“Are you serious??”

I haven’t seen Li Hui for so long.,Han Shanshan also discovered,She is different from the feelings of Li Hui’s feelings.。
She still escapes before。
Hes for a long time, she decided to face up.,Otherwise, she will not live in the quarter.。
She is living here is an attitude,A attitude。
Li Hui Feng saw the opponent’s pair of serious eyes,I feel some dodges for a while.。
Especially the color of the look in the eyes,But let him understand,Some things hide are hiding。
“Naturally, it is serious.!I will defraud people in this kind of thing.?”
Li Hui said this,I saw a smile in the corner of the opponent’s mouth.,Then I flip directly with my little white.。
The scent of the heart,That soft hair,And the tight hug, let Li have a heartbeat accelerated。
Although he knows this,The other party will be very happy,But I didn’t expect the other party to react such a big reaction.,Will be so bold。
He has always understood that Han Shanshan is the kind of courage.,In fact, it is a small person.。
Of course, this is the feeling of feelings.,If otherwise,Han Shanshan’s courage is absolutely no small.。
Hesitate,He also hugged each other.。
He just was ready to hold hard,The other party is a pushing him.。
“Humph,I want to earn me cheap.,no way!”
Looking at the mouth of the opponent’s mouth,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Big squad leader,You can’t tell you this.!”
Chapter 1,327 artificial lake waterfall
Where do I not tell??”
Looking at Han Shanshan also put angry,Li Hui also rushed up very well.。
“no,I am my colorful bag,I want to earn cheap, I have not earned it.,The big squad leader is too powerful.,Actually, I saw my little tricks so soon.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said so.,Han Shanshan is also white.。
“okay,Less than I come here,I am talking about something that I am talking about now.,Our vegetable factories have been officially put into operation.,And those defective products are basically made into small salty vegetables.,Then start selling outwards。”
“But now,Sales is available,Sales can also be,But I feel that there is no competition with other functions.,So I want to come back to a production line.,how do you feel”Han Shanshan said like this,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
He didn’t expect Han Shanshan so fast to go to the new production line.。
“Big squad leader,We have no profit from this vegetable factory.?”
“What do you think??
Only do a few days,Just thinking,Is it a little less realistic??”
Li Huihe heard this,Laugh:“Not profitable,Let’s add production lines. It is not a bigger burden.?”
“Will not,I have been in investigation, we have the entire county.,I also visited a few businesses around.,There are no regular regulations on this small pickles.,We have a new production line.,Then 100% can be paved,Even unstoppable speed expansion。”
Han Shanshan said this is also a confidence.。

“Dong Bo is so older, I will come together.!”

