“this problem,I have been hard to find an answer for more than two thousand years.!Elf,In fact, I don’t understand the complexity of humanity.“love”what exactly is it?But I think,to be with you,I am very happy.。These are not important.!”Wendon,Also said:“actually, I……”

Francis quietly waiting for the following,His heartbeat has been speeding well.!
Do you call this time you should not confess??
He does not dare to open his eyes,It is possible to be discovered.。
So he closes directly,I can’t see what Weidi is doing.。
Sudden,He felt something sticked in his chest。
and many more!Be unreliable!
Francis quickly dials the trip of the heart back to normal frequencies。
“Francis,You actually……Have awake, is it?!”Wen Di whispered。
Just this sound is like the whisper of the devil.。
no!Can’t blink,Once you blink,I feel that I really want to find a block in Mond.。
Sudden,He felt something on his own lips。
Weidi’s arms tightly hug Francis’s waist。
“I like you!You should be able to hear it.。”
Wen Di also knows what this guy is,It is not to be rejected and want to come to a wave of injuries.+Careful!
How do you feel that this guy is like a child?。
But that’s okay,He said it is said,Will not spoof?。
In fact, I should say it early.,Why drag it now?,Still because Wen Di wants to escape this reality。
He doesn’t know how to feel the feeling of Frances.。
But two people like each other,This is enough。
Do you love him?,Anyway, I like it.。
Francis has always been holding such a mentality,After all, he has this idea.。
Wen Di is so stuck in Frances,Dilestry。
The wind flower festival is over,But Francis is still caught by Wendi,The reason is that I am lie to him.。
Francis feels special,Is He yourself take the initiative?!
First, you will give yourself,I blame himself,But he still didn’t sell cheap。
The old man has accepted the punishment of two meals。
sunny,At this time, the flanges and Wendi are reading a book in the library.,Comparing four suspicious figure in the corner of the empty library。
They think that the two have no sense of notice。
The action is more bold,Books are gave。
The result is naturally obvious,Looking at the four low heads in front of the front。
Francis:“It turned out to be you.!”