A dozen?

Xia Chenglong is speechless,This thing is eaten like this?
“Just give me one pill,Don’t waste other collections!”
Business chart,Isn’t this eaten in a handful?,Not much money。
If Xia Chenglong heard this,,I’m afraid that I suddenly feel like I’m practicing so hard,Not sweet anymore。
“Quotient Chart,Are we two good friends??”
“what……Long brother,Why do you ask this?”Fat guy scratched his hair,A little embarrassed。
Seeing Xia Chenglong not talking,Talking to himself:“Not just friends,You are my respected Brother Long,Adorable master!”
“it is good,Then I want you to promise me one thing!”
“what’s up?”
“I have two moods and don’t want the third to know,May I?”
This is his trick for the final battle,It will not be used if it is not a last resort,So anyone who can know should be dead。
Chapter VIII Eight Spear Spider King

The online pre-sale started a week ago。

After nearly three months of publicity,The sales volume of blue ocean mobile phones has exceeded 100,000 units!
Wait until the mobile phone is in the hands of consumers tomorrow,There will be reviews。
Not surprisingly,That must be a strong overseas competitor of fruit phone!
Ocean Electronics, which produces blue ocean phones,Is also an industry under my name。
After lunch。
I suddenly received a call,Gaoshan is sick。
Gaoshan originally stayed in his hometown in the countryside,The children like the environment。
Always good,I haven’t even had a cold。
But sick,Terminal illness。
too suddenly!
Always check before,Didn’t find this problem at all。
I stopped the live broadcast,Soon I went to the airport to pick up the group from Beijing Union Medical College Hospital。
After inspection,The diagnosis is leukemia。

This box,Naturally, his suitcase,that,In other words,Hope to save Yang Yinyin!

“Where is the box?”Qin Feng asked,There is a bit of cold blood in the words,As long as the other party doesn’t say anything,It is possible,The taste of beating the opposite person。
“what,you are,Qin Feng?”Lin Youwei asked,Because I only care about the box,Except for this disgusting man,I guess there is no one else?
“Yes Yes Yes,I am Qin Feng,Hurry up,The box you said,Do you have any news?Say it。”Qin Feng’s scorching look,But nothing is rude。
Because this problem is my own,If you still offend others,Then it’s a bit thankless,Not to mention this tigress,If this knot is offended,Isn’t that wearing shoes for myself??
The gain would not be worth the loss, so although Qin Feng is anxious,but,Not offended。
“Box,This one is in the taxi driver’s car,But not anymore,It seems to be at the driver’s house?”
“I’m not so sure either,I just caught people back,what happened?Is this box so important,Not just some accessories?”Lin Youwei is also very curious,This is not the first time Qin Feng has paid attention to the box。
This is the first time,Someone just cares about things,Don’t care about those people。
“Where is the driver’s home?”
“in,What are you doing?You are a common people!Do you want to steal from his house?”
Lin Youwei asked professionally,Although I know from Yang Yinyin,Qin Feng is not like an ordinary person,But you told me to steal something in front of a law enforcement officer,Does this take me too far?
If you really want to go,You still want to discuss with me,Ask me if i go?Although your things at that time,But in someone else’s house,You go get it,That’s stealing!
“Why is it so annoying!”Qin Feng has the urge to beat others,But it was forcibly suppressed the dissatisfaction in my heart。

Regardless of whether Robinson can hear,Ivincent has seen the spy team that he organized temporarily。