“Who doesn’t like this big beauty like a Miss Miss?!So is embarrassed!”
“Ha ha,Miss Langzhuang is really very snapped up.!How can this interesting gamble?!”Another more than 30 youth stood up and laughed,
“Road less!”
“A thousand pillow Wanfu riding fox is worth these men are so crazy?!”A woman is really not used to say,
“What are you talking?!Miss Zhuang is still still!I dare to say that eight caution, Huangpu River drown!”Wu Enzhen said angrical,
“Do you know if you know?!Be careful to be cheated by the fox!”
“Even if I am lie, I am willing to be willing.!Do you manage it?!”
“spendthrift!”Woman whispering a sentence,
“I am a defeated family!Did you lose your family?!?I have a good money to let me defeat.!You are angry.!?”Wu Weishi seems to be very like Zhuang Xiaoman.,Perhaps it is also to prove that this money doesn’t spend on a non-clean woman.。
Like this time, I don’t understand.,The flower bonus like Wu Enzhen is not fresh for women.,But so many savvy businessmen are willing to participate in this gamble.,Zhuang Xiaoman although it is beautiful and not in the country。
Observe Zhuang Xiaoman,Seeing that she didn’t hear these words.,Always laugh waiting for these men to fight,She seems to have a very happy to see such a man to fight for himself.。
Chapter 84 Along me one!
Mandarin statistics,I plan to gamble and Zhuang Xiaoman has seventeen people.,But Wu Enzhen must gamble with her first.,But the other few people are not doing,They think that Wu Enqi wins yourself, there is no chance.,So resolutely ask for a bet together。
Rui Rui watching,Zhuang Xiaoman, he will definitely find a chance to know.,Try not to be now,Otherwise, what is the difference between your men?,How can a woman like her may look like this?。
“Blindle!Hello!My name is Xiaomei!”The beauty of the gambling is coming to play.,Rui Rui looked at it,Just see the beauty in front of you wearing a blue cheongsam,The body and appearance are really superior,It seems that the identity of Sharp is still very good.。
“Sure enough, very beautiful!Get your name,Come and sit down.!”Qi Rui Zhang’s arm,Xiaomei Limen’s little bird is in a rude arms.,Give a small small fee is a hundred yuan,Then, if you have a good time, how can I get money?。
“Small beauty!Is this Zhuang Xiaoman often come to the plan??”Rui Rui low voice,
“I rarely see her.,But she just wants to come to the gambling.!”
“She is still long beautiful.,Why do this man do not hesitate to get her?”
Hear this boast,Xiaomei said to the diamond and said:“Caze, you don’t know,I heard that this Zhuang Xiaoman is not simple.,She knows a lot of officials,She often helps people bridge to do business,One point is not enough to tap in the middle,Have a rumor, she is a treasured basin.,Who can get a big money?!Let me say what is treasured.!It is not that the relationship is relying on her sold meat.!”
“so it is!This is interesting!”Zhuang Xiaoman sells meat should be impossible,Since the future is the military,That is to have a military background,Perhaps it is a communication flower that wearing a deliberate to build her.。
“Sharp is also a heart?”Xiaomei is professional training,She knows how to please men,More people will be in the heart of the guest.。
“A bit!Because of the blind, I can’t come to Shanghai.!”Qi Rui said that Zhuang Xiaoman laughed,Dark road:Seizure!It is increasingly interested in you.!
I thought I would be alarming Zhang Xiaolin.,But I don’t want to have the ability to solve this matter.,I listened to him.:“Allocate!This gambling is a rule!Since you are so many people want to gamble with Miss Zhuang,I have despassed the opinions of Miss Zhuang.,She agrees to gamble five cards together.!Everyone will issue an equal amount of chips,But these chips need to be changed with a resilience!Lighted elimination!And the chips he lost will be left behind,Because this gaming is not allowed to increase the chips!The last winner will get qualified and Miss Zhuang gamble!Disagreement!”
Several people pondered one will have three people to retreat.,Finally, Wu Enzhen,Xiaojia,Zhu boss,Dong Boss four people。
Rui Rui is hesitation, don’t you start now,As soon as listening to the sound of the system:System generationdDifficult task;Win Zhuang Xiaoman!System generationbDifficult task;Conquer Zhuang Xiaoman to become a member of your assassination group!
“Assorted group!?What assassination group!Rickets?”
“Do not!Killing a god action group!A group of action belonging to your own!”
The task given by the system is to be completed.,Hurry and raise your hand:“Retreat me again!”
Suddenly a strange voice,Everyone looks to the price of the price,Zhuang Xiaoman。
Just see a handsome guy standing on the twenty,Take a cigar in the left hand,The right hand is holding a cheongsam beauty,See his head like a rich person。
“Who is this?!I have never seen it before.!”
“It looks less than Wu Shaohe Road less.,Which of this is this?!”
“Who are you!?”Wu Enzhen asked Qi Rui,
Manager Li quickly introduced:“This is the sharp blush!”
“Blindle!How did I not hear it being said?”
“Wu Silong!This is Rui Rui, the Rongchang Pier!Rong Huan’s sharp!”Manager Li once again reminded,

Xia Jian put his hands on his shoulders,I thought for a while and said:“As you say,This is really a bit troublesome,Does not rule out the possibility of hands-on”

