Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Eight VIP gathering place
And Qin Feng had to look at his daughter-in-law again,Sometimes Jiang Yan’s courage,It’s something ordinary men don’t have。
Because I said hello before,Therefore, the team of the Dream Group led by Jiang Yan,After arriving at the airport,Was taken to the Caesars by the staff,Dedicated plane stop。
Don’t know,Shocked,Qin Feng saw it as soon as he got off the car,At another pick-up port,Someone is already waiting there。
And the pomp is not worse than that of the Dream Group,Watching dozens of sports cars stop there in sequence,Know without thinking,I’m definitely here to welcome the VIPs。
What Qin Feng puzzled is,Is it the gathering place for VIPs in Honghai City today??
“It seems that the Caesar family is not just thinking about cooperating with our family。”Jiang Yan gave a wry smile,Shook his head and said。
“They also came to pick up the Caesar family?”See Jiang Yan’s reaction,Qin Feng seemed to realize it too,It turns out that they are also here to welcome the Caesar family,No wonder waiting here,And the noodles are big enough。
“President,Yesjlgroup。”Tang Rou saw Jiang Zhiyuan not far away,And I’m looking over to myself。
“jlgroup?”Jiang Yan asked quietly。
“I saw Jiang Zhiyuan。”Tang Rou said to Jiang Yan。
“It seems,If it’s not the wind of Caesars Group,It’s the Meng group and the insider。”Jiang Yan said lightly,Still worried,This meeting is all the top of the group。

Xiang Chen seems to be narrating a very common thing with a friend who has known each other for a long time,But Xiang Yang and Ling Yun don’t have the same psychological qualities as Xiang Chen,One decided to have another breakfast,The other is to drink water non-stop。

Five people huddled together,Lingyun’s small room looks a bit crowded,With the lack of air circulation,The atmosphere in the room also fell into a kind of subtle atmosphere。
Korean Xiang looked suspiciously at Xiang Chen,I want to find some clues in the micro expression of the man in front of me。
“Can recite your ID number,But no ID card,Stay overnight in your friend’s house,Do you have real estate in Wanghai?”
Korean Xiang seems to be casual inquiries,And after Yan Jun walked through the basic workflow,Walk around in Lingyun’s room,Two people seem to slow down the pace intentionally。
“Officer Han wants to sit down??”
Xiang Chen smiled,Look up and down in Korean Xiang,The eyes are also unscrupulous,Just a pity,Looked for a long time,Xiang Chen didn’t find a part that can excite a normal man。
“You better be honest。”
Han Yuxiang’s tone instantly became severe,Except Xiang Chen,The other three were shocked。
“Xiao Han,Pay attention to law enforcement attitude。”
Yan Jun reminded,But did not get a response from Han Yuxiang。
Han Yuxiang stared at Xiang Chen,She believes in her instincts,The guy in front of you named Xiang Chen definitely has a problem,It’s just that I haven’t found evidence yet。Ever since I was a child, I have imagined many times that I can bring bad guys to justice,Han Yuxiang doesn’t want to be just a beauty vase to promote police training,She wants to prove to everyone who treats herself as a pet,She is a capable policeman!
“If you are a good person,I will never wrong you,But if you are bad,I will never let you go!Inexplicable power outage in Internet cafes,Then Huang Zetao was beaten up like a man,You told me that besides this, in addition to the arranged script,Where does it happen?”
The atmosphere gradually became serious,Han Yuxiang’s momentum also steadily overwhelmed Xiang Chen。
“If Officer Han insists on thinking that I am the murderer,I can’t do anything,Because i can’t change your mind!You can doubt me,But I still have to ask,Do you have evidence?”
Xiang Chen speaks peacefully,But extremely conceited。
“If you can’t show evidence to arrest me,Then we are going to report from Wanghai University,I won’t entertain you anymore!”
“Correct!We are going to Wanghai University to report!I won’t entertain you anymore!”
Thinking of Yi Xiangchen’s ability,It is absolutely impossible to capture Xiang Chen’s shadow with the old camera equipment of Internet cafes,So Xiang Yang’s tone became stronger。

Tu Shanming was so angry that his eyes were about to stick out,Roar:“fart!I can still fight!”

