“Dong Bo is so older, I will come together.!”

“Who doesn’t like this big beauty like a Miss Miss?!So is embarrassed!”
“Ha ha,Miss Langzhuang is really very snapped up.!How can this interesting gamble?!”Another more than 30 youth stood up and laughed,
“Road less!”
“A thousand pillow Wanfu riding fox is worth these men are so crazy?!”A woman is really not used to say,
“What are you talking?!Miss Zhuang is still still!I dare to say that eight caution, Huangpu River drown!”Wu Enzhen said angrical,
“Do you know if you know?!Be careful to be cheated by the fox!”
“Even if I am lie, I am willing to be willing.!Do you manage it?!”
“spendthrift!”Woman whispering a sentence,
“I am a defeated family!Did you lose your family?!?I have a good money to let me defeat.!You are angry.!?”Wu Weishi seems to be very like Zhuang Xiaoman.,Perhaps it is also to prove that this money doesn’t spend on a non-clean woman.。
Like this time, I don’t understand.,The flower bonus like Wu Enzhen is not fresh for women.,But so many savvy businessmen are willing to participate in this gamble.,Zhuang Xiaoman although it is beautiful and not in the country。
Observe Zhuang Xiaoman,Seeing that she didn’t hear these words.,Always laugh waiting for these men to fight,She seems to have a very happy to see such a man to fight for himself.。
Chapter 84 Along me one!
Mandarin statistics,I plan to gamble and Zhuang Xiaoman has seventeen people.,But Wu Enzhen must gamble with her first.,But the other few people are not doing,They think that Wu Enqi wins yourself, there is no chance.,So resolutely ask for a bet together。
Rui Rui watching,Zhuang Xiaoman, he will definitely find a chance to know.,Try not to be now,Otherwise, what is the difference between your men?,How can a woman like her may look like this?。
“Blindle!Hello!My name is Xiaomei!”The beauty of the gambling is coming to play.,Rui Rui looked at it,Just see the beauty in front of you wearing a blue cheongsam,The body and appearance are really superior,It seems that the identity of Sharp is still very good.。
“Sure enough, very beautiful!Get your name,Come and sit down.!”Qi Rui Zhang’s arm,Xiaomei Limen’s little bird is in a rude arms.,Give a small small fee is a hundred yuan,Then, if you have a good time, how can I get money?。
“Small beauty!Is this Zhuang Xiaoman often come to the plan??”Rui Rui low voice,
“I rarely see her.,But she just wants to come to the gambling.!”
“She is still long beautiful.,Why do this man do not hesitate to get her?”
Hear this boast,Xiaomei said to the diamond and said:“Caze, you don’t know,I heard that this Zhuang Xiaoman is not simple.,She knows a lot of officials,She often helps people bridge to do business,One point is not enough to tap in the middle,Have a rumor, she is a treasured basin.,Who can get a big money?!Let me say what is treasured.!It is not that the relationship is relying on her sold meat.!”
“so it is!This is interesting!”Zhuang Xiaoman sells meat should be impossible,Since the future is the military,That is to have a military background,Perhaps it is a communication flower that wearing a deliberate to build her.。
“Sharp is also a heart?”Xiaomei is professional training,She knows how to please men,More people will be in the heart of the guest.。
“A bit!Because of the blind, I can’t come to Shanghai.!”Qi Rui said that Zhuang Xiaoman laughed,Dark road:Seizure!It is increasingly interested in you.!
I thought I would be alarming Zhang Xiaolin.,But I don’t want to have the ability to solve this matter.,I listened to him.:“Allocate!This gambling is a rule!Since you are so many people want to gamble with Miss Zhuang,I have despassed the opinions of Miss Zhuang.,She agrees to gamble five cards together.!Everyone will issue an equal amount of chips,But these chips need to be changed with a resilience!Lighted elimination!And the chips he lost will be left behind,Because this gaming is not allowed to increase the chips!The last winner will get qualified and Miss Zhuang gamble!Disagreement!”
Several people pondered one will have three people to retreat.,Finally, Wu Enzhen,Xiaojia,Zhu boss,Dong Boss four people。
Rui Rui is hesitation, don’t you start now,As soon as listening to the sound of the system:System generationdDifficult task;Win Zhuang Xiaoman!System generationbDifficult task;Conquer Zhuang Xiaoman to become a member of your assassination group!
“Assorted group!?What assassination group!Rickets?”
“Do not!Killing a god action group!A group of action belonging to your own!”
The task given by the system is to be completed.,Hurry and raise your hand:“Retreat me again!”
Suddenly a strange voice,Everyone looks to the price of the price,Zhuang Xiaoman。
Just see a handsome guy standing on the twenty,Take a cigar in the left hand,The right hand is holding a cheongsam beauty,See his head like a rich person。
“Who is this?!I have never seen it before.!”
“It looks less than Wu Shaohe Road less.,Which of this is this?!”
“Who are you!?”Wu Enzhen asked Qi Rui,
Manager Li quickly introduced:“This is the sharp blush!”
“Blindle!How did I not hear it being said?”
“Wu Silong!This is Rui Rui, the Rongchang Pier!Rong Huan’s sharp!”Manager Li once again reminded,

