Lovers get married,Who said no?

It turns out that Wang Yihua was brought by Wang BadshuiYLRear,Forced her to die,If Wang Yihua and Wang Cong contact,He died,I almost died several times,After all, his father,Chen Yani can’t do anything to force her father to death,Under the persuasion of my uncle’s family,Wang Yihua had to hide her miss for Wang Cong deep in her heart。
These few years,She’s not easy,In order to refuse marriage,I don’t know how many times Wang Badshui has beaten her,But Wang Yihua is unyielding。later,Wang Badshui is involved in fake honey,Reported,When investigating in business sector,Wang Badshui, who was dazzled by money, actually beat law enforcement officers,This dozen,Hit myself in。
After receiving ideological education, he suddenly changed his temperament,To my daughter who is visiting:“flower!Go back to your hometown!If any pauper is not married yet,Marry him,Or in this life,I really hurt you”
After listening to my father,Wang Yihua howling and crying,She parted with tearsYL,I drove straight to my hometown the next day。
Wang Yihua’s sudden return,Not only makes Wang Cong ecstatic,Even the whole Dawang Village was lively for a while。The village director personally directed,The whole village will hold an unprecedented wedding in Dawang Village for Wang Cong and Wang Yihua。
Everything is ready,Just one bow。The wedding day of Wang Cong and Wang Yi,Almost all the villagers came,Even mayor Li,And representatives from Qingshan County,Plus the beekeepers of the beekeeping association,Many people are standing outside the yard,Dawang Village is lively like Chinese New Year。
When the marriage man finishes his speech,When Wang Cong gave Wang Yihua a wedding ring,Thunderous applause,What a difficult pair,After years of training,Finally achieved a positive result。
But at this moment,Wang Cong with his face full of happiness,Suddenly his body crooked,Actually fell down。
The shrill siren of an ambulance,Washed away the lively crowd,Everyone looked blank,What’s going on here?
Three days later,A news that made people hardly believe their ears came back,Wang Cong was seriously ill,Confirmed by Provincial People’s Hospital,It’s advanced gastric cancer。
Oh my god!How can this be,What a nice kid,Why did you get this disease?Didn’t you say that good people are rewarded??Dawang Village fell into silence for a while,Some old people are crying and crying。
Because the tumor in Wang Cong’s stomach is too big,Provincial People’s Hospital did not dare to operate,Persuade Wang Cong to go home and rest,To put it bluntly is to wait for time。Wang Yihua knew the result,Almost crazy,She is holding Wang Cong’s inspection report,Ran all over hospitals in the provincial capital,Find an expert,Find a professor,But such a serious condition,No one dared to agree to surgery on Wang Cong。
Just when everyone was preparing to go through the discharge procedures for Wang Cong,A slightly surprising news came out,An oncologist from the Military Medical University is coming to the Provincial Hospital to give a lecture,This is the only hope,Wang Cong who has given up treatment,Suddenly feel bright,He said decisively to Wang Yihua:“I won’t be discharged temporarily,You help me find this professor”
Professor Wang from the military doctor is over 60 years old,His temples are white,Vicissitudes of face,With a thick spectacle lens,He looked at Wang Cong’s inspection documents,While looking at Wang Cong,Unceremoniously:“Young man,Your disease is in its advanced stage,No surgery,You can stay for two or three months at most,Do you have an operation??A serious illness like you,The probability of getting off the operating table is less than 5%!”
First0869chapter Miracles won’t happen forever
“Don’t say anything,Since you dare to do,Don’t worry!I will bear all the consequences,Has nothing to do with you”Wang Cong decisively interrupted Professor Wang’s words。
Professor Wang looks at the thin Wang Cong,Couldn’t help but laugh:“Insiders call me Wang Bold,I dare to do surgery that others don’t dare to do,Since you have such confidence,I’m not afraid of ruining my great reputation on you,Go back and prepare for surgery!”

