Cultural variety, new, new, endless, have no legacy and food

  Qilu Evening News · Qilu 点 记 真 人 人 年 文 文 文 文 节 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文The traditional drama represented by the full real scene, the performance of the Ou Kun, brings the audience to the dream of a dream. From the content of the broadcast, although each program invites the star guest, the focus of the content is still the promotion of the art of communication.

The first phase of the program is from the "Dangdou", "Three Kings" and other classic repertoires such as Li Gen, Wang Meng, Li Xiaoti, Cheng Haochen, etc. The singing chamber is presented in front of the audience.

  After let the audience have an intuitive understanding of Beijing Opera art, the next is the "mission model" link of the true people. This variety model is a business play. The host Wang Han is a president of the Summer and theater, and the singer Zhang Yanqi is a small class, theater. Members have people who have fun in Wu Sheng, Tsing Yi, Laodan, Kunqu, Text ugly.

These actors have to rejuvenate with the star guests, and the traditional drama is presented in a young man. The first drama of their adaptation is to combine the "Midsummer Summer Dream" of the "Linchuan Four Dreams", and the people of the soup and Shakespeare and the traditional Kunqu performance, which presents the beauty of Kunqu, and the tradition. The drama is analyzed and interpreted.

The show is very suitable for young people who don’t understand traditional art.

The original intention of the program is also hoping that younger viewers like, love the drama, let the traditional culture flowers in the hearts of the young generation.

  The first phase of the show star guest is Aunxiang and Li Feier, the play guest has Wang Yinghui, Zhang Jianguo, Gu Wenyue, Li Yufu and other drama.

The stars experience the traditional drama, and the famous plays have recall the story of the past, the memories and the older master, very much. Zhang Jianguo said: "Every link in theater is technology, and the cultural content is high.

Wang Ying said: "The bigger the number of years, the smaller the courage to play the play."

"The famous families will open their hearts, and they can see their love and respect for the opera. There are a lot of lenses to show the beauty of the Beijing opera, to the audience, introduce the culture and aesthetics of the drama.

The traditional drama represented by Kunqu, Peking Opera is relatively high. This program is also driven by the stars, and explores the traditional drama of the traditional drama through the blend of the stars. Generally speaking, the program has both cultural heritage, and the fashionable national wind presentation is a very rare cultural taste.

  Local Human Resources Guests have recently been removed, and local TV seems to find new keys for the program creation, igniting a fire of regional cultural programs. Many places have deeply excavated local historical humanities resources, constantly innovating program model, with unique local style to make programs "out".

  The "Qilu Cultural Conference" broadcast in Shandong Satellite TV has through the traditional painting art, food culture, philosophical ideology, idioms, architectural common sense and other aspects, and examine the understanding and understanding of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the observation of the players.

The guests in the program have "Xueba Village", a Ph.D., National Student V, Police, Student, etc., the context of all walks of life, the understanding and thinking of traditional culture, providing multi-dimensional, diversified Cultural Thinking. In the program, Yang Yu, Kang earthquake and other experts, professors also presented the traditional culture in depth to the audience. Triendal cultures truly integrate their life, occupation, life growth and intrinsic repair, let a general person to present their stories and traditional culture, and many media call this program model for the innovation of variety show.

  The regional cultural program is developing very rich as Beijing Satellite TV and Henan Satellite TV. Following the "New · Forbidden City" "I am waiting for you in the Summer Palace", "Meet Tiantan" and other programs, "China" "China" "The most beautiful center" also attracted many viewers, Beijing Satellite TV with Beijing region tradition Culturally settled the national tide show that cultivated cultural inheritance, boosting the "Beijing" culture and propagation. Henan Satellite TV’s "Yuanxi Wonderful Night" "Qingming Qiyou" "Dragon Boat Festival", "Chongyang Wonderful Tour", etc. forming a series of holiday culture, greatly spreading traditional culture. In addition, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s literary exploration variety show "There is also poetry and distant · poems", the first World Cultural Heritage exploration experience class "Wanli Walking Single Ride – China" is also traditional culture Interaction, unveiling, etc., make the show more energetic and more.

The video platform is launched "debut! Dunhuang "" debut! Luoyang "" Millennium Dance Millennium "is also a new variety with traditional culture and national style elements to attract young people. From some new programs, such as "home from the end of the Yangtze River" "There is a story everywhere in Chang’an", etc., it can also be seen that the variety show will become a trend. After several years of cultural programs, cultural themes have become more and more attention to content superimposing, and all kinds of traditional cultural elements are integrated with new models, new types of variety programs, and new types to meet market demand.

Pure cultural programs, innovative mixed cultural variety is an indispensable content of the screen, which is highlighted by cultural charm, and also promotes traditional culture.

Cai Qi: Adhere to the premiere standard to create a new era of Beijing People’s Congress

Original title: 1st version of the head version (Reporter Zhunzhu Gao Branch) Yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Party Committee held the Sixth People’s Congress Work Conference, study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Party, implement the spirit of the Central People’s Congress, research and deployment City people work.

