Half,One must be white,Faceless old man sinking,“What is the situation in the inner court?。”

Nine old ancestors live for more than two thousand years,The name has already been forgotten by the world.。
Popular disciple,Usually the name of their main peak。
As the old man,The first of Jiufeng,It is also the most powerful one person,Named Taibai old ancestors。
“Return 336 people。”
The speech is the ancestor from Chen Feng.,“Among them, the two hundred and forty nine people were falling.,Back and fallen,All of them come from two transfer channels。”
Toned,Also,“They all encountered the fourth floor.,Not the monster,But from the external environment,One of the channels is on the road to the fifth layer.,I met a huge crack,Crack is like a tale,Tens of thousands of meters,Go to the way,Can’t go around。”
“Second orientation transfer channel,Then I met the swamp,Numerous death,Many people returned。”
Narrate,Eight old ancestors sighs。
They don’t blame the disciples。
All clearly,The reason why it encounters external environment,Not the information given by the Polar Inner Hospital.。
on the contrary,One thousand years,Seal loose,The power of the chaotic king is penetrated,Many terrain environments will change。
“The transfer channel of the third orientation?
Didn’t come back??”
Taibai old ancestors asked,Something wings。
This sentence,Several people laughed,“According to the message brought by the elimination of disciples,And our estimation,The third orientation of the transfer channel is less than 100 people,Among them, the 12 Wu Wang period later,The choice is this direction。”
Too many ancestors,失 失。
Without him。
Wantong comes from the city under Taibai,It is also a young man who is concerned with the Taibai Temple and optimistic.。
“till this moment,They have not come out,So there are only two possibilities,Either,They encountered crisis,All fallen,Either……They have been in depth。”
“I prefer the latter。”
A voice comes,It is the Long Ding real person……Ethereal。
He said,“I also have a juvenile in it.。”
I heard this sentence,The rest of them are very looked.。
They are all two thousand before,Naturally, it is clear that the other person is。
I didn’t expect that the old ancestors would pay attention to a teenager.。
“That boy is this year’s new Jinnean disciples,Talented。”
Merely,His face reveals a little emotion,“In the past,http://www.bjmusicvalley.cn Wang Zen is also weak.,And practice is very popular。”
Wang Zen?
The old ancestors are a glimpse,I quickly remember related memories。
That is a disciple of the old ancestors.,Enter the inheritance of the Temple。
Once was amazing in the neutrial hospital,Invincible,Horing opponent,Can even be retrograde。
Later, I chose the sea.,He also rumored him fallen。
“Old friend,Congratulations, you find a material that makes it.。”
Talking is the fire ancestor,He haha smiles,“Put in this way,We also have a genius,It is the top of this new Jinjin Institute disciple,His name is Mingchuan,Little guy is very good,Especially mind,He is also in the third orientation transfer channel,I want to come together with your joy.。”
Toned,His words turn,“And don’t say these,I refined a hundred Fire Bodhi this time.,If all http://www.0335net.cn failed,Take another hundred Wu Wangfeng’s warrior,Let them take Fire Bodhi,Temporarily break through the big success,Then there are some external insurance to block some preparations,The possibility of success should be large,Everyone thinks?。”
“Firepower……”Zhenzhi old ancestors,At the same time,“It is indeed a success of Wu Wang Dali.,But the price……”“As long as you can successfully take birth to death,Every cost is worth it,Moreover,Fire Bodhi will not die,Also constrained them can’t make breakthroughs within 50 years.,A closed custom passed。”
Everyone discussion,Finally, the collective looks to Taibai old ancestors,Consult his opinion。
“Can only be so……”Taibai old ancestors also calmly sigh。

