“Are you serious??”

I haven’t seen Li Hui for so long.,Han Shanshan also discovered,She is different from the feelings of Li Hui’s feelings.。
She still escapes before。
Hes for a long time, she decided to face up.,Otherwise, she will not live in the quarter.。
She is living here is an attitude,A attitude。
Li Hui Feng saw the opponent’s pair of serious eyes,I feel some dodges for a while.。
Especially the color of the look in the eyes,But let him understand,Some things hide are hiding。
“Naturally, it is serious.!I will defraud people in this kind of thing.?”
Li Hui said this,I saw a smile in the corner of the opponent’s mouth.,Then I flip directly with my little white.。
The scent of the heart,That soft hair,And the tight hug, let Li have a heartbeat accelerated。
Although he knows this,The other party will be very happy,But I didn’t expect the other party to react such a big reaction.,Will be so bold。
He has always understood that Han Shanshan is the kind of courage.,In fact, it is a small person.。
Of course, this is the feeling of feelings.,If otherwise,Han Shanshan’s courage is absolutely no small.。
Hesitate,He also hugged each other.。
He just was ready to hold hard,The other party is a pushing him.。
“Humph,I want to earn me cheap.,no way!”
Looking at the mouth of the opponent’s mouth,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Big squad leader,You can’t tell you this.!”
Chapter 1,327 artificial lake waterfall
Where do I not tell??”
Looking at Han Shanshan also put angry,Li Hui also rushed up very well.。
“no,I am my colorful bag,I want to earn cheap, I have not earned it.,The big squad leader is too powerful.,Actually, I saw my little tricks so soon.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said so.,Han Shanshan is also white.。
“okay,Less than I come here,I am talking about something that I am talking about now.,Our vegetable factories have been officially put into operation.,And those defective products are basically made into small salty vegetables.,Then start selling outwards。”
“But now,Sales is available,Sales can also be,But I feel that there is no competition with other functions.,So I want to come back to a production line.,how do you feel”Han Shanshan said like this,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
He didn’t expect Han Shanshan so fast to go to the new production line.。
“Big squad leader,We have no profit from this vegetable factory.?”
“What do you think??
Only do a few days,Just thinking,Is it a little less realistic??”
Li Huihe heard this,Laugh:“Not profitable,Let’s add production lines. It is not a bigger burden.?”
“Will not,I have been in investigation, we have the entire county.,I also visited a few businesses around.,There are no regular regulations on this small pickles.,We have a new production line.,Then 100% can be paved,Even unstoppable speed expansion。”
Han Shanshan said this is also a confidence.。

Jia Ding Garden A total of eight,In addition to two shopping malls along the street,The rest are high-rise homes,Commercial facilities are very perfect,There are bus platforms in front of the front and rear gates.,For office workers,The living environment is very suitable。

