“Since it’s okay,Then I will go first.?”Han Jiang tried to ask。

De Lisa waved:“never mind,never mind,You go back.。”
Hanjiang left the office with the wings and the defeat pills,They continue to stay also without any other use.。
“Fans Wings,What is the armed man to drive??”Han Jiang asked。
The energy supplement of armed people has multiple ways,Ordinary gasoline diesel,It is better to make nuclear transformation energy,And nuclear waste can be used as a source of kinetic energy。
But about the core driver,Han Jiang does not know。
I saw Cang Xuan’s book today.,Thinking that Cang Xuan in the dolls made in Fuhua lonely,Not just a human。
Han Jiang is also considering,Try to let the people re-active。
“Very simple,There is enough energy.。”Flagy。
“What kind of energy??”Han Jiang also asked。
I http://www.zbqqgjk.cn didn’t want to say the wings of the flag.:“As a normal energy can be,If you can perform efficient conversion,Light energy,Wind can these things can be。”
“That if the armed people are done,Enter Sleep,What should I do again??”Han Jiang continued to ask。
This time, the bistean wing thought it was a while.:“This is more complicated.,Did you don’t come。”
“Are you worried, will I fall in sleep??”I flew to Han Jiang before。
Then swayed:“Don’t worry,Although your technology is relatively backward,But the capacity of the energy required to make the armed house is still。”
Han Jiang has no stupid refutation,Since she thinks she is concerned about her,Then let her think so.。
“That for sleeping armed people,Do you have any way to resume?”
“This of course, no problem。”
Affirmation with the wings of the flag,Han Jiang no longer think more。
Waiting for time to return to Taifu Mountain,Put the book of Cang Xuan’s book,After reminding,A surprise in Fuhua。
As for the book of Cang Xuan, how many places will be put into the virtual city.,After all, the small courtyard outside is still unsafe.。
“Time is too fast.,I am going to summer.”Han Jiang feels the wind blowing in the air,No feelings。
Sudden,Hanjiang’s shoulder was taken,Tangle,no one,It’s still no one again。
“Ha ha,it’s me!”
Qi Yana’s figure appeared in the side of Hanjiang,She is facing Hanjiang,A hand is rolled back to pinch another wrist,Go back。
“Big aunt and Ji Auntie have not yet you.?”Dictionary is concerned,Can Qi Yana’s eyes flashed with a hidden。
Han Jiang picks up the eyebrows:“you guess?”
“I think should not be。”Qi Yana said。
Qi Yana drums,Eye gods。
Today, two people are coming back to class first day.,As a result, the first quarter of Han Jiang was played out by her.。
If you are really awkward, Qiaa is still a bit awkward.。
“Look at the road。”Han Jiang referred to the back of Kiena。
Qi Yana’s hands grabbed the arm of Hanjiang,The dexterous single leg jumps,With the help of Hanjiang,Crossing the brick stone at the corner。
“Whee,I am amazing.。”Looking at the stone corner of the grass under the feet,Qi Yada said。
“Great,Of course powerful!”Han Jiang quickly fondressed。
“correct,Suddenly think of a thing。”Han Jiang continued:“Do you have a good http://www.isweethome.cn exercise??”

The little girl is slightly silent:“My name is。”

