Developed car operating system at the time

  As the core hub of connecting and unified management of hardware, software and users, the importance of automotive operating systems is becoming more prominent. Establishing a set of independent and controllable vehicle operating systems has become a top priority.

If the industry can form several research and development combinations of the entire industry chain, compete with each other and learn from each other, it will undoubtedly help better promote the development and application of my country’s automotive operating system. Each year, representative members from the automotive field bring some bills, proposals and suggestions.

Fang Yunzhou, the founder and chairman of the Nezha Automobile this year, has attracted much attention to the development and application of China’s independent controllable intelligent automobile operating system development and applications to accelerate the construction of the smart car operating system ecology.

  With the rapid advancement of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes, software and computing power used in automotive intelligence control have increased rapidly in automotive products. Automobiles are defined by the past with hardware as the main change of software and hardware. Among them, as the core hub of connecting and unified management of hardware, software and users, the importance of automotive operating systems is becoming more prominent.

However, China’s automobile industry does not have an independent operating system. What I have to say is that most domestic car companies still use the Android system. As we all know, in the era of personal computers, the operating system was monopolized by Microsoft Windows; the field of smart phones is two major systems: Android and iOS. iOS was developed by Apple in the United States and was relatively closed; the Android system was developed by Google. Although it was open source, there was still certain risks in terms of security, real -time, and stability.

Therefore, the establishment of an independent and controllable vehicle operating system has become a top priority. From the perspective of market size, China has become a global car production and sales country for more than 10 consecutive years. It is believed that in the future for a long time, this position of China’s automobile market will not change in this position worldwide. The oversized market advantage is the excellent cradle of the operating system for breeding cars.

What’s more, my country’s scientific and technological investment and talent teams are at the forefront of the world’s automotive industry, and have good development conditions for auto original technology.

Especially in terms of intelligent connected cars, my country has been at the forefront of the world, and there is no reason not to develop safe and controllable vehicle operating systems.

  From the perspective of technological progress, the global car operating system has not yet matured, and none of the versions that can be applied directly for a long time.

After a century of evolution and iteration, the car has entered the era of intelligence today from early pure mechanical products, across the age of mechanical and electrical integration, and embedded software. The intelligence represented by Tesla is still continuously improved.

In the future, cars will enter the era of ecologicalization of all things. What form will the operating system will not be clearly described at present, and this gives us new opportunities for the development of car operating systems.

  Some people have suggested that since the development of the car operating system is so significant, the state simply designated a key enterprise or scientific research units to do it.

The author does not agree with such thoughts. The government supports and includes the research and development of automotive operating systems in the national research and development plan. It is necessary to give funding support, but it must also introduce market mechanisms to make open source systems. The reason is that the car products generally face consumers, that is, the "2C" business, and the industry does not accept exclusive supply. At the same time, because this development work is a "massive" level, it is difficult to keep up with the rhythm of market changes, which is not conducive to promotion and application. It is also necessary to see that although there are advantages in domestic research and development of companies in China, no one has the conditions to expand a single advantage into a comprehensive advantage. However, it is worth trying to achieve a strong union through marketization.

For example, the combination of header companies, software companies, and chip companies, each play its advantages and open up the full chain of software, hardware and vehicle applications.

If the industry can form several such entire industry chain R & D and combinations, compete with each other and learn from each other, it will undoubtedly help better promote the development and application of my country’s automobile operating system. Of course, the establishment of a technical committee of the China Automobile Operation Systems, and formulating the technological development route, system structure, technical standards and technical agreements of China’s automobile operating system, which is also necessary.

  It should be emphasized that independent research and development does not mean to build cars behind closed doors.

The car operating system has a strong short -term market demand and needs to start from existing results. Because there are currently no such basic results in China, pursuing pure Sinicization, everything starts from zero, is neither necessary nor conforms to the interests of the industry. Therefore, drawing on international successful experience and integrating international advanced resources should also be the deserved meaning of independent innovation.

What’s more, in the future, China’s car operating system is strong and needs to go out.

(Economic Daily Yang Zhongyang).