Smiled helplessly,Then wear a smile mask like them。
Few people dislike money,Especially after seeing the true face of this colorful world,It makes many people unable to extricate themselves。The temporarily formed team is not its own follower,It doesn’t matter much,As long as they like money,Everything is not a problem。
So when Evincent asked why they only dared to rob a convenience store,All members of this temporary team expressed that they can play more exciting。
“Look!Our great planner is here!”
Also wearing a mask,Evincent appeared,The other three people cheered。
“hurry up!We still have five minutes,At the bank door,But no one thinks we are performance art!”
Evincent has already walked into the bank while speaking,During the period, some people took out their phones and wanted to do something,But when Evincent raised his pistol at the man,The person with little sense of justice,I immediately lost my phone,Raise your hands high above your head,Express one’s attitude。
&nbsNodded with satisfaction,Evincent did not choose to shoot him now,I shot after I walked into the bank。This way it won’t startle,I will not waste my bullets。
After a series of gunfire,Everyone in the huge bank knows what they are going through,Someone flees,Someone squatted down with his head in his hands。
Evincent,Or the team he set up temporarily,Everyone nodded in satisfaction,The rhythm and the picture should be like this。
“Collect the money!We don’t have time to enjoy the joy of killing today!”
Evincent shouted,Leaving only one person to control the scene,Everyone rushed into the vault and worked hard against stacks of cash。
Several people under smiling masks yelled excitedly,According to the planners,As long as this vote is made,Everyone can get a lot of money,Enough to spend the rest of my life。
Thinking that I will be rich soon,There are many plans too late to be extravagant,The sudden sound of gunfire shocked everyone。
“Haha!This security guard is quite brave!He should be out of bullets, right?”
The tense atmosphere makes the robber wearing a smiling mask beside Evincent a little excited。
I asked Evincent if the security guard should be out of bullets,Thinking back to the gunshots I just heard,Evincent would like to answer“maybe!”But the robbers next to him saw him nodding subconsciously,Just rushed out。
But unfortunately,Evincent recalls wrong,There is still a bullet in the security guard’s gun。
That’s why he rushed out to end the security guard,I was terminated after just one shot。

At this moment,Taoist Li Shixing finally couldn’t help it,Get up slowly,Open road:“Lu Menglin,Young people don’t be arrogant,We must take home country first。”

“it is good!Then I will put my home country first!Liu Niu’er is not an informant,He is my subordinate!I have completely controlled the forces of the Golden Triangle,Even the secret medicine group can’t intervene。This is the truth,You figure it out?”Lu Menglin shrugged,Sneered。
“what?”Many people present don’t know the inside story,Can’t help but utter a shock。
Especially the masters of the Iron Lion troops,All eyes rounded,Staring at Lu Menglin in disbelief。
Instructor Lu came to the Iron Lion army only two months,During this time he never left,Then that means,The forces of the Golden Triangle were in his hands before he joined Iron Lion。
That’s why he let go of Liu Niu’er,Because those people are his subordinates。
“Report chief,At that time Liu Niu’er and the others surrendered as soon as they saw Instructor Lu,No resistance at all!”Zhang Qingtan almost gritted his teeth and shouted。
He is usually calm and wise,Be able to say this at this critical moment,It shows that he sincerely hopes that Lu Menglin can stay in Iron Lion。
“Yes!After instructor Lu came to the Iron Lion,,All of us have improved。We firmly support instructor Lu!”Gong Hu also yelled with his neck。
He doesn’t care about the chief or not the chief!He is a big soldier,Only recognize one death,Who can take them to war,Win the battle,Make this force stronger,Who should be the boss!
Zhu Jian also gritted his teeth,Blushing:“No instructor Lu leads us,The strength of the troops will drop a lot。we hope”
“enough!Stop talking!Lu Menglin stayed,Other people out!”Chief Li finally couldn’t help it,Yelled。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty One Bullying

But even though Qiao Tianyu was shocked,But he still tried to keep himself calm,I don’t want to be led by my nose,So he deliberately set up a problem for her。

“Your idea is good。but**Funds and University Sponsorship Funds,Although they are rich and stupid,But the willingness to take risks is poor,Our hedge funds are again pursuing high-risk and high-return businesses,I am afraid it is not easy to move them!”
“Hehe,master,Why did you slap yourself in the face?”
Chubby chuckles.
First0066chapter In trouble
“Why is it slapped??”
Qiao Tianyu subconsciously reached out and touched his cheek,No!
“Hehe,master,I remember you said,When you persuaded David to set up a hedge fund,Does it mean that hedge funds can be risk-free arbitrage and leverage,To earn high returns??”Chubby smiled。
“At that time you also cited the American Long-term Capital Management CorporationLTCMexample of。”
I heard the little fat face say so,Qiao Tianyu raised his head and laughed,I really slapped myself!
Yes,Qiao Tianyu did say this。