But the five blood lights are stabbing on the big formation,But can’t penetrate one or two。

“Traveling in chaos for hundreds of millions of years,Now defeated by manpower,Fall here。”
“If I always stay in the chaotic world,Naturally safe,Will not suffer this bad luck。”
“But if you stay in the chaotic world,How can I experience thousands。”
“Nothing more~”
A chaotic force swept through,The head of the last ape of the chaotic alien race, Ba Lao, was completely destroyed by a trace of chaotic power。
Chaos Alien,The fall of the eight-armed ancestor god Ba Lao。
“he died,You can’t run!”Li Ming super-controls the chaos restriction change on the white jade fairy sword,Actually turned into a misty brilliance,Layers around the true god of shadow。
Just before Li Ming made the big array change and collapse into chaos,This shadow god has already transformed into shadow,Escaped from the big array。
The shadow true god at this moment is not much afraid。
“First Class Ancestor,And has the strength close to the top ancestors,The strength is really good。”There is a smile on the face of the shadow god,Only in Li Ming’s eyes,That smile is a negative test:“That idiot Ba Lao is also considered an ancestral god,Die so easily in your hands。”
“but,Although I am a true god,But the realm is much better than that idiot,And I’m not good at fighting head-on。”
The voice has not fallen,The true god of Yinjie turns into a shadow again,Easily pass through the misty brilliance of the white jade fairy sword。
“Still want to try?It’s useless,If the pinnacle ancestor god might be able to kill me,Your method is useless!”Deep laughter。
“Boom boom boom~”Three breath bursts,Xiaoyao Tianzun、Kuafu and Zhuanxu appeared beside Li Ming。
They naturally saw the scene before。
“So amazing,In contrast《Shadowless》Don’t know how weak it is。”Xiaoyao Tianzun sighed。
“Unexpectedly the strength of Brother Zhulong,There has been such a huge progress in these millions of years!”Kuafu also admires,“but,Against this chaotic alien,This power is not enough。”
of course,Kuafu didn’t say,I am afraid that no one of the three realms alone can kill this true god who claims to be Yinjie,That magical power is really terrible。

Xia Jian quickly took it over and took a look,Hu Huiru actually called。Xia Jian hesitated and answered the phone。Hu Huiru’s happy voice came on the phone:“Congratulations to Mr. Xia!I heard it’s still triplets。How come all the good things in this world make you meet by yourself?”

