Taiji shares (002368) 2018 annual report comments: cloud services, strong growth in net security business, cash flow improved significantly

Taiji shares (002368) 2018 annual report comments: cloud services, strong growth in net security business, cash flow improved significantly

Investment Highlights Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved an operating income of 60.

1.6 billion, an increase of 13 in ten years.

52%; net profit attributable to mothers3.

16 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

29%; net cash flow from company operating activities6.

80 ppm, an increase of 111 over the previous year.


Strategic transformation facilitated performance growth, and the main structure was further optimized.

The report is significant, the company’s strategic business performance is strong, and the proportion of revenue continues to increase: the growth rate of 成都桑拿网 network security and autonomous and controllable business has accelerated to achieve revenue12.

5.5 billion, with revenue share from 16.

08% increased to 20.

85%; cloud services business grows rapidly, realizing revenue4.

670,000 yuan, income ratio from 6.

92% increased to 7.

77%; smart applications and services business maintained steady growth and achieved revenue10.

85 ppm, the proportion of revenue was basically the same as last year; the company’s traditional system integration services business achieved revenue 31.

780,000 yuan, the proportion of income from 58.

60% reduced to 52.


The cloud service system has been continuously improved, and its strategic traction role has been continuously enhanced.

In terms of cloud service product systems, Taiji Cloud’s customer-oriented government service cloud “service catalog” has increased by more than 30 items before 2017. In terms of cloud operation service systems, the company has developed a Taiji exception cloud supervision system suitable for government affairs cloud platform operation management.

According to the number of reports, the number of government cloud users has increased, and Beijing, Hainan Province, and Shanxi Province have increased their number of commissions and offices to 69, 43, and 45, respectively.

At the same time, in March 2019, the company successfully won the Tianjin Municipal Government Cloud, which is expected to expand to more provinces and cities in the future.

The industry leadership level of network security and autonomous and controllable industries has gradually formed.

In the field of network security, the company’s newly-developed Hawkeye intelligent iris acquisition and comparison equipment, bullfrog anti-drone jammer, blue whale human acquisition integrated machine, Feibao mobile command combat platform and other series of equipment have further increased market share.

In the field of self-controllability, in March 2018, the company released the Taichi secure and reliable cloud platform, and released supporting test tool sets, secure and reliable application support platforms, and software services on the cloud.

Profit forecast and investment suggestions: We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

97 yuan, 1.

21 yuan and 1.

45 yuan, the adjustment level is “prudent increase (downgrade)”.

Risk reminders: 1) intensified competition in the enterprise service industry; 2) the government cloud 成都桑拿网 development is worse than expected; 3) business transformation risks.