This discovered this,Gu family is here。

When you see Gu Yi,In the mind, I repeatedly recall that the scene of him,Her whole person is not shaking from autonomous。
Gu Yi did not miss the panic of the moment.。
http://www.hzyjhwhz.cn He walked quickly,“Small memory,sorry,It’s a big brother.,Big brother doesn’t know what you.?Small memory。”
Gu Yi’s words exit,Everyone has done。
After Gu Yi said, he found some unsatisfactory.,His sex is straight,Can’t live in the heart,This is the reason why Gu Jia’s people have never told him.。
Gu Yi Lin looked at the big brother,but,Say,Save their family has been uncomfortable。
They all arrived.,Xiao Yi should also know。
Lu Haocheng glared at Gu Yi。
This bastard
Blue Xin is shocked,In this moment,It seems that all guess is the departure。
She quickly reincarnation:“Mr. Gu,You got the wrong person。”
Blue Xin denied the road,Who doesn’t look,Vertical eye,I don’t know where to see。
Lift your eyes,Lin Dami’s tears full face,Allah。
Her heart is painful,And Lin Demon is quietly regarded。
http://www.zgwjjdgw.cn “Blue,Blue,You are my mother’s daughter.!”Lin Daung said out。
The whole person is sitting on the ground.。
Gu Yi Lin,Quickly walk in the past。
“mother,You just fainted because of your heart,Now your emotions can’t get down again.,Will fainted again。”
Blue Xin is not credible,Tears can’t control it。
“how so?”She murmritic。
Gu Xihong gets up,Looking at Blue Xin,I feel excited:“Blue,Parent-child identification has been done,You are the little daughter who is lost.,Gu Yi blue。Do you still remember that Dad saw you for the first time??At that time, my father recognized you.,But I don’t dare to affirm http://www.hongshengsuye.cn it.,so,Dad has been looking for you during this time.。”
NS512chapter:Do you know you?

NS512chapter:Do you know you?
Gu Xihong said,I looked at Blue Xin with distressed。
Blue Xin invisible shoud。
Lu Haocheng looked at her appearance,Incomparable distress,He said:“Blue,Gu Boyi is really your own mother。”
“Ha ha”Blue,The eyes are full of sadness。
She looked at Lu Haozheng asked:“Do you know you??”
She suddenly remembered what to go to the Haicheng,Before going to the sea,He knew she is Gu Yi blue。
so,I will say that.。
she,Is the only woman waiting for the man in front of him.。

Gu Yue smiled and said:“Chen San!You manage too much。Please!You are not welcome in my house,You tell Xu Yiming,Let him be honest,If nothing happens again,I will also play these methods he played”

“What does Mr. Xu mean??That means it won’t give me Chen San’s face?”Chen San’s face became very ugly。
Gu Changlong is old after all,See a lot of things like this。So he smiled at Chen Sanhehe:“Ah San!I know you ate this meal,It’s a pity you shouldn’t accept this kind of thing。Because Xu Yiming is a bastard”
“Pay attention to one word in everything,He is irresponsible,No one comes。and also,You also tell Xu Li this crazy woman,Don’t get confused,Otherwise I will be rude http://www.wmcyw.cn to her”When Gu Changlong said this,Serious face。
Xia Jian just understood。It turns out that these women appeared,Should be related to Chen San。He first made Gu’s family messed up with this indiscriminate method,And then come forward to clean up the mess。But what he didn’t expect was,Xia Jian appeared at this time。
“OK!Since your father and daughter said the same,I’m not welcome Chen San”Chen San finished saying this,Turn around and go。There was a terrible fierce light in his eyes。
Just when he walked to the door,Xia Jian, who hadn’t said a word, yelled:“and many more!You http://www.zyxwq.cn just left?”
Xia Jian said,Two steps up。Chen San shakes up,Stood down。He slowly turned around,A scornful glance at Xia Jian said:“what happened?You have something to say”
“Chen San,You are out there too,You also participate in Xu Yiming’s mess?”Xia Jian asked coldly。
Chen San was mad at first,What Xia Jian said,His anger came out instantly。He glared at Xia Jian and said:“who are you?What does this have to do with you?”
“Someone shovels uneven road,Something is wrong。You don’t know what to do,So I came out to be fair。Only second”Xia Jian is okay to respond quickly,Otherwise he would really be questioned by Chen San。
Chen Sanyi listen,Suddenly burst into laughter:“It turned out to be Daxia Xia!Oh!How did i forget,Don’t you have a leg with President Gu?!”
First2102chapter Contract
This is a pain that is difficult to wipe in Gu Yue’s heart。Chen San said so,She rushed http://www.enjoyear.com.cn up like crazy,Pointing at Chen San:“We have one leg,what happened?Bullshit”
Gu Yue lost her mind a bit,Xia Jian quickly pulled her aside,And whispered to her:“This matter involves me,I will handle it to your satisfaction”

See him,Sisters are opposite each other,Sichuan is ice,“We also know the behind-the-scenes planner behind the scenes……”