“Sixty flat、Lift、Balcony、Exquisite、Complete furniture,Check in,Hydropower pays”
Six904Room,Wang Manager took Liao Wenjie to see a circle,Introduction to the room,I started to blow up the surrounding facilities.。
He said his,Liao Wenjie looks at himself,He looking for two rooms and one hall,Mainly for uniform use for practice。
No futon,I haven’t written a word and martial arts.,Some simple fitness equipment,By the way。
These are all very good,yellowsirHome has ready,He moved directly。
“Mr. Liao,Rates are expensive,But here is good,Life and transportation is also convenient。”
Manager Wang said:“If you think the price is not suitable,I can find the owner to talk about it.,Can’t,I have a cheap house on my hand.。”
“Report the lowest price,Suitable words are now signing the contract。”
“it is good,readily!”
five minutes,Liao Wenjie signed the contract,Three month deposits、Two months rented payment,Wang Manager said that he was all rounds.,Liao Wenjie directly moved the baggage。
Moving this kind of hardship,Liao Wenjie thought,Can’t be sinful,Daxie old,Over the waist in these two days is not suitable,Decisive, runningsirHome。
Know the intention of Liao Wenjie,yellowsirRefreshing is not a big problem,Take the phone around you。Twenty minutes later,There is a motorcycle to enter his house.。
“Chief,The traffic group police officer Zhou Xingxing,serial number167,Report to you。”
Face-fit Zhou Xingti station in yellowsirbefore,Yu Guang is awkward next to Liao Wenjie,I gave a laughter。
These days,He doesn’t play missing,It is to avoid Liao Wenjie.。
One way to avoid the limelight,Two have no face,Frow time, blowing promotional salary,Rao is his old face, and it is also sorry.。
Never want to,People are unwell,I sent it in front of Liao Wenjie from the network.。
“What do you do?,Shout so loudly,The traffic group is great.?”
yellowsirSeeing Zhou Xingxing is not angry.,Don’t blame him,Zhou Xingxing comes withbuff,50% probability triggers superior anger in the first round,100% in the second round, let the superior to bear。
Gifted,General people do not come。
“Boss,I don’t want to mix at the Ministry of Communications.”
Zhou Xingxing was born,It’s hard to do a big case.,I thought it was,Results After promoting and salary,Turn to transportation to open a penalty。
“,I have retired.,I have a boss of my current boss。”
yellowsirRefers to Liao Wenjie,Say:“You are not going to work today.,I am afraid that you are bored.,Just Ager wants to move,You open my car,Return the things in the gym to his home。”
“No bar,Boss!”
A bitterness,Zhou Xingxing suddenly widened:“It’s hard to rest for a day.,You shout me, just in order not fair.,I have a respect for you and Jiege.,Why is the unlucky one is always me??”
“Humph,When salted fish!”
yellowsirSnort,I don’t pay attention to Zhou Xing’s complaints,Beginning the tea set in front of。
He recently health,Learn people’s tea play style,Feeling temper has improved。otherwise,Word Zhou Star,Already in the empty foot holder。
“Ax Xing,Busy people,I want to see you, it is not easy.。”
Liao Wenjie took the shoulders of Zhou Star before:“Let me guess,Must be promoted to the economy,So I can’t see my poor friends who have no news.,Right?”
“Hey-hey,Jiege,Few days,I found you more!”
“Without further ado,The gym is upstairs,Boss car parked in the garage,You know。”
Facing Zhou Xing stars,Liao Wenjie is not moving。
Not habit,But he doesn’t think this is a garde.,Be too real,Zhou Xingxing is only repeating the fact that everyone is recognized.。
Chapter 33 Recently, some are negligent
Don’t look at Liao Wenjie,This time I still spent a long time for a long time.,At the end of the afternoon five o’clock。
Mainly Zhou Xingxing is too worn,Let him from YellowsirMove some fitness supplies,I am driving and going back and forth.,Time is full of waste on the road。
“Jiege,Hello, no,I am starving.。”

“Thanks for your tea,Thank you for what you just said。I have to go back”Xia Jian said,Stood up suddenly。