“sit down,You’re welcome!”Xu Tian smiled and said to Lu Yi。

Lu Yi is very puzzled,I didn’t expect Xu Tian to find himself,Behind this, it is estimated that Cao Anna and Missing sauce will contribute to the flames……What on earth does this all-star player do?
Seeing that the man in the black sweater who entered the room has not let his guard down。
Xu Tian launched hands,Send a dozen game data to the opponent。Including various data,IPAddress record,Professional play characteristics,Actually there are pictures of graffiti he painted……
Xu Tian’s Finger,Swipe the phone screen,A video of Lu Yi’s game recently appeared in it,Even the game last night……
“I should call you Master Luban,Still Louis XI?”Xu Tian smiled and asked。
“What are you trying to find me for?”Lu Yi raised his head and asked。
“Only one purpose,Invite you to join me‘Phoenix’Team!”Xu Tian is very sincere,He has worked hard for three years、Inevitable!
“Oh?What is the purpose of your team?”
Xu Tian sees the other party throwing questions,Even thought,Replied:“Of course to get‘Battle of Glory’World champion of the project!Break the multi-year monopoly of Hanbok!”
Lu Yi shook his head,Replied:“and so,I can’t join your team……”
Xu Tian didn’t expect to be easily rejected,So I asked:“If playing games is not for grades,Then what are you doing?”
“If you want to know the answer,See you on the court!”
Lu Yi said it,Turned away,He knows to team up with Xu Tian,Is the fastest way for him to complete his revenge,But he can’t be selfish for himself,To bury the dreams of professional players represented by Xu Tian。
in fact,Lu Yi is envious of those who can keep“Very simple”Gamer……Pursuing for a dream……

And Leo’s original brothers,Seeing Leo recover West Cohen,Full of energy。

This shows that Leo is very powerful,Followed a powerful boss,That’s a lot of benefits。
A few times,Si Keen was simply bandaged,Then Le Aoqiang took him to the handover。
Next thing,Leo is handed over to Telangot,Trang is still very reliable,Well-measured。
No problem!
“Konishi,Hurry up and tell me where all your treasures are hidden?”Just walked in,Leo took Si Keen and asked。
Si Keen smiled awkwardly:“Boss,I lied to you just now,Actually all the belongings are in the warehouse,I did not hide!”
“Really?”Leo looked at Seacoen suspiciously。
Leo sneered,Then suddenly he grabbed a cadre of Si Keen’s former staff。
“tell me,Is there a private vault before Si Keen??”
The cadre looked at Si Keen,Look at Leo again,Don’t know what to do。
Leo immediately added:“Think clearly,Who is the boss now,Who are you fucking with!”
“Have!”The cadre spoke without hesitation。
Leo finished,Sneer and look at West Cohen。
Si Keen was in a hurry:“You bastard,Do not talk nonsense,How can you be innocent out of thin air?A person like me,How could there be a small vault?”
Leo doesn’t even say much,Bring in a cadre again,There is no doubt that this cadre also pointed out that Si Keen has a small treasury。
Point to these cadres who tell the truth:Leo asked:


Wang Youcai’s home,A bit busy these days。
Although Wang Degui has been the village chief for half his life,,But he is from Xiping Village after all,Therefore, I always hold a credible but unbelievable attitude towards feudal superstition.。
This son is getting married,He dare to be careless,So ran twenty miles,I went to find Mr. Half Yin and Yang,Combine Wang Youcai and Ni Xiaoli.,Calculated their wedding dates。
People in this industry,Usually see the wind,This yin and yang look at Wang Degui’s tighter requirements for this time,So I calculated two times for him,One is six days later,And the other is ten days later。Wang Degui weighed repeatedly,Finally selected the time ten days later。
“Did you say it was March 28th in the lunar calendar??This time is good,Set on this day。The time given to us in a day is a little looser,These two are not very far away,very good”Chen Yueqin sitting on the big kang,With a new quilt,Said with a smile。She was so happy these past two days,In fact, the parents of the world,Almost always like this。
When the two couples are making up who Murakami invites,Wang Youcai walked in listlessly,He sat down on the chair,So I poured myself a glass of water,Drank quietly。
“say something!What’s the attitude of Li Niang’s family??I shouldn’t cooperate with the matchmaker anymore.!”Chen Yueqin glanced at her son,Hehe asked with a smile。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Her grandma’s!And a 20,000 yuan gift,They said they all came here when they got married。Besides, Ni Xiaoli’s mother wants us to rent a house in Pingdu,Get married in the city”
“You can give her a lottery of 20,000,But getting married in the city doesn’t work,Her daughter married a farmer,What kind of big tail wolf”Wang Degui said a little unhappy。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Xiaoli and I are married,Not to work in the city,Can’t let her live in Xiping Village and run back and forth!”
“Ouch!I really didn’t expect this。But Xiaoli is pregnant,Let her stay at home and raise her baby,What class is still in?“Chen Yueqin put down the needle and thread in her hand,Said coldly。

