10 sexiest moments of a woman in life

10 sexiest moments of a woman in life


When the husband was cooking, he squeezed his waist tightly from behind, and put his face on his possession back.


When he fixes your computer’s minor faults and irons the silk underwear . At this time, your eyes are shining with gleam, looking at him admiringly, praising him fiercely: “Great!

“” You can do anything! ”


In the early morning of the weekend, he put the cooked breakfast and himself like a freshly peeled poached egg on his bedside, so that he can receive a rich and delicious breakfast.


Keep good dating habits.

In the dim light, he quietly noticed some past events that he did not know yet, and the expression of immersing in the memories of the past will cause extra charm.


Pick a set of sexy lingerie, and put him in the shower to fix the position for changing clothes.

When he saw it at one glance, even the bath became amazing-come out and just see you waiting for him in another one leaning against the door.


When cooking, put on a specially picked anime maid outfit, that is, a tight skirt with a tight jacket, and a lace hat. Whoever said that a woman will definitely become a yellow-faced woman in the kitchen?


Caress the long hair with one hand to support the cheeks.

Many men have unanimously acknowledged that they are attracted to small movements such as unintentional manipulation of hair by women.


At some point, you are overwhelmed, or, surrounded by a blank moment in deep thought.

Men would like a duller woman to be more aggressive than a domineering woman. They are ignorant and helpless, but they are sexy.


Looked at him with intently affectionate eyes.

No man can bear the look of a woman, of course, if you add a little shyness, he will feel more sexy.


Sexy, not just the devil figure, flames and red lips, many times, sexy is actually in the small details that are usually intentional or unintentional.

That’s how we are, always moved by the details!

How to choose three types of whitening masks


How to choose three types of whitening masks

The crush on whitening may have such a question, why can’t people be fair?

What causes our skin to be less white than the Western equivalent?

In fact, the skin of the Orientals and the skin of the West are different because of their living environment. For the Oriental environment, we are not fair for two reasons.

Find the right reason, and then use the mask to focus your skin care, do not believe it will not come back!

Come and see with Xiaobian, right?
Factor 1: Dryness and lack of water can not show perfect whitening skin. This is not only related to dryness, distortion of muscle lines, and overlapping cuticles, but also to the cuticle itself.

In a healthy state, the stratum corneum will appear and see through the light at the same time, and the skin will look much whiter; on the contrary, if the stratum corneum is not metabolized properly, it will cause the keratin protein to accumulate too tightly, and the skin will touch it.It will be thick.

  Countermeasures against dry and whitening: ● Highlight keratin repair and reconstruction, and avoid promoting keratin metabolism (such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, A acid derivatives).

  ● It can replace dosage forms (emulsions, creams) with high moisturizing properties, or it can be filled with water-based moisturizing ingredients, and it can also be used with moisturizing moisturizers.

  ● Can be combined with soothing and soothing ingredients to prevent inflammation when dry.

  Recommended whitening mask: Hada Labo Whitening Mask contains high-purity natural arbutin, a whitening ingredient, which penetrates deeply into skin rupture, inhibits the transfer of melanin, effectively diminishes spots, and significantly enhances the whitening effect; contains vitamin C, evenly races, effectively improves futureDull complexion, brighten skin, make skin appear instantly bright and fair.

  Hot comments from netizens: When I bought it, I didn’t choose it for the concept of whitening, but I think that moisturizing plus other effects should be good. This mask focuses on keeping moisturizing, the price is acceptable, it does n’t hurt, and other people do n’t feel any, no allergies, Very comfortable, more satisfied type.

  Key Ingredients of Happy Faye Hellofaye Holiday Mask: Hyaluronic Acid, Mulberry (Mulberry Extract), Ginkgo (Ginkgo Extract), Chamomile (Chamomile Extract) Synergistic Ingredients: Comprehensive Vitamin (Vitamin Complex), Allantoin (UrineBursin)), chitin (chitosan), aloe (aloe vera extract) usage: after cleansing, remove the facial mask and gently apply it to the entire face from the nose, about 20?
Remove it after 25 minutes, and then rinse it with water. Wait, before you finish, remove the non-woven cloth or use it to wipe all parts of the body.

  Netizens’ hot review: The facial cream bought on Taiwan’s official website sent 10 masks and used 2 to comment.

I feel that the essence is quite thick, like glue, after washing, I will feel tender and white after washing my face with water.

  Kanebo Kanebo Intensive Whitening Mask ☆ It is a new Kanebo Intensive Whitening Moisture Essence Mask made from 100% vegetable protein fiber and natural moisturizing factor — Hyaluronic acid液的它使您的皮肤变得柔软,水分充盈,极大的增加皮肤的透明感☆非常适合工作时间,很少有时间来呵护自己的OL☆价格适中,同样适合各阶层人士使用  网友热评: This whitening effect is gradual, but this mask is more moisturizing and moisturizing. After using it, both water dangdang and whitening effect will be available!

