Wang Youcai’s home,A bit busy these days。
Although Wang Degui has been the village chief for half his life,,But he is from Xiping Village after all,Therefore, I always hold a credible but unbelievable attitude towards feudal superstition.。
This son is getting married,He dare to be careless,So ran twenty miles,I went to find Mr. Half Yin and Yang,Combine Wang Youcai and Ni Xiaoli.,Calculated their wedding dates。
People in this industry,Usually see the wind,This yin and yang look at Wang Degui’s tighter requirements for this time,So I calculated two times for him,One is six days later,And the other is ten days later。Wang Degui weighed repeatedly,Finally selected the time ten days later。
“Did you say it was March 28th in the lunar calendar??This time is good,Set on this day。The time given to us in a day is a little looser,These two are not very far away,very good”Chen Yueqin sitting on the big kang,With a new quilt,Said with a smile。She was so happy these past two days,In fact, the parents of the world,Almost always like this。
When the two couples are making up who Murakami invites,Wang Youcai walked in listlessly,He sat down on the chair,So I poured myself a glass of water,Drank quietly。
“say something!What’s the attitude of Li Niang’s family??I shouldn’t cooperate with the matchmaker anymore.!”Chen Yueqin glanced at her son,Hehe asked with a smile。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Her grandma’s!And a 20,000 yuan gift,They said they all came here when they got married。Besides, Ni Xiaoli’s mother wants us to rent a house in Pingdu,Get married in the city”
“You can give her a lottery of 20,000,But getting married in the city doesn’t work,Her daughter married a farmer,What kind of big tail wolf”Wang Degui said a little unhappy。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Xiaoli and I are married,Not to work in the city,Can’t let her live in Xiping Village and run back and forth!”
“Ouch!I really didn’t expect this。But Xiaoli is pregnant,Let her stay at home and raise her baby,What class is still in?“Chen Yueqin put down the needle and thread in her hand,Said coldly。

Ling Xi looked at Fuming,Fuming nodded at Lingxi,Ling Xi walked inside,Naturally, all these small actions came to Qu Anlie’s eyes,Even unhappy,But I have to endure it in front of Lingxi。

Wait until Lingxi enters,Qu Anlie turned his head to look at Fuming,The atmosphere at the moment became a bit frozen。
“To outsiders, you are Lingxi’s brother,But to me you think you are a lie,Is it enough!”Qu Anlie reached out and interrupted Fuming’s explanation,Fuming was choked back。
indeed,Maybe this fake identity can deceive others,But want to fool the elders of the college,It is indeed a little unrealistic。
Qu Anlie calmed down a bit,Sitting in a chair and poured myself a glass of water,Dried up,Then he continued to speak:“I won’t investigate the matter this time,But definitely not next time!”
Nodded helplessly,I didn’t do anything by myself,How can you be like a sinner who tricks an ignorant girl。
“You won’t see Lingxi for a while!”Qu Anlie said a word。
“Because our college recently discovered a space-time relic”Qu Anlie explained。
“Time and Space Relics?What is it”
Qu Anlie flattened his mouth“Time and Space Relics,It’s a crack created by time and space,Inside the space-time ruins, a space of its own,So far,That crack only opened twice,These time and space cracks will open from time to time,We humans cannot control,Maybe a hundred years will open,Maybe a thousand years!”
“What are the benefits of entering,Treasure hunt?”
“The same meaning,For example, you might find some rare ones that the earth can’t find。。。wrong,It should be a medicinal material that never existed,Just show these medicinal materials,Will be snatched by many forces,Of course no one in our college dared to do this!”