Is the behind-the-scenes planner not Meng Chauling and a seasonal??
In fact, it has come backwards.,Many things are not controlled by them.,For example, the emergence of hell,Moreover, Meng Chao has been killed by the night trifut。
As for the quarter……Although she escaped a life,But I want to kill her in the summer.,anytime。
“Then you say,Who is behind the scenes?。”
Ice in Sichuan does not think about a name,“Longfei。”
Summer once again,A a few doubts between the eyebrows。
He feels that he seems to ignore what。
He gets the news in the morning.,Longfei came Qinghai,United Nahong and Meng Chaoran accountant。
But this time, the seasonal red http://www.zgcydh.cnand Meng Chao have been in succession.,Only Dragon Flying imitation is like。At this time,Sichuan is ice,“Longfei does not know your true identity,But he is in the dark net billion red flowers,We pass some clues,Contact him in private,Accept his employment,His purpose is to kill you,And our goal is to get to respect,Although both parties
Information is wrong,But Longfei in order to deal with you,I have done a lot of preparations.。”
Summer touches a box of crumpled cigarettes from your pocket,Take out one,ignite,Smash,“go on。”“When the season red is actively contacting him,He thinks this is an excellent opportunity,Then tell the season red,Can help him hire a batch of junior masters,Are God’s war,And hints that the seasonal,Contact Meng Ma,Because Meng Jia’s energy is very large,It seems that there are channels to bring those masters into
Qinghai。”Toned,Summer smoking,Sichuan is ice,“If the monk hired by the season, you can kill you.,That is best,If you fail,Let us kill Meng Chaoran,Give you a disaster,Then we get to your respected ring with your friends.,Later……After you will interrupt your limbs,Bundle
You have been abolished,Then hand it over to Longfei,This is his plan。”
This is indeed the plan of Longfei,But the plan can’t change the change,Information is not equal,I have already exceeded the control。
to be honest,Longfei,Mihong and Meng Jianai, Liu Qingqing and Qinling,It is part of his plan.,Is a piece that can be discarded。
But in the dark domain,Longfei yourself is not a chess。
He doesn’t know the hatred between the four people and monk,I don’t know if they have already secretly reversed hell.。
Not even what happened behind。
In other words,Longfei does not know that the plan has failed at the moment.,But in the dream of beauty。
Think here,He reveals a curious,“Your emperor in your dark domain……Correct,What is the one is going??”
Sisters two look,I didn’t expect this to ask this sentence in summer.。
“His name is Jianren,Like us seven people,It is all received by the old emperor.,Teach the skills,But in three years ago…http://www.szhsjj.cn …”
Sichuan’s ice face,“He killed the old emperor,And secretly bought eight snakes and ghosts and the sky,Forced us to serve,We are naturally unwilling,I have been thinking about revenge,Later, the night-forked and impermanent reversed hell,For revenge,We also put on it in……”
simply say,This is a story that is responsible for heavy revenge.。
Of course, it will not be so simple.,Sichuan ice sisters are sincere revenge,So the hand of summer,Kill eight snakes and ghost faces。
As for the night cross and impermanent,There is no other thought,But it is not important.,They were killed by the summer。
After the end of it,Summer temporarily believe in them,Say,“Now you contact Longfei,Just got me……”
Not finished,Suddenly stop,Summer face is also changed。
Previous time,He felt what he ignored.,Can not be protected http://www.jdbjm.cn from time to time。

Zhou is still paused,Ask:“Where can I live??”

