This box,Naturally, his suitcase,that,In other words,Hope to save Yang Yinyin!

“Where is the box?”Qin Feng asked,There is a bit of cold blood in the words,As long as the other party doesn’t say anything,It is possible,The taste of beating the opposite person。
“what,you are,Qin Feng?”Lin Youwei asked,Because I only care about the box,Except for this disgusting man,I guess there is no one else?
“Yes Yes Yes,I am Qin Feng,Hurry up,The box you said,Do you have any news?Say it。”Qin Feng’s scorching look,But nothing is rude。
Because this problem is my own,If you still offend others,Then it’s a bit thankless,Not to mention this tigress,If this knot is offended,Isn’t that wearing shoes for myself??
The gain would not be worth the loss, so although Qin Feng is anxious,but,Not offended。
“Box,This one is in the taxi driver’s car,But not anymore,It seems to be at the driver’s house?”
“I’m not so sure either,I just caught people back,what happened?Is this box so important,Not just some accessories?”Lin Youwei is also very curious,This is not the first time Qin Feng has paid attention to the box。
This is the first time,Someone just cares about things,Don’t care about those people。
“Where is the driver’s home?”
“in,What are you doing?You are a common people!Do you want to steal from his house?”
Lin Youwei asked professionally,Although I know from Yang Yinyin,Qin Feng is not like an ordinary person,But you told me to steal something in front of a law enforcement officer,Does this take me too far?
If you really want to go,You still want to discuss with me,Ask me if i go?Although your things at that time,But in someone else’s house,You go get it,That’s stealing!
“Why is it so annoying!”Qin Feng has the urge to beat others,But it was forcibly suppressed the dissatisfaction in my heart。

“Hasn’t any model’s annual sales reached this level??”

“Don’t say26Ten thousand,I remember the highest record is less than20Ten thousand……”
This result comes out,It’s like pouring a scoop of water into an already boiling oil pan,The reporters exploded in an instant,No more interview discipline,Non-stop discussion!
Although everyone understands,This one26Wan’s annual sales is just a theoretical sales,Can Chrysler Automobiles guarantee this daily sales in the future?、Can their production capacity keep up,These are hard to say,but……
before this,There has never been a model that can achieve such annual sales!
If Chrysler“family”Can really reach26Million annual sales,This model created a new myth in the American auto industry!
The reporters present except professional auto media reporters,And media reporters from other industries,Many of them《New York Times》、《Washington post》Top American newspapers,Not all reporters are familiar with the sales data of the US auto industry、Sales records are as precious,But it does not matter,Under the explanation of reporters from professional automotive media,The reporters present quickly learned the significance of this sales figure……
make a record!
Created a successor to FordTThree-year sales500After the record of ten thousand vehicles,U.S. auto companies’ sales records on a single model!
After creating a World War II,Sales record of a single model in the U.S. auto market!
But this is not the most important meaning,The most important thing is,Because of the oil crisis,Sales of the four major U.S. auto giants are declining,Suffering、When thinking hard about where to solve the problem,Chrysler launched“family”,This is a true American car,For American auto companies that have been distressed about whether to learn Japanese man-made cheap cars,This model is tantamount to finding a breakthrough for the confused American automobile manufacturer who is looking for a breakthrough.。
“I think,In the context of the current era,Chrysler‘family’The meaning of,No less than FordTThe significance of the model car to that era。”From《New York Times》Reporter Kate·Bevin told other reporters。
This rating is so high,But it won the unanimous approval of the reporters,They nodded together。
The spirited Li·Iacocca said loudly:“What i want to say is,Even if‘family’The daily production capacity has exceeded700Ten thousand,We still have a backlog of orders for more than 30,000 vehicles,and so,Next Chrysler will improve its production lines、Adjustment,Transfer production capacity to‘family’,Our goal is to‘family’Increased daily production capacity to900Vehicles!”