“no need,I just eat here”Wang Youcai said,So he called the waiter to confess。

Julan lowered her voice and said:“The business of the small clinic is really good,Good things make me envy a lot。I go to the bank to deposit money every day,The managers everywhere are very kind to me”
“Of course,You are their god!Hey!How much money you save every day,Don’t tell He Jing。This woman has a broken mouth,I’m afraid she talks everywhere”Wang Youcai said worriedly。
Julan nodded and said:“But she really didn’t ask”
First2356chapter action
When Wang Youcaizheng and Julan were eating,Wu Wu’s Ma Zai Xiaoli ran into the small restaurant,He put a train ticket in front of Wang Youcai,Then Chong Wang Youcai nodded,Then turned and ran。
Wang Youcai took the train ticket and took a look,Can’t help but say something:“Ten o’clock in the evening”
Julan on the side smiled and asked:“how?You are going to the provincial capital?Are you going alone?”Julan’s expression is a bit complicated。
“Or you accompany me,It’s a bit too boring to take the train alone anyway。Have a partner talking,Time will pass faster”Wang Youcai made a joke。
Julan sighed and said:“Stop making jokes like this,I know the small clinic is very busy,You have to say that。But I have to remind you,Can’t go on like this,We have to expand。Not just place,There must be more people”
“Okay!Now more and more prosperous。Hey!I ask you,Who brings your son now?”Wang Youcai said,I split the topic。
Julan took a breath and said:“Chen Donghai’s fucking here,Live where I brought Xiaobao。Anyway, my class,And no time to take care of the children”
“Hi!So she brought her grandson to the city。I said I didn’t see her much this year,I’m still wondering where did this old woman go??”Wang Youcai said,Shook his head a little puzzled。
Julan glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Divorce?What can I do if I leave?I want to cry when I see Xiaobao。forget it!Just passed on like this,Which day is passed”Julan was very helpless。
“I still want to go to you at night,did not expect…”Wang Youcai said,A little disappointed and shook his head。
Julan gave Wang Youcai a white glance,He lowered his voice and said:“Don’t think about where I am。There are so many beautiful women in the provincial capital,You go find it”
Wang Youcai glared at Julan,Suddenly leaned against her,Lowered his voice and said:“I’m resting at Doctor Lu’s house this afternoon,You find an excuse to come over,I wait for you”Wang Youcai finished,Not waiting for Julan to speak,Get up and go。
“ Fuck,Too busy these days,I didn’t even touch a woman”Wang Youcai cursed secretly,So I went to the supermarket to buy some food。It takes seven or eight hours to get to the provincial capital,He has to get everything to eat and drink。
Wang Youcai can be considered a nest,It’s just a flat city。I think his brain got hot back thenSZ,Almost never died。He took the oath,Never leave Pingdu。

Chen Yueqin took a breath and said:“Old Li’s wife said,Southeast Mountain is safe now,A road has been built from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain,And it’s powered up。Conditions are much better than when you did it”

“Stop talking,I can’t go back”Wang Degui interrupted the topic of his wife。
At this moment,There was the sound of car horns outside the gate。Chen Yueqin,Run quickly to open the gate,She scolded as she ran:“ This bear kid,What came here early in the morning?”
The door just opened,A black Santana drove in,Stopped by the west wall of the yard。The door opens,Song Fang got off the car。She dresses very fashionable,She doesn’t have the breath of rural women。
“Yo!The flowers are really good!”Song Fang said,Two steps to the flower pot,Sniffed。There is a sweet smile on her face。
For this daughter-in-law,Wang Degui and Chen Yueqin are not optimistic,They always feel that this Song Fang marrying Wang Youfa has a ghost in his heart。But they didn’t find out what was wrong,I feel that since my son got married,Song Fang is still doing things well,No major problems。
“Why are you here so early?”Song Fang didn’t say hello to her,Chen Yueqin can only speak first by herself。
Song Fang turned around and glanced at Chen Yueqin and said:“Come back to discuss something with the third child,He will be there in a while”
“I heard that your factory has started to move,If you don’t have a place to live, just go home and live,Which room in the east is for you,I’ll clean up for you later”Chen Yueqin tried to please her daughter-in-law Song Fang。
Maybe this means one thing drops one thing!Chen Yueqin is also a great character,But she is in front of Song Fang,But she can’t show her majesty as a mother-in-law。
“ no need。Didn’t we rent a house in the city when we got married??Which house has been vacant,I happen to have no place to live,Where you can live”Song Fang rejected Chen Yueqin’s kindness。
Wang Degui, who hasn’t spoken all the time, can’t listen anymore,He stopped working,Whispered:“Don’t you want to be Xiping Village and the village head??If you really become,Then you still live in the city?I’m afraid this is unrealistic!Even if you are not afraid of trouble running back and forth,The people in Xiping Village will not promise you to do this”

