Winter health soup with pumpkin and fish tail soup

Winter health soup with pumpkin and fish tail soup

Ingredients for 4 people: 2 pieces of tofu, 3 red dates, 1 catfish tail, 8 bowls of water, 30 grams of Codonopsis, 3 slices of ginger.

Wash the pumpkin, peel and scoop, and cut into large pieces; 2.

2. Tofu washed and cut into pieces; Codonopsis and red dates were washed, and red dates were pitted; 3.

Wash the fish tail and drain the water; 4.

4. Heat the pan, wipe the pan with a piece of cracked ginger, put two tablespoons of oil, and wait until the oil is 50% or 60% hot, and fry on both sides;

Pour 8 bowls of water into the pot and boil. Boil the codonopsis, red dates and fried fish tail, boil for 30 minutes, add pumpkin and tofu, then boil for 30 minutes, season with salt.

  Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, Jianpi Yifei, Xiaoshi Yangwei.

I want to increase my nutrition and let the food fully absorb.

I want to increase my nutrition and let the food fully absorb.

For fattening, it is very important to let the food that is eaten replaced and effectively digested and absorbed. The following points should be noted: 1.

Changing the source of protein The most unbearable thing for bodybuilders is to eat the same food every day.

First, it will cause malnutrition for the first time, because any kind of food does not completely contain complete protein. For example, chicken breast is very low in some essential amino acids, such as branched-chain amino acids, which is very good in building and maintaining muscle circumference.important.

Because of the lack of a certain kind of food, it will also affect the absorption of other amino acids, so it will cause decomposition. Because you lack some amino acids, the body sacrifices some muscle cells to break down and break down certain essential amino acids.

  Almost as such, repeated eating habits can cause acquired food allergies. Every time you eat these foods, the body will consider these foods to be inappropriate sources of protein rather than nutrients.

  Change your recipes. If you get protein from a variety of sources, you can avoid any deficiency and the protein you are using can be fully utilized.


Eating less and eating more is easier for your body to digest and absorb. This way of using your metabolism is often active.


Avoid eating at midnight For a variety of reasons, some people eat a lot when they are late at night.

If you want to gain weight, such a habit will not succeed.

The body’s metabolic rate is highest during the morning and afternoon periods, and most of the nutrients are digested and absorbed, which is also in this schedule.

And the protein you eat at midnight can affect your sleep quality.

  Allocate your food intake so that 75% of your calories are consumed before the evening.


About 30 minutes after the essence of on-time eating, your body needs to consume about 50-100 grams of sugar. At this time, the body absorbs sugar like a sponge, which is more than usual and is a quick pair. If it is not supplemented at this time.The protein in your body is converted into sugar to replenish the lost energy.

  In the 60-90 minutes after training, muscle cells will quickly take up amino acids. If no protein is taken to make amino acids at this time, the muscles will be broken down to provide the necessary amino acid source. Therefore, in the hour after training, 20 should be taken.-40 grams of protein that provides amino acids to muscle tissue for repair and growth.


Cooking foods are different because of cooking methods. The nutrients in foods can vary greatly. Improper methods can reduce vitamins and minerals in foods and destroy proteins.

  Try to cut the food as soon as possible, so as to avoid food dehydration and nutrient decomposition.

Vegetables can be cooked as long as Microsoft is cooked. If it is cooked, add a minimum amount of water.


Learning to use supplements with vitamins and minerals is best served with three meals a day, as it reduces stomach upset and is easier to digest and absorb.

And a small number of times to take the best method.

It is also better to take amino acids and protein together.


Chewing is the most important process before chewing food is decomposed and digested.

Insufficient chewing can reduce digestion efficiency, causing indigestion and flatulence.

  Try to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, eat small, chew a little.

It is very effective for fattening.


Most people who drink water will feel that their body is full of water. This is wrong, because the less you drink, the more the body will save every drop of water stored in the body.

Moisture is very important for the metabolism of adults, the digestion and absorption of proteins and the operation of organs, but drinking too much water during eating can interfere with the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  Add carbonated drinks and try to avoid adding them together with meals. These drinks can replace and neutralize stomach acid.

Other beverages, such as coffee, may cause the body to excrete some minerals.

In short, no drink can be better than water for you.


Eat natural foods to avoid treated and delicate foods. These foods are generally rich in a large amount of aunts, sugar and sodium, and many vitamins and minerals have been destroyed.
The canned drinks sold on the surface of fresh fruit and vegetables are all sterilized by high temperature and treated manually, and their nutritional value is greatly reduced.

