Jerry shares (002353): better-than-expected electric drive fracturing attempts to leverage the North American market

Jerry shares (002353): better-than-expected electric drive fracturing attempts to leverage the North American market

This report reads: The company ‘s three quarterly results exceeded market expectations, domestic shale gas fracture demand returned to the boom cycle, and equipment orders and prices rose.

The introduction of new electric fracturing products is expected to enter the North American shale gas market.

Investment Highlights: Conclusion: The company’s three quarterly results exceeded market expectations.

Considering the domestic demand cycle of shale gas fracturing, the EPS for 2019-21 is raised to 1, respectively.

41 (+0.

16), 1.

74 (+0.

1), 2.

05 (+0.

09) yuan, raise the target price to 38 yuan, corresponding to 22 times PE in 2020, increase holdings.

The company’s third quarter results exceeded market expectations, and equipment orders and prices rose.

① The company’s revenue for the third quarter of 2019 was 42.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 45 years.

9%; net profit attributable to mother 9.

0 ‰, an increase of 149% in ten years;

75 ppm, a year-on-year growth of 158%; performance growth exceeded market expectations.

② The company’s gross profit margin will increase in the short term8.

Two averages reached 36.

4%, net margin increased by 8.

Seven averages reached 21.

7%, a new high since 2014; net profit margin increased to 24 in the third quarter.


The company added 34 new orders in the first half of the year.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

Among them, orders for drilling and completion equipment increased by more than 100%.

Domestic shale gas fracturing demand has returned to the boom cycle, and the results of the financial report confirm that orders and prices are rising.

The launch of new electric drive fractured products is expected to move from China to the North American shale gas market.

① PetroChina’s exploration expansion plan goes beyond history and welcomes China’s shale gas revolution.

Energy security will become the main investment line of the oil and gas industry chain, and the correlation between oil prices and domestic exploration expansion will weaken. Shale gas is the main force.

At present, in general, the supply and demand of shale gas drilling and completion equipment, the company’s competitive advantage is outstanding, and we are welcoming China’s shale gas revolution.

② The world’s first 7000 electric drive fracturing fracture independently developed by the company was successfully rolled off the production line.

According 北京桑拿洗浴保健 to Spears and Coven data, the actual working capacity in the United States is about 16 million water horsepower, and the average annual update demand is expected to release 1.5 million water horsepower.

Compared with traditional fracturing vehicles, electric drive fracturing has improved significantly in terms of economy and efficiency. The company’s integration of new products is expected to enter the North American shale gas market.

Catalyst: Obtained large orders from customers at home and abroad.

Core risks: the risk of falling crude oil prices and the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.

Zhao Chi (002429) Interim Report Comments: Revenue Restores Stable Growth and Profitability Improves

Zhao Chi (002429) Interim Report Comments: Revenue Restores Stable Growth and Profitability Improves

Core point of view: After the substantial factors have subsided, the growth rate of revenue has stabilized, and the profitability has increased.

10,000 yuan (+3 year-on-year.

9%), net profit attributable to mother 3.

800 million (+58 compared to the same period last year).

1%), corresponding to a net profit margin of 6.

5% (+2 year-on-year.

2pct); The company achieved revenue of 33 in the second quarter of 2019.

500 million (+22.

6%), net profit attributable to mother 1.

900 million (+160 year-on-year.

1%), corresponding to a net profit margin of 5.

7% (+ 3% YoY).


On the whole, the company’s revenue has achieved stable growth after eliminating the 深圳桑拿网 impact of changes.

TV ODM and accessories replenishment growth, LED capacity is expected to continue to release sub-products in the second half of the year: multimedia audiovisual products and operating services revenue.

600 million (+4 year-on-year.

2%); LED industry chain revenue 8.

600 million (+2 year-on-year.

4%): (1) Multimedia audio-visual products: Among them, the TV ODM and accessories business achieved a volume increase of 30% when the overall volume and price of the industry’s retail market fell. The independent brand JVC and Pinduo had a multi-level strategic cooperation agreement.In the future, the two parties are expected to explore more in terms of products, design, marketing and promotion; (2) LED industry chain: the first phase of the report has increased the production of 1,000 new packaging lines, and the production has gradually reached production, but in the context of intensified market competitionThe revenue of the company dropped slightly, and the LED packaging business realized revenue7.

500 million (YoY-2.

4%) and realized a net profit of 88.31 million yuan (YoY + 28.

6%), of which small-pitch Mini RGB products are expected to be mass-produced in 2019H2; instead, the company’s new LED epitaxial wafer project will also be officially put into production in the second half of the year and gradually ramp up. After full production, the monthly production capacity is about 500,000-600,000 4-inch epitaxial wafers., Is expected to contribute new revenue growth points for the company.

By region: domestic sales revenue 41.

900 million (YoY-4.

8%); export revenue 16.

200 million (YoY + 1.


Cost and financial expense ratios have decreased, profitability has increased, and the company’s reported gross margin has fallen.