White-haired people don’t say much,The particle light knife in the hand swung quickly,Pull out a long energy beam,Slammed Tu Shanming’s chest fiercely。
“Aren’t you invincible?Amazing!It’s awe-inspiring during the live broadcast!Not like a mangy now!”The white-haired man grinned。
Tu Shanming shook his body,Trying to stand up again to meet the enemy,But he hasn’t stood still,Another energy beam is drawn on the body,Knocked him to his knees。
“Stop struggling,Your master Wu Hao doesn’t look very good!Is he a tortoise?It’s already here,Not showing up yet?I want to see how long he will shrink!”
The white-haired man said,The particle light knife in his hand is drawn by another energy beam。
Knife like a whip,Whip after whip on Tu Shanming’s body,Beat him to the ground,Bloody。
At this moment,Hu Lin can’t stand it anymore,Rush forward,Shouted:“What do you want?Keep bullying an injured person,Is this interesting?”
See Hu Lin shouting,The black man is motionless,Like a clay sculpture and wood carving,He is regenerating,Waiting for Wu Hao to show up。
And the white-haired man raised his brows,Cold road:“Hu Lin?Why haven’t you left?”
When Hu Lin heard this,,I immediately reacted,Mother must know something,I let myself leave in a hurry。
It seems that grandpa is sick,Not necessarily true,But today’s disaster in Sandstorm City,Seems to be doomed!
She doesn’t know why Wu Hao hasn’t appeared yet,Maybe still in retreat,Maybe that guy is not in Sandstorm City at all。
That guy’s whereabouts are erratic,Shenlong sees the head but not the end,No one is sure he must be in the city。
“What are you doing?Tell you the truth!Wu Hao is not in the city!You want to find him to compete,Come back another day!”Hu Lin desperately,Had to talk nonsense。

Since entering the room,Qiao Tianyu stared at him,Chubby face feels cool breeze behind his neck,The hairs are standing up。

“Keying,Can you do me a favor?”Qiao Tianyu changed his smiling begging expression。
“Help, just help,What are you staring at me?!Scared to death!”Chubby face patted his undulating chest with his hands,“Speak,what’s up?”
“Can you go back to China,Help me investigate something?”Qiao Tianyu asked very seriously。
“Back to.Back to China?”Chubby face was shocked after hearing this,Head shaking like a rattle。
“Big brother,Do you know how much it costs to make a trip to China?The money I earned from working as a cleaner for half a year is not enough for this disaster,I wanted to go home last year for the Chinese New Year,too expensive!!”
“Don’t worry about money,I will solve!”Qiao Tianyu said seriously。
“Oh oh,That’s almost the same。Speak,what’s up?”
There was a smile on the chubby face,She wanted to take this opportunity to go home to visit her parents,More than a year since I came out,I really miss home。
Qiao Tianyu picked up a pencil,Quickly wrote an address and two names on the paper。
“Qiaojiabao Village, Dongguan Town, Qi County, Shanxi Province Qiao Renfu”
Then he whispered to Xiao Pang’s face for a long time。
“one week!”Qiao Tianyu finally added。
“Only give you one week,No matter how much information is found after a week,You have to come back and find me,Then go directly to Goldman Sachs to find George and you can find me!Remember??”
“it is good!I remember!”
Little fat face has never seen Qiao Tianyu so serious,I immediately nodded and agreed。
At dinner,Qiao Tianyu asked George to borrow5000USD,As a chubby face back to China’s travel expenses,George agreed without thinking。
I have been thinking about the diary,Qiao Tianyu didn’t want to eat well either,Anyway, after eating two bites, I went back to the room。
“Keying,What’s wrong with your master?Why are you so worried?”Watching Qiao Tianyu leave,George asked in a low voice。
“I do not know either,80% of them are in trouble!”Little fat face thinks that Qiao Tianyu is even more mysterious。

