It is just that it is not convenient for public.。

“Hinder,This is not your responsibility。”
Gao Boyi looked at the city of Jiangxin in the distance,Heart is absent-minded。
I heard that solitary pregnancy,Fu Fu also knows what Gao Biyi is worried about at this moment.。He put low sound to Gao Boyi:“Yu Wenxian,It is our hearts and abdomen.。This,If you can save people,Also annihilate,That’s good。”
He didn’t dare to say that Gao Baoyi gave up his own woman.,But the persuasion is very strong,Will be the window of the window。
“Yu Wenxian is my problem,But is the problem of Yu Wenzi。He still goes back to it.。”
Gao Bao said if he thought。
If this time you kill Yu Wenxian,Yu Wenzhen will definitely give Gao Baoyi a big praise.!so,He can take a hand,Support a relationship,But it is also very hungry.。
Is this kind of person??The people in this era are not very seen.,However, Gao Bo Yi knows,Such people can’t say a lot,But absolutely。
After the history of Yu Wen,Yu Wen is not a member of Yu Wenxian,There are still many people who are helped.。If this time Gao Baoyi doesn’t give reluctance,Destroy,Of course, it is eliminated a opponent,But I also liberate a hidden danger in Zhou Guo.。
Since then,Yu Wenzhao does not have to worry about itself, you can do this.。He can concentrate more and more elite troops used to open up the land。
This thing will make a loss or lose,Gao Bao is not allowed to eat,But the woman in her backyard is from the German,Those people in their families will look at themselves,Probably imagination。
Too much in the image,And will kill solvents!
In love,He can’t get rid of the heart of Yu Wenxian,Even if the soldiers in the hand is not much,Can be squeezed at any time。
“Send people into the city,Talk to Yu Wenxian,I parked a logo on the Han River on the side of Shazhou.,There is a banquet to treat him there.。Can’t come, come and follow him.。”
Gao Biyi has no expression of Fu Fu,The latter is straightforward,I don’t know what to say.。
Will it be a bit??
Fu Fei, Gao Baoyi is a little too much.。But find a building ship to Jiangxin,Not a difficult thing,As for a banquet,That is simpler.。
He is very good,Only spent a time,I found a large charter under the hand.,The above sailors are the brothers of Wang Linzhao.。So Fu Di sent a brother who said,To the county county in Jiangxinshazhou,Sent to Yu Wenxian。
Qi Jun’s middle army account,Zheng Minmin is careful to knead his shoulders to Gao Baoyi,The technique is very softeous。At this moment, she can’t see a nervousness on her face.,Judging two people with just around Gao Biyi。
“Yu Wenxian has agreed,Go to the landlord tomorrow to go to the banquet。”
Zheng Minmin asked softly:“How do you know that he will go??”
“Because he knows that I will not kill him。”
“Just this??”
“Yu Wenxian wants to look at it from me,At this point,My thoughts are consistent with him.。”
Human,Tiger is also an account。For an enemy who meets on the sand field,Since you can’t solve him now,So more, know more。
Gao Boyi believes that Yu Wenxian has heard a lot about his own things from the solitary gongrona.。
“correct,I let you do the thing,Are you done??”
Gao Bao is curious。
I heard this, Zheng Minmin,Gao Bo Yi said to make a call“Blind box”s things,But it is a long time ago.,So much better,He does not mention,Zheng Minmin almost forgotten。
Fortunately, it has been done in advance.。
“Alang’s words,I have always been put in my heart.。”
Zheng Minmin observed Gao Baoyi,Leave the handsome account。Soon she returned,Holding a wooden box in his hand,The four quadrants are coated with red-yellow blue green four colors.。
There is a hole in the box that can only reach out.,I don’t know what it is.。
“Alang,How to play this thing?”
North and south,Folk entertainment has been greatly rich,This“Kid”Merits,But it’s a little unique.,It is not worthless to wear a piece of money.。

Wang Degui laughed and said:“What steps to take,All three sons are back,Fierce at home,I came out to hide。Fortunately, the third child came back alone,Otherwise, I really have nowhere to go at home”