1% (+0 compared to the same period last year).

7pct), mainly benefiting from the decline in prices of major components such as DRAM, FLASH and LCD panels.

In terms of expenses, the company’s sales, management, research and development, and financial expense ratios are 2 respectively.

7% / 1.

9% / 2.

5% /-1.

7% (0% YoY.

5 points / +0.

1 point / +0.

9 points / -3.0pct), where financial costs decrease by 1.

7 ppm is mainly due to the increase in interest income and the decrease in exchange losses, but it should be noted that due to the impact of shrinking investment and financial management scale, the report estimates that investment income has decreased by approximately 74.6 million yuan.

Earnings forecast predicts that the company will return to its parent net profit in 2019-2021.



1 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.

1% / 10.

1% / 13

3%, the latest closing price corresponding to the 2019 PE estimate is 22.

9x, with reference to the industry’s comparable company PE estimate of 27.

9x, we give the company a PE estimate of 28x in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value of 3.

64 yuan / share, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that the development of private brands is less than expected; the demand for TV terminals is less than expected; how the price of raw materials changes; the range of exchange rate changes.

Through Russia investigation fully upgrades prosecutors or crosses presidential red line

“Through Russia” investigation fully upgrades prosecutors or crosses presidential “red line”

Profile picture: Previously (Xinhua News Agency) The US President may not be very happy for several days in a row.

  According to recent US media reports, special prosecutor Robert Miller, who presided over the investigation into Russia, has called a federal grand jury in Washington.

Some analysts believe that this move means that the Russia-German investigation is accelerating and the focus has fallen on the president’s core circle.

  The judiciary investigating and upgrading the budget of Russia cooperates with prosecutors. The Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying on the 3rd that Miller has elected a grand jury in Washington, focusing on a small-scale meeting with the Russian government lawyers last year.A signal that the Russia-Gate investigation is advancing rapidly.

  The U.S. federal constitution prohibits the solicitation, acceptance, or obtaining of foreign funds, political contributions, or anything in a campaign.

Some analysts said that one of Miller’s investigation directions was whether the relevant parties in the reorganization camp asked Russia to publicly disclose the black material involving Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton after the meeting, and whether they knew the meeting before or after the incident.

Reuters quoted the replacement insider as saying that the jury had issued subpoenas to several persons including the reverse eldest son, son-in-law Kushner, and Russian lawyer Veselinicskaya.

  A grand jury is a form of investigation commonly used by federal prosecutors.

The grand jury has the right to subpoena. Prosecutors can summon some witnesses who are unwilling to testify, and force the collection of bank records, emails, and company documents of economic entities and individuals.

And by means of evidence collection, criminal charges will be investigated in depth and brought up at any time.

  The grand jury is made up of ordinary U.S. citizens and works behind closed doors to study whether the evidence gathered by prosecutors is sufficient for criminal charges.

However, the grand jury did not determine whether the defendant had committed an offence.

  Attorney Zhang Jun of the US Federal Supreme Court believes that if Miller’s formation of a grand jury is true, it can be regarded as a phased result of the Russia-Russia investigation.

  Randall Eliasson, a professor at the George Washington University School of Law, points out that if preliminary investigations by prosecutors and the FBI show that there is not enough evidence to constitute a prosecution, they will decide not to conduct a formal investigation and will not elect a largejury.
It can be seen that the story development of Tong Rumen is the opposite.

  Prosecutors or Russian government lawyers who crossed the president ‘s red line for a small secret consortium were once considered by the outside world to be important evidence of Russia ‘s connection, but Miller realized that he did not regard the incident as the only breakthrough in the investigation.

  According to CNN, the Miller team now has information on business transactions related to Russia, with a view to providing an easier path for investigations through this perspective, rather than staying on whether Russia interferes with the electionOn vague and general issues.

  For decades, previous real estate and financial transactions have been the focus of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Not long ago, Corrector told the New York Times that his business deal was an unreachable red line for investigators.

  Earlier the Commonwealth had warned Miller that the investigation should be extended to the general election, implying that if the investigation was extended too broadly, he would fire Miller.

However, the 杭州桑拿 American media believe that the role of the special prosecutor has given Miller the broad strength to track all the crimes he has encountered.

Republican senators have repeatedly warned against phasing out Miller because it will bring a political disaster.

  In response to the President’s intention to pressure Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to insert and fire Miller’s rumors, Jay Seculo, another lawyer replaced, replaced in a three-day interview with Fox News: The president did not want to fire RobertMiller, so those rumors are not true.

  The investigation will take months and may not cause criminal charges. Even Miller convened a grand jury, but there were also comments that Miller recruited the grand jury was completely expected, and the news that broke out was just repeating.Known facts.

  It has been reported that Miller has selected a grand jury to participate in the investigation for some time.

The grand jury’s progress is usually conducted in secret, so not many insiders are exposed.