Half,One must be white,Faceless old man sinking,“What is the situation in the inner court?。”

Nine old ancestors live for more than two thousand years,The name has already been forgotten by the world.。
Popular disciple,Usually the name of their main peak。
As the old man,The first of Jiufeng,It is also the most powerful one person,Named Taibai old ancestors。
“Return 336 people。”
The speech is the ancestor from Chen Feng.,“Among them, the two hundred and forty nine people were falling.,Back and fallen,All of them come from two transfer channels。”
Toned,Also,“They all encountered the fourth floor.,Not the monster,But from the external environment,One of the channels is on the road to the fifth layer.,I met a huge crack,Crack is like a tale,Tens of thousands of meters,Go to the way,Can’t go around。”
“Second orientation transfer channel,Then I met the swamp,Numerous death,Many people returned。”
Narrate,Eight old ancestors sighs。
They don’t blame the disciples。
All clearly,The reason why it encounters external environment,Not the information given by the Polar Inner Hospital.。
on the contrary,One thousand years,Seal loose,The power of the chaotic king is penetrated,Many terrain environments will change。
“The transfer channel of the third orientation?
Didn’t come back??”
Taibai old ancestors asked,Something wings。
This sentence,Several people laughed,“According to the message brought by the elimination of disciples,And our estimation,The third orientation of the transfer channel is less than 100 people,Among them, the 12 Wu Wang period later,The choice is this direction。”
Too many ancestors,失 失。
Without him。
Wantong comes from the city under Taibai,It is also a young man who is concerned with the Taibai Temple and optimistic.。
“till this moment,They have not come out,So there are only two possibilities,Either,They encountered crisis,All fallen,Either……They have been in depth。”
“I prefer the latter。”
A voice comes,It is the Long Ding real person……Ethereal。
He said,“I also have a juvenile in it.。”
I heard this sentence,The rest of them are very looked.。
They are all two thousand before,Naturally, it is clear that the other person is。
I didn’t expect that the old ancestors would pay attention to a teenager.。
“That boy is this year’s new Jinnean disciples,Talented。”
Merely,His face reveals a little emotion,“In the past, Wang Zen is also weak.,And practice is very popular。”
Wang Zen?
The old ancestors are a glimpse,I quickly remember related memories。
That is a disciple of the old ancestors.,Enter the inheritance of the Temple。
Once was amazing in the neutrial hospital,Invincible,Horing opponent,Can even be retrograde。
Later, I chose the sea.,He also rumored him fallen。
“Old friend,Congratulations, you find a material that makes it.。”
Talking is the fire ancestor,He haha smiles,“Put in this way,We also have a genius,It is the top of this new Jinjin Institute disciple,His name is Mingchuan,Little guy is very good,Especially mind,He is also in the third orientation transfer channel,I want to come together with your joy.。”
Toned,His words turn,“And don’t say these,I refined a hundred Fire Bodhi this time.,If all failed,Take another hundred Wu Wangfeng’s warrior,Let them take Fire Bodhi,Temporarily break through the big success,Then there are some external insurance to block some preparations,The possibility of success should be large,Everyone thinks?。”
“Firepower……”Zhenzhi old ancestors,At the same time,“It is indeed a success of Wu Wang Dali.,But the price……”“As long as you can successfully take birth to death,Every cost is worth it,Moreover,Fire Bodhi will not die,Also constrained them can’t make breakthroughs within 50 years.,A closed custom passed。”
Everyone discussion,Finally, the collective looks to Taibai old ancestors,Consult his opinion。
“Can only be so……”Taibai old ancestors also calmly sigh。

Luo Yinghe: Strong organization strives to improve the "three senses" of new citizens

The relocated people have employed more than 2 people. The per capita disposable income of the people per year is 10,000 yuan, and the community collective economy reaches more than 100 million yuan … This is the transcript exported by Xinmin Community, Mingtian Street, Mingtian Street, Huishui County. Luo Yinghe, a representative of the National People’s Congress and secretary of the party branch of the Xinmin Community, said that the dazzling data is inseparable from the role of a battle fortress played by the party organization.

