How to prevent and remove fecal particles_1

How to prevent and remove fecal particles

A small white particle we often see on ourselves or civilians. These are unfortunate particles, which are most commonly seen around the eyes.

If a girl with pretty eyebrows strews a few grains of auntie near her eyes, I believe that most of them will affect the visual perception to a certain extent.

  The cause of my aunt’s formation was dehydration of the skin, obstruction of excretion and absorption. If I didn’t figure out the reason, I would look for a bunch of solutions blindly, doing nothing.

So, how to prevent fecal particles and the correct way to remove them.

  How to prevent fecal particles?

  Avoid or reduce the use of powdery makeup such as eyeshadow powder and glitter.

  Do not over clean or remove makeup, vigorously massage and use scrub products, these will cause tiny wounds on the skin surface, causing slight particles to form.

  Choose light-weight care products that are easy to absorb, especially eye products. The light amount of water and milk does not mean that it is not moisturizing enough, but it will not cause you to produce a trace amount.

  Obvious cleansing and cleansing methods: For each cleansing and cleansing process, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned thoroughly with a cleanser, and then cleaned with water until the skin feels fresher to the touch.

Do not leave cosmetic ingredients in the skin, especially the eyes that are already thin.

  Tip: If you do not clean the eyeliner, mascara, etc., it is easy to grow fecal particles.

  Use a mild scrub = “mild auntie granules” practice: use a facial scrub containing very fine particles to gently massage, after a few days, that auntie granules will gradually disappear.

If it is unfortunately large, the period of disappearance will be longer.

  Tip: The skin on the eyes is extremely sensitive and delicate. Do not apply force during massage.

  Choose the right skincare approach: Diagnose your skin type, then choose the skincare product that suits your skin type.

For weak skin with poor lipid metabolism, you should choose a skin care product designed for sensitive skin with reduced oil content and easy absorption. Use natural plant ingredients as moisturizing products, and use a toner or essence that can gently dredge hair follicles.

  Efficacy: Generally, after replacing the correct skin care products, too many oil particles will disappear within 1 month.

   Be sure to use eye cream: Use a refreshing, moisturizing eye cream in the morning. This type of eye cream has a high amount of adhesion and can keep the skin around the eyes moisturized.

Before going to bed at night, you can use nutritious and moisturizing eye cream. This kind of eye cream contains nourishing ingredients, which can well repair the skin around the eyes. At night, it can allow nutrients to be completely absorbed by the skin around the eyes.

  Efficacy: It can prevent the generation of trace particles and eliminate trace particles in time.

  Use a sterilized acne needle to pick out trace particles. After carefully cleaning the face, carefully sterilize the needle tip of the acne needle with alcohol, gently puncture the outer layer of the trace particles, and then use a round section to break the insideSqueeze out the contents and paste with a sterile cotton swab for several minutes at the same time. It is best to cover the wound with a band-aid or sterile gauze for a day to avoid infection of the wound.

  Tip: Every time you pick a small amount, you need to re-sterilize the needle tip, and the cotton swabs must be replaced at any time to ensure maximum hygiene.

Tips: Six ways to fight cold hands and feet

Tips: Six ways to fight cold hands and feet


Regular exercise is not lazy to adapt to cold, you must first improve your cold resistance.

Exercise is the best way.

Consistent regular exercise habits can improve your fear of cold physique.

  There is a saying in China:[Every time you move in winter, you have one less illness.

]Exercise can indeed stimulate muscle, blood circulation and boost immunity.

In particular, Chinese people usually have an excess diet, so some people have suggested that “medicinal supplement is not as good as food supplement, and food supplement is not as good as mobile supplement”.

  However, winter sports should not be too intense. Generally, it is enough to train your body to sweat slightly. Do Tai Chi at home, do soft exercises or yoga, and practice hand shake (the legs are open to the same width as the shoulders, and the arms are slightly extended, and the arms are natural.Vertical, palms backwards, easy and natural swing back and forth), can increase blood circulation.

  Director Lai Rongnian encourages everyone to walk more. Once walking, it will be asthma, but also has a strong gastrointestinal effect.

  Doing housework and sweeping the floor are also a good exercise.

  ● Intimate Ding Dong: Remember to keep warm when you go out to exercise, carry a towel to wipe sweat; do warm-up exercise before exercise, so as to avoid the discomfort caused by excessive temperature difference.