Whole grain biscuits may not be really healthy

Whole grain biscuits may not be really healthy

In the morning 杭州桑拿 hours, many people like a fast-food breakfast – a glass of milk + a few biscuits.
Although biscuits have been listed as one of the top ten unhealthy foods by the World Health Organization, in recent years, the emergence of coarse-grain biscuits and fiber biscuits, with the appearance of sugar-free, dietary fiber-rich, seems to change the unhealthy image of biscuits.
However, experts pointed out that the so-called coarse grain biscuits and fiber biscuits may not be healthy because of high oil and the like.
  高纤维饼干油脂不少  如今市场上有很多粗粮饼干、纤维饼干,如八宝杂粮饼、全麦饼、五谷珍宝消化饼干等,这些饼干的价格要比普通饼干高,口味上也有多种选择,Such as wild vegetables, green onion, sesame and glutinous rice flavor.
  Are whole grains biscuits and fiber biscuits really healthier than regular biscuits?
Fan Zhihong, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety of the College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, pointed out that the food and beans contained mainly insoluble fiber, which is rough, and many people who are used to white rice noodles do not like this roughness.
For them, 3% of crude fiber foods are very “striped”, and some high-fiber biscuits can have fiber content of up to 6% or even 10%.
  Experts stress that high-fiber foods can be tasteless, thick and not rough, but the oil acts as a “lubrication” inside, and the fibers become soft after oil absorption.
Therefore, the higher the fiber, the higher the fat content.
Moreover, because saturated fat-softening fibers work better, manufacturers often use hydrogenated vegetable oils containing a large amount of saturated fat or animal oils such as butter, lard, and butter to process these products to make them taste crispy.
Therefore, the crisper the biscuit, the more oil, especially the high saturated fat.
  Refining vegetable oil for soup without changing medicine Many people now know that hydrogenated vegetable oil is not healthy.
In the interview, the reporter found that some of the coarse grain cake ingredients used are refined vegetable oil instead of hydrogenated vegetable oil.
  Is refining vegetable oil more healthy?
Fan Zhihong pointed out that refined vegetable oil is a vague term, including hydrogenated vegetable oil, as well as refined palm oil rich in saturated fat (expanded instant noodles and oil commonly used in potato chips).
Because hydrogenated vegetable oil is notorious, palm oil is not very good, so many companies use refined vegetable oil to play sloppy eyes.
  Sugar-free biscuits may not be really sugar-free. The reporter also saw that some coarse-grain biscuits and fiber biscuits are branded with no sugar, so as to attract consumers who are afraid of eating blood sugar after eating biscuits.
  For “sugar-free” biscuits, Fan Zhihong pointed out that not only sucrose, but also the blood sugar rising rate caused by refined starch, is fast enough to make the blood sugar rise rapidly.
In addition, dextrin, maltodextrin, maltose syrup, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, etc., which are made from starch, are more effective than sucrose in raising blood sugar.
These ingredients are often seen in biscuits that claim to be “sucrose-free”, and consumers should pay attention to identification.
  The best choice for biscuits with vegetables is that experts, no matter how improved, biscuits are still made of flour + oil + sugar, which is unhealthy food.
If you like biscuits very much, you should carefully check the ingredients and nutrients on the package when choosing cookies.
Relatively speaking, biscuits containing vegetables, salty and sweet taste, and low in fat content, that is, crispy 佛山桑拿网 and not crispy, are healthier.
  >>爱心提示  早餐吃粗粮饼干不如八宝粥  目前很多粗粮饼干、纤维饼干都在包装或宣传上用粗粮或豆类来吸引消费者,许多粗粮饼干、纤维饼干的配料中还注明添加了麦麸皮, peanuts and other coarse grains or beans.
  Experts point out that the nutritional value of such biscuits does increase, as coarse grains and beans are rich in vitamins and minerals.
However, if you add a lot of unhealthy oils while adding these substances, the disadvantages will outweigh the benefits.
There are indeed thick and not oily biscuits in foreign countries, but there is no domestic one. This is probably related to the fact that the Chinese people are too pursuing a taste.
  Therefore, experts reminded that if you want to get the benefits of coarse grains and beans, it is best to make your own rice, bean rice, rice pudding, and soy milk.

Satellite Petrochemical (002648): Interim Report Net Profit Increases 70% Every Year

Satellite Petrochemical (002648): Interim Report Net Profit Increases 70% Every Year

Event description: The company announced that it achieved operating income of 51 in the first half of 2019.

60 ppm, an increase of 18 in ten years.

39%; net profit attributable to mother is 5.

570,000 yuan, an increase of 70 in ten years.


Attributable non-net profit is 5.

54 ppm, an increase of 70 in ten years.


Meet market expectations.

Event comments: 1. The goal of profit improvement in the first half of the year is gradually cancelled. The current price difference has returned to a high level. The average price in the first half of 2019 is 7263 yuan / ton, which has gradually decreased by 10.

6%; CFR East China price was US $ 497 / ton, a continuous decline of 5.


The initial increase in dehydrofluoric acid capacity has narrowed. First, the millimeter price has changed from the beginning and the reorganization price has remained high. The spread in May hit a bottom.

Since May, PDH’s profitability has continued to recover. As of July 30, the spread has been close to 400 US dollars / ton, which is basically the same as last year’s high profit.

The second phase of the company’s PDH project was put into trial operation at the end of 2018, and full production was achieved in February 2019. The company’s tandem capacity was expanded to 90 microns / year, which has a positive impact on subsequent performance growth.

2. The rebound of acrylic acid and ester profit season will drive the second half performance. The average price of acrylic acid in the first half of 2019 was 8017 yuan / ton, up 3.


The spread was 2507 yuan / ton, surpassing the growth of 41.

8%; butyl acrylate is 9559 yuan / ton, which has decreased by 2 for many years.


As the price of butanol decreased by 11% year-on-year, the price difference of butyl acrylate was 611 yuan / ton, an increase of 15 year-on-year.


The profit situation in the first half of the year has improved slightly. With the arrival of the peak season in the second half of the year, it is expected that the acrylate market will rebound further.