“Actually it’s plain,Is to be true to heroes,Just treat your hero sincerely,Both parties take what they need,Grow together,I care if you are innocent or black。”Lu Menglin on the side said coldly。

Mu Feiyan frowned,Took a look at Lu Menglin,Tut:“Seems to make sense。I also want to get such a handsome hero to play。”
Chapter VIII Tortoise
Listen to him,All the talents present are relieved。
If this summoning hero can only be summoned by a boy with a heart of innocence,Then more than half of the people present are inappropriate,Everyone, wash and sleep early!
Lu Menglin ignored Mu Feiyan’s molesting,But smile,Tao:“Actually, everyone here doesn’t understand the hero,At least not fully understand the role of heroes。Let me show you one or two directly!”
The voice has not fallen,Lu Menglin gently raised his hand,A silver halo was released from the palm,Across the air,Fell on the old tree outside the hall。
Once the aperture touches the trunk,Immediately turned into a little light spot scattered,Like a goddess scattered flowers,Little bit,Like snow。
“This is one of the skills of your god nation mage,If i call it wrong,It should be called the temptation halo?”Lu Menglin’s voice came slowly。
Among the representatives of the major families present,Of course there is a mage profession present,They watched,Then nodded。
One of the young female wizards from the Nan family smiled:“Not bad!Is indeed a halo of temptation。But the hero’s casting speed is so fast,Anyway, much faster than me。”
The female mage who is talking is just 30th level,She represents the backbone of Hongliu City。
Everyone realized,The hero’s casting speed was really fast,Almost just stretched out his hand to release the aura of temptation。
“I will not hide it from you,I used this trick the day before yesterday,Luckily triggered the stiffness effect,He helped He Bu slash that Qin Chusheng。”Lu Meng said eloquently。
When everyone heard this,More immersive,Because the sword cut Qin Chusheng,That was the fame battle of the young hero He Bu,The entire Red Willow City is going crazy。
It is said that He Bu’s strength was obviously weaker than Qin Chusheng, who had the white tiger battle line.,result《Summon hero》A magical skill,Reverse the situation immediately,Cut Qin Chusheng with a single blow,Make the whole city happy。
original,Here is the secret of He Bu’s victory!Yes《Light of temptation》The resulting aura of temptation triggers the stiffness effect,Qin Chu was born with blood mold。

Time passes bit by bit,The sky is getting darker,The long street under the dim yellow street lamp,Looks a little deserted。

This time period,The students go home from school long ago,And the workers in the morning shift also went home to rest。Empty on the road,Only a few pieces of confetti blown by the evening breeze are still drifting unwillingly。
Lu Menglin led everyone downstairs at Secretary Sun’s house,All four of them are hiding on the side of the flowerbed by the roadside,Silently watching the movement upstairs in the unit。
Although I don’t know why Lu Menglin is so anxious,But the other three did not ask much,Because they believe in Lu Menglin’s mind and judgment,And this tense atmosphere at the moment,Has deeply infected them,No time to think about other things。
The lights in the unit stairwell are on,A group of adults came downstairs noisily。
Lu Menglin and the others immediately raised their spirits,Carefully watched the exit of the unit building。
One,Two,Three,Five,These drunk middle-aged people staggered out of the stairs,Chat and laugh loudly,Scolding。
“Where’s your dad?”Lu Menglin asked。
Wang Shaoxiao looked surprised,Actually shook his head,Tao:“No one!He seems not down yet。”
This little detail,Let Lu Menglin’s heart cast a more shadow,He has an unknown hunch。
“Can’t wait,You go up and knock on the door,Just say you are Wang Shaoxiao,Ask if your dad is。”Lu Menglin quickly said。
“what?Don’t do this?I ran up like this,strange。”Wang Shaoxiao mumbled。
“are you going?I will go if I don’t go!”Lu Menglin widened his eyes,Said fiercely。
Wang Shaoxiao was stared by him,Stare,Nodded,Got up and walked towards the unit building。
Wang Shaoxiao grinds into the apartment building of Secretary Sun’s house,Start up the stairs。
Secretary Sun lives on the sixth floor,Wang Shaoxiao only went up to the third floor,The few people below suddenly found,The lights in the stairwell on the sixth floor are on。
A figure stumbled out of Secretary Sun’s house,Holding the stairs,Step by step downstairs。

“well!You are indeed stronger than Li Huan,I underestimated you just now,I apologize to you。But the next wave,You have no chance。This is years ago,We knife brothers who are born and die,Even the army that invaded our territory was repelled by the masters of our knife gang.”

Master Dao couldn’t help feeling,Even in Li Huan’s opinion,Master Dao seems to have entered a state of remembering the past。
But when Li Huan looked at Qin Feng, he couldn’t help swallowing。
Because he knew what he saw was only the afterimage of Qin Feng left in place。
“This speed,Too fast!The naked eye can’t keep up!Is this still human?”
Master Dao was woken up after two seconds。
“Hey,Master Dao!”Qin Feng deliberately walked to the side of Master Dao and shouted,Frightened Master Dao almost fell to the ground。
“you!Why are you here?”
Master Dao is puzzled,Logically,Qin Feng should not be able to get close to him,After all, the sniper is preparing in the four corners,Once Qin Feng wants to attack him,The sniper will shoot。
But now.
“All right,Forget it,I have solved all your people,Including four snipers hiding in the dark!”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,At this moment, Master Dao’s hand couldn’t help shaking。
Because Master Dao understands what this sentence means。
In other words,Qin Feng cracked all his preparations,Even if Qin Feng wants to kill him,He will have no means of resistance。
“I will die?”

