“Let’s go,Bitch believes you change your clothes first,Then let’s go to Juxia City!”Lena wanted to reach out and pat Xin Zhao’s shoulder,But seeing his image,Gave up this plan。

“Go to the bedroom,That doesn’t need,How can I abandon you, sister?,There is nothing in the bedroom anyway,Just let your eldest sister go with you!”Xin Zhao looks like at this time,Alive is a figure in the palace。
Seeing that Xin Zhao doesn’t care about his image,Lena naturally doesn’t want to care about him anymore。
As for that Jace,Ok,Just leave it to him。
“Jess,Listen clearly,I’ll leave the rest to you,I’ll go back to Juxia City,Is there a problem?”
Jace has a black line,He only realized this time,So this goddess and bitch,Really worthy。All so unscrupulous,Will only bully him as an honest person。
“Damn,Big sister,Able to listen to you,Is the blessing he has cultivated in a few lifetimes,All right,Let’s go,I haven’t been back to Juxia City for a long time。”
“Not bad,Bitch letter,The goddess loves you very much!”
“Thank you goddess for praise,These are what Xin Zhao should do!”
Juxia City、A commercial street
After Lena called Qiangwei,Then took over Xin Zhao passion(After being beaten up by Lena,All the net worth)Donated money,And started buying clothes。
that’s it,A strange scene was born。
Two goddesses walking in front,Followed by a man who seems to be a beggar。
If it’s an ordinary person,Face this scene,Already at a loss,But Xin Zhao went on and on,Walking there like a catwalk。
“Lena,I said, can you throw this guy back,This is too shameful!”Qiangwei feels like a fool,How can she trust this goddess(through)What about,What else to shop,Go shopping。
Xin Zhao followed,She doesn’t want to go shopping。
If Xin Zhao knows the shame, forget it,She may not be so uncomfortable,The key is,This guy named Xin Zhao,Not at all shy。

If you can enter this kindergarten,It will be easier to enter aristocratic schools in the future。

and so,Tianfu Yushuiwan is now in the school district!
I find that my information is still lagging behind,I don’t even know this。
“School district,We haven’t promoted。Please don’t make a mistake,We don’t know if we can enroll nearby。”
I am very sincere in explaining。
Friends in those circles said,Blue Ocean Academy has already said,Every household in Tianfu Yushuiwan has a quota。
So for this quota,Some simply bought two or more houses。
I just know what happened!
Chen Duo also knew about this,Send WeChat and smile with me,I knew I should double the price!
I am satisfied with the 30% increase,After all, the original price is not low。
Sometimes,To lose is to take advantage。
But the price of the second phase,Will definitely be high!
I did not pre-sell,Although this is a common practice in the industry,But I still have to wait for the cap to be sold。

At this moment, the leader of Chen feels that the time is too long,Because he was worried about his memory,You know so many people are watching,If something goes wrong,That is the real big problem。

at last,A minute passed。
Leader Chen was also relieved,And then took another breath,This thing is difficult。
“Three hundred and thirty。”
Three hundred and thirty,Even if only one third,This is also one hundred and ten,This is how many people want to drink a pot?
Leader Chen was also relieved,Fortunately, Qin Feng didn’t do things so excessively.,Otherwise, some things are really uncertain。
But Leader Chen doesn’t know,These are the methods Qin Feng has used after he has converged。
seriously,If Qin Feng didn’t constrain,,Even he himself doesn’t know how much he has。
of course,This also made Leader Chen’s impression of Qin Feng even better。
A capable person,Return the stairs,This is also a very good thing。
Say one hundred push-ups a minute,Things like this are hard,But it’s not that difficult,Because this is also very fast to pick out some people。
Those petrified people have recovered,They are all worshipped, watching Qin Feng,Such a great coaxing person,Is that the person they will follow in the future??
People are like this,As long as you have the ability,Most people will admire you,No matter where it is, it’s almost like this。

“extraordinary,Are you stupid?Still looking for a woman!Come back to Hong Kong Island with me!Do you want to be a farmer for a lifetime here?”Erye displeased。

