Ma Daobo did not continue to say,The sound is very low。

“If he is a woman?。”
This time,Everyone is speechless.。
Yu Shiya heard this reason,Laughing out。
Originally, he is not full of horse big waves, always discriminates against them, these undergraduates.。
“Correct,What you said is。”
“you are right,But the resident population of Vatican has800people,At the same time, Australia has470010,000 kangaroo,If the kangaroo decides to invade Vatican,So every Vatican people want to play58750Kangaroo,You do not know,You do not care,You only care about yourself。”
Yu Shi Ya Ya Wave Speech,Shocked four seats!
Chen Riyuan has not listened,But I can’t help but follow Sun Jun and Hu Yu.,Nodded slightly。
You said more,Your cattle!
At this time, Ma Baobang is very violent.。
This poetic is really not given to yourself.。
Since this,Then he is simply embarrassed.!
“You said that I only care about myself.,how about you?”
“you are right,But Australian kangaroo to go to Vatican to cross the Ocean,The straight line distance between them14390kilometer,If Australian kangaroo decides to invade Vatican,Then they want to swim over the Yangyang climbing mountain range,The distance between the two places may make them all over the army,You do not know,You only care about your Vatican!”
Zhou Yewu and Luo Bo watch two people,shocked。
This can get up。
Chen Riyuan、Sun Jun and Hu Yu are also not slow,I don’t know if the two are talking about it.。
now,Zhou Ye suddenly:“well,Kangaroo is not discussed,You see the patient’s blood oxygen saturation,Seem90NS。”
NS256chapter Who is a real outstanding born
Chen Riyuan’s words make Ma Baobang slightly slightly。
think carefully?
Does he think that it is not perfect enough??
If you can talk about the clinical experience of Zhou Yewu point??
Prestige is a junior college basis for several paragraphs,How can I exceed myself?。
Ma Baobang is acknowledging in the mask。
Outside a mask,It’s more comfortable to do people.,Don’t worry。
Even if you hide in protective clothing,Who can see it??
“Do you have a supplement??”Chen Riyuan saw Zhou Niangwu,Repeat again。
Zhou Ye is still looking at the auxiliary examination,Thinking about the details of the medical history of Ma Baobo。


“Should be almost done?”Leo frowned。
“I understand what you think,But I can tell you clearly,Really not enough!At least you have to kill a pirate no less than Fu Kern before you can enter the navy headquarters.!”
“I know you think I made things difficult on purpose!But I really didn’t do anything,There are many people above me,A lot of your credit has been shared by them,It’s a lot less to be able to record that the navy headquarters belongs to you!”
Leo felt helpless,Sure enough, there will be such things everywhere。
“I can’t do anything about it,There are so many people who rely on relationships,All need merit embellishment,Naturally, only to those of us who have no background、Not very strong people start!”
“I understand,It means I am catching a pirate no less than Fu Kern to enter the navy headquarters, right??”
“you sure?”
“I vouch for myself,You have a bright future,There is no conflict of interest between you and me,I don’t need to offend you!If you don’t believe it,If you have a chance to become a senior navy in the future, you can naturally find out!”
“it is good,I believe you!I will catch another big pirate,Hope you don’t forget what you said today!”
“of course!I won’t trouble myself!”
Leo nodded,And then left without looking back。
First12chapter Cut iron(Ask for a recommendation ticket、Request collection)
Leave naval base,Leo is still a little complicated,But I have seen a lot of robbers in my previous life、The thing about the fly camp,Not so angry,Do something extraordinary。
“Green Bull,Let’s go see the teacher!”
Leo led the green bull to a sword hall on the south side of the island。
This is where Leo studied,The owner of the sword hall is an experienced swordsman,Although the strength is not,But teaching ordinary swordsmen is absolutely handy。
“teacher!”Leo walked into the sword hall respectfully,Came to the front of the owner。

Stormy plume,Scrape!!