Tongyu Communication (002792): 5G antenna leader is about to enter the fast track of growth

Tongyu Communication (002792): 5G antenna leader is about to enter the fast track of growth
Core point of view 5G highly flexible varieties, greet huge growth potential.Tongyu Communication is a manufacturer of base station antennas, radio frequency devices and microwave antennas in mobile communication systems. It is a leader in the field of base station antenna segmentation.The company’s industry is affected by the influence of the operator’s capital expansion, and the company’s operating performance has been dragged down in the past few years.When the new round of network construction potential comes, the performance of companies in the industry can often reflect high flexibility.Facing the potential of 5G, according to estimates, the company’s profit is expected to maintain a compound growth rate of more than 95% in the next three years. The advantage of scale research and development is an important competitive element of the company.In the early stages of technological progress, the maturity of the various transformations of the industrial chain was not high. In order to ensure the quality of their own product delivery, equipment manufacturers usually choose to cooperate with companies with relatively strong technical strength to jointly promote the development of new products.Therefore, companies with technological advantages can be the first to enter the cooperative supply chain of equipment manufacturers.In this process, the antenna company on the right has a large-scale R & D advantage.Tongyu and several other leading companies ranked R & D in a leading position.We believe that the company’s scale research and development advantage will help the company to obtain a higher market share with the equipment supplier, so that the company can take advantage of technology to enjoy early high profit margin dividends. Excellent cost control capabilities are conducive to maintaining market share.In the period of mature technology and large-scale product scale, the company’s excellent cost control ability is an important factor for the company to maintain market share in equipment manufacturers.The company has improved production and management efficiency by increasing automation costs in all aspects of production, optimizing the production process, and adopting the amoeba business model.As the technology matures, the company is still expected to maintain a high level of competitiveness in the competition. Financial Forecast and Investment Recommendations We predict that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in the years 19-21 will be 1.19/2.70/4.33 trillion, the corresponding gain is 0.35/0.80/1.29 yuan.Given that the company’s 5G products will start to scale in 2020 and contribute major revenue,武汉夜生活网 referring to the adjusted P / E ratio of 33 times for the comparable company in 2020, given the company’s forecasted annual net profit growth rate will be higher earlier, it will be given a 15% evaluation premium and 38 times the P / E ratio.The corresponding target price is 30.40 yuan, the first coverage given to “overweight” rating. Risk warnings: 5G construction progress and company-equipment cooperation fall short of expectations, profitability declines rapidly, and sudden systemic risks in the sector

Ping An of China (601318) Company Quarterly Review: Outstanding Investment Performance New Business Value Rate Increases Significantly

Ping An of China (601318) Company Quarterly Review: Outstanding Investment Performance New Business Value Rate Increases Significantly

Investment Highlights: Ping An Life Insurance’s product structure has been optimized, although the premiums of its life and health insurance business in the first quarter fell by 10 per year.

8%, but the new business value still achieved 6% positive growth, and the new business value rate was 36.

8%, an increase of 5 per year.


We expect the growth rate of new business value in 2019 to reach more than 10%.

Ping An Property & Casualty’s life insurance business has grown steadily. Fintech has improved its efficiency and estimates. It is expected that it will continue to decipher in the future.

Ping An of China announces first quarter report for 2019: 1) Ping An of China achieved operating profit of USD 341 million in the first quarter of 2019, a year-on-year increase of 21%; net profit attributable to mothers of USD 45.5 billion, a gradual increase of 77%;USD 318 million, an increase of 4 per year.

2%, 2) Ping An’s net assets at the end of the first quarter of 2019 reached 599.1 billion, an increase of 7 from the end of 18 years later.


3) Ping An Life’s new business in the first quarter was worth 21.6 billion yuan, an annual increase of 6.


The high growth of net profit attributable to mothers is mainly due to the improvement in investment returns driven by the growth of the equity market.

1) Annual growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers: life insurance (123%), property insurance (77%), banks (13%), trusts (16%), securities (31%), other asset management (18%)Technology (-24%).