3. The 杭州夜网论坛 fundraising project will be extended to the C2 industry chain and a rich product structure. On July 17, the company disclosed its non-public offering plan, intending to non-publicly issue shares to no more than 10 specific objects.Used for Lianyungang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.’s annual production of 135 insert PE, 219 insert anchor top / quartz and 26-pin ACN joint device project.

The total investment of the project is 33.5 billion yuan, and the construction site is the Lianyungang Petrochemical Industry Base.

The project will be completed and put into production in 2020, and the company will reach the production capacity of multiple products on the two industrial chains of C2 / C3, opening up new growth space.

4. Layout of long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Energy Group Hydrogen Energy Utilization Company established Satellite Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. with its own funds and a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Energy Group Co., Ltd. In the future, it will make full use of the surplus carbon dioxide in the production process.And promote the construction of a hydrogen energy industry chain.

The company has a surplus of formaldehyde2.

In 6 years / year, the future carbon dioxide projects will bring more than 20 tons / year of air, and the profit potential is huge.

Investment rating and estimation: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019/20/21 will be 13 respectively.



11 trillion, corresponding to EPS 1.



45 yuan, corresponding to PE is 11.


2/5.9 times, maintaining the “highly recommended” level.

Risk warning: raw material prices fluctuate dynamically; increasing production capacity exceeds expectations; downstream demand is less than expected; project construction progress is less than expected.

The kidney is the innate foundation of man!Eight Golden Norms to Prevent Kidney Disease