Know how to bypass the reefs of interpersonal relationships?

Know how to bypass the reefs of interpersonal relationships?

“Mulky gourd” has hindered development. When he first entered the workplace, Mr. Zhang once heard his predecessors say that in order to gain a firm foothold in the unit, he must first maintain a modest attitude and work hard to complete the task at hand according to the requirements of his boss.Keep things as few as possible, so as not to cause some trouble.

Mr. Zhang, who has just begun his career, has taken the suggestions of those who have come to me with confidence.

For him who is relatively introverted, it is easier to keep a certain silence than to show and show off his ability in front of colleagues and supervisors.

So, in terms of meetings and event planning, Mr. Zhang remained silent most of the time, unless the leader asked him for his opinions and ideas, he often played the role of “gourd.”

  Under the influence of these views, his work has been carried out smoothly.

However, gradually, Mr. Zhang found that colleagues around him had less and less time to communicate with him. Whether it was a meal or a weekend event, few colleagues would actively invite him to participate, so he seemed to be starting to distance himself from his colleagues.
At the same time, in the promotion of some projects, the leader no longer understood Mr. Zhang’s views, and directly assigned the task to his subordinates.

Seeing that he has been working in the unit for almost two years, his colleagues who have joined him, have either changed jobs or been promoted, while their professional development is still at the original level.

Is his ability defective?

Or lack of emotional intelligence in the workplace?

Mr. Zhang was confused.

  Opinion: Multi-point communication is the solution. From the perspective of professional consultants, the principle of “doing more things and talking less” is still acceptable to a certain extent. These loyal employees and employees who love to express themselvesRanking will not be easily “fired” by the boss, because they will not be in danger of grabbing the boss in public.

But in terms of professional development, there are indeed many constraints.

  And communicating with colleagues and supervisors as much as possible is the best way to solve the professional problems facing Mr. Zhang.

For some professionals who usually have little contact with their bosses, how to talk naturally and grasp the timing is a very important skill. For example, reporting on their work progress or summarizing the work is a good opportunity for communication.

  ”Senior boss” is hard to have a friend Ms. Zhong, who has many years of experience in the industry, is the head of the research and development department of a foreign-funded enterprise, and has her own unique perspective on business expansion, as long as she thinks that the feasible solution will surely persist.

In fact, she attaches great importance to the work tasks set by the company every month.

  In Ms. Zhong’s point of view, it is necessary to reduce work errors while achieving the work goals, even for a small detail, she will understand the employees in detail, resulting in reduced errors.

  The rigorous attitude has indeed reduced the chance of errors in the department she leads, and the department’s work performance has maintained steady development.

However, her colleagues’ response to her has not become harmonious because of the current business results, but instead, there is less and less exchange and communication between each other.

  She noticed that they began to move away from themselves slowly, and even showed a feeling of resistance.

This is not good for improving the cohesion and solidarity of the department. At the beginning, Miss Clock also tried to find topics to increase opportunities for interaction with colleagues, and actively integrated into the circle of colleagues.

But every time they just answered her question quite passively, the state of incoordination between upper and lower levels did not seem to change.

Gradually, Miss Zhong was silent in this state.

  Opinion: Communicate from the heart For some managers, it is not a difficult task to complete the task, but how to handle the relationship between superiors and subordinates, so that the work of the entire team has a better performance, but they do not knowAt a loss.

  The professional consultant pointed out that Miss Zhong’s biggest problem is that she insists on insisting on her own views and being entangled in details in her work, conveying distrust messages to colleagues around her, ignoring the opinions of others, and even seemingly communicating with colleagues deliberately.Nor did she sincerely hope to be a friend of her colleagues, because she chose to give up in the end.

It is undeniable that this is closely related to her own personality traits, and also reflects that her workplace emotional intelligence is not very mature.

At this time, strengthening the cultivation of leadership skills and communication skills is one of the ways to change the breakthrough.

  ”Good Mr.” won the respect of Mr. Liao. He is responsible for the management of the advertising department in a unit. He is deeply touched by the mystery of interpersonal relationships. “The relationship with colleagues is very, very important. In many cases, interpersonal relationships improve the ability to work.The interpersonal coordination ability is a kind of work ability.

“Individual relationships are coordinated and trusted among individuals, and a good internal realization of a collective” lies to a large extent in leadership. “Leaders must be sincere and must not be too selfish, or at least be truly responsible for everyone.”