Nan Ge’s eye beads turn,Intimate supplement:“Call her buns just fine。”
steamed stuffed bun:……
At this time, the buns feel that Nan Ge has poked her back.,She is silent,This is only either,Nenedo:“I、I bought a little brown sugar,Yes、Is a specialty of our http://www.sz-furniture.cn colorful clouds,Can be toned to drink,Good health……”
Then it is another hand:“Passing through flower market,Also bought a flower,Follow、Casual,All kinds,Our spring is called by pound,All、Be specialty,Worthless。”
Buns yourself,How to lie in peace?
Jiang Yi has no resignation,There is no guest set,Just smile more and more:“I like it likely.,I love so much,Thank you,steamed stuffed bun。”
Buns secretly tone。
In the next gift,No more words can be more than one sentence“I love so much”Make more gifts.。
Old Zhou today is going to get off work late.,After a while, I will come back.,Zhou still introduces them。
Lao Zhou and Ms. Lady have been divorced,Baozi is coming,In fact, it is mainly and、And Nange relationship,If you change your other person,Most of the old week will feel uncomfortable,Fortunately, the bun is a dull and numb personality,Neither,I also rarely,Just like her face,expressionless。
Zhou Gu, she doesn’t know what is not comfortable.。
Buns found opportunities,Take out long fish box:“uncle,I、I bought you a fishing rod.,Listen to my brother, you like this……”
Old week, I have a moment.,Take a fish rod,Look at the bag,Take a look at Zhou。
He will not fish.。
Zhou Zhiyu,Speech:“Don’t be embarrassed.,Accept。”
Old Zhou silent,Use a low voice:“You a junior,What a gift,The elders give you a gift……”
Zhou Zhi heard the words pulled the mouth——
I didn’t listen to the old week.……
Old Week,Nodded:“Too,I have not given you ready to http://www.zgrcedu.cn meet.,Just send you a red envelope.。”
Red envelope??
I can’t refuse.……
The buns are deeply low:“Do not、no need。”
“Don’t speak。”
Old Zhou’s tone is still majestic,It is difficult to refuse,When he finished, he took the premonition to go in the house.。
This is a few minutes.。
Buns do not move,Low head patience,At the same time, I quietly observed the look of my brother.——Gift is a brother buying,I have no money.,Also take the red envelope,She is very worried that the brother will suddenly make a sentence.“Wait for the red envelope to me”,Then she is refused.。
It seems that there is no such thing as a cousin.,Instead、Nan Ge looks forward。
finally,Old Zhou came out。
Others think he is in this long time.,Prepare red envelope,But there is very clear,In most of the time,Both the fishing http://www.yizhehuo.cn rod is from the fishing rod,So the old week is by preparing the name of the red envelope.,Snoving the fishing rod in the inside。
“Come,Take you。”
“Thank you uncle。”
Old Week has no slightly。
Zhou Zhihe and the sequin are opposed to。
After receiving the eye,Zhou Zhiyan open mouth:“Listening to ginger said that you often peek over the balcony,You buy other equipment tonight.,I can fish tomorrow.。”
Old Zhou exposed the color,Changed one side:“She has arrived in almost late a day.。”

After that, Hanjiang stayed in Shenzhou for a week.,Have to say that these international mercenaries are really more,Also quite a means。

In the world of collapse,Most of civilians can only lead。
These mercenaries,Instead, we will take advantage of the interests.。
It’s all the knife and blood mixed life.,No one person,The graphic grass is high.。
After a week, Han Jiang had to leave.,The female martial arts assessment is second。
Important,Han Jiang knows,Recently,The fourth law has entered the experiment,It will take long for a long time.。
After returning to the San Feria school,The first stop of Hanjiang is the internal hospital in the school.。
What happened in the future,They are all disturbed by this beautiful little butterfly.。
Bonia’s http://www.yuanjingjiankang.cn biocontrol is damaged,I don’t know if it is now.。
After coming to the hospital,Bronia is sitting in bed with a small laptop。
“How’s it going,Bronia?”
Han Jiang hit the ward,Pushing in the parents。
“You will look at Balonia on both shoulders.?”
In the ward,Some people just visited the end ready to leave。
“what?What chop,I didn’t have anything.。”
Hanjiang people aware of a sentence。
“puff,Didn’t bring you still?”
The opposite girl is inserted,Mouth is awkward,I wanted to laugh but did not hold back。
This response came Hanjiang,He said his hands are too chicken feet。
“Glass,gone。”Te Lisi greeted at Lihua glazed,Ridicule:“Immediately quick assessment of the Valkyries,The delegation did not want to poor students, led by the company of the Hanjiang and Qi Yana,To get back to review,exercise。”
http://www.damingweinasi.cn Ward can not have too many people,This is giving them the Hanjiang leave enough space for visiting。
After the sea City mission,We are back,Hanjiang River and only a handful of people left in the sea city of subsequent processing tasks。
And left the Hanjiang,Also continued to rush back,Hanjiang River is the last one to come back。
Han Jiang smiled,Antonia’s bedside sitting Buloh。
Just pick up the notebook Bois Antonia and can only be put down,Han Jiang shook his head:“I’m not a guest,You first busy you。”
Hanjiang glanced Pueblo Antonia plastered with maps of the computer screen roar Farm,Top of a pile of dense line chart,Like a stock or something。
“This is the last summer Bois Antonia,Stand idly acquired one hand tour company,Recently I do not know the game plan out what activities,Stock a little downward trend。”
Han Jiang looked over,Line chart tail is indeed declining,Lamented:“That’s not lose money ah。”
“wrong,Your body,How’s it going?Why did you happen??”Han Jiang cares。
Bronia is also closed with a computer,“My body is not a matter,The biocontrol in the body is conflicting with the energy issued with the moonlight throne,So being affected。”
“Energy emitted by the Moonlight Throne Engine……”Han Jiang frowns repeated these words。
“Yes,My own situation is better,Don’t worry。”
Han Jiang is sitting in bedside,Do you want to say that Bononia replaces a biological chip?。
Bronia has been experimenting in Canocia in the http://www.szhljj.cnorphanage,Lose some things,Need to make up for this chip。