Cai Qi, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, to deepen General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thinking about adhering to and improving the people’s congress system, and keep up with the times to improve the system of the people’s congress, adhere to the first good standard, and create a new era of Beijing People’s Congress. situation. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining, presided over the meeting, secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal People’s Congress, Li Wei, Director, Director, Party Secretary Wei Xiaodong, and Deputy Secretary Zhang Yancun attended.

  Cai Qi pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping was an important speech at the Central People’s Congress Work Conference. A series of fundamental, directional, strategic issues that committed the system of the people’s congress is a good idea and action guide for the work of new era. .

We must study and implement, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", and implement the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee about the work of the People’s Congress. Cai Qi system has summarized the new progress in recent years, and pointed out that the work of the people in Beijing has demonstrated demonstration. It is necessary to further enhance the sense of responsibility, and firmly move the road of socialist political development of Chinese characteristics, continuously strengthen and improve and improve. The Municipal People’s Congress work, in fulfilling the duties of the capital, doing a good job in the capital, and promoting the development of various careers in the capital. First, actively promote the whole process of people’s democracy construction. The people at all levels in the city will continue to expand the people’s orderly political participation in various work, ensuring that the sound from the people can hear the sounds of the people in decision-making, implementation, supervision.

Perfect the people’s democratic public opinion to express platforms and carriers, maximize the absorption of public opinion, and bring together people. Strengthen the theoretical interpretation and publicity and education, telling Chinese democratic stories. Second, we must push high quality legislation.

Strengthening the Municipal Party Committee’s leadership leaders, improve the leaders of the party committee, leadership, government relying on the parties involved, and participating in the parties.

Tightly work around the city center, combining the work decisions with the legislative decision-making, formulate a group of local regulations that are urgent, the masses are expected. Seize the key to improving the quality of legislation, adhere to the problem-oriented, open the legislation, and respond to the economic and social development and governance needs of the capital in time.

  Third, to enhance the rigidity and effectiveness of the people.

Focus on Party Central Decision Deployment, focus on the city’s key tasks, focus on the people’s wish, implement correct supervision, effective supervision, supervision according to law.

Solidly carry out budget review supervision, state-owned asset management supervision, local government debt review supervision and other work. Do a good job in law enforcement and check the "combination of boxing". "A family and two hospitals" should consciously accept people’s supervision.

  Four must give full play to the representative role of people. Strengthen the construction of work capacity, enrich the content form of contact with the masses, and expand the "Thousand Represents under the Grassroots" mechanism. High quality handling representative proposal.

Strengthen representatives to perform duties supervision and management and service guarantee, closely contact with representatives of the People’s Congress. Representatives of the People’s Congress at all levels must participate in the exercise of state power in accordance with the law, and fully demonstrate the representative style of Beijing People’s Congress in the new era. Cai Qi emphasizes that the party’s leaders will run through the entire process of people ‘s work. Party committees at all levels must support people’s Congress and its standing committees to exercise their powers according to law. The Party Committee of the People’s Congress, the party group, the party group should play the direction of the direction, the management, the principle, and the party’s leadership is reflected in the legislation, supervision, representatives, etc., reflecting the survey, review, and implementation. It is necessary to continuously improve the level of work of the party leaders. Strengthen the party’s political construction, and promote the construction of people’s own efforts with the "four organs". Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Municipal Government, Municipal People’s Procuratorate Leaders, Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Municipal Government, Municipal Association, Secretary-General, Comrades of the Municipal People’s Congress and Some Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee attended the meeting. The Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Municipal Supervision, Some Municipal Discipline Inspection and Municipal Bureau of Commission, the city "two hospitals" system responsible comrades and the main responsible comrades of various districts, the secretary of the various street work committees, the chairman of the township party committee, some people Representative, etc. at the meeting. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

2021 national medicine helps to promote the high-quality development peak forum for the intensive tourism industry in Gongcheng

On the morning of December 3, the Autonomous Region Science and Technology Association is directed by the Guilin City Science and Technology Association, Guilin City, Guilin City, Yao Autonomous County People’s Government, Xuanma, Natural Therapy Research Institute, hosted "national medicine to promote the intensive tourism industry The "2021 National Medicine Assist in the Topics" Theme "The High Quality Development Summit Forum" was held in Yao Autonomous County, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County. Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy, the Autonomous Region Association and other industry management department, Chinese medicine master and national medical medicine Yao doctor, the doctor’s expert representative, etc. About 300 people participated in the forum activities. Journal of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yu Meng, Lu Yaoru, and Master Sun Guangrong, made Sun Guangrong, made "New Times Traditional Chinese Medicine Modernization System Engineering", "Discussion on Green and High Quality Development" Speech by "Traditional Chinese Medicine Characteristics".

Dr. Tanghui, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made "Yao Medicine Plant Resources Protection and Sustainable Utilization", the Dean of Xuanma’s Natural Therapy, Wei Chang, made a report of "Yao Inheritance and Development". Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County was selected as "China’s longevity town".

