De Municipate-commissie van Shangrao en de gemeentelijke overheid is verantwoordelijk voor kameraden

People’s Network Nanchang 12 december (Zhang Zhibin) Op 12 december dienen kameraden niet langer als secretaris van Shangrao Municipate Party Comité, Permanent Comité, en kameraad; kameraad Qiu Xiangjun is de kandidaat van de burgemeester van de gemeentelijke regering van Shangrao, nomineert de positie van de mensen De burgemeester van kameraad Chen Yun. De benoeming en ontslag van de burgemeester moeten worden afgehandeld volgens de relevante wetgeving.

Chen Yun Resume: Chen Yun, Man, Han Nationaliteit, lid van de Communistische Partij van China, geboren in december 1976, Nanchang, Jiangxi, University Degree.

Studie over computerwetenschap Onderwijs in de computerwetenschap in de Normale universiteit van Jiangxi; Jiangxi Fire Corps Stage (D), het niveau van de plaatsvervangend provincie van het Comité Gemeentelijke Partij; de assistent voor General Manager van Jiangxi International Trust Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager van Jiangxi Investment Group Co, Ltd Director van het bedrijf; het Permanent Comité van Yingtan Municipate Comité van de provincie Jiangxi, plaatsvervangend burgemeester (in dienst); plaatsvervangend burgemeester van Pingxiang Municipal Comité, provincie Jiangxi; Deputy Mayor Jiangxi Provincie Pingxiang Municipal Comité, Jiangxi Provinciale Comité Vice-secretaresse, burgemeesterskandidaat; secretaris, gemeentelijke overheid burgemeester, party secretaris; plaatsvervangend secretaris van het stadscomité van Shangrao van Jiangxi, burgemeester van de gemeentelijke overheid, party secretaresse. (Netwerkinformatie van mensen vanaf 2020) Qiu Xiangjun CV: Qiu Xiangjun, man, Han Nationaliteit, geboren in februari 1968, Jiangxi Niki, januari 1988, januari 2008, juli 1990 nam deel aan het werk, universitair diploma, afgestudeerde legologie PhD. – Jiangxi Normal University Political Education Professional Studies – Cadres van het General Office van de Jiangxi Provinciale Partijcommissie (hier: – Haka, de assistent van de minister van Regering van Changzhen, Jiangxi Province) – Deputy Director of the Meeting Office of the Jiangxi Directeur van provinciale partij van het General Office of the General Office of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Director – Jiangxi Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Office Provincial Department of Anyi County Committee, Demonstuary, Demonstuary, Director of the Anyi County Committee of Jiangxi Province, County Algemeen (Demonis: – Singapore Nanyang University of Science and Technology) – Director van het Anyi County Party Committee van Jiangxi Province De secretaris van het Yixian Committee – Director van de Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (hier: – Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Samenwerken met de Australische Universiteit van Zuid-Australi? om MBA-professionaliteit te cultiveren, een masterdiploma in Business Management – Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Party Work Committee Director van de Secretary and Management Committee-Nanchang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Party Crafts Committee Secretary (- Beginselen van Marxism, Jiangxi Normaal University Shangrao Municipal Comité, Permanent Comité, plaatsvervangend secretaresse (CV van de netwerkinformatie van mensen) (Editor: Rona, Shuai).

China has developed MERS therapeutic antibody will enter clinical research

Airport Tour Inspection The temperature test MERS has been developed antibodies; Guangdong 10 close contacters are still "loss"; South Korea diagnosed patients have reached 18 people, and it is planned to prohibit MERS contacts from being out of the country. Yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Safety Planning Commission is notified, the country The first type of input Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) confirmed cases have tracked to 67 people, still have 10 people.

To address MERS, Beijing Airport Travel Inspection will take a means of temperature measurement, filling in the table.

  In addition, according to Korean media reports, Korean diagnosed patients have reached 18 people, and MERS contacts are prohibited from being prohibited from being out of the country. Guangdong’s large-scale communication risk is very low yesterday, the Guangdong Provincial Safety Planning Commission said that the national first input MERS diagnosed cases still fever, the double lung seepage has increased, the vital signs are basically stable, and the close contact is tracked to 67 People, all take centralized ways to isolate observations, no one will appear discomfort.