Female customer said,It’s like telling a common thing。

“dislike,Then you can skip this dish。”
No matter how Wu Xiaorou can control herself,Hear this sentence,Can’t help it anymore,The tone of speech is no longer calm,Even the title has changed from you to you。
By Zhao Nan’s statement,And the current performance of female customers,She has been able to determine,This girl is here to find the fault。
But I have never seen her,Why did she find her fault??
“What I like to order is my freedom,You can’t control it。”
The female customer gave Wu Xiaorou a contemptuous look,Continue:“Like I don’t like your shop,I don’t like the dishes you cook.,I just don’t like you,But I just want to disgust you。”
This remark,Zhao Nan, who had been standing not far away, suddenly became angry。
She came over angrily,Stand in front of the girl,Said angrily:“Invite you out,Immediately,immediately,You are not welcome here!”
“Yo,Your shop is too bad, right,And drove the guests outside?”
Girl sitting in place,Looked up,Said frivolously,Disdain in the tone。
“I don’t know where I offended you?”
Wu Xiaorou reached out and pulled Zhao Nan behind,Such a thing,She also experienced a lot in her previous life,After Zhao Nan’s interruption,She also recovered calm。
“Why should i tell you?
Anyway, I just see you upset!”
Girl smiled,Keep watching Wu Xiaorou,Snorted and continued:“I will continue to come tomorrow,You have to be prepared!”
Finished,The girl stood up with a provocative expression on her face,Took ten dollars from his pocket,Thrown on the table,Turn around and walk towards the gate。

Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Six Furious

This is why the brothers at the base have been working step by step according to Xiao Fan’s instructions for so many years.,Nothing went wrong,There is no sign of laziness。
Because from the very beginning, Xiao Fan instilled in them this kind of thought of being responsible。Xiao Fan took a serious look at the company’s accounts,I found that several pens are very flawed。
Xiao Fan didn’t bring any help here this time,So everything is done by himself,Fortunately, Xiao Fan has high attainments in both learning and martial arts,Naturally these things can’t trouble him。
So he worked overtime a little bit to get the accounts right,Fortunately, Xiao Fan himself is very efficient,So these things are done much faster。
Xiao Fan held a meeting of all employees the next day,He threw the accounts directly on the table,Directly to the finance manager:“Stand up and explain to me how these deficiencies in the accounts came up,
What do i raise you for,You took my salary and didn’t give me a good job,What do you want?”Although Xiao Fan didn’t feel angry when he spoke,But his non-irritating tone made everyone present very scared。
A few people’s legs are already shaking,Some weak stations can’t stand up,Xiao Fan has that cold temperament,And that kind of strong aura,Will give people a great sense of oppression。
Say these words coldly now,The finance manager just stood up,Said shiveringly:“Sorry boss,No no no you listen to me explain,I i i i i can explain。”
But Xiao Fan didn’t give him a chance to explain,Just tell him:“Just get the salary and leave,I don’t need your waste to be a manager,There was such a big mistake,
Can you say that this matter has nothing to do with you??And I have evidence,I know everything you do,The last face I give you is that you get paid and leave,
This is my last kindness,Do you have any comments?”How can the finance manager have any comments?,Those things he did,If piles of piles are placed in front of everyone,His face was lost,How dare you have any opinions?。
So I hurriedly continued to explain to Xiao Fan, trembling:“Boss, i know it’s wrong,I will leave immediately tomorrow。”Then Xiao Fan looked at the managers of all departments present,Every one is as earthy。
It’s like they are the next to go to the execution ground,But only one is the manager of the project department,This person sits very upright,And I didn’t change my color and my heart beat。
Xiao Fan actually knew the manager of this project department,He was also a manager that Xiao Fan valued very much,So he was placed in the branch,And the various projects are also impressive。

Xiao Fan said:“Going home。”