Cai Li said with a smile。

Guan Tingna shook her head and said:“Can’t finish a pound,Besides, we have to go to work tomorrow,Drinking too much is not good”
“I’ll drink with you in http://www.smjtjs.cn a while,Three people are just a pound of liquor。Moreover,I want to chat with you too”
Cai Li said,Turned around and went to the kitchen。
Guan Tingna glanced at Xia Jian who was thinking,Asked with a smile:“You really want to grow grapes?We have too many projects on hand to finish,Can’t do these things anymore”
“Ok!you’re right。But we can’t do,You can let others do it!This is a good project,Besides, it can fill the gap in our ordinary city”
Xia Jian said,And laughed loudly。It seems that the meal is worth it,He found a new project。
First2526chapter Hit it off
Cai Li cooks herself,After a while, four hot, two cool and six dishes were cooked,Then there is a good bottle of liquor。Three people sat around a small table,Blowing the night breeze,Xia Jian hummed a small tune happily。
Three people push the cup to change,Very happy for http://www.dongyoug.cn a while。When a bottle of wine is about to bottom,Xia Jian glanced at Cai Li who was a little intoxicated,He smiled and said:“old classmate!I think planting grapes in our city is a very good project,I don’t know if you are interested in it?”
“what!You ask me?You said I can make do with a small restaurant,Let me work on the project,I dare not think,Moreover,I’m content”
Cai Li said,A little happy smile。
Xia Jian glanced at Guan Tingna who didn’t understand what he meant,Then he smiled at Cai Li and said:“Who let you do it alone?look,You can take Gao Qiaoli,Liu Qiang and the others pulled over,Several people set up a joint-stock company,Everyone voted for these things together。You said if this matter gets bigger,Is Gao Qiaoli still so tired??And you,It’s too hard all day long,You can totally contract to someone else to do this”
What Xia http://www.fssylf.cn Jian said,Cai Li moved a little bit。She took a breath and asked Xia Jian:“Do you think we can?”
“What’s wrong with this?Don’t understand,You can study!Perseverance,I think you can do it well。Think about it, act immediately,And keep it secret,Otherwise you haven’t set off yet,I left early。When is it,There is no point in doing it again”
Xia Jian is doing her ideological work for Cai Li very seriously。
Guan Tingna thought about it for a while:“This project is really good,Have you already thought of the follow-up development?”
“Of course,If the grapes grown in Pingdu are delicious,You can also open a winery,This is the follow-up industry,What’s wrong with you?”