  Mr. Liao recalled a division of a client unit. He “given” two units to this unit, one of whom was his competent assistant for many years.

After the launch, someone reported to him that another partner intentionally avoided him and took advantage of it.

After realizing this, Mr. Liao said, “My first reflection is to coordinate this matter, otherwise it will affect the relationship between the members of the department.” At the same time, he also calmed his mood and hoped for peace.Solve the problem.

“Human nature is selfish. I can understand these things. I have considered them from the standpoint of any one of them.”

So he immediately found the colleague to analyze his interests in detail.

Considering the wide range of interests involved in this matter, Mr. Liao knew that a second dialogue was likely to be needed.

One week later, I found a colleague and did another ideological work again. This colleague finally understood the truth. “Since then, the two have cooperated very well and brought a lot of revenue to the department.”Say.

  Opinion: EQ is also reliant on years of experience. It is obvious that Mr. Liao has a wealth of experience in the workplace, and he has a clear understanding of the relationship between colleagues in the workplace, even when problems ariseIdeas, and this must be formed after years of accumulation and precipitation.

Workplace communication may try curve communication

Workplace communication may try curve communication

A, curve communication has benefited me a lot. Xiaoqiu Public Relations After I graduated last year, I joined this company and worked in the marketing department.

My boss is a female manager, who is always easy-going.

She asked me to draft a tender and bid for the renovation of an office building.

After receiving the task, I was both excited and nervous, because this was the first time I made the bids alone, and a slight mistake would affect the success of the bidding.

Work overtime, day and night, I finally finished a week later.

Huai Ling came to the female supervisor’s office with more than 20 pages of tenders, and the manager read it briefly, then said: Put the tenders here first, and you go back first.

  How is the tender made?

Is she satisfied?

I don’t have any of these in my heart, but my heart is even more disturbed.

The next morning, there was still no response from the boss.

I know this has happened before. The tenders made by my colleagues were handed over to the boss without any information. The final result was rejected.

While I was thinking about it, an experienced male colleague who was also the oldest in our department came to the front: “Xiao Qiu, how is your bid?

May I help you see it?

“I quickly gave him my backed-up tender.

He used red pen to make amendments to the bids, and some data and materials were re-corrected.

It took us a whole afternoon to make the bid again.

When I placed the tender in the boss’s hand again, I noticed a slight smile on her face.

Later, our company was successful in bidding. At the celebration party, my superior praised me for the good bid and made great contributions.

  I was more grateful to the male colleague, and later I offered to invite him to dinner.

He told me during the dinner that the manager actually asked him to help me, and told me that some places needed to be corrected and improved.

The male colleague finally said: “Maybe the manager is afraid that telling you directly will hurt your enthusiasm, so he adopted this” curve communication “method.”

Only then did I realize that I was full of respect for the manager.

  Career consultants comment on the communication between female supervisors and their subordinates, especially when criticizing or pointing out that their subordinates have made mistakes or deficiencies. It is best to adopt a curve communication method. Try to use euphemisms and be as calm as possible. It should not hurt the self-esteem of subordinates, but also promote their workImprovements and improvements.

The expressions can be flexible and diverse, and not necessarily face-to-face, you can also use positive guidance, some way to guide and remind subordinates in a correct and good way.

Of course, as a female subordinate, she needs more skills when communicating with her boss.

Especially when the boss makes obvious mistakes, never correct it in public or even bump against the boss. Use a method acceptable to the boss, such as individual interviews, E-MAIL, MSN, etc.

  B, curve communication tossing people?

  Qingqing Clerk Not long ago, a storm occurred to me, which taught me the embarrassment and helplessness of “curve communication”.

  Our offices are all on the same scale. The original design of the office building was a bit irrational, and the rooms were too small, so we generally had two or three people in one office.

My office is on the shade, and I rarely see the sun all year round.

I always wanted to know how good it would be to change offices.

  The time has finally come.

Two weeks ago, a colleague resigned and left.

It happened that her office was on the sunny side, and no one was there, so I moved with the deputy director.

It started to feel so good. I can see the long-lost sunlight, I’m very excited.

But just packed, I haven’t been happy for a few days.

The vice president of the company came to the office with a new colleague. When he saw me moving to this office, he said to me, “How did you move here?
“I explained two sentences, and the vice president said nothing.
  I thought this was over and I didn’t think much about it.