The history of Gongcheng said the tea city, Gongcheng oil tea was known as the "longevity genetic password" of Gongcheng people. In recent years, Gongcheng County Party Committee and County Government have adhered to the principle of interested in Chinese and Western medicine, and vigorously build high-quality and efficient Chinese medicine, national medical specialty diagnosis and health service system, and make full use of Guilin International Tourism Resorts, and actively promote Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Danwan District Chinese medicine medicine The cooperation between Yang Dynasties, building Gongcheng Yao Han Ruicheng City has become Guilin’s greater influence of Chinese medicine health tourism demonstration zone.

Promote the spread and development of Chinese medicine, national medicine culture.

Forms the longevity line health pattern of Guangxi "East Gongcheng, Xibama".

Gongcheng County is known for the national development model of "three integration" ecological agriculture, and is confirmed by the United Nations as "Model of Rural Eco-Economic Development in Developing Countries", "National Ecological Demonstration Zone" "National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration County" "China’s longevity town" "China’s Human Persimmon Township" and other honors. In 2018, he was evaluated the first climate in the country. (Zhu Zhenwang) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

COSCO Shipping: Continued 100 Years Endurance

As the transportation backbone enterprise and the world’s largest shipping logistics enterprise, COSCOC’s learning education as a collar history, the ideological baptism of the red gene, the blue voyage, highlight the theme of the times, compacted political responsibility, and transforming learning education into construction shippingThe political conscious thinking of the traffic strong country is conscious, and it continues to promote the education of party history and education.

First, based on high stations study, and strengthen the "traffic power," the mission of leading Party group served as the party history study and education and in-depth study closely Xi Jinping new era ideological socialism with Chinese characteristics, learning deep and thoroughly Xi Jinping, general secretary of "July" Conference the important speech, on the construction of shipping power, transportation powerhouse series of important expositions, as well as written instructions of the important instructions of the industry eight areas of the enterprise, to further enhance political stance, and strengthen the mission to play, to lead the new voyage with great ideas.

First, learn deep thorough understanding of strong mission.

Around "that is shipping fortunes," the theme of leading Party group carried out 17 times to expand the central group of collective learning, organized learning education reading classes and History, "July" important speech of the seminar, organized five thematic training class in rotation.

By study of the issues, a profound understanding of the spirit of the great achievements and password for the new Chinese shipping industry to follow the lead of the party leadership to inspire "voyage for the country," the mission, to enhance the "big country fleet" of combat.

Second, the combination of knowing the spirit pass.

Group of party members to take the lead in the branch where the primary point of contact and speak gave lectures, and review a century voyage, interpretation mission of the times. Party secretary Xu Lirong for the Dalian Maritime University "Voyage human glory and dream" theme of the report, more than 30,000 nautical students and companies to watch live party synchronization, and further stimulate the "firm conviction ballast, the responsibility to implement full tank, spirit burst explosive capsule" "three cabins spirit." Third, honesty and innovation continued genes.

Group innovative learning forms of education, build three-dimensional party history study and education platform online and offline. China held joint maritime museum "red-blue nautical memory" exhibition, compilation and publication of the book "Branch in the boat." "" Magnificent "- founding a century COSCO shipping major accomplishment map", held "to sail hundreds of years, pilot age" celebration founding a century large-scale performances, praised the achievements of sailing, Geng continued red gene, pool party forever, sailing the majestic power of a new journey.

Second, focus on the pattern of high and do practical things, highlight the "six steady six security" active owners as a group based on the main responsibility, the party history study and education into national strategies and combine the service "six steady six security" as the deepening "I do for the masses an important benchmark test results important content and practical "practical activities.

Party Group to develop practical handbook issued to do practical things, clear 7 categories 297 things to do list. According to "quasi-seeking, truth-seeking, and efficiency" principle, hierarchical classification, implement the plan.

First, do practical work on the stability of foreign trade. For the shipping industry, "a cabin hard to find" "a box of hard to find," the market situation, the central enterprises to actively fulfill their responsibilities, efforts to tap the potential to accelerate the implementation of planned reduction ship, do everything possible to adjust the domestic foreign trade capacity, capacity 526 into the first half, totaling million TEU.

While improving the efficiency of the internal box factory, box made up 187%, effective protection of industrial chain supply chain stability. Second, problem-solving things in the insurance customers.

Set up a "small straight off the special work team" make full use of foreign trade business platform, opened the small customer service line, straight off special small classes, small and medium customers fast aircraft, etc., to solve problems for small and medium shippers bail. The first half of small and medium customer service 11836, protect small and medium foreign trade export container volume 1.62 million TEUs.

Third, help the good things on the crew.

Group Crew group as "I do practical things for the masses," the focus groups, and actively promote the settlement of the crew vaccination, the problem shifts to complete the vaccination crew 24557 people, a total of 7548 ships and shift, relieve the crew of extended service problems. It invested 500 million yuan per year increase in crew wages on the basis of continuing efforts to increase the remuneration tilted crew. Straighten out the problem of long-term borrowing crew labor relations left over by history, completed 419 long-term borrowing formally transferred the shore crew work.

Positive contact with the tax authorities to promote tax relief crew.

Crew food and improve standards, increase food expenses 37,000,000 yuan.

