Chen Yueqin took a breath and said:“Old Li’s wife said,Southeast Mountain is safe now,A road has been built from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain,And it’s powered up。Conditions are much better than when you did it”

“Stop talking,I can’t go back”Wang Degui interrupted the topic of his wife。
At this moment,There was the sound of car horns outside the gate。Chen Yueqin,Run quickly to open the gate,She scolded as she ran:“ This bear kid,What came here early in the morning?”
The door just opened,A black Santana drove in,Stopped by the west wall of the yard。The door opens,Song Fang got off the car。She dresses very fashionable,She doesn’t have the breath of rural women。
“Yo!The flowers are really good!”Song Fang said,Two steps to the flower pot,Sniffed。There is a sweet smile on her face。
For this daughter-in-law,Wang Degui and Chen Yueqin are not optimistic,They always feel that this Song Fang marrying Wang Youfa has a ghost in his heart。But they didn’t find out what was wrong,I feel that since my son got married,Song Fang is still doing things well,No major problems。
“Why are you here so early?”Song Fang didn’t say hello to her,Chen Yueqin can only speak first by herself。
Song Fang turned around and glanced at Chen Yueqin and said:“Come back to discuss something with the third child,He will be there in a while”
“I heard that your factory has started to move,If you don’t have a place to live, just go home and live,Which room in the east is for you,I’ll clean up for you later”Chen Yueqin tried to please her daughter-in-law Song Fang。
Maybe this means one thing drops one thing!Chen Yueqin is also a great character,But she is in front of Song Fang,But she can’t show her majesty as a mother-in-law。
“ no need。Didn’t we rent a house in the city when we got married??Which house has been vacant,I happen to have no place to live,Where you can live”Song Fang rejected Chen Yueqin’s kindness。
Wang Degui, who hasn’t spoken all the time, can’t listen anymore,He stopped working,Whispered:“Don’t you want to be Xiping Village and the village head??If you really become,Then you still live in the city?I’m afraid this is unrealistic!Even if you are not afraid of trouble running back and forth,The people in Xiping Village will not promise you to do this”

And although there is no sanctuary light system bird beast in the sunset mountains,But further south in the sunset mountains,In the vast ocean islands of the South China Sea,Inhabits the sanctuary beast of the light system‘heaven bird’!At the same time, there are Phoenix-type monsters distributed all over the mainland.,It is also a subspecies of light attribute!