Unexpectedly, two days later, I suddenly received a call from the deputy director: “Qing Qing, you can move back to the original office. The vice president asked me to tell you the location of that office for new colleagues.

“I was a little confused at the time. I didn’t want to move. I just felt that the leaders at that time could tell me directly.

Perhaps the vice president was embarrassed to ask me to move back directly before telling the deputy director.

  It should be noted that the deputy director and deputy general manager are women.

I think this so-called “curve communication” makes me embarrassed, depressed, and even a bit frustrating.

I still like “straight-line communication”. Anything to say is straightforward.

  Career consultant reviews fully understand that the nature of a boss is a basic skill of a subordinate. When a boss likes to express her opinion euphemistically, he must pay attention to obedient voices and pay attention to the boss’s expression and expression, which all have some meaning.

Of course, this kind of comprehension is by no means a random guess, otherwise, the misunderstanding of the boss will be very passive at the same time.

Qingqing can consider reflecting with her colleagues to her boss, telling the actual situation objectively, and presenting ideas in a euphemistic tone. The boss will generally be considerate of the subordinates.

  C, OL said that curve communication Ms. Xu’s purchasing manager is a woman’s natural advantage. Sometimes a look and an expression can play a role in communication.

Once, because of a moment of negligence, I mistaken a number on the report. The manager called me to his office and was about to criticize me.

Immediately, I showed a very innocent appearance, pitiful, full of remorse, and my head bowed very low, anyway, I wanted to make him feel kind and fragrant.

As a result, he just said “pay more attention later” and never criticized me.

——Lisa (Accounting) I am firmly opposed to the so-called curve communication. Now that the workplace is under so much pressure and the pace is so fast, who has the time to listen to your insinuation.

Especially in the context of business negotiations, both parties want to go straight to the topic and be concise.

Don’t forget, for a businessman, time is money.

  Whether it is curve communication or straight line communication, it is essentially communication, but the communication skills and methods are different. The key is to use it properly. It depends on the circumstances and cannot be generalized.

If you use it well, it will help you get better interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Otherwise, improper use will affect your relationship with your boss and colleagues.

Do not wash before Chinese medicine frying


Do not wash before Chinese medicine frying

Question: I learned from your newspaper that some tea leaves need to be washed before they are brewed. Do you need to wash Chinese medicine at home before washing?

  Associate Professor Hu Sumin of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine A: The qualified Chinese medicine decoction pieces have been fully sterilized during the preparation process. Even if the microorganisms are contaminated during storage, they can be killed by decoction, so there is no need toWash before frying.

  Moreover, it is important that if washed with water, it is likely to reduce the efficacy.

First of all, the active ingredients of some Chinese medicines are synthetic, such as glycerol, adenosine, acid, alkali, etc. Washing these ingredients with water will lose and reduce the efficacy.

In fact, some decoction pieces will be supplemented with vinegar, wine, honey and other auxiliary materials during the shell process to enhance the efficacy or reduce toxicity, and these auxiliary materials are gradually replaced by washing before frying.

  Thirdly, some Chinese medicines are in the form of powder, such as Puhuang; others are mashed when they are dispensed, such as almonds, and once washed, they cause drug loss.

In addition, the decoction pieces such as psyllium are very light, they will float on the water and they will be easily washed away.

  In addition, sometimes suspended matter is seen in the medicinal soup, which is the active ingredient isolated from the traditional Chinese medicine, and it can be left to stand just by stirring.

What kind of sports is suitable for white sports?

What kind of sports is suitable for white sports?

Fitness Plan 1: Pole Dance Enhances Sexy Index Weight Loss: ★★★★★ Theme Action: Pole under the pole, squat, pole climbing, rotation, etc. Exercise: 500 calories / hour The current pole dance has no patent for nightclub dancers.Many stars and white-collar workers are expected to have a soft spot. Jolin Tsai, S, and so on have all joined the pole dance, because they can quite shape themselves and improve their sexy index.

Practicing pole dancing, your waist will become more flexible, and the whole person will overcome the energy and charm.

TIPS: Learning and talking about pole dancing, it is difficult to adapt to the basic movements. Don’t pursue perfection. The standard of action should be practiced diligently according to the essentials.

Different venues or coaches have different charging standards, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand.

Fitness Plan 2: Jazz Dance Enhances Charisma Index Weight Loss Strength: ★★★★ Theme Action: Tap, Twist, etc. Weight Loss Tips: Aerobic Breathing, Whole Body Blood Circulation Exercise: 320 calories per hour 3-5 times a week of jazz danceEach dance time is 30-50 minutes, it will shape the devil figure.