  Particle 2: Pigmentation is basically disappearing when young, because under normal circumstances, melanin melanin will be transferred from melanocytes to keratinocytes. Through the process of keratinization, melanin will be kept from the skin all the way out.Penetrates into the stratum corneum, and is finally stripped through the old waste cuticle.

However, with the difference of age and constitution, the time of desalination will be prolonged, the metabolism will become worse, and the natural pigment will become more and more difficult to disappear.

  Countermeasures against pigmentation and whitening: ● Selection of ingredients that promote deep repair to promote the removal of deposited pigments.

  ● Soothes anti-inflammatory and prevents pigmentation.

  ● Strengthen the antioxidant maintenance.

  FANCL Whitening Repair Mask FANCL continues to develop effective whitening “vitamin C”!

  Newly added grapefruit extract, and the stable vitamin C with “continuous vitamin C inducer” is surely brought into the skin to relax and whiten effectively.

  The mask and eye cover part can completely repair the skin around the eyes that are prone to dullness. One mask is used for more comprehensive whitening and repair.

  Comments from netizens: Mask design is great!

The fit is awesome!

There are more essences, which feel very comfortable.

  Aupres AUPRES Time Whitening Repairing Face Repair Repairs skin damaged by UV rays and diminishes pigmentation caused by sun exposure.

  How to use: First condition the skin with soft water and apply an appropriate amount (about 5g) to the entire face.

Wipe clean after leaving for 1 minute.

  Hot comments from netizens: I feel good. After using it, the skin is soft and tender, and it will turn white. It is also good for lazy MM.

It only takes 1 minute.

  Coefficient 3: Large pores. In addition to hereditary reasons, oily skin is prone to be caused by the adhesion of oily dirt to the pores.

In addition, as the cumulative age increases, the elastic fibers and collagen in the dermal layer will loosen, which will also promote the generation of aging-type pores.

In addition, do not follow the problem of acne caused by stress, fatigue, and physiological cycles.

Without proper treatment or improper squeezing, the problem of enlarged pores will also occur.
  Whitening countermeasures against pores: ● Promote keratin metabolism and prevent keratin accumulation from expanding pores.

  ● Optionally use refreshing water-based dosage form to reduce oil secretion and accumulation.
  ● It also has a compact maintenance effect to prevent pores from aging and extending.

  ● It is better to have the effect of instantly modifying the pores.

  Herborist New Seven White Mask Mask Herborist Whitening and Rejuvenating Mask contains seven Chinese herbal medicines, such as Atractylodes, Poria, Aquilegia, Paeonia lactiflora, etc., which are light, gentle and delicate, which can quickly penetrate into the skin and improve subcutaneous microcirculation, Promote cell metabolism, remove aging keratin, comprehensively repair uneven skin color, make the skin white and delicate, just like sebum.

  Hot comments from netizens: Last year, I used 3 medium samples and one big can. It took me more than half a year to run out of the big can. Once every other day, it’s not easy!

I will buy another big can next spring.

My face did not have any adverse reactions to Herborist. After one month of use, my skin texture became finer and my complexion became more even. I insisted on using it and felt very good.

  Kose Sekkisei Whitening Massage Mask is unprecedented, with more than ten kinds of Chinese herbal extracts gathered, so that the whitening ingredients in this extraordinary massage cream mask can penetrate and moisturize the skin, replacing the aging horny melanin,Thus, the concentrated purification and whitening are started completely from the depth of the skin, and the skin will bloom like snow, white, clear and transparent.

  Hot comments from netizens: there is a slight exfoliating function, and every time you run out, the blackheads are gone ~~ The feeling of white is not very big, I like to apply a few large pieces, and then rubbing and rubbing dirty thingsThe taste is also good.

Need to continue to use it!

  Watermark AQUA LABEL Whitening Mask-Contains high-purity vitamin C derivatives (whitening effect) to relieve skin collagen caused by aging and reduce hyaluronic acid-collagen (elastic effect)-hyaluronic acid (moisturizing effect)Doubles the shape of the face, and can take care of the folded parts of special parts.

  Fragrance-free, non-staining and hypoallergenic.

  Hot comments from netizens: It is very thin, fits well, and is not easy to drop. It has a whitening effect, but it prefers the moisturizing mask.