As soon as the masses moved into the new homeland, the Xinmin Community established the party branch. Luo Yinghe leads the pioneering model of 46 party members and cadres in the community and explores a new way to lead grassroots governance with party building.

Since last year, Luo Yinghe has ran between the community buildings with community cadres, actively providing services to the masses, and continuously exploring and improving the effective ways to solve the problem of "urgency and sorrow" of the masses, so that the masses are less legs and more communities.

Xinmin Community Innovation launched the "Four Singles and One Places" service model, "By implementing ‘mass order, community dispatch order, party members and cadres, organizing the sun order’, let party members come to the door to serve Quick transformation, forming a good atmosphere of community leading party members and mobilizing the masses to participate in public construction. "Luo Yinghe said.

In the management of party members, the party branch of Xinmin Community implements a "one person, one file", records the daily work of party members, and is an important basis for annual assessment and evaluation of the best.

This year’s two national sessions, Luo Yinghe put forward relevant suggestions for the follow -up support of Easy Earth Poverty Alleviation. He said: "We must continue to lead the party building, gradually improve the community service functions, enhance the service level, innovate the grass -roots governance model, and strive to improve the new citizens A sense of gain, happiness, and security.

"Luo Yinghe said that after returning, he will organize community party members and cadres to carefully study the spirit of the two sessions of the country, learn to use the relevant policies in Document No. 2 in Xin Guofa, and follow employment, education, social security, medical care, pension, talent, community governance, etc. Start with actual problems, make every effort to cultivate cadre talents, improve and improve public services, strengthen employment and entrepreneurship support, vigorously develop and strengthen the collective economy of the community, set up poverty -stricken insurance, build a defense line, better benefit the relocation of the masses, ensure that new citizens are in a happy life of a happy life. The road is getting more and more stable. (Guizhou Daily reporter Liu Junjiao) (Responsible editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share more people to see recommended reading.

This discovered this,Gu family is here。

When you see Gu Yi,In the mind, I repeatedly recall that the scene of him,Her whole person is not shaking from autonomous。
Gu Yi did not miss the panic of the moment.。 He walked quickly,“Small memory,sorry,It’s a big brother.,Big brother doesn’t know what you.?Small memory。”
Gu Yi’s words exit,Everyone has done。
After Gu Yi said, he found some unsatisfactory.,His sex is straight,Can’t live in the heart,This is the reason why Gu Jia’s people have never told him.。
Gu Yi Lin looked at the big brother,but,Say,Save their family has been uncomfortable。
They all arrived.,Xiao Yi should also know。
Lu Haocheng glared at Gu Yi。
This bastard
Blue Xin is shocked,In this moment,It seems that all guess is the departure。
She quickly reincarnation:“Mr. Gu,You got the wrong person。”
Blue Xin denied the road,Who doesn’t look,Vertical eye,I don’t know where to see。
Lift your eyes,Lin Dami’s tears full face,Allah。
Her heart is painful,And Lin Demon is quietly regarded。 “Blue,Blue,You are my mother’s daughter.!”Lin Daung said out。
The whole person is sitting on the ground.。
Gu Yi Lin,Quickly walk in the past。
“mother,You just fainted because of your heart,Now your emotions can’t get down again.,Will fainted again。”
Blue Xin is not credible,Tears can’t control it。
“how so?”She murmritic。
Gu Xihong gets up,Looking at Blue Xin,I feel excited:“Blue,Parent-child identification has been done,You are the little daughter who is lost.,Gu Yi blue。Do you still remember that Dad saw you for the first time??At that time, my father recognized you.,But I don’t dare to affirm it.,so,Dad has been looking for you during this time.。”
NS512chapter:Do you know you?

