“Well,I leave the sword spirit dragon here to protect you。”Zhu Minglang said。

Li Xinghua shook his head,Tao,“I will be fine。”
“Hurry up,What are you still grinding?,People are fortune-tellers,You wish Minglang died a thousand times in the cycle of fate,She won’t lose a hair。”Mr. Koi’s impatient way。
Say so,Zhu Minglang still left the two guardians of Black Tooth and Qingzhuo,Ensure the safety of Li Xing painting,I carry the sword spirit dragon and the ice white dragon,Killed under that piece of suspended cliff!
In fact,It’s relatively correct to shoot now。
Many mourning dragons are still climbing those vines,They don’t have any evil spirits,This means that the strength of this large group of lost dragons at this time is only at the general level!
Stop them,Kill before gaining the power of the fruit of enlightenment,It’s definitely easier to deal with afterwards.。
Besides, even Mr. Koi thinks good things……
Not take all away,Not in line with the usual style of walking!
First281chapter Cat and mouse game
Bingchen and White Dragon in front,Carrying a cloud of white ice mist,Spread over this piece of suspended cliff。
It’s weird,If ordinary vegetation encounters such extreme ice breath,Will immediately freeze into vine frost,These vines seem to be unaffected,It’s just that there is a little hoarfrost on the turquoise rattan bark。

I even ignored my eyes!

This kind of boring person,Fang Yu didn’t want to bother!
First115chapter Fish in troubled waters?
During supper。
Fang Yu eats silently,And didn’t talk to Shu Ling again。
After all, Shu Tong was here just now,A bit unpleasant!
Nguyen Wu,Come to interact with Fang Yu from time to time,Also asked some professional knowledge。
“Doctor Ruan……What’s the problem,I can go back to the hospital tomorrow,I can answer one by one!”
Fang Yu seriously。
“Can’t tomorrow……I have to work on other things too!Doctor Fang,It’s hard to wait until one day you are free……”Ruan Wu looks sincere。
Fang Yu didn’t say more。
After supper。
Fang Yu bid farewell to everyone,Seeing Shu Ling lying on the table alone,Frown slightly。
Just now,Fang Yu didn’t blame Shu Ling much。

And Leo’s original brothers,Seeing Leo recover West Cohen,Full of energy。

This shows that Leo is very powerful,Followed a powerful boss,That’s a lot of benefits。
A few times,Si Keen was simply bandaged,Then Le Aoqiang took him to the handover。
Next thing,Leo is handed over to Telangot,Trang is still very reliable,Well-measured。
No problem!
“Konishi,Hurry up and tell me where all your treasures are hidden?”Just walked in,Leo took Si Keen and asked。
Si Keen smiled awkwardly:“Boss,I lied to you just now,Actually all the belongings are in the warehouse,I did not hide!”
“Really?”Leo looked at Seacoen suspiciously。
Leo sneered,Then suddenly he grabbed a cadre of Si Keen’s former staff。
“tell me,Is there a private vault before Si Keen??”
The cadre looked at Si Keen,Look at Leo again,Don’t know what to do。
Leo immediately added:“Think clearly,Who is the boss now,Who are you fucking with!”
“Have!”The cadre spoke without hesitation。
Leo finished,Sneer and look at West Cohen。
Si Keen was in a hurry:“You bastard,Do not talk nonsense,How can you be innocent out of thin air?A person like me,How could there be a small vault?”
Leo doesn’t even say much,Bring in a cadre again,There is no doubt that this cadre also pointed out that Si Keen has a small treasury。
Point to these cadres who tell the truth:Leo asked:

“May be a bit of newborn jaundice,It will be fine after a while,Xia Shuyue is so pretty,Her child will not be ugly,Just wait for a long time to open。”

“That’s also,It’s just that I think babies should be as good-looking as on TV,White and fat,And laugh at the corners of the mouth。”
“Think too much,The baby I photographed should be at least one month old,Are already open。”
“Ha ha,may be。”
At this moment,Auntie brought a bowl of chicken soup,In front of Zhang Siwei。
Wu Lusheng smiled,“The soup stewed for two hours,Also added medicinal materials,You have a bowl,You are too busy recently,Pay attention to the body,Also go home early,Rest more。”
Zhang Siwei took a sip,Nod and smile to auntie,“thank you。”
Auntie waved her hand and walked away,Wu Lusheng whispered,“You are all divorced,Try not to eat with Zhao Gang in the future,Everyone is an adult,It will inevitably have a bad effect,I met his wife the other day,Must have come to me on purpose,Cry to me,Said Zhao Gang was going to cheat,You are the one who is talking about。”
Zhang Siwei disagrees,“Her nerves are nervous,She and Zhao Gang are college classmates,Zhao Gang has always liked her,My relationship with Zhao Gang,She doesn’t know。”
“Woman,You and Zhao Gang are too close,It’s normal for her to be jealous,You just need to spend less time with him in the future,Don’t make trouble。”Wu Lusheng said。
Zhang Siwei took a sip of soup,“difficult!I will definitely be close to Zhao Gang in the short term,Something big happened to his dad’s company,Can’t jump out after being dug。”
Wu Lusheng sees Zhang Siwei,“You think too much,Not to,What family background is your Uncle Zhao?,You still don’t know?What can happen?What a pit,Can’t bury his house,Zhao Gang’s father has been in business for many years,What scene,I’m afraid that someone will dig a hole for him?”
Zhang Siwei sternly said,“Really,mom,This time it was very serious,Zhao Gang’s house may not get up,It can be said to be a real bankruptcy。”
“Really,It was a mysterious big man who gave him the fake formalities,They had cooperated for many years before,So no doubt,And then signed a supply contract with the next family,Now Uncle Zhao will not only lose money,May also be convicted。”Zhang Siwei said everything he knew。