Smoked navel beauty face weight loss Raiders

Smoked navel beauty face weight loss Raiders

The artist’s recent treatment of smoked navel weight loss can be described as a rush. In the end, the so-called Chinese medicine recipe’s smoked navel weight loss method will cause an alternative to the body?

  Aromatherapy is the new favorite of today’s beauty. With aromatherapy through the umbilicus for beauty, weight loss is a variety of methods.

The navel is the only acupuncture point in the human body that can be touched and seen with the eyes, called the god.

Shenque points are the channels through which the fetus obtains nutrients from the mother during birth. During the development process, the abdominal wall is directly connected. The drug easily passes through the umbilicus, and enters the interstitial space and is rapidly placed in the blood. It also inscribes twelve meridians, internal organs, and limbs.Hundreds of baboons, five palaces, and skin tendons, so it has always been considered by doctors to treat diseases.

  The treatment of internal diseases by Shenque points is one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatments. It has already started in the Yin and Shang dynasties. In the Shang Dynasty, there were physicians Taiyi Zhenren and Peng Zu respectively created Taiyi real human umbilical method and Pengzu umbilical method.In order to prevent diseases and maintain longevity, Peng Zu thus lived to 800 years old. Although the authenticity of this statement is worth considering, it is credible that the god of smog and steaming scorpion have disease prevention and longevity.

  Modern research believes that both acupoints and meridians are closely related to nerve endings, ganglia, and nerve bundles.

Some data indicate that various nerve endings on the umbilical skin of the damaged part are continuously stimulated to enter the active state, so as to promote the nerve and body fluid regulation of the human body, improve the immune function, and stimulate the disease resistance, thereby improving the functional activities of various tissues and organs.In particular, it can accelerate blood circulation, improve local tissue nutrition, and adjust the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, thereby preventing and curing diseases.

  The aromatherapy umbilical therapy used in the beauty salons, the millennium Chinese medicine culture, the product is applied to the human body “golden point” Shenque point (navel), the effect can directly penetrate the meridians, thereby regulating the viscera, strengthening the body and eliminating evil spirits, and improving human immunity.Force, regulate the body’s endocrine and other effects.

  Physician called: smoked navel weight loss operation procedures: 1.

Clean the skin around the navel.


Perform an essential oil massage.


Cut the moxa strips in half (use about half a strip) 4 .

The essential oil containing pure Chinese medicine ingredients is dripped in the navel with a dropper (the dosage is determined according to the instructions for use).


Ignite the moxa, ignite the head down and stuff it into the tube.

When the essential oil and the active ingredients in the herbs penetrate into the skin, they are converted into vital energy by moxibustion, and then the body is relieved by the meridians, thereby promoting metabolism, detoxification and weight loss.


Put on the mat, put on the Ai tube, and roll a towel pad under the handle of the Ai tube.


Start the umbilical cord, about 1 hour, should be selected according to individual circumstances.


When finished, wipe the essential oil around the navel.

  Efficacy: beauty and beauty, slimming weight loss, Shujing active, qi and qi, regulate hormone levels, adjust spleen and kidney, can improve female dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, uterine ptosis, asthma, cold hands and feet, allergic rhinitis.

  Suitable for people: poor sleep, excessive fatigue, excessive coldness, cold hands and feet, endocrine disorders, constipation, flatulence, people who need fine waist and body sculpting matters: When applying umbilical therapy, the method must be correct, otherwise it will happen.


When applying lavender therapy, it should be determined that the body has no throat discomfort or sore throat, and the condition of fever can be used before it can be used to avoid more serious inflammation.


For those who are allergic to skin on weekdays, it is advisable to apply a small amount to the sensitive skin of the elbow skin for 30 minutes, and observe the reaction. If it is itchy, swollen, red, hot, painful, etc., it should be supplemented.medicine.


Before scenting the umbilicus, you should first try the temperature with your hand. If you feel too hot, you can pull the moxa stick slightly.


When applying lavender therapy, pay attention to proper ventilation in the room to avoid dizziness, headache and other hypoxia.


It is not advisable to do navel therapy immediately after meals or on an empty stomach.

  Editor’s recommendation: How to care for the umbilicus 1.

Pay attention to umbilical hygiene.
In summer, the flow of sweat is large, and the dirt on the body is easily deposited as the sweat enters the umbilicus.

Wipe the umbilical cord and umbilical eye with warm water and neutral body lotion every day to remove dirt and prevent the growth of germs.
However, it is not advisable to use force to avoid injury to the skin.

  2, pay attention to prevent “wind”.

The umbilical cord is the gastrointestinal part, which is easy to get cold, so it is necessary to prevent the umbilical part from catching cold.