Supplementing warm foods is also a way to make the body feel warm, especially hot drinks.

  Hot milk with high protein, brown sugar ginger tea with warming effect, or western rosemary tea, cinnamon tea are all good sources of heating.

  Dr. Chen Jianlin likes to bring home-made tea bags to work, cheap and simple, and the contents and tastes change according to the season and personal preferences (tea bags can be bought in Chinese medicine equipment shops): people who are easy to get angry (dry mouth on weekdays) can use memenitiaOr cut into small pieces and soaked in water; generally, you can choose Chinese wolfberry and red dates, which have the effect of invigorating qi; the common longan tea in the market makes blood, which is suitable for hard-working office workers.

  Sesame and peanut contain vitamin E and rich nicotinic acid, which can help the absorption of vitamin B and strengthen the nerve’s ability to fight cold.

Vitamin E has the function of dilating blood vessels and can strengthen peripheral blood circulation.

  The walnuts that nourish qi and nourish blood are rich in nutritional value and suitable for patients with long-term asthma to consume in winter, Dr. Chen Jianlin suggested.

  Some spicy spices, such as onion, ginger, garlic, etc., will also make the body feel warm, but people with high blood pressure, hotness and skin allergies should use as little as possible.

  Special reminds that the winter diet is best light and light, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach.

  In addition, children can increase their staple food slightly in winter.

Because it is easy to consume calories in cold weather, and children’s activities in winter will not decrease, so it takes longer to replenish.

  ● Intimate biting tincture: The role of ginger is to keep warm, and it is mostly used when pregnant women are confinement. Ginger is sweating, so it is best to drive cold in the early cold.


Eat tonic varies from person to person. Tonic was originally used to regulate weak constitution and strengthen physical strength to resist cold. However, modern people are rich in nutrition, and in fact not everyone needs tonic.

  Generally people with cold hands and feet can add some medicated diet such as Siwutang, sesame oil chicken, Shiquan Dabutang, etc. to speed up blood circulation.

  If you usually have dry mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, constipation or high blood pressure patients, supplement the flames with fuel, it should be enough.

  If you have a cold, fever, or diarrhea, it is best to stop supplements to avoid worsening your condition.

  ● Intimate little biting tincture: For some chronic diseases such as lupus erythematosus, the condition worsens after taking tonic, you should find a Chinese medicine practitioner to make a physical dialectical, and tonic for the weakness of the individual.


Relieve stress Good mood stress is the cause of worsening blood circulation.

A Japanese study found that nearly 70% of women had cold hands and feet.

These new women sleep less and work irregularly. In this 24-hour tight condition, blood vessels continue to contract and blood circulation becomes worse.

  Therefore, experts suggest that it is best to force yourself to divide 3 times a day: 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours to do what you like.

For example, get together with friends, listen to music, and learn to relax.

These all help to improve the coldness of hands and feet.

  ● Intimate little bitch: Cold weather can easily make people feel depressed and emotionally unstable.

May wish to use the limbs to drive the mind, simple exercise can secrete endorphins and make people happy.  5,

Adequate sleep nutrition Yang Qi Chinese medicine mentions that Yang Qi can promote the function of the five internal organs and the internal organs of the body. It is a source of human warmth. When the Yang Qi is insufficient, it is prone to mental fatigue and cold.

  Adequate sleep can just supplement the deficiency of yang.

Especially in winter, you should go to bed early and get up late, go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening, and get up after the sun comes out. This can avoid the severe cold in the early morning and reduce the rapid contraction of blood vessels caused by excessive temperature differences in chronic patients, leading to cardiovascular disease and stroke.The risk of seizures.

  Try not to stay up late.

At 1 in the morning, the human body’s adrenaline secretion is the lowest. At this time, the resistance is particularly weak. As long as the temperature is lowered,[some patients with asthma are most likely to attack at this time.]Dr. Chen Jianlin reminded that sufficient sleep and rest can bring the bodyEnough capacity to resist external cold and stress.

  ● Intimate little bitch: If you feel cold for a while, you can stop the Hegu acupoint in the middle of the tiger’s mouth on the back of your hand and strengthen blood circulation.


Warm water foot bath is good for sleeping. The feet are farthest away from the heart. The congenital blood supply is poor, coupled with the lack of subcutaneous skin on the feet, poor warmth, and cold feet are quite common.