Third, the outstanding quality and promote development, the combination of "global leader" majestic power blocs adhere to learn the history of the party group exercise, to promote the development of high-quality group as an important criterion for testing the effectiveness of party history study and education, the Party of study and education results into the construction of the world a powerful driving force of first-class enterprise. First, grasp the law, to promote the strategic upgrade. No big change in the situation facing hundreds of years, the group thoroughly implement the new concept of development, continue to promote the strategic restructuring of enterprises, to develop "Fourteen five" development planning, optimization "3 + 4" industrial layout, and strive to "build a world-class global integrated logistics provider chain ecosystem services "vision, determine" benefit specialization, industrial chain management, digital operations, "the three strategic themes, and resolutely take great task of building a new development pattern, and a good stability of the national economy" ballast stone "and building" along the way, "the vanguard of the vanguard of the struggle for power transportation.

Second, grasp the trend, temper the spirit of struggle. Dare to struggle, dare to win, the Chinese Communists invincible powerful spiritual force. Group will fight the wind and waves of fighting spirit as an important connotation nautical spirit in the face of international pattern of profound adjustment, profound changes in the system of global governance, international shipping complex ecological situation of profound changes, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the struggle of "boat against the wind," the firm respond prudently to major risks and challenges, take precautions to prevent unexpected events, timely adjustment of market structure, supply structure, customer structure, actively explore new markets, regional markets, the third country market, bucked the trend of Sino-US route efficiency.

Such as funerals began to do inside and outside the unit, onshore ship epidemic prevention and control, a smooth and orderly production and management, continuous chaos.

The third is to grasp the opportunity to promote global development.

Facing the new crown pneumonia epidemic spread globally, profound changes in the international shipping industry to adjust, focus group "three leading", "three leading" "three links" and insisting that the world-class benchmarking, deepen the reform of state-owned three-year action, cohesion and quality and efficiency and promote global development.

In the first half, operating income of 245.8 billion yuan, an increase of 64%; the cumulative net profit of 47.2 billion yuan, an increase of%, made history the best results. Currently, the group members and cadres in the same boat, with "dependable rudder, will be a good anchor, raised sail, roping," the high-spirited outlook and boundless loyalty to the party’s struggle towards a new range of transportation powerhouse.

Polish happiness Anhui "safe background"

Ping An is the basic requirement of the people’s happiness and well-being, and it is also an inevitable requirement for enhancing the happiness and security of the masses. "Ping An Construction has entered the national advanced ranks in 10 consecutive years", and it is grateful to go forward. How to accommodate peace is Daxiang, until Changan? According to the provincial party committee, it is advised to strengthen the construction of a higher level of law. In the past few days, the party representatives attending the provincial party congress revolves around the safety of people’s lives, contradictory disputes, strengthen social security prevention, and strengthen social governance innovation, etc. to promote the construction of the security Anhui. Exercising channels effectively resolve the new era of contradictions, facing multiple issues, diversification, etc. of contradictions.

In the face of diverse social contradictions, Anhui adhere to the "Fengqiao experience", the new era " Class mediation linkage work system, explore new forms, new mechanisms of a series of resolved contradiction disputes.

"Provincial Commission reports, adheres to and develops new era ‘Fengqiao experience’, and build a comprehensive management mechanism of social contradictions.

The decision-making deployment of the report is the actions of the party representatives from the first line of peace.

"Fan Shimao said.

Long-term work in the mountain police station Fan Shimao and his comrades explored the "backpack police" model in practice, send contradiction dispute resolution work and public security service to the door of the masses, and praised the local people. The conflicts of grassroots are complicated and need to be resolved in time. Fan Mei Tao suggests, improve the linkage mediation mechanism, and make a strong contradictory dispute mediation team.

In the countryside, the villagers, the village committee, the full-time mediator, the village police, and the comprehensive department, etc., etc.

Letters and visits, listen to the voices of the masses, smooth expressions, resolve social contradictions, and ensure the rights and interests of the masses. According to the report, improve the leading cadres to visit and read the people’s letter to the system, and do not go through the farming, write trust, and do a good job in initial interviews and production. In the discussion of the representatives of the Sixth, the representatives of the Six-Taiwan delegation stated that the spirit of the report should be carefully studied, consciously use to arm the mind and guide the work. Do a good job in petition, and it is related to social stability.

The representative said that in accordance with the provincial party committee to deploy, adhere to political construction as a leader, integrate the party’s political construction into all aspects of the whole process of letters and visits, and effectively strengthen the source prevention, and resolutely pick up as the people’s people, the party is concerned about political responsibility, for the society Harmonious stability provides powerful guarantees.

Adhere to the people-centered, smooth and regulatory the appeal, interest coordination, rights and interest guarantee channels, from the source to prevent the contradiction between letters and visits.

Active prevention and control risk, focus on resolving the issues of letters and visits, and focus on strengthening risk research and information warning, focusing on increasing contradiction disputes, striving to resolve contradictions and problems in the grassroots level, resolve in the germination state.