Yao Junli smiled sweetly and said:“Don’t go back tonight,The road may be frozen,Driving is a bit dangerous”
“No way!My girlfriend is in my hometown”Xia Jianyi gritted his teeth,So he brought Luo Yi to his house,Tell Yao Junli again。
From beginning to end,Yao Junli has a sweet smile on her face。She smiled and said:“Xia Jian!I am your confidante,From the beginning,In the future too。Whether you have a girlfriend or not,You in my heart,Is such a status”
Looking at Yao Junli’s nonchalant appearance,Xia Jian couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief。Among so many women with whom he,Yao Junli is the only woman who makes him feel stress-free。
From the convenient hotel,Xia Jian stood on the side of the road and looked at the Xiping Village Agricultural Trade Company,But he didn’t go there。Not what it used to be,He knows his identity,Some things are better to avoid。
The sun will go,The temperature dropped quickly,The road has frozen,Pedestrians and vehicles walk very carefully。
Xia Jian stopped a car,Went directly to the staff apartment。The security guard on duty saw Xia Jian,Ran out with a smile。One of them smiled and said:“President Xia!We washed your car at noon,Existing looks like new”
“Thank you!”Xia Jian said,And took the car key from the security guard。He opened the car door,Then took out a bag of beef jerky from the trunk and threw it to which security guard。
To know,A bag of beef jerky costs dozens of yuan。So the security guard is so happy,Saying thank you。Xia Jian saw others happy,He is also happy。
First2179chapter Show off
From Pingdu to Xiping Village,It’s usually more than 20 minutes by car,But this time because of the thin ice on the road,Xia Jian drives slowly。Even so,The car will inevitably slip on the road with thin ice。
When I return to Xiping Village,It’s getting dark。Once back home,Luo Yibian can’t wait to run out of her room。She asked with a smile:“You’re back?”
Look at Luo Yi like this,Xia Jian felt a little sad。Who is she?She is the Luo family’s eldest lady。Even her dad Luo Jun has to look at her face and act。But at their old Xia’s house,This woman becomes like another person。
Xia Jian apologized, patted Luo Yi on the shoulder and said:“sorry,Thin ice on the road,Really hard to go”Xia Jian said,He took Luo Yi’s hand,Brought her to the upper room。
In the upper room。Xia Zecheng sitting by the stove watching TV,Only I didn’t see my mother Sun Yuejuan。It’s this time,She should be cooking。
When Xia Jianzheng wanted to ask where my father and mother went,Suddenly there were footsteps in the yard,Immediately after the figure flashed in front of the door。Sun Yuejuan walked in with a smile。
She carried a few plastic bags,It feels heavy inside。Xia Jian quickly picked it up and took a look,A bag of fresh pork,The other two bags are anti-season vegetables。
“Aunt!It’s so cold, you went shopping?You don’t have to be polite,You can do anything”Luo Yi said very sensibly。
Sun Yuejuan,Can’t help but laugh:“Nothing,All at the entrance of the village,Things can be done in a while。It’s just that I ran into an acquaintance on the road,Standing and chatting for a while,Took some time。You watch tv,I’m going to cook dinner now”

Wang Degui laughed and said:“What steps to take,All three sons are back,Fierce at home,I came out to hide。Fortunately, the third child came back alone,Otherwise, I really have nowhere to go at home”

Wang Degui is obviously showing off again,Xia Zecheng sitting in the back row couldn’t help but snorted,I’m almost scolding my mother。Zhao Hong reacted quickly,She sticks her head out the window,said laughingly:“If you have no place to live at home,Can live in the village committee”
Zhao Hongyi speaks,Wang Degui suddenly appeared poor,Where did he stand just chuckled twice。Xia Jian quickly kicked the accelerator,Da Ben rushed past Wang Degui’s eyes。
“This old immortal,Are all this old,Still pinching with our house”Sun Yuejuan sighed and said。
Xia Jian drove the car,Did not speak,He just smiled slightly。Zhao Hong who was sitting aside smiled and said:“What Wang Degui said is that Wang Youdao also brought his wife back?”
“Not married”Xia Zecheng said unconvincingly。
Sun Yuejuan was playing with Xiao Chenchen,Said with a smile:“What can I do?Isn’t Wang Youcai married??It’s not heads-up”
The family is talking and laughing。Xia Jian feels very refreshed in the car,Although he didn’t sleep well last night,But he doesn’t feel sleepy at all,More energetic。
Xia Jian parked the car in the underground parking lot of the largest supermarket in Pingdu,And then took the family to the supermarket。People in the city are usually busy at work,The 30th of the twelfth lunar month is the peak period for them to prepare for the new year。
Although Xia Jian and the others came a bit early,But the mall is already crowded。Plus the radio sound of sale promotion,It sounds like Jane is really messed up。
Fortunately, everything at home is ready,Everyone just bought a toy train with Xiao Chenchen。
Just when a family was walking out of the mall,Xia Jian suddenly ran into Yao Junli。Yao Junli wanted to talk to Xia Jian,But when her eyes fell on Xiao Chenchen who was in the arms of Zhao Hong,His face changed slightly。
“This is your son?”Yao Junli’s eyes are astonished,It’s another elusive thing。
Xia Jian nodded in embarrassment:“Yes,Are you going to celebrate the New Year in Pingdu this year?”Xia Jian quickly changed the subject。
“Both parents went to the provincial capital,I wanted to be with them,But what good things are there in Pingdu,I want to borrow time for the new year,Take care of it”Yao Junli said softly,Nodding to Zhao Hong。
Yao Junli has been to Xia Jian’s house,So his parents know Yao Junli。Two old people came over,Smiled and said hello to Yao Junli。Xia Jian could tell,Yao Junli is particularly unhappy,Just facing Xia Jian’s parents,She forced a smile。
Separated from Yao Junli,Xia Jian took everyone into the car。When preparing to leave,Zhao Hong suddenly said to Xia Jian:“I have everything at home,Is the shortcoming red envelope。Should buy some,When you give red envelopes to children,Put money inside,Look happy,Should Xia Jian buy some back?”

