But Li Ming and others did not fly directly into the air,After all, this is a newly established world of masters,Who knows the unknown risks in the air。

“Dididi~”Li Ming and others’ auxiliary optical brains all received a message from the Cosmic Mercenary Alliance。
“The efficiency of the Cosmic Mercenary Alliance is so low,Send this information to us now。”
Is a rough map of the world of black water,Hazard distribution、Detailed information on monster distribution and mission objectives。
“call,Fortunately not on the water!”Everyone looked at each other,Full of fear。
Blackwater World,As the name suggests, it is mainly based on the black water ocean,Approximately one-tenth of the space is the waterless space above the sea and a few islands。
But there is no water in the upper sea,But it’s filled with extremely corrosive gas,At least a cosmic powerhouse can withstand the corrosion of this gas。
If the constant star powerhouse breaks in,Basically, you will die completely before you retreat。
The only exception,That is, the corrosive gas around the sea surface of hundreds of islands will periodically disperse。
This is the first dangerous place in the world of black water。
And the second danger,Is a large number of beasts in the world of black water。
The so-called fierce beast,Not referring to monsters with ferocious temperaments。It means even if it reaches the star level、Constant star,But the intelligence is still very low,Very stupid creature。And monsters like the earth,Already has high wisdom at the apprentice level,Most of them are‘Monster’。
Although these fierce beasts are very low in intelligence,Stupid,Individual combat effectiveness is relatively weak。But the number in the blackwater world is also extremely large,And most varieties are touched in groups。
A group of beasts of rank eight and nine with constant stars attacked collectively,Even the first tier of the universe dare not say easily resist,So the threat is not low at all。
“Our mission this time has three main objectives,The first one is the beast【Baleen whale】Tentacles,The second is the black water underwater【Black ginseng stone】,The third is the exotic plants on the island【Black water flower】。”Li Ming looked at his light brain。
“The first two tasks are for you to go head-to-head with the beast,Any baleen whale is a fierce beast of the ninth-level constant star,And around the black ginseng stone live【Hoop worm】,Is a beast of group activities。And the last mission is to go to the island,It seems we need to check the time,Although the information says that the corrosive atmosphere around the island will periodically dissipate,But it didn’t specify the time period for dissipating,You have to try these。”Babata analyzed。“According to where we are,I suggest you go hunting baleen whales first,Then go to the bottom of the sea to find the black ginseng stone。”
“Finding the mission goal will trouble you,Under the sea,Even the ninth rank of the constant star does not exceed the power range。。Ok。”
“the host,My mind power range is981Meter。”Atani saw her master’s eyes,Said quickly。
“Baba, look,Not more than one kilometer。This distance is not clear from everything。”
“rest assured,The detection instrument I used was disassembled from Meteorite,Everything within the diameter of 20,000 meters is missing!Even the master can’t escape investigation,Let alone some stones。”Babata is particularly proud。“But now which world master shall we go to first。”