Lin Yuna said:“Is not,I’ll go to Sister Bai’s office and talk to her for a while,I’ll go home later。”
Xiao Fan heard that the leader was going home for a while,Then I told him:“When you finish talking with Baiqi, call me。”
“I’ll go back later,I almost finished my work today,Nothing more to deal with,I will send you back。”
Lin Yuna said:“Row,I know,Then you should be busy,I am leaving,Nothing。”
Lin Yoona picked up the bag and went out,Came to the white office。
Xiao Fan is boring once again sitting in the office alone,It turns out,Nothing to do is so boring。
Once there is no file to view,Once there is no contract to sign,He just sat on the chair aimlessly。Idle,Don’t know what to do。
But,He is still happy,After all, Lin Yuna came to the company,Usually he can go to Lin Yoona more。
You can also let Lin Yoona come to his office more,So,She can add a lot of fun。
Now Xiao Bai feels happy thinking about it。I won’t be so boring in the future,Even if you let Lin Yuna come to his office,,He chatted with Lin Yoona,That would be a lot more interesting。
Or that Lin Yuna works here,He would be happier watching Lin Yuna work,It’s better than sitting in a chair alone in a daze。
Xiao Fan now feels happy if he thinks about it。It’s so exciting to be able to meet Lin Yoona every day at work。
At this time, Neng Lin Yoona came to Bai Qi’s office。As soon as Bai Qi heard the knock on the door, he estimated that it was Lin Yun’er.。He let Lin Yuner in。
Lin Yuner saw a big table in Baiqi’s office,Then I walked to the table,To White:“Sister Bai,This is my desk。”
Bai Qi said to her deliberately:“Yes,That’s your desk。”
Lin Yuna said:“Great,Sister Bai, I can stay in your office and learn design with you,Do you feel very happy??”
Baiqi said:“My Miss Lin,Your office is so big,You can’t do it again。Set up an office??”
“You order to go down,Mr. Xiao must not fail,You take a look at my office, which is so big in total and half of it is occupied by you,I’m so sad。”

Most of Su Xiaoli’s usual live broadcast content is some indoor dancing,It will be broadcast live in a few hours,So female fans can hardly see,Now a female fan suddenly appeared,And still a rich woman,Really shocked everyone’s jaw。

Why can I be sure that the other party is a rich woman,That’s the sports car she said,Belongs to the most expensive series among the gifts in the entire live broadcast room,value2000Block soft sister coin。
Just want a prestige to brush the sports car,What is not a rich woman?
And Su Xiaoli did not expect,There will be female fans in my live broadcast room,As for the sports car,She didn’t care about it。
Although she is not the kind of popular anchor,But the reputation on the entire platform is not small,Every month, zero and zero will come down to tens of thousands。
of course,She would be very happy to be able to send a sports car,But let her go and get prestige,This is a bit embarrassing。
to be frank,To be able to add prestige to this handsome guy,2000Soft sister coin,She is willing to give。
You know when Su Xiaoli was recruited to enter the Super Seminary,One of the reasons for her to join is to give her a stalwart real man……
When Su Xiaoli was thinking about what to do,Wu Xing also noticed her situation。
It won’t work if you are not paying attention,After all, the other party looks here from time to time,It’s not normal if you can’t see it。
But Wu Xing didn’t care about these,Because of this scene he has long been used to it。
“Little brother,Your shrimp wonton。”The boss also brought wonton。
“Thank you。”Wu Xing thanked me,So he picked up the chopsticks and ate,Did not say hello to Su Xiaoli from start to finish。
If it’s 30,000 years ago,He may also mean to make friends with some important characters in the plot,But after 30,000 years,I am no longer who I was,Even if the protagonist is in front of him,Don’t care too much。
After seeing the handsome guy looking at him,Just eat wanton,Su Xiaoli is also a little discouraged。
Anyway, I can be considered a big beauty,Some men saw her being ignored,Even being handsome can’t do whatever he wants!
The thought of being ignored,Su Xiaoli, who is overwhelmed, doesn’t want to,Jiezi walked towards the other party。
“Handsome guy,You alone?”Come to each other,Su Xiaoli picked her hair lightly,Pretending to ask calmly。
“Ok?!”I heard Su Xiaoli’s words,Wu Xing was a little surprised,Look up at each other,Nodded“Problems?”