Zheng Mingshan knows that Li Hui Feng did not tell the truth.,But he did not care。

After all, everyone has their own small secrets.。
He is also included。
“Um,No matter if you have,But the effectiveness of the strawberry is not over.,Some strikes,It is best to sell less,Of course, if you can dilute those components inside strawberries,I feel no problem.。”
“Hey-hey,Professor Zheng,If I have that thing,Now I’m sure to make a fortune.。”
Zheng Mingshan said with Li Hui, said a few words from the heart.,Then Li Hui Feng is also speaking.。
When I returned to lotus village,Already in the evening。
Li Hui’s simple wash,I have a meal to continue to study the things in my heart.。
He always feels that the opening of the second floor seems to be fast.,But there is no mind。
Xianquan is still as if it is,It seems that,Will slowly。
People’s refinement is actually growing directly here.,This is how Li Hui is not expected.。
The next morning,Li Hui is ready to see the situation of repairing the road.。
But he just walked to the village.,I looked at a few friends riding a motorcycle.,On the side of the village,Still playing video。
When one of the boys saw Li Hui Feng,An immediate surprise shouting。
“Bros,I finally saw the goddess of God.,Brothers, I am riding a week.,I finally saw the real person.。”
I heard the sound of the other side.,Li Hui Feng frowned。
He was originally returned to the village.,I don’t want to be surrounded by the so-called fans on the Internet.,Can’t go。
“Bro,Can you take me?。”
Chapter 658, Ye Shuangzhu
The youth listened to Li Hui’s words, and he quickly turned the lens to the surrounding people.。
“Hey-hey,Sorry,I really see you some excited。”
See the youth attitude,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“fine,Just don’t shoot me.。”
Said that Li Hui is directly going back directly.,Prepare to ride a motorcycle to Zhaojia Village to see the road problem。
But he just turned,Another motorcycle is directly down a beautiful girl,I’m far away, Li Hui Feng。
“God doctor brother,This time we don’t stay away from thousands of mountains, but it is coming to you.。”
Li Hui stopped the body,Turn around and see。
I saw the other side of the helmet,Exposing a beautiful pretty face in an instant,The short hair of a full ear is extraordinarily。
Especially the other party laughs on the left side of the deep dimples,It has added a bit of lovely color.。
The other party can say that it is beautiful when it is not laughing.,It’s a beautiful woman who is good.,But just laugh, but give people a lively and lovely feel。
“God doctor brother,Can you sign me a name??”