There are still 10 people to be lost.

  According to the Shenzhen Municipal Safety Planning Commission, one of the 4 close contacts in the local area is a translation, male, 31 years old, Chinese, living in Baoan District, Shenzhen, from May 26 On the evening of May 27th, he had to eat, with the confirmed cases, with the same meeting. Has been sent to the City Third People’s Hospital for 2 weeks; another 3 people have been in medical observation.

4 close contacts were sampled by the city’s disease control center, and the results were negative for MERS coronavirus nucleic acid.

  Experts have judged that Guangdong MERS has a very low risk of local widely spread. Shenzhen disease control stated that such viral communication has very limited, unless it is closely contacted. So far, there is no evidence that this disease has sustained community spread.

The Beijing News Reporter Li Dandan Beijing Airport Trip Inspection will measuring, fill in the investigation and investigation and quarantine bureau, the current AQSIQ, the Safety Planning Commission and other departments have been jointly issued, and the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is also active Regulatory work in accordance with relevant requirements and will be introduced soon. It is understood that the airport travel inspection will invest suspected MERS symptoms by temperature measurement, filling the form, and will investigate in the bridge, channel, etc.

  What is the monitoring, detection and diagnosis of MERS? The Beijing News reporter learned that Beijing has established a monitoring system for MERS cases as early as 3 years, and there is a laboratory testing ability of MERS viruses. For the detection of the virus, the two-level disease control departments in Beijing, the districts have been detected once, once they found suspected patients with new coronaviruses, will be detected immediately. It is reported that the virus can be "locked" within 6 hours. However, for the first case, the diagnosis of the case must be reported to the Chinese disease control laboratory.

According to the current stipulation, there is a symptom of pneumonia and high fever, and there is a serious breathing, and patients with renal failure. Once there is a history of travel in the Middle East, or have exposed the case of the case to the Middle East, the suspected case of new coronaviral infections. Need to report in time. From the treatment means, it is mainly based on the traditional treatment of the respiratory system disease. Beijing News reporter Wen Wei Li Tingting South Korea 3 cases 1 suspected case death South Korea officially said, as part of the development of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronary virus, the Korean government intends to implement a temporary ban, It is forbidden to leave Korea directly or indirect contact. But there is no more details.

The Minister of Health and Welfare said that "this week will be the key node of the Sino-Eastern Respiratory Syndrome continues to spread or weakened." According to South Korea media reports, the Korean Health and Welfare Department notified on the 1st. On the same day, there were 3 cases of new Sino-Eastern respiratory syndrome, which enhanced the diagnosis case of South Korea’s anti-respiratory syndrome to 18. The health well-being said that as of now, South Korea has not had three infections, all 17 patients are infected by the first patient.

  In addition, a suspected symptom in the diagnosed cases of the first Middle East, the first Middle East, and the disease occurred.

At present, the Korean Health Welfare Department is under the development of the death epidemiological investigation of the death of the patient. The specific situation and death of this death patient are still unclear. Some officials of the Ministry of Health, said that as of the 1st, 715 direct or indirect contacts, 682 people were isolated in the national designated facilities or their own home, and the remaining 33 people were isolated.

According to Xinhua News Agency, MERS Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a viral respiratory disease caused by a new type of coronavirus, which was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

In May 2013, the World Health Organization named this new coronavirus infection with "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome".

  The source of the infected source of bat camel livestock is not fully clear.

However, in Egypt, Qatar and Saudi camels were isolated from a virus strain that matched with human virus strains. There may be other hosts. Infectious mode The current MERS is dominated by foam, close contact propagation. MERS contagism is less than SARS to so far, there is no evidence that there is sustained community spread. Symptoms of Symptoms, patients with breathing syndrome are generally diagnosed with 2-14 days after infection. Acute severe respiratory disease symptoms, including fever, cough, gas promotion, and difficulty breathing, etc., most patients have pneumonia.

Patients with weaker immunity can have atypical symptoms such as diarrhea.

The severe cases can be developed as respiratory failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome or multi-organ failure, and some cases can have renal failure and death.

  The World Health Organization is pointed out that diabetes, renal failure, chronic pulmonary disease and immune loss are considered to be a high-risk person who belongs to the severity of the Middle East respiratory syndrome.