This is what everyone values most。

The transparent design also allows everyone to see the design clearly at a glance,Just can’t take pictures。
No one has any opinions。
Each laboratory has similar rules,And this kind of research visit,What I look at is the design concept of others,Specific scientific principles,What a good camera did not fully record the micro-level design,Doesn’t make much sense。
The key is whether Wang Yufei is willing to share his design theory。
Wang Yu flew without a broom to cherish himself。
It’s a hard work to introduce,The only problem is still what he thinks is simple,Just a word,But for others, this problem may not be understood for three days and three nights。
But in this environment,Wang Yufeiken brought this group of people here to see and introduced various principles and design ideas and details enthusiastically,Already behaved enough,Most of these issues are classified as confidential content of other people’s scientific research,Everyone is not serious,Why are these old experts embarrassed to keep asking?
So even if Wang Yufei introduced it harder,Not very useful。
Of course it can’t be just watched,Next, a test machine was arranged。
But this time, the request after Professor Pan Wenyue’s inquiry,Trial calculation did not continue to search for Mersenne prime numbers,But try to make Xiaozhi calculate the factorization。
Mention factorization,I have to mentionShoralgorithm。
Simply put, just give the quantum computer an integerN,And let the quantum computer quickly find outNPrime factor。
Sounds simple,But it is not simple。
Because the most widely used encryption system in the entire Internet,RSAThe most fundamental basis for the long-lasting use of encryption algorithms for so many years is that classical electronic computers cannot decompose a large integer with high efficiency.,Quickly find the prime factor of this integer。
It can be saidRSAEncryption algorithm can achieve the current effect,This is built onRSAThe problem is too difficult to solve based on。
At least for now,There is no known algorithm for classical electronic computers that can solve this problem in polynomial time。

The online pre-sale started a week ago。

After nearly three months of publicity,The sales volume of blue ocean mobile phones has exceeded 100,000 units!
Wait until the mobile phone is in the hands of consumers tomorrow,There will be reviews。
Not surprisingly,That must be a strong overseas competitor of fruit phone!
Ocean Electronics, which produces blue ocean phones,Is also an industry under my name。
After lunch。
I suddenly received a call,Gaoshan is sick。
Gaoshan originally stayed in his hometown in the countryside,The children like the environment。
Always good,I haven’t even had a cold。
But sick,Terminal illness。
too suddenly!
Always check before,Didn’t find this problem at all。
I stopped the live broadcast,Soon I went to the airport to pick up the group from Beijing Union Medical College Hospital。
After inspection,The diagnosis is leukemia。

Tu Shanming was so angry that his eyes were about to stick out,Roar:“fart!I can still fight!”

