production and research cooperation, agricultural development foundation, superior.

In particular, Feng County has just started in the field of agricultural products, and the extraction and processing of traditional Chinese medicine is the key area of ??the future development. The investment prospects are broad, and the development potential is huge.

The business environment is superior to Fengxian, which has always focused on excellent service, effectiveness, strong guarantee. A series of support policies such as rewards, fully support enterprise development, do everything we can serve corporate services, continuously optimize business environment, and fully maintain investors’ interests, escort the company’s development, and strive to build Feng County as investment in the depression, open highlands, innovation Base, entrepreneurial blessings and development treasures, ensuring that every project can fall under Fengxian, long and effective.

Bank financial management accelerated net value process cash management financial products or pressure drop

Original title: Cash management, financial products or will press the morning newspaper reporter Zhao Zhizhen recently, cash management financial products ushered in new requirements.

It is reported that the SPC regulatory Commission is proposed to require relevant financial subsidiaries to reduce the scale and proportion of cash management products. The valuation method of bank wealth management products also ushered in more stringent restrictions.

According to industry insiders, the traffic period of the staff will end, bank wealth management products are accelerating complete net value transformation.

Cash management products are subject to the recent SMS submission of banks to meet some bank financial subsidiaries, and it is necessary to request that the relevant Bank’s financial subsidiaries decline in cash management financial products to 40% before the end of this year. By 30%; while scale, it is necessary to reduce its risk to its risk of 200 times or less or less. A number of banks confirmed this news. This is consistent with the previously released "Notice on Regulating the Management of Cash Management Category Management Product Management".

In June 2021, the central bank and the Bank of China were jointly formulated and released the "Notice on Regulating the Management of Cash Management Treatment", "Notice" At the time, the same commercial bank used the split cost method to account for cash management categories. At the end of the month, the net value of the net value, the total must not exceed 30% of its total financial products. The same wealth management company uses the rate of cash management products for the consolidation cost to calculate the net value of the net asset value, and the total must not exceed 200 times the balance of the month. Sun Haibo, the Financial Regulatory Research Institute, pointed out that the meeting requested that almost completely compliant with the new regulations of cash, but reopened.

From the current size of the cash management products of all banks, the difficulty is generally large. Most Banks degraded to 30% of the total size of the general unit before the end of the year. The so-called cash management products, similar to the monetary market funds, cash management products are issued publicly for unfavorable social public, allowing investors to subscribe to redemption daily, which is easy to trigger liquidity risk due to large-scale centralized redemption and strong risk.

Wang Yifeng team, chief analyst Wang Yifeng, the policies, believes that policies are based on the following considerations for the continuous construction pressure of cash system: cash financial management "class asset pool" business is too large, which is not conducive to bank real asset management capacity building; cash Financial Management "Class Availability" yield curve "point" is too high, pushing high bank system liabilities, increasing the cost of long-term funding opportunities; excessive proportion of cash types increase liquidity risk management difficulties.

According to the bank’s relevant person, the current cash management system is very "best-selling" product. Today, the products of cash management needs to be compressed, but the customer needs are still in the current net value product replacement. The regulatory encouragement of the market value method with the transition period of the staff, the net value transformation of bank financial management products is accelerating.

In addition to the pressure drop in cash wealth management, some financial products have to be transformed. On September 30th, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Assets Management Product Related Accounting Regulations (Draft for Comment)", clarifying the accounting processing of asset management products, will strictly implement the new financial instrument guidelines (IFRS9), and the valuation method of asset management products will Faced with strict restrictions, this is a big impact on part of the bank wealth management products that use the amortized cost method for asset valuation.

"Draft for the comments" clearly, the business model of assets such as monetary market funds, cash management, management products, management of financial assets, should be classified into relevant financial assets to be measured with fair value and its changes are included in the current profit or loss. Financial assets.

Asset management products such as public funds, wealth management products have a medium and short-term life or to meet regular open subscription and redemption requirements, and the rights of equity instruments are usually trading without conforming to designation to measure with fair value and their changes. Financial assets in other comprehensive income.