It is the barometer of the safe index for the social security of the security index. The provincial party committee reported that strengthening the construction of social security prevention and control system, carrying out "guarding peace" action, and the normalization mechanism has carried out the fight against evil. As a focus on the peaceful construction, in recent years, the province has strengthened urban and rural communities and social security prevention and control, texture, urban and rural communities, internal units, industry places, public safety, video technology, network society "six anti-control networks The construction of prevention and control system is effectively improved.

"Widely launch the mass power, carry out group defense, is a valid path of social security prevention and control.

"Fan Shimao represents that in the countryside, you can mobilize the village cadres, the party group leader, the villagers, the village public welfare staff, the enthusiasm of the villagers, the courier, etc. Team, timely understanding, master the social security, obtain social security dynamic information, and let public security prevention and control work.

"At the same time in traditional security prevention and control models continue to innovate, they also need to use technology forces.

"The representative of Lu Dan said, fully uses modern scientific and technological means, actively build a new model of" artificial intelligence + big data + governance ", accelerate the promotion of large data applications and social security prevention and control depth integration, and promote the innovation of social security prevention and control system mechanisms , Strive to achieve peaceful construction resource integration, power integration, functional aggregation, means synthesis, and further improvement of service management efficiency.

Deepen the construction of peace and need to focus on strengthening and innovating social governance.

Innovative social governance, must pay attention to linkage, opening up, and mobilize multi-body participation. In recent years, our province has broaden the social governance to participate in the channel, actively integrate various resources, promote government governance and social regulation, resident autonomous interaction, and build a social governance pattern that has been shared together.

The provincial party committee reported that the urban and rural grassroots governance system, the smooth group organization, social organization and various entities participated in social governance institutionalization channels.

Integrate urban management resources, deepen the pilot pilot of urban social governance, accelerate the construction of smart community, create "network + grid" grassroots social governance upgrade version. The representative of Zhu Long said that in accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee, focus on innovating social governance, in promoting the construction of the joint government, ensuring that the spirit of the provincial party congress is implemented.

Improvement of emergency system guaranteed life safety "New crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control anti-control preventive warping warfare warfare The task of blocking the spread of the epidemic is strongly safeguarding the health and social stability of the people of the province. Life safety is the most important human rights, and it is also the basic guarantee of the happiness of the people. The provincial party report is proposed to safeguard the safety of people. The representative of Li Biwei said that according to the requirements of the report, he will be able to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, improve the public health emergency management system, and effectively consolidate the unprystable prevention and control results. The disposal is again improved, and the monitoring of the warning is refined, and the focus is the defense line. "Report on the future goal of the next five years, very fits in Anhui.

"The representative of Liu Tongzhu said that the normalized epidemic prevention and control must be made, accelerate the high-quality development of public hospitals, give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, accelerate the development of medical resources expansion, and speed up the construction of healthy Anhui.

The people are all kinds of health and safety of thousands of households, and their attention is concerned about the health and safety of thousands of households. "The report is clear about the next five years, the goal is clear, and the target is specifically.

As a representative from the market supervision department, it will seriously perform the function and play function. "Dai Chunyi representative said that the report proposed, strengthen the quality and safety of all chains of food drugs.

To this end, you should adhere to the safety bottom line, strengthen the fair competition review mechanism, standardize the market order, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and create a full chain of the creation of protection management services. At the same time, support school cafeteria, online food and beverage sun kitchen construction. Maintaining the safety of people and needs scientific system planning.

The representatives said, in accordance with the spirit of the provincial party committee, effectively strengthen the construction of biological safety risk, deepen the "castance" action, and scientifically promote disaster prevention and disaster relief disaster relief, continue to promote the construction of intelligence emergency pilots, build urban life line safety Engineering, implementing rescue and rescue capacity improvement projects. (Reporter Li Xiaoqun).

24 februari, New Crown Pneumonia, Xinguan Pneumonia, Pneumonia, China

Op 0-24, 2022 heeft de provincie geen nieuwe lokale bevestigde gevallen, geen nieuwe vermoedelijke gevallen, geen nieuwe vermoedelijke gevallen zonder steeds verhogende symptomen.Vanaf 24:00 op 24 februari had de provincie Guizhou in totaal 161 gevallen van lokale bevestigde gevallen, 1 geval van diagnose in overzeese input, 160 gevallen van uithardende gevallen, 2 gevallen van de dood.

Er waren 1 geval van het ontbreken van infectie in de bestaande overzeese ingang (19 februari Guiyang City, Hong Kong-ingang, in de provinciale generaal, de behandeling van de behandeling), vermoedde gevallen 0 gevallen.Guizhou Provinciale gezondheids- en gezondheidscommissie herinnert eraan: momenteel is het feit dat binnenlandse en buitenlandse epidemische preventie- en controlesituaties nog steeds ernstig en gecompliceerd zijn, de snelheid van de communicatie snel is, en het infectierisico is zeer verdeeld en de druk van anti-invoer -bouw wordt verhoogd. In de 48-uurs vriend is de nucle?nezuurdetectie negatief gecertificeerd en het initiatief om 1 nucle?nezuurtest in 48 uur na aankomst, vooraf in de Wechat Applet "Guizhou Health Code" uit te voeren, om te verminderen Het risico van communicatie, implementeert de epidemische preventie en controleer de persoonlijke verantwoordelijkheid.