Wu Feifan doesn’t say much,Bury your head in driving,In a while,The truck reached its destination。
This is an ordinary farmhouse,Black tile earth wall,The yard was filled with all kinds of shabby furniture,The smell of rice wafted from the kitchen。
Wu Feifan greeted Erye and the three of them got out of the car,Please come in。
There is a big wooden table in the room,There are a few freshly fried dishes on the table,Present,Two bottles of bulk liquor are also on the table。
Erye, they don’t plan to be polite,Start eating and drinking as soon as you sit at the table。
After all, the food in the detention center is really bad,Wine and meat,How can the three of them be restrained?。
A few glasses of spirits,The state of everyone is relaxed a lot。
At this moment,A chubby little boy carrying a plate of fried peanuts,Timidly put it toward the table,Just run,Made everyone laugh。
“Brother extraordinary,It’s only been a few months,Why are you so old??”Arvin deliberately
Wu Feifan opened his mouth and smiled,Greet brothers to continue drinking and eating。
After a while,The child’s mother is carrying a large plate of spicy chicken that has just been baked,Slightly shyly stood at the table。
Wu Feifan’s brothers all looked at the woman in unison,Look at her uncomfortable,Head down,Hurried into the kitchen again。
“Brother extraordinary,I finally know why you are willing to stay here。It turns out that the hero is sad for the beauty pass!”Aqiang laughed,The tone was full of envy。
That year’s double flower red stick extraordinary brother,Actually willing to nest in such a small country place,So I found Wenrou Township,No wonder he has been reluctant to return to Hong Kong Island。
“eat more!”Wu Feifan is dull and silent,Just to persuade brothers to eat more vegetables。
The second master is calm,Wait till you are almost full,Only then gently put down the tableware in my hand,Speak slowly:“extraordinary,Are you living comfortably now!”
Wu Feifan’s shoulders trembled slightly,Low channel:“Thanks to the second master,Can mix and eat。”

and so,Long Zhanye realized a little truth,One can’t be too aggressive,I always want to take everything on myself,Actually everyone has limited time and energy,It’s better to concentrate,Do one thing well。

but,This principle does not seem to apply to Lord Wu Hao,I didn’t see him not only his personal strength,The power in hand is getting bigger and bigger,And also study magic skills,It’s really rare in the past。
“Look at this situation,After this mission,Grassroots help these people,Mostly, I have to submit to Lord Wuhao。”Long Zhanye squinted,Some smiles appeared on the face。
All of these people in the Grassroots Gang have expertise,Although the force is lacking,But the effect is greater than mere force。
While everyone is cleaning the battlefield,Lu Menglin is alone,Once again came to the top of the big garbage dump at Houshanya。
This huge dump,After Lu Menglin came to this new plane,The place where I felt the mental shock for the first time。
Know the truth about a world,Or the essence,Should start from the most basic place。At least Lu Menglin thinks so。
Invade the smart panel of the pilot through the system,Lu Menglin’s understanding of this new world,It’s far more detailed than the torture from the pilot’s mouth。
Facing this unexpectedly powerful new world,he thinks,I may need more help。
Lu Menglin pondered for a moment,Take out a seed from the portable space,This is when the dragon army invaded the earth world,A seed extracted from the gene fragment of the dragon’s nest。
The shipboard system calls this seed“Lord of Destruction”,It told Lu Menglin,This is an extremely powerful war weapon,Has the power to destroy the entire world。
originally,Lu Menglin originally intended to breed the seed of the King of Destruction in the earth world,But Xiaozhi stopped him,And dispelled his idea。
One of the few in Xiaozhi about“Lord of Destruction”In the introduction,Tell Lu Menglin,The growth of this seed,At the cost of extracting the world’s original rules,The earth world is too fragile,Can not support the development of seeds。
The earth world itself belongs to the low-order energy plane,Coupled with the rapid development and war of mankind in the past century,Destruction of earth resources,If the seeds of the Lord of Destruction hatch on earth,I’m afraid it’s not enough to take the whole earth in。
Lu Menglin also thought about it,Do you want to incubate on Shenmin Continent?“Lord of Destruction”,But he always felt that it was not time,Because the energy level of Shenmin Continent is too high,And the god nation is too strong,The regime under the rule of the three gods is relatively stable,Once it appears“Lord of Destruction”Such an anomaly,I’m afraid it’s too late to grow,Will be swallowed by the army of the gods。
And the Hongliu Mansion and the City of Steel,If because“Lord of Destruction”And stand on the opposite side of the god nation,The only option is to be eliminated。