槐 said in his ear:“That is, we have heard the teacher who has taken several times.?”
Old view, I want to say:“The little girl lives,In the past, it was Yinyang Temple.,You can see the mobile map。But now I have to rain, it seems to rain.,Do you have to pass??”
Turn around。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 34 Zheng Yuki
Zhouzhi took a handbook from the view。
There are only two http://www.tjxiaochi.cn hundred words in the handbook.,Wordo scribble,Write the old view of the main greetings and Zhou Zhiwei to the long-havenected master.,At the end, it also covers the chapter of the owner.。
In this era, there are still people who have retained this form of communication.,Let Zharise Some feelings。
Old view is behind him:“Don’t stay on the road,Hurry,It is going to rain,It’s best to come back in terms of darkness.,You can stay in the view for one night at the time.。”
He took out the phone to find the village called Yinyang Temple.。
Now nearly two in the afternoon。
Navigation shows twelve kilometers,Mountain road,Regular people should take three hours,His is very fast,Can also run,No accidental time is more than enough。
Zhou walked to the circles,Look back。
The old gland is sitting down in the eaves.,Sitting is a bamboo bench,He looked up to Xiaomiao,On the top of the small temple,The old demon is sitting in the hair,Also look at his direction。
Zhou Zhiye,The way forward。
Quickly climb,If it is an hour,The air becomes humid。槐 sitting next to a grave, waiting for him,His expansion is what is going to catch an air?。
“It’s raining。”
“Um,Not far from。”
“I feel a terrible breath.。”槐,“The front is a big demon site.。”
Zhou Zi suddenly stopped,Look at the stalk。
槐 序:“His breath is terrible,But http://www.thmos.cn I can’t say it.,It is likely to be just his aura,But in fact, he is not good at fighting.?I looked at the human Tianshi’s life on his site.,More than half of it is a good speech。”
Zhou Yisheng has not yet,Suddenly heard a snoring。
One person, a demon looks up,I saw a homogenous majority of a bunch of bids in the dark clouds.。
“so big!”

“good,It is the god of the gods.,Rewards as long as they are injected into some light system,Can be shielded24Hour。”

“wipe,Too.,Actually used to illuminate!”
“Not a general luxury,Hey-hey,Insight,Really on the grade,Fei Xiangge Millennium Auction Callout is taken out of ten streets。”
“What is Ten Street!”
Just at this time, a lot of power is coming in the void.,A Qing dynasty sounded:“Allocate,Today’s auction begins,Welcome to here,God will build the most prosperous auction。”
NS961chapter Three-piece magic stem
Everyone he wen said that he wanted to go to the entire auction,The eyes of all parties will gather on the golden auction house。
The center of the gold auction house has been more moving.,One person headed is a blonde,This http://www.lijin-lawyer.cn old man is wearing Yan Tail,Handle,Give people a majestic momentum,His momentum is shrouded。
Directly demonstrate the cultivation of the god level。
Instantly, calm down。
The old man follows a named young man,These young men have each instrument,Blonde shawl,It’s like a golden sun.,Qing colorful tuxedo,Between the lifetime with powerful breath。
There are four people,Four people carry a large wooden box together,Big wooden box has a water tank size。
“Allocate,Welcome to the city of Dark,I am the palm of the dark city, Jeah。”Blonde old man is responsible,Voice majestic,With powerful discouragement。
Like a person who has a long time to hold the power。
good,Yekord is the owner of the Dark City,And the Lord is the son of this person.,This auction will be hosted by Jeah.,This can be imagined to be grand。
There is a table in front of Yawh,A golden hammer placed on the table,Jeah glanced at the audience,Then look forward to108Box。
It seems to see what forces and which horses are coming?。
“Yeke,let’s start,Don’t delay everyone’s time。”A voice came from the first box,This voice is majestic,With unquestionable taste。
“Amitabha,Yeke,Let’s start,My Buddha seeing the blood of the Phoenix,Poinciana,Wan Years of Blood Ginseng Three Baby,There is also that Nirvana,We have money。”There is also a bright voice in the second box.。
“Yeke,Don’t delay time,Our time is very precious,Faster auction!”The three boxes also sounded a cold voice。
“Oriental,Zhang Meng,Brahma, my Buddha,Also have guests,Don’t move!”Jeah Wen said with a smile of a smile:“In fact, everything here is a boutique,It’s all my dark city.,This time, everyone has just been viewed on the computer is just the hoss of the iceberg.!”
Tell this,Suddenly cause a sensation。
“tip of the iceberg!”
“Is this bragging??”
“impossible,Three drops of phoenix blood,A nirvana,Phoenix wood,Wannian blood group,Wannian blood lucidum,It is already a big play of betting level.。”
“This is called a bet level,You have to know that people integrate the integrated Western world,Too much treasure made this time is too much.。”
Everyone is talking about,13Lin Feng diffraction in the box, but looking at the auction station,Backward:“I feel the breath of the Devil’s knife.,More than one piece。”
“Devil’s knife?More than one piece!”
Tell this,Tiyin Yao,Night cold two women slightly color。
To know that Lin Feng is the inheritor of the Emperor Emperor,This actually only the most demanding emperor is Lin Feng.,Especially the Emperor Dawu Treasure。
“good,There may be three pieces,No wonder the stick, the god, has been difficult to gather, these gods。”Lin Feng pensive:“The last flying fairy kian’s millennium auction http://www.gaoweishan.cn meeting was taken away by the West.,Western forces should have two pieces。”