Wang Degui is obviously showing off again,Xia Zecheng sitting in the back row couldn’t help but snorted,I’m almost scolding my mother。Zhao Hong reacted quickly,She sticks her head out the window,said laughingly:“If you have no place to live at home,Can live in the village committee”
Zhao Hongyi speaks,Wang Degui suddenly appeared poor,Where did he stand just chuckled twice。Xia Jian quickly kicked the accelerator,Da Ben rushed past Wang Degui’s eyes。
“This old immortal,Are all this old,Still pinching with our house”Sun Yuejuan sighed and said。
Xia Jian drove the car,Did not speak,He just smiled slightly。Zhao Hong who was sitting aside smiled and said:“What Wang Degui said is that Wang Youdao also brought his wife back?”
“Not married”Xia Zecheng said unconvincingly。
Sun Yuejuan was playing with Xiao Chenchen,Said with a smile:“What can I do?Isn’t Wang Youcai married??It’s not heads-up”
The family is talking and laughing。Xia Jian feels very refreshed in the car,Although he didn’t sleep well last night,But he doesn’t feel sleepy at all,More energetic。
Xia Jian parked the car in the underground parking lot of the largest supermarket in Pingdu,And then took the family to the supermarket。People in the city are usually busy at work,The 30th of the twelfth lunar month is the peak period for them to prepare for the new year。
Although Xia Jian and the others came a bit early,But the mall is already crowded。Plus the radio sound of sale promotion,It sounds like Jane is really messed up。
Fortunately, everything at home is ready,Everyone just bought a toy train with Xiao Chenchen。
Just when a family was walking out of the mall,Xia Jian suddenly ran into Yao Junli。Yao Junli wanted to talk to Xia Jian,But when her eyes fell on Xiao Chenchen who was in the arms of Zhao Hong,His face changed slightly。
“This is your son?”Yao Junli’s eyes are astonished,It’s another elusive thing。
Xia Jian nodded in embarrassment:“Yes,Are you going to celebrate the New Year in Pingdu this year?”Xia Jian quickly changed the subject。
“Both parents went to the provincial capital,I wanted to be with them,But what good things are there in Pingdu,I want to borrow time for the new year,Take care of it”Yao Junli said softly,Nodding to Zhao Hong。
Yao Junli has been to Xia Jian’s house,So his parents know Yao Junli。Two old people came over,Smiled and said hello to Yao Junli。Xia Jian could tell,Yao Junli is particularly unhappy,Just facing Xia Jian’s parents,She forced a smile。
Separated from Yao Junli,Xia Jian took everyone into the car。When preparing to leave,Zhao Hong suddenly said to Xia Jian:“I have everything at home,Is the shortcoming red envelope。Should buy some,When you give red envelopes to children,Put money inside,Look happy,Should Xia Jian buy some back?”

“this problem,I have been hard to find an answer for more than two thousand years.!Elf,In fact, I don’t understand the complexity of humanity.“love”what exactly is it?But I think,to be with you,I am very happy.。These are not important.!”Wendon,Also said:“actually, I……”

Francis quietly waiting for the following,His heartbeat has been speeding well.!
Do you call this time you should not confess??
He does not dare to open his eyes,It is possible to be discovered.。
So he closes directly,I can’t see what Weidi is doing.。
Sudden,He felt something sticked in his chest。
and many more!Be unreliable!
Francis quickly dials the trip of the heart back to normal frequencies。
“Francis,You actually……Have awake, is it?!”Wen Di whispered。
Just this sound is like the whisper of the devil.。
no!Can’t blink,Once you blink,I feel that I really want to find a block in Mond.。
Sudden,He felt something on his own lips。
Weidi’s arms tightly hug Francis’s waist。
“I like you!You should be able to hear it.。”
Wen Di also knows what this guy is,It is not to be rejected and want to come to a wave of injuries.+Careful!
How do you feel that this guy is like a child?。
But that’s okay,He said it is said,Will not spoof?。
In fact, I should say it early.,Why drag it now?,Still because Wen Di wants to escape this reality。
He doesn’t know how to feel the feeling of Frances.。
But two people like each other,This is enough。
Do you love him?,Anyway, I like it.。
Francis has always been holding such a mentality,After all, he has this idea.。
Wen Di is so stuck in Frances,Dilestry。
The wind flower festival is over,But Francis is still caught by Wendi,The reason is that I am lie to him.。
Francis feels special,Is He yourself take the initiative?!
First, you will give yourself,I blame himself,But he still didn’t sell cheap。
The old man has accepted the punishment of two meals。
sunny,At this time, the flanges and Wendi are reading a book in the library.,Comparing four suspicious figure in the corner of the empty library。
They think that the two have no sense of notice。
The action is more bold,Books are gave。
The result is naturally obvious,Looking at the four low heads in front of the front。
Francis:“It turned out to be you.!”