The dragon-level corpse dragon has not had time to approach,Was severely involved in the roar of this surging air current,And the strong airflow made the sharp phantom feathers over and over and over and over again the skin of Tyrannosaurus corpse、Cut the bones to pieces……
Not just this corpse Tyrannosaurus,Those other dragon generals around Du Cheng,Have also been affected,One by one was shaved,Blood dripping!
Du Cheng also wanted to use his phantom clothes to escape,But there are sharp ice crystals in the sharp feathers,Avoided the magic feather knife cut,How can you avoid these ubiquitous weapons?
First104chapter Don’t mess with me in summer!
“Storm Feather,Plus Bai Qi’s method of controlling wind and ice,Power is so overbearing!”
Seeing those dragon generals being beaten by Bai Qi’s dragon magic,A smile appeared on Zhu Minglang’s face。
This special feather from Dragon Trainer Academy,Actually become stronger with Bai Qi’s growth and advancement。
This makes Zhu Minglang in addition to the armor shield he built,One more weapon to kill the enemy。
Know any equipment that can be armed to the dragon pet,She can also use it by herself!
That storm phantom feather has also been boosted by Bai Qi’s evolution,This is equivalent to Zhu Minglang holding a dragon master level weapon now……

The two looked at each other for a while,Maui turned the subject off:“Wright,The ancestor of the Gaskell family said,Your strength is close to the sanctuary,is this real?”

“That’s right!”Wright raised his eyebrows“If it’s the weakest sanctuary,I’m afraid it’s not my opponent!”
“Maui,Do you want me to help kill that dark magician?”Wright reacted。
“Yes!”Maui is very conflicted inside,In his opinion,This kind of thing is very inappropriate to pull my good brother in,But it’s about the stability of the family’s inheritance,But I have to ask this friend to help。“Wright,If you don’t help,I won’t have any opinions。”
“rest assured,Maui,I have to discuss with Cecilia if this matter can help.,But first, let me show you the information file of the Dark Saint Magister.。”Seeing that Wright did not directly agree,Maui was slightly relieved instead。
at the same time,In a hidden room in the Mermaid Castle,The old woman sitting in a chair with difficulty in moving seems to fall asleep deeply,A dark little snake wrapped around her wrist。
suddenly,A breeze blowing,A handsome looking middle-aged man appeared in this room。
Little Black suddenly opened his yellow eyes,I made a sound of grievance when I saw someone coming。
Saw the pale cheeks of the old woman,And the faint breath of the body,Middle-aged man with an angry face,Seems to be afraid of disturbing the old woman’s sleep,Soul transmission to the black snake。
“Mamba,what’s going on,Why did your master hurt so badly!”
“Man of the house,Hamlin,Hamlin that bastard stretched his hand to our territory,Then my hostess and I joined forces to fight him,He was hurt by the mistress’s magic,But he also cursed the mistress,I checked,It is a type of curse in the dark taboo magic,I can’t lift。The owner guessed that the Holy See might have a way,But she is determined not to ask them for help!”Said the little black snake with such a mysterious middle-aged man。
“The hostess plans to take advantage of Maui’s chance to get married,Win some sanctuary help,Together to behead Hamlin,The curse is naturally lifted。”

Xiao Fan said:“Going home。”

Lin Yuna said:“Is not,I’ll go to Sister Bai’s office and talk to her for a while,I’ll go home later。”
Xiao Fan heard that the leader was going home for a while,Then I told him:“When you finish talking with Baiqi, call me。”
“I’ll go back later,I almost finished my work today,Nothing more to deal with,I will send you back。”
Lin Yuna said:“Row,I know,Then you should be busy,I am leaving,Nothing。”
Lin Yoona picked up the bag and went out,Came to the white office。
Xiao Fan is boring once again sitting in the office alone,It turns out,Nothing to do is so boring。
Once there is no file to view,Once there is no contract to sign,He just sat on the chair aimlessly。Idle,Don’t know what to do。
But,He is still happy,After all, Lin Yuna came to the company,Usually he can go to Lin Yoona more。
You can also let Lin Yoona come to his office more,So,She can add a lot of fun。
Now Xiao Bai feels happy thinking about it。I won’t be so boring in the future,Even if you let Lin Yuna come to his office,,He chatted with Lin Yoona,That would be a lot more interesting。
Or that Lin Yuna works here,He would be happier watching Lin Yuna work,It’s better than sitting in a chair alone in a daze。
Xiao Fan now feels happy if he thinks about it。It’s so exciting to be able to meet Lin Yoona every day at work。
At this time, Neng Lin Yoona came to Bai Qi’s office。As soon as Bai Qi heard the knock on the door, he estimated that it was Lin Yun’er.。He let Lin Yuner in。
Lin Yuner saw a big table in Baiqi’s office,Then I walked to the table,To White:“Sister Bai,This is my desk。”
Bai Qi said to her deliberately:“Yes,That’s your desk。”
Lin Yuna said:“Great,Sister Bai, I can stay in your office and learn design with you,Do you feel very happy??”
Baiqi said:“My Miss Lin,Your office is so big,You can’t do it again。Set up an office??”
“You order to go down,Mr. Xiao must not fail,You take a look at my office, which is so big in total and half of it is occupied by you,I’m so sad。”