However, those witnesses who receive testimony summons or are required to produce documents are not subject to the rules of confidentiality, and they are free to disclose information to the media.

This shows that it is likely that someone contacted the reporter as soon as the subpoena was received, so the so-called breaking news.

  It should be noted that the participation of the grand jury in the investigation does not necessarily mean that criminal charges will be brought.

Zhang Jun stated that he was suspected to believe that as long as there was a grand jury, somebody would be charged, and no equal sign could be automatically drawn between them immediately.

  In this complex case, investigating various allegations, summoning witnesses, reviewing documents, and bringing witnesses to the scene will take a long time.

So the work of the grand jury is likely to last several months.

It is believed that the investigation will continue at least until next year.

  (Creative product studio Li Yixing’s text integrated Xinhua News, Wenhui Daily, Global Times, Jiefang Daily, partially compiled from the Wall Street Journal, CNN) Original title: “Traditional Russian Gate” investigation is fully upgraded to avoid danger?

Haitian Flavor Industry (603288): Stable sales performance has improved significantly

Haitian Flavor Industry (603288): Stable sales performance has improved significantly

Event: The company announced 天津夜网 the 2019 third quarter report and main performance data. The company’s revenue for the first three quarters was 148.

2 ten percent, an increase of 16 per year.

62%; realized net profit 38.

$ 3.5 billion, an increase of 22 per year.

48%; deducted non-attributed net profit 36.

USD 3.8 billion, an annual increase of 23.

78%; basic return 1.

42 yuan, the performance continued to grow steadily, in line with expectations.

  There is no pressure to complete the highest goal, and the growth rate of sauces has improved significantly.

Overall, the company’s revenue has continued to grow steadily, and ahead of the Spring Festival next year, the completion of the goal of 15% annual revenue growth is basically no pressure.

In terms of preliminary revenue by product, in the third quarter of 2019, the company’s soy sauce, oyster sauce, and soy sauce revenues reached 26 respectively.

9, 5.

0, 8.

300 million, an increase of 14.

1%, 13.

8% and 18.


The growth rate of soy sauce income is short-lived, increasing overall, steady growth, and market share has further increased; the soy sauce has exceeded 10%, the growth rate has continued to improve, and the category adjustment effect has been better; the growth rate of oyster sauce has declined slightly, but it has extended from the catering channelProgress to retail has been steadily advancing.

In terms of regions, in the third quarter, except for the northern region, the company achieved growth rates in other regions, with a double-speed increase. Central and western regions respectively increased.

4% and 30.

7%, continuing the rapid growth momentum, the northern region will be the company’s follow-up key improvement areas.

In terms of different channels, in the third quarter, the company’s net dealers increased by 271, and its offline revenue growth accelerated to 16.

8%, the channel continued to sink rapidly.

  Costs have risen, and rates have continued to fall.

The company’s gross profit margin for the third quarter of 2019 was 43.

8%, ten years ago 1.

Three averages, one is that the soybean price has risen by more than 10% under the background of the Sino-US trade friction, and the other is that the capital expenditures generated by technological transformation projects have gradually increased costs.

In terms of expenses, the company’s expenses in the third quarter were 16.

4%, down 4 each year.

1 per share, the cumulative expense ratio fell, of which the selling expense ratio fell by 2.

Eight batches, mainly because some distributors have chosen the way of product self-lifting, reduced freight costs and expanded the scale effect to continue to increase.

Although the management expenses increased due to the increase in employee compensation levels, it was slower than the revenue growth and the expense ratio decreased by zero.

7 units.

As the decline in the expense ratio outweighed the increase in costs, net profit in the third quarter reached 23.

3%, up by 1 each year.

1 unit.

In the first half of the year, the net operating cash flow increased by 32.

7%, mainly due to the company in the first half of the purchase of raw materials in response to the price of raw materials.  Investment suggestion: The company’s leader is basically stable. In terms of production capacity, the expansion of the Gaoming base and the release of production capacity 杭州桑拿网 in Jiangsu base provide guarantee for subsequent growth. In terms of sales, the development trend of various product lines is good.Channels are sinking rapidly, and the catering and retail market share are steadily increasing.

The EPS for 2019-21 is expected to be 2.

0 yuan / 2.

3 yuan / 2.

8 yuan, corresponding to PE is 56 times / 47 times / 40 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

  Risk reminders: food safety issues; company performance exceeded expectations; corporate reforms were less than expected; RMB exchange rate risk; domestic interest rate rise risks; China’s macroeconomic data was less than expected; changes in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy; internal capital market fluctuation risks.

BOE A (000725) Company In-depth Study: The King of China Panels Towards Global “Leaders”

BOE A (000725) Company In-depth Study: The King of China Panels Towards Global “Leaders”

The investment logic display panel industry runs to the bottom right, and BOE took the lead as the industry leader to go out of the bottom: we judge that the panel industry has now run to the bottom right, with Samsung and LG as the representative. The Korean LCD panel production line has been converted to an OLED production line.Supply, supplementing the consumption trend of smart TVs and large-size HD 4K and 8K TVs have stimulated sales recovery, so the industry supply and demand have shifted from the original surplus to balance. The prices of LCD TVs and tablet panels have begun to rebound in the first quarter of this year.