“Thank you Mr. Hu!How did you know this?”
Xia Jian asked with a laugh。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“You are afraid of others saying such a good thing?Hey!You are not authentic。Don’t contact me even if you come to Hucheng,Do you think Hu Huiru can’t do it?,Will ask you to borrow money or something?”
“Mr. Hu is joking,The skinny camel is bigger than a horse。Actually I ran back and forth,Not much time in the provincial capital,So I didn’t bother you”
“okay,You are so polite。People should be a large family in the provincial capital, right!Can i help you?If yes, just say no”
Hu Huiru said very seriously on the phone。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“We are now everyone,Nine people, big and small!But there is nothing that needs your help right now,If there is,I will find Mr. Hu the first time”
The two chatted for a while,Xia Jian just hung up the phone。When I want to sleep,Xia Jian just remembered,They are so many now,How to go back?He must be unable to sit in his car。
Think about it,It seems that we have to transfer a car from the company。Thought of here,Xia Zhijima called Guan Tingna again。
First2537chapter Finally home
the next day,Hu Huiru sent her secretary to the hospital to send a generous gift to Xia Jian’s three children。Three sets of baby clothes,All imported goods。Of course,For Hu Huiru, something like this,Is more in line with her identity。
Hu Huiru’s secretary also said,Hu Huiru was going to come in person,But I was notified temporarily,It is said that there is a very important meeting that Hu Huiru needs to attend,In desperation, he sent a secretary。No matter who comes,Xia Jian is very grateful。
Ma Yan is getting better every day,This makes Xia Jian very happy。Three children are better than one。Once crying,It’s like participating in a competition,One is louder than the other。Two old men,Plus two nurses,I’ll get messy for a while。
Xia Jian’s father, Xia Zecheng and old father-in-law, can’t help much at all,It will cause chaos,But was driven back to the hotel by the nurse。
Xia Jian goes to the hospital every day,Just chat with Ma Yan,Go and see the three kids when you’re done。The conditions of big hospitals are just extraordinary,I will bathe the child every two days。Every time,Sun Yuejuan and Ma Yan’s mother are at the door of the bathroom,I’m afraid that my grandson will be hugged by someone wrong。

“Correct,Just a group of people fighting,But this is a social security issue,Say big,Can be big,Say small,Can be small。”Fang Na looked at him。

“Did the boss mean it?,Sister Na?”The man asked tentatively。
112 Just be nice to me
“You mean if it’s not the boss,I can’t help you, reporter Liu?”Fang Na’s face sank。
“Sister Na,I didn’t mean that,Do not misunderstand。”Reporter Liu laughed twice。
“I’m just plain,Not what the boss meant,But I can’t understand the woman in the photo,Want to make things big,Give her some color and lessons。”Fang Na tells her request。
Reporter Liu also smokes,Have not spoken,Look at Fang Na from time to time。
“how,Dare not?Do not worry,Guarantee you will not be at risk,Is to report a small public order issue,Won’t get into trouble for you,and,This incident is also recorded in the police station,Someone called the police on the spot。”
Fang Na got up and took out an envelope with money from the drawer,There is also a pile of printed materials on the table。
Reporter Liu took a look,Still not talking。
Fang Na shook the soot slightly,“Here are the details of the girl,I want to see the newspaper tomorrow。”
Reporter Liu sat quietly for more than ten minutes,Finished two cigarettes,Finally got up,Pick up money and information,Put it in the bag and go out,“Sister Na,Goodbye。”
Xia Yueshu really has no face to see in the song,Fight with gangsters on the street,Hurt him,I really can’t afford to lose this person。
Yu Ge worried about her,Made many calls in succession,Xia Shuyue refused to pick it up at first,Later, when I think about it, I should at least ask about Yu Ge’s injury,So I answered the phone。
“Xia Shuyue,what happened to you,Why did you run yesterday?”
“Yu Ge,How is your injury?Sorry,This time i hurt you……Sorry。”
“do not talk,Are you OK,Are you hurt?”