Little Elek’s father,It’s probably a bird of paradise or a phoenix with bright attributes!Wright also thinks this is better,After all, most of the beasts with the light attribute are milder in temperament,As a domestic warcraft,Little Elek is better-tempered!
After playing with little Elek,Wright placed the Xiaopeng Eagle‘Snake bone wood’Made of wooden frame,Go back and prepare dinner for it。
No matter what pedigree of little Elek’s father is,Are now in their infancy,The bird beast grows very rapidly at this stage,Just three months,Xiaopeng Diao has grown three times longer。But I want Xiaopeng Diao to grow faster and healthier,Better nutrition。
A third-level magic core of the light system is crushed and placed in a tenth,Served with delicious meat,Plus the bone meal of high-end monsters,Just this one10gold。
Don’t look at Wright has nearly a million gold coins,But actually10Gold coins are enough for an average adult to spend a week without being too extravagant。And grew up with Xiaopeng Diao,These expenses are increasing rapidly,You know that the current Xiaopeng Eagle can be counted as a level four warcraft at most,The appetite is not too big,The elements that can be absorbed are not strong,Only when Xiaopeng Diao grows into a seven-level beast,Estimated to grow to five or six meters in length,A meal requires at least a level 4 magic core、Fifty or sixty catties of meat,Worth two or three hundred gold coins。And if you reach level 8 strength,The value of a meal is more than tenfold。
Looks like three thousand gold coins are not many,But one meal a day,Wright’s one million gold coins last for at most ten years!
And little Elek is the top ninth-level Warcraft,And the blood of Sanctuary Warcraft,Grow to level 6,I guess it will only take two to three years。
Besides, Wright spends money not just to feed Xiaopeng Diao。Not to mention anything else,The property in this courtyard where I practiced,Although the location is Xiacheng,But after all, the area is so big,I have to pay a rent of thousands of gold coins every year。As a magician,Some essential robes, staff and other basic outfits are also ready to be updated,And with Wright’s current growth rate,Change one set at least a year。Not to mention own weapons,although‘Hunting Dragon Gun’Material,Enough to use level 8 fighters,But usually weapons also need maintenance!Not to mention that Wright is also a level six fighter himself,Moreover, the physical strength alone reaches the sixth level,Amazing appetite,Even more so now I practice hard every day,Plus practice fighting spirit collection,Eat more。Wright also eats 20 or 30 catties of meat every day,I have to eat some fruits to avoid greasy。Wright has no time to cook by himself,Order food directly from familiar hotels,The price is higher。
These all need gold coins。
Now Wright is only a student of the Magic Academy,On earning coins,Unless I go to experience it again,Otherwise it’s really only going out and not in。
Seeing the rapidly consuming property,Wright doubts that he has millions of gold coins‘huge sum of money’Enough to support yourself‘five year Plan’。There are even faculty members who are considering working part-time at the college,As a sixth-level magician, he is certainly qualified to teach students in the first and second grades,But part-time first and second grade teachers,The college gives more convenience,Or some recommendation opportunities from the college,For example, if you have the opportunity to worship a certain magister or great magister,。However, there are students who are holy magicians,Wright is really not interested in these opportunities,The salary offered by the college is very low,Wright earned at most half of Little Elek’s in a class,wrong,Is one-third of the meal。
“Bang bang bang!”There was a knock on the gate of the courtyard!
Wright, who was patting little Elek to feed Wright, frowned,Isn’t it the gangsters coming to revenge?。
In Xiacheng,It’s a gang rampage。When Wright first lived in this yard,A group of gangsters came to make trouble,The reason is that the courtyard rented by Wright has long been taken by these gangs,They have forced the original owner of the courtyard to buy it at a low price!
Then there is no more,This group of gangsters who came to make trouble was instantly shot by Wright’s‘Meteorite’Get down。
After all, blackmail the gangster who exploits the poor in Xiacheng,Looks scary,But in fact, they are not as powerful as ordinary soldiers in the Empire,Looks full body tattoo,The gang leader with a full face is also a third-level fighter,Even if there are hundreds of them, they are all killed。If according to the customs of the north,,Being a robber is more promising than being a gang。

“Who knows,See it for its own sake。”Luo Shaoyan said。

“Raising a young spirit is raising,Raising two is also raising,Even if you want to release,Also give it a little longer,Otherwise it will become food for those sea fish。”Zhu Minglang said。
“You also raise it,The wild dragon is not the orthodox dragon,Its spirituality is not as good as the little hair ball in your arms……But also,It doesn’t matter if you have more young ones,Think better,I’m lucky,Hua Long。I’m not familiar anymore,Can also take care of the nursing home,When only a spiritual pet。”Luo Shaoyan nodded and said。
There is no mark on Xiaoye Jiao’s forehead,It is estimated that the eggshell is broken,Everyone knows it is not Thunder Dragon,Han Su didn’t even try the soul bondage。
The dragons are still sleeping in their cocoons。
Zhu Minglang is now in the period without dragon training。
I’m idle anyway,Raise an extra baby,It doesn’t affect much。
To be really impatient,Without the potential of Hualong,Wait for it to grow scales、tooth,It’s not too late to release after having a certain degree of self-protection。
Put it in the sea immediately after birth,That’s not called release,It’s no different from letting it die,This is not Jade。
Queen Xiayu naturally understands,So let it die by Zhu Minglang’s hand。
On Ono Jiao’s forehead is imprinted with a soul bond,This is also convenient for Zhu Minglang to communicate with it。
Ono Jiao is very depressed。
It is limited by the seal of incubation time,It already has hearing in the egg、Touch。
It can feel that it is being guarded with extreme care by outsiders,Waiting。
The highly anticipated birth,After being born but extremely humble,Fell from heaven to hell,Even if you don’t understand the language,Can’t understand the face,Can also understand the disgust of those people、Mocking and the terrifying anger of someone!