To know that time,How deeply did he hurt Lin Yuner?,and so,God will punish him for hundreds of millions of years of suffering。

in fact,When I came to this place,Xiao Fan really struggled for a long time,Because once Lin Yoona’s memory is restored,She is absolutely likely to ignore him。
but,Xiao Fan really wants a child again,but,The only condition he wants to have a child with Lin Yoona is that Lin Yoona and him must be connected.。
Although they are connected in this life,but,Last life,Last life,But it doesn’t seem like this。
But after Xiao Fan hurt Lin Yun’er in that lifetime,,Xiao Fan was cursed,It is necessary for Lin Yoona to untie all the knots,So he can have a child of their own with Lin Yoona。
and so,After a long time of struggle,Xiao Fan still made a difficult decision,That is to try it yourself anyway,Even after Lin Yoona recovered all her memories,,Choose not to forgive yourself,Then I never regret it。
so,Xiao Fan is here。
only,This result was completely beyond Xiao Fan’s expectation。
Because just now he listens to what Lin Yuner calls him,He didn’t hear any dissatisfaction with him from these words。
Then,Should Xiao Fan at this moment be fortunate?!
“Hush!Xiao Fan,Don’t say anything,I know,I also understand!”Lin Yoona said softly。

It is only those swindlers who are popular at the end,Because the law emphasizes fairness and justice,If you can’t present everything in a fair and just manner。

Then everything is meaningless,It must be investigated to be fair to everyone,So Yiming and Chu Yao immediately decided to carry out the matter directly。
Because they don’t want to waste too much time,What to study for a few days,I just want to solve everything smoothly today,So they only need evidence。
It just happened that they were able to find many loopholes while visiting the company just now,Can also find many problems,In fact, these problems can be seen by them at a glance,I don’t need any other assistance。
After the two of them saw through, they silently wrote down in their hearts,And then I want to kill them all,And in the process of collecting evidence, they did not find。
So no one is suspicious,In this case, you can really catch it all in one go,Just on the other side, I’m still talking about something to them,How good。
At the same time, Yiming has taken out his phone and prepared to call the police,Because this kind of thing can be resolved smoothly,But if you let the police interfere,They may be punished more。
So we still need to take a formal approach,After all, they are not saints,If these two people solve everyone,The follow-up time may be more troublesome。
So this time let them learn a lesson,As long as Chu Yao breathed out,Yiming felt that this matter could be solved,They may be punished accordingly before the police arrive。
Let them be punished,Then the boss and the so-called team across,Those people didn’t realize that Yiming had called the police,And transmit all the evidence to the police。
So when they have finished speaking,Yiming and Chu Yao can also see,The time has come,So I just tore my face with them,And put the contract on their faces。
Then Chu Yao pointed to the boss’s nose and cursed:“I believe your nonsense,You really think we are three year olds,Do you think we are college students with no social experience,Listen to you lie here。
You still want to send someone to sneak into our boss’ company,It’s also rare that a vicious person like you is willing to spend money to send someone to collect information,It seems that you are really thinking about the dream of getting rich overnight。
But now your dreams are all shattered,Because you did too many bad things,I’ll get retribution one day。”
The boss was obviously taken aback,They didn’t expect someone from Xiao Fan’s company would come up,But after only a few seconds, they reacted,Then they think they are crowded。

Have a taste,I gave a real hammer in the expectation of my brothers,“Nothing。”