“this is,Artifact for soul defense?”Cecilia surprised:“Ok,Doesn’t feel as good as the one above,But there is no gap,This should be precious?!”

“Ok,This is my reward for breaking through the 16th floor of the cemetery of the gods,But it’s right for you,I don’t need it anyway。”correct,Why don’t you take it back and refine it?。
Wright is not hypocritical,Directly accepted,These artifacts cannot be left unused。
Two people flying all the way,Extremely fast。
Soon,The two returned to the area of the Puang Empire。
However, the closer to the imperial capital,The faces of the two became more and more gloomy。The Puang Empire was more prosperous than 20 years ago。But now they look down from the sky,But it looks like a bad name。A large number of people carrying packages on the road,Pale yellow,There are even a large number of dead bodies lying down on the road。
Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,I have a worried look in my eyes。
Wright is full of consciousness,With his soul power stronger than the upper gods,Under the weak bondage of the material plane,You can easily scan a range of thousands of miles。
moment,Wright was shocked,Not just in the one he can see,Even within the scope of his spiritual consciousness,About one-fifth of the area of the entire Magnolia continent,Wherever humans live,There are large numbers of refugees。
This is nothing but,The Poon Empire on the west side of the Warcraft Mountains,Fleeing from north to south,The refugees from the Magnolia Empire on the east side fled from south to north.。
“Catherine,Have you noticed the situation on the mainland??!”Wright’s soul power swept through,Talk directly with the high priest within the scope of the divine consciousness。
“Are you talking about the refugee wave,I have found,I am now summoning the disciples,understand situation!”
“I will go to the Temple of War later?!”

Go to the provincial capital this time to find her,I don’t know if she will see him?I don’t know if Qin Xiaomin will beat him if I meet him,Or scold him or something?Anyway, Xia Jianyi closed his eyes,Full of these things。

After resting for half an hour,Xia Jian drove the car on the road again,It’s about 12:30 noon,Xia Jian has driven the car to Yao Junli’s convenient hotel。
It’s a pity that Yao Junli is not in the hotel,Even so,Xia Jian registered a room and moved in。Because the conditions here are good,And the price is also favorable。
Went to the room,Xia Jian washed her face,Take a break,See if it’s almost time,So I called Qin Xiaomin。
The phone rang for a long time,Just got connected。Qin Xiaomin’s low voice came from inside:“Hey!Who are you?what’s up?”
“Xiaomin!I am Xia Jian”Xia Jian quickly said softly。Qin Xiaomin on the phone suddenly lost his voice。Just when Xia Jianzheng was at a loss,Qin Xiaomin hung up the phone。
Xia Jian will call again,The phone was hung up as soon as it rang。Xia Jian played three times in a row,Every time。In the end, Xia Jian couldn’t help it.,He knew,Qin Xiaomin won’t answer his phone again。
Thought for a while,Xia Jian sent a message to Qin Xiaomin“I’m in trouble,Need your help now”
This is his last resort,If Qin Xiaomin reads this message and ignores him,Qin Xiaomin really hates him to his bones。
About ten minutes later,Qin Xiaomin sent a message and asked“where are you?”
“I’m in the provincial capital,You say where I am looking for you”Xia Jian quickly returned a message。
Qin Xiaomin replied“Elegant Room, No.2 Ziyuxuan Tea House, Nanping Road”Xia Jian took a look at this place,Should be not far from Qin Xiaomin’s house。He wanted to drive there,But then think about it,forget it!It’s more convenient to take a taxi。
Xia Jian cleaned himself up,And quickly went downstairs。There happened to be a taxi at the hotel entrance to take the guests back,Xia Jian got in without a word。
Xia Jian reported the name of the place,The taxi driver thought about it,And started the car and drove towards the destination。Along the way,Xia Jian didn’t have the mind to appreciate the scenery outside the car window,He kept thinking,What should he say when he sees Qin Xiaomin?。
Anyway,He didn’t think about anything。One sentence,This thing is a bit too unsympathetic for him。Actually, there is no alternative。