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NS924chapter Defire(middle)
“Yang Yandu,What is Jinyang??”
“Yup,Tempo?How is she??”
Yang Hao and a big part of the Zhongchen will be in the middle of Yang,Another sentence,The average person is really a lunch。
many things,If the window paper is not smashed,Then everyone can hold back,Anyway, they don’t like the old woman of Zhao Zhaojun.。
However, when something is smashed once,No matter what you like or don’t like,Limited to your position,You must stand out,This is part of politics。
Now it is still a high-quality world.,So Zhao Zhaojun this person,You can’t be used as she doesn’t exist.,Especially her behind。
This point is not only Yang Wei and others to see transparent,Even Gao Biyi is also a“Mature player”,This set of surface is incomparable。
“Allocate,Please take a moment。Yang Yizhui explains all things to you.,Also give him a chance to talk??”
Gao Bo Yi stood in a quiet。No sound,However, it is quietly quiet.。Everyone has retired to the back,Then An An quiet waiting for Yang Yao open。
“Kings,Yang Zauxian,There are also heavy ministers,Yang Zhi guilty,Did not protect the Queen Emperor。I want to die.,However, the Empress is a will,Must give you all you know,So I am embarrassed to steal,Finally returned to Yucheng。
Wills here,It is the oral saying that the Emperor is too late.,Yang Hui Book,Please ask Yang Zaician to read it now.。”
Yang Yao said a tears,Pull out bamboo tube from arms,Then open,Hand it in the paper volume to Yang Wei。
Yang Hao is it?,People who have traveled with paper and ink with paper with paper,Just look at this paper very new,It is impossible to go all along Yang Yao.!
Maybe Gao Bo Yi let him write last night.。
There is also a private impression on the private impact of Zhao Zhaojun.,Just hand-printing,Nothing dares to verify,死,Insusa,Who he wants to give?“stamp”,Who can give?,When do he want to cover?,When can I stamp?。
It can be said that it is convenient.!
As for the octopus of Zhao Zhaojun,Yang Hui Dynasty,This is also no flaws,You can’t expect people to be able to go to the dragon snake.?The writing of a pen is just fine.。
Almost just a moment,Yang Wei came back to taste,Gao Biyi is what it is playing them as a monkey.!
However,It is a matter to see,It’s another thing to expose.。Don’t say that Yang Wei is impossible for the position of the northern family.,Even if you really want to,I am afraid it is not easy to do.!
Gao Bo Yi has blocked all vulnerabilities,this time“Fake”,It can be said that there is no flaw.,Even if you know that it is fake,I have to pinch the nose to admit it is true.。
Even if you are still a little,Yang Wei is also secretly admired with Gao Bao’s wrist.。
I want to understand these joints,Yang Hao has no expression of the elderly,The more you read,The more shocking!Where is this auspicious?,This is the Xuan Xuan war in the six towns of Jinyang.!
The side is considered,Siping eight stable and not hot,It can be said that the most extent,In addition to the Duan’s family and Tang Yan,Already eliminated the enemy to the least!
Connect,Duir proposes that he is not a rebellion,Will not clear his family。As a result,The high royal family has nothing to say.!After this,The chaos thieves are no longer Gao Baoyi,But Duan Zhao and others。
Imagination,This“Wander”Once published,Just like a sharp sword,People don’t dare to frustrate your front。Duan Zhao and Tang Xi have their hands and foot chaos is certain,As for how to break,Yang Wei has not thought about it yet。
Duan Zhao and Tang Wei have to pay attention to,Then, it is necessary to confirm that Yang Zhuan is given to Gao Biyi.。
Can they prove that it is still not yet?,Gao Baoyi, Yang Yao in his hand,But it can prove that the will“real”!This is a particularly beautiful hidden cloth,Impeccable!
This is for Duan Yu and Tang.,Almost a non-solved dead,There are too many points of morality.。
“Section,Nothing of God of God,Ultimately。Duan Yao’s mother,It is also the Emperor Emperor Miss。
His should be served,Report the elegance,Reporting the Emperor Quality for many years。
But what did he do??