“Get me up,Pretending to be dead。What’s the big deal,Is Xia Jian still missing a girlfriend??Really hopeless”Xiao Xiao went crazy,Xia Jian did not recruit。She just dragged Xia Jian off the bed,Took him to the bathroom。

Xia Jian is like a bull,He didn’t bow his head when he got to the washbasin。Xiao Xiao tried his best,But Xia Jian just didn’t listen to her,He won’t wash his face。
Xiao Xiao is on fire,She was walking around the room with anger。But Xia Jian is like a wooden person,Standing still in front of the washbasin。
Suddenly Xiao Xiao’s eyes moved and said:“Heiwa is waiting for us in the car。I have been in for so long,If you are not afraid of others gossip, just stand stupidly!”
Xiao Xiao’s words,Xia Jian moved immediately。Xiao Xiao on the side shook his head with anger,It seems that he still cares about his reputation。
Everything is ready,Xia Jian just followed Xiao Xiao out of the courtyard。There are really two cars parked outside the gate,One is Xiao Xiao’s BMW,And the other is Xia Jian’s jeep。It seems that when Xiao Xiao returned to the company this morning,,She didn’t drive the car built in Xia。
“We two ride in a car,Let Heiwa drive your car behind。The snow on the road has not melted,The car is a bit slippery”Xiao Xiao said,Tell Heiwa to drive Xiajian’s jeep。
Xia Jian opened Xiao Xiao’s car door and got in,Sit in the car,Began to become like a wood。Xiao Xiao sneered:“Sit on the wood”
Big road,The large snow removal machines are all turned on。A group of workers in cleaner uniforms,Be busy following the snow blower。Go all the way,From time to time I can see a car slipping to the side of the road and causing an accident。
Xiao Xiao is very careful,She drove the car,Teasing Xia Jian,Hope he can say something。But Xia Jian’s mouth looks like a seal。
Arrived at the parking lot of Yijuyuan Community。Xia Jian suddenly said to Xiao Xiao:“I haven’t eaten breakfast”
Xiao Xiaoyi listened,Can’t help but smile:“Breakfast is waived,It’s lunch time soon。The meal may have been delivered to the office,Let’s go up now”
What Xiao Xiao said is right,Fast food has been delivered,It seems everyone is waiting for them。Xia Jian sat on the sofa as soon as he entered,Who greet him,He ignored,As if I didn’t hear it。
Everyone see Xia Jian like this,Suddenly became quiet。Even Xi Zhen, who I like to call my favorite, is quieter。Her two eyes don’t leave Xia Jian’s body,I’m afraid that Xia Jianhui will get angry by accident。
Xiao Xiao may have known Xia Jian’s feelings in advance,So in the takeaway order,All of Xia Jian’s favorite dishes。But Xia Jian is not polite,Where did I sit down and eat。

The sun has set,The sky is getting dark,In the countryside,No street lighting,So after a while, I can’t see my fingers。But Li Tianchou and Uncle Geng’s night vision capabilities are very impressive,Don’t care。

At this moment, there is a dark shadow faintly moving below the slope,Li Tianchou just about to remind Uncle Geng,Uncle Geng said:“Wenhui。”
Sombra quickly climbed the slope,It’s Wenhui,“uncle,All hidden behind the hills two miles outside the village,There are five cars,It is estimated that the number 20。”Wen Hui is too tired to catch his breath,It looks like he came all the way。
Uncle Geng nodded,“Did you see they moved?”
“Not clear。Nobody around the car anyway,I dare not get too close,So I didn’t see the inside of the car.。”Wenhui tells the truth。
“Let’s go,Let’s set off,Go around from behind,Robbed his nest。”Uncle Geng ordered to stand up first。
Although the hillside is not high,But very steep。Everyone climbs and walks,As long as you turn over a higher mountain beam at the back, you can take a shortcut and go straight to the place Wenhui just visited.。
Less than twenty minutes,The three have crossed the mountain ridge,Downhill,The terrain in front gradually becomes flat,Just lush vegetation,Deep foot and shallow foot are not easy to walk。Wen Hui pointed forward,Low channel:“Right there。”
Li Tianchou followed the faint moonlight and looked around,This gentle slope,Not big,There is a dirt road ahead,Wen Hui is referring to a small hill next to the dirt road,I can’t see anything in the dark。
“Let’s lean on。”Uncle Geng ordered,The three spread out and touched forward slowly。
Probably more than 20 meters away from the hill,You can already see the outline of the vehicle,Uncle Geng motioned for the two to stop,The car stopped close to the open space under the hill,Very hidden,Also very compact,All off-road vehicles,Turn off all lights,Don’t know if anyone is in the car。
“Me and li are over,Wen Hui is waiting in place。”After Uncle Geng finished speaking, he ran out from behind the hiding vegetation,high speed,quietly。Li Tianchou was taken aback for a moment and got up and ran out from the other direction。
The two were hiding in the rear of different vehicles,Listened for a long time。Uncle Geng moved first,He quickly rushed to the side front door of the cab,Suddenly he stretched out his hand and pulled the door open,Then I heard“what”Exclaimed,Then came“Bang bang”Two violent knocks。
at the same time,Li Tianchou heard a cry from the cab of the crouching vehicle,“What’s going on?grass。”Immediately afterwards, Kata made a sound as if the car door was opened。
Li Tianchou doesn’t know if Uncle Geng succeeds,I can’t hesitate anymore,He slightly probed,Saw the driver stepping out of the car,He rushed twice with his feet,Body rise,The right hand slashed hard on the driver’s neck like a knife。
The two solved the two drivers in an instant,But I didn’t expect there was a driver in the car,He rushed out of the car door and turned around to face Uncle Geng,In shock,This guy saw the black hole in Uncle Geng’s hand before he could shout。