NS512chapter:Do you know you?
Gu Xihong said,I looked at Blue Xin with distressed。
Blue Xin invisible shoud。
Lu Haocheng looked at her appearance,Incomparable distress,He said:“Blue,Gu Boyi is really your own mother。”
“Ha ha”Blue,The eyes are full of sadness。
She looked at Lu Haozheng asked:“Do you know you??”
She suddenly remembered what to go to the Haicheng,Before going to the sea,He knew she is Gu Yi blue。
so,I will say that.。
she,Is the only woman waiting for the man in front of him.。

Shandong Jinan released high temperature+dual -wind dual warning bureau 37 ℃

  On May 30th, Jinan is hot to you. As of 16:00, the highest temperature in Jinan City reached ° C. If it feels hot, then the next few days will be hotter, especially hot … Jinan Meteorological Observatory predicts that from May 31 to June 3 Among them, urban areas, Zhangqiu, Jiyang, and Shanghe Land will reach 37 ° C.

To this end, Jinan Meteorological Observatory issued a high -temperature yellow warning signal at 15:35 on May 30th, please pay attention to prevention.

  At the same time as high temperature, Jinan will also usher in strong winds.

At 15:45 on May 30th, Jinan Meteorological Observatory issued a big blue warning signal. Please pay attention to prevent: It is expected to have an average wind force of 4-5 gusts of 7-8 levels in the whole district and counties in all districts and counties in the city. south wind.

  Next, the specific forecast of the specific trend of the weather in Jinan’s weather at 16:00 on the 30th is as follows: the night of the 30th to the 31st, the South Wind 3-4 gradually enhanced to level 4 to 5 gusts, and the lowest temperature on the morning of the 31st was 21 ~ 23 ℃, the highest temperature is about 35 ℃. High temperature and heat stroke meteorological level 3, maybe heatstroke.

Forest fire risk meteorological level 4 level 4, high fire insurance, high forest fire danger meteorological grade, forest area must strengthen fire source management. On June 1, the south wind turned to the north wind of 3 to 4, the lowest temperature was 19-22 ° C, and the maximum temperature was about 35 ° C. On the 2nd, the north wind turned to the south wind of 2 to 3, the lowest temperature was 19-22 ° C, and the maximum temperature was about 35 ° C.

  On the 3rd, the sun is cloudy, and the Nanfeng 3 to 4 gusts are 6, and the highest temperature is about 37 ° C. On the 4th to 6th, the clouds turned sunny, and the south wind was 3 to 4, and the temperature decreased slightly.

  In Shandong at the end of May, the weather also opened the "face change" mode of "June Tian, ??Children’s Face".

The Shandong Meteorological Observatory issued the inland wind blue warning at 16:00 on May 30 and continued to issue a maritime alert: It is expected to be on the 30th to 31st, Nanfeng, Liaocheng, Texas, Binzhou, Dongying, Jinan, Zibo, Qingdao, Qingdao, Qingdao, Qingdao, Qingdao, Qingdao , Rizhao, Yantai, and Weihai level 4 to 5 gusts 7-8, level 4 gusts of level 4 to 7 in other regions; the Bohai Strait, the north of the Yellow Sea, and the central Nanfeng level 5-6 levels to level 6-7 gusts 8-9 levels , Bohai Hainan Wind Grade 5-6 to the North Wind 6-7 Gust of Gust 8-9.

Gu Yue smiled and said:“Chen San!You manage too much。Please!You are not welcome in my house,You tell Xu Yiming,Let him be honest,If nothing happens again,I will also play these methods he played”