It is best not to wear the umbilical cord when it is early or late, or when it is cold or rainy or cloudy. The fan of the air conditioner should not blow against the umbilicus; the speed of the motorcycle should be too fast when wearing a navel.When sleeping, cover the abdomen with a thin object or use an umbilical cord.


Prevent accidental injury to the umbilicus.

The umbilical part is bare, and it is often susceptible to accidental accidental injuries such as burns, abrasions, scratches, etc. due to the protection of the clothing.

Therefore, be careful in your daily routine or work.


Try not to decorate.

Greedy MMs often feel that wearing a navel is not enough to attract attention, like to adorned the umbilical pattern, and even to decorate permanent graphics.

However, as a result, it will cause certain health risks.

Because the appetite can cause the excretion function of the skin, it may cause eczema, sweat rash and other skin diseases; the pigments of the ornamentation often contain some chemical components harmful to the body, such as the decoration of the business premises, and the common needles may also be infected with infectious diseases.

Therefore, the decoration should be cautious.

  Edited: The umbilical cord that connects you and your mother gave you the nutrients of your life. Now it continues to be your health and guards your health. Be sure to take care of it!

Do not wash before Chinese medicine frying


Do not wash before Chinese medicine frying

Question: I learned from your newspaper that some tea leaves need to be washed before they are brewed. Do you need to wash Chinese medicine at home before washing?

  Associate Professor Hu Sumin of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine A: The qualified Chinese medicine decoction pieces have been fully sterilized during the preparation process. Even if the microorganisms are contaminated during storage, they can be killed by decoction, so there is no need toWash before frying.

  Moreover, it is important that if washed with water, it is likely to reduce the efficacy.

First of all, the active ingredients of some Chinese medicines are synthetic, such as glycerol, adenosine, acid, alkali, etc. Washing these ingredients with water will lose and reduce the efficacy.

In fact, some decoction pieces will be supplemented with vinegar, wine, honey and other auxiliary materials during the shell process to enhance the efficacy or reduce toxicity, and these auxiliary materials are gradually replaced by washing before frying.

  Thirdly, some Chinese medicines are in the form of powder, such as Puhuang; others are mashed when they are dispensed, such as almonds, and once washed, they cause drug loss.

In addition, the decoction pieces such as psyllium are very light, they will float on the water and they will be easily washed away.

  In addition, sometimes suspended matter is seen in the medicinal soup, which is the active ingredient isolated from the traditional Chinese medicine, and it can be left to stand just by stirring.

Carrot weight loss

Carrot weight loss

It is an indisputable fact that carrots are rich in vitamins and calcium, which are good for beauty and health.

To be more precise, carrots are rich in carrots, as well as vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E, K, folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber. It is almost as good as a synthetic vitamin pill. It is recommended that you have more every day.Drink a little carrot juice and increase your metabolism to naturally lose weight.

  In fact, people who are prone to gain weight are mainly due to low metabolic capacity and poor circulation function. As a result, excess traces and water accumulate in the body, and they become the original culprits of obesity.

Carrot juice is like a dagger’s knife. It cuts off this vicious circle and can be said to be an indispensable nutrient for beauty lovers.

  In addition, it can also treat constipation, prevent colds, consolidate vision, and have a basket of additional effects.

Even a lazy dieter can easily carry it out while maintaining his health while maintaining his body.

Furthermore, carrot juice also inhibits the desire to eat sweets or greasy food.

Some people don’t even limit their diet, they can also use carrot juice to get rid of 10 kilograms in the glucose month.

  Next, I will introduce a method for Members to understand the issues related to the selection of materials and how to eat.

  First, the selection of materials: 1.

Ingest 5 protein foods, about 70 grams per day, you need 70 grams of protein, which can be taken from fish, meat, eggs, milk, and beans.

People who don’t like to eat fish, meat, and milk can also choose to eat processed food.


Choosing the season’s rich vegetables to improve your body’s weight-loss method must eat a lot of vegetables every morning. The season’s rich vegetables are delicious and cheap, and you can enjoy healthy and delicious food with less money.

  Second, cooking method 1.

Low oil, low sugar, sugar obtained from other foods, boiled, steamed, do not use oil.

Try to get the sugar needed to burn a trace amount from formaldehyde.


Use seasoning to make food more delicious and seasonings are high-calorie foods. Please choose low-calorie seasonings.

  Third, eat the right one.

When you eat a lot of lettuce in your mouth and eat chewing lettuce, you will feel full and will not eat too much when you officially officially.

There is no limit to the amount of vegetables.

How much you eat as you like to eat.


After 8 o’clock in the evening, only eat lettuce or drink tea. After 8 o’clock in the evening, it is the easiest to eat after eating. Try to avoid eating.

If you can’t stand it.

Eat lettuce or tea!