“did you see it?After this guy came back,A blood hole in the forehead,Was photographed with a brick,You show him his brain。”Peng Weihua’s voice came in my ear,This guy just finished treatment,Covered with gauze,Naturally became active again。

In fact, Li Tianzhen’s wound has stopped bleeding and scabs,But Doctor Liu checked and dealt with it carefully before leaving。
at this time,Most brothers have already gone to bed,Zhu Lei is the only one left in the yard、You Shilong、Ryoko,Plus Peng Weihua and Li Tianzhi。
“Go to bed when you are fine。”Peng Weihua obviously has something to discuss,Li Tianzhen doesn’t want to be wordy,But after standing up, I don’t know which room to go to。
“Xiao Li,Your injury is not light,rest well,Why don’t you have a room with me and be quiet,The east one。”You Shilong reaches out,The one at the east end of the first row。
Li Tianzhen is also welcome,Lift leg and walk,He has a lot of things to ponder over,Wishing to leave。
“How long has Xiao Li been to the car dealership??”Watching Li Tianzhen close the door of Dongshou’s room,You Shilong asked Peng Weihua in a low voice。
“Less than three months,Keep following me。What’s up?”
“I think this guy is very good,Very good,Is it reliable??”
“not bad,Introduced by Luo Jun,Have served as a soldier,Uncle has a good impression of him。”
“Oh?Uncle met him?”
“Are you nonsense?Why do we break up with Biao Qi?Why did you go to Fushan where the birds don’t shit??Tell you the truth,Has something to do with this guy。”
“There is such a thing?But Uncle has feelings with the soldiers,There is no way,Uncle Hai is the same temper,But to say it again,Haven’t we been at fault with Biao Qi and Ahao?,It has nothing to do with others, right??”
“grass,Just a few days after you came back,I can’t tell you something,Actually it doesn’t matter much,But it’s interesting,This guy is too rigid,Disabled Biao Qi’s cousin,Demolished another underground casino,Fucking,Killing me,But watching to relieve。”
“Ha ha,It’s a guy,This temper can be dealt with with Uncle Hai。”
“cut,People are also pressed,How can Uncle Hai be so hot?”
“okay,Stop talking about Xiao Li,Talk about what to do tomorrow?I am sleepy。”This is another person’s voice,Li Tianzhen heard Zhu Lei,Although the conversation in the courtyard has been suppressed to a very low level,But he can still hear clearly,I don’t want to listen,The sound keeps in my ears,But it also made Li Tianzhi intuitively understand some of the current status of Yuxing。
Repeated thinking,Li Tianzhen still decided to find a chance to visit Liuyun Temple,Pimple in my heart,It’s always bad to be unclear。
Very late,Several talents in the hospital dispersed,When You Shilong crept open the door and entered the house,Actually the sky is almost bright,Li Tianzhen pretended to be asleep,Then really fell asleep。

Are you here for Jinhae Ling??