2) The size of the company’s insurance fund investment portfolio is nearly 2.

88 trillion, an increase of 3 from the beginning of the year.


Annualized net investment yield in the first quarter3.

9% (3 in the same period in 2018.

7%), with an annualized total investment yield of 5.

1% (3 in the same period in 2018.


Life insurance: Optimized product structure and significantly increased NBV margin.

1) In the first quarter, the company proactively adjusted its product structure and focused on the operation of high-value products. In the first year of life insurance and health insurance business, premiums decreased by 10 each year.


2) The new business value rate is 36.

8%, an increase of 5 per year.

The increase in the new business value rate was mainly due to the company’s reduction in the sales of short-term savings products, and more emphasis on the sale of long-term protection and mixed products of long-term protection savings.

3) Due to the rapid development of the size of agents in the past few years, in order to improve the quality of the team, the company strengthened its basic management actions and strict manpower assessment. The number of life insurance agents at the end of March was 131.

10,000, compared with 141 at the beginning of the year.

70,000 people fell 7.


4) In 2019, the company will pay more attention to high security and sales of high-value products. Through continuous optimization of its business structure, it will effectively increase the overall new business value rate.

We expect the growth rate of new business value in 2019 to reach more than 10%.

Property insurance: The high profit growth comes from the increase and decrease in investment income.

1) Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance’s original premium income in the first quarter was 69.2 billion yuan, an annual increase of 9.

5%, 杭州桑拿 of which auto insurance premiums increase by 8.

4%, non-auto insurance increased by 7 in three years.
4%, accident and health insurance increased 45 in ten years.


2) The comprehensive cost ratio of Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance reached 97.

0%, 95 earlier than the same period in 18 years.

9% rose by 1.


3) Benefiting from the improvement of the cost structure, the fee rate has decreased and the factor has continued to decline.

Ping An Property & Casualty’s first-quarter profit before tax rose 33.

8%, profit after tax increased 77.


The current consensus of Ping An of China corresponds to 1.

3x 2019 PEV, estimated to remain low.

At the end of the first quarter, the number of individual customers of Ping An Group was 1.

9.1 billion, an earlier increase of 3.

6%, of which 34.

6% of customers also hold joint venture subsidiary contracts.

Ping An Property & Life Insurance business grew steadily, and fintech improved efficiency and estimates.

Democracy is subject to downward economic and interest rate expectations, and insurance stocks are unlikely to increase significantly.

In March 2019, the PMI exceeded expectations, and the economy is expected to stabilize and recover.

At 4%, the narrowing of the spread allows for mitigation, and it is estimated that insurance stocks have room for improvement.

Give China Peace 1.


5 times the 2019 PEV, corresponding to a reasonable estimate of 93.


92 yuan, maintain the “primary market” rating.

Risk reminders: 1) the downward trend of interest rates; 2) the stock market plummeted; 3) the protection-type growth is less than expected.

Huanxu Electronics (601231) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: High Season Drives UWB Product Prospects

Huanxu Electronics (601231) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: High Season Drives UWB Product Prospects

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and the company’s first three quarters of revenue (259.

710,000 yuan, +17.

27%), net profit attributable to mother (8.

610,000 yuan, +10.

76%), net of non-attributed net profit (7.

1.6 billion, -5.


Investment Highlights: The peak season of the industry drove the company’s profitability up in the third quarter and its performance rebounded.

Company revenue for the first three quarters of 2019 (259.

710,000 yuan, +17.

27%), net profit attributable to mother (8.

610,000 yuan, +10.

76%), net of non-attributed net profit (7.

160,000 yuan, -5.

18%), of which single-quarter revenue in the third quarter (113.

700 million, +21.

68%), net profit attributable to mother (4.

710,000 yuan, + 22.

39%), net of non-attributed net profit (4.

6.6 billion, +25.


Net profit after deduction for the first three quarters of 2019 is (7.

1.6 billion, -5.

18%), mainly due to the substantial increase in the amount of non-recurring gains and losses of the company (1.

44 trillion, +554.


The company’s 2018 annual report and 2019’s interim report showed negative growth in net profit attributable to the mother, and the third quarter of 2019无锡桑拿网 achieved transformation, mainly due to consumer electronics products, communications products in the second half of the year to replace the peak season revenue growth and industrial productsIncome continued to grow at a rapid rate.

The demand for industrial products fluctuates slightly. At this stage, the market demand is clear. If it is sustainable next year, it is expected to continue to grow.

Gross profit margin decreased slightly, and the speed of R & D investment continued to increase.