“What does Mr. Xu mean??That means it won’t give me Chen San’s face?”Chen San’s face became very ugly。
Gu Changlong is old after all,See a lot of things like this。So he smiled at Chen Sanhehe:“Ah San!I know you ate this meal,It’s a pity you shouldn’t accept this kind of thing。Because Xu Yiming is a bastard”
“Pay attention to one word in everything,He is irresponsible,No one comes。and also,You also tell Xu Li this crazy woman,Don’t get confused,Otherwise I will be rude to her”When Gu Changlong said this,Serious face。
Xia Jian just understood。It turns out that these women appeared,Should be related to Chen San。He first made Gu’s family messed up with this indiscriminate method,And then come forward to clean up the mess。But what he didn’t expect was,Xia Jian appeared at this time。
“OK!Since your father and daughter said the same,I’m not welcome Chen San”Chen San finished saying this,Turn around and go。There was a terrible fierce light in his eyes。
Just when he walked to the door,Xia Jian, who hadn’t said a word, yelled:“and many more!You just left?”
Xia Jian said,Two steps up。Chen San shakes up,Stood down。He slowly turned around,A scornful glance at Xia Jian said:“what happened?You have something to say”
“Chen San,You are out there too,You also participate in Xu Yiming’s mess?”Xia Jian asked coldly。
Chen San was mad at first,What Xia Jian said,His anger came out instantly。He glared at Xia Jian and said:“who are you?What does this have to do with you?”
“Someone shovels uneven road,Something is wrong。You don’t know what to do,So I came out to be fair。Only second”Xia Jian is okay to respond quickly,Otherwise he would really be questioned by Chen San。
Chen Sanyi listen,Suddenly burst into laughter:“It turned out to be Daxia Xia!Oh!How did i forget,Don’t you have a leg with President Gu?!”
First2102chapter Contract
This is a pain that is difficult to wipe in Gu Yue’s heart。Chen San said so,She rushed up like crazy,Pointing at Chen San:“We have one leg,what happened?Bullshit”
Gu Yue lost her mind a bit,Xia Jian quickly pulled her aside,And whispered to her:“This matter involves me,I will handle it to your satisfaction”

Fujian Provincial Department of Water Resources: Strengthen the project concentrated review and optimize the water conservancy business environment

The Fujian Provincial Department of Water Conservancy implemented the reform and deployment of "decentralization and management service", and adhered to the "science, standardization, efficiency, and integrity" of centralized review and management in accordance with the requirements of "reduction of materials, minus links, reduction processes, and time limit".It is necessary to ensure that the project construction is needed, ecological security, and can continue. Since 2021, a total of 23 key project reviews have been completed, and the cumulative optimization of project investment is 3.1 billion yuan.

Strengthen scientific review and improve government investment benefits and adhere to the combination of safe ecology.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, it is mainly to repair the water ecosystem of the river and lake, and take into account the construction of the source of the source of the source and the construction of the landscape. The project is optimized from 100 million yuan to 100 million yuan. Adhere to the overall planning of the whole region. Focusing on the entire basin, coordinating the elements, the governance of the grass and sand system of landscapes, forests, and lakes. For example, in the review of the overall plan of water supply and water sources in Golden Gate, fully demonstrate it from a systematic and global perspective. Emergency water volume, normal water storage level, and damper body increase in high scale, saving investment of 100 million yuan.

Persist in security economy.

Carefully review the main indicators of engineering standards and scale, and carefully review from the aspects of depth, quality, and safety. For example, the feasibility study of the reconstruction project of the Beixi Directation of Jiulongjiang, through optimizing the sluice reconstruction plan, engineering layout, etc., it saves investment of 100 million yuan. Strengthen standardized review and improve the process of reviewing the credibility of administrative examination and approval. Formulate the "intermediary service agency to know", provide precise notification services for the reporting unit, solve the problems of unclear reporting processes and inaccurate operation specifications, and realize the transformation from "multi -time running" to "at most" transitions. , Promote the water conservancy acceleration from "running at most" to "one trip without running." At present, the provincial -level water administrative license "one trip without running" accounts for%, and the average number of running times, including the proportion of operations, and "full -process online" matters accounting for%.

Standardize intermediary behavior.

Formulate the "Implementation Rules (Interim) Implementation Implementation Implementation Implementation Implementation Implementation Rules (Interim)" and various project results scores of various projects for the implementation of the project design report scoring system and time system. The evaluation results are linked to the transaction of water conservancy engineering, forcing the intermediary agency to improve the quality and efficiency of service, and realize the "zero latency" and "zero backlog" of the review.

Standardize expert behavior.

The key points of the technical review of the planning, research, and preliminary phase, standardized template for review opinions of 16 types of water conservancy projects, and compiled 32 related documents. Each year, the water conservancy project review and training will be held, and the relevant provisions of relevant laws, regulations, regulations, regulations and regulations, regulations and regulations, regulations and regulations, and standardized provisions of the construction standards of water conservancy projects have been held. Strengthen high -efficiency reviews, provide convenient services for reviewing and reducing the review process, reshaping the review process, and realizing the "weight loss" effect of the review business. The first is to reduce the link and implement the "minimalist review".

