first step,Let the killed culinary,Get a push,Very risky。

This is to make high ocean ventilation。
Second step,Let Li Ji continue to be pushed into the Weihe River,This aspect is to meet the huge interest of the ocean,on the other hand,It is walking“Small punishment”program of。
The third step is that he has said,Li Ji Mingming has passed,Gao Baoyi is shouting Li Jie Co.,Admitted。only,What is the truth?,Sometimes it is not important,What is important is what everyone wants?。
Today’s things,Will the ministers speak the truth??
No one will do so stupid things。after all,King Hu Lai and Chenzi do not persuade,This is a kind of malignant and shame,Why do they make your own face?? After Li Ji wakes up,Never say that I have no compromise at all,Nothing to say。
Li Ji is dead,It will become“Ashamed”,This is also a very good hatred.。
all in all,Gao Baoyi,Guide the face of a high ocean,Also saved the life of Li Ji,Also, I’m also a court of the court,Kill it“Spray”This hurricane。
Although the process is quite,But it is really no way to do better.。
“Come from,Send Li Ji to Tai Hospital to see,Send home without anything,Don’t kill!”
Hohosheng said the pendulum。
Looking at Li Jian into the soup,Wolf to explode,He suddenly felt something sorry.。
how to say,Just like a revenue, the pleasure has passed,That kind of emptiness that is difficult to say。
“Nine,You are also the court of the court.,Push the people in this kind of thing like a child,Have you can’t,do you know?”
The high ocean tiger said to Gao Boyi。
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NS795chapter Tianbao nine years(1)
The sun is not going down the mountain,A small house in the North City,Gao Baoyi sat quietly,An An quiet waiting。
This is a house in Liji in Yucheng.,Li Ji hometown Hebei Changshan,Be abnormal, poor,Just don’t know which one can talk to someone。
After all, there are too many people named Li.。
At this moment,A dressed in red,The spirit of the elderly came out,See Gao Baoyi,I have been busy。
“Large manager,It has been hunt。”
Gao Bao came out of the caravan,Pull the hand of the other party:“Mr. Xu Lao reminded,I am lucky to escape.,Tiger,Daxie Dade is not reported。”
This old man is Xu Zhi Talent,Gao Biyi Old Gao Dezheng。More than two years ago,It is Xu Zhiyi to Gao Baoyi,He has prepared to escape the funeral fate.。
“Is Li Jie??”Gao Boyi asked。
“right,It’s okay.。I have already opened the Pharmacy of the Shenshen.,After taking a few days, you can heal。Li Ji’s body is really hard enough。”
Xu Zhi smiled at Gao Baoyi,it is more than words。
Can it be hard??
Push from the bridge of the Weihe river and pull it a few times,Early spring,The temperature in the water is not so pleasant.。Li Ji is so tossing,I also esterts a robbery.。
Even the high ocean has revealed this,I don’t want to investigate Li Ji’s responsibility.。
“That case,I don’t bother two main things.,Please ask Xu Tai doctor to go in.。Li Ji lost the dysfunction,Let him take these home and take a good rest.。Maybe in the future, this world is also used to get his place.。”
Gao Bo Yi handed a envelope to Xu Zhi,It is a piece inside“Flying money”。
So-called“Flying money”,It is a new business in Dating Development Bank.,In Qizhou,JiZhou,Yangzhou,Yucheng can be universal。Save money to any point,Make it easy to carry“Flying money”,I can take the money in any place in the four places.。
Xu Zhi nodded slightly,Add a flower,Difficulty in the snow,Gao Bao is a rare good man.。
He entered the family of flying money to Li Ji.,The other party really has no http://www.hupozhijia.cnresignation。People are like this,When there is proud bone, the hard gas is,Ningfang。
But the proud bones are interrupted,That is not there.。


“Chen Si wants to return to build a power of Chen Biba first arm,Whether we follow up??”lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su’s letter started such a sentence,Also on the idea of this Jiankang battle。Ocean sprinkle a lot,Two core problems。lt;/Pgt;
First,Can’t let the segment is too comfortable.,The greater the loss, the better,The greater the loss,The more you can put it out of the main public,Exceed。lt;/Pgt;
the second,Can’t let Chen Baye won too much,Or lose too much。Won more,He wants to Raiders Jiangzhou,Lose more,Liang Guo is difficult to stand。Liang Guo was destroyed by north,Then, you will lose our value.!lt;/Pgt;
Last Yang Su according to the current situation,Put a caution,Help a bunch of Chen Bibaolt;/Pgt;
“Help?Is a bit mean?!Tianzi Li,You go to call Zhang Yu。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bo Yi spreads large paper on the table,Free painting,I wrote a letter on another paper.。lt;/Pgt;
When Zhang Yu came in,He has already finished these。lt;/Pgt;
lt;/Pgt; “I ask you,If you see you again, you will sell your Shentai.,How will you?”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Boyi will seal in bamboo tube,Show your eyes and ask Zhang Yuli。lt;/Pgt;
Shen Tai once is Zhang Wei’s school,But a friend,Also don’t work softly。lt;/Pgt;
“My life is the Lord,The main public makes me avenge,I can revenge。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao nodded,I am very satisfied with this answer.。Yang’s,Zhang Wei will not be investigated。lt;/Pgt;
“You bring this letter to find Chen Wei.,I need nothing,Hand it to him to school, you can rest assured,In the future, if I drink horses,Absolutely catching Shentai, let you k.。”lt;/Pgt;
“Bamboo,At the end, you will do this.,Two days。”Zhang Wei took bamboo tube,Just gone with the people from Yang Su.。lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt;
Sitting meditating for a while,I feel that all things are arranged.,Gao Bao stood up and stretched a lazy waist:“This is no problem.。”lt;/Pgt;
“Humph,no problem?Gao Baoyi,Your problem is big.!”lt;/Pgt;
A 窈窕 窈窕 outside the door came in,Um,White taking,Long legs,Bodybuilding waist,It is Zhang Hong Niang, a sister.!lt;/Pgt;