Leo looked at these people,Constant glances。

He doesn’t mind this group of people half-hearted,After all these people don’t even know his name,Talking about being loyal is totally self-deception。
Leo doesn’t care about the loyalty of these people。
Just under,As long as you don’t violate him。
“If you don’t have any comments on the Foge Chamber of Commerce,Then I will treat you as my own!of course,If someone doesn’t want to join my chamber of commerce, I won’t stop,Can leave directly!”
There was a smile on Leo’s face。
It’s just a bloody smile,There is no way to bring people a sense of security。
“well!Everyone opted in,I can only say that you will be proud of your choice in the future!”
Everyone is still silent,Everyone is not a fool,Just listen to these words。
After a short silence,A senior cadre of more than sixty levels stepped forward:“grown ups,I don’t know if there are a few words from my subordinates!”
“Don’t talk if you know it’s inappropriate!”Leo pouted。
“Cough!”The cadre coughed awkwardly,Then continued。“I have a few questions I want to ask an adult。”