“cut——”The gossip eyes of the brothers disappeared instantly,If 2nd Brother doesn’t want to say it,,No one can ask,Still drink bar。
Wang Ruikai came with a mission,Xiuying is his sister-in-law,The best girlfriend is Lu Xin,My wife hurts my sister so much,For my sister’s prospective sister,Naturally also treat each other differently。
For the sake of sister-in-law,His brother-in-law doesn’t want to gossip,I have to ask to understand。
“I heard that the lady of the Lu family,Looks pretty,Good temper,how,You missed?”
Pretty?That palette face,Can’t even see the true colors,Who knows whether it is beautiful or ugly?
Good temper?Huo Yunhe snorted,If that temperament is still good,There is absolutely no such word as savage in the world!
Leaning lazily on the back of the chair,Gave Big Brother a blank expression,Raised the cup and touched him,“Have something to say。”
Wang Ruikai was confused by his glance,He is a big man,What I don’t like most is asking about this kind of thing like a woman with long tongue,Although they are brothers,Talk about anything,But it’s privacy,It’s better to shut up。
Helpless wife gave the order,If you can’t complete the task,You have to sleep in the guest room,This is a terrible punishment。
“Lu Xin likes you not a day or two,Fart with you all day-Back run,What do you think?If you are not interested in her sister,is not it.what?”
Don’t say it too clearly,Know each other well,Wang Ruikai is the first matchmaker,A little uncomfortable,He knows the second child’s temperament,Don’t like it just don’t like it,Who will introduce him?,Don’t give face。
really,Huo Yunhe’s mouth shows a mocking smile,Ridiculous words followed,“Sister-in-law is blowing pillow breeze again, right??Look at your promise!”
By Brother Chi-bare-Mocking naked,Personally can’t stand it,Not to mention the boss!
Wang Ruikai was so angry that his fists were clenched,Just can’t wave it out,Smiling awkwardly,Very helpless,“Second child,You should be considerate and considerate,Your sister-in-law loves her sister the most,If you don’t give me a word today,She just stayed at my house and won’t leave。”
Watching Fu Di as a small brother,Huo Yunhe can’t figure it out,A vigorous and vigorous one,Sleek man,Younger age is already a leader in the overall situation,How come falling in love is like changing a person。

“Jiang Yan held a shareholders meeting,I think you should participate。”Liu Guangkun listened to the phone, there was still a voice,Guo Zhanpeng did not hang up,So continue,Of course he didn’t talk about Qin Feng’s shares.。

“This has nothing to do with me,I have already transferred the shares,Don’t call me,that’s it!”After speaking, Guo Zhanpeng directly hung up the phone。
“Dududu……”What else does Liu Guangkun say?,But the phone has hung up,And it’s so simple,It means that Liu Guangkun has no need to continue to fight past。
Liu Guangkun slowly put down the phone,Sit in a chair immediately,This is completely dumbfounded,I thought it was a certainty to be chairman。
And this one call,Definitely not a bolt from the blue,Defeated myself forever。
Liu Guangkun is stupid,Completely stupid,The shares held by Jiang Yan and Qin Feng,Accounted for 55 percent,Even if all other shareholders support themselves,Then I am of no avail。
What’s more, these wall grass,All of them fall with the wind,According to this situation, I am afraid that no one will be on his side anymore。
Over,Nothing,Everything shattered in an instant,Don’t talk about the chairman,Even self-preservation is impossible,To be chairman,I have torn my face with Jiang Yan,I believe Jiang Yan next,Will definitely get rid of myself。
Presumably in this form,I don’t need to continue this shareholder meeting.,Thought of this,Liu Guangkun felt that everything was caused by this call,then,He got up,Slam the phone severely
on the ground。
“boom!”The sound of,The phone was torn apart,Then Liu Guangkun walked out of the meeting room bitterly。
And Liu Guangkun’s move was also expected,When he and Guo Zhanpeng joined forces before,Jiang Yan also wants to drop the phone,So Jiang Yan doesn’t mind。
Although Liu Guangkun is gone,But the meeting is still going on。
“I think everyone knows,What i’m going to say before,Another identity of Qin Feng,Mr. Qin Feng joined the board of directors,Became the second largest shareholder of Jiang’s Group,No one has any doubts?”Jiang Yan applauded after finishing talking。

Security stopped these people,If something goes wrong in this place, it’s not a good situation。