As of this generation‘Protoss Palace Lord’,His vision is still very broad。Ask Luo Feng,After comparing the inheritance of the Duandong River,Li Ming almost judged,The complete inheritance of the Star Spirit Palace is equivalent to the inheritance of the Duandong River.,Only similar‘Space for practice’Class hardware lost。

This inheritance,When placed on the continent of origin, they belong to the first sequence of inheritance.。
Although I can’t say that I can’t look down on Six Holy Peaks‘Sacred Heart’,But in Li Ming’s eyes,Even if you get the top inheritance of this sect,Also helpful,It’s not the kind of chance that you have to fight for。
But I think that the other party possesses the secret technique of burning divine power,Indigo scale swallowed,I think the other party’s backing may not be normal。
“Vagrant brother,Are you not interested in joining the Heart Saint Sect?!”
“of course not,But brother Indigo,You have to make things clear too,what is the problem?”
quickly,With the explanation of indigo scales,Li Ming probably understands。
Sacred Heart,Legends are ancient forces that existed when the entire universe was opened up,Not just the entire forest of fools,Surrounded by more than a million square meters and the same level as the forest of fools,Even more powerful territory,Belong to this ancient power。
Sacred Heart,Extremely powerful,Above the true god‘Void God’,In that Heart Saint Sect, it can only be regarded as an ordinary upper level,There are even legends‘One thought of the universe’Eternal existence。
all in all,Is the highest sect in this universe。
In Li Ming’s words,Its status is similar to that of the virtual universe company in the human race.。
Since the status is high,The Holy Heart Sect is very strict in recruiting disciples。
The Sage of the Heart only recruits the masters of the laws or the best geniuses of the true god level on this endless land.。
This time,The Sacred Heart in Ayutthaya‘Wakagi Castle’Recruit ten disciples,This is definitely a great opportunity。
Join the trial of the Sage of the Heart。

Zheng Mingshan knows that Li Hui Feng did not tell the truth.,But he did not care。

After all, everyone has their own small secrets.。
He is also included。
“Um,No matter if you have,But the effectiveness of the strawberry is not over.,Some strikes,It is best to sell less,Of course, if you can dilute those components inside strawberries,I feel no problem.。”
“Hey-hey,Professor Zheng,If I have that thing,Now I’m sure to make a fortune.。”
Zheng Mingshan said with Li Hui, said a few words from the heart.,Then Li Hui Feng is also speaking.。
When I returned to lotus village,Already in the evening。
Li Hui’s simple wash,I have a meal to continue to study the things in my heart.。
He always feels that the opening of the second floor seems to be fast.,But there is no mind。
Xianquan is still as if it is,It seems that,Will slowly。
People’s refinement is actually growing directly here.,This is how Li Hui is not expected.。
The next morning,Li Hui is ready to see the situation of repairing the road.。
But he just walked to the village.,I looked at a few friends riding a motorcycle.,On the side of the village,Still playing video。
When one of the boys saw Li Hui Feng,An immediate surprise shouting。
“Bros,I finally saw the goddess of God.,Brothers, I am riding a week.,I finally saw the real person.。”
I heard the sound of the other side.,Li Hui Feng frowned。
He was originally returned to the village.,I don’t want to be surrounded by the so-called fans on the Internet.,Can’t go。
“Bro,Can you take me?。”
Chapter 658, Ye Shuangzhu
The youth listened to Li Hui’s words, and he quickly turned the lens to the surrounding people.。
“Hey-hey,Sorry,I really see you some excited。”
See the youth attitude,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“fine,Just don’t shoot me.。”
Said that Li Hui is directly going back directly.,Prepare to ride a motorcycle to Zhaojia Village to see the road problem。
But he just turned,Another motorcycle is directly down a beautiful girl,I’m far away, Li Hui Feng。
“God doctor brother,This time we don’t stay away from thousands of mountains, but it is coming to you.。”
Li Hui stopped the body,Turn around and see。
I saw the other side of the helmet,Exposing a beautiful pretty face in an instant,The short hair of a full ear is extraordinarily。
Especially the other party laughs on the left side of the deep dimples,It has added a bit of lovely color.。
The other party can say that it is beautiful when it is not laughing.,It’s a beautiful woman who is good.,But just laugh, but give people a lively and lovely feel。
“God doctor brother,Can you sign me a name??”