Huo Yunhe is full of mockery,But he speaks very mildly,His hands are cold,Slightly thin,Touch her face very.hate。

Yangliu recovered,Pat off the hand that made her uncomfortable,Turned his face away and ignored him。
“You used to like my touch the most,I feel disgusted now.He treats you,Are you gentler than me?Can i make you love too?Yiyi?”
The man’s tone is still as gentle as when we were together,Can tell her intuitively,All this is an illusion。
If he is furious,It means he is jealous,But he is so“Calm”,It means he is just unwilling。
The fake man is really disgusting,And she,Really disgusting,The vomiting reaction is coming again。
Don’t provoke him at this time,Chengyu’s fate is still in his hands,No matter how big the insult is,Men’s words are too disgusting and nutritious,Just ignore it,She’s here to solve the problem,others,Don’t want to mention。
Forcibly suppress the nausea,Look up,“Mr. Huo,Your family is big,There is no need to start a young man,Any dissatisfaction,Just rush to me!”
“You mean,It’s because of him?”
“Mingren don’t speak secret words,Let’s get started,Mr. Huo does all this,Isn’t the purpose me??Now i am coming,What is your purpose,Just say it,As long as i can do it,Never refuse,Just ask you to hold your hands high,Let go of Zhou Chengyu。”
Never refuse?Huo Yunhe chewed these words repeatedly,Heart chills,For that man,Is she going through fire and water??
Man withdrawing hand,Walk slowly to the French window,Look out the window,High and low buildings near and far,A warm light from the windows,But the lights are bright ,None of them are bright for him。
The feeling of gain and loss,Really chewing his heart!
right now,Changed to him silently,Willow waits upset,They were calm when they divorced,No contradiction,But now it’s against her friends,What a shame for the scholarly family!
This kind of man with amniotic fluid,There is no bottom line,Can’t have any illusions about him,No matter what he wants to do,As long as I can let Chengyu go,She will do it。
Even if he wants to make a statement by himself,It’s my fault,He dumped her,Apologize or something,She will agree。
Think of it as putting an end to your blind vision,Since then,High mountains and long rivers,Goodbye。
But Huo Yunhe’s request is not this!

Scan the letter in a hurry,really,This cousin of my family clearly explained in the letter,Said that all electrical appliances must be reduced by a voltage regulator before they can be used,Otherwise, electrical appliances will be burnt out due to overpressure,I also explained it in the letter,He wrote a Chinese manual for all electrical appliances,It can be used normally as long as you check the icons on the English manual。

Thinking of a big color TV almost ruined,Yuan Jia was also scared for a while,Seeing Chen Hongjun still in a daze,I was a little angry immediately:“Don’t rush to find the regulator?”
“what?Oh oh……”
Chen Hongjun just realized,I hurriedly found a few from a pile of paper boxes that looked exactly the same,Find a voltage regulator inside,Plug in the power strip at home,Adjust the output voltage,See that the output pointer points to110V,Then I carefully plugged in the TV plug,Boot up……
Busy、After tuning,The TV finally showed a clear picture,But everyone in the room was dumbfounded:Why the picture is black and white?
People inside and outside,All eyes fell on Chen Hongjun’s body。
Chen Hongjun grabbed his hair anxiously,Suddenly slap our brains,Sneered:“I remember,Said in the letter,If the picture is black and white,That is the system mismatch,Need to adjust the system toPALStandard。”
Yuan Jia gave him an angry look,Implication:What can you do?
“Hehe……I will adjust,This tune……”Comrade Chen Hongjun’s face。
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Although Huaxia adoptedPALSystem and the U.S.NTSCThe system does not want to be the same,But this does not affect the use of this color TV,The reason,Little devil can do business,Dongying electronics companies with a small market simply cannot rely on the small domestic market to develop adequately,Can only follow an outward-oriented development model,and soRBColor TVs produced by electronics companies80%All of the above are for export。
But here comes the problem,You can’t becauseACountry adoptsPALThe standard is specifically launchedPALStandard color TV production line,also becauseBChina’s color TV standard isNTSCOne more standardNTSCStandard production line,That’s a huge waste,The little devil who is good at budgeting is certainly not happy。
For export convenience and cost reduction,RBOf home appliance companies almost unanimously chose to make a color TV compatible at the same timePALwithNTSCTwo formats,This problem is naturally no longer a problem,Not only can it save the purchase cost of a production line,Also because of the increase in purchases to further reduce costs。