So when I feel the aura of two people,Xia Chenglong’s face also changed slightly,The coercion of the four elders and the fifth elders hit him straightly。

The two of them want to let Xia Chenglong know his true strength,I want to shock him first,But they were wrong,And it’s very wrong。
Xia Chenglong belongs to the kind of stubborn person,Especially the obsession in my heart,More deeply rooted,Although the coercion of these two people is pressing on themselves,But he is still not afraid,Even at this time, he released his own power without reservation.。
I heard Xia Chenglong,A violent drink:“Break me!”
The four elders and the fifth elders felt a great and fierce killing intent at the same time,This killing intent can actually cover the coercion of the two of them,At this moment,Everyone in the room feels,Several degrees cold。
The fourth elder and the fifth elder looked at each other,A bitter smile appeared at the corner of his mouth,The two of them originally wanted to give Xia Chenglong a chance,But I never expected to be countered by others。
But seeing the tense atmosphere at this moment,If there is no side to relax first,The estimated result is hard to predict。
After all, the four elders and the fifth elders are people who understand the general situation,So when the two of them think about this,First removed his coercion,Xia Chenglong felt that after both of them had withdrawn their aura,At this time, he also withdrew all his aura back。
The four elders and the fifth elders also have a milder attitude at this time.:“Don’t get too excited,Is there anything we can sit down and talk about,Why make such a tense atmosphere,How bad!”
“If we want to talk,Then sit down calmly,I am not an unreasonable person,The key is not to use your strength to force me down,Even if you two are strong at the pinnacle of the concentrating state,I, Xia Chenglong, may not have the power to fight!”
Xia Chenglong’s words can be said to be crazy,A dancer who has just been promoted to the concentrating state,Dare to shout,Powerful at the pinnacle of the concentrating state,If it sounds to outsiders,That’s probably a fantasy。
Chapter One Thousand and Forty Four Discuss countermeasures
But this is real here in Xia Chenglong,The four elders and the fifth elders sighed softly at the time,A trace of helplessness flashed in his eyes,But there is no way。
Although this kid is arrogant,But after all, where is the strength,His strength should not be underestimated。
And ordinary geniuses have their own pride,A little temper is normal,Not to mention the evildoers like Xia Chenglong,His talent,Can even make people forget,His rudeness。
The fourth elder and the fifth elder looked at each other,Sighed softly,Looked at Xia Chenglong again:
“Ugh,Kid,I’m curious,Are you so crazy in the world??you need to know,You are just someone who has just entered the concentrating state,You dare to say that you can be tough with us?Kid,Tell yourself is it possible?”
Xia Chenglong’s mouth rose slightly,Evokes a playful smile:“If you don’t believe me,We can try,How about we both make a bet?”
Xia Chenglong deliberately slowed down,In fact, it is to arouse the fourth and fifth elders,Two people bet with themselves,He has been grasping the content of the chat between the two parties since just now,The dialogue between the two sides is developing in the direction he wants。

“small issue,When the condition was severe before,Visited the doctor,It is more or less related to gastritis and duodenal ulcer,Is slight,Probably low blood sugar,I’m fine if I’m not hungry。”Tian Lu replied。