Stormy plume,Scrape!!

The dragon-level corpse dragon has not had time to approach,Was severely involved in the roar of this surging air current,And the strong airflow made the sharp phantom feathers over and over and over and over again the skin of Tyrannosaurus corpse、Cut the bones to pieces……
Not just this corpse Tyrannosaurus,Those other dragon generals around Du Cheng,Have also been affected,One by one was shaved,Blood dripping!
Du Cheng also wanted to use his phantom clothes to escape,But there are sharp ice crystals in the sharp feathers,Avoided the magic feather knife cut,How can you avoid these ubiquitous weapons?
First104chapter Don’t mess with me in summer!
“Storm Feather,Plus Bai Qi’s method of controlling wind and ice,Power is so overbearing!”
Seeing those dragon generals being beaten by Bai Qi’s dragon magic,A smile appeared on Zhu Minglang’s face。
This special feather from Dragon Trainer Academy,Actually become stronger with Bai Qi’s growth and advancement。
This makes Zhu Minglang in addition to the armor shield he built,One more weapon to kill the enemy。
Know any equipment that can be armed to the dragon pet,She can also use it by herself!
That storm phantom feather has also been boosted by Bai Qi’s evolution,This is equivalent to Zhu Minglang holding a dragon master level weapon now……

“They can have achieved first-class merit many times before,Meritorious awards are not once or twice,Very rich combat experience。”

“You really picked up a big leak this time,”Gong Gong Jian continued。
“But then again,Actually they followed you,This is a good way out,Stay in this place,Will only limit their development。”
Qin Hao didn’t know how big a thing they committed,Just let them fall from the top of the cloud。
“They were also members of the iron and blood blade before,”Gong Gong Jian said smoothly,Inadvertently revealed a huge secret。
Qin Hao doesn’t know if Gong Gongjian said it on purpose。
But Qin Hao thinks Gong Gong Jian will not make such a mistake。
“Thank you,”Qin Hao said to Gong Gong Jian。
Gong Gong Jian pretended not to hear,Just smiled,Two people know these things well.。
Huang Xiaoding is not by their side,But stand far away。
He is very conscious,Some things cannot be understood by yourself。
Although he and Qin Hao are still comrades in arms and friends,But it’s more of a relationship。
He still knows this very well,So he didn’t keep up。
The news that Gong Gongjian revealed to him accidentally,Qin Hao can follow the news and learn what he wants to know。
In this way, Gong Gong Jian is not leaking secrets。
“I’ll go first,I have a lot of things over there,”Gong Gongjian left with an excuse when the matter was over。

Wang Youcai couldn’t help but be overjoyed,Lightly push,The door opened,He squeezed in one side of his body。There is only one side light in the room,So the light looks a bit dim。