  Next, we will introduce you to the seasonings of calories that can be used comfortably ===================================================================================Wine vinegar 1 tablespoon 0 card soy sauce 1 tablespoon 10 card lemon juice 1 tablespoon 5 card salt 1 tsp 0 card pepper 2 g 0 card red pepper 2 g 7 card high card seasoning, please be careful ====================== Tomato Sauce 1 Spoons 23 Cards Meinzi 1 Spoon 93 Card Thousand Island Juice 1 Spoon 50 Card French Salad Sauce 1 Spoon 56 Card

In the spring, do not study these 4 elderly people, Kangshou Raiders quickly collect, transfer to the people you care about

In the spring, do not study these 4 elderly people, Kangshou Raiders quickly collect, transfer to the people you care about

Spring is the season of recovery of all things. The weather is warmed by the cold, and various organisms in nature are germinated, showing vitality.

The health care of the elderly in the spring should be based on the characteristics of the spring and the development of the hair, pay attention to the scientific life, avoid misunderstanding, to protect the normal metabolism of the human body, to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.

Moderately exercised Chen Dabo is 68 years old this year. Recently, the weather has turned warmer, and he has developed the habit of hiking and morning exercise every morning.

One morning, when Chen Dabo climbed the mountain, he walked too fast, exercised excessively, and accidentally sprained his foot. He had to be helped by his companions to help the hospital.

Spring is a good time for the elderly to walk out of the home to strengthen their body. They often go to the outdoors to exercise, breathe fresh air, can smear the body, improve the heart and lung function, and enhance the body’s immunity.

However, Chinese medicine says that “there is a long-term injury and a long-term injury.” When the elderly are exercising, they should improve their attention: one should be moderate and avoid excessive exercise; the second should be combined with static and fluid, not excessive fatigue;For projects with their own conditions, don’t do too difficult, too big, too dangerous actions; Fourth, we must strengthen safety awareness, preventive measures should be in place to avoid accidents.

On Wednesday, the scientific pricing was a big day for Grandma Ge’s grandmother to marry. Grandpa Ge couldn’t help himself, didn’t feel a few drinks, and ate a lot of leeks.

When I got home, I felt dizzy. When I went to the bathroom, I fainted to the ground. Fortunately, there was no big obstacle. I lived in the hospital for 5 days and was discharged.

In the spring, the body’s metabolism is strong, and when the liver is strong, the elderly are prone to liver fire. If you do not pay attention to your daily diet, it is easy to have dizziness and high blood pressure.

Spring is the beginning of the year, and the “village” of young people’s marriages and happy events is split.

Modern medical research believes that overeating, B vitamins in the body is one of the reasons for spring disease.

The elderly should develop scientific eating habits: first, to ensure the extent, while appropriately reducing the amount of food; second, the combination of thickness and fineness, not to eat more fine grains, can eat more millet, corn, sweet potatoes, etc.; the third is to take protein should be refined, slightly less,Can eat high-protein foods, such as beans, fish, eggs, lean meat, etc.; Fourth, to control salt intake.

In general, the elderly should choose sweet, warm, clear products, eat more vegetables, fruits, etc. in the diet, avoid greasy, sour, cold and cold.

Cold and warm Hu Ayi will go to the park to dance and exercise after dinner every day.

A few days ago, due to the warm weather, Hu Aunt danced a little sweat, then she took off her coat and continued to jump. The result was a cold, fever, accompanied by a cough. The doctor diagnosed it as a pneumonia caused by a cold.

The spring climate is changeable, warm and cold, especially in the early spring, often with cold currents, annihilation and degradation, such as thin clothing, improper warming measures, and extremely vulnerable to cold.

In particular, the elderly have reduced physiological function of hypertension and have poor adaptability to climate change. They are prone to colds and colds, causing acute bronchitis, pneumonia, and hypertension.

Dressing should be based on your own physical condition, combined with climate change, at any time to increase or decrease, to be soft and light, suitable for personal warmth.

Once you have a cold, you should seek medical advice and medication.

When I am a normal living person, I often play mahjong with my old friends in the community when I have nothing to do.

One evening, Zhang Laobo played mahjong until midnight.

I felt very tired that night, my heart burst into pain, and I didn’t fall asleep at night. He knew that it was an old angina pectoris.

After a few days of medication adjustment, Zhang Laobo finally recovered his health.

Spring people tend to feel sleepy, and the elderly should not sleep late, nor sleep too late, which is not conducive to the growth of yang.

The elderly should have regularity in their daily life. They should go to bed early and get up early. The time of entertainment should not be too long. It is best to take a nap at noon every day for about 1 hour to solve the “spring sleepy”.