In addition, in September this year, supervision guided six state-owned large rows and its wealth management companies, requiring the new regulations of the staff, and must not share or have newly developed regular open financial management. product.

At the same time, in addition to financial products other than cash management products, new direct and indirect investment of assets should be given priority using the market value method, and the cost method is not allowed. The stock assets of financial products that have applied cost-effective valuation should be completed by the end of October this year.

Previously, some bank financial products were valued at a boar.

According to industry, this practice helps maintain the net value stable on the surface of the wealth management product, but it does not real reflect the impact of market changes on product net value fluctuations, and risk conditions cannot be reflected in product net value changes.

The product using the market value method fluctuates with the net value of the investment, and it is more closely related to the real reflection of the market, and it can fully display the net worth of the product. According to industry, if the recent net value curve of wealth management products is more intense, the product may have handover the valuation method. Financial products yield fluctuations will increase the industry people generally believe that with future net value products become mainstream, wealth management products return rate fluctuations will also exacerbate.

The Eastern Jincheng Research and Development Department said that the net value of the financial products truly reflects the price fluctuation of asset-end price, will promote the market without risk income, and enhance investors’ preference for risk assets, and have a good risk asset valuation. For financial product investors, the valuation curve fluctuations are increased, and the yield fluctuations will also increase. These investors usually have a low risk tolerance, and they are ready to receive yield. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

The spirit of "July 1" is in the grassroots | from "涣 涣 村" to "Tongxin Village", the young people in the village came back.

  On July 14, the tourists took cold outside the cafe in Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, July 14th: From "涣 涣 村" to "Tongxin Village", the young people in the village came back to Xinhua News Agency, Ding Mei, Mao Yizhu, and Wen Yun, July, the summer, is rice Planting season.

The skin of the skin is dark, and a tractor is in the field farming. After the 35th year of this year, Feng Jianwei resigned from the white-collar workers and returned to the Histerian Township, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, and became a "new farmer". It is 9 years.

At first, there were only dozen acres of farmland with his father, and now there is more than 160 acres, and the mu can be more than 1,000 kilograms.

  In addition to farming, Feng Jianwei has also developed a farmhouse project such as fishing, friday, and barbecue in the village, attracting a lot of Pearl River Delta tourists.

  On July 14, the tourists took pictures in the rice field in Lu Zhu Village, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yuxin Ning Ning Wang "Dry farmland makes me feel very fulfilled." Feng Jianwei said that through exploration of "rice shrimp together" and "duck farming" and other innovative models, he planted non-controlled rice, which is very popular.

Dry one year, there is more than 100,000 yuan of income to the hand, not earning less than the previous white collar. Have a long history of Lefthead, is the ancestral land of Mr. Sun Yat-sen.

According to Lin Qingbu, Secretary of the Zaixi Village Party Branch, Zuo Xi Village has more than 2,000 people in the resident population. In the early days of the reform and opening up, many young people go out of business, work, only more than 1,000 people, once become "hollow village."

  In recent years, under the promotion of the revitalization strategy of rural villages, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City actively carried out "returning toast", attracting more and more young people "homing", and injected new vitality for hometown. Next to the Rice field of Zuo Xi Village, a glass book is full of sunlight. This country library comes from "95" after the Creative of Youth Xu Jiajie. "I have grown up from the village, deeply sensational in rural children, I hope I can build a public space that can be read." Xu Jiajie said. On July 14, Zuo Xi Village, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, children playing outside the glass bookstore. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yuxin Ning Ning Ning Ning November, the glass book house just opened. In addition to the children in the village, there are still many foreign tourists. Next, Xu Jiajie has opened a new reading room and restaurant, and it also undertakes the "430 Classroom" of the town government, and the college students from the holiday returning village serve as the tutor, and the children who take the child at 4:30 in the afternoon.

  "For me, this is not just a job, but also to build the wish of the beautiful countryside." Xu Jiajie said.