In particular, there are many acupuncture points in the feet that are related to the upper respiratory tract mucosa. The feet are cold and the resistance is reduced, which can easily cause upper respiratory tract infections.

  Foot bath and foot massage before bedtime can deflate and warm your feet instantly to help you fall asleep.

  Prepare a pot of 30?
Soak your feet in warm water at about 40 degrees, usually about 20?
Just 30 minutes.

  The material of the foot bath can be boiled with two dried wormwood or cinnamon sticks (available in Chinese medicine stores) and boiled, or put some ginger slices or lees.

  By the way, a foot massage during a foot bath can speed up blood circulation.

For example, the depression (Yongquan Point) that appears when you tilt the pedals to bend, your body will quickly warm up.

  The acupuncture points on the feet are abundant and connected to organs in various parts of the body. Therefore, regular foot baths and massages can stimulate acupuncture points and promote blood circulation.

  ● Intimate little biting tincture: You can also add some coarse-grained peppercorns or dried peppers in the socks. The release of spicy elements can make the feet heat up, like a natural foot stove, making people feel dawn.

  In addition, when the cold and cold people go out to do a good job of defense and warmth, try not to lose heat.

Protect exposed parts with scarves, hats, and gloves, or put a stove or stove in the waist and abdomen (poor cold digestion of the stomach, which can easily cause insufficient blood supply), to overcome the cold.

Thoroughly clean the skin in early autumn

Thoroughly clean the skin in early autumn

The hot summer days are over. You thought the weather was cool and comfortable, and you can rest on your face.

However, look at your face in the mirror: darkening, wrinkles, pimples. It turned out that your sun protection and whitening work for one summer was still not a success, and this summer still left marks on your skin.

It’s not the time to lament the sadness, so quickly pack up your mood and give the skin a thorough cleansing exercise in the fall.

  Skin problems that may be left over in summer: skin tanning, dark spots appear In the summer, the strong ultraviolet rays are still activated, and the skin may be tanned and have unpleasant stains.

  Small wrinkles have high humidity, large amounts of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, poor spleen and stomach function, eat less, consume too much, lack skin nutrition, skin cells do not get enough nutrition, skin cells are prone to dehydration, keratosis, cell aging, lackVigor and elasticity, prone to small wrinkles.

  Acne (acne) endocrine disorders, excessive physiological hormones, excessive heat and humidity, increased sebum secretion, keratinization of hair follicles, accumulation of sebum efflux, if the heat is high, acne grows actively, if the humidity is high, acne is easily infected, and purulentOr running water.

  Save summer skin with SOS warm water wash.

Warm water promotes blood circulation in the skin, removes toxins, opens the pores, promotes the proper secretion of sebum, and facilitates the excretion of toxins. Wash your face with light salt and warm water during acne.

Especially Beijing Shuiliang, using cold water may be beneficial to the skin’s elastic immunity, but often at the expense of skin color and luster, especially if the physical quality is slightly worse, warm water is used.

  Eat properly.

Supplement the right amount of protein, such as soy products, milk, fruits and other nutrients to supply skin needs.

In addition, you need to pay attention to maintaining smooth stools and excreting human toxins. You should eat more high fiber and less polluting vegetables.

  In early autumn, the skin is more tanned than in summer, and freckles are more likely to increase, making the skin thicker and harder, and the keratin and epidermis becoming thicker.

In addition, because the concentration of the ionic layer in the autumn is thinner than in the summer, the amount of ultraviolet rays absorbed by the ionic layer is less than in the summer.

Therefore, the autumn climate is certainly pleasant, so it is a season with strong ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, the key points of skin care for autumn and winter should be: restore the skin from the sun; choose skin care products with whitening, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects; show massage and apply face to promote metabolism.

  With the advent of the autumn wind, the autumn and winter replenishment action makes the weather dry and cold, and your skin becomes prone to dryness, lack of elasticity, and even peeling.

Therefore, 24-hour uninterrupted moisturization is essential in autumn.

Among them, it is necessary to add moisture to your skin.

  Drinking plenty of water, drinking cold water, drinking water, nourishing skin, and beauty is best with at least cold water, because when the boiling water is naturally cooled to 20-25 ° C, the gas dissolved in the water will be reduced by half compared to before boiling, and the cohesion of water will increaseThe molecular gaps become closer and the surface tension increases. At this time, the molecular structure of water is very close to that of human cells, and it has a high bioaffinity.