The kidney is the innate foundation of man!Eight Golden Norms to Prevent Kidney Disease
Editor’s note: “Physical health is the capital of the revolution.” However, in changing lives, everyone is often busy with work and eager to entertain, but ignores the treasure of feng shui, physical health.In fact, we usually pay attention to it and prevent it early, and health is right around us.People’s Health Network has launched the “Healthy Knowledge” column, which is designed to collect and sort out the health knowledge that you usually ignore, to be your health think tank, to work with you to the end!Eight Golden Norms to Prevent Kidney Disease Following the eight golden rules below can effectively reduce the risk of kidney disease and protect kidney health.1. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Develop a sports plan that suits you, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and Tai Chi. Persist on the principle of not feeling tired after exercising.Proper exercise can help control blood sugar, maintain blood pressure, and reduce the risk of kidney disease.2, balanced diet, maintain normal weight disease from the mouth, prevention of kidney disease should pay attention to a balanced diet, maintain normal weight.Select fresh ingredients, healthy cooking methods, daily salt intake per person is controlled to 5-6g (about 1 teaspoon of table salt), limit salt, preservatives, processed foods with many additives.Obesity is severely related to kidney disease. Pay special attention to avoid abdominal obesity.3. Ensuring sufficient drinking water The chronic lack of water in the body can easily cause urinary tract infections, kidney stones, etc. Scientific drinking water can help prevent kidney disease.Adults are advised to drink 1500-1700 ml of water per day, with preference given to plain water or light tea.Patients with hot weather, heavy exercise, sweating, and kidney stones should drink more water.Drinking water is evenly distributed throughout the day, avoiding continuous large amounts of drinking water in a short period of time.However, it should be noted that drinking water should be limited to patients with severe renal impairment, severe edema, and heart failure.4. Harmful substances in smoking cessation and alcohol-limiting tobacco can reduce kidney function by damaging kidney cells, impairing renal tubular function, affecting renal hemodynamics, and reducing dose.For patients who already have chronic kidney disease, smoking can significantly increase the risk and mortality of complications from cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular events.Long-term heavy drinking is also a risk factor for acute kidney injury, which leads to increased blood uric acid, gout, and increased creatine kinase.5. Do not use drugs blindly and be alert to drug interactions. Drug-induced kidney injury is an important cause of acute kidney injury. In elderly patients, intravenous injection declines, drug excretion and renal tubular injury repair function decline, combined with hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Et al. Are at high risk for drug-induced kidney injury.The most common drugs that cause kidney injury are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, amino sugar antibiotics, contrast agents, Chinese herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid, etc. The above drugs should be applied under the guidance of a physician and should not be taken in large quantities for a long time.6, control blood sugar, blood lipids, blood uric acid levels diabetes has become the leading cause of chronic kidney disease in more and more urban residents.Regular monitoring of blood glucose, lipids, and uric acid is very important. Long-term control of these indicators can effectively reduce or delay the occurrence and progression of chronic kidney disease.It is recommended that patients with these diseases regularly check their urine routine, urine microalbumin, etc.As soon as symptoms such as increased foam in the urine, edema, etc., you should go to the department of nephrology in time.7, monitoring blood pressure, hypertension, and renal damage are renal structural and functional damage caused by hypertension, is one of the important causes of end-stage renal disease.When the blood pressure is between 130 / 80-139 / 89mmHg, it is necessary to be vigilant against early hypertension, pay attention to improving lifestyle and actively control blood pressure.If blood pressure continues to rise above 140 / 90mmHg, it is recommended to start medication.Patients with proteinuria should strive to control blood pressure below 130 / 80mmHg, and monitor changes in urine protein and renal function.8, regular physical examination Regular physical examination can effectively detect early kidney damage, it is recommended that the physical examination include routine urine, renal function, renal ultrasound and other items.For patients with high risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, gout, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, obesity, sleep apnea and other high-risk renal diseases, they should regularly go to the hospital to test the above items, and if necessary, perform urine microalbumin / tendonRatio, renal tubular function, renal vascular ultrasound, and fundus examination.alert!Five distress signals issued by the kidney1, normal urine output changes from 1000 to 2000 ml per day, with an average of 1500 ml. Whether the urine output increases or decreases may be a manifestation of kidney disease.Especially in normal people, there is very little nocturia. If you find that you have to get up several times during the night, and you do n’t drink much water before going to bed, you must be alert to retinal obesity.2. Changes in urine characteristics Normal people’s urine color is transparent light yellow. If they drink less water or urinate for the first time in the morning, the color is slightly darker.If the urine is red, or there is a lot of foam in the urine, pay attention to a renal examination.3. Edema The kidney is an organ that metabolizes water in the body. If the kidney is not good, water will accumulate.Some people get up in the morning and find that the eyelids are swollen, or their feet and legs are swollen, and they have to consider kidney problems.4, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms of kidney disease to the end stage, will affect gastrointestinal function, leading to nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other symptoms, so with these manifestations, in addition to seeing the gastroenterology, but also pay attention to excludekidney disease.5. Patients with end-stage itching nephropathy, because urea in the body cannot be excreted through the urine, it will be excreted through the skin, causing skin irritation; in addition, toxins accumulated in the body can cause peripheral neuropathy and cause itching of the skin.Shaking the kidneys can replenish the kidney qi From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney is the backbone of bone marrow, the kidney qi flows through the brain qi, the kidney essence, and the brain can be full.Excessive kidney qi consumption can lead to insomnia, fatigue, and colds.At this time, it is recommended to use the method of “kidney shaking” to nourish kidney qi and restore physical strength and energy.The so-called “kidney shaking” is to stimulate Shenshu points with hypertension.The specific method is: make a fist with both hands, the fist heart is empty, stick to the Shenshu position (waist-eye position), make a lame beating, and keep your toes on the ground.At the same time, his fists remained motionless, and his whole body passed through the body until his waist was slightly warm.The benefit of this kidney-shaking method is that the internal organs are moved through dialysis to enhance the circulation of qi and blood throughout the body; the two-fist massage of Shenshu can stimulate kidney qi and enhance the effect of nourishing kidney.In the past, this kind of exercise has been hailed as the “Jin Que Shen Qi Pill” in traditional Chinese medicine. It is very practical for people with kidney deficiency and chronic lumbar muscle strain.Unhealthy vegetarian kidney damage Many people believe that vegetarian foods are low in protein, so being vegetarian can help protect the kidneys.However, a study published in the American Journal of Nephrology Clinical Journal found that vegetarianism is also very particular.Eating a healthy vegetarian diet can protect the kidneys and reduce kidney disease, but an unhealthy vegetarian diet with high starch polysaccharides can increase the risk of kidney damage.Dr. Casey Reboz, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and his research team, conducted a study on the relationship between diet and kidney function in 14,686 middle-aged participants.Half of the participants underwent a follow-up survey for at least 24 years, during which 4343 cases of chronic kidney disease were found.Comparative analysis shows that compared with the proportion of people who rarely eat healthy vegetarians, the risk of kidney disease is reduced by 14% among those who adhere to healthy vegetarian diets; compared with the proportion of people who rarely eat unhealthy vegetarian diets, those who regularly eat unhealthy vegetarian diets suffer fromThere is an 11% higher risk of kidney disease.Researchers say that healthy vegetarian diets (especially fruits and vegetables) are good for the kidneys to remove toxins from the body, and the load on the kidneys is much less than that of acidic meat.The results of this study show that eating less meat and eating more healthy vegetarian food can help protect the kidneys and effectively reduce the risk of impaired kidney function and kidney disease.Healthy vegetarian foods include: whole grains, fruits such as apples, pears, and oranges, dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, and nuts and beans.Unhealthy vegetarian foods include high-starch foods such as potatoes, fruit juices (not fruits), sugary drinks, and high-sugar foods such as candies, cakes, and chocolate.(People’s Health Network comprehensive from Beijing Daily, Life Times) ☆ Recommended reading ☆ Spleen and digestion, eat 5 kinds of acidic foods, glutinous rice can strengthen the stomach and lungs, and the persimmon is a natural hangover medicine!Can it be eaten with crabs?Today, Hanlu’s health care prevents autumn dryness and hurts. 5 types of health porridge drink often practice three movements, legs are not old, 5 kinds of sports, high-efficiency 四川耍耍网 fat burning, strong heart and lungs, delicious and healthy!Do n’t miss these 8 kinds of fruits in the autumn. Children who love sports can make a difference.Not a joke!10 questions self-test listening