A Heavenly Dragon has opened his mouth,There will definitely be countless Tianlong people coming from behind。

joke,How can you let Charross act alone??
Their dozens and hundreds of idle dragons can bear to see Charl Rose pretending to be forced?
“And every time I put a monster slightly taller than before!”
Leo has already thought about hunger marketing,Ordinary monsters, Tianlongren, sell them when they come。
But these are definitely not as good as those before,At this time Leo was embarrassed to say that he had a better one,But the price is expensive……
Needless to say,Leo can think of the face of the Tianlongren。
expensive?You tell me how expensive is it?
Who do you look down on!
buy,Definitely want to buy,As long as it can make my monster more powerful than other Dracos,Buy it at any price。
So little,A little bit,Leo feels that one day he can use the essence of life to raise fish,And be a sea king。
“You can also donate Bailey to the Navy,So people in the navy have nothing to say!”
Perfect plan。

Inhale,Five strands of flame were inhaled by Li Ming,Then pierced through the body。

Five flames,Some are full of life,Some are as gorgeous as the stars,Some are pure heat,Some have a chill that has not changed for billions of years。
Five Eternal Sacred Fire,Under Li Ming’s control, it wanders in the body。
Five flame powers of disagreement,Subtly combined,Burning Li Ming’s flesh and blood,At the same time, these flesh and blood quickly recovered。
This incineration,One fix,But it made Li Ming’s body resist‘fire’Stronger,Can carry the backlash of supernatural powers。
Li Ming took out a gourd,Unplug,Grumblingly pour a huge amount of Chaos Spirit Liquid into the belly。
More than 90% of Chaos Spirit Liquid is used to assist the restoration of the divine body。
And the remaining 10%,But it’s all the chest positions that poured into the body,And mana,Divine power,It is the power to tear out five eternal sacred fire,To form a subtle rune。
This rune,Hidden View,Like a lotus in full bloom。
The lotus mark has five colors,Divided into five petals,At first glance, it looks a bit similar to the blue and white mark in the sea of Li Ming.。
“Five Cloud Lotus Seal,Condensation!”
The lotus mark of the five aggregates,Just now is the essence of this magical power,Form a lotus mark,It’s like opening up a golden pill,Divine power is stored here,After a series of complex transformations,Power surge。
“One to two!”With Li Ming’s heart moving,This lotus mark turns slightly,Split from five lotus,Ten lotus flowers!
“Two to three。“Ten becomes twenty!

do not know why,Zhu Minglang thinks that Qin Yang has a lot of explanation。

First of all,Nan Lingsha asked this person,I definitely don’t think this woman has anything to do with herself,It’s that she is obviously interested in this kind of extraordinary mortal,Besides, the other party is also a woman!
Secondly,Zhu Minglang can’t remember who this woman is。
Back in the Sword Sect of Miaoshan,He only remembered a big sister who was really beautiful,Teach yourself a lesson,That woman’s sword state is probably comparable to Zhu Xuehen。
In appearance……The girl just now resembles the fierce sword aunt。
“Can you deal with her,Mianshan Jianzong is also our enemy in this competition。”Zhu Minglang asked。
Nan Lingsha did not answer,But the glitter in the beautiful eyes has already told Zhu Minglang the answer。
It seems that there is only this kind of king-level gods,To make her really interested。
Aside,Fu Xu touched his nose,As the chief disciple of Canglong Temple,He feels like he has become an insignificant role in front of these people……
But since everyone doesn’t mean to fight now,Then he doesn’t need to be impatient。
He walked down the hillside,Passed by the crowd of mortals who were beaten up and down by the female disciples of the Mianshan Sword Sect。
The two female disciples of Mianshan Jianzong seem to want to clean up with Fu Xumei,Fu Xumei didn’t fight with them,He easily got rid of these two female disciples who hit everybody,Walk towards the depths of the tomb of the Ninth Army。
Zhu Minglang、Nan Lingsha、Qin Yang also goes forward。
Interestingly,Those two female disciples recognized Zhu Minglang,They hold the sword in their hands,Like an enemy!
I wish Minglang passed by them,Didn’t mean to touch them,They just breathed out a long sigh。
A moment later,The short hair woman suddenly remembered something,Tao:“Since he has no sword repair,What we are afraid of?”
“Yes,Then you catch up?”