  After learning a flat design in South China Agricultural University, Luo Jialao returned to Le Zhu Village last June last year, and the "big tree café" was held together with my sister. On July 14, Zuo Xi Village, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Feng Jianwei driving a tractor in rice field (mobile photos). Xinhua News Agency reporter Mao Yicheng Luo Jiahao told reporters that when the tourist season, this small café sold two or three hundred cups of coffee one day.

It is much supported from the town government to the village committee to give the entrepreneurial youth, and the opening of the store is far lower than the big city. "Many creativity is to come out. Young people who started together in the village, formed a mutually motivated team atmosphere." Luo Jialao said.

  As a feedback, after operating the store, the brothers and sorrows also use the director to design a propaganda and book for the village to enhance the visibility of his hometown.

  This is a corner of Yongning Community, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, was taken on July 14 (drone photos).

Xinhua News Agency, Yin Jiajie passed, the grassroots organization was weak, and the phenomenon of the aging of the party members.

Today, more and more young people are becoming the main force of rural governance. Feng Jianwei entered the party last year, Xu Jiajie has also submitted to the party application this year. Into the Yongning Community in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, I saw the street wide and clean, and the car water horse dragon and a small building were ratio. As early as the beginning of the founding of New China, Li Hanzhang, the first party branch of Yongning, led the national development of the collective economy and the villagers’ pockets. In the 1980s, the annual income of more than 10 million yuan.

This year, Yongning Community ushered in the youngest party committee in history, including 2 "80s" and 2 "90s", and the relay stick has passed to the hands of the young generation.

  On July 14, there were two tourists who took pictures of the glass bookstore in Zaixi Village, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yuxin Ning Ning "Xi Jinping General Secretary ‘July" Important Speech For our next job, we will use new management thinking and philosophy, better adapt to the new era, facing new challenges, lead Yongning to continue Will a common prosperity road.

Wu Zhichang, deputy secretary of the 38-year-old Yongning Community Party Branch.

  In 2021, the local level of the village level, a batch of capacities, ideas, and the outstanding young people under the 30-year-old 30-year-old people were selected into the village (community) "two committees" cadres, for the rural resolution to accumulate the quarter strength. "Young people are hope of rural revitalization.

"The person in charge of Nanlang Town said that young people returned to their hometown, let the rural economic institutions are more rich, so that civilized new winds have blown thousands of households.

Termination of the epidemic, only everyone is involved, and face together!

Image Source: World Health Organization World Health Organization Reminder: Termination of the epidemic, only everyone is involved, in common! 1. Do your best to prevent the dissemination of coronary viruses to prevent others can’t do it. Usually, we may not pay too much attention to the interpersonal distance in everyday life. But now, we still need to remind yourself, keep at least one meter from others. Sometimes we sneeze or cough, it will spray the "spit" visible to the naked eye. But in fact, even if it can’t see, sneeze and cough will also produce foam, these foplegumes can fly a few meters away. Therefore, even if you keep a distance from others, even if you don’t feel uncomfortable, we should also pay attention to coughing or sneeze, with elbows or paper towels.

After a few months of epidemic prevention science bombard, you may have earlier the coronary virus mainly through contact, and the two hands that are contaminated by viral can become a "Deli Assistant" of the virus. Therefore, we should bear in mind, completely clean your hands.

In addition, even if you wear a mask, you need to use a clean hand to pick up, don’t touch your face when wearing a mask.

We will touch a lot of items every day, and some commonly used items and desktops can also effectively prevent the spread of coronaviruses.

Avoid going to crowded places to reduce time to stay in a closed space. 2, becoming an example.

Show others, coughing and sneezing, elbows, keeping at least 1 meter distance with others, and the importance of regularly cleaning often exposed to objects.

3, the person in charge of the store, restaurant or worship, should pay attention to 5 points.

Keep ventilation: Try to open the doors and windows. Keep interpersonal distances between employees, customers and visitors. Restrict the number of people in the closed space to reduce the situation of people’s crowds.

Arrange to wash or prepare an alcohol-free water absorbent. Develop a plan to deal with some people appear uncomfortable. For example, recording the contact information of the visitor is aware of the contact details when entering the location, understanding the relevant hotline or nearby medical institutions. 4, pay attention to your health.