“Why don’t you talk for a while?So proactive,I can do it tonight!”A leopard hates iron but not steel,He has this opportunity,That’s so happy!It happened that someone like Chen Wenjin encountered this kind of thing,It’s just that Di’s kind of rich and face can’t chase his girlfriend.!

“I gave a fake paging sign。”Chen Wenjin said plainly,Di was stunned,Immediately unbelief:“Don’t blow!This girl is very seductive!You don’t want it?”
“You are not?”Abao is also dubious,Soon I felt that Chen Wenjin did this kind of,Can’t help but angrily:“You can also make an appointment to play,I have a chance too!Why give fake?I will tell her——”
“You go talk?”Chen Wenjin frowned,Dissatisfaction written on the face,Abao sees he cares,Can only sigh:“Naively unfair!”
“Why can’t you think so much??”Di also feels wasted,Chen Wenjin doesn’t feel sorry,Just say:“I don’t like being chased,I don’t like chasing others desperately。”
“You are sick——”Abao and Di speak in unison。
Chen Wenjin laughed and said nothing,He didn’t bother to say the real reason,The red-haired girl is of the same age,So unruly,He neither likes,Not willing to approach,Because of trouble,Besides, things may not be what they seem to be,The red-haired girl may not have no other purpose。
The three of you don’t talk about it,Chen Wenjin called Hui back,He said his father was not at home,Her mother took her brother out to buy things,Take this opportunity to call。
“In the afternoon, Joffin and Abao will make it clear,Good to get together,Don’t even be a friend。”Hui is quite concerned about this,At the end:“Abao, right??”
“He wants to drive too,Won’t do anything to Fen。Di is here,Haven’t decided where to go this afternoon,I’m sure to leave a message for you。”Chen Wenjin sees the end of the road,A teenager with yellow hair suddenly turned around and walked back,Doesn’t feel right,But in memory they have no enemies at this time。Although it may just be suspicious,But it’s better to transfer。
“Why?Don’t want to talk to me in a hurry to hang up?Don’t cherish it if you get it?Never before,I can’t wait to end the call these two days!”Hye thinks the relationship is closer now,Must not be separated for life,Should be more affectionate than before,Is especially sensitive。
That’s why Hui Jiao woke up in the early morning and was inexplicably worried when Chen Wenjin didn’t see him.,Then he didn’t answer the call,She was crying in the quilt,I think he got it,Don’t care about her anymore。Wait for an explanation from him,Just happy again,I think the previous worry is unnecessary,Chen Wenjin can’t be the kind of bastard who plays with her feelings and body。
“Met someone who was not right,Too far to see,A bit suspicious of the enemy,Plan to change place,So hurry。”Chen Wenjin said so,I changed to Hui immediately,Hurriedly asked:“You offended someone recently?”
“uncertain。”Chen Wenjin,Added:“I’ll call you later。”
“Leave me a message if you change places,Don’t worry me!”Huiguai hung up the phone,But a little uneasy。
Chen Wenjin hung up and called Di and Abao to eat rice noodles,Although they think lunch is a bit early,But also agreed。
Chen Wenjin left a message for Hui at the rice noodle shop,I also paid attention to my surroundings on the road,Didn’t see the suspicious figure,I just want to laugh at myself:‘Seems suspicious。’
Stop eating,No plan,I went shopping with Di to buy clothes。
Chen Wenjin doesn’t care what he does this afternoon,Just wait fast till night,But Abao is more anxious than him,Waiting for the draw at the lottery shop。

Huo Yunhe shouts from the bottom of my heart,Can face a little woman pretending to be calm,He can’t say anything!

