China-ASEAN information port interconnection ability

This year is the key year to implement the "China-ASEAN Information Port Construction Implementation Plan (2019-2021)".

On April 19, the reporter learned from the China-ASEAN Information Team Construction Headquarters that our district is closely focused on the overall planning of China – ASEAN Information Port, fully promoting planning implementation, to create a digital economic open cooperation in ASEAN Significant progress and significant results have been significantly improved in new highlands, and the interconnection ability is greatly improved.

According to reports, after 4 years of construction, the information port has been built into three international communication sea cables, built in the opening of the Open, China and Myanmar, the old and old-age cross-border land optical cable system, as well as 13 international communication nodes, national domain name CN top nodes.

Built into operation of China-ASEAN Information Harbor Data Center, China Mobile (Guangxi) Data Center, China Telecom (Guangxi) ASEAN Data Center, China-ASEAN Information Harbor Laos Calculation Center and other 4 cloud computing centers. By building a comprehensive information infrastructure in Sealand Air, China has opened the information large channels of China and ASEAN countries, which greatly enhanced the interconnection of information and communication in China and the ASEAN, which laid a solid foundation for China’s further development of digital economy in China.

The improvement of information infrastructure has promoted China-ASEAN information sharing and continuous expansion, technology cooperation is continuously strengthened, and the economic and trade interconnection is continuously upgraded.

Information Port is built into China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center, with 9 Eastern Union countries such as Thailand, establish a government bilateral technology transfer mechanism; China-ASEAN cross-border payment system is completed, 4 payment agencies have carried out cross-border RMB in Guangxi Business, cross-border financial service platform covers 13 mutual market points in the region, 9 settlement banks, accumulated cross-border settlement services over 100 billion yuan. Cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform, China-ASEAN mass commodity trading platform and other project construction is accelerating.

At present, our district is planning to organize the mid-term effective assessment of China-ASEAN information plan, prepare the "Digital Silk Road" Development Plan (Guangxi) and three-year action plans for ASEAN (2021-2023). This year, the information port will further improve the digital infrastructure for ASEAN, promote the landing of the North Wanhai Cable Logging Station, the International Internet Offices, Offshore Data Center and other interoperable infrastructure; promote Nanning national internet backbone straight point, Beidou A number of key core digital infrastructure, such as the network optimization of the foundation enhancement system network optimization. (Reporter Zhao Chao correspondent Xiong Zuoxiong) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yule).