Just look at it,It is certainly thinking about it to practice it.。

Magic does not repair this life,Only cultivate。
Once the practice is cultivated,The results of the afterlife will continue to invest in this world.。
This is the potential of overdraft,To achieve yourself in this life。
Sounds good。
In fact, practice magic work,The more deepened,The more you break the future of your own。
This kind of overdraft will be achieved by big magic。
And the potential of the people who came to the world flows through the big magic,Will be naturally trapped。Therefore, the more people who practice the future of the stars,The deeper,The more power you get the big devil.。
For the big devil,The practice of practicing the future star robbery like a leeks,The more you better。He will not worry,Made a long-term sustainable harvest plan。
Magic Skulls have been completed,So many of the magic of the black sky,When entering the mission to accept the task,A thing。
There is a special option in their eyes.,
“Whether to practice future stars。”
The scripture is not covered,Perfect display。
The drawback of this workfill will be in the content of the scriptures.,No cover。
This is the only one in the dark sky, no death options。
Repairing and repairing, depending on the magic。
But the content of the scriptures fall in their eyes,It’s hard to resist its temptation,What’s more, most magic itself is very eager for strength.,They are vigilant,Still instibronically read the content of the scriptures,Many people have a consciousness began to practice。
Under years of fermentation,No one knows how many people will come into contact with this magic!
NS197chapter Qingling
Deadful star,Xiaoyin Temple is shattered,As a small black nickname。
A cyan figure flashed,Break http://www.yytgd.cn space,At that again, I was in Suzaku.,A boat that docked in floating islands。
People sitting with her,If you see someone,I will inevitably be shocked.。
This person is the alliance of the total reward,Three robbery of the flow of time and space。
And the green body,It is another three robbery of Suzakukar.。
Suzaku Ancient Star has been robbed by the four robbery,The two three robbery。Two Tianjun is a sister of a mother.。
My sister is a flamingo,Again“Glazed”,Her cultivation of Suzaku glass fire owners killing,Intrude。
My sister’s law is a sergeyle,Again“Qingling”。Although she is the blood of Suzaku,It is born,Not only the law is sercea,Even my life is not the Suzaku Pop Fire of Suzaki.、Nanming from fire,But a holy fire,This fire is used to hurt the enemy,But the hops of the horses“Nirvana”Combining http://www.yuxian365.cn ability,To save the wound。And she except for the opening of Nirvana,There is also the same spirituality“Break up”,The power of space from the ancient gods。
Different from your sister,Sister’s character is flat,Do not hit fight。
She rescued monks in the Sakuxing domain with the holy fire.,Just always go deep,Many times saved people,Nothing left a name,So a few people know that she is doing good deeds。
But these things are known。
She, I always feel that my sister is a little flexible.。
At this moment,Glass of gentle sisters and governed, and experienced countless blood fires, they were sitting in Meng Intochians who lived in the union of the union.。
Meng Youtong looks to the eyes of the Qingling,Do not fear and avoid。
Distance Division Alliance has been in the past few hundred years。
Meng Youtong’s appearance is drooping,Can not see the overbearing and intensive。
Tianjun,Hundreds of years of time changed his appearance,But this hundreds of years experience,Changed him。
Just like a mature thing is not a year,It is the experience in the years.。