White-haired people don’t say much,The particle light knife in the hand swung quickly,Pull out a long energy beam,Slammed Tu Shanming’s chest fiercely。
“Aren’t you invincible?Amazing!It’s awe-inspiring during the live broadcast!Not like a mangy now!”The white-haired man grinned。
Tu Shanming shook his body,Trying to stand up again to meet the enemy,But he hasn’t stood still,Another energy beam is drawn on the body,Knocked him to his knees。
“Stop struggling,Your master Wu Hao doesn’t look very good!Is he a tortoise?It’s already here,Not showing up yet?I want to see how long he will shrink!”
The white-haired man said,The particle light knife in his hand is drawn by another energy beam。
Knife like a whip,Whip after whip on Tu Shanming’s body,Beat him to the ground,Bloody。
At this moment,Hu Lin can’t stand it anymore,Rush forward,Shouted:“What do you want?Keep bullying an injured person,Is this interesting?”
See Hu Lin shouting,The black man is motionless,Like a clay sculpture and wood carving,He is regenerating,Waiting for Wu Hao to show up。
And the white-haired man raised his brows,Cold road:“Hu Lin?Why haven’t you left?”
When Hu Lin heard this,,I immediately reacted,Mother must know something,I let myself leave in a hurry。
It seems that grandpa is sick,Not necessarily true,But today’s disaster in Sandstorm City,Seems to be doomed!
She doesn’t know why Wu Hao hasn’t appeared yet,Maybe still in retreat,Maybe that guy is not in Sandstorm City at all。
That guy’s whereabouts are erratic,Shenlong sees the head but not the end,No one is sure he must be in the city。
“What are you doing?Tell you the truth!Wu Hao is not in the city!You want to find him to compete,Come back another day!”Hu Lin desperately,Had to talk nonsense。

Have a taste,I gave a real hammer in the expectation of my brothers,“Nothing。”

“cut——”The gossip eyes of the brothers disappeared instantly,If 2nd Brother doesn’t want to say it,,No one can ask,Still drink bar。
Wang Ruikai came with a mission,Xiuying is his sister-in-law,The best girlfriend is Lu Xin,My wife hurts my sister so much,For my sister’s prospective sister,Naturally also treat each other differently。
For the sake of sister-in-law,His brother-in-law doesn’t want to gossip,I have to ask to understand。
“I heard that the lady of the Lu family,Looks pretty,Good temper,how,You missed?”
Pretty?That palette face,Can’t even see the true colors,Who knows whether it is beautiful or ugly?
Good temper?Huo Yunhe snorted,If that temperament is still good,There is absolutely no such word as savage in the world!
Leaning lazily on the back of the chair,Gave Big Brother a blank expression,Raised the cup and touched him,“Have something to say。”
Wang Ruikai was confused by his glance,He is a big man,What I don’t like most is asking about this kind of thing like a woman with long tongue,Although they are brothers,Talk about anything,But it’s privacy,It’s better to shut up。
Helpless wife gave the order,If you can’t complete the task,You have to sleep in the guest room,This is a terrible punishment。
“Lu Xin likes you not a day or two,Fart with you all day-Back run,What do you think?If you are not interested in her sister,is not it.what?”
Don’t say it too clearly,Know each other well,Wang Ruikai is the first matchmaker,A little uncomfortable,He knows the second child’s temperament,Don’t like it just don’t like it,Who will introduce him?,Don’t give face。
really,Huo Yunhe’s mouth shows a mocking smile,Ridiculous words followed,“Sister-in-law is blowing pillow breeze again, right??Look at your promise!”
By Brother Chi-bare-Mocking naked,Personally can’t stand it,Not to mention the boss!
Wang Ruikai was so angry that his fists were clenched,Just can’t wave it out,Smiling awkwardly,Very helpless,“Second child,You should be considerate and considerate,Your sister-in-law loves her sister the most,If you don’t give me a word today,She just stayed at my house and won’t leave。”
Watching Fu Di as a small brother,Huo Yunhe can’t figure it out,A vigorous and vigorous one,Sleek man,Younger age is already a leader in the overall situation,How come falling in love is like changing a person。

Cao Wen thought,Lu Menglin’s two beautiful girlfriends,Should also not take risks,Both of them are ordinary people without power,Not even a mutant,Most of them dare not stay in Tokyo。