Mainly to exercise personal expression.

After learning the jazz dance, the one-handed shot will be more coordinated, and the more fashionable and charming between the advance and retreat, can greatly enhance the personal social charm.

TIPS: The cost of learning jazz dance varies from venue to venue. The average club spends about 200 on a finished dance. Fitness Program 3: Golf Slim Decompression Index Weight Loss: ★★★ Theme Action: Swing, Walk, etc.Exercise: 270 calories / hour Urban white-collar workers are generally under-exercised and eating disorders, life and work pressure is huge, lung ventilation and heart pulsation ability are also reduced, and the elasticity of blood vessels is decreasing.

Playing golf can not only enhance physical fitness, prevent disease, but also relieve tremendous mental stress.

 Because of the long distance of walking, it cultivates people’s perseverance, and it is a good exercise for the heart and lower limbs. At the same time, the golf course’s good environment and clean air greatly please the exercisers, which is good for health.

In addition, golf is a moderate aerobic exercise that can help you burn off excess candy.

TIPS: The traditional concept holds that golf is a “noble sport”. In fact, golf is now more and more civilian.

There are more and more ordinary low-cost golf courses, and the price of the driving range has dropped. You can play it for a few hundred yuan. If you have a membership card, it is more favorable.

Some venues have coaching courses and prices range from a few hundred to several thousand.

Fitness Plan 4: High-temperature yoga to reduce the weight of local excess meat: ★ ★ ★ ★ theme action: stretching, abdominal breathing, etc. Exercise: 400 calories / hour Many women are not too much trouble, and too much.

The waist and abdomen are the most likely to accumulate.

Yoga is to achieve weight loss through the head, body, and heart. Yoga exercises can also adjust the body’s endocrine system while losing weight. Even beginner yoga practitioners are not difficult to understand, the specificity and effectiveness of yoga weight loss methods.

Hot Yoga sets the indoor temperature to 40 degrees. Through stretching and softening of the muscles, the lines are evenly distributed. The transmission consumption is also larger than that of ordinary yoga. The sweating speeds up the elimination of waste from the skin, which takes only one hour each time.

TIPS: Yoga is suitable for fasting exercises. Practice two or three times a week. It should not be too much. You can’t take a bath for half an hour after practice.

Fitness Plan 5: Twisting and shaping to improve body coordination. Weight loss: ★★★★★ Theme action: punching, kicking, etc. Exercise: 600 calories/hour Taekwondo “Tae-Bo” is the latest hot spot in the European and American gyms, “ Tae is an abbreviation for Taekwondo, and Bo is an abbreviation for boxing.

The movements of the upper limbs mainly refer to the movement characteristics of boxing, while the movements of the legs are based on the leg method of Taekwondo, which is not boring.

The best choice for physically uncoordinated.

It has a good effect on stovepipe and thin waist, and soon I saw a small waist.

Will not rebound, both weight loss and body sculpting.

TIPS: Because of the higher movements of the upper limbs of the sputum, after the practice of squatting, you should pay attention to the stretching exercises of the arms.

In fact, this is a good exercise as long as it can exercise to all parts of the body without causing damage to the muscles.

However, everyone’s preferences are different, and the parts that are exercised by some sports are different. You can understand the details and then choose the exercise to be performed.

Do I have to meet yoga standards?

Do I have to meet yoga standards?

“Don’t deliberately pursue yoga standards.

“Said the yoga instructor at the Asian Yoga Instructor Training Academy.

Sometimes when leading scholars practice, they often see studies that grin and frown, indicating that they are nervous because they can’t do a certain action. At this time, the body can’t relax completely, the nerves are too nervous, and the body is not even aware of the strain or sprain.It violates the original intention of yoga.

Take breathing as an example. There are many breathing methods of yoga, such as abdominal breathing and complete breathing. If you deliberately practice a certain kind of breathing, your brain will become nervous subconsciously, making it difficult to breathe freely.

Just like when you enter the forest and breathe the fragrance of the trees without knowing it, the mood naturally blends with the surrounding scenery, and if you focus on your breath, you may have no intention of enjoying the natural beauty.

Therefore, don’t imply your own breathing during practice, and slowly restore the subconscious breath to a free, natural state, so that breathing can be coordinated with the body’s movements.

“Of course, professional yoga instructors have beautiful movements, and they have become a” model “for too many practitioners to imitate carefully.