“how could be。”With a loud laugh,Then the figure of several people comes slowly from the dark.,The first blonde teenager smiled,“We welcome us to end the work of overtime.。”

“Oh?”One party picks up the eyebrows,Looking at the soil,“You will be so good?”
“It is said that because of many pressure,The upper layer decided to give up the murder of Yumu Mei Ling.。”Soil door mouth hooked slightly,“but,I want to pass this incident.,Yumu Mei Ling should not intend to take the third place from the school city city.。”
“Humph,What many aspects of pressure。”One party disdainted,“But I can’t stop the two dark portions.,So,This latter is so embarrassed this.?”
“Mainly the context of the Haihai and Zero.。”The boss of the soil door is laughing.,“It is a mirror of two people.,Is it also copying together in this regard??”
“Nah,”The pseudonym of the pseudonym is revealing a smile,“That guy has a good agreement with the objectives that protects me and surrounding things.,So I will work hard.。”
With this guy,It’s really just trying.?One side looked at it, I didn’t look at it.,White-haired teenager with chestnut fine side glasses,A rare spit in my heart。
but,Such an organization has a rare laughter in the mouth of the mouth.。
It is very good with my appetite.。
“From just now,He has always used this kind of tone。”Solitaire,“I want to use any uncomigated means.。”
Heard this,Not only one and the sea of appearances,Even the eyes are all biased with a little bit,The dark red scorpion flashes a taunt look。
“An organization of a group of villains is not a matter of course??”Cold smile,Turn out to the base,“gone,Soil。”
“Your guy,Character is really not cute。”Listen to the cold ice tone,I can’t help but hurt my head.,“Can you learn to learn your brother??”
“how,Also learn to talk to you with your neck??”Coldly snort,The head did not return。
“You bastard!”I immediately jumped,Quenching,“How can you know this?!”
“alright, alright。”Look at this scene,Soil door can’t help but laugh,“In short,include‘work overtime’Everyone, everyone works in a work.,Next,I am afraid there is something to be busy.。”
“Attempt,Really a bastard。”One party listened this,Ankle,“What else?”
“Many troublesome things.。”Soil door shakes his head,But did not continue to explain,“To know,Just obey their rules can be made。”
“Can’t do with ordinary ways。”Soil door,Looking at the deep sky,“To the top,You are very important,And this is for you.,Not a good thing。”
“so,Let’s cooperate next.。”The face of the soil door recovered a consistent smile,“At least you can’t be seen by others.。”
“interesting。”Looking at the soil,One side is slightly bright,Subsequently raised the mouth,“but,If you drag my back,I will abandon you very much.!”
“If it is true,I think you should not be the first person to do.。”Like a laughter,“do not forget,There is also a Qing Palace here.。”
“Impact about my words,I will kill you.。”Shocking,Stunned,Only when he is looking to one party,The dark red scorpion is slow,As if ignited http://www.jinxingrq.cn a scarlet flame。
“Really majestic。”Soil door laughs,Slowly turn over,“Come with me。”
“Also almost the time to fight against it.。”
Look at this scene,One party raises the corner of the mouth again。
It’s too interesting.。
“Does this don’t matter??”The Farnda, who is still sitting in a wheelchair, looks at the file in the hand of the bundle.,“Just ignore the order of the upper layer,It’s also private to stop this, it is a provocation.?”
“It’s ok。”The bundle said faintly,The tone is in the calm,“Because now,It is our dominant。”
“Hey?”Franda slightly,“What is the meaning of us??”
“The upper layer of the school city in order to fight external pressure,Give the pressure on the student,So Improving Yu Mei Ling that affects them planned.。”The bundle is saying that http://www.nastsdzsw.cn it continues to use a flat and no change.,“but,Their object is selected.。”
“Two dark portions,Three super-powers,This is not the power of the Board’s current confrontation.。”Another head of Yunchukiya laughs,Her head is also entangled,“If you pass the external pressure,Causes internal turmoil,This will affect the plan of the upper layer,Not in line with their interests。”
“So they must compromise。”Yunchukui is using stirring spoon to point the liquid in his coffee cup,The face revealed a smile,“and,This involves the follow-up plan of the big dark part.。”