  More than 20 countries and regions reported 1150 cases of death, 431 deaths were concentrated in the Middle East. The resulting rate of death rates as of May. , Oman, Qatar and Yemen; Egypt and Tunisia in Africa; Europe, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom; Asia’s Philippines, Malaysia, and North America.

  The diagnosis cases of the South Korea’s anti-respiratory syndrome are currently increased to 18 people. Of the 715 direct or indirect contacts, 682 people were isolated, and the remaining 33 people were isolated.

  China Guangdong traces 67 close contacts, all take centralized ways to isolate observations, and no one will appear discomfort. There are currently 10 people have not contacted.

  Prevention means ● Wash hands frequently; try to avoid close contact with respiratory infection symptoms. ● Keep the air in the indoor or transportation. ● Try to avoid trading to animal feeding, slaughtering, raw meat products trading venues and wild animals habitat. ● The symptoms of respiratory infection are timely medical treatment, try to avoid close contact with others.

  About the above information According to the Chinese government network, Xinhua Net, etc. What is the MERS mortality? There are many days behind the medical level; the intervention is declining early; the antibody will enter the clinical study The total number of MERS in MERS in the world has reached a thousand cases, and the mortality rate is close to 40%, almost 3 times SRAS. In this regard, Wang Linghang, deputy director of the Infection Center of Beijing Ditan Hospital, said that many cases occur in some areas where medical standards are not developing, and the current statistical mortality cannot reflect the mortality level after synthesis. In the early stage of SARS, the mortality rate is also relatively high, but after a period of understanding and standardization, the mortality rate decreases accordingly. Wang Linghang said that although MERS virus is more toxic, its contagious is weak, and the transmission efficiency is lower than SARS.

MERS has been three years, but it still presents the characteristics of dissemination, and does not cause large area concentration. Wang Linghang introduced that China’s prevention of infectious disease prevention and control is no problem with the prevention and treatment of H1N1, Ebola and other input cases. In fact, infectious diseases have three elements, infective sources, transmission pathways, and susceptible people. As long as you do control infection, cut off the pathway, protect the susceptible crowd, then infectious diseases are conventional.

  Wang Linghang said that in the treatment, there is no special effects for new viruses. However, if an early detection of cases and intervention intervention, the mortality can also decline. The Beijing News reporter learned yesterday that my country has developed a number of therapeutic antibodies and polypeptide drugs, but all in the laboratory level, the next step will enter clinical studies. I was introduced to reporters, and the Graduate Group of Gaofu led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences began to study MERS antibodies in 2013. The MERS virus has been clarified to invade the host cell.

  As a member of the Gaoff Academician Research Group, I introduced the reporter that the current research group has developed corresponding therapeutic antibodies that have emerged on the mouse model, but is still in the laboratory stage, the next step will enter the clinical experiment.

In addition, large-scale production of antibodies also requires a certain level of production.

Chongqing Ois’s "Zhibo Effect" worker minus two% of production capacity

八月十七日,奥的斯机电重庆工厂,镭雕机器人正在控制面板上进行雕刻。 记者张锦辉摄\视觉重庆  第四届智博会召开在即。

In the past, 3 consecutive Zhibo, how is it for economic communication? How big is the Chongqing company? On August 17th, the world’s top 500 companies – Otys Mechanical and Electrical Chongqing Factory (under Chongqing O’S) specialize in Chongqing Daily, inviting reporters to the smart factory to experience the "Zhibo effect" on the spot.

  The reporter saw that the robot turned the wrist handwrace to engrave product information on the metal plate; dozens of robotic arms rotated fine work; neatly arranged machine tools made a faint blue light full of technology … This factory is not simple, In recent years, it has received 3 reviews "Gold Factory", which has become a leader in dozens of factories in the world of Otters. "In a few years ago, this kind of results didn’t want to think." Chongqing Olympicist Wang Guohai told reporters that in 2016, the factory began to encounter the efficiency and quality double "bottleneck", and the effort is struggling, But it has been difficult to break through. However, today, it is also the factory, the worker has reduced two0%, and the production capacity has doubled, and it is also a global "gold medal."