The "Water Engineering Construction Conference", "Construction Project Construction Plan for Construction Projects within the scope of river management", "Non -flood -proof construction project flood impact assessment report", "national basic aquatic test station upstream and downstream construction affects hydrological monitoring engineering" The review time of the entire process was compressed from an average of 160 working days before the reform to 60 working days. The average processing time limit was 50 working days, and the pressure was reduced by 63%.

In the province’s various economic development zones, industrial parks, etc., as well as industrial areas determined by governments at or above the county level, the implementation of the "three evaluations, one review, one approval" model of the water and water conservation plan, flood impact, and water resources demonstration area. More than 60 regions in the province have implemented regional evaluations and review and approval for multiple evaluations, and the results have achieved "one -time compilation and global sharing." The second is the time limit to achieve "fast trial". Based on the premise of ensuring the quality of the review, based on the standardized review process, formulate the schedule of the review project, reasonably streamline the time limit for the review, survey, review, post -review, and approval, etc., and timely open the "middle obstruction", major water conservancy projects are accepted from acceptance The entire process of approval was reduced from the original average 25 working days to 15, and the compression ratio of the review time was 40%. The third is to promote steadily and promote "online trial".

Adhere to the non -relaxed epidemic prevention, the approval of the speed, the speed of the approval, the service of the service, the service of the video conference, the letter review, the online review and other advanced and fast review methods, and make every effort to promote the acceleration of various types of water conservancy projects. For example, through the on -site aerial photography, the problem of linear engineering lines and on -site surveys has been solved, and "on -site surveys" to "online survey"; through video conferences, change "meeting review" to "online review", only 2021 Organized more than 40 games, which not only avoided risks such as epidemic dissemination, but also achieved the "zero cost" of the conference travel. Strengthen the judgment of integrity, create a good service image, close three core tasks, streamlined matters, process optimization, and improvement of effectiveness, strengthen the overall supervision, build a clean line of cleanliness, and ensure that the evaluation work is fair and fair. The first is to establish a "double random" spot check mechanism. Formulate the "Double Random and One Open" Inspection of Water Conservancy Construction Market Maintrales ", and implement key supervision of units with high social attention, high risk levels, and many complaint issues. In 2021, 20 water conservancy construction market subject inspections were completed in 2021 It has created a good market competition atmosphere of the water conservancy industry’s "integrity and shame".

The second is to improve the mechanism of restraint and disciplinary dishonesty.

In accordance with laws and regulations and related norms and standards, strictly supervise intermediary service agencies. In 2021, the three design units were notified to remind them to inform the problem as the precepts to promote the design behavior of the intermediary service agencies consciously in accordance with the law. , Qualifications and reports have significantly improved in compliance. The third is to improve the system of integrity.

Amend the "Regulations on Strengthening the Construction of Integrity in Technical Review", and the relevant personnel of the review signed the "Proposal of Integrity" in accordance with the project, and the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Department and the Administrative Approval Division of the Department of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, which increased its supervision, investigate the risks of integrity, and unblocked the supervision channels. Dispute the problems of the masses in a timely manner, realize the "zero difference" of review work, and "zero violations". (Responsible editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) Share more people see the client download.

See him,Sisters are opposite each other,Sichuan is ice,“We also know the behind-the-scenes planner behind the scenes……”