In the afternoon, you can arrange a moderate amount of sports activities, such as walking, tai chi, and aerobics.

Author: Li Yanming content of the article Source: “medical food reference” More Medicinal and Edible, food safety, food nutrition, disease prevention, weight loss, health, longevity and good health, and other professional information, please pay attention to micro-channel public number: yishicankao (long press to copy).

“Hey-hey,I just stay a small part.,Ten thousand pounds,Do not pick the kind,After all, I still have a lot of restaurants that need these strawberries.。”

“Moreover,If you are hot there?,Will someone will fight you??
Or see you not pleading,Give you a horse from behind?”
Zhang Ai Tian heard that Li Hui Feng said this.,Immediately understand,Li Huifeng is worried about what is worried.。
However, Li Hui’s concerns are not unreasonable.。
“You really have to guess,I have sinned a manager of a big consortium,I have been pressed recently.,But fortunately, you promised to help me.,So, his pressing should not be suppressed.。”
I will help you.,Nowadays, the least goes to the May June.,And the domestic watermelon is generally in June.,Can you follow it at this time??”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Zhang Ai Tian to find him to help, there is still such a thing.。
“Oh, no problem,I am not selling this kind of fruit.,And if the supplier does not supply me,Not only need to be equipped with money,Subsequent, they will have less supply channels.,On the loss or their losses。”
“The most critical is that I am still not worth a big consortium to use too much financial resources to waste on me.,Of course, if they really want to be real,Then I will not be afraid.,Then I will break the balance here.,Directly expanded,You must know that there are many passengers in the island country every year.,I just make money, our domestic tourists should be enough.。”
I heard Zhang Ai Tian’s confidence full discussion.,Li Hui Feng is also a breather。
“Row,Since you are so confident, then I will not say anything more.,I am busy first.。”
“Um,Go back,I also have to contact new supplier.。”
Hang up the phone,Li Hui Feng is running to see the decoration,Then I went to the mountain field.。
The project inside the mountain is http://www.lixinhuwai.cn huge,From the New Year to now,I only started to build a hotel.。
And many trees in the mountain are also prepared to build,Even those weeds that are more high must be trimmed。
These tasks need people。
Li Hui Ling, I found Zhao Xiaoling a few days ago.,There is a lot of water in the mountain’s investment.,This kind of money is also some of his heart.。
The crabs on Liu Yanfeng have begun to make money.,And I made a small millions in one time.。
Liu Yanfeng also got a lot of dividends。
The pig farm is currently only invested not to make money.,But the strawberry greenhouse Li follow the wind although he did not ask,Very significantly earned。
According to Li Hui’s rough estimation,Yield of the minimum of 5,000 pounds in the strawberry,He has more than 300 acres of strawberry。
Even,He also earned a lot。
http://www.hhqor.cn So far, Li’s wind is to use strawberry’s money to make up for this part of the loss.。
Of course, he feels that the loss is temporary.。
See the renovation of the house,The mountain has been fully started,Li Hui is ready to let Ye Shuangzhou go to the mountain farm to help look at it.,By the way, design the style of those hotels。
“Lee brother,I have to charge this time.,I am really hobby in the renovation of these houses.,like,But the style of the mountain scene,Certainly you can’t follow this,Otherwise, who goes there,And the charges are not I have to charge.,But I am going to find someone to help,The premise is that the price you give is in place.。”
I heard the leaves of the leaves.,Li Hui Feng immediately laughed:“Leaf big brother,Reliable,As long as you can help。”
“That line,pipeline,sewer,I have given you a good renovation.,one million,Less than one million,And one million is also looking,how?”
Li Huihe listened to a millionth this number is also a bit surprised.,But he read the house design of Ye Shuangzhou,Basically, there are different designs,Even children’s design,Just those designed him feel that it is not a measure of money.。
“Hey-hey,make a deal,Transfer you for a while,Ya brother is a little efficient。”
“Hahaha, I just like Li’s happy person.。”


