Shougang Ski Great Tilting Station starts snow

Original title: Shoushui Ski Great Tilting Table 1 week launch (Reporter Sun Yunkong correspondent Cheng Men) The Shougang Ski Great Tour in Shijingshan District has entered a countdown, according to the weather, the big feet is expected to be officially launched within one week. Snow.

  Realize the secret of the skiing platform "silver-shelled", hidden at the foot of the big feet, 7 buildings and 4 build snow cannons have been in place, will meet the starting zone, help the slope, the jet area and the slope for snow Different requirements for the amount and the snow. Snow pump houses and water supply systems, the power supply system has also been debugged, and the weather is safe to start snow.

  "The snow cannon has a big size, the characteristics of the forefront, the snow gun is more fine, the snow is better.

"Shougang Ski Daji" Han Dong said, "We will start the snowfall under the most suitable conditions," we will choose to start the snow machine under the most suitable conditions, and avoid waste of water resources as much as possible.

"The snow gun has 9 control gear, including the sub-file adjustment function, not only can cause more dry powder snow and different water wet snow according to different gear regulations, but also adjust the amount of water, the amount, etc. The quality of the snow is controlled. The snow pump house located on the big jump Taipei, the water pickup port on both sides of the big jump line, the pump house mainly includes snow control system terminal, water storage pool, cold water tower, water pump Wait.

Han Dong introduced that the snow system has now completed inspection and maintenance. It is currently final debugging before the pump room and water supply lines. It is finally confirmed by the Snow plan. "Snowing work will be started according to the weather conditions, it is initially scheduled to start saving in a week, until the end of January 20, 2022, and lasting for about 1 month.

During the period, work mainly includes the scene of the track, snow, shaping, shaping, and two stages of the second shaping team. "Shougang Ski Daji Venue Running Team Venue and Infrastructure Manager Liu Yuchuan said.

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