  Chongqing Ois, with you? "It is Zhishui to open a thinking for the factory management." Wang Guohai said that at the first Zhizhong, the first Zhishui in 2018, the application display of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing helped the management team found the improvement of the improvement and efficiency. The factory began a large scale. Intelligent transformation. For example, driving the use of a warehouse management system, calculating the safety inventory of each material based on big data, which reduces the amount of storage of the material such as board such as board, which can save the factory more than 10 million yuan in warehousing and material costs per year. For example, the automatic detection system is used to detect all self-produced core components such as the control cabinet, the door system, the host, etc., and the deviation of the key characteristic value is controlled within%, greatly enhance the quality of the product.

  However, as big data intelligent waves swept around the world, many factories in Otis are doing intelligent transformations, what is the Chongqing plant stand out? "Every employee of the factory is actively embrace big data intelligence." Wang Guohai told reporters that the key to Chongqing’s Sherei is in people.

The change of people, and the continuous holding of Chongqing is closely related.

Why do you say this? Listen to several employees’ appearance. Intelligent transformation means decomposition, reconstruction, and continuous improvement of the original production process. This process has put forward higher requirements for workers, and they need to adapt to new operations and thinking, and steady from simple labor on the pipeline to operate intelligent equipment. "When we started, our production line workers were conflicted." Liu Lijuan, a team leader in Chongqing, said that in the past, each elevator adopted which configurations, she will compare the paper quality list every day, check each of the production lines The model of the component, often spent half a day; and the automation rate developed by the technical team is higher, it is less likely to make an error, and she is not willing to use.

  "Paper work orders we have used well for more than ten years. For the electronic work orders?" In the face of the indiscrimination of production line workers, the technicians of the MES project team not only organized a small class, but they were in Zhibo. The electronic work order system will improve efficiency, prevent the effect of the accessory error, to listen to the production line workers, also organize theory and practical training, how to boot how to boast the computer, the account is logged in, how to execute and record the production process There is no giant face. With the embarrassment of "Future Factory" on Zhishui, Liu Lijuan and team members are familiar with the basic operation of the MES system in almost a month. Now, Liu Lijuan has no longer uses it to check the work per day. She has more time to teach new people, optimize the production process, and even participate in the design and improvement of the product; the team members also have increased income because the system has increased .

  Also in the Zhishui, there is also a member of the MES project team.

In the face of the mess of the material delivery system, he started thinking with team members: Can you use MES systems in Zhishui to make a large MES system to your factory? As a result, Chen Chun and team members are integrated from the system, integrated to continuous improvement, and achieve interconnection of all material information on the MES system by continuous testing and verification. Once, a supplier’s material information decoding rules were completely different from the Chongqing factory, and the functional implementation of the MES system was hindered. To this end, Chen Chun and colleagues jointly procurement, quality and other departments have been communicated with suppliers for more than 2 months, and finally open the decoding obstacle, so that the Chongqing factory MES system is more smooth and efficient. Our reporter Wang Tianyi (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Achtstapsgebied: versnellen de constructie van speciale steden om de ontwikkeling van alle domeintoerisme te bevorderen

Hezhou Bayu District Heili Tempel Karakteristieke stadsgeschiedenis De geschiedenis is diep, en heeft een groot aantal jade folk, osmanthus geur, Lin Hei City City, achternaam, xu Xing, Western Han oude stadsmuur en andere schilderachtige plekken, de "Millennium oude stad "Is de eerste in China’s eerste speciale stad.

In de afgelopen jaren hecht de acht-sectie sterk belang aan de bouw van gespecialiseerde kleine steden. Volgens de timing van de algemene planning en het ontwerp van het speciale stadje, is de combinatie van de voorouderlijke teelt het doelwit, gecombineerd met de Creatie van nationaal toerisme, het introduceren van sociale fondsen om een ??nationaal visplatform, ontwikkelingskarakteristieke industrie te bouwen, zoals homestay en voedselcultuur.

Op dit moment, het Acht-stappengebied Donggong Science Park, is de plattelandsstijl verbeterd in het zuidwestendorp, de specialiteitenkaartenkampeerbasis, het nationale visserijplatform, het fishing van de Great Bay, de kenmerkende huis, de kenmerken van de klant van de stad Servicecentrum en speciale woonkamer met kleine stad, National Education Base (Wen Temple) komt binnenkort, via projectconstructie bevordert de dynamische beoordeling van speciale kleine steden, alle indicatoren kunnen aan de norm voldoen.