Said it was the changing room,Nothing fake。The whole room is full of hangers,The clothes hanging on it pushed Wang Youcai’s sight。He tiptoed and walked straight in。
The weird thing is,He didn’t find Lan Ling,Isn’t she here?Just when Wang Youcai was about to quit,Suddenly there was a slight sound from the corner of the wall*sound。
Wang Youcai surprised,This voice is from a woman,Because the sound is too small,It’s painful not to hear*Still happy voice。Anyway, there is a voice,Explain that there is someone inside。
Wang Youcai walked over gently,The clothes on the hanger,Only then did Wang Youcai see clearly。Next to the wall,Put a small table,Chair by the table,A woman lying on all sides。
May be due to drinking too much,The cheongsam buttons on the woman’s body are almost completely untied,Showing a piece of white flowers。Wang Youcai took a closer look,This is not Lan Ling who else can be?
A woman who shines in front of others,The ugliness of drinking too much seems to be the same。When I saw Lan Ling half-concealed,Wang Youcai’s heart rate can’t help speeding up,Accidentally made a noise。
Lan Ling sat up abruptly,Cover your chest with both hands:“Who?”
“I!Who else,I heard you drank too much,Come and see you”Wang Youcai was laughing,Two thief eyes looked around Lan Ling’s body。
Lan Ling saw Wang Youcai,His face changed immediately,She laughed:“Boss Wang!How did you find here?You are not so anxious!Sister drank too much tonight,You let me rest,Get off work later,You take me home!”
“Damn!You can’t drink more of this wine,Is this stomach upset?,I’ll rub it for you”Wang Youcai hits a snake with a stick。He stepped over,She hugged Lan Ling who had just stood up。
Lan Ling pretended to be surprised:“brother!Can’t here,Besides, my sister is not feeling well,Don’t you know how to pity and cherish Yu?”
“Brother knows”Wang Youcai said,Both hands pretended to be kneaded on Lan Ling’s belly。
Facing Wang Youcai’s passion,Lan Ling was caught off guard。She can only let Wang Youcai act rashly。
Wang Youcai is a drunkard who does not want to drink,slowly,His hands are no longer honest。Lan Ling is a man who has been forever,Wang Youcai slapped his ass,She knows what shit this person is going to do。
But come out,Like Wang Youcai’s dead skin and lazy face,It’s better to offend a very horny man less,What’s more, the person who protects the field is still under Wang Youcai’s。
Lan Ling thought of this,Hold your heart,Gnawing teeth,Whispered:“Faster,Or someone else”
Wang Youcai can’t wait for these words,He slammed Lan Ling down on the small table,Then a little rudely lifted Lan Ling’s unbuttoned cheongsam。

First2632chapter Master is gone

many people,It was already dark when it was Xia Jian’s turn to eat。
Dark in the mountains,That’s black。I really can’t see my fingers,Just hear it,But no one。The chill brought by the mountain wind,Makes people feel like being in the ice cellar。
It’s about seven and fifty,Xia Jian took Guan Tingna and Lin Wei,Was invited to the main hall by the little Taoist priest。I saw in the censer in front of the statue,Hundreds of candles all burned,Cigarettes linger in the hall,Make people feel dreamlike。
Less than eight o’clock,From the hallway of the hall to the steps,See the courtyard again,All black heads。Xia Jian and the three of them were arranged in a place just before entering the door,The little Taoist gave each of them a cushion,Then each person a kind of incense。
Dao Chang Ziyi was finally supported by two younger Taoist priests and sat on the cushion in front of the idol in the main hall.。Chanting begins,More than a dozen Taoist priests stood in formation,They beat their respective instruments in their hands,Walking gently in the hall。Their beautiful chanting sounds give people a kind of peace。
So many people,But no one speaks,Only the chanting of Taoist priests hovering on the empty ridge。Time goes by。When the incense in Xia Jian’s hand is about to burn to the end,Don’t need Xia Jian to speak,Someone replaced them with a newly lit incense。
Such occasion,Xia Jian’s first experience。Until about ten o’clock,The sound of chanting stopped。Xia Jian suddenly found that Dao Chang Ziyi sitting on the Zen mat had his head drooping,Even the body bends down,Feeling weak。
At this time,I saw Dao Chang Zi Kneeling in front of Dao Chang Zi Yi,He stretched out his hand and probed Ziyi Daochang’s nose,Suddenly groaned:“Ziyi Dao Changxian is dead……”
This sound,Like thunder,Suddenly boiling inside and outside the hall,But only for a moment。Because these Taoist priests in the main hall are not only wounded,They seem extra calm,Like Dao Long Ziyi is leaving,As early as they expected。
Xia Jian,I got up and knelt down。He didn’t say a word,Because on this occasion,He has no voice。
He knew,Daoist Ziyi is over 90 years old,When I came to see him two years ago,Xia Jian found out that his physical condition was no longer good,Unexpectedly, he lasted for two more years,He didn’t leave until the incense of Ziyang Temple appeared in its heyday,And walk so peacefully,Really a kind of practice。
Next thing,Xia Jian is like a dream,Until I was framed by two Taoist priests and returned to the monastery,He doesn’t know what’s wrong with him,Although I don’t feel very sad inside,But he feels that his soul has been stolen,A little confused。
semi-consciously,Not awake,Until eight o’clock the next morning,Xia Jian suddenly found himself lying on a wooden bed,Covered with a thick quilt,And he also felt the warmth in the room。He suddenly turned over and found,Turns out this is a Zen room,And there is a fire in the room,I saw Guan Tingna and Lin Wei sleeping on a wooden table。
Xia Jian quickly sat up from the bed,He just found his shoes and put them on,Guan Tingna and Lin Wei are also awake。The two looked at him in surprise。
“What’s wrong with me?”