Dayan’s soul is recovering well,It’s not a white ghost anymore,I don’t have to wander like a ghost when I climb up the mountain,Although this lonely mountain is extremely steep,But his big sleeves float away extremely chic,And those big monsters have long been used as birds and beasts,They don’t want to get too close to another lunatic。

“The weather is so nice。”Dayan sits on his own‘Son of Metaverse’Around,Distant sky,The Seven Flame Armor has turned into a rainbow and hung there,But Dayan does not mean rainbow,But the real sun farther away,Is the sun in the small world。
“A few days later,I want to return to the secret,Do you want to go see?”Did not get a response,Dayan didn’t care,He knows very well,Among the nine mountain guards in the secret realm,Only brother Liu Mo and‘Son of Metaverse’A little fate,And there is Biyoutan that moved there,It also has a certain attraction compared to the other party。
‘Son of Metaverse’Still not answering,Empty eyes look to the sky,His eyes seemed to have passed through the sky and flew far away,This is Li Tianzhu’s world,No matter how sharp his eyes are,I can’t see through the endless void beyond the small world,Too exaggerated,He is actually a body of chaos。
“Don’t waste your energy,The growth of this son is leaps and bounds,He is not practicing,But awakening,Different starting point,Why stubborn?”
“Take me to say hello to Liu Mo。”‘Son of Metaverse’Finally reacted。
Dayan nodded,Sighed and stood up,‘Son of Metaverse’Too jealous personality will have a major impact on his future practice,Fortunately, it has changed a bit,Even if you have ideas,He can’t be an enemy of Li Tianzhen,It doesn’t matter whether you can really succumb to others,At least he is still in this small world without leaving,Maybe that explains the problem。
Down the mountain,Dayan soars,Came to a burned woodland,Here is a black kitten,He needs to use more magic power,The kitten is the black unicorn,Sina, the High Priest of the Blood Race, was withdrawn from the Divine Soul by a secret method,Ruined the body,Divine Soul was photographed by Xin Na into the body of a high-ranking blood supernatural power,Use totems to awaken the possession of a certain great god of the ancient blood race,Combine the three spirits together,Created a huge monster,Familiar with Li Tianzhi’s weaknesses,With the attack power of the great god,Is the giant who attacked Li Tianzhen。
Li Tianzhi has nothing to do,But I can’t help Dayan,Stripped the spirit of the black unicorn from the giant as much as possible,Taking the dead black lion as its host,It’s a recreated black unicorn,In the prehistoric world,The mutant unicorn and the lion beast are close relatives,Help the black unicorn adapt to the new body as soon as possible,Unexpected,Few days down,The longer the black lion, the smaller,Actually became the size of a kitten。
Dayan knows,Pulling away the soul twice caused great damage to the black unicorn,Need long recovery,As for whether we can grow the other two heads,It depends on good luck,But Li Tianzhen’s small world is extremely full of aura,It’s better to heal and practice here,In addition, Li Tianzhi’s inexhaustible panacea,Presumably, it is not impossible for the black unicorn to return to its heyday。
Chapter one thousand and seventeen Dayan farewell
“When can i go back?”Li Tianzhen is not surprised by Dayan’s resignation,But quite reluctant,The opponent is his only ally in the mortal world,Fight side by side several times,Sympathy,Can be called a friend。
“More than half a load,More than a month,Some chores need to be dealt with。”After thinking about it, Dayan said,“Although your ideas are bold and adventurous,But the old man feels there is still hope of success after several deductions,So even if I can’t convince Brother Liu Mo,But also to touch other guards,Even one。”

Yue Ru Qing Shuang,Sprinkled on the trees in the calm deciduous forest,It also fell on these four Jianzong disciples who were frozen at a speed visible to the naked eye.。

Yawned,Did Xiao Bai change his posture?,Drop the long tail down Zhu Minglang’s shoulders,The white fringed neck fleece rubbed against Zhu Minglang’s shoulder blades,And then fell asleep in a daze。
Zhu Minglang、Nan Lingsha、Fang Niannian walked by these four,I didn’t even pay attention to their horrified eyes……
They can move only their eyes。
“Walking rivers and lakes,Don’t just remember to bring a sword,Please bring your mind with me。”Fang Niannian rolled his eyes,To these Sword Sect disciples。
These Sword Sect children seem to have been extremely humiliated,I want to rush out of the ice,But they can’t break free of Xiao Baiqi’s ice-bound method,After more than a month of sleep,And the cultivation of Saint Lu,How can Xiao Bai’s strength be stronger。
Not surprisingly,It can reach the upper dragon master level at the growth stage。
Entering completion,It’s just a matter of time,Just find a spiritual creature that matches Bai Qi’s attributes,Before the New Year,How can Xiao Bai jump directly to Dragon Lord level。
of course,High-grade nectar and star fragment crystals are absolutely unbreakable。
“Zhu Minglang,What is Jianzong?”Nan Lingsha asked。
“It is one of the four major forests in the Great Court mainland,Yaoshan Jianzong and Mianshan Jianzong are the largest factions of swordsmen,They are at the east and west of Ji Ting Continent respectively,Enshrined by several big countries。”Zhu Minglang explained。
“You have something to do with them?”Nan Lingsha then asked。
“That’s a long story……”
“Long story short。”Nanling Sadao。
Zhu Minglang put away the melancholy and pretentious expression that recalled the past,Secretly looked at Nan Lingsha。
I don’t know if it’s my illusion,Nan Lingsha’s voice is not much the same as before。Although she seems to be normal, there is not much difference,But her eyes,Have her own ideas。