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): The results of the first quarter report are in line with expectations to expand the development of the domestic market

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): The results of the first quarter report are in line with expectations to expand the development of the domestic market

Event: The company released the first quarter report of 2019, and realized revenue in 2019Q13.

84 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

44%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.


The first quarter results maintained high growth, as a whole in line with expectations: the company achieved revenue in the first quarter of 20193.

84 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

44%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.

13%, performance in line with market expectations.

The company’s gross and net profit margins in 2019Q1 were 42.

89% and 26.

29%, an increase of 1 over the previous year.

37 points and -1.

85 points.

In terms of period expenses, the sales / management and R & D / financial expense ratios are 4 respectively.

54% / 5.

17% / 1.

61%, a decrease of 0 from the previous year.

84 points.

75pct / 3.

70pct, the overall cost rate has increased by 1.

11 points.

According to the 2018 annual report, the company’s domestic and foreign income were 7 respectively.

1.6 billion and 9.

2.5 billion, an increase of 84 each year.

23% and 30.

18%, the proportion of domestic income increased to 42%.

At present, there are only about 90,000 domestic aerial work platforms, and the industry is in an 北京桑拿洗浴保健 outbreak period.

The company expanded the development of domestic customers. For the first time in 2018, it reached a strategic partnership with Shanghai Hongxin, the largest domestic leasing company, to break through its situation of purchasing only foreign brands. At present, the company has become the first bidder for Hongxin’s cutting fork equipment purchase. It is expected thatThe proportion of domestic market revenue is expected to further increase in the future.

The arm product raising project is steadily advancing, enhancing the company’s high-end product competitive advantage: the company’s arm product sales revenue in 20182.

$ 10.3 billion.

23%, sales reached 548 units, an increase of 98 in ten years.


The company released 10 new arm-type upgrades developed by Magni at the 2018 bamua show in Shanghai. It has been produced in small quantities and put on 武汉夜生活网 the market. The market has responded well.

The company ‘s fund-raising project “Large Intelligent Aerial Work Platform Construction Project” has also completed the construction of the main plant. It is currently in the final stage of construction and the equipment procurement stage. After the project reaches full capacity, the company ‘s production capacity of arm-type products will be greatly enhanced, enhancing the company ‘s high-end market.Competitive Advantage.

Profit forecast and investment advice: We expect the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 6, respectively.

4.0 billion, 8.09 billion and 10.

9.7 billion, corresponding to PE of 32 times, 24 times and 17 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk Tips: Increased Competition Leads to Decrease in Margins, etc.

Stomach ulcers are unbearable

Stomach ulcers are unbearable

Gastric ulcer is a common disease, and the incidence of it is higher in men than in women. It may be closely related to smoking, irregular life and diet, work and external stress, and psychological factors.

So, what is good to eat stomach ulcers?

Here are 10 food treatment recipes for treating gastric ulcers. Let ‘s take a look together.

  Top 10 Food Therapies for Gastric Ulcers: White Pepper Pot Pork Belly Soup: White pepper is slightly broken 15g, pork belly 1 (debris, washed), put in an appropriate amount of water, slow cook, cook after seasoning.