The company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters (9.

90%, -0.


In the first three quarters, communication products accounted for 35%, consumer electronics accounted for 36%, and the annual performance of computers and storage was under pressure, accounting for 11%. Industrial products experienced rapid 夜来香体验网 growth, accounting for 12%.

Automotive electronics accounted for 5% of the total environmental impact.

Since industrial products are new products, some learning processes are still needed during the introduction of products from Mexican plants, and the cost side still needs to be controlled, so its rapid rise in proportion has reduced the company’s gross profit margin.

In addition, higher computer and storage revenues from higher gross profit margins have also caused shifts in product gross profit margins.

In terms of three fees, the company’s sales expense ratio (0.

9%, + 0% pcts), overhead rate (5.70%, +0.

08pcts), financial expense ratio (0.

03%, +0.


In terms of sales expenses, shipping costs and export expenses have been increased to cope with the expansion of overseas plants, which is the same as the trend of revenue growth.

Management expenses in a single quarter mid-decade 6.

73%, controlled.

In terms of research and development expenses, the company’s third quarter expenditure (9.

5.3 billion, +12.


The company plans to participate in revenue growth in research and development expenses and sales expenses in the future.

Company bills receivable (0.

310,000 yuan, +40.

91%), accounts receivable (77.

900,000 yuan, +10.

03%), inventory (50.

870,000 yuan, + 3.

94%). Accounts receivable have improved with the increase in company revenue. The increase in inventories indicates that the company is preparing for an increase in pickup in the peak season.

Cash flow from operating activities in the third quarter3.

42 trillion, compared with the same period last year, from negative to positive.

The addition of UWB products strengthens the company’s wireless communication product strength and has a bright future.

The company’s new UWB this year has many advantages such as high positioning accuracy, good security, high transmission rate, large system capacity, can be reduced, and strong anti-interference ability.

Now UWB technology has reached a setting method that can accurately estimate the position using the coordinates of the surrounding mobile device.

In practice, the accuracy can be further reduced to 5 mm level, far exceeding Bluetooth 5.

0 1 meter accuracy with Wi-Fi.

In addition, UWB also has a high-speed data transmission function.

UWB technology has great potential in terms of equipment interconnection, close-range high-speed, and advanced information transmission.

Future iOS devices, Android devices, and smart home devices can enhance the interconnected experience through UWB, and the market is vast.

The company’s profitability will gradually increase with the continuous penetration of products.

Investment recommendations We expect the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers to be 12 in 2019-2021.

87 billion, 15.

8.8 billion and 19.

9.3 billion, EPS is 0.

59 yuan, 0.

73 yuan and 0.

92 yuan, corresponding to PE is 23, 19, 15 times.

According to 24 times PE in 2020, the corresponding target price is 17.

52 yuan / share, give “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: The company’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas product sales account for 68%.

61%, there is a risk of exchange rate fluctuations; the company’s customer concentration is high, and there is a risk of customer dependence; the company’s receivables increase significantly, and there is a risk of repayment lag; the company’s main raw materials are electronic components such as ICs, PCBs, etc.Price fluctuations are large, and there is a certain risk of price fluctuations of raw materials.

Yingqu Technology (002925) Annual Report Commentary Report: E-cigarette Orders Affect Expected Results The company is expected to benefit from the listing process of IQOS in the United States in 19 years