Watching lively water friends is not afraid of things,It’s not your own money anyway,I’m not Headmaster Wang。

but,More than half a minute,Still didn’t see Principal Wang speak。
“principal,Isn’t it。What a million is worth to you,I don’t have enough money, I’ll help you out。”
“Yes,I also helped you out for a dollar。”
Chen Xiu sneered,These people are keyboard men,Keyboard is ok,Don’t believe that they really come to a crowdfunding to cheat themselves。
really,I am not Principal Wang and I know that these people have sex,I don’t have enough money in my account to continue my willfulness,Directly selected offline。
Seeing that I’m not Principal Wang’s account became dim,Everyone is boring for a while。
No fun to watch,Everyone is leaving,Of course there are two out of ten、Three were convinced by the temperament and talent of rosin and chose to stay and watch the show。
No, I’m not Headmaster Wang,The live broadcast room is finally back to normal。
Rosin played a few more ancient songs,The live broadcast is about to be shut down。
Chen Xiu listened to these ancient songs and was about to close the live broadcast.,The background prompts that there is a new private message coming,When I opened it, it turned out to be a message from Rosin to myself。
“Hello there,Thank you tonight for helping me out tonight……Give me your account,I will return all the money you rewarded to you。”
“Why?Is the money I rewarded smelly?,You just hate it。”

“Why wait for me to cut this guy’s tongue first……Pooh,Gouged his eyes first!”Said the blindfolded man in Wupao。

“There are a group of masters,Is surrounding our monument wall。”Said the brawny man。
“Know the origin?”Asked Wupao leader Guo Chang。
“I know!”Zhu Minglang suddenly said。
“shut up!”The head of Wupao picked up the barbed knife and pierced Zhu Minglang’s eyes。
I wish Minglang escape easily,Those nooses trapped on his body are like hanging on him,It all fell off with a light shake。
“I’m the son of the royal family, Zhao Yinge,Ben Shizi has been staring at you group of demons and evil cults for some time,Special masters come to destroy religion!”Zhu Minglang said loudly。
First211chapter Eyeless Dragon
The height of the monument wall,A man in a black robe drew out his sword。
He pointed his sword at a sneaky person,And shouted:“Protect Master Zhu!”
The sword holder is Wu Feng,He is wearing the same black robe,A look like a secret guard,Use rough swordsmanship against Fu Hao。
Commander Hao evades immediately,And summoned a quartz ankylosaurus covered with thorns,He crawled and hid behind the dead waiters:“He is inside,Kill me,Take people down at all costs,Dead!”

“Ye Boping,You stop。”Zhang Siwei shouted。

Ye Boping sneered,“Zhang Siwei,We have been divorced for a long time,Why are you looking for me?how,Zhao Gang did not come?I think you should go find him!”Go ahead,Was pulled by Zhang Siwei。
“I think,We are not enemies,Can you talk calmly,Shall we not quarrel??”
Ye Boping reached out and touched the knife in his bag,look around,It’s off work time,People come and go,If not for crowds,I really want to kill Zhang Siwei with a single cut。
The corner of his mouth,Pull Zhang Siwei to the corner of the community,“OK,You speak。”
“sit down。”There are stone benches,Zhang Siwei sit down。
Ye Boping looked around,Sit down too,“You speak。”
“recent,What are you up to?”Zhang Siwei tried his best to soften his tone。
“Ha ha,Zhang Siwei,What do you mean,You still care about my life and death?”Ye Boping gave a cold smile。
“Correct,We are divorced,But you’re still Jiajia’s father,When,This relationship is all in,Isn’t it?Even if you get divorced,I think you can speak more normally?”
Zhang Siwei wanted to speak well,But patience is limited,When I saw Ye Boping’s yin and yang look,Temper is coming up again。