“Not bad!”

“The white light of the world,Psychedelic with dense fog at the entrance,High mountains in the center,There is also a Wang Bitan at the foot of the mountain?”
“Exactly!”The old man’s surprised look is definitely not a disguise。
Teenagers are more surprised,He didn’t expect other than Huo Tianzun,There are people who have explored mysterious places in the more ancient ancestral continent,This old man can become the creator of the Five Elements Temple,Really worthy of three words。
“Xiao Ke came from that place。”
“how is this possible?You are young?”The old man screamed。
“Just a coincidence,Huo Tianzun,Even if my master,He discovered the mysterious place,I just picked up a ready-made one。”
“That’s not incredible。”The old man shook his head straight,“Someone who can survive that place,I haven’t heard of the old。”
Juvenile ignorant circle,But then I realized that the old man in front of me was not a real person,Just a ray of human form,Since the guardian said,The first four palace masters are already dead,This mighty man naturally does not exist in the world。
“Don’t you guess,The old man has visited the land of confusion three times,But the first two times only dared to circle around,Feel terrible,Foggy again,So I didn’t dare to set foot。
“Third time after,Not a ghost,Rather, the old found out that the origin of the Ancestral Continent is inextricably linked to the land of confusion.,So after leaving this ray of soul,Take risks,Set foot in the meantime,The sight is just like what you said,But the white mist is ever-changing,Those who are weak will easily lose their nature,Dead without burial。”
“So dare to ask,Has the old palace master ever fallen into that Bibotan??”
“Green waterhole?”The old man smiled bitterly,“When the old man saw the waterhole,Already dead,Suddenly lightning flashes above my head,I just don’t see the shadows of clouds and thunder,That kind of thunder,Even the old man has the strength of Tianzun,Explore the void nearly ten times,Experienced turbulence and storms,But never heard such a terrifying thunder,In the end the old man didn’t know he was struck to death by lightning,Still scared to death。”
Juvenile petrification again,The memory of the soul in front of me may end here,Interaction between the soul and the body,It’s no surprise that I can keep this memory,Can still be sensed at such a long distance,It can be seen how powerful the old man’s cultivation was。
But this old man is really brave and cute,The origin of the ancestor mainland comes from a mysterious place,Big eyeballs have long been judged,But the peerless powerhouse tens of thousands of years ago had to fight his life to explore to prove,Big gap,Hard to imagine。
Risks experienced by the elderly in mysterious places,Juvenile feels ordinary,It’s not that he is stronger than the old man,But its special relationship with the mysterious place,From a certain angle,Mysterious land is the homeland of young people。
Contact the story of the two stones told by Big Eyeball,The boy has already seen one by Bibotan,Maybe more than one,The two small stone teeth on the side of the colorful stone may also grow into the future stone,So which one of them is he?

“Wait。”Hua Yun finally couldn’t help it,“Officer Liu,I am the person who reported the case,I was threatened with intimidation and personal safety,You should check with me first,But unfortunately you never asked me a word from beginning to end,So I don’t understand why you put the cart before the horse?”