If you feel uncomfortable, please stay at home and observe your health.

Listening to the medical advice from the health department. If you feel difficulty breathing, you will seek medical attention immediately. 5. The medical personnel need to be vigilant.

Remember! Even if there is no need to treat new crown virus patients, the risk of epidemics remains. Keep vigilance and protect yourself and prevent infectious viruses. Related knowledge: Correct washing needs to master six steps to wash the hand, the hand is washed with each other (both hands together 10); 2 hands crossing the hand finger seam (the hand opponent back, the hands are overlap, the left and right hands are exchanged); 3 hand The opponent’s heart washed the finger seam (the palm of the hand is more than ten fingers, washed five); 4 fingertips to wash your hand, the left and right hands are the same (the fingertips put on each other with each other); 5 One hand holds another hand The thumb is washed, the left and right hands are the same as each other; 6 bending fingers make the joints in another palm, and exchange each squat.

Use a mask doctor mask to properly use a mask doctor.

1 The color of the mask is positive, the front should appear in front, and there is a nasal clip metal strip on the medical mask.

2 Positive to the face should be the opposite side of the medical mask, that is, the color is shallower, in addition to this, pay attention to the part of the metal strip should be above the mask, don’t wear it.

3 points clearly the front, reverse surface, upper end, and lower end of the mask, washed the hand, hang the rope on both ends on the ear.

4 Finally, the metal strip on both sides of the nose beam is pressed, so that the upper end of the mask is close to the nose, then pull the mask, so that the mask does not leave wrinkles, cover the nose and mouth.

The city completes the creation of 100,000 beautiful courtyards

Hebei Daily News (Reporter Ren Logo) Since this year, Shijiazhuang Women’s Federation has led the city’s women’s masses to actively build beautiful courtyards with beautiful souls and dexterity hands, with the courtyard Xiaomei to help rural beauty.

Up to now, the creation of 100,000 beautiful courtyards has been completed, and the province’s issued task is exceeded. In the creation of activities, Shijiazhuang Women’s Federation organizes the different levels of rural villages, carrying out multiple rounds of concentrated glazing activities, through "village than" "township" "cross-county", mobilize the enthusiasm, layers to promote beauty Garden creation.

At the same time, the "Top Ten Baiyou" beautiful courtyard selection activities, fully utilize traditional media and new media matrices, extending the stronality "?" from the line to the line.

Shijiazhuang City’s beautiful courtyard creation activities adhere to the characteristics, through excavating the regional characteristics, cultural characteristics, and builds a specialty community.

On the basis of developing implementations, scoring criteria and scoring rules, because of the local, due to the village, due to household, it is necessary to create both basic creation standards and norms, and take into account the characteristics and highlights of each household. Beautiful courtyard in a variety of forms of smart homosal, red housing, happiness housing, book incense. In order to consolidate the effectiveness of the beautiful courtyard, the Shijiazhuang Women’s Federation organizes the "beautiful courtyard village village row", so that the "five beautiful" standards continue to be deeply rooted. At the same time, combined with the normalized epidemic prevention and control, normalization to carry out the garden sanitary and clean action, and add color to the beauty provincial capital.

Standing the unyielding spine of the Chinese nation (brilliant course)

Original title: Standing the unyielding of the Chinese nation (brilliant journey) in 1998, abnormal climate, frequent rainstorm. The Yangtze River has a full-time water; the Northeast Nenjiang, Songhua River has entered a big flood in the past 100 years … On the occasion of the people, the whole party, the whole army and the people of the whole country, especially the people of the majority of cadres in the affected, the liberation army guide who supported support. , The officers and men of the armed police, the unity and fight, and the fight against the flood is thrilling.

"Wanzhong, Zhong Zhicheng, Not afraid of difficulties, tenacious hard, tenacity, dare to win", formed in this flood control and rescue struggle, become a precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese people. Fighting Fortress Ten Thousand August 7, 1998, Hubei Wuhan Longwang Temple, squatting rain, turbid roll, facing the danger of the decissete.