Yingqu Technology (002925) Annual Report Commentary Report: E-cigarette Orders Affect Expected Results The company is expected to benefit from the listing process of IQOS in the United States in 19 years
Events: 1) The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved total operating income of 27 in 2018.79 trillion, down 14 a year.95%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.1.4 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 17.30%.2) The company intends to use 4.With 5.9 billion shares as the base, a cash dividend of 10 yuan will be distributed to all shareholders for every 10 shares.3) The company released the first quarter performance forecast. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first quarter of 19 would be 1.36-1.7.1 billion, a decline of 0-20% a year. Orders for e-cigarettes affect the company’s profit performance in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, which are affected by destocking and product replacement by downstream customers, and the throughput of new products is still climbing. In 2018, the company’s e-cigarette parts orders increased significantly, thusAs a result, the company’s 佛山桑拿网 overall revenue and profitability have declined.Specifically, innovative consumer electronics achieved revenue in 201818.4.5 billion, a decrease of 22 a year.52%; The company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was 43.03%, 5 per year.91 points.According to the revenue and sales data of the innovative consumer electronics segment, we estimate that the revenue of e-cigarette parts will be about 40-50% around 2018 (gross profit margin remains stable), and the revenue of engraving machines and other components will increase by 30-40%.We believe that due to the high proportion of e-cigarettes in the company’s revenue and gross profit margin, the slender boots of this business affect the company’s overall revenue and profit levels.At the same time, or due to the decline in demand for downstream customers of e-cigarettes, and the new generation of product orders are still in the process of increasing production capacity and yield, Q1’s profit continued to be dragged down and performed poorly. Altria remains optimistic that IQOS will be listed in the United States this year. The company, as a supply chain company, tried to stabilize and rebound in 19 years. On February 20, Altria mentioned in the investor conference that the company is setting up IQOS offline physical retail stores in multiple cities in the United States, andSet up a marketing team to prepare for related activities in the United States.The company is very optimistic and expects that IQOS will pass the relevant FDA audit and certification in 2019.We believe that if IQOS passes the FDA review, IQOS sales are expected to reach a new high, and supply chain related companies are expected to benefit.Since the company cooperated with PMI in 2014, it has maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with PMI and participated in IQOS 2.R & D and design of 4th and 3rd generation products.We believe that the new generation of products is gradually increasing, the US FDA may approve the listing, and the company’s product structure is continuously enriching and expanding. The company’s 19-year performance is expected to stabilize and recover. Profit forecast and investment advice According to the 2018 annual report, we fine-tune the company’s company revenue for 2019-20 to 33.97/42.6.6 billion (previous average 36.00/45.00 ppm) and a net profit of 9.06/11.9.5 billion (previous average 9).76/11.8.4 billion), the corresponding EPS is 1.98/2.61 yuan (previous average 2).13/2.58 yuan), considering that the company’s UDM model is unique and is expected to benefit from IQOS orders in the long run, its performance has grown steadily, maintaining a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: orders are less than expected, new suppliers join risks, FDA controls risks, new tobacco policy risks, trade war affects company order risks, exchange rate risks

Three benefits of eating grapefruit

Three benefits of eating grapefruit

Grapefruit has high fiber content, good antioxidant effect and low glycemic index. It is a healthy fruit that can be enjoyed every day.

(Half a grapefruit contains only 60 calories.

The amount of fiber is 6 grams, which is more than an apple.)

  Although the previous grapefruit diet was too extreme and nutritionally unbalanced, adding it to a balanced diet can help you maintain a slim figure.


Dr. Foggioka, director of the Center for Nutrition and Metabolism, San Diego Scripps Hospital, chaired a study on the role of grapefruit in weight loss.

They confirmed that grapefruit achieves these characteristics.

  During the study, Dr. Kenforgioka and his colleagues divided 100 obese men into four experimental groups.

The first group took grapefruit extract, the second group drank grapefruit juice at each meal, the third group drank half a grapefruit at each meal, and the fourth group took a placebo.

They also asked subjects to take a 30-minute walk three times a week.

  After 12 weeks, subjects who took the placebo lost an average of less than half a pound, lost an average of 2 pounds with extract, and lost an average of 3 with juice.

At 3 pounds, I lost an average of 3 on fresh grapefruit.

5 pounds.

The subjects who ate grapefruit divided the grapefruit into two, divided into four petals, and then peeled.

In this way, they also ate a portion of the sponge layer that lined the top of the peel.

  It’s unclear how grapefruit improves weight loss, but it seems to be helpful in reducing insulin resistance, which appears with weight gain.

  The health benefits of grapefruit are fascinating.

According to a research report published by the American Chemical Society at the Potential Potential Research of Citrus Fruits Annual Meeting, the severity of grapefruit includes the following: ◆ Has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties: ◆ Reduces levels and promotes weight loss: ◆ RelievesComplications of aging: arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, disease, Parkinson’s disease, diarrhea, cataracts, and Crohn’s disease.

  Red grapefruit and pink grapefruit are special fruits containing lycopene.

Tomato red pomegranate is an open-chain unsaturated carotene. It is precisely because of it that tomatoes, red oranges, guava, rose hips and watermelons have a bright red color.

  Studies show that lycopene can prevent heart disease, certain cancers and the number one cause of blindness-macular deformities.

However, it is important to note that grapefruit has been proven to prevent the effectiveness of some commonly used drugs.

  It is clear that the flavonoids in grapefruit juice inhibit a specific enzyme in the intestine responsible for the breakdown and absorption of antihistamines and statins (used to lower cholesterol levels).

  If you are taking such medications, ask your doctor before deciding whether to add grapefruit to your diet.