A chaotic whole alley。
Population,The second small mixing consciousness will cut the knife in his hand.,Then feel the cold wind,Prestige http://www.lvgenhai.cn stick,Like a stuffed thunder。
With a sulf and a scream,The chopper in the small mixer flew out,And his arms,It’s like a dead break of cattle and sheep.,Baisen’s bone exposed in the air。
The little mixed shoulders poured down.,The scream of the ear drum and tear the scorpion,Similar people are cold。
Summer day is a turn,Side whip leg,Sweep next to another person,This guy is like a mountain.,Two arms in the body,There is no effect at all,After the discount,Falling in the same broken rib。
Spin,Summer day,Singing three legs in half empty。
When three small mixed spray, blood is far away.,I found a little bit of the eyes,Their chest is completely collapsed.。
Xu Long,Containment with his classmates,And long-haired youth that has not been doing, and his younger http://www.yxwed.cn brother,Already completely。
This high-thin youth in front of them,It’s just a desperate!
Not saying that he is more powerful.。
But he is too embarrassed.。
Anyone who is hit by him,The lightest is also broken,Even a few people make it moved on the ground.,It seems that there is no breathing。
One time,This is not spacious in the alleys.,Screaming。
No one minute is not,More than 10 small bles with arrogant arrogance,All are lying on the ground, holding hands, rolling the hard。
Xu Long and his classmates in the mind in the mind,I have already lost my thinking ability.。
Anti-view long hair youth,I have already changed color。
He looked at the younger brother who screamed in the alley.,Shake your head,It’s a blink of an eye.……Not an illusion。
This is true。
He slowly turned,Watching a pair of indifferent eyes。
Dictionary is an ancient well-not wave eye,Long-haired youth but feel,There is a cold meaning, if you have a thorns, it is in your own bones.。
Not put。
Even your brothers next to you, no matter what。
Surprise is called,Turn http://www.xcy001.cn around and run。
But just running two steps,I heard the brittle sound of behind.,Facing the front of the eye。
He still doesn’t know what is going on.,I feel the pain of fire in the chest and abdomen.,After the reaction,Has been flying in half air,Heavy 上。
“You,You……What do you want to do?……”
Long-haired youth is completely painful,A strong fear between the look,No more fierce before。
Summer days did not care,Take a big walk to the front,I grabbed his collar,In his scream,Fladder,Throw it in front of Xu Long。
“This is to tell you the truth.,Only you are,Others will be afraid of you,If you retreat,It will enhance their airweight,Remember!”

See him,Sisters are opposite each other,Sichuan is ice,“We also know the behind-the-scenes planner behind the scenes……”

Is the behind-the-scenes planner not Meng Chauling and a seasonal??
In fact, it has come backwards.,Many things are not controlled by them.,For example, the emergence of hell,Moreover, Meng Chao has been killed by the night trifut。
As for the quarter……Although she escaped a life,But I want to kill her in the summer.,anytime。
“Then you say,Who is behind the scenes?。”
Ice in Sichuan does not think about a name,“Longfei。”
Summer once again,A a few doubts between the eyebrows。
He feels that he seems to ignore what。
He gets the news in the morning.,Longfei came Qinghai,United Nahong and Meng Chaoran accountant。
But this time, the seasonal red http://www.zgcydh.cnand Meng Chao have been in succession.,Only Dragon Flying imitation is like。At this time,Sichuan is ice,“Longfei does not know your true identity,But he is in the dark net billion red flowers,We pass some clues,Contact him in private,Accept his employment,His purpose is to kill you,And our goal is to get to respect,Although both parties
Information is wrong,But Longfei in order to deal with you,I have done a lot of preparations.。”
Summer touches a box of crumpled cigarettes from your pocket,Take out one,ignite,Smash,“go on。”“When the season red is actively contacting him,He thinks this is an excellent opportunity,Then tell the season red,Can help him hire a batch of junior masters,Are God’s war,And hints that the seasonal,Contact Meng Ma,Because Meng Jia’s energy is very large,It seems that there are channels to bring those masters into
Qinghai。”Toned,Summer smoking,Sichuan is ice,“If the monk hired by the season, you can kill you.,That is best,If you fail,Let us kill Meng Chaoran,Give you a disaster,Then we get to your respected ring with your friends.,Later……After you will interrupt your limbs,Bundle
You have been abolished,Then hand it over to Longfei,This is his plan。”
This is indeed the plan of Longfei,But the plan can’t change the change,Information is not equal,I have already exceeded the control。
to be honest,Longfei,Mihong and Meng Jianai, Liu Qingqing and Qinling,It is part of his plan.,Is a piece that can be discarded。
But in the dark domain,Longfei yourself is not a chess。
He doesn’t know the hatred between the four people and monk,I don’t know if they have already secretly reversed hell.。
Not even what happened behind。
In other words,Longfei does not know that the plan has failed at the moment.,But in the dream of beauty。
Think here,He reveals a curious,“Your emperor in your dark domain……Correct,What is the one is going??”
Sisters two look,I didn’t expect this to ask this sentence in summer.。
“His name is Jianren,Like us seven people,It is all received by the old emperor.,Teach the skills,But in three years ago…http://www.szhsjj.cn …”
Sichuan’s ice face,“He killed the old emperor,And secretly bought eight snakes and ghosts and the sky,Forced us to serve,We are naturally unwilling,I have been thinking about revenge,Later, the night-forked and impermanent reversed hell,For revenge,We also put on it in……”
simply say,This is a story that is responsible for heavy revenge.。
Of course, it will not be so simple.,Sichuan ice sisters are sincere revenge,So the hand of summer,Kill eight snakes and ghost faces。
As for the night cross and impermanent,There is no other thought,But it is not important.,They were killed by the summer。
After the end of it,Summer temporarily believe in them,Say,“Now you contact Longfei,Just got me……”
Not finished,Suddenly stop,Summer face is also changed。
Previous time,He felt what he ignored.,Can not be protected http://www.jdbjm.cn from time to time。