Butcher Wolf Xiao Er is a wolf demon,And it’s an ancestral business。

Next door is a couple of spider spirits who run Nuoda Silk Cloth Shop。
The son-in-law hired by the biggest landlord in the city is a scalper。
The biggest brothel oiran in the city is a real fox girl。
of course,Judging from the long border between the http://www.zzchenyang.cn human race and the monster race,It’s rare for a ladyboy to get along so well。
More places,It’s normal for shemales to kill each other。
“If i don’t intervene,This place will soon be involved in a storm。”I saw a man http://www.growthfull.cn in purple,Li Ming felt something。
He has accumulated merits over the years,Delve into reincarnation,Also have a deep understanding of causal fate。
at least,Can easily see the future direction of a large area。
“Let me see what happens in the future!”
There was a blurred look in Li Ming’s eyes,Deduced by fate。
“If i don’t intervene,In three years, there will be a woman of the fox-monster family in the city who will meet a cultivator named Yun from outside.,Each other’s feelings are getting deeper,Want to be married。”
“However, it was opposed by practitioners of the Yun clan,The relatives of the other party are considered to be a http://www.cqfjy.cn powerful family in the ordinary,There are also primordial Taoists。But the prejudice between shemales is quite deep。”
Under the guidance of the people behind the scenes,Intensification of conflicts—In the end, the fox girl killed an uncle of his lover。
The Yun clan is furious,And Anhe City also has a partial position。

So more than ten hours on the way,There was almost no communication between the two,All the way north,Until it gets dark,They just walked out of the so-called Ten Thousand Monster Forest。

“Ping’an Town,There are still two hours away,Brother Wang can still walk??”
Xue Ning suddenly stopped,Turn around and ask Wang Hong。
She used to arrive at Ping An town overnight,The wilderness is neither safe nor comfortable。
But this day down,Xue Ning discovered that Wang Hong didn’t have any kung fu,Just a surprisingly good physique,I’ve reached the limit even now。
“Nothing。”Wang Hong said with a smile。
During this day,He took the time to go to the toilet,Have quietly returned to Earth Star to rest twice,Still full of energy,Can go on。
Seeing Wang Hong can still hold on,Xue Ning was also relieved,Take him to the northeast。
Midnight,The http://www.ycxgmy.cn two arrived in Pingan Town。
Although this small town is not big,But built a wall,Fortunately, the height is average,Xue Ning found a few raised points on the wall,Yunqi Qinggong turned up in the blink of an eye。
Although Wang Hong won’t work lightly,But I gave Xue Ning a bunch of rope in advance,Wait for her to go up and fix the rope,He also easily climbed the city wall。
Enter the town,Wang Hong was going to separate from Xue Ning,Said to her with a silly smile:
“I am leaving。”
Xue Ning raised her delicate eyebrows,Said a little unexpectedly:
“Why should brother Wang leave in a hurry,Why don’t you just let me wait two more days,My teacher will arrive in Pingan soon,At that time, I will ask the master for this exercise for you,To repay Brother Wang’s http://www.okustore.cn life-saving grace。”

Guan Tingna took a breath and said:“Our investment promotion has now reached a bottleneck period。Although two-thirds of the area has been recruited。But the remaining third is due to geographic location,Many manufacturers are skeptical,They suggested going to the field”

“Okay!This should be,Even if it changed me,I will do the same。Arrange it,Let them go to see”Xia Jian said very http://www.guichunrizashop.cn decisively。
First2336chapter Someone helps
Guan Tingna heard that Xia Jian promised so happy,She smiled and said:“If they pass the inspection,Then our investment promotion is complete”
“That’s great,You are solely responsible for this。What do i need to cooperate with,Just say something”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。Because Guan Tingna dressed like this,He really dare not sit down anymore。
Guan Tingna saw Xia Jian got up to leave,It is inevitable to be a bit disappointed to say:“Ok!I’ll do this,It just costs another sum of money”
“Nothing,Can’t bear the child,What’s more, we are doing business,Don’t invest a little bit,That can be profitable。I just don’t worry about doing this,I strongly support you”Xia Jian turned around and left。
Go back to my room,Xia Jian fell asleep。The investment promotion work he cares most about,I didn’t http://www.jszsaz.cn expect Guan Tingna to do it so well,Big things must be,He sleeps sweeter for lunch。
Next day is sunday,Xia Jian wanted to go out with Guan Tingna,But early in the morning he received a call from Ali,Said Luo Jun was going to see Luo Yi,Ask Xia Jian if he is free here。
What else can Xia Jian refuse?,He quickly agreed。Thus,Guan Tingna can only go out alone。
Luo Jun asked the driver to drive to the hotel,Xia Jian first,I picked Ali again。The last one http://www.sxyoga.cn is Luo Jun。Thus,It was past eight o’clock when they set off from the city。
Along the way,Luo Jun happily chatted with Xia Jian,From time to time, Ali will add two sentences,The atmosphere in the car is very nice。Unknowingly the car has left the city,Walk towards the mountains。
It’s about twelve o’clock,The car arrived at the prison where Luo Yi was held。Wait until after work in the afternoon,Luo Jun took Xia Jian and A Li through the relevant procedures。