Om de algemene stijl van de Specialiteitenstad te weerspiegelen, voert de wijk Bautou een landelijke stijl uit in het kerngebied van Xiaowei, door het leiderschap van het feest, de dorpsbewoners zijn onafhankelijk en voeren actief de "drieheldere drie?n uit Sloop "Milieu rectificatie-acties.

Op dit moment heeft het woonstadje Hei Street meer dan 55 huizen en gebouwen die niet geco?rdineerd zijn met traditionele kenmerken, en 29 ontmanteling zijn gebouwd.

Re-build Small Towns Woonkamer en klantenservicecentrum, regelen zorgvuldig de woonkamer van de stad, verhoog de introductie van specialiteit Xiaowei, zakelijke diensten, productdisplay, cultureel en entertainment en ontspanning. Op dit moment werken de relevante afdelingen van het achtgedeelte samen, versnellen, versnellen de promotie van projectconstructie, die een sterke kracht en synergie vormen in de constructie van speciale kleine steden, en het kerngebied is ge?mplementeerd in vierkante kilometers en de investerings miljard is voltooid. (Su Huijun, Chen Baoqiang) (Editor: Liu Jia, Pang Guanhua).

Qualified party members must do "three rings"

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "two schools do" learn education, the foundation is learning, the key is doing.

The author believes that it is necessary to do qualified party members, and should be "three rings" in their daily work life.

Quiting soft. The party constitution is the fundamental law of the party, and the total rules must be followed by the whole party. Party members and cadres must always control the party constitution, check themselves, no matter when, where,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The net is open "to cause the loss to soft. In addition, it is necessary to continuously improve the party’s cultivation, unremitting the awareness of the purpose, adhere to the "people’s interests and non-small things, and the service for the people to serve", in the maintenance of the interests, not only "can be seen in the normal period," There must be "critical moments can be rushed out, and the dangerous juncture can be released", always stand in the position of the mass

Website. "The speed is not reached", and the officer entrepreneurship is most afraid of impatience, and the most needed.

Party members and cadres should be very patient, steady and stabilized, and do not have a job task. When receiving the masses and handling the masses, it should also be astonished.

Some people reflect the problem and handle the transaction, and may have problems such as understanding, emotional excitement, or even misunderstandings, at this time, at this time, party members should be more patient, tolerant, and Like "Love for my parents, I’m sincerely, properly solved, and strive to make the people bring problems, and have satisfied.

Quit. A ringing greed.

"Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way".

It is common desire to make a fortune, but party members must break this idea.

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "When cadres don’t want to make a fortune, you don’t want to make a cadre." Party members cadres must be content in the treatment, not blindly compare, pursue luxury life, once they want to ignite, there will be people In addition, the surrender was paid under the sugar shell.

Second Rings power. "Power is charming". Once the party members and cadres have drilled the right to the right, they will lose their direction, lose their own strength, make a damaged party and the country, damage the people, and lose their own mistakes, and ultimately harm others, and they have a long hate.

Party members and cadres must always remember the "right to be civilian, the right to use", "all the power is from the people, all the power belong to the people", put the people’s interests in the highest position of exercising power , Fair, honest, do things. The ancients: "I am in the three provinces."

As a party member, we must insist on the province, the people in the heart, the brain is there, and keep the identity, firm belief, effectively enhance political awareness, overall consciousness, core awareness, and consciousness, and constantly improve party spirit to the people wholeheartedly , Always do a qualified communist party member. (Author: Department of Organization, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province) (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).

Diagnosed South Tongjiao Railway on Shanxi Restoration

  The Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan October 8 (Reporter Xu Xiong) reporter learned from the rescue site, 21:20 on October 8th, the upper line of the South Tong Du Railway (North direction) that is affected by heavy rainfall (North). At present, the rushing work of Changyuan River Railway Bridge Downline is still working hard. During the National Day holiday that has just passed, Shanxi Province encounters a wide range of persistent heavy rainfall. Among them, the precipitation in the mountains and Xixia County, 2nd to 6th, reaches millimeters, the average daily precipitation, and the maximum precipitation of the day.