On the Yangtze River Eva, 16 Communists, Tang Rencheng, Tang Renqing, and Li Jianqiang, etc.

At this time, Wuhan military and civilians have continued to fight for more than 40 days with the Yangtze River with a large flood. "In 1998, the flood protection of the Longwang Temple has no forming guardrail. We set up scaffolding and fishing nets, making a temporary guardrail." Xu Bing this year is one of the 16 people signed on the "life and death card", "We 24 hours The uninterfriendal value of the embankment, investigate the seepage or tube signs, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

"In a critical moment, countless new Communist Party members were in front, all the best, Zhong Zhicheng, the flooding and rescue, ensuring that Hongfeng successfully transit. Later, this" life and death "was permanently collected by the National Museum as the national level, and became the difficult moment of Communists I strive to protect the precious witness of the people. Today, Longwang Temple is built a river beach auspicious platform and ecological embankment.

Standing in the dragon temple, look at it, the boat on the river is coming to the ship, the transportation of the Golden Waterway is busy, the Changjiang Water and Hanjiang Water Intersection form a clear water landscape.

The Xingang Trendy Embankment, shelliestly held the entrance of Jiujiang, Jiangxi. "The flood is not retreating, I will not leave the Dike!" When the flood was hit in 1998, Chen Shen Tao, secretary of the party branch of Jiujiang Newport Town, Jiujiang City. That year, he worked with the folks for more than 3 months, excluding more than 100 dangerous people, excavation of more than 400 people … I still choose to keep the embankment, this time, he and his son Chen Jian together.

On July 10, 2020, under the leadership of Chen Shen Tao, Chen Jianli’s retired military flood control party members of the Decheng Military Flood Hood in Jiujiang City, in the face of the mastery of the party flag: "Go to the party and the people to go, and Hong Devil Take a special fight! "" A cadre of a embankment, a party member, one flag, a branch a row of piles.

"This year’s 73-year-old Rodong Su recalls the thrilling days, still the tide.

In August 1998, he served as the Standing Committee of the Yueyang Municipal Committee of Hunan Province, and the Minister of Propaganda was more than 30 days, which was tired to be heart disease.

After 6 hours of rescue, Luo Pu Su finally woke up.

It can be hospitalized for less than 3 days, and he rushed to the embankment. In the face of the extraordinary flood, the Communist Party members played before, play the fighting fortress of the party organization, led the masses, forgetting death, tenacious hardship, one heart, built a solid flood barrier. Steel Great Wall Current Pillar "mud wrapped full of legs, sweat water and moat, I don’t know who you are, I know who you are …" For "," for who ", praise is in 1998 The people of the people who don’t care.

In Hubei Jiayu Yizhou Bay 98 anti-flood memorial hall, display rubber boat, kettle, armband, life sauce and other exhibits.

A piece of physical, one frame image, a photo, telling people that 23 years ago, the people of the people, the deeds of flooding and rescue. On August 1, 1998, Jiayu Yizhou Bay Minjun Xunxiao, and the air force of the air, a high cannon group was scored by floods.

Life and death, the instructor highly completed the life jacket to give a new soldier who won’t be water, and he jumped down the water with his comrades together to save a pair of 60 years old couple.

In the huge waves, the high complement is struggling to bring the two comrades to the big tree, but they are sacrificed by their efforts … Today’s Suzhou Bay is peaceful.

People use a variety of ways to remember the hero who has paid life for them.

At the Blue Sky of the Bay, the Blue Sky of the Bay, the deeds such as high-end martyrs were carved on the stone monument at the entrance of the campus. The school also wrote "commemorating the 98 anti-flood hero’s moral education reading", and each school’s ranching ceremony, teachers and students recite the spirit of floods.

Bearing in mind the feat of floods, it has become an important part of the daily life and learning of teachers and students in schools.

From the persistence of Jingjiang Union to the Jiujiang Xun, from the event of Wuhan Third Town to the defensive Dongting Lake District, from the defending Daqing Oilfield to the battle Harbin … Where is the most dangerous, where is the most difficult, where there is a people’s children.