No need to discuss,Qi brush,Wang Daoyou stigted Baba:

“US,We are learning that Xu Daoyou is planning,Be subject to people,That factor is too strong,We are fundamentally unable to support。”
Lin rang and swept it,Just this eye,Let them thrift,Pour to the ground, Shape。
“Foreign people, we really have no way to come back.,You have to believe us。”
“Rare,Rao, let’s live。”
Wang Daoyou is even more dead.,Constantly。
“Lin rang adults, our people don’t dare to be raped with the seven people.,Otherwise it is impossible to sleep within the array。”
Said that http://www.xinfusheng666.cn they have a tear。
No one is not afraid of death。
At this moment, this three people think that the dead Xu Daoyou hates the root of the root.。
These 元 元 婴 峰,It is a humble to so much,After seeing people who don’t know inside,,Said to evolve into a legend。
Lin lians and feelings,Although I don’t know what happened.,But still in the end,Can’t let go,Slowly raise hand to prepare,Zhu Yulian:
“Seeing they all know the wrong,Fu Jun is not as good as this time?After waiting for the sin。”
Lin loudly, the look gradually soothing,He didn’t plan to kill them.。
Zhu Yulian,Just right。
Present,Uncomfortable dizziness。
After the forest is closed,The pressure disappears in the three people,磕 头 如。
“Lin rang adult Damed Daddy no tooth unforgettable。”
“No tooth unless。”
“In the future, Lin rang, but,Mo Dare is not from。”
Lin rang right hand,These three people have been helped by this unopened power.:
“repay?Very simple。”
Wang Daoyou looked excitedly:
As long as you can do things,Repayment represents valuable,Then you can live longer。
“That seven people,One does not stay。”
Export,Everyone feels http://www.sunddin.cn that the stock is murderous.。
This murder makes each inch of their skin.。
“Yes,Yes。We don’t stay in one of the families of the seven people.。”
Lin Ren is only a satisfactory smile。
“All right,Don’t be so nervous。”
Everyone wants to:

I heard Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui is directly unsained without hesitation.。

“Discard,That’s in the final money.!”
“Hey-hey,That’s thank you.。”
It is also directly to open the poker directly.,Let Xu Ru looked at his own card。
I saw it.357Such a brand,Xu Ru is in your hand, you can win a one.。
But she didn’t dare to follow。
Li Hui’s people have been shocked by the move of Li Hui Feng.。
You must know Xu Ruzhen, but if you follow,Then Li Hui’s money will be won by Xu Ruzhen.。
By the time,It http://www.guichunrizashop.cn may be true that you can solve the horse.。
“Come back!”
This time Xu Ruzhen licensing,But Li Hui is unheedited.。
Everyone also found a law,Only Li speaks from the style of his own license,Li speaks with the wind,As long as the poker has passed the hand of Xu Ru,He will not hesitate to abandon。
No matter how big your own card is。
Everyone saw this move of Li Hui Feng.,It is also understanding that I have it.,Too much trust。
More or the value of Xu Ruzhen,Foreign http://www.chc99.cn trade can’t find the direction of attractive hearts.。
Several companionships before, although some remorse,However, after seeing Li Hui’s practice, I also pinched a sweat for Li with the wind.。
A little accidentally,Li Hui is very miserable 100%。
“Sister,This time I am all,Do you want to continue?。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng put the money on the table,All pushed to the central government。
Xu Ruzhen looked at the poker in his hand.,Three three,Although not a big brand,But it is also a leopard。
She feels that Li is still a fraud.。
When you don’t hesitate to follow。
Li Hui looked at Xu Ruyi followed,Laugh in an instant。
“Sister,Let’s open the card.?”
Xu Ruzhen said that it also opened his own card.,A confidence。
Li Hui is also a piece of putting his own poker.。
An emergence http://www.maxotv.cn of two four,Let Xu Ru’s heart suddenly nervous。
It is all all people who have followed it.。
After all, this,Li Hui’s pressure is not letting everyone see what the last card is。
Because Li Hui is suspected that there is a string of people here with himself.,Can tell。
After all, a few times, Xu Ru, I didn’t.。