But this time is in drunk,He can recognize the people at a glance。

This feature,He only saw it in the portrait of the ancestors in the door.。
Taoist sprinkle:“Then you can come wrong.,The Tianxian in this is already drinking。”
White Wanli,“Can see the seniors again,Has been better than any kind。Just “, I will hold the Tianxian Coema.,If the senior is ignorant,Can go to Tianhe Zonguan Li with me,My family is definitely trying to know the seniors.。”
He suddenly,Another sentence,“There are some Tianjun to participate in this ceremony.,Always preach,Maybe some benefits to seniors。”
Taoist smile,“That is not good.。”
White miles,He also said,I didn’t expect http://www.maicaima.cn my predecessors.,It is not worthy.。
So Baidi invited the people to go to Tianhezong。
This time, I didn’t make a boat.,But the ancient pass of the Wanxian Chamber of Commerce。He came to Wanxin Chamber to make a big pen,Not lacking the cost of the transfer array。And the flying boat let other people drive back.。
Be a long and old,No matter,If you misunderstand,But it is white and not sinned.。I want to know that the sanquet has passed the Test of the Suzakarn.,Rank eight in the Huang list,But all monks who can Shang Xuan Huang list,At least 90% can be certified。
There are three hundred and sixty in the Xuanhuang list.,At any time change,Eighth eighth,What is it visible?。

Tianhezong,A Tianhe takes a starry sky,Negative endless。
There is more dangerous dangerous in the Tianhe,And time air chaos,Teachers don’t dare to go deep into。At this moment, a boat wanders in the Tianhe,Above、road、Confucianism、The high people who have all kinds of clothing。
Among them, there are two,The Taoist who is wearing a star of the star is is the main emphasis on the river today.。
“All know,In recent days, the black sky and reincarnation are boiling.,Suzaku Augustine, but it is doubtful to us.,Let’s still check it well.。”
“What is good to check?,To say that they have the most informed news,I see that they are suspicious.。”The monks are the vast Buddha,Recently, some people have intentionally can’t intend to have no peer temples.。
Get angry。
He doesn’t know,Natural can’t explain。
People say that he is like a deep。
This mouth is buckled,I can’t get it。
Everyone watched the treasure Buddha deeply,This boat is known to know the situation.,I didn’t expect the treasure Buddha to hide them.。
The old monk is really deep.,A little news is not willing to walk。
“Wanxian Merchants will follow the black sky、It is not surprising that the reincarnation of the pure land is not surprising.,They are also evil。But no matter how,We still try to find out how many black sky is infiltrated by home.、People who reincar back the pure land are good,Even if you can’t find it clearly,Can I find one is one。”Confucian opening,He is the zone of Hao Ranzong。
Tianhe Zongzong is the first,“Thoughts,If it is not this leak,We are afraid that it is always hidden in the drum.。Just investigate this matter,Well, our people have a few people,After all, maybe I will send things to the dark sky.、Round back to the endocerer,We plan to fall out of time.。”
That kind,“I am not at ease.,Who can I find anyone??Do you look for outsiders??”
http://www.qeqts.cn Gu Changhai smile,“good,This time I got the people of all parties in the grandparters of the apprentice cloud.,I just want to find a few reliable outsiders.,And this person is best not involved in all our families.,And the means is superb,Transparent,It is best to be a high-level person。”
Unconscious:“Gu brother’s ideas are really good,Just know how to know the other party is not a black sky or a person who is turning back to the pure land.?”
Gu Changhai is a smile,“Black Tianshi,If it is their person,How much breath is inevast。He is cultivated,Can know good and evil。If the person has a yin evil,Hopeless。”
乞丐 deep depth,“be honest,Even if I wait,It is also difficult to guarantee no half a minute。”
Gu Changhai sigh,“I also know that this is hard to find,Just not this,Difficult to pay。”
Noddy,Also:“Buddhist http://www.bomexsolar.cn people,There are no lack of successful morality,Go to the roots。Even if you find that person,Maybe people who are also turning back to the pure land。”