In the first quarter of this year, the company’s profit side improved significantly from the previous quarter. The company’s single-quarter revenue continued to rise for three consecutive quarters, and its operating profit margin also increased from the previous quarter. As a leader in the industry, it took the lead to get out of the bottom, and benefited from this round of rise.

  AMOLED has grown rapidly by 10 times, and “volume and price rise” has driven the company’s profit growth: In this round of the display panel industry’s rising cycle, the replacement of BOE ‘s built-in LCD panel production line benefited from the recovery of panel prices to promote performance growth. On the other hand, production capacity in 2018End of climbing in Hefei 10.

The 5th generation line began to contribute revenue, Wuhan 10.

The 5th generation line is expected to start ramping up production capacity and begin to contribute revenue from 2020. The two ultra-high generation lines will become the main increase in the company’s LCD panel production capacity in the next three years. It is expected that the new LCD production line revenue in the next three years will be14.8 billion, 24.5 billion and 32.3 billion.

The yield rate of the 6th-generation flexible AMOLED production line in Chengdu has increased to 80%, and the capacity utilization rate has increased significantly this year.

Mianyang’s 6th-generation flexible AMOLED production line is expected to start production this year and start a small increase. It will start to contribute significant revenue in 2020. AMOLED revenues are expected to be 17 billion, 69.7 billion and 105.6 billion in 2019-2020, respectively, while growing by 796%., 310% and 51%.

  Capacity layout and technological advantages are far ahead, and strategic customer Huawei blesses to start a new round of golden development period: The company ‘s high-generation LCD production line and AMOLED capacity layout are far ahead of the industry. The advance layout brings scale effects and brings long-term competition for the company.force.

In the long run, the company persists in continuous R & D investment and accumulates alternative patents in the display panel industry, which has accumulated a strong first-mover advantage for the company in the next round of technology transformation in the industry.

While the company’s internal efforts are continuously improving, it has also received the support of strategic customer “Huawei”. The increase of Huawei AMOLED mobile phone screen penetration and the launch of Huawei TV will bring new growth points to the company’s performance.

  Investment suggestion We believe that the display panel industry has ushered in an inflection point and is optimistic about the company’s staged investment opportunities and long-term investment value.

Since the industry is in the rising cycle in the next 12 months, the reasonable P / E for the company in the next 12 months is estimated to be 20x, with reference to 0 in 2020.

With a forecast of 289 yuan EPS, we think the company’s reasonable expectation for the next 12 months is 5.

78 yuan, compared with 深圳桑拿网 the current 3.

The price of 39 yuan is still close to a 70% increase.

  Risk warning: The continued intensification of the Sino-US trade war affects the demand for display panels for terminal electronics.

Tips: Six ways to fight cold hands and feet

Tips: Six ways to fight cold hands and feet


Regular exercise is not lazy to adapt to cold, you must first improve your cold resistance.

Exercise is the best way.

Consistent regular exercise habits can improve your fear of cold physique.

  There is a saying in China:[Every time you move in winter, you have one less illness.

]Exercise can indeed stimulate muscle, blood circulation and boost immunity.

In particular, Chinese people usually have an excess diet, so some people have suggested that “medicinal supplement is not as good as food supplement, and food supplement is not as good as mobile supplement”.

  However, winter sports should not be too intense. Generally, it is enough to train your body to sweat slightly. Do Tai Chi at home, do soft exercises or yoga, and practice hand shake (the legs are open to the same width as the shoulders, and the arms are slightly extended, and the arms are natural.Vertical, palms backwards, easy and natural swing back and forth), can increase blood circulation.

  Director Lai Rongnian encourages everyone to walk more. Once walking, it will be asthma, but also has a strong gastrointestinal effect.

  Doing housework and sweeping the floor are also a good exercise.

  ● Intimate Ding Dong: Remember to keep warm when you go out to exercise, carry a towel to wipe sweat; do warm-up exercise before exercise, so as to avoid the discomfort caused by excessive temperature difference.


Supplementing warm foods is also a way to make the body feel warm, especially hot drinks.

  Hot milk with high protein, brown sugar ginger tea with warming effect, or western rosemary tea, cinnamon tea are all good sources of heating.

  Dr. Chen Jianlin likes to bring home-made tea bags to work, cheap and simple, and the contents and tastes change according to the season and personal preferences (tea bags can be bought in Chinese medicine equipment shops): people who are easy to get angry (dry mouth on weekdays) can use memenitiaOr cut into small pieces and soaked in water; generally, you can choose Chinese wolfberry and red dates, which have the effect of invigorating qi; the common longan tea in the market makes blood, which is suitable for hard-working office workers.