Applicable to Deficiency Cold Ulcer.

  Lotus seed porridge: 30g lotus seeds, 100g rice.

Boil porridge as usual and eat it daily for 1 month.

Applicable to weak spleen and stomach ulcer.

  Huaishan porridge: Huai yam 100g, previous rice 100g.

Add water to cook porridge, 1 dose per day, 3 times a day.

Suitable for weak stomach and duodenal ulcer of spleen and stomach.

  Glutinous rice porridge: 100g of glutinous rice or previous rice, 7 pieces of red dates.

Cook porridge as usual, cooked to extremely rotten, and often eaten.

Suffering from spleen and stomach weakness ulcers, can cure stomach and duodenal ulcers.

  Tianqi egg custard: 3g of Tianqi end, 30ml of tartar juice, 1 egg, mainly sugar.

Break the eggs, pour into a bowl and stir; use fresh coriander juice and Tianqi end, add sugar, stir well with the eggs, stew and serve.

Can cure blood stasis type gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and bleeding.

  Tremella and red date porridge: Tremella 20g, 10 red dates, 150g sticky rice.

Make porridge as usual.

Applicable to patients with weak spleen and stomach ulcer.

  Pork belly pot: Wash one piece of fresh pork belly, add an appropriate amount of peanut rice and previous rice, and add water to the pot and cook.

After cooking, season with salt and serve.

It can be repeated once a few days, and the course of treatment is not limited.

  Peanut milk soup: Peanut rice is soaked for 30 minutes, then smashed, add 200 ml of milk, boil until cold, add 30 ml of honey, take it every night before bedtime, and take unlimited clothes.

  Honey: 100 grams of honey, steamed over water, taken twice a day before meals, for two months as a course of treatment.

Drink alcoholic beverages and spicy foods during your diet.

  Lotus root soup: Wash the fresh lotus root, cut off one end of the lotus root, inject the honey and cover it, fix it with a toothpick, and steam the soup to eat the lotus root.

Take the other two ends of the salamander, chop and add an appropriate amount of water, and take it intestines.

Effective for patients with ulcer bleeding, but should be cold.

Pregnant mothers pay attention to implantation

Pregnant mothers pay attention to implantation

During pregnancy, for pregnant mothers, the clothes they choose must also be considered elegant, and they must also consider comfort and safety.

It can be seen that the dress of the pregnant mother is not a simple matter.

  The natural maternity dress is the best choice.

The skin becomes sensitive during pregnancy, and allergy is prone to occur if the fabric is frequently contacted with artificial fibers.


During the pregnancy of the bra, the breasts will become larger than before the pregnancy. In order to prevent the breasts from sagging, you should choose a bra of a suitable size, with a deeper nest and a hard support at the bottom.

The two shoulder straps of the bra should be wider to prevent tightness on the shoulders.


The abdomen of the pregnant mother in the panties is a key protection site, and you must not let it suffer a little.

Therefore, in order not to hinder blood circulation, unless it is early pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not choose triangle tight underwear, underwear with abdomen function, waist, relatively tight thighs.

As far as possible, mini panties that allow upper mouth or large panties that have higher mouth openings, it is best to have a certain amount of elasticity and flexibly to adapt to the growing belly.


Socks In the second trimester of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers begin to have swollen legs and swellings. If it is not cold or hot, it does not hinder the wearing of pregnant women’s skirts. At the same time, they are equipped with a pair of stretch stockings.The role of varicose veins.

Social Fear: Nervous Heartbeat Talking to Parents

Social Fear: Nervous Heartbeat Talking to Parents

When you meet a stranger, do you blush and get nervous?

More than 95% of people will have a little more or less.

You won’t blush and get nervous when you face relatives or friends.

But in real life, there are people like this. When talking with family and friends, their faces will turn red, their palms will sweat, and their fear will torture them so they can’t live normally.

  Xiao Chen, a salesman in a company in Chengdu, can say that when dealing with customers, his work performance is rising rapidly.

But some time ago, when he saw the client, he was panicked and blushed. Even when he developed to talk to his parents, he was blushing with red ears and nervously rubbing his clothes.

The family felt inexplicable, and they were afraid that Xiao Chen had a mental illness, so he had to take him to the provincial hospital for an expert treatment.