    The key to retaining water is nutrition. Although some people often drink water, their skin is still very dry. The essence is that the body’s water storage function is weak and it cannot hold water. Therefore, if you have water, you must retain it.

The human body’s water storage function mainly depends on the osmotic pressure of crystals composed of inorganic salts and the osmotic pressure of colloids composed of proteins., Mucopolysaccharide, lecithin, vitamins, mineral-rich foods to improve skin nutrition and enhance skin’s water storage capacity.

If the body fluid is severely inadequate, you must supplement the internal blood with traditional Chinese medicine decoctions or ointments to nourish the yin and regenerate the fluid.Take 20 ml twice daily.

  Water spray + grease.

  In addition to having to drink plenty of water, you should also put a basin of water in the room or start an air humidifier to increase the humidity in the room, and spray the skin with water every few hours, so that the skin is always in a relatively humid statestatus.
  The maintenance of autumn skin should first be based on hydration. Water-based skin care products such as nutrient water, honey, milk, ice crystals, and gel can be used.

Because this kind of skin care products contain many amino acids, urea, vitamins, natural plant extracts and other nutrient moisturizing ingredients, and mainly based on the water phase structure, skin penetration and absorption can increase and improve skin volume.

     Full body bath + fox care after bath Bathing is a good method for skin care and beauty. Since the time of Cleopatra and Princess Nile, humans have adopted bathing to care for the skin.

When washing, the general water temperature should be controlled below 37 ° C, and the time should not exceed 20 minutes. If the water temperature is too high and the time is too long, it will easily dissolve the skin surface lipids and cause the water to volatilize.

  After the bath, the whole body is massaged with plant essential oils. The combined application can seal the moisture on the surface of the skin. Alternative massage can eliminate nervous tension, promote blood and lymph circulation, and make the skin full of vitality.

Three benefits of eating grapefruit

Three benefits of eating grapefruit

Grapefruit has high fiber content, good antioxidant effect and low glycemic index. It is a healthy fruit that can be enjoyed every day.

(Half a grapefruit contains only 60 calories.

The amount of fiber is 6 grams, which is more than an apple.)

  Although the previous grapefruit diet was too extreme and nutritionally unbalanced, adding it to a balanced diet can help you maintain a slim figure.


Dr. Foggioka, director of the Center for Nutrition and Metabolism, San Diego Scripps Hospital, chaired a study on the role of grapefruit in weight loss.

They confirmed that grapefruit achieves these characteristics.

  During the study, Dr. Kenforgioka and his colleagues divided 100 obese men into four experimental groups.

The first group took grapefruit extract, the second group drank grapefruit juice at each meal, the third group drank half a grapefruit at each meal, and the fourth group took a placebo.

They also asked subjects to take a 30-minute walk three times a week.

  After 12 weeks, subjects who took the placebo lost an average of less than half a pound, lost an average of 2 pounds with extract, and lost an average of 3 with juice.

At 3 pounds, I lost an average of 3 on fresh grapefruit.

5 pounds.

The subjects who ate grapefruit divided the grapefruit into two, divided into four petals, and then peeled.

In this way, they also ate a portion of the sponge layer that lined the top of the peel.

  It’s unclear how grapefruit improves weight loss, but it seems to be helpful in reducing insulin resistance, which appears with weight gain.

  The health benefits of grapefruit are fascinating.

According to a research report published by the American Chemical Society at the Potential Potential Research of Citrus Fruits Annual Meeting, the severity of grapefruit includes the following: ◆ Has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties: ◆ Reduces levels and promotes weight loss: ◆ RelievesComplications of aging: arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, disease, Parkinson’s disease, diarrhea, cataracts, and Crohn’s disease.

  Red grapefruit and pink grapefruit are special fruits containing lycopene.

Tomato red pomegranate is an open-chain unsaturated carotene. It is precisely because of it that tomatoes, red oranges, guava, rose hips and watermelons have a bright red color.

  Studies show that lycopene can prevent heart disease, certain cancers and the number one cause of blindness-macular deformities.

However, it is important to note that grapefruit has been proven to prevent the effectiveness of some commonly used drugs.

  It is clear that the flavonoids in grapefruit juice inhibit a specific enzyme in the intestine responsible for the breakdown and absorption of antihistamines and statins (used to lower cholesterol levels).

  If you are taking such medications, ask your doctor before deciding whether to add grapefruit to your diet.