I have been stuck in your Seventh-Rank Consummation for hundreds of years,Naturally you can’t miss this opportunity。

Xie Zhou no longer hesitate,I just pulled out the white bone whip from my waist,Feishen joined the battle circle in the past,And he doesn’t leave any room for action,The tricks are to take Chen Xiu’s key points directly,Very vicious when shot,But the more face,The more I don’t want Chen Xiu to leave here alive today!
“This guy,Saying nice things,But it’s tougher than any of us,Really a hypocrite!”Chai Rong laughed in his heart and joined the battle with a stick。
On Chen Xiu’s side, Liu Feng, who was originally a swordsman, couldn’t hold back.,I’m going to cut him under the sword,Suddenly heard the sound of breaking wind behind,Look back,I saw Zhang Laoba holding a huge hammer and patted it on the top of his head.。
I had to abandon Liu Fengxing,Long sword upside down,Brush,The sword edge leaned up against his hammer。
Zhang Laoba’s hammer is like taking advantage of the momentum,If you don’t let go,The hammer did not hit the top of Chen Xiu’s head,The five fingers holding the hammer have been shaved off first,Seeing the opponent’s long sword sliding along his hammer,This trick is unbreakable,I had to slap the left palm violently,Hit the ground with a palm,Bang,Leap back。
Chen Xiu forced Zhang Laoba back,Li Ji’s double shots hit again,Double guns have drawn three circles in front of you,Illusion of three apertures。
Three apertures are like tangible things,Stop in the air for a while,Slowly move towards Chen Xiu,It’s the trick with Chen Xiu himself“Promise cut”Somewhat similar。
The aperture formed by these guns,Cold wind,Power not to be underestimated。
If it’s ordinary people, it’s naturally difficult to deal with,But Chen Xiu himself is also a master at playing this kind of helix,I can see the flaws in these three apertures at a glance。
Long sword extended,Bevel from the left side of the aperture,That is the first aperture force has passed,A gap between the force of the second aperture。
Li Ji yelled,Hurriedly retreated。
Chen Xiu naturally wouldn’t let him leave so easily,The sword is following him,Jianguang Dasheng。
Chen Xiu’s face is even more blue,It’s already pushing his eighth rank zhenqi to the extreme。

