Champions "fire", Chengdu took the lead

  On November 22nd, the first round of the Meizhou Division in the fourth stage of this season ended. Finally, Wuhan Third Town and Chengdu Rongcheng kicked a Mars splashing competition. In the event of Wuhan, in the case of a goal, with Rosen Wen and Marcang’s goal, the reversal defeated Chengdu, keeping itself in points The second position in the list.

In advance, the Zhejiang team in Kunshan FC was defeated, and there were still three points in Wuhan, and the Chengdu, which lost the ball, Zhejiang 6 points in Zhejiang. After the war of the top three stages, the fourth stage is crucial in every game for the four teams that are expected to be superior.

In particular, the direct dialogue between the top four teams has a strategic meaning of 6 points, which also makes Wuhan and Chengdu competition have become the battle of the focus of this round. Compared with the posture of the strong team with other teams, the Chengdu team entered the competition faster. The first half of the Chengdu team used its midfielder’s advantages, frequently blocking the attack organization of Wuhan team, and using Feli and Liu Ruoyan vanadium to initiate counterattack. The Wuhan team seems to be insufficient, and the opponent’s straight punch is a 1 goal.

At the end of the first half, Chengdu temporarily leads to Wuhan.

  After the war again, Wuhan, unwilling to make adjustments immediately, replacing the sang-of-the-counter, and become 442 to strengthen the number of midfielders. This change has gone in the second half of 30 seconds, and the Rosenwen banquet is equal to the score.

  At this time, no one thought that decided to finally win, actually the door of Chengdu team Zhang Yan.

In the face of Wuhan team Sang Yi non-30 meters, Zhang Yan actually hit the ball directly to Wuhan foreign aid Markone, the laughing of the big gift will be higher than. In this game, Zhang Yanzheng is a gantry who has emerged before the major mistakes, and I didn’t expect that his mistakes had to swallow the suffering of the game. And the loss of this game also allows the Chengdu team to take the lead in the team in the first two.

  In this round, the Zhejiang team and Kunshan competition have been conducted ahead of time. After competing over the opponent 2 to 1, the Zhejiang team can sit with relaxed mentality. Although the last result did not allow the Zhejiang team to rise in the standings, the team is still full of confidence in the next game.

  Compared with the two teams in Chengdu, Wuhan, the largest advantage in the fourth stage is the schedule.

First play the team of Kunshan, Guizhou, no desire, and then fight with Chengdu, Wuhan competitors, such an arrangement for the maintenance of the team’s state and the tactical playing method more favorable than other teams.

  More importantly, the "slow heat" situation that has always existed, has changed in the game with Kunshan. In the case of advanced opponents, the team eventually wins 2 to 1 reversed, and the first two phases faced a distinct contrast.

In addition to the large number of targeted training in the previous time, it has experienced three phases in the Meizhou Division, and it has also played a role. There are still 7 rounds of competition. At present, the Zhejiang team is 6 points and 3 points from the top two of Meizhou and Wuhan. Direct dialogue achieved an ideal result, you can take advantage of the prior to the prior to the prior to the league (directly eligible) competition. Although there are still many variables in the Super League next year, and even don’t rule out that the top four of this year can be superchard, but for the Zhejiang team, it is not relying on such an accident factor "lying", but use itself. Strengthening the ultra-ultimate goal is the ultimate goal.

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