“How could this be?”Ding Kelan asked。
“Migrant work to earn money,It’s normal to have a hungry meal and a full meal,Sometimes just order a takeaway。”Tian Lu replied casually。
Ding Kelan thought,In eating,Ever since I was young, everyone has never been too tight,Every day the family waiter changes his way to make good food,I haven’t eaten much of this pain,Except that time、I met Harry under the cliff that time,I’m afraid it’s the greatest suffering in my life,But I think it’s very interesting,Sharpened the mind。
Bottom of the cliff?Thought of here,Ding Kelan is like an exciting spirit。Asked urgently:“Are you still hungry?”
Watching him suddenly change his style,Tian Lu is a little curious,Shook his head to show that he was not hungry。Eyes move with him,I don’t know what he is going to express next。
“go,Let me out。”Ding Kelan said。
Tian Lu is confused,The body is very honest,Follow Ding Kelan’s steps to the direct elevator。
The elevator is exclusively for the president,Don’t worry about bumping into other people like employees。
Just downstairs,The driverless car automatically stops in front of the building。Ding Kelan jumped into the car briskly,Tian Lu then opened the rear door,Just sitting firmly,Ding Kelan’s car starts off like a flying arrow。
There are basically no cars on this road in the morning,The car goes directly to Tianlu where the reception center travels,Because it is straight, it is called locally“sky Road”。Tianlu will also have corners,Around the corner,Stop outside the monitor。
Ding Kelan and Tian Lu walked straight along the road,Zhao Jialun’s car has already left,Because he remembered that he had a morning shift today,Let’s go without delay。
They came to a lawn that was easy to slide,Ding Kelan Jijingdao:“Did you see,Going down here may be an abyss,No warning signs at all。”
“You mean Ding Yan might fall?”Tian Lu asked。
Ding Kelan image detection expert“Ok”With a。
“Will it be more or less good。”Tian Lu worried。starting point
“Unless there is a miracle,I once met the alien Harry,Maybe Ding Yan will encounter some miracle,Take time to wait,Ding Yan will be fine,Look at the thousands of miles of mountains covered with thick neat grass,Are the mountains in this place different from other places?。”Ding Kelan squinted and looked forward。
“You mean,Ding Yan is very likely to encounter a miracle。”Analysis of Tian Lu’s Reception。
“hope so。”Ding Ke Lan Dao。

“Lao Chen,you misunderstood,”Seeing the change in Chen Hongjun’s expression,Liu Qianjin waved his hand:“who are you,Others don’t know,Don’t Lao Peng and I still know?If you have a way to make our repair shop better,Even if others don’t let you say,Can you still hold back?Took it out long ago。”

Hear this,Chen Hongjun’s expression is much better:This seems like that。
“You didn’t have that ability before,But it’s different now,”Peng Qianjin took the conversation:“As long as you speak,Let’s not talk about eating fragrant and spicy in the future,It’s absolutely fine to have meat every three to five。”
Chen Hongjun frowned and thought for a long time,I still don’t want to understand what’s going on here,But since the other party dared to say that……
He gave a wry smile:“political commissar,Plant manager,You two, don’t go around with me,Speak clearly,what is the problem?You two, don’t worry,As long as I can help,Absolutely nothing!”
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First209chapter Get old face
Liu Qianjin and Peng Guangming are what Chen Hongjun said!
Chen Hongjun’s voice fell off,Liu Qianjin immediately slapped his thigh,Speak loudly:“Lao Chen,What I want is your words!”
Chen Hongjun still doesn’t react,Peng Guangming took the conversation,Explain to him:“Lao Chen,I heard that your nephew who is the big boss in America,This time to China,Brought tens of millions of dollars in orders to our company in China。You know the situation in our repair shop,Even if it leaks a little bit between his fingers,It’s enough for our repair shop to live and moisturize……”
That’s it!

