Take each step of your own way you walk (warmth hot comment)

  [Character] "High Plaen Letter" Wang Shunyou [Story] Wang Shunyou, is a hometown of the original "Marbang Post" in the Liangsisang Autonomous County of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. He insisted in post more than 30 years, 330 days of walking in the high mountain snowfield each year, never lost a message, delivery accuracy reached 100%.

On May 30, 2021, he was in the illness, but people still passed his incompetent "Ma Ban Post" spirit. [Reviews] I mention "Marbang Post", many people will feel unfamiliar.

People living in the Internet age may be unimaginable, "" Postage with horses in the mail, "postage," is what is like.

In the history of my country, this ancient ketile method has been connected to many remote mountains, which is the only choice for their foreign communication. Wang Shunyou is a hometown of the "Marbang Post" in Musli County to Baihuangxiang, Sanyu Township, Yumbo Township, Kara Township.

  At the last century, most towns in Mulai County did not pass highways and calls.

This post of Wang Shunyou walks is the only channel of the people and the outside world.

Rhitched postage, connecting the fresh dynamics outside the mountains, carrying the concern of the home wanderer, conveying the party and the government.

From Wang Shunyou, after the moment of his father’s hand, he put the local people on a heavy expectation of the post, and one is more than 30 years.

  Round-trip posts are engraved with Wang Shunyou’s footsteps. Every time, he will cross the sea level 5,000 meters. Half time, half of the year is covered by ice and snow, then go into an altitude of 1000 meters, the hottest temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius There is also a large and small primitive forest and mountain peaks, Digogiang, sometimes I can’t see a movie for several days. Only a horse is with him … The hard dangerous environment, the loneliness is not letting Wang Shunyou gave him hesitation and stagnation, and even a sudden natural disaster did not let him give up sent. On a lonely night, a dangerous moment, it is a firm belief that he supports him, and the "folks need me."

  A person who takes the horse to send a letter, how important is it in the wood? Wang Shunyou said: "Now we have more than a dozen ‘Marbang Post’, more than a dozen townships, everyone runs a road, does not contribute to the eyes, but all these roads, just put the folies and mountains outside the mountain It’s together, I will connect the party and the government and the wood! "In the mountains in the southwest mountain, there are many" loyal letters such as Wang Shunyou, each step of walking, opening up the bridge. A deep mountain and external communication with the convenience channel. In recent years, the traffic conditions in the wood have gradually improved, and now 110 administrative villages in the county have all hardened roads.

In June this year, Mulai County realized a full coverage of the three-level postal post of counties, townships and villages. The "Marbang Post" is being rapidly evolved to modern logistics.

  Today, "Marbang Post" has exited the historical stage, but Wang Shunyou and "Marbang Post" legend will have been remember; his lofty spirit, like Somama in the plateau, still bright and rainy, will also Incentive more people firmly forward in the new journey.