Not many people know this,How could you be tricked,It is impossible for Lin Zhaoda to have this alertness,There must be something I don’t know。
Tianshalong is aware of the crisis,That’s why I used the night mist to hide myself。
It should be the thing that killed Lin Zhao,Just watched them from above the clouds。
Lin Zhaoda taught Zhu Minglang to escape,It can be seen that the great teaching is very clear,Zhu Minglang may not be the opponent of that thing now……
The issue is,Can the other party really let me leave??
Escape directly,It’s like giving that guy a chance to attack himself!
The other party is on the cloud,Afraid to approach this island,In all likelihood, I am afraid that the smell is suppressed。
“Back to Magic Island,Mostly some despicable human powerhouse,He is here when we get Zhenhailing,We may suffer too if we go out。”Zhu Minglang said to Tianshalong。
Not sure about the opponent’s true strength……
Can’t fight with it。
What’s more, the Dragon King of Tiansha just entangled with the King of Sea Eagle for so long,Physical energy is consumed。
The opponent must be king-level。
Maybe even more than one。
Only use the smell of the magic island,To deal with each other。
“Zhenhailing has given Han Wan and Lu Yuan a tour,Don’t know how they are now,Afraid。”Zhu Minglang is a little worried。
They left the magic island earlier than themselves,And the strong man who killed Lin Zhaoda’s teachings must have been waiting outside the island……

Guan Tingna hung up this piece of land,The whole venue was silent。No one came out to speak,This is expected。But when Guan Tingna was about to replace the land,Luo Xiaoyi lights up the sign,The lowest price。

Among these people,A commotion。Guan Tingna takes this opportunity,Everyone appreciates Luo Xiaoyi’s vision,And said what is so good about this land。
Just when Guan Tingna pretended to strike a hammer,A hardware boss added 0.5 yuan per square meter。Luo Xiaoyi borrows water to release the boat,She smiled and said:“Mr. Li photographed this plot,It’s actually more useful than mine,Then I will be the beauty of adults”
This place was shot,when7#The first appeared,It became a rush。But this is not to give to whoever pays the highest price,But the highest price cannot exceed the standard price assigned by the development。This is also a kind of control,An action that is beneficial to everyone。
Because someone set an example before,A situation。Because there are more people and less land,In short,There will be two people without land to grab,Because someone shot three plots in a row。
Originally planned to end at eight o’clock,I didn’t expect it to be completed at 7:30。In order to ride the fire,Xia Jian asked Accountant Chen to come up with the pre-prepared contract,Here comes an on-site office。
This can be sloppy,So after the whole thing is finished,It’s nine o’clock。At the banquet,These bosses are happy。There are only two bosses who didn’t grab the land,Xianli is extremely unhappy。
One of the bosses named She found Xia Jian,He cried and said:“President Xia!I’m fromGZCome to your northwest,It’s not easy。Now everyone has grabbed the ground,But I am empty-handed!You have to take care of this”
“President She!You are too conservative,Why not start early?I think you think too much!”Xia Jian laughed and said。
Boss She thought about it:“You are a bit right。But I figured it out now,At the symposium just now,Your leader here told us,You need to repair the airport here。But also a lot of municipal facilities,Do you see if i did it?”
“In addition to the factory, President She,What other industry?”Xia Jian asked seriously。
Boss She said with a smile:“Opening a factory is my side business,My main business is to have an engineering and construction team of more than 200 people。From engineering design to construction completion,My staff is complete”
“OK!Then you leave your business card,There should be business between us”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Boss She left a business card,Then entered the banquet。Such a result is really unexpected,During the toast,Xia Jian asked Guan Tingna to add weight to these people。That is, you must start making money the next day。
Busy all day,Everyone is very tired。Wait for these big guys to stay in the hotel,Xia Jiancai brought Guan Tingna and Bai Li into Yao Junli’s office。