“All right!Stop complaining,It’s fine。I already know everything about you,Encountered such a thing,Quandang helped our police solve the case。Since I didn’t rest well last night,Then don’t rush away,Quickly find a hotel to rest,Then go no later,Remember safety first”Fang Fang finished,Hung http://www.ctigaojie.cn up。

May be the particularity of the job,Fang Fang’s call to Xia Jian is always simple and concise,Three or two sentences explain the problem and hang up,She doesn’t care about Xia Jian’s feelings。
Xia Jian held the phone and shook his head helplessly,When I want to put my hands back in my pockets,The phone rang again。Gu Yue called,Xia Jian sneered and answered the phone。
“All right!Today, a large policeman called to investigate your matter。What is going on,I asked them and they didn’t tell me”Gu Yue on the phone asked anxiously。
Xia Jian smiled,Then I gave Gu Yue a general explanation of what happened last night.。Gu Yue finished listening,Said immediately:“All right!Don’t hurry。Quickly find a place to rest for a day,Open slowly after resting,Not in a hurry,Safety is important”
Xia Jian quickly agreed,The two chatted again on the phone,Just hung up the phone。
The sun shines on people at this time,The tenderness is gone。Xia Jianla got into the car door,He drove the car and found a nice hotel,Opened an hourly room for myself。
He knows his body,Take a break,Add physical strength and there is no problem。If you let him live,I can’t sleep at night again,Because something is in my heart,How can he sleep。
that’s it,Xia Jian stops and stops,At nine o’clock the next night,He finally arrivedGZcity。He found a hotel not far from Gu Yue’s work and stayed in first,Then I called Gu Yue,Tell her he has arrived。
Unexpectedly, Gu Yue who received the call was not in a hurry to see him,But let him rest in the hotel,Arranged to meet in Gu Yue’s office the next morning。
Xia Jian who hung up the phone fell on the bed,He suddenly felt very lost。He thought that as soon as Gu Yue received his call,Will immediately come out to pick him up,The two narrated their parting feelings。But Gu Yue didn’t do that,And Xia Jian did not hear any excitement http://www.diandianfan.cn from Gu Yue。
It’s time to dilute everything,Or everything has changed,Xia Jian’s heart can’t be let go for a long time。Think before and after,Xia Jian finally understood a truth,Everything that was before no longer exists,Because Gu Yue is already married,She should be responsible for herself and others。
He Xia Jianneng has this idea,Because he is still a free man so far。Figured out the problem,Xia Jian’s heart was suddenly relieved,He rushed into the bathroom,Rinsed well,Rinse all the fatigue away,Then put on a short sleeve,Strode out of the hotel。

http://www.nesed6.cn Voice is just。

I only see the summer arms stretch,Single foot,The figure is like a fairy crane,When you go out, you will take out more than five meters.。
At the same time,“Fairy crane!”
Wujie is a punch。
“Ha ha,Traditional martial arts?good,Untrue。”
Wujie has changed from a minister’s tone.,A punch,Rapidly follow up again,The right leg is like a wind whip.。
Full breeze,Summer eyes are sewing into a gap。
then,He suddenly turned back,Driven a waist and straight weight,The moment of shoulder shake,Body is short,Avoid。
“it is good!”
Surrounded by a hustle and bustle。
have to say,These two tricks just now,The action posture is full of a very classical taste。
No freehand fight and freely fight straight and simply straight,Some is just a gorgeous charm。
Even if it is a person who doesn’t work,Can also see,He is now using traditional martial arts,Not modern strike skills。
Wu Jie’s eyes,A whip leg takes evacuation,The right foot is unequal,Waving the double punch continuous。
All are the skills of freedom fight。
Put on a punch,Sputum,Punch,Elbow,Knee,Hand http://www.zxwygame.cn knife!
These moves are definitely not a flower shelf,Greevles to the weak links in the summer,As long as you go up,Don’t say that it is disabled, it will suffer。
Confused summer,Still nothing to show this traditional martial art。
And every trick,I will show it out.。
“Floral hollow。”
“Huanglong turned。”
“White snake。”
“Sea fishing month。”
He tall two meters high,Down to fall, no。
He shouted,White crane,Dead tree root,Traditional movements such as jade belt horizontal waist。
The key is,These actions are connected and the gesture is beautiful and a smooth path,Although it is fighting,But together,When it is like an ancient knight living in front of people’s eyes。
“what……I’m going crazy!”
“This,This……This is really a martial art.,Wushu!”