  Sesame and peanut contain vitamin E and rich nicotinic acid, which can help the absorption of vitamin B and strengthen the nerve’s ability to fight cold.

Vitamin E has the function of dilating blood vessels and can strengthen peripheral blood circulation.

  The walnuts that nourish qi and nourish blood are rich in nutritional value and suitable for patients with long-term asthma to consume in winter, Dr. Chen Jianlin suggested.

  Some spicy spices, such as onion, ginger, garlic, etc., will also make the body feel warm, but people with high blood pressure, hotness and skin allergies should use as little as possible.

  Special reminds that the winter diet is best light and light, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach.

  In addition, children can increase their staple food slightly in winter.

Because it is easy to consume calories in cold weather, and children’s activities in winter will not decrease, so it takes longer to replenish.

  ● Intimate biting tincture: The role of ginger is to keep warm, and it is mostly used when pregnant women are confinement. Ginger is sweating, so it is best to drive cold in the early cold.


Eat tonic varies from person to person. Tonic was originally used to regulate weak constitution and strengthen physical strength to resist cold. However, modern people are rich in nutrition, and in fact not everyone needs tonic.

  Generally people with cold hands and feet can add some medicated diet such as Siwutang, sesame oil chicken, Shiquan Dabutang, etc. to speed up blood circulation.

  If you usually have dry mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, constipation or high blood pressure patients, supplement the flames with fuel, it should be enough.

  If you have a cold, fever, or diarrhea, it is best to stop supplements to avoid worsening your condition.

  ● Intimate little biting tincture: For some chronic diseases such as lupus erythematosus, the condition worsens after taking tonic, you should find a Chinese medicine practitioner to make a physical dialectical, and tonic for the weakness of the individual.


Relieve stress Good mood stress is the cause of worsening blood circulation.

A Japanese study found that nearly 70% of women had cold hands and feet.

These new women sleep less and work irregularly. In this 24-hour tight condition, blood vessels continue to contract and blood circulation becomes worse.

  Therefore, experts suggest that it is best to force yourself to divide 3 times a day: 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours to do what you like.

For example, get together with friends, listen to music, and learn to relax.

These all help to improve the coldness of hands and feet.

  ● Intimate little bitch: Cold weather can easily make people feel depressed and emotionally unstable.

May wish to use the limbs to drive the mind, simple exercise can secrete endorphins and make people happy.  5,

Adequate sleep nutrition Yang Qi Chinese medicine mentions that Yang Qi can promote the function of the five internal organs and the internal organs of the body. It is a source of human warmth. When the Yang Qi is insufficient, it is prone to mental fatigue and cold.

  Adequate sleep can just supplement the deficiency of yang.

Especially in winter, you should go to bed early and get up late, go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening, and get up after the sun comes out. This can avoid the severe cold in the early morning and reduce the rapid contraction of blood vessels caused by excessive temperature differences in chronic patients, leading to cardiovascular disease and stroke.The risk of seizures.

  Try not to stay up late.

At 1 in the morning, the human body’s adrenaline secretion is the lowest. At this time, the resistance is particularly weak. As long as the temperature is lowered,[some patients with asthma are most likely to attack at this time.]Dr. Chen Jianlin reminded that sufficient sleep and rest can bring the bodyEnough capacity to resist external cold and stress.

  ● Intimate little bitch: If you feel cold for a while, you can stop the Hegu acupoint in the middle of the tiger’s mouth on the back of your hand and strengthen blood circulation.


Warm water foot bath is good for sleeping. The feet are farthest away from the heart. The congenital blood supply is poor, coupled with the lack of subcutaneous skin on the feet, poor warmth, and cold feet are quite common.

In particular, there are many acupuncture points in the feet that are related to the upper respiratory tract mucosa. The feet are cold and the resistance is reduced, which can easily cause upper respiratory tract infections.

  Foot bath and foot massage before bedtime can deflate and warm your feet instantly to help you fall asleep.

  Prepare a pot of 30?
Soak your feet in warm water at about 40 degrees, usually about 20?
Just 30 minutes.

  The material of the foot bath can be boiled with two dried wormwood or cinnamon sticks (available in Chinese medicine stores) and boiled, or put some ginger slices or lees.

  By the way, a foot massage during a foot bath can speed up blood circulation.

For example, the depression (Yongquan Point) that appears when you tilt the pedals to bend, your body will quickly warm up.

  The acupuncture points on the feet are abundant and connected to organs in various parts of the body. Therefore, regular foot baths and massages can stimulate acupuncture points and promote blood circulation.

  ● Intimate little biting tincture: You can also add some coarse-grained peppercorns or dried peppers in the socks. The release of spicy elements can make the feet heat up, like a natural foot stove, making people feel dawn.

  In addition, when the cold and cold people go out to do a good job of defense and warmth, try not to lose heat.

Protect exposed parts with scarves, hats, and gloves, or put a stove or stove in the waist and abdomen (poor cold digestion of the stomach, which can easily cause insufficient blood supply), to overcome the cold.