"The People’s Liberation Army is coming, we can rest assured!" The moment of danger, in front of danger, the people’s children’s soldiers are confidence and guarantee of victory. On the afternoon of August 7, 1998, Jiangxi Jiujiang City Dove Dike 4 to No. 5, the enemy, the river flooded 60m, Jiujiang City and the Jingni Railway were in danger. Several officers and men quickly went to Jiujiang to support blocking.

At the crucial moment of Jiujiang’s life and death, the people’s children’s soldiers have continuously fight for 5 days and night, and they have been re-emerged at the decision to build a "steel dam" and the danger is finally controlled. Time, the spirit of the people of the people, motivated the spirit of a generation of generations. In 1998, Yuan Express is 9 years old. Jiujiang collapse, he was trapped on his own roof, the foot was a three-storey flood.

"I remember that the fire warrior took the assault boat to save us. At that moment, I wanted to be the same person." Today, Yuan Zhan has grown into a firefighter for the Jiujiang City Fire Rescue Detachment. In 2020, when the flood came again, he joined the flood prevention and rescue.

He said: "This time, I will protect my father’s folks." In 2020, the Jiujiang City Fire Rescue Detachment was awarded the honorary title of "Time model", the head of the detachment told reporters: "We will adhere to the people’s supreme, life-oriented concept, Carry forward the spirit of floods and better serve the people.

"The people dare to win the extra large flood in 1998, the country has increased significantly on the investment of flood control engineering. The rivers and rivers of all over the country have carried out the construction of flood control projects focusing on embankment construction. The Yangtze River Diwo has been fully increased, the main buses And the embankments such as Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake District have also increased its thickness.

In particular, the construction of the Three Gorges project has been completed, and the "big country weighing" has played a significant role in blocking. At the same time, the concept of harmony with people’s water is also deeply rooted, and the Yangtze River comprehensive flood control system is further enhanced through the "Pingguang Hong, Renada Still Lake".

"Our flood control concept is also advancing with the times, combining flood control ability and ecological environment improvement, and striving to build flood control safety lines, flood prevention work focuses from past pay attention to emergency rescue transition to defense.

Jiang Zhigang, Director of the Water Affairs Bureau of Wuhan Water Affairs Bureau, said. With the "weapon" of the flood, there is also a flood preparation scheduling system. On the Water Resources Minister Jiang Water Conservancy Committee, the high screen shows the key hydrological data of the Yangtze River Basin in real time. Scheduling and rescue provide adequate decision support.

Ning Lei, deputy director of the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee, Director, demonstrated the big data platform, explained: Today, our flood defense more transferred to day and night monitoring, strategic, technical equipment has a large upgrade, the Yangtze River along the Yangtze River The data collected for half an hour can return to the data center, which can achieve a 7-day forecast of water in advance, which provides an important window period for our disaster prevention flooding.

Facing the basin of romanting flood, our "magic" more. Ning Lei said that we can now jointly dispatch, peak hysteresis, and strengthen flood risk management. The reporter learned from the Yangtze River Water Conservancy committee that the joint scheduling of water engineering in the Yangtze River basin begins in 2012. In the winter season, 101 control water projects in the Yangtze River basin realized joint dispatch, and the water level in the Yangtze River was controlled to the accuracy of cm.

According to statistics, in 2020, through the dispatch, the total amount of floods in the middle of the Yangtze River, the total amount of floods were about 50 billion cubic meters; in the Yangtze River Capital 4, 5, the joint dispatch was jointly dispatched, and Hongfeng, Jingzhou, Jingzhou, Hubei, is reduced. There are more than 3 meters water level, avoiding the use of accumulatory hysteresis near Jingjiang Francisco and Chengling District, and force the Yangtze River. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has successfully responded to the Guangxi River, Songhuajiang, Heilongjiang Dafang and 2016 Yangtze River, Taihu Lake and other watershed in the northeast China. In 2020, we have once again defeated a large flood to protect the lives of the people. Safety, large and medium-sized cities and important infrastructure flood safety.

(Editor: Yin Baihan, Don Long).