But often often practiced in one lesson, you will find that people are exhausted by these standard actions, and they don’t enjoy happiness at all.

In fact, yoga is not a “competitive” sport, and “enjoying a peaceful and natural state of mind and doing your best to do action” is the best state.

Even those Indian monks may not be able to do the difficult movements with their heads in their legs, but they calmly and indifferently behaved, quiet and peaceful manners and deeds, only truly reflects the charm of yoga.

Yoga is not a soft body exercise. Its beauty is slowly achieved through long-term cultivation. As long as the basic movements are completed in a coordinated and comfortable state, the effect is almost the same as the standard movements.

  Especially working office workers, if they often work overtime and feel that their body muscles are stiff, and their backs are sore, a few exercises may solve the problem.

For example, if your legs are apart, your arm is broken, your body is turning right on a plane, your eyes are on the ceiling, and you can relax and comfort yourself.

At the same time, the practitioner must understand their own physical conditions, such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, and high-strength movements will worsen the condition. It is best to do some soothing movements; head-down movements can allow blood to flow to the brain.It has a refreshing feeling, but if a woman friend during menstruation is practicing, her menstrual blood will gradually flow to the skull, causing dizziness and abdominal pain.

When practicing yoga, doing your best within the range allowed by your body is the goal.

  In addition, pay attention: put your mind on the stimulus and tell yourself: “I am feeling yoga therapy, the meridians are opened, the blood circulation is accelerating; the stimulus is feverish, and it is burning slightly.

“If there is severe pain in a certain part of the body during a certain posture during practice, you should immediately stop doing this movement, and at the same time adjust your breathing or choose a softer movement that the body can adapt to;It is better to be barefoot and wear loose clothes. In the end, practicing yoga is more expensive, and 20 minutes a day is better than 2 hours a week.

Teach you how to choose a diet based on your skin

Teach you how to choose a diet based on your skin

There are basically three types of human skin, namely, neutral skin, oily skin and dry skin.

Neutral skin tissue is compact, moderately thick, smooth, soft, and elastic, making it a better skin type.

Oily skin, skin, skin pores, minor complications, oily luster.

This kind of skin is prone to skin and skin infections, but it is not easy to wrinkle.

  Dry skin is red, white and tender, dry, easy to wrinkle, easy to break, sensitive to physical and chemical factors, easy to be allergic.

In addition, there is also a type of mixed skin, that is, forehead, oily skin on the nose, oily and shiny, other parts are dry skin, red and white, sensitive to ultraviolet rays in the sun, about 80% of women belong toMixed skin.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, from the perspective of human physique, oily skin is mostly “wet weight in the body”; on the contrary, dry skin is less likely to be “dry”.

From the point of view of modern medicine, oily skin, sebaceous gland secretion is more vigorous, the body’s secretion of androgen is increased, skin telangiectasia; dry skin, lack of water in the skin, slow metabolism, sebaceous gland function, dry skin surface.

Therefore, different diets can affect the skin, and different types of skin can be targeted for suitable foods without affecting the nutritional balance.

  For oily skin, diet should choose cool, flat foods such as melon, loofah, white radish, carrot, bamboo shoots, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, lotus root, day lily, alfalfa, watermelon, grapefruit, coconut, silver fish, chicken, rabbit and so on.

Eat less spicy, warm and fatty foods such as cream, cheese, cream products, candied fruit, fat pork, lamb, dog meat, peanuts, walnuts, longan, lychee, walnuts, chocolate, cocoa, curry powder, etc.

It is advisable to use traditional Chinese medicines with phlegm and heat, such as white peony, Alisma, pearl, white chrysanthemum, coix seed, medical stone, and ganoderma lucidum.

  In the case of dry skin, it is advisable to eat more beans such as black beans, soybeans, red beans, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds and other alkaline foods.

Eat less birds and beasts, fish and shellfish acidic foods, such as dog meat, fish, shrimp, crab and so on.

It is advisable to use traditional Chinese medicines such as activating blood stasis and nourishing yin, such as peach, peach, angelica, lotus, rose, safflower and medlar, polygonatum, scorpion, Eclipta, lily, mulberry, mulberry and so on.

The sooner the girl knows the happier

The sooner the girl knows the happier


If your parents are not suspicious of the poor and love the rich, but use character as a force to stop you from falling in love with someone, don’t try your best to fall in love with him in order to prove them wrong, you will find that you eatHe has far more suffering than he thought, and when he can harvest a little, years have left no room to repent.