Scan the letter in a hurry,really,This cousin of my family clearly explained in the letter,Said that all electrical appliances must be reduced by a voltage regulator before they can be used,Otherwise, electrical appliances will be burnt out due to overpressure,I also explained it in the letter,He wrote a Chinese manual for all electrical appliances,It can be used normally as long as you check the icons on the English manual。

Thinking of a big color TV almost ruined,Yuan Jia was also scared for a while,Seeing Chen Hongjun still in a daze,I was a little angry immediately:“Don’t rush to find the regulator?”
“what?Oh oh……”
Chen Hongjun just realized,I hurriedly found a few from a pile of paper boxes that looked exactly the same,Find a voltage regulator inside,Plug in the power strip at home,Adjust the output voltage,See that the output pointer points to110V,Then I carefully plugged in the TV plug,Boot up……
Busy、After tuning,The TV finally showed a clear picture,But everyone in the room was dumbfounded:Why the picture is black and white?
People inside and outside,All eyes fell on Chen Hongjun’s body。
Chen Hongjun grabbed his hair anxiously,Suddenly slap our brains,Sneered:“I remember,Said in the letter,If the picture is black and white,That is the system mismatch,Need to adjust the system toPALStandard。”
Yuan Jia gave him an angry look,Implication:What can you do?
“Hehe……I will adjust,This tune……”Comrade Chen Hongjun’s face。
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First55chapter Gifts from the U.S.:under
Although Huaxia adoptedPALSystem and the U.S.NTSCThe system does not want to be the same,But this does not affect the use of this color TV,The reason,Little devil can do business,Dongying electronics companies with a small market simply cannot rely on the small domestic market to develop adequately,Can only follow an outward-oriented development model,and soRBColor TVs produced by electronics companies80%All of the above are for export。
But here comes the problem,You can’t becauseACountry adoptsPALThe standard is specifically launchedPALStandard color TV production line,also becauseBChina’s color TV standard isNTSCOne more standardNTSCStandard production line,That’s a huge waste,The little devil who is good at budgeting is certainly not happy。
For export convenience and cost reduction,RBOf home appliance companies almost unanimously chose to make a color TV compatible at the same timePALwithNTSCTwo formats,This problem is naturally no longer a problem,Not only can it save the purchase cost of a production line,Also because of the increase in purchases to further reduce costs。

First, unify all forces in the Golden Triangle with Venerable Lu,Take down the jungle city,Then got financial support from Hong Kong Island,Have a Chinese background,Chief Instructor of the Iron Lion Force,Now even Myanmar has successfully won,It’s equivalent to getting a century-old foundation,From now on,Soar everywhere,No longer restricted to one corner and one place。

What a glory this is,What a pleasure?Liu Niu’er has been a warlord for most of his life,And there is no huge benefit in this year。
“Ok,I will often go to Jingshen Valley to practice,You follow along!”Lu Menglin casually said。
“it is good,it is good!for sure!That place is good!Stay there,Sure to live longer。”Liu Niuer replied happily。
“Haha!You will pick a place。I should be there again next month,You mobilized a batch of construction teams in advance,I want to make great progress,Always stay there。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“it is good,no problem!”Liu Niu’er promised,An old face smiles like a flower。
Venerable Lu became the patron saint of Myanmar,I used to be like the Emperor Taishang,Then go by yourself,How can it be considered a commander-in-chief level?!Thinking about this,Of course Liu Niu’er feels happy。
Early next morning,Freighter arrives on Hong Kong Island。
Lu Menglin took Su Yi and Liu Niu’er,Enter the city from the pier,After contacting Chen Jiannan,Came to a big shopping mall in Causeway Bay。
Open the glass door of the top office,What catches the eye is the beauty Su Xuehen sitting behind the desk。
Su Xuehen is wearing an off-white professional suit today,Although it’s a shirt and trousers,Still the perfect combination of femininity and strength of professional women,You can’t move your eyes with just one glance。
“mom!”Although Su Xuehen received the news,But when she saw her mother brought back by Lu Menglin,Still too excited。
Mother and daughter embrace and cry,Cry so much,The scene is quite touching。
Lu Menglin stood by,Can only keep smiling,And Liu Niu’er had already slipped out with excuses,Leave the space for your lord。
“thank you!Thank you for bringing mom back。”Su Xuehen cried for a long while holding her mother,Finally realized that there is another person in this office,So turned to Lu Menglin and smiled sobbingly。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“I count。”
“Wait a moment!Let’s go inside to add makeup。”Su Xuehen’s face is red,Suddenly a little embarrassed。
After speaking,Mother and daughter holding hands,The money went into the office suite。