Tea Water Recipe to Eliminate Oral Odor

Tea Water Recipe to Eliminate Oral Odor

In general, oral and nasal diseases can cause odors in the mouth.

Other organ diseases can also change the smell of the mouth.

Therefore, taste is often an important basis for diagnosing diseases in Chinese medicine.

  There is no odor or discomfort in the healthy population.

People who smoke, drink or eat garlic regularly have a smell of smoke, alcohol or garlic, which is also normal.

If the above factors are excluded, when there is still an abnormal feeling or smell in the mouth, it is often a sick reaction of the body.

In general, oral and nasal diseases can cause odors in the mouth.
Other organ diseases can also change the smell of the mouth.

Therefore, taste is often an important basis for diagnosing diseases in Chinese medicine.
So how do you identify diseases by the smell in your mouth?

  First, bitter taste has bitter taste, which is often a manifestation of fiery evil.

When the fiery evil invades the liver, gallbladder, heart, stomach and other organs, the mouth feels similar.

These patients are often accompanied by symptoms such as dry mouth, yellow fur, cold drinking, dark urine, dark stools, and other internal heat symptoms.

At this time, Huanglian Shangqing pills or Niuhuang Shangqing pills are optionally used for treatment.

  However, if the patient’s health is weak, the above-mentioned antipyretics should not be taken easily, but should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

  Second, sour mouthfeel occasionally feels sour mouth, mostly due to overeating or eating foods that are not easily digested.

If you often feel sour in your mouth, accompanied by thick tongue coating, rancid smell and other symptoms when snoring, it is mostly due to weak spleen and stomach.

These patients can be treated with Baoji Pills or Hawthorn Pills.

  If the patient’s mouth acid is related to the acidic water in the stomach, accompanied by heartburn, pain in the ribs, red tongue, pulse string and other symptoms, it is most likely caused by liver and stomach discord caused by hyperactivity of the liver.

At this time, the main treatment should be purgative fire and stomach.

Patients can take Zuo Jin Wan.

  Third, pale mouth If you often feel pale mouth, food tasteless, accompanied by stomach fullness, thin stools, pulses and other symptoms, it is mostly due to weak spleen and stomach.

Treatment should be based on spleen and stomach.

Patients can take Xiangsha Liujunzi Pills.

  Fourth, greasy mouth If you often feel sticky in your mouth, eating tasteless, and accompanied by symptoms such as not wanting to drink water, bloating, tiredness, weak stools, thick greasy tongue, etc., it is mostly due to wet spleen and stomach.Should be based on dryness and stomach.

Patients can take Huoxiangzhengqi Pill or Pingweisan.

  Fifth, bad breath If the patient’s mouth has odor and sour taste, accompanied by stomach fullness, snoring and other symptoms, it is mostly due to stagnation in diet.

Patients can take Baoji pills for treatment.

  If the patient has bad breath, accompanied by thirst, cold drinks, swollen gums, dry stools and other symptoms, it is most likely caused by stomach heat.

The main treatment should be Qingweixiehuo.

Patients can take Qingwei Huanglian Pill.

  If the patient’s stool is dry and heavy, Liangliangsan can be used for treatment.

If the patient’s lungs are hot, bad breath can also occur.

These patients are often accompanied by chest pain, cough, sputum and other symptoms.

In this case, it is best to consult a doctor.

  Bad breath is a common symptom and is caused by a variety of causes, such as mouth, nasopharyngeal, respiratory, and digestive tract diseases, or after eating special smelling foods such as garlic, shallots, and leek, you may have a bad mouthThe smell came out.

Chinese medicine believes that bad breath is related to spleen and stomach fire, stagnation of lung heat or weakness of the spleen and stomach, and indigestion.

Modern medical research believes that bad breath is a symptom that reflects an internal disease, and those who have this disease should go to the hospital for examination, find the original lesion as soon as possible, and treat it in time.For example, dental caries, periodontitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, gastritis and other complications, as well as serious diseases such as diabetes, liver cirrhosis, metal poisoning, and pulmonary abscess can cause bad breath.

You should also quit smoking and alcohol, eat a light diet, gargle and brush your teeth after a meal to keep your mouth clean.

Taking regular tea can also help to eliminate bad breath.

  Here are some prescriptions for deodorant medicine tea for readers to try the osmanthus tea formula: 3 grams of osmanthus, 5 grams of black tea.

  Method: first boil the osmanthus water and brew black tea with boiling water.

  Efficacy: Detoxification and deodorization, aroma and turbidity.

  Application: Suitable for people with bad breath, flat stomach and toothache.

  Osmanthus tea recipe: 6-9 grams of osmanthus, 6-9 grams of chrysanthemum.

  Production: Brew the above 2 flavors into the cup with boiling water and wait for warming.

  Efficacy: Aromatic and clear stomach.

  Application: It is suitable for those with hot stomach bad breath.

  Single-flavored tea recipe: 25 grams of green tea.