Most people already feel the wind and rain。
“Not me,This guy’s physical fitness is much better than you。”Qin Feng was also a little puzzled,These people just want disgusting people,Isn’t that done??
“Holding grass,Mary next door,This thing is endless,I’m here as a grandson all day,The result is good now,Come up with something like this。”
Said angrily,He also knows that if there is nothing wrong with that person,This matter is a little bit problematic。
Gave the sky a weird look at Qin Feng,No wonder Qin Feng asked to leave here just now。
“what,Don’t slander people。”
“This is how my husband was killed by you,You guys still talking like this,Really shameful。”
“Fucking,You made it clear to us。”
A group of people questioned angrily,As if being slandered by someone。
Qin Feng was too lazy to speak,He went straight inside,Then looked at the security guard and said:“Comrade Security,I suspect these guys are habitual fraud。I am a doctor,I can see that this person has something,Still nothing。”
When I was at the door just now,I found out that this person is fine。And this person’s physical fitness is better than everyone else here,In this situation,I really don’t believe he was poisoned。
“This little comrade,Can you say that,Is there any evidence for your judgment like this?”Security is pleasant,Because he also recognized Qin Feng’s situation。
Heard this,Qin Feng also pondered for a while and said:“I have no evidence for this,If you ask him to change hospital,Then there is evidence,Other hospitals can test,But for this hospital’s test,I do not believe。”
Qin Feng’s words are very idealistic。
Who wants to give Qin Feng a chance to frustrate this matter??This is not,Those family members and the so-called brothers are making trouble。
According to them,Qin Feng bought most of the hospitals。
of course,If they don’t respond,This thing is not like this,But now such a big reaction,Some things can be seen right away。
at this moment,Qin Feng also smiled coldly:“I admire your abilities,I really admire you。”
The black and white reverse is really amazing,You forgot,This place is not just a hospital,Not just a doctor。

Wang Shaoxiao shrugged,Said with a smile:“Ms,You are too limited to think like this。Lu Menglin was my child,We grew up together,I know him too much,He is very thief,Never fight an unsure battle!He never lost a bet。”

“Moreover,People even bet their lives,You just paid some money,Still worried about the fart!”
After speaking,Wang Shaoxiao patted big ass and left,Twist your ass,Not take away a piece of dust。
Three days later,Lu Menglin, chairman of Menglin Group, in the name of martial arts master,Officially challenged the Ming family,Want to bet against each other,Resolve all previous grievances。
As soon as the news came out,Suddenly caused an uproar in the capital circle。
How many years it has been,The Ming family accepted the challenge last time,Still ten years ago,That old war monster has been in the capital for more than 20 years,I don’t know how much wind and rain can be kept for Ming’s family,Now someone has stepped up to challenge him,Challenge Ming?
And this time the challenger,Not an unknown person,Menglin Group is a leader in the domestic game industry
,Lu Menglin became famous as a teenager,He is a well-deserved game tycoon,Young people like him,To challenge Ming’s initiative,In the eyes of many unknown people,Isn’t this just looking for death??
The news channels of these rich family members are very well-versed,Of course some people know that Lu Menglin had an adventure,Practiced kung fu,Once showed great power on Hong Kong Island,There are also videos online as evidence。
but,Even if Lu Menglin knows martial arts,But still no one believes,He will be the opponent of Old Monster Zhan,To know,The old monster Zhan has been known as the Zhen Jingshi 20 years ago,Defeated the world master,He is a master of martial arts,And there are also the massive resources of Ming shi,This old monster will only be stronger than before。
How to see,It’s like that Lu Menglin delivers food to the door,Recklessly。
And it is said that the bet on this duel is even crazy,It’s as much as six billion dollars,So shocking,It’s hard not to be noticeable。
The weird thing is,After the Ming clan received the war book,Did not respond in time,But fell into an indescribable silence。
Ming’s hesitation,Outsiders can’t know。Ming Liu, the master of the Ming family, is as deep as the sea,His thoughts,It is not predictable by ordinary people at all。
At this delicate moment,An incredible news came back from overseas。
When the Ming’s ocean freight ships were passing through the Somali Strait,Was attacked by pirates,All the guards on the ship died in battle,Ships and cargo on board were intercepted。