You just proved that the man was worse than they could see.


If a man has already talked to you to borrow money, he is nothing but a slot machine with a high chance of winning, or a short-circuit vending machine.


You like cool men, which means that there will be big problems in the future, and he will be too cool to bother you.


Anyway, he should know what he wants to say, otherwise, if you always like a silent and strong man, it is easy to encounter violence.

Men who like to be silent but not strong are prone to depression.


Suddenly in the city, I found that there is a parking space on the side of the road, and you will be asked to get out of the car immediately to occupy the parking space. The man waiting for him to stop by will not treat you as a baby.

God, it ‘s really common for a woman to get off a car and occupy a parking space; be careful, he only uses you as a shield in many things.


Don’t look for men for shopping because they want free porters.


If you are still skeptical when you go to bed, what will happen if he is not responsible?

Then don’t go to bed with him, you are not qualified.


Don’t continue to irritate men in anger, they will look like aggressive reptiles.

Even if you’re right, an annoying man doesn’t think he is wrong.


If he has a sense of inferiority, even if you deliberately cover up your excellence, you will not be able to improve his self-esteem.


If you say no, he still decides that you have to try it out, or pretend that you haven’t heard to keep your hands on you, rest assured, he won’t take your words for granted.


In the first three months of your relationship, the habits that you have not changed at your request will usually not change throughout your life, unless he survives the accident and changes his life, or converts to Buddhism to become a man without desire.

==== Some say smoking.


A woman who wins marriage and wins freedom will always find that marriage makes her lose more freedom.


According to the survey, only less than one percent of women found that it is a happy thing to use men’s money completely (I think that one percent of women, because they do n’t use it, imagine that it must be beautiful).
You are still!

Plan to find fishing rods early, don’t hurry to find ice storage; there are even fish that can’t be eaten in the ice storage, most of them are not fresh and delicious.


Never want to prove that you are better than his mother.

  15 Women can’t do good work because they can’t talk about love; men who can’t do good work can’t talk about love.


Don’t tell him that even if he has another woman, you don’t care as long as it’s not worth the kid’s return.

He will think that he is a commissioner with a sword, and you will find that he thinks you are not joking.

If you are unhappy with him now, it will be even more unhappy when you get married; they will be unhappy in life, and more people will be unhappy after having children.

  18 years old

You don’t have to wait until you can endure it. It is time to go. You will thank your kindness and wisdom in the future.


Unless you can train a cat to swim, or a dog watching a newly opened dog food without shaking its tail, you must never think that you can control your child 100% . 20.

If he doesn’t deserve you, trust him right away!

  twenty one

Don’t marry a man who hates his mother!

  twenty two

How others see you is less important than how you see yourself.

Unless you are not worth saying at all, someone will always say you.

Only you can have a “true view of your heart” about yourself.

  twenty three.

If you are dissatisfied with your current figure, you will always be dissatisfied with your own figure (the top models have not given your figure a hundred points), you can make a little improvement, but the figure will never become the one you dream ofYou do n’t have to endure hunger and starvation. If you increase your age, you will be even more dissatisfied. You will find that you are actually very good when you are young. Why not eat a few more when you can eat ice cream?

  twenty four

Think about the grievances you have suffered as you grow up, and ask yourself if you want to be a mother like that.

Beware of electromagnetic pollution

Beware of electromagnetic pollution

What is electromagnetic pollution?

When working on TVs, refrigerators, computers, mobile phones, etc., the electromagnetic waves generated are electromagnetic radiation.

However, electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution are different. Electromagnetic radiation is ubiquitous. Electromagnetic pollution can only cause headaches, insomnia, memory loss, decreased vision, blood pressure rise or fall, etc. after electromagnetic radiation exceeds a certain intensity. Serious possibilityCaused some people to have a miscarriage, cataracts, and even induced cancer.


hzh {display: none; }  研究证实:磁场会增加儿童得癌的风险,而且从2mG(毫高斯)起,风险开始加倍。In fact, you have been exposed to radiation for a long time in places where the magnetic field exceeds 1mG, and in fact the data measured at home far exceeds this number.

  Bedroom: “Bedside sound” Do not put the bed bed is probably the highlight of measuring the electromagnetic field in the home.

If you sleep in a high magnetic field for a long time, you can imagine how big the impact is.

It can also be seen that the so-called “bedside sound” should not be placed on the bedside.

In principle, any electrical appliances should be kept away from your bed.