  Method: brew green tea with boiling water into strong tea, set aside.

  Efficacy: Clear stomach heat.

  Application: It is suitable for those with hot stomach bad breath.
  Jasmine mint tea recipe: 3-6 grams of jasmine, 3-6 grams of mint.

  Method: Brew the above 2 flavors into the cup with boiling water.

  Efficacy: Aromatic deodorization.

  Application: Suitable for patients with bad breath.

  Pomegranate tea recipe: 1-2 pomegranates.

  Method: Peel the pomegranate seeds, squeeze the juice, and add the same amount of cold water to serve.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and deodorizing.

  Application: Suitable for those with bad breath and sore throat.

  Loquat tea recipe: 250 grams of fresh loquat.

  Method: Wash the ravioli, mash it, and cook with an appropriate amount of water until the ravioli is cooked.

  Efficacy: clears heat, eliminates product, and eliminates bad breath.

  Application: Suitable for those who have bad breath with reddish yellow eyes.

  Loofah tea recipe: 2 old loofah.

  Method: Wash the loofah, peel it, chop it, and fry it with gentle heat.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and cooling blood, detoxifying and deodorizing.

  Application: Suitable for those with bad breath and constipation.

  Mint tea recipe: 10 grams of mint, 2 grams of green tea.

  Preparation method: Put the above 2 flavors into a cup, brew with boiling water for a while, and serve.

  Efficacy: Xinliang solution table, stagnation elimination product.

  Application: Suitable for people with bad breath accompanied by stagnation and bloating.

  Fragrant tea recipe: 15 grams of fragrant tea.

  Method: Pour Huoxiang into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for a while.

  Efficacy: Remove bad breath.

  Application: Suitable for those who are sticky in the mouth and have bad breath.

  Bamboo leaf tea recipe: 15 grams of fresh bamboo leaves, 9 grams of green tea.  Method: Put the above 2 flavors together in a casserole and boil.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating colonization and deodorization.

  Application: Suitable for those with bad breath and sore throat caused by dampness and heat, liver stagnation.

Spinach eats more nutrition like this

Spinach eats more nutrition like this

How can we solve the nutrient loss problem of spinach?

Experts point out that keeping spinach in the refrigerator is a good idea.

Experiments have shown that low temperature can greatly reduce the loss of nutrients in spinach.

In addition, many people think that canned food is definitely not as nutritious as fresh vegetables, and experts have proven that this idea is not entirely correct.

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  Today’s white-collar workers, most of their work is facing the computer all day, one day, both eyes are covered, after returning home, even the TV is too lazy to turn on.

The eye is originally one of the most difficult organs of the human body, and 90% of the information received by the human body comes from the eyes.

Because of this, eyes are particularly prone to fatigue and aging from hard work.

  In addition to staying up late and being overworked, malnutrition is a major cause of “injury” in the eyes.

A study by the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom confirmed that spinach is one of the best sources of lutein, which is very effective in preventing “retinal macular degeneration” caused by eye aging.

Researchers at the University of Ohio in the United States have stated that the large amount of lutein in dark green leafy vegetables can be of great help in preventing cataracts.

  Green leafy vegetables are also good sources of vitamin B2 and beta-carotene.

When vitamin B2 is sufficient, the eyes are not easily covered with bloodshot blood; and β-carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body to prevent “dry eye disease” and other symptoms.

  However, the benefits of spinach don’t stop there.

It helps potassium, calcium and magnesium, can help the eye muscles to increase elasticity, and is less prone to myopia.

It is well known that people with calcium deficiency have poor eyeball elasticity, and the eye axis is prone to elongation.

Every day, rice, stir-fried meat, braised fish with sweet drinks, desserts, and serious loss of calcium in some human bodies.

If you can eat less meat and eat more leafy greens, you can overcome this deficiency and greatly improve the elasticity of eyeball muscles.

  In addition to spinach, canola, canola, water spinach, and agaric fungus, they are all good-quality and nutritious eye protection dishes.

Eating greens is not inferior to eating blueberries, even worse than eating blueberries.

  When spinach is just pulled out of the soil, it is rich in nutrients. The two most important are: one is a vitamin B nutrient that can prevent spina bifida at birth-folic acid, and the other is human growthAnd vitamin A nutrients needed to prevent blindness — carotene.

In addition, spinach is rich in antioxidants and has an inestimable effect on delaying aging.

An US Department of Agriculture experiment shows that women eat about 30 grams of fresh spinach per day better than eating 1,250 mg of vitamin C or drinking 3 glasses of red wine.

  But researchers also found that a few days after picking the spinach, the nutritional content began to decrease, 4-5 time will lose nearly half of the folic acid, and carotene will also drop to about 54%.

Simple prescriptions for treating colds in modern Chinese medicine

Simple prescriptions for treating colds in modern Chinese medicine

If you have a cold, some people will feel uncomfortable. It will even make you a part of your motivation and enthusiasm for your work. At the same time, your emotions and state will be lost.