This is what everyone values most。

The transparent design also allows everyone to see the design clearly at a glance,Just can’t take pictures。
No one has any opinions。
Each laboratory has similar rules,And this kind of research visit,What I look at is the design concept of others,Specific scientific principles,What a good camera did not fully record the micro-level design,Doesn’t make much sense。
The key is whether Wang Yufei is willing to share his design theory。
Wang Yu flew without a broom to cherish himself。
It’s a hard work to introduce,The only problem is still what he thinks is simple,Just a word,But for others, this problem may not be understood for three days and three nights。
But in this environment,Wang Yufeiken brought this group of people here to see and introduced various principles and design ideas and details enthusiastically,Already behaved enough,Most of these issues are classified as confidential content of other people’s scientific research,Everyone is not serious,Why are these old experts embarrassed to keep asking?
So even if Wang Yufei introduced it harder,Not very useful。
Of course it can’t be just watched,Next, a test machine was arranged。
But this time, the request after Professor Pan Wenyue’s inquiry,Trial calculation did not continue to search for Mersenne prime numbers,But try to make Xiaozhi calculate the factorization。
Mention factorization,I have to mentionShoralgorithm。
Simply put, just give the quantum computer an integerN,And let the quantum computer quickly find outNPrime factor。
Sounds simple,But it is not simple。
Because the most widely used encryption system in the entire Internet,RSAThe most fundamental basis for the long-lasting use of encryption algorithms for so many years is that classical electronic computers cannot decompose a large integer with high efficiency.,Quickly find the prime factor of this integer。
It can be saidRSAEncryption algorithm can achieve the current effect,This is built onRSAThe problem is too difficult to solve based on。
At least for now,There is no known algorithm for classical electronic computers that can solve this problem in polynomial time。

The sun has started to tilt,Fang Fang and Heiwa,Still searching in the woods,All very tired。Mu Rong Sisi is sweaty all over,Pale face,Most of her body,Almost all leaned on Fang Fang。

Heiwa glanced at Rong Sisi,A bit disdainful:“You still go by yourself,There is everything in this forest,You can’t look like this,Deep and shallow,In case you step on a poisonous snake,You are so miserable”
“what?There are poisonous snakes here?”Listen to it,Hurriedly stood up straight,A look of panic。
Fang Fang nodded unbearably。
Mu Rongsisi was taken aback,Pick up a tree from the ground,Squinted to the ground:“I’ll go by myself!In case you see a poisonous snake,I will die with a stick”
“now it’s right,You walk in the middle!Everyone speed up,Before dark,In case you still can’t get out of this forest,It’s not easy tonight,The key is that everyone doesn’t have much water”Heiwa said,He looked a little worried and looked forward。
The sky in the forest,Black is black,The sun just set,The light inside is already a little dim,Fang Fang’s heart couldn’t help being raised。She is a soldier,Know the danger in this forest,Still visible during the day,But at night,It’s a big trouble。
suddenly,Someone shouted:“There seems to be a cow barking in front”
Fang Fangyi listen,Busy talking to Heiwa:“Hurry up in which direction he said,Stop watching,So wasting time,We must go out before dark”
Heiwa,Waved,Which security personnel with him,Rushed forward。
At the foot of the mountain opposite,Smoke lingers in a village of more than ten households,Against the backdrop of green mountains and green waters,Beautiful as a fairyland。
“It’s so beautiful,Shouldn’t our Xia be here to enjoy it?!”Mu Rong Sisi wiped his sweat,Gasped and said。
He Jing smiled and said:“As long as he is there“Fang Fang didn’t speak,Just smile silently,As if she has seen,Xia Jian is in this village。
Heiwa took out the military binoculars hanging around her waist,I looked at this village and said:“It seems more closed here,Should not communicate much with the outside world,So so many of us,Can’t go in,Otherwise it will cause their dissatisfaction,This may be difficult”
Fang Fang nodded and said:“At the foot of the mountain in a while,You men don’t need to go in,The three of us go in and have a look,I believe it will be better than if you go in”
“it is good!So decided”Hurry up,Or it’s getting dark。
Xia Jian at this time,Having dinner with Wang Huimin’s mother and daughter,After these days of getting along,Everyone is very familiar,So they are eating,Chatting,The atmosphere is very cheerful。
“Hey Hongyu!I want your mother to take you to Pingdu to study,Do you have any comments on my idea?”Xia Jian stopped the chopsticks in his hand,Suddenly asked。
Hong Yu was taken aback,Asked after a while:“You mean let my mom go to Pingdu too?”