Xiao Jun, deputy director of the Department of Neurology of the Provincial Hospital and standing member of the Sichuan Provincial Commission of Psychology and Psychology, diagnosed that Xiao Chen had already suffered from social phobia.

  Case 1: Talking to parents. Heartbeat. Patient: A company employee’s situation: Social fear. Level 3 performance. Xiao Chen is a salesman in a company in Chengdu. He is outgoing and deals with customers like a fisherman. His work performance is rising rapidly and he is a leader.

  Some time ago, Chen was reluctant to go to work. When he saw the customer, he was panicked, flushed, sweating his palms. When he was talking, he was afraid to look directly at the customer, and even stuttered. When he saw the customer, he was familiar with the product characteristicsGet up, inexplicably afraid.

Xiao Chen thought he was in a bad state, but he didn’t expect to see him in the mirror when he was in bed together a week ago. When he saw his father and mother, he suddenly had a heartbeat., Walked into the door of the unit and dared not say hello to colleagues.

Xiao Chen was scared, but didn’t know what he was afraid of, he just wanted to stay at home and never go out.

  Xiao Chen’s parents found that when his son was talking to them, he was so nervous that he rubbed his clothes, his face was red and his ears were red, his expression was very irritable, and he lowered his head all day.

  Case 2 The bell of the class scared her and the patient fell off: The young female teacher turned into: Zhang Yan, a 25-year-old girl with social fear, was a high school Chinese teacher, and she was the host of a large-scale event on campus.

But it was the first time she stepped on the podium, her nervousness changed her.

  At the end of 2008, Zhang Yan became a trainee teacher in a junior high school.

On the night before the first class, she read the content of the preparation class 5 times and the lectures 3 times.

Before entering the classroom, Zhang Yan held the book tightly, her teeth clenched tight, and the bell of the class scared her out of the book.

After stepping on the podium, she did not dare to look at her classmates, her face burned terribly.

“I shook my hand to open the book and turned to start writing it, but it was crooked.

“Zhang Yan recalled that the entire portrait was a piece of wood. The opening remarks prepared before were all useless.” During that time, I was knocked down by myself.

“Nine adults suffer from social fear. When you appear in a strange environment, do you experience palpitations, palpitations, tremors, sweating, dizziness, fainting, etc. when you meet strangers and the opposite sex?

  The reporter conducted a small-scale survey on teachers, civil servants, drivers, telephone operators, doctors, and other professional personnel. It was found that more than 95% of people will not feel when they are in an unfamiliar environment. When they see strangers, they will be nervous, afraid, and afraid to make mistakes.Words wait for a response.

As Xiao Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the Special Committee, said, when strangers see strangers, almost everyone will have more or less fear, “I do n’t know the details of the other party.

“However, most people can alleviate their emotions through smiles, tidy up their clothes, go to the toilet, etc., to achieve the ideal effect of” being ugly in public. ”

Among the people surveyed, women have more serious social fears than men, and younger people have more serious social fears than older people.

  Experts explained that social fear is a pathological deputy director of the Department of Neurology of the Provincial Hospital. Xiao Jun, member of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of Psychology and Psychology, said that the above two cases are manifestations of social fear.

Fear, in essence, is a normal psychological reaction and a way to protect yourself.

However, when the emotion of fear affects the normal work, life, and study of yourself or those around you, this is a sick reaction.

Xiao Jun said that he has encountered many of these patients clinically, mainly patients with moderate symptoms. “Xiao Chen is my patient. A serious person like him is very rare and typical.

Xiao Jun said that social fear is divided into several levels.

When ordinary people encounter the opposite sex and strangers, panic and blushing are normal phenomena and the main manifestation of social fear.

However, if this person feels fear when interacting with acquaintances around him, it is a secondary manifestation of social fear and a moderate manifestation of social fear.

If this person, like Xiao Chen, interacts with familiar people like family and friends, he also has a fear, then he is a third-level expression of social fear.

Of course, no treatment is needed for primary symptoms, but if it is secondary or higher, you need to see a doctor.

  These cases all have one thing in common. Before social fears appeared, he or she was able to deal with social activities in the normal way, even if there were fears.

Once a person has social fear, in general, it may be that he has suffered a lot of setbacks in the process of growing up. It may be that he has forgotten it, but it still affects him subconsciously.