At 9:50 on October 6, the tail of the Changyuan River Bridge on the Yixian Station to the Eastern Pu Railway, the Shanxi Station was rushing, the sleeper is suspended, and the upper and down lines are interrupted.

  After the danger, the road land is highly synergistic, personnel, machinery, and material are fast in place. More than 1,500 people’s rescue teams fought, using more than 1,60 units with large-scale machines, unloading the filler stone, stone hormon, and the old trip pillow, etc.

After continuous fighting, the row of the bridge end of the Changyuan River River Railway Bridge was built, and the passenger cars were taken, and the line has been restored.


The first batch of theme education units in Henan Province held a summary meeting to consolidate the deepening achievements to promote theme education

The first batch of theme education units in Henan Province held a summary will consolidate deep achievements to promote theme education and walk deeply on September 26, 2019 10:52 Source: This newspaper (Reporter Liu Yining Zhou Qingsha Li Fenghu Sun Xinwang Green) September 11th to 25 On the day, the first batch of theme education units in our province held a summary meeting of the "unforgettable, remembering the mission", in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s important speech and important instructions on theme education, and conscientiously study General Secretary Xi Jinping Investigate the spirit of Henan’s important speech, surrounding the theoretical learning, the ideological and political baptism, the business entrepreneurship dare to work, the specific goal of the people, the cleaning of the problem, and review the summary of the theme education, and constantly consolidate the results of deepening education, promote Theme education is deep.

Since the development of theme education, the first batch of theme education units have conscientiously implemented the central, provincial committees, grasp the total requirements, adhere to high standards, will learn education, investigate, review problems, and implement key measures such as the topic education, further create The atmosphere of learning, a strict atmosphere, a dry atmosphere, has achieved phased outcomes.

By carrying out the theoretical level of education, the theoretical level and political consciousness of party members and cadres in the provincial high court have a significant improvement, and the issue of a small number of courts is difficult, and the litigation is inconvenient, and the resolution is found in time. The province’s court will continue to adhere to the problem-oriented, the construction of the court team, basically solve the problem of difficult legacy issues, and strongly promote the full development of the second batch of theme education. The Provincial Procuratorate highlights the characteristics, enriching the education carrier, promoting party staff to further strengthen the theoretical armed, firmly believed, and the first of the people, strengthen responsibility, improve discipline style, promote work, and achieve the expected goals. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Procuratorate said that it is necessary to further put the political direction, strengthen the responsibility, improve the ability level, and improve the effectiveness of the procuratorial work. The Provincial Public Security Department launched the organization to conduct a good theme education as a major political task, and promoted the theme education and turned deeply and achieved phased outcomes.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Public Security Department said that it is necessary to continue to do a good job in rectification, and earnestly do "time limit, often education, often educate", with practical inspection theme education results. The province’s public security organs should take the "one village (grid) one police" as the starting point, and comprehensively maintain the social security overall situation. The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Organization of the Provincial Party Committee said that through improving the system mechanism, the provincial and improvement of the system, the establishment of model organs, organized "five-to-one disputes" activities, and transform the theme education into the specific action of the service overall situation. It is necessary to firmly grasp the core tasks around the center, build a team, serve the masses. Adhere to political responsibility, rectification standards are not reduced, work strength is not reduced, the rectification team is not depleted, and the ancestors of the theme education is transformed into the powerful power of the party building work. .

The relevant person in charge of the province and its directly affiliated units, and 36 provincial state-owned enterprises have said that it is necessary to use the first batch of theme education results, solve the problem of the masses to the most urgent, and ensure the continued theme education. Promote, seek effectiveness.

(Editor: Wang Jing, Chang Xuemei) People’s Network Copyright, without using written authorization prohibits it.