Is the behind-the-scenes planner not Meng Chauling and a seasonal??
In fact, it has come backwards.,Many things are not controlled by them.,For example, the emergence of hell,Moreover, Meng Chao has been killed by the night trifut。
As for the quarter……Although she escaped a life,But I want to kill her in the summer.,anytime。
“Then you say,Who is behind the scenes?。”
Ice in Sichuan does not think about a name,“Longfei。”
Summer once again,A a few doubts between the eyebrows。
He feels that he seems to ignore what。
He gets the news in the morning.,Longfei came Qinghai,United Nahong and Meng Chaoran accountant。
But this time, the seasonal red http://www.zgcydh.cnand Meng Chao have been in succession.,Only Dragon Flying imitation is like。At this time,Sichuan is ice,“Longfei does not know your true identity,But he is in the dark net billion red flowers,We pass some clues,Contact him in private,Accept his employment,His purpose is to kill you,And our goal is to get to respect,Although both parties
Information is wrong,But Longfei in order to deal with you,I have done a lot of preparations.。”
Summer touches a box of crumpled cigarettes from your pocket,Take out one,ignite,Smash,“go on。”“When the season red is actively contacting him,He thinks this is an excellent opportunity,Then tell the season red,Can help him hire a batch of junior masters,Are God’s war,And hints that the seasonal,Contact Meng Ma,Because Meng Jia’s energy is very large,It seems that there are channels to bring those masters into
Qinghai。”Toned,Summer smoking,Sichuan is ice,“If the monk hired by the season, you can kill you.,That is best,If you fail,Let us kill Meng Chaoran,Give you a disaster,Then we get to your respected ring with your friends.,Later……After you will interrupt your limbs,Bundle
You have been abolished,Then hand it over to Longfei,This is his plan。”
This is indeed the plan of Longfei,But the plan can’t change the change,Information is not equal,I have already exceeded the control。
to be honest,Longfei,Mihong and Meng Jianai, Liu Qingqing and Qinling,It is part of his plan.,Is a piece that can be discarded。
But in the dark domain,Longfei yourself is not a chess。
He doesn’t know the hatred between the four people and monk,I don’t know if they have already secretly reversed hell.。
Not even what happened behind。
In other words,Longfei does not know that the plan has failed at the moment.,But in the dream of beauty。
Think here,He reveals a curious,“Your emperor in your dark domain……Correct,What is the one is going??”
Sisters two look,I didn’t expect this to ask this sentence in summer.。
“His name is Jianren,Like us seven people,It is all received by the old emperor.,Teach the skills,But in three years ago… …”
Sichuan’s ice face,“He killed the old emperor,And secretly bought eight snakes and ghosts and the sky,Forced us to serve,We are naturally unwilling,I have been thinking about revenge,Later, the night-forked and impermanent reversed hell,For revenge,We also put on it in……”
simply say,This is a story that is responsible for heavy revenge.。
Of course, it will not be so simple.,Sichuan ice sisters are sincere revenge,So the hand of summer,Kill eight snakes and ghost faces。
As for the night cross and impermanent,There is no other thought,But it is not important.,They were killed by the summer。
After the end of it,Summer temporarily believe in them,Say,“Now you contact Longfei,Just got me……”
Not finished,Suddenly stop,Summer face is also changed。
Previous time,He felt what he ignored.,Can not be protected from time to time。

Poyang Lake overwintering migratory birds gather north to move north

  Since the beginning of March, the largest freshwater lake in China -Poyang Lake’s wintering migratory birds have gathered northward. From October to March of the second year, more than 600,000 migratory birds from all over the world flew to Poyang Lake District to overwinter. And March to early April of each year is the peak period of the moving north of Poyang Lake Winter Migratory Birds, and it is also a period of migration from the summer migratory birds. Poyang Lake is not only the largest migratory birds in the world today, but also an important wetland and important ecological zone in the world.

Every year in the gold and autumn seasons, Poyang Lake water comes out of the beach. Various shapes of lakes are scattered. More than 600,000 treasure birds from Inner Mongolia’s prairie, Northeast Swamp and Siberian Wilderness flew to the Winter of Poyang Lake. According to statistics, there are more than 420 species of birds in Poyang Lake District. There are many types of migratory birds and a large number of rare and endangered categories at home and abroad. Poyang Lake is the largest overwintering white crane group in the world today, and the white crane population accounts for more than 98%of the world’s. More than 80%of the world’s Oriental White Pills, and more than 70%of white pillow cranes are overwinter here.