Where is the tiger butt of the boss?

Where is the “tiger butt” of the boss?

1 可以拒不服从 , 但是不要阳奉阴违  阳奉阴违比拒不服从更加可怕,因为如果说拒不服从是建立在对事情的基本情况和自己的能力有所怀疑的情况下,至少我们可以说这是“顽固To adhere to principles. ”
If the boss doesn’t have time to listen to your explanation for a while, he can at least send other people to turn around without delaying the time.
And Yang Fengyin violation means that your boss loses control of the situation.
  2 永远不要以为你已经不可替代  对于上司来说,完美的组织结构应该各得其所,每个人都像拼图上的一块――无论是边缘还是中心的部分,你很难说哪块比哪块重要 , 但是哪Blocks are irreplaceable and indispensable.
There are too many smart people in the workplace who think the trump card is in their hands because they love bargaining with their bosses too much.
Even an enlightened boss can’t get rid of the employer’s mentality: “Two-legged toads are hard to find. Are there not many people with two legs?
” 而且你也不要试图证明给他看,因为即便你后来在其他公司工作得再好 ,你放心,只要你离开了他的公司 ,他就不会为判断你的价值而多浪费一点点的脑cell.
  3 Don’t make decisions for your boss, or delineate your choices for your boss. So-called resources can never be fairly distributed in the hands of everyone.
As a boss, he has more strategies and information at the company level than you do.
Don’t hold the mentality of guessing strategic intent, this is not a tacit gambling game, this is business.
All you have to do is find three different solutions and then offer them objectively.
  4 Supervisors do not like two kinds of people: inaction and high maintenance. However, if one is to be solved immediately, it must be high maintenance.
因为无作为通常什么也不做 , 什么也不说 , 在有更要紧的事情的时候 , 放他在一边,至少不会有大麻烦;而高维修太喜欢当引领众人起义的侠客,对他们的If caregiving and psychological counseling are not timely, it may cause elbow and armpit. If you are a busy boss, you will even agree with me.

Stomach ulcers are unbearable

Stomach ulcers are unbearable

Gastric ulcer is a common disease, and the incidence of it is higher in men than in women. It may be closely related to smoking, irregular life and diet, work and external stress, and psychological factors.

So, what is good to eat stomach ulcers?

Here are 10 food treatment recipes for treating gastric ulcers. Let ‘s take a look together.

  Top 10 Food Therapies for Gastric Ulcers: White Pepper Pot Pork Belly Soup: White pepper is slightly broken 15g, pork belly 1 (debris, washed), put in an appropriate amount of water, slow cook, cook after seasoning.

Applicable to Deficiency Cold Ulcer.

  Lotus seed porridge: 30g lotus seeds, 100g rice.

Boil porridge as usual and eat it daily for 1 month.

Applicable to weak spleen and stomach ulcer.

  Huaishan porridge: Huai yam 100g, previous rice 100g.

Add water to cook porridge, 1 dose per day, 3 times a day.

Suitable for weak stomach and duodenal ulcer of spleen and stomach.

  Glutinous rice porridge: 100g of glutinous rice or previous rice, 7 pieces of red dates.

Cook porridge as usual, cooked to extremely rotten, and often eaten.

Suffering from spleen and stomach weakness ulcers, can cure stomach and duodenal ulcers.

  Tianqi egg custard: 3g of Tianqi end, 30ml of tartar juice, 1 egg, mainly sugar.

Break the eggs, pour into a bowl and stir; use fresh coriander juice and Tianqi end, add sugar, stir well with the eggs, stew and serve.

Can cure blood stasis type gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and bleeding.

  Tremella and red date porridge: Tremella 20g, 10 red dates, 150g sticky rice.

Make porridge as usual.

Applicable to patients with weak spleen and stomach ulcer.

  Pork belly pot: Wash one piece of fresh pork belly, add an appropriate amount of peanut rice and previous rice, and add water to the pot and cook.

After cooking, season with salt and serve.

It can be repeated once a few days, and the course of treatment is not limited.

  Peanut milk soup: Peanut rice is soaked for 30 minutes, then smashed, add 200 ml of milk, boil until cold, add 30 ml of honey, take it every night before bedtime, and take unlimited clothes.

  Honey: 100 grams of honey, steamed over water, taken twice a day before meals, for two months as a course of treatment.