“Hey-hey,I just stay a small part.,Ten thousand pounds,Do not pick the kind,After all, I still have a lot of restaurants that need these strawberries.。”

“Moreover,If you are hot there?,Will someone will fight you??
Or see you not pleading,Give you a horse from behind?”
Zhang Ai Tian heard that Li Hui Feng said this.,Immediately understand,Li Huifeng is worried about what is worried.。
However, Li Hui’s concerns are not unreasonable.。
“You really have to guess,I have sinned a manager of a big consortium,I have been pressed recently.,But fortunately, you promised to help me.,So, his pressing should not be suppressed.。”
I will help you.,Nowadays, the least goes to the May June.,And the domestic watermelon is generally in June.,Can you follow it at this time??”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Zhang Ai Tian to find him to help, there is still such a thing.。
“Oh, no problem,I am not selling this kind of fruit.,And if the supplier does not supply me,Not only need to be equipped with money,Subsequent, they will have less supply channels.,On the loss or their losses。”
“The most critical is that I am still not worth a big consortium to use too much financial resources to waste on me.,Of course, if they really want to be real,Then I will not be afraid.,Then I will break the balance here.,Directly expanded,You must know that there are many passengers in the island country every year.,I just make money, our domestic tourists should be enough.。”
I heard Zhang Ai Tian’s confidence full discussion.,Li Hui Feng is also a breather。
“Row,Since you are so confident, then I will not say anything more.,I am busy first.。”
“Um,Go back,I also have to contact new supplier.。”
Hang up the phone,Li Hui Feng is running to see the decoration,Then I went to the mountain field.。
The project inside the mountain is http://www.lixinhuwai.cn huge,From the New Year to now,I only started to build a hotel.。
And many trees in the mountain are also prepared to build,Even those weeds that are more high must be trimmed。
These tasks need people。
Li Hui Ling, I found Zhao Xiaoling a few days ago.,There is a lot of water in the mountain’s investment.,This kind of money is also some of his heart.。
The crabs on Liu Yanfeng have begun to make money.,And I made a small millions in one time.。
Liu Yanfeng also got a lot of dividends。
The pig farm is currently only invested not to make money.,But the strawberry greenhouse Li follow the wind although he did not ask,Very significantly earned。
According to Li Hui’s rough estimation,Yield of the minimum of 5,000 pounds in the strawberry,He has more than 300 acres of strawberry。
Even,He also earned a lot。
http://www.hhqor.cn So far, Li’s wind is to use strawberry’s money to make up for this part of the loss.。
Of course, he feels that the loss is temporary.。
See the renovation of the house,The mountain has been fully started,Li Hui is ready to let Ye Shuangzhou go to the mountain farm to help look at it.,By the way, design the style of those hotels。
“Lee brother,I have to charge this time.,I am really hobby in the renovation of these houses.,like,But the style of the mountain scene,Certainly you can’t follow this,Otherwise, who goes there,And the charges are not I have to charge.,But I am going to find someone to help,The premise is that the price you give is in place.。”
I heard the leaves of the leaves.,Li Hui Feng immediately laughed:“Leaf big brother,Reliable,As long as you can help。”
“That line,pipeline,sewer,I have given you a good renovation.,one million,Less than one million,And one million is also looking,how?”
Li Huihe listened to a millionth this number is also a bit surprised.,But he read the house design of Ye Shuangzhou,Basically, there are different designs,Even children’s design,Just those designed him feel that it is not a measure of money.。
“Hey-hey,make a deal,Transfer you for a while,Ya brother is a little efficient。”
“Hahaha, I just like Li’s happy person.。”