Poyang Lake is also the largest group of Hongyan groups in the world so far, with a number of Hongyan more than 30,000. There are more than 10 species such as white cranes, white -headed cranes, big sturgeon, white crickets, and black crickets; 44 species of national second -level protection animals include swans and white pillow cranes; 13 kinds of birds are used as international birds The protection organization is listed as an endangered bird in the world; there are 153 species of birds protected in the Sino -Japanese Protection Agreement, accounting for 227%of the total number of birds in the agreement. Since the winter and this spring, Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve and the Lake District Government have strengthened the protection of wetlands and migratory birds. The 24 -hour shift is on duty to the lake area, and the hagry of winter migratory birds such as white cranes in the jurisdiction is closely monitored. Further improve the wetland migratory bird protection mechanism, jointly carry out the special operations of the "Poyhu Lake Sword" in depth, carry out more than 440 joint law enforcement, more than 5,400 person -times, rescue injuries and flying birds with more than 440 joint law enforcement. For the rest, it was investigated and dealt with more than 110 fishing behaviors, handled 22 criminal cases, 16 administrative cases, and 26 administrative penalties were effectively cracking down on illegal criminals of overwintering migratory birds and wetland resources in Poyang Lake District.

  In addition to the use of drones, patrol ships, patrol vehicles and other equipment such as drones, patrol ships, patrol vehicles, etc., Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve to achieve a three -dimensional protection model of the lake. , Changhuchi, Zhu Shihu and other important areas have achieved full coverage of video surveillance; set up 8 cloud broadcasts; built a porpoise monitoring center at the Duchang Monitoring Station, set up 8 real -time monitoring cameras; The surveillance room of the protected area is set up with three real -time monitoring cameras to further expand the surveillance coverage and patrol efficiency of the lake area.

Jointly established the "Migratory Bird Rescue Three -Party Lianxin Mechanism" and set up a "Migratory Bird Rescue Center" in the front line of the lake area, so that the injured migratory birds were rescued as soon as possible. At the same time, a group of advanced collectives, advanced individuals, and 10 bird care for overwintering migratory birds and wetland protection work in Poyang Lake District have contributed. (Xiaonan Qing Wang Xiaolong) (Responsible editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Yan) Share more people see it.

Zhou is still paused,Ask:“Where can I live??”

槐 said in his ear:“That is, we have heard the teacher who has taken several times.?”
Old view, I want to say:“The little girl lives,In the past, it was Yinyang Temple.,You can see the mobile map。But now I have to rain, it seems to rain.,Do you have to pass??”
Turn around。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 34 Zheng Yuki
Zhouzhi took a handbook from the view。
There are only two hundred words in the handbook.,Wordo scribble,Write the old view of the main greetings and Zhou Zhiwei to the long-havenected master.,At the end, it also covers the chapter of the owner.。
In this era, there are still people who have retained this form of communication.,Let Zharise Some feelings。
Old view is behind him:“Don’t stay on the road,Hurry,It is going to rain,It’s best to come back in terms of darkness.,You can stay in the view for one night at the time.。”
He took out the phone to find the village called Yinyang Temple.。
Now nearly two in the afternoon。
Navigation shows twelve kilometers,Mountain road,Regular people should take three hours,His is very fast,Can also run,No accidental time is more than enough。
Zhou walked to the circles,Look back。
The old gland is sitting down in the eaves.,Sitting is a bamboo bench,He looked up to Xiaomiao,On the top of the small temple,The old demon is sitting in the hair,Also look at his direction。
Zhou Zhiye,The way forward。
Quickly climb,If it is an hour,The air becomes humid。槐 sitting next to a grave, waiting for him,His expansion is what is going to catch an air?。
“It’s raining。”
“Um,Not far from。”
“I feel a terrible breath.。”槐,“The front is a big demon site.。”
Zhou Zi suddenly stopped,Look at the stalk。
槐 序:“His breath is terrible,But I can’t say it.,It is likely to be just his aura,But in fact, he is not good at fighting.?I looked at the human Tianshi’s life on his site.,More than half of it is a good speech。”
Zhou Yisheng has not yet,Suddenly heard a snoring。
One person, a demon looks up,I saw a homogenous majority of a bunch of bids in the dark clouds.。
“so big!”