Police Officer Liu heard that Qi Qiao gave birth to smoke,Unexpectedly, such a charming and beautiful woman in front of her would dare to point her fingers at herself,He stared at his eyes and yelled three times.,Then waved,“Take it all away,understand situation,We have time when we go back。”
The two plainclothes looked at each other,Some hesitation,Li Tianchou took the opportunity to lean against Hua Yun,Don’t speak,Does anyone dare to move?。
Li Tianchou’s action is actually very provocative,Just make things big,It’s best to wake all the guests around,I want to see if your pig head surnamed Liu can cover the sky with one hand。
As expected,Officer Liu roared again,I have to rush over myself with my sleeves rolled,Hugged by Manager Hu,He really didn’t expect things to get to this point。If it weren’t for Li Tianchou’s unexpected toughness,,He didn’t plan to persuade him。
Actually Manager Hu is also guilty,It’s not that he and his employees took the initiative to report the case。What happened made him unbelievable,Not long after receiving a call from Hua Yun,Officer Liu called and said there was a report from the crowd,There was a fight in the hotel,And reprimanded him for not reporting the crime,Manager Hu thinks of Hua Yun’s call,He reported the case in a daze。
Manager Hu thinks afterwards that what the two said is not the same thing,But no matter the location is on the twelfth floor?He quickly watched the surveillance video again,Realize that things are complicated。The video clips are fragmented,The key place is also blocked by the person wearing the clown mask。
Analysis from the screen,Manager Hu vaguely felt that what Police Officer Liu said was unreliable,But he doesn’t want to be troublesome,Although I’m not very familiar with Officer Liu,,But I basically understand that this person is not a good bird,So he dare not offend。
Seeing pulling and pulling,Some tenants have been woken up to watch the excitement。The intercom on Manager Hu’s waist rang again,Take it out and answer,His head is three times bigger,The police are upstairs again。But also good,Simply messed up,It’s not my responsibility anyway,Go to the police uncle if you can。
This is really Zhou Nan from the Criminal Police Team,Different momentum。Li Tianchou was finally relieved,He blinked at Hua Yun next to him to show comfort,Hua Yun will smile。
The Interpol Team’s leader is also surnamed Liu,Called Liu Qiang,Li Tianchou had a fate with him,After the last construction site fight, Liu Qiang went to the police station to take him and Er Kun away。
When Er Liu Yi met, he nodded haha,After all, they are all colleagues who work in the same way,Should be considered an acquaintance。Although Officer Liu of the Security Brigade is full of anger,But now I have to force a smile。
After the painless greeting,After listening to Manager Hu briefly introduced the situation,The last two police officers buried their heads and whispered a few words,So we went outside the room together。
For a while,The two people discussed and returned to the room,The two are kind,It’s not like there is any dispute,Li Tianchou feels things are not right。
really,Liu Qiangqiang talked about the handling principles after discussion,Since it is not a major criminal case,So the case should be handed over to the security brigade that receives the police first,This is also the practice and principle。The implication is that there is nothing wrong with the criminal police team。The only thing that sounds reasonable,Hua Yun and Li Tianchou only need to record on-site,You don’t have to go to the security brigade to investigate。It feels weird,It’s like two people made a deal。
What is this?Li Tianchou was disappointed,Is that what Zhou Nan told his subordinates??The short youth is a very important figure,Definitely closely related to the intimidation in the afternoon,If you go to the security brigade, you don’t know what happened.,Even if he was let go,You can’t help it。