The total sleep quality of the tourists is not good. In fact, it is very likely that electric heaters, electric fans, air purifiers, air conditioners, etc. are placed near the bed of the hotel. It is necessary to know that the magnetic field of a small electric heater can be as high as 200mG.the above.

  Microwave oven: Microwave damages little boys, and some microwave ovens have extremely high magnetic fields.

Unlike other home appliances, even if it is only plugged in without using it, some of the magnetic fields in front of the series can still be as high as 30?
60mG, the magnetic field when used exceeds 200mG.

In addition, studies have shown that these leaked microwaves are particularly harmful to the male reproductive system, so young boys should avoid it.

  Refrigerator: Put the heat pipe in a high magnetic field in the kitchen, especially when the refrigerator is running, when the buzzing sound, the magnetic field released by the heat pipe on the back side or the bottom of the refrigerator is even higher than the front tens or even hundreds of times.(Is the range before and after the refrigerator measured 1?
9mG, up to 300mG in the center of the rear.)

If the efficiency of the refrigerator is not high, the snoring will be particularly long and extraordinarily large. If the dust on the heat dissipation pipe is sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, the efficiency of the refrigerator will be improved and the magnetic field in the home will be reduced.

  A small mosquito lamp for non-lighting, you can not underestimate it, its magnetic field can also exceed 500mG, it should be placed in the corner.

  Many parents let children play in front of the TV, or watch too close, knowing that the developing child is disturbed by the magnetic field than the adult.

  Computer: LCD monitor radiation is small If your computer desk is too small, so that you are too close to the screen, you may wish to align the monitor backwards. Of course, if you switch to a liquid crystal display, the radiation is quite small.

Such as the computer mainframe, the average person is also easy to ignore and often placed in the position of the leg to facilitate the insertion of the disk.

The magnetic field in front of the host can exceed 4mG, and the magnetic field rises behind it, so you can try to stay a little farther away.

There are often wires and transformers under the computer desk that are placed away from your feet.

  Mobile phone charger: Keep away from it. The low-voltage power supply with transformer generally has a high magnetic field. It can measure more than 300mG in the wiring place, but it will fall below 1mG at a distance of only 30cm.

Mobile phone chargers, portable single-player transformers on the socket, the magnetic field is also high, so keep the distance for safety.

  The penetrating power of the magnetic field is very strong, so don’t ignore the influence of the adjacent room or the upstairs and downstairs.

In particular, the pipelines of general electrical appliances are connected to the rear, so the highest index is often measured directly behind the appliance, so the position separated from the wall of the high magnetic field should be noted.

If you are sitting on the couch often, you have a wall behind your head, and the tail of the TV next door neighbor is just facing your head, then you will suffer.

  Someone had measured 1 in the position of the pillow on the child’s bed.

The magnetic field strength of 6mG was finally found out because the adjacent master bedroom had a TV on, and the TV was just behind the child’s bed; when one was placed behind the wall of the refrigerator, the magnetic field generated was 2?Between 7mG.

So, sofas, seats and pillows are best not close to the wall that is separated from the neighbors, because you don’t know what’s going on there.

  Eat more carrots to enhance the ability to resist radiation. Although the effects of electromagnetic radiation on people are widespread, they are not terrible.

Different people or the same person have different ability to withstand electromagnetic radiation at different ages. Even in the case of exceeding the standard, it does not mean that someone will get sick, but for the elderly, children, pregnant women or patients with pacemakers.Patients, those who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and those who work in the environment of overdose electromagnetic radiation for a long time should take preventive measures.

  Do not place household appliances too concentrated or often used together, especially TVs, computers, refrigerators should not be placed in the bedroom, so as not to expose yourself to the danger of overdose radiation.

  All household appliances, office equipment, mobile phones, etc. should avoid repeated operations.

  When the appliances are suspended, it is best not to leave them in standby because a weaker electromagnetic field can be generated.
  For the use of various electrical appliances, a certain safety distance should be maintained.

  Patients with advanced pacemakers and pregnant women with weak resistance, children, the elderly, etc., should be equipped with shielding protective clothing that blocks electromagnetic radiation.

  The electromagnetic radiation released when the mobile phone is turned on is the largest. It is best to answer the call when the mobile phone rings for one or two seconds or the phone rings twice.
  Eat more carrots, tomatoes, kelp, lean meat, animal liver and other vitamins A, C and protein foods, enhance the body’s ability to resist electromagnetic radiation.