Watching lively water friends is not afraid of things,It’s not your own money anyway,I’m not Headmaster Wang。

but,More than half a minute,Still didn’t see Principal Wang speak。
“principal,Isn’t it。What a million is worth to you,I don’t have enough money, I’ll help you out。”
“Yes,I also helped you out for a dollar。”
Chen Xiu sneered,These people are keyboard men,Keyboard is ok,Don’t believe that they really come to a crowdfunding to cheat themselves。
really,I am not Principal Wang and I know that these people have sex,I don’t have enough money in my account to continue my willfulness,Directly selected offline。
Seeing that I’m not Principal Wang’s account became dim,Everyone is boring for a while。
No fun to watch,Everyone is leaving,Of course there are two out of ten、Three were convinced by the temperament and talent of rosin and chose to stay and watch the show。
No, I’m not Headmaster Wang,The live broadcast room is finally back to normal。
Rosin played a few more ancient songs,The live broadcast is about to be shut down。
Chen Xiu listened to these ancient songs and was about to close the live broadcast.,The background prompts that there is a new private message coming,When I opened it, it turned out to be a message from Rosin to myself。
“Hello there,Thank you tonight for helping me out tonight……Give me your account,I will return all the money you rewarded to you。”
“Why?Is the money I rewarded smelly?,You just hate it。”

Ma Daobo did not continue to say,The sound is very low。

“If he is a woman?。”
This time,Everyone is speechless.。
Yu Shiya heard this reason,Laughing out。
Originally, he is not full of horse big waves, always discriminates against them, these undergraduates.。
“Correct,What you said is。”
“you are right,But the resident population of Vatican has800people,At the same time, Australia has470010,000 kangaroo,If the kangaroo decides to invade Vatican,So every Vatican people want to play58750Kangaroo,You do not know,You do not care,You only care about yourself。”
Yu Shi Ya Ya Wave Speech,Shocked four seats!
Chen Riyuan has not listened,But I can’t help but follow Sun Jun and Hu Yu.,Nodded slightly。
You said more,Your cattle!
At this time, Ma Baobang is very violent.。
This poetic is really not given to yourself.。
Since this,Then he is simply embarrassed.!
“You said that I only care about myself.,how about you?”
“you are right,But Australian kangaroo to go to Vatican to cross the Ocean,The straight line distance between them14390kilometer,If Australian kangaroo decides to invade Vatican,Then they want to swim over the Yangyang climbing mountain range,The distance between the two places may make them all over the army,You do not know,You only care about your Vatican!”
Zhou Yewu and Luo Bo watch two people,shocked。
This can get up。
Chen Riyuan、Sun Jun and Hu Yu are also not slow,I don’t know if the two are talking about it.。
now,Zhou Ye suddenly:“well,Kangaroo is not discussed,You see the patient’s blood oxygen saturation,Seem90NS。”
NS256chapter Who is a real outstanding born
Chen Riyuan’s words make Ma Baobang slightly slightly。
think carefully?
Does he think that it is not perfect enough??
If you can talk about the clinical experience of Zhou Yewu point??
Prestige is a junior college basis for several paragraphs,How can I exceed myself?。
Ma Baobang is acknowledging in the mask。
Outside a mask,It’s more comfortable to do people.,Don’t worry。
Even if you hide in protective clothing,Who can see it??
“Do you have a supplement??”Chen Riyuan saw Zhou Niangwu,Repeat again。
Zhou Ye is still looking at the auxiliary examination,Thinking about the details of the medical history of Ma Baobo。


“Should be almost done?”Leo frowned。
“I understand what you think,But I can tell you clearly,Really not enough!At least you have to kill a pirate no less than Fu Kern before you can enter the navy headquarters.!”
“I know you think I made things difficult on purpose!But I really didn’t do anything,There are many people above me,A lot of your credit has been shared by them,It’s a lot less to be able to record that the navy headquarters belongs to you!”
Leo felt helpless,Sure enough, there will be such things everywhere。
“I can’t do anything about it,There are so many people who rely on relationships,All need merit embellishment,Naturally, only to those of us who have no background、Not very strong people start!”
“I understand,It means I am catching a pirate no less than Fu Kern to enter the navy headquarters, right??”
“you sure?”
“I vouch for myself,You have a bright future,There is no conflict of interest between you and me,I don’t need to offend you!If you don’t believe it,If you have a chance to become a senior navy in the future, you can naturally find out!”
“it is good,I believe you!I will catch another big pirate,Hope you don’t forget what you said today!”
“of course!I won’t trouble myself!”
Leo nodded,And then left without looking back。
First12chapter Cut iron(Ask for a recommendation ticket、Request collection)
Leave naval base,Leo is still a little complicated,But I have seen a lot of robbers in my previous life、The thing about the fly camp,Not so angry,Do something extraordinary。
“Green Bull,Let’s go see the teacher!”
Leo led the green bull to a sword hall on the south side of the island。
This is where Leo studied,The owner of the sword hall is an experienced swordsman,Although the strength is not,But teaching ordinary swordsmen is absolutely handy。
“teacher!”Leo walked into the sword hall respectfully,Came to the front of the owner。