At the same time, Xiao Jia himself,Upper and lower generations work together,In just 30 years, it has developed so much.。

Just a poor impact seal triggered a huge vibration,There are obvious shocks in the Feng Yanshuang.。
After the vibration,Ordinary people are not worried about http://www.ruixingsoft.cn what。
For so many years,What is the monster that attacks falling?,They are all thrown outside the door,Never there is no monster entering the Falling Fengshan Villa。
So even if it is a small-scale animal wave, it will not charge the defense network of Xiaojia.,As for large beast,That is not the matter of these servants.,There is a high school in the sky.。
Previous banquet,Xiao Da wine passed three patrols,After the fifty of the year, Xiao Muli is unimmeted.,Thinking and lady intimate。
Pants have not taken off,In the case of a poor impact seal,Now standing in the room。
Those deacons living in the Falling Mountain Villa、Elder,Most standing,More keep in the room,Only men can still feel a little。
They don’t dare to neglect,Thinking about looking for a Xiaojia master business,Or wait for the summons of Xiao Jia’s master。
Because,They are tall。
The resource enjoyed by the family is not an ordinary person to be imagined.,It also naturally assumes a risk of risky responsibility.。
Poor is just impacting the monsters.,But in case it breaks through the seal,They should be busy。
“Li brother。”Xiao Da released its own momentum,Fright the window。
After a while,The old man who was noticeed to Xiao Da, rushed to the hospital where the master is located.。
People known as Li Xiong,It is the old thing responsible for testing in front of the mountain gate。
In the face of Xiao Da’s coming,Old tube is not proud,Instead, stand outside the hospital,Respectful:“Housekeeper,How rich。”
Xiao Da went out of the room,Old tube:“Call the person in charge of each,If the murder beast,All of us have a self-recognizing it to seal it again.。”
Old trouble is also one of the people who have experienced themselves.,Naturally known to know the danger of cuckain,Worry,“Housekeeper,At present, it is a lady to recruit a friend.,They came to me to fall into the beautiful purpose of the mountains for Miss.,To resist the beast,I am afraid”
“Humph!”Xiao Da is not angry,Sleeve:“I know all of these people.,The murder beasts may not be avoided,Just think about the development of itself,Access to resources,I can’t hide for a while.。”
Old tube is dark,“The murderous beast is the common enemy of my family.,Cannot prevent。”
“Go back。”
“Just the emperor”
“Emperor’s heart,If this is no longer the blocked the beast in the forest,I am afraid that the Central Plains will be difficult,This is not the emperor wants to see.。”
The old man retreats,Stay to inform you,Calling people to organize the banquet hall to make a discipline。
Xiao Da looked up at the stars in the air in the air.,Snort,Fantastic spit out of the emperor two words,How much contemptuous meaning in words。
Zhongyuan’s families,The latest, but the rise is too fast,Just a high-end power that is familiar with the Emperor Room.。
Therefore, the emperor didn’t want to watch Xiao Jia to do it.,In case, Xiao Jia is self-sufficient.,Have the meaning of Jiangshan。
Even if the thunder is smashed,I am afraid that the Emperor has been frustrated.。
Surrounding neighboring tigers,It is afraid that it is difficult to self-insurance。
Don’t look at the Xiao family has a daughter and a rod.,That doesn’t mean that Xiao Jia can be fat, if you have no mistakes.。
Xiao Da sat down to this seat,Understand in the http://www.diaoyiwang.cn eyes,Otherwise, her daughter can only find my favorite.,Even if the emperor is coming,Nor!
The quiet Yayuan lived in the family of each family of Falling Mountains is busy.,The people of each family leadership team have rushed to the banquet hall before reaching forward.。
Han Jiang naturally heard the movement outside,Worried about Xiao Yun,“You still go back soon.,At this time, you must worry about your safety.。”
Xiao Yun waved a waving,“Just impact seal, it is not a seal.,What is I am worried?。”
“Then you are better than Wu.”