Shanxi Bank 10 billion special loan guarantees electric power enterprises to guarantee financing

People’s Network Taiyuan October 16 (Duan Siqi) On the 15th, Shanxi Provincial Financial Office, Provincial Energy Bureau and Shanxi Bank jointly organized coal-powered enterprises in Taiyuan. All the 12 Banks of the Shanxi Bank and 12 branches all over the country have participated in the financing demand with more than 20 coal-electricity companies in the scene. Since this year, it has been superimposed by factors such as the rapid rise in energy, the rapid rise of coal demand, has tense in coal and power supply nationwide, which brings great challenge to the stable development of the national economy; in October, Shanxi Province has encountered strong precipitation, province There is a plurality of geological disasters such as internal, landslide, collapse, some coal enterprises, electric companies are affected, coal, and power supply are more severe.

In order to ensure that the internal coal-electricity enterprises in Shanxi Province play the role of energy security "crimping stone", ensuring high quality of coal-electricity enterprises to complete coal and electricity preservation tasks, Shanxi Bank actively implements the provincial government requirements, the first time and provincial energy The bureau, the provincial financial office communication and coordination, quickly identified the list of 22 electricity enterprises currently financing, and jointly organized the Office of the Silver Enterprise Council on the spot.

At the meeting, Zhao Fu, deputy director of Shanxi Bank, said that the power company will resolutely notify the loan, continuously loan, and the coal-powered enterprises that meet the credit conditions will open up green handling channels, prioritize the investigation and investigation and delivery of loans, and improve financial services.

In addition, Shanxi Bank will take a special loan scale of 10 billion yuan to protect the financing of electric companies. Shanxi Bank took the initiative to respond positively.

The two sides will strengthen communication in docking cooperation, deepen understanding, enhance mutual trust, and achieve "win-win".

Next, Shanxi Bank will quickly advance to ensure that the eligible coal-electricity enterprises will get credit funds as soon as possible, and the coal-electricity enterprises will take the coal and electricity guarantee. (Editor: Duan Siqi, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Taiyuan subway card related business recovery

  Original title: Subway Card Related Business Recovery Processing September 28thThe refund of the cost of the cost.Passengers use valid documents to the station customer service center to handle subway cards, student cards and other stored value card business.Passengers with subway cards, student cards, carrying subway cards, student cards and ID cards (or account) Original to the station Customer Service Center to activate and confirm the account balance.

Passengers who have lost and returned and unreasonable, carry ID card (or account book) original to the station customer service center registration of refund information, 15 working days to check the registration information point for refund.

(Reporter Chen Jian Li Tao).

The British Health Agency warns the British government to defective defects in the coronavirus.

Xinhua News Agency, London, October 7 (Reporter Guo Shuang) According to a report issued by the England Public Health Bureau on the 7th, 5 years ago, the British senior health official warned after conducting epidemic simulation exercises, the British government There may be defects in terms of possible coronavirus.

The English National Health Department Clinician Moussa Karexi announced the official document of the British government’s 7 epidemic exercises in 2015 to 2018, including "Alice" coronavirus communication exercises. Report. Karech believes that "Alice" exercises "can help the UK prepare for new crown epidemics, but leaders in the country of politicians and medical health are failed to take action."

On February 15, 2016, the British Ministry of Health, England National Health Department and the England Public Health Bureau implemented "Alice" exercises, simulating the Middle East respiratory syndrome in London and Birmingham appearing in London and Birmingham, quickly spread and finally popular scenes .

Some key defects mentioned in the exercise report have become the real problem of the United Kingdom after the new crown epidemic.

For example, the necropathy outbreak is in the early days of the outbreak, the shortage of personal protective supplies of the British medical staff, and the surge in medical resources caused by the surge in severe and death.

The report clearly called for "Import Port Screening" to curb coronary virus into the UK, and require health officials to develop alternative programs to isolate high-risk populations such as symptoms, asymptomatic.

In addition, the report also pointed out that Britain needs a better system to track contactors of coronaviruses, recommending "a network-based tool … contain real-time databases that contain infected people, their current active status, and other related information."

In August this year, the British government refused to announce this report, saying that "leads the public to the British Government and England National Health Department to lose confidence due to misunderstanding the report." According to the British "Guard" 7th, this previously undisclosed report will trigger a new review of the full preparation of the British public health to the coronary virus.

The epidemic data released on the 7th of the British government showed that the country added 4,070,701 cases of new crown diagnosis in the country, and was diagnosed with 80,46,390 cases; 122 cases of death were added, and 137,417 deaths were accumulated.

(Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Wu Chengliang) Sharing let more people see.