“something,So I didn’t have time to tell you……”

Fang Yu helpless。
Jiang Wan’er cleaned up all night last night。
If Fang Yu goes to eat supper,,Can’t help but take her。
“That’s it……Why don’t I invite you to dinner at noon?,I specially asked for a break at noon!”Ruan Wu earnestly said。
Fang Yu nodded。
Anyway, there is no Jiang Wan’er,Then it’s okay!
Don’t come,There is no explanation everywhere。
Jiang Yiyun is okay。
But the hospital,Everyone will know。
“This operation,You help me refer……What needs to be prepared?”
Ruan Wu handed the patient’s information to Fang Yu,Asked。
Fang Yu took a look,According to the data,Just an ordinary operation。
No big problem!
“You can follow your usual standard……take it easy,I’ll be your deputy today!”Fang Yu Shen said。
“Doctor Fang……you,Really willing?”
Nguyen Wu surprised。
Fang Yu is already a famous doctor in the hospital。

This box,Naturally, his suitcase,that,In other words,Hope to save Yang Yinyin!

“Where is the box?”Qin Feng asked,There is a bit of cold blood in the words,As long as the other party doesn’t say anything,It is possible,The taste of beating the opposite person。
“what,you are,Qin Feng?”Lin Youwei asked,Because I only care about the box,Except for this disgusting man,I guess there is no one else?
“Yes Yes Yes,I am Qin Feng,Hurry up,The box you said,Do you have any news?Say it。”Qin Feng’s scorching look,But nothing is rude。
Because this problem is my own,If you still offend others,Then it’s a bit thankless,Not to mention this tigress,If this knot is offended,Isn’t that wearing shoes for myself??
The gain would not be worth the loss, so although Qin Feng is anxious,but,Not offended。
“Box,This one is in the taxi driver’s car,But not anymore,It seems to be at the driver’s house?”
“I’m not so sure either,I just caught people back,what happened?Is this box so important,Not just some accessories?”Lin Youwei is also very curious,This is not the first time Qin Feng has paid attention to the box。
This is the first time,Someone just cares about things,Don’t care about those people。
“Where is the driver’s home?”
“in,What are you doing?You are a common people!Do you want to steal from his house?”
Lin Youwei asked professionally,Although I know from Yang Yinyin,Qin Feng is not like an ordinary person,But you told me to steal something in front of a law enforcement officer,Does this take me too far?
If you really want to go,You still want to discuss with me,Ask me if i go?Although your things at that time,But in someone else’s house,You go get it,That’s stealing!
“Why is it so annoying!”Qin Feng has the urge to beat others,But it was forcibly suppressed the dissatisfaction in my heart。

“Hasn’t any model’s annual sales reached this level??”

“Don’t say26Ten thousand,I remember the highest record is less than20Ten thousand……”
This result comes out,It’s like pouring a scoop of water into an already boiling oil pan,The reporters exploded in an instant,No more interview discipline,Non-stop discussion!
Although everyone understands,This one26Wan’s annual sales is just a theoretical sales,Can Chrysler Automobiles guarantee this daily sales in the future?、Can their production capacity keep up,These are hard to say,but……
before this,There has never been a model that can achieve such annual sales!
If Chrysler“family”Can really reach26Million annual sales,This model created a new myth in the American auto industry!
The reporters present except professional auto media reporters,And media reporters from other industries,Many of them《New York Times》、《Washington post》Top American newspapers,Not all reporters are familiar with the sales data of the US auto industry、Sales records are as precious,But it does not matter,Under the explanation of reporters from professional automotive media,The reporters present quickly learned the significance of this sales figure……
make a record!
Created a successor to FordTThree-year sales500After the record of ten thousand vehicles,U.S. auto companies’ sales records on a single model!
After creating a World War II,Sales record of a single model in the U.S. auto market!
But this is not the most important meaning,The most important thing is,Because of the oil crisis,Sales of the four major U.S. auto giants are declining,Suffering、When thinking hard about where to solve the problem,Chrysler launched“family”,This is a true American car,For American auto companies that have been distressed about whether to learn Japanese man-made cheap cars,This model is tantamount to finding a breakthrough for the confused American automobile manufacturer who is looking for a breakthrough.。
“I think,In the context of the current era,Chrysler‘family’The meaning of,No less than FordTThe significance of the model car to that era。”From《New York Times》Reporter Kate·Bevin told other reporters。
This rating is so high,But it won the unanimous approval of the reporters,They nodded together。
The spirited Li·Iacocca said loudly:“What i want to say is,Even if‘family’The daily production capacity has exceeded700Ten thousand,We still have a backlog of orders for more than 30,000 vehicles,and so,Next Chrysler will improve its production lines、Adjustment,Transfer production capacity to‘family’,Our goal is to‘family’Increased daily production capacity to900Vehicles!”