Therefore, if you have a cold, in addition to drinking plenty of water, it is also necessary to take some medicine so that the virus on your body can leave quickly.

  According to the calculation of Wuyun Liuqi, it is now Wuyang Qi’s subject-guest alternate yangming dry gold.

The current cold is caused by the victory of Yangming, clear hair in the middle, left dysmenorrhea, pain, bleeding, internal congestion, external diaphragmatic hernia, great cold killing, Huaying remodeling, caterpillar nagging, inconvenience in the chest, congestionAnd cough.

  Fire is returning.

Reversion of Shaoyin, hot internal work, irritability, bite, cramps in the abdomen, Huo Jian (Huo Rui), dryness, stop at the time of injection, pneumatic left, up to right, cough, skin pain, violent heartache, Yumao I do not know people, but sprinkle cold chills, trembling delirium, cold already hot, thirsty and want to drink, less gas and bones, intestinal inconvenience, outside is edema, suffocation, redness, and water does not ice, Hot air is good, the worm is gone, sick scabies, sacral hemorrhoids, and even into the lungs, cough and nose.

Tianfu must never die.

  The return of Shaoyang, the heat is approaching, boring 艹 (hot 艹), worms are consumed, panic, cough, heart irritability, the number of anti-wind, seizure ascending, the face is like puffy, Mu Na (Mou Na)瘛, fire gas inside, upper mouth moose vomiting, hemorrhage bleeding, hair wolf, cold chills, cold extreme heat, scorching and scorching, thirst leading water slurry, discoloration yellow and red, less gas pulse atrophy,Turned into water, spread into bloated, even into the lungs, coughing and bleeding.

Ruler Ze never died.

  Rule: Yangming’s victory is governed by acid temperature, Xingan, and bitterness.

  Shaoyin’s remedy is to treat the salty cold, supplemented with bitterness, write it with sweetness, harvest it with acid, send it hard, and soften it with salty.

  Shaoyang rejuvenation, treatment with salty cold, accompanied by bitter Xin, with salty soft, with acid harvest, hard hair, not far from the heat, without committing warmth and cold, Shaoyin same method.

  According to the above deduction method: Fengfeng Tongsheng Pills 2-3 bags for adults 2-3 times a day.

Peer reduction.

  Xiao Chaihu granules 2-3 bags for adults 2-3 times a day.

Peer reduction.

Tonic and Stomach Yifei Silverfish Super Eggs

Tonic and Stomach Yifei Silverfish Super Eggs

The method of tonifying the stomach and tonifying the lungs and silverfish with super eggs and silverfish scrambled eggs: Ingredients: 150 grams of eggs, 100 grams of dried silver fish Supplements: 25 grams of chives, 15 grams of bamboo shoots, 10 grams of fungus, The appropriate amount of salt practices: 1.

Dry the silverfish and soak it back into water with water 2.

Scoop eggs in a bowl, add salt and beat well; 3.

Peeled bamboo shoots and cut into slices; 4.

Heat the pan. After using an oily pan, put 40 grams of lard and heat it.

Pour in the beaten eggs and use a spoon to fry the fish and eggs together and spread into a pie shape; 6.

Add 15-20 grams of lard along the side of the pan, fry the egg pie on both sides, add black fungus, bamboo shoots, soy sauce, 100 grams of soup, add the leek and the remaining lard after cooking the wine slightly, put the pan upside downJust a few flips.

  Features: This dish is smooth, tender, and nutritious.

  Silverfish is also called small silverfish. It is small in size, rich in nutrition, delicate in flesh, white and tender, without scales, spines, bones and intestines, and contains a variety of nutrients.

Most of the frozen fresh anchovies are exported to overseas, and they are called “fish ginseng”.

The dried silver fish dried after exposure to sun is not big, but the color, fragrance, taste and shape are unchanged.

Silverfish benefits lungs and relieves cough, widens and strengthens the stomach, improves water flow, tonics, and nourishes the stomach and yin.

  The nutritional value of silver fish is very high. The fish body contains a lot of vitamins useful for the human body. It is rich in protein, nourishes the stomach, strengthens the spleen, and strengthens the brain. It can enhance the human body’s immunity and also has a cosmetic effectThe “longevity food” is recognized by the International Nutrition Institute; it is especially suitable for those with weak constitution, sufficient nutrition, and indigestion; it is also suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia.The meat is delicious and has high nourishing value. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs, nourishing the kidneys and aphrodisiac, and nourishing yin. It is the first-class tribute for the past.It is rich in nutrition and contains essential amino acid content.

With “diuretic, lungs, cough” and other effects.

Especially good food therapy for tuberculosis patients.

The life of silver fish is only one year, and the silver fish caught by fishermen, regardless of their size, are the fish of that year.

  My hometown is on the shore of Weishan Lake. There are a lot of wild small silver fish. We often dry the silver fish and eat them fried. They are delicious and nutritious.