Tegelijkertijd moeten we hechten aan het wetenschappelijke slijtage masker, handwas je handen, altijd geventileerd, verzamel niet, onderhouden, onderhouden een veilige sociale afstand en het ontwikkelen van goede gezondheidsgewoonten. Blijf aandacht schenken aan de dynamische veranderingen in het binnenlandse bestaan ??en bevestigde gevallen en niet-symptoom ge?nfecteerde mensen, redelijke regelingen, zoals niet-noodzakelijk, gaan niet naar het gebied met risicovol. Resoluut houden en uitbreiden van de onprobbende preventie- en controlesultaten, deel een beter leven, heeft ons nodig om samen te werken. Volgens de app "State Council Client"-app wordt de nationale epidemische situatie aangepast en 24 januari 2022, 4 risicogebieden, 160 in het land.

Hoogric-risicogebieden (4) Inner Mongoli? (3): Hohhot Xincheng District Genghi Khan Street Street Mings Hand Dorp Hui Hohhot Saihan District Yulin Town, Tao Buqi Village, Wuchuan City, Wuchuan County, Huachang Haihai, Huacheng Village, Liaoning (1): Suizhong County, Huludao City, Plus Monument Rock Township Waterloo Dorp in Risk Aandre (160), Inner Mongoli? (71): Xincheng District Genghis Khan Avenue East River Street Community Xincheng District Dongfeng Road Street Lai Community Hohhot New Town Dongfeng Road Street Fangtine Garden Community Hohhot xincheng dongfeng weg straat xiangyuan gemeenschap hohhot xincheng district dongfeng road straat dongji north straat gemeenschap hohhot xincheng chengji khan straat straat duzhou yixiang dorp huahhot xincheng chengji khan straat straat straat trekt dorp hui haote stad nieuwe stad chengji khan straat straat, Xinying dorp Hui Hohao, Xincheng District, Gengji Khan Street, Sujara Community, Xincheng District, West Street Street, Xifeng gemeenschap, Hohhot, New Town, Hailar Road, Shihao, Hohhot, New Town, Hohhot Genghi Khan Street Street Beiyuan Community Hohhot Xincheng District Dongfeng Road Street Haidong Road Hohhot hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh 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City, Suzhou City, No. 361, Dongfangyuan, Dongfangyuan, No. 361 Suzhou City, Wujiang Road, Changxinyuan District, Wuzhou District, Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou Suzhou City City Gusuzu District Pingjiang Street, No. 5-2, Gebouw 5-2, Suzhou, Pingjiang Street, Pingjiang Street, Pingjiang Street, Yonglin, Suzhou, Wujiang District, Wujiang District, Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Wujiang District, Suzhou Stad, Suzhou City, Wujiang District, Chang’an Road, Wujiang District, Suzhou Road, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Wujiang District No. 2358 Wujiang Technology Pioneer Park Suzhou Wujiang District Jiangling Street City South Garden 2167 Suzhou Wujiang District Baxi Street Luo Street Street 2 Suzhou Changshu City Strand 5 Suzhou Changshu City Chinese European Holiday Garden 9 Suzhou City Zhangjiagang City, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang, 18, 19, Jiang Shuzhen, Zhangjang, Suzhou, Zhangjutang, Suzhou, Suzhou, Zhangjiagangang Suzhou, Suzhou, 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Mai Baise Town Debao County Chengguan Town Longsheng Community Shengxuku Community Bais City, Chengguan Town, Longsheng Community, Dongmondong, Sheng 2nd Baise City Databasei Liancheng Community Deli Villa Baise City Debao County Dong Ling Town Dexunited Village Congyu Town Baise City Debao County Jingde Town Juzheng Village Duoyou Baise City Jingxi City Wuping Town Avenue Street 百 西 西 西 市 村 村 新 屯 四 四 (9): Chengdu Jinniu District, Yunmaqiao Street, Shahe Yunjingwan Community, Fengjiang District , Fengjiang district, Fengjiang district, Fuji, Fuji, Chengdu, Zhao stad, Chengdu, Zhao stad, Chengdu shuicheng shore gemeenschap chengdu high-tech zone zhonghe straat Great Wall Xinyuan gemeenschap Chengdu high-tech zone shiyang straat tianfu shijia community chengdu high-tech Zone Guixi Street Shenglong Mansion Chengdu Tianfu New District Huayang Street Longhe Community Kaihua LIJing Community Chengdu Tianfu New District Huayang Street, Fukong Community Lijingyuan Community, Chengdu Tianfu New District Huayang Street, Sihe Community, Huiyang Street, Yunnan (2): Honghe Hani Autonome Prefecture Hekou Yao Autonomous County Henan Farm 23 Team Wenshan Zhuang Miao Autonome staat Er zijn de bronnen van dancun Group, het dorpscomité in Yang Wanxiang, Po County, PosGrand: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Delen Mensen zien Aanbevolen lezen.