“Where is grandpa and grandma,I won’t go and apologize。”Yangliu’s head was dizzy,Sore and weak,Isn’t it sick??
Huo’s grandparents are so kind,Treat her so good,I didn’t look down on her just because she was an illegitimate daughter;Huo Family Mom and Dad,Because I helped them easily,I am infinitely tolerant to myself。
She is not a fool,Not a little girl who doesn’t understand anything,Such a giant,Pay attention to the right,Although Lu’s blood is flowing in my body,,But can’t enjoy the resources of the Lu family,No benefits of marriage can be brought to the Huo family,They know,Still accepting with a smile。
Love is a matter for two people,Marriage involves two families,The Huo family doesn’t care if they can bring them benefits,But the two of them are living。
She’s sorry for the parents of Huo who have high hopes for her,Huo Yunhe,I didn’t feel sorry for him,Naturally don’t feel guilty,This road is smooth or smooth,Is it bumpy or full of thorns,It’s my own choice,Won’t blame anyone。
What did Yunhe just say?friend?Sorry,She is not that generous,If you can be friends,She will forgive him,Not getting divorced.
Willow takes a step back,This kind of sympathetic tone,She doesn’t want to hear from him。
Traffic on the road,Almost no pedestrians walking,They stood facing each other in the shade of the door,Men’s fitted light gray handmade custom suit,Black shirt,The button on the neckline is not fastened,The standard tie is gone,And she only found out now。
Men who pay attention to appearances are always glamorous,But now he looks haggard,Low eyes,The body is still stalwart,But the state without the neckline makes him add a touch。
This marriage,It’s not just herself that hurt。
The man who used to be intimate,Will drift away;Who love,Will disappear,Their fate,Exhausted!
Zhou Chengyu didn’t know when he came,Reach out and pat Yangliu’s shoulder,Did not look at Huo Yunhe,Took her away。
Open the door of his mini-car,Take her luggage up first,Help Yangliu sit up again,One last look at the man still looking here,There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth。
Do that shameful thing,Even dare to look at Yangliu with that reluctant look,He really doesn’t know what propriety, justice and shame are!
Yangliu kept looking out the window,The flowers on both sides of the street are blooming brilliantly,Life is still very good。
This love brings her sweetness,Let her feel the feeling of a woman being petted;And what this marriage brought her.It hurts。
She believes Huo Yunhe didn’t do anything to be sorry for her,But that was their wedding night,He and his sister lay on the same bed without clothes-on。
The fact that was recorded in the photo was posted to her phone,Deleted by her,But the picture is frozen in my mind,Lingering。

Mission world,Chentangguan,People coming and going at the market,Although they can hardly eat a full meal today,but,Mr. Li Zongbing is in Chentangguan,Demons dare not wreak havoc,They can also live a peaceful life。

at this time,A dark space passage suddenly appeared on the market,This strange thing that has never appeared before makes the people nearby retreat one after another,Looked at the dark thing in horror。
After a breath,A child in white came out of the black thing,Although the kid’s clothes have changed a lot,But the people nearby still recognized the kid’s true identity at a glance。
“The monster is coming,Run everyone。”
“monster,Don’t eat me。”
Next second,Suddenly there was a mess of noise in the market where people came and went,Then the people ran to their homes,The monster appeared again,If you don’t run, you will be eaten by monsters。
“What’s happening here?Is there a problem with my dress?Or they confessed to the wrong person?”
Nezha was surprised to see that the crowded market in front of him became empty in one breath,All the people are frightened and run out of their homes,The whole market was instantly empty。
Nezha, look left, look right,No monsters appeared,After confirming that these people were frightened by their appearance,Whispered helplessly。
He also didn’t know what was going on in this scene?Is it because these people have not seen the space channel?So scared?Or he came to the wrong place?These people admit the wrong person?But shouldn’t,His handsome appearance,Where is it like a monster。
“This seems to be Chentangguan,It’s not clear what is happening in this parallel world,Let’s go home and have a look,As for the people,Don’t care。”
“I don’t know how many young people in Dashang want to worship me as a teacher。”
Nezha shook his head,Decided to ignore these abnormal people,Let’s go home and have a look,Although it is a parallel world,But Nezha is still worried about the dangers of parents in this parallel world。
Besides, you can ask your own parents in this world,Is there anything unusual,Can be resolved neatly,He won’t delay。
“Zhaer,Why did you run out again?Go home with mother。”