Drink alcoholic beverages and spicy foods during your diet.

  Lotus root soup: Wash the fresh lotus root, cut off one end of the lotus root, inject the honey and cover it, fix it with a toothpick, and steam the soup to eat the lotus root.

Take the other two ends of the salamander, chop and add an appropriate amount of water, and take it intestines.

Effective for patients with ulcer bleeding, but should be cold.

Burdock and red date pot chicken improve constipation and eliminate toxins

Burdock and red date pot chicken improve constipation and eliminate toxins

Burdock is also called burdock root. Blended with fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation, eliminate toxins from the body, and reduce plasma absorption.

Paired with chicken soup, it is delicious and nourishing.

Burdock is prone to dehydration or lignification. After buying, it is best to wrap it in a newspaper and put it in the refrigerator.

  Ingredients: 1 burdock, half chicken, 8 red dates, 20 wolfberry, 1 ginger, 5 grams of salt.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the chicken, peel the burdock and cut into pieces, soak in water; 2.

2. Pour water into a pot and boil, add chicken gizzards and blanch until they are discolored and remove them. Pour the water out of the pot and cut the ginger into pieces or pat with a knife; 3.

Put the braised chicken in a casserole, pour in a sufficient amount of cold water at one time, change to low heat after boiling over high heat, add ginger slices, burdock, red dates and wolfberry, cover with a lid and cook for 2 hours, then add salt.

Find a solution to chapped lips

Find a solution to chapped lips

Causes of chapped lips: Lack of water is the main cause of lips lines and chapped lips.

  Solution: When the lips are dry and cracked, apply the lips with a hot towel for 3-5 minutes, then gently wipe the dead skin on the lips with a soft brush, and then apply lip cream. Be careful not to apply lipstick immediatelyThis will hurt the tender skin on the lips.

Care of the skin smoothly through the fall If the skin on the lips is severely cracked, special lip care is required.

You can usually choose to absorb lip balm containing calendula and chamomile essence on your lips before going to bed. These two ingredients can soothe dry lips.

Editor: When we solve the problem, we must pay more attention to the causes of lip distress. Only by changing these habits that are bad for the lips and treating the symptoms, can we bring perfect lips to ourselves.

Lip licking because licking lips will not wet the lips at all, but will accelerate the evaporation of water on the lips, making the lips more dry.

Lip licking is harmful to the skin. It is a dangerous habit to tear the dead skin of the lips carefully. Pinching can easily cause lips to bleed and even cause bacteria to invade and cause inflammation.

If you experience this symptom, remember to apply lip care products with deep moisturization. In severe cases, you need to see a doctor.

Applying lipstick every day and applying lipstick for a long time will make the lips skin dry. It is best to leave makeup for two days a week to let the lips skin rest, but still apply colorless lip balm.

Some women who use inferior lipsticks are greedy and cheap, and like to buy lipsticks that are close to each other.

Experts warn that the use of substandard lipsticks will produce a “phototoxic” reaction in visible light.

In other words, after contacting the lipstick with a component that can absorb a certain light-sensing substance, after a certain period of sunlight, the DNA in the cell covered by the lipstick is damaged, which may cause lip cancer in severe cases.

  It is necessary to carry a high-quality lip balm with you, especially a lip balm containing moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E, which is ideal to moisturize the lips at any time to prevent dry and peeling lips.

It is best to use a moisturizing lipstick in autumn. Although a moisturizing lipstick is easier to discolor than a long-lasting lipstick, it does less damage to the lips.

The paraffin and pigment in the lipstick have the effect of taking away moisture. Long-term makeup people are prone to peeling, so it is best to have no makeup for two days a week and only apply lip balm.

Qiu Fenghan is careful of lips indecent reasons: Lip skin is relatively thin and thin, and lips are easily burned by ultraviolet rays and cause peeling.

Solution: It is necessary to carry a high-quality lip balm with you, especially a lip balm that contains moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E, which can moisturize the lips at any time to prevent dry and peeling lips.

It is best to use a moisturizing lipstick in autumn. Although a moisturizing lipstick is easier to discolor than a long-lasting lipstick, it does less damage to the lips.

The paraffin and pigment in the lipstick have the effect of taking away moisture. Long-term makeup people are prone to peeling, so it is best to have no makeup for two days a week and only apply lip balm.