The former sea released international talent one-stop "service package" "International Talents" will be opened next year.

  On November 2nd, the 8th Shenzhen Port (Qianhai) Talent Cooperation Annual Conference and Qianhai International Talent Port Investment Promotion Conference held in the Qianhai Cooperation District, and announced the first-stop "service package" of Qianhai International Talents for the first time. 100 services for the six types of talents such as strategic scientists. At the same time, high-level construction "Qianhai International Talents Port", creating global scientific and technological innovation talents to the "first stop" and "preferred" of the Employment entrepreneurship and life in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District. Qianhai International Talents One-stop "Service Pack", mainly refers to the six types of talents such as "strategic scientists, science and technology leaders, youth science and technology talents, excellent engineers, Hong Kong youth, overseas talents", for international talents Sea work, life provides the strongest business support, the best platform construction, the warmest service, the fastest and accurate docking, best life support, the best integration experience, strive to provide life security for international talents, create the best soft environment, create Come to the first stop.

  In order to accelerate the collection of talents, the Qianhai has begun to build a high-standard international talents in Qianhai last year. "We will strive to promote the top China International Talent Port next year’s official ‘opening", construction service center, experience center, hunting center, transformation center, etc., to accelerate the physical landmark of the country to introduce global technology innovation talents, Emotional harbor, becoming a global technology innovation talents to the Employment, entrepreneurship and life ‘first "first" and’ preferred "in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Danzan District.

Huang Xiaopeng, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Qianhai Cooperation Zone, Huang Xiaopeng, executive deputy director of the Qianghai Administration.

  Huang Xiaopeng said that in recent years, the Qianhai has continuously deepened the reform of talents development system mechanism. The field of talent has shown the three characteristics of "The International Talent Service System and the Internationalization of Talent Management Rules".

Up to now, the Qianhai has gathered more than 6,000 overseas talents, and 577 high-level talents. "Next, the Qianhai will accelerate the management of talent management reform, explore the establishment of a global high-end talent introduction ‘current train’ system.

Huang Xiaopeng said.

Two technological innovation achievements in Liaoning Province won the national excellent award

  Reporter Liu Dabi reported on November 18 that the reporter learned from the Provincial Work Union, in the session of the 6th National Staff Excellent Technology Innovation Achievement Award, two results have received excellent results award.

  It is reported that the National Federation of Trade Unions launched the national employee’s excellent technological innovation achievement exchange activities in 2004, held once every 3 years, currently has been rated as a national employee excellent technology innovation achievement award, some winning achievements are recommended by the National Federation of Trade UnionsNational Science and Technology Progress Award.In the 100 outstanding results of this review, 3 results were received first prize, 15 results were received, and 82 results were excellent.

Liaoning Province award-winning project is the "Belt Wheel Bearing Online Replacement Tool and Method" and China Fair Shenyang Dawn Air Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. declared "aviation engine fan rotor"Technical innovation of methods. "

Editor in charge: Wang Haitao.

Small, unable to "does not matter"

  There is party spirit in the small season, principle, and personality. Behind the small event "It doesn’t matter" psychology, it is actually the francification and desalination of the principles of the party. On the other hand, that seems to be a "so-called" back, it is the reflection of the principle of the party’s principle, which is a cherished the famous celebration. In mid-September, the National Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has notified the provinces in violation of the Chinese provisions of the province. Among them, there is a case where it is notified because of the "small things" "small things" in the eyes of a few party members and other people. In recent years, with the continuous increase in anti-corruption, some illegal cadres have been severely punished. When we are clapping, we often think about such a question: these leading cadres can go on key job positions, must also have people who have talents in some ways, work ability can’t say, everyday work is not good, exactly What makes them embark on the violation of laws and discipline? In fact, many corrupt molecules step by step to the crime abyss, they all think "It doesn’t matter" from the above small quarters.

In the face of gifts, "Anyway, there is no such thing as"; accepting the banquet, "It’s all the people who don’t think about it." In the face of the gift of the gift, "there is not much nothing" …… This kind of psychology, just The misunderstanding of a minority party member and cadre thought.

Task, once the unloaded psychological line, from "Xiaodong Xiaoxi", I dare to "laugh", from "tube" to "knock" "collapse", just time problems.

  Some people think that I have to take some drink "It doesn’t matter", anyway, it is "a little". However, some people are a half-point, I feel "there is so-called". In the 1980s, Yang Shanzhou and subordinates went to Longling to the countryside, and at night at the guest house.

The next day, when he asked the secretary how much did dinner before, he knew that the local county party secretary had settled. So he let the secretary take the bus to take the rice fee 6 pieces of 5 more money. The Secretary is very unfolbened, and the return of the transportation fee is 32 yuan, just in order to return the 65 cents.

Yang Shanzhou said that the people are a big account, and the small event must also hold the most basic style of the Communists.

  There is party spirit in the small season, principle, and personality.

Behind the small event "It doesn’t matter" psychology, it is actually the francification and desalination of the principles of the party. On the other hand, that seems to be a "so-called" back, it is the reflection of the principle of the party’s principle, which is a cherished the famous celebration.