Ma Daobo did not continue to say,The sound is very low。

“If he is a woman?。”
This time,Everyone is speechless.。
Yu Shiya heard this reason,Laughing out。
Originally, he is not full of horse big waves, always discriminates against them, these undergraduates.。
“Correct,What you said is。”
“you are right,But the resident population of Vatican has800people,At the same time, Australia has470010,000 kangaroo,If the kangaroo decides to invade Vatican,So every Vatican people want to play58750Kangaroo,You do not know,You do not care,You only care about yourself。”
Yu Shi Ya Ya Wave Speech,Shocked four seats!
Chen Riyuan has not listened,But I can’t help but follow Sun Jun and Hu Yu.,Nodded slightly。
You said more,Your cattle!
At this time, Ma Baobang is very violent.。
This poetic is really not given to yourself.。
Since this,Then he is simply embarrassed.!
“You said that I only care about myself.,how about you?”
“you are right,But Australian kangaroo to go to Vatican to cross the Ocean,The straight line distance between them14390kilometer,If Australian kangaroo decides to invade Vatican,Then they want to swim over the Yangyang climbing mountain range,The distance between the two places may make them all over the army,You do not know,You only care about your Vatican!”
Zhou Yewu and Luo Bo watch two people,shocked。
This can get up。
Chen Riyuan、Sun Jun and Hu Yu are also not slow,I don’t know if the two are talking about it.。
now,Zhou Ye suddenly:“well,Kangaroo is not discussed,You see the patient’s blood oxygen saturation,Seem90NS。”
NS256chapter Who is a real outstanding born
Chen Riyuan’s words make Ma Baobang slightly slightly。
think carefully?
Does he think that it is not perfect enough??
If you can talk about the clinical experience of Zhou Yewu point??
Prestige is a junior college basis for several paragraphs,How can I exceed myself?。
Ma Baobang is acknowledging in the mask。
Outside a mask,It’s more comfortable to do people.,Don’t worry。
Even if you hide in protective clothing,Who can see it??
“Do you have a supplement??”Chen Riyuan saw Zhou Niangwu,Repeat again。
Zhou Ye is still looking at the auxiliary examination,Thinking about the details of the medical history of Ma Baobo。

“May be a bit of newborn jaundice,It will be fine after a while,Xia Shuyue is so pretty,Her child will not be ugly,Just wait for a long time to open。”

“That’s also,It’s just that I think babies should be as good-looking as on TV,White and fat,And laugh at the corners of the mouth。”
“Think too much,The baby I photographed should be at least one month old,Are already open。”
“Ha ha,may be。”
At this moment,Auntie brought a bowl of chicken soup,In front of Zhang Siwei。
Wu Lusheng smiled,“The soup stewed for two hours,Also added medicinal materials,You have a bowl,You are too busy recently,Pay attention to the body,Also go home early,Rest more。”
Zhang Siwei took a sip,Nod and smile to auntie,“thank you。”
Auntie waved her hand and walked away,Wu Lusheng whispered,“You are all divorced,Try not to eat with Zhao Gang in the future,Everyone is an adult,It will inevitably have a bad effect,I met his wife the other day,Must have come to me on purpose,Cry to me,Said Zhao Gang was going to cheat,You are the one who is talking about。”
Zhang Siwei disagrees,“Her nerves are nervous,She and Zhao Gang are college classmates,Zhao Gang has always liked her,My relationship with Zhao Gang,She doesn’t know。”
“Woman,You and Zhao Gang are too close,It’s normal for her to be jealous,You just need to spend less time with him in the future,Don’t make trouble。”Wu Lusheng said。
Zhang Siwei took a sip of soup,“difficult!I will definitely be close to Zhao Gang in the short term,Something big happened to his dad’s company,Can’t jump out after being dug。”
Wu Lusheng sees Zhang Siwei,“You think too much,Not to,What family background is your Uncle Zhao?,You still don’t know?What can happen?What a pit,Can’t bury his house,Zhao Gang’s father has been in business for many years,What scene,I’m afraid that someone will dig a hole for him?”
Zhang Siwei sternly said,“Really,mom,This time it was very serious,Zhao Gang’s house may not get up,It can be said to be a real bankruptcy。”
“Really,It was a mysterious big man who gave him the fake formalities,They had cooperated for many years before,So no doubt,And then signed a supply contract with the next family,Now Uncle Zhao will not only lose money,May also be convicted。”Zhang Siwei said everything he knew。