Autumn wind cold, be careful of lips with indecent assault. Lips are dull. Reason: After long summer exposure of lips, it is easy to cause the lips to be dull and dull. Women who often make up should pay more attention because incomplete makeup will cause dull lipsAnd dry, severe can also be infected with “lipstick disease”.

Solution: Pay attention to changing lipsticks with isolation and sun protection functions, drink plenty of water, eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, and take appropriate amounts of vitamins A, B, and C instead. These can improve the dullness of lips.

Lip care must be done with a good lip balm before applying lipstick, preferably colorless.

Spleen strengthening: 芡实, 薏仁 both correct

Spleen strengthening: 芡实, 薏仁 both correct

Spleen, one of the five internal organs of Chinese medicine.

The spleen and stomach both suffer from the valley of the valley, which is a source of vitality for life. Therefore, it is called the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood.

In addition to the main functions of the digestive system in modern medicine, the spleen of traditional Chinese medicine also involves the functions of nervous, metabolic, immune, endocrine and other systems.

  Zhishi, also known as chicken head rice, water chicken head, chicken head buds, etc., so some leaves have been growing in the glass.

Chinese medicine believes that Zhishi is dry and flat, enters the spleen and kidney, and is a good medicine for strengthening the spleen and reducing diarrhea and nourishing kidney and solidifying essence.

“Ben Cao’s Truth” records: “How does Zhishi nourish the spleen, because of the sweetness of spring flavor, how does Zhishi solidify the kidney, because of its astringent taste.

But its sweet and nourishing spleen can dampen diarrhea, and diarrhea and abdominal pain can be cured; but its astringent and solid kidney can close the air, leaving behind, belt, and urination.

  There are two kinds of medicinal concoction and speculation.

Sheng Zhi is mainly based on tonifying kidney and astringent essence, while fried Zhi is mainly based on strengthening spleen and appetizing.

It is available in general pharmacies. Because wheat bran is added during frying, and it is necessary to master certain conditions, it is not convenient for family production.

In addition, there are also those used to stir-fry charcoal, mainly to nourish the spleen and relieve diarrhea.

Zhishi is also used for soup and porridge, and has a certain therapeutic effect.

  Ren, also known as barley, barley, is a commonly used Chinese medicine, and it is also common. The foods that are eaten are light and slightly cold, and it is good for water and swelling.Commonly used diuretic and dampness medicine.

Coix seed is also a kind of beauty food. Regular food can keep human skin shiny and delicate, eliminate acne, freckles, age spots, pregnancy spots, butterfly spots, and have good effects on desquamation, acne, cleft palate, rough skin and so on.

  Indica rice is a good supplement for medicinal use. In winter, stewed pork feet, pork ribs or chicken with indica rice is a tonic food.

In summer, porridge with barley or iced barley for cold drinks is also a good tonic for summer heat.

The kernels and roots of barley can be used to cure diseases.

Li Shizhen recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: 薏 Mi Neng “to strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the lungs and clear the heat, remove wind and dampness.

Cook meals and cure air-conditioning.

Decoction, hot urine.

“Indica is also an anticancer drug, and its cure rate for cancer can reach more than 35%.

What are the precautions for climbing fitness

What are the precautions for climbing fitness

Ascending the stairs has become a fitness method of choice for many people.

However, when going down the stairs, one leg must bear the usual weight-bearing pair, and the same action is often repeated, which will increase the pressure on the knee joint.

So, what should you pay attention to when exercising?

Experts believe that the pressure and abrasion of knee joints caused by climbing exercises exist, but don’t worry too much about eating waste.

  First of all, we must combine our actual situation.

Middle-aged and elderly people have different degrees of osteoporosis, and some people who are overweight are more stressed on the knee joint.

These people must master the relationship between speed and duration.

  At the beginning, you should take a slow speed and insist on prolonging. You can gradually increase the speed or extend the time, but you should not step on it too much, otherwise it will increase the burden on your heart and lungs.

If you find insufficient during climbing stairs, stop exercising immediately.

It is particularly important to note that people who have compressed old injuries should not perform climbing exercises.

  At the same time, we must master the correct exercise method.

When going downstairs, in order to prevent the knee joint from increasing the pressure, the forefoot should be touched to the ground first, and then transition to the full foot to the ground to cushion the knee pressure.

After landing, you can perform a local massage on the knee joint. It is usually best to do squats, standing and static half squats to make the knee joints fully moved and prevent their stiffness.