Please distinguish between Chinese traditional medicine

Please distinguish between Chinese traditional medicine

As the saying goes: “It is not a bad idea to take medicine, and the doctor’s hand is broken.
“Stop mouth means the diet taboo when taking medicine for treatment.
Taboo is a feature of traditional Chinese medicine for treating diseases. Medical experts have always attached great importance to this, and its related contents also widely exist in the medical books such as the Nei Jing, Treatise on Febrile Diseases, and Summary of Jin Kui.
  Practice has proved that taboos make sense.
Because we usually eat common foods such as fish, meat, chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruits, sauces, vinegar, tea, wine, etc., they all have their own properties, and they have effects on the occurrence, development and drug treatment of diseases.All have a certain impact.
For example, in the book “Distinguishing Diseases by Diet” written by Zhang Xingyun in the Qing Dynasty, “The patient’s diet is used to nourish the stomach qi and proclaim the power of medicine. Therefore, eating properly should be a help for medicinal bait.
“When taking Chinese medicine with clear internal heat, it is not suitable to eat hot foods such as onion, garlic, pepper, mutton, dog meat; while taking Chinese medicine for the treatment of” cold “, cold foods should be avoided.
There are also a large number of records in ancient literature: licorice, Coptis chinensis, platycodon, ebony bogey pork; mint boiled meat; Poria bovine vinegar; catfish bogey boiled chicken; bogey bogey boiled honey; boiled green onion; carp bogey;Fish, crab, puffer fish, donkey meat; Atractylodes avoids garlic, peach, plum, etc.
This means that certain foods should not be taken while taking certain medications.
If you eat a contraindicated food, the effect is not ideal or the opposite effect.
In addition, due to the disease, during the medication period, all foods that are difficult to digest or have special irritation such as cold, greasy, and stench should be avoided.
  When a cold or a child has a rash, they should not eat cold, sour, or greasy foods. When treating chest tightness and bloating caused by qi stagnation, it is not suitable to eat beans and sweet potatoes, because these foods can easily cause flatulence.
Others, such as edema patients, eat less salt; patients with asthma and allergic dermatitis should eat less chicken, sheep, pig head meat, fish, shrimp, crab and so on.

Teach you how to choose a diet based on your skin

Teach you how to choose a diet based on your skin

There are basically three types of human skin, namely, neutral skin, oily skin and dry skin.

Neutral skin tissue is compact, moderately thick, smooth, soft, and elastic, making it a better skin type.

Oily skin, skin, skin pores, minor complications, oily luster.

This kind of skin is prone to skin and skin infections, but it is not easy to wrinkle.

  Dry skin is red, white and tender, dry, easy to wrinkle, easy to break, sensitive to physical and chemical factors, easy to be allergic.

In addition, there is also a type of mixed skin, that is, forehead, oily skin on the nose, oily and shiny, other parts are dry skin, red and white, sensitive to ultraviolet rays in the sun, about 80% of women belong toMixed skin.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, from the perspective of human physique, oily skin is mostly “wet weight in the body”; on the contrary, dry skin is less likely to be “dry”.

From the point of view of modern medicine, oily skin, sebaceous gland secretion is more vigorous, the body’s secretion of androgen is increased, skin telangiectasia; dry skin, lack of water in the skin, slow metabolism, sebaceous gland function, dry skin surface.

Therefore, different diets can affect the skin, and different types of skin can be targeted for suitable foods without affecting the nutritional balance.

  For oily skin, diet should choose cool, flat foods such as melon, loofah, white radish, carrot, bamboo shoots, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, lotus root, day lily, alfalfa, watermelon, grapefruit, coconut, silver fish, chicken, rabbit and so on.

Eat less spicy, warm and fatty foods such as cream, cheese, cream products, candied fruit, fat pork, lamb, dog meat, peanuts, walnuts, longan, lychee, walnuts, chocolate, cocoa, curry powder, etc.

It is advisable to use traditional Chinese medicines with phlegm and heat, such as white peony, Alisma, pearl, white chrysanthemum, coix seed, medical stone, and ganoderma lucidum.

  In the case of dry skin, it is advisable to eat more beans such as black beans, soybeans, red beans, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds and other alkaline foods.

Eat less birds and beasts, fish and shellfish acidic foods, such as dog meat, fish, shrimp, crab and so on.

It is advisable to use traditional Chinese medicines such as activating blood stasis and nourishing yin, such as peach, peach, angelica, lotus, rose, safflower and medlar, polygonatum, scorpion, Eclipta, lily, mulberry, mulberry and so on.