Stormy plume,Scrape!!

The dragon-level corpse dragon has not had time to approach,Was severely involved in the roar of this surging air current,And the strong airflow made the sharp phantom feathers over and over and over and over again the skin of Tyrannosaurus corpse、Cut the bones to pieces……
Not just this corpse Tyrannosaurus,Those other dragon generals around Du Cheng,Have also been affected,One by one was shaved,Blood dripping!
Du Cheng also wanted to use his phantom clothes to escape,But there are sharp ice crystals in the sharp feathers,Avoided the magic feather knife cut,How can you avoid these ubiquitous weapons?
First104chapter Don’t mess with me in summer!
“Storm Feather,Plus Bai Qi’s method of controlling wind and ice,Power is so overbearing!”
Seeing those dragon generals being beaten by Bai Qi’s dragon magic,A smile appeared on Zhu Minglang’s face。
This special feather from Dragon Trainer Academy,Actually become stronger with Bai Qi’s growth and advancement。
This makes Zhu Minglang in addition to the armor shield he built,One more weapon to kill the enemy。
Know any equipment that can be armed to the dragon pet,She can also use it by herself!
That storm phantom feather has also been boosted by Bai Qi’s evolution,This is equivalent to Zhu Minglang holding a dragon master level weapon now……

The two looked at each other for a while,Maui turned the subject off:“Wright,The ancestor of the Gaskell family said,Your strength is close to the sanctuary,is this real?”

“That’s right!”Wright raised his eyebrows“If it’s the weakest sanctuary,I’m afraid it’s not my opponent!”
“Maui,Do you want me to help kill that dark magician?”Wright reacted。
“Yes!”Maui is very conflicted inside,In his opinion,This kind of thing is very inappropriate to pull my good brother in,But it’s about the stability of the family’s inheritance,But I have to ask this friend to help。“Wright,If you don’t help,I won’t have any opinions。”
“rest assured,Maui,I have to discuss with Cecilia if this matter can help.,But first, let me show you the information file of the Dark Saint Magister.。”Seeing that Wright did not directly agree,Maui was slightly relieved instead。
at the same time,In a hidden room in the Mermaid Castle,The old woman sitting in a chair with difficulty in moving seems to fall asleep deeply,A dark little snake wrapped around her wrist。
suddenly,A breeze blowing,A handsome looking middle-aged man appeared in this room。
Little Black suddenly opened his yellow eyes,I made a sound of grievance when I saw someone coming。
Saw the pale cheeks of the old woman,And the faint breath of the body,Middle-aged man with an angry face,Seems to be afraid of disturbing the old woman’s sleep,Soul transmission to the black snake。
“Mamba,what’s going on,Why did your master hurt so badly!”
“Man of the house,Hamlin,Hamlin that bastard stretched his hand to our territory,Then my hostess and I joined forces to fight him,He was hurt by the mistress’s magic,But he also cursed the mistress,I checked,It is a type of curse in the dark taboo magic,I can’t lift。The owner guessed that the Holy See might have a way,But she is determined not to ask them for help!”Said the little black snake with such a mysterious middle-aged man。
“The hostess plans to take advantage of Maui’s chance to get married,Win some sanctuary help,Together to behead Hamlin,The curse is naturally lifted。”