I heard Cao Wen ask,Su Xuehen and Jin Soyan looked at each other at the same time,In each other’s eyes I saw the same things as my own minds。
“Sister Sue,How about you and Teacher Cao Wen go first?”Kim Soyeon deliberately half-joked。
Su Xuehen gave her a white look,Eye wave,
Gu Panshengmu,Cao Wen looks straight at the side。
“I won’t go!Lu Menglin didn’t show up,I’m not going anywhere!”Su Xuehen said firmly with a face。
“I knew you would be like this!but,Just stay,It seems a bit boring too!Let’s do a big vote, okay?”Kim So Yeon has always had so many ghosts,Her eyes rolled like this,Got an idea right away。
Su Xuehen blinked,Smiled:“how do you want to do it?”
Kim Soyeon didn’t speak immediately,Instead, he set his eyes on the electronic screen in front of the three。
Where the red dot is displayed on the screen,All the places where the giant monster statues appeared,Densely covered,obviously,The whole Tokyo is already in a bitter battle。
“I want to make a bold decision for that guy!Direct troops to the East,Miss Su, what do you think?”Kim So Yeon’s eyes suddenly turned bright,Looking directly at Su Xuehen,Say word by word。
This remark,Su Xuehen hasn’t responded yet,Cao Wen next to him was stunned。
She didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence,exactly,She understands every word Jin Soyeon said just now,But the whole sentence is connected,She can’t understand it at all。

Huo Yunhe shouts from the bottom of my heart,Can face a little woman pretending to be calm,He can’t say anything!

“Where is grandpa and grandma,I won’t go and apologize。”Yangliu’s head was dizzy,Sore and weak,Isn’t it sick??
Huo’s grandparents are so kind,Treat her so good,I didn’t look down on her just because she was an illegitimate daughter;Huo Family Mom and Dad,Because I helped them easily,I am infinitely tolerant to myself。
She is not a fool,Not a little girl who doesn’t understand anything,Such a giant,Pay attention to the right,Although Lu’s blood is flowing in my body,,But can’t enjoy the resources of the Lu family,No benefits of marriage can be brought to the Huo family,They know,Still accepting with a smile。
Love is a matter for two people,Marriage involves two families,The Huo family doesn’t care if they can bring them benefits,But the two of them are living。
She’s sorry for the parents of Huo who have high hopes for her,Huo Yunhe,I didn’t feel sorry for him,Naturally don’t feel guilty,This road is smooth or smooth,Is it bumpy or full of thorns,It’s my own choice,Won’t blame anyone。
What did Yunhe just say?friend?Sorry,She is not that generous,If you can be friends,She will forgive him,Not getting divorced.
Willow takes a step back,This kind of sympathetic tone,She doesn’t want to hear from him。
Traffic on the road,Almost no pedestrians walking,They stood facing each other in the shade of the door,Men’s fitted light gray handmade custom suit,Black shirt,The button on the neckline is not fastened,The standard tie is gone,And she only found out now。
Men who pay attention to appearances are always glamorous,But now he looks haggard,Low eyes,The body is still stalwart,But the state without the neckline makes him add a touch。
This marriage,It’s not just herself that hurt。
The man who used to be intimate,Will drift away;Who love,Will disappear,Their fate,Exhausted!
Zhou Chengyu didn’t know when he came,Reach out and pat Yangliu’s shoulder,Did not look at Huo Yunhe,Took her away。
Open the door of his mini-car,Take her luggage up first,Help Yangliu sit up again,One last look at the man still looking here,There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth。
Do that shameful thing,Even dare to look at Yangliu with that reluctant look,He really doesn’t know what propriety, justice and shame are!
Yangliu kept looking out the window,The flowers on both sides of the street are blooming brilliantly,Life is still very good。
This love brings her sweetness,Let her feel the feeling of a woman being petted;And what this marriage brought her.It hurts。
She believes Huo Yunhe didn’t do anything to be sorry for her,But that was their wedding night,He and his sister lay on the same bed without clothes-on。
The fact that was recorded in the photo was posted to her phone,Deleted by her,But the picture is frozen in my mind,Lingering。