  The small number of subcompices are not only about personal ethics, but also about the party’s image, and is related to people’s heart back. As a hundred years of big party, the image of the Communists is to focus on these small things.

  After the founding of New China, there was a year of Jiangxi to meet the Beijing meeting, and by the way, he went to Zhu Deyi several baskets of winter bamboo shoots. Zhu De criticized: "The following comrades send things to the center, this is not good.

These winter bamboo shoots are sent to the supplier supplies, let everyone buy it according to the market price, who eats money. We have to eat, you have to take the money to buy. Give the money recovered to the comrades of Jiangxi.

"Liu Shaoqi stipulated that" four not allowed ": One is not allowed to send; the second is not allowed to eat; the three are not allowed to receive the gift; four are not allowed to send back. Liu Shaoqi strictly implemented strict implementation, local cadres The sentible native product will be returned, send a small amount of food payment according to the market price; the gifts given by foreign guests will be over, from it to it. The old generation of revolutionary is still in the small episode, and today’s Communists should not Throw this kind of fine tradition. "Don’t go fine, end tired."

Although the section is small, it is also a test. For party members and cadres, if they always hold the psychology of "nothing" on the section, they will accumulate "small mistakes" into "big mistakes", and finally "small cave is not completed, big cave."

  "Self-hearted track, foreign items are small."

"Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, should learn to learn from some people’s cases, strengthen party sexual exercise, firmly believe in the ideals, and do they have to be bound in the heart, know what things can’t be done, but also have a ring in your heart, consciously Tighten the string of discipline. In this way, in the freedom of "from the heart,", it will bloom in the position.

  (Author: The Sixth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital).

The new urbanization construction site will be held in the province

  On September 8, the new urbanization construction site will be held in Meihekou, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, and governor Han Jun attended the meeting and speaking.

He stressed that the spirit of the important instructions of the important speech of General Secretary General Secretary, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government, in depth, in depth, "one main six pairs" high-quality development strategy, promote the new urbanization of people-effective core, and focus on promoting agricultural transfer population The citizens, accelerate the cultivation of Changchun Modern City Circle, and vigorously promote the county urbanization, comprehensively improve the level of urban governance system and governance ability, building Yiju, green, innovation, wisdom, civilization, happiness city, in order to promote Jilin Zhenxing in the new era New breakthroughs, speed up the construction of socialist modernization of new Jilin to provide strong support.

  Han Jun emphasized that urbanization is the only way to modernize the national modernization. To seize the opportunity to implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" implementation plan of Northeast, enhance the sense of urgency of the urgency of the new urbanization, and do a good job in key tasks. Implement industrial development, employment absorption, public service providing and population agglomeration.

First, strengthen industry and employment support. Adhere to the fusion of the production city, revolve around the industrial revolution, the three trillion industries and cultivation of the new pillar industries in the automotive manufacturing, tourism, agricultural products processing industry and the food industry, and improve the level of urban leading industries.

Accelerate the development of county economy, implement "straw change meat" and thousands of beef cattle projects, integrating the "Top Ten Industry Clusters" of Agricultural Products Processing Industry and Food Industry into New Types of Construction.

Attachment of industrial transformation and upgrading, strengthening the construction of employment public service system, building returning home entrepreneurial park, creating more high-quality employment positions, attracting and condense more "Ji people" returning home business, investing in industrial. Second, implement urban update actions to enhance urban function.

Accelerate the renovation of old communities, old factory, old blocks, do a good job in environmental and supporting facilities, better meet the needs of mass needs. In-depth implementation of "761" projects, speed up infrastructure construction, improve urban digitization, intelligent level.

The third should comprehensively improve the basic public service level.

Accelerate the construction of a new round of public schools, implement the pre-school education action plan, deepen public hospital reform, standardize the development of public services such as education, improve education, and medical care.

Improve social security system, dynamic maintenance of social security levels and financial levels and financial resources.

Strengthen the construction of talents such as care workers and teachers, and vigorously develop pension management services.

Fourth, it is necessary to continuously improve the level of urban governance. Scientifically settled urban development borders, expanding urban and rural green space, and resolutely hold environmental safety.

Promote governance and public service resources, enhance the management level of grassroots community.

Deepen the "Internet + Government Service" and enhance administrative management efficiency.

Five must insist on cracking the problem of urbanization development with reform. Increase the reform, fully release the non-household population into the city to settle down, encourage peasants to buy a house to buy a house. Deepen the reform of rural land system, and do a good job in the construction of national urban and rural integration development test areas in Changji. To strengthen organizational leadership, highlight planning leads, strengthen pilot demonstrations, strengthen funding guarantees, and promote high quality development of new urbanization. Before the meeting, the participants inspected the construction of the Meihe New District, the 100,000-ton beer and the new Mei River, the Dream Workplace, the Meihekou City Center Hospital, Northeast Night City, etc., on-site development night economic development, new urbanization construction condition. Wu Jingping, Prince Dian, An Guilu participated in the relevant activities.

Editor in charge: Huang Wei.