“You Cai also said,Only you can settle such things。So you have to help us with this,Otherwise, who’s unbelievable,Kill me,Really unbearable”Wang Degui’s sincere look,This makes it difficult for Xia Jian to refuse。
Xia Zecheng was talking now,He coughed twice and said:“Jianer!The old village chief rarely asks you to help him。You have to help him with this,Anyway,This is also our business in Xiping Village。Moreover,SZAre you familiar with that??”
Xia Zecheng said everything for this purpose,Xia Jian can’t say anything anymore。He thought about it:“Old village chief!My company has a lot of things,So if you want me to go,We have to come and go from the plane。and also,If the situation is like what you said,Wang Youcai must take another person”
“Who do you want him to take?”Wang Degui asked quickly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You bring him what I said,He should know”
“it is good!We will go back,Let your aunt cook some dishes at night,Everyone sits and drinks two glasses,By the way, study this matter carefully,If time can catch up,You will leave tomorrow”Wang Degui is not the head of the village,Turn around and leave。
Chen Yueqin has a look,Got up from the sofa quickly,Quickly chase Wang Degui。
Wait for Wang Degui and his wife to leave,Sun Yuejuan launched a fire on Xia Zecheng。She lowered her voice and shouted:“You immortal,I’m confused when I’m young, right?!”
“What are you crazy?I didn’t mess with you just now”Xia Zecheng knows he is wrong,But I didn’t admit it。
Sun Yuejuan sneered:“You’re a big deal,What about the people in Xiping Village?Do you think Jian’er is omnipotent?What if you do something with someone?”
“Damn!Will not,With Jian’er’s ability,You still need hands to handle such a small matter。Moreover,Xia Jian helped Wang Degui’s house,This is a matter for our parents”Xia Zecheng is getting more and more excited,Speaking of the back,I laughed a little smugly。
Ma Yan is not happy anymore,She raised her brow slightly and said:“dad!It’s not that mom said you,Your promise today is too reckless。Encounter something like this in the future,It’s up to Xia Jian to decide!If you have to do it,Do what you promised”
“Ha ha!I have this ability。If Xia Jian doesn’t want to go,I’ll return to his house in a while”Xia Zecheng said,The temper is up too。
Xia Jian has a look,Hehe smiled and said:“Nothing!Since I agreed,Let’s do this well。SZWhere do i have friends,Such a thing will not be too difficult”
What Xia Jian said,No one else said much。The result of this rush is a fight,I must be unhappy after the trouble。
At dinner,Wang Youfa came to invite Xia Jian in person,Xia Jian didn’t want to go,But Wang You stubbornly pulled him away。In my case,He could only follow Wang You and send it to his home。
When Wang Youcai saw Xia Jian came,I was very happy to let him sit on the big kang。Then he smiled and said:“What do you think my brother did,Even you are tired”

“All right,Don’t worry about this。What is away?I’m the one”Wang Youcai finished,I quickly opened the door of the broken Jeep and got in。

Chen Yueqin caught up,She lay on the car window and whispered to Wu Youcai:“She might be in the rented building,If you see it, persuade her to come back to work,Otherwise, her seat as the village chief would be gone”
“I know what to say。You also persuade brother,Want to start everything。Xia Jian should have no idea about Song Fang,Because there are many young and beautiful women around him,Song Fang really can’t be ranked where he is,So this is impossible”Wang Youcai finally told the truth。
Chen Yueqin sighed and said:“I think so too。Why is she Song Fang?One older woman,I just don’t know I’m half a catty”
“All right,You dead old woman,You are the most nonsense”Wang Degui can’t help it anymore,He shouted。
Chen Yueqin shook her head helplessly,And stood on the side。Wang Youcai started the car,Turned quickly in the big yard,Drove the jeep out of the compound。
Xiping Village at this time,A noisy scene everywhere。Since the leisure agriculture has started,Farmhouses on both sides of the Xichuan River are under construction。Shouts of workers,And the piling sound of the machine,Mixed together and noisy。
When Wang Youcai drove out of the village,,He couldn’t help but glance back。He really doesn’t know,What will become of Xiping Village in the future。At least,What’s in his memory,No longer exists。
Wang Youfa’s rented building in the city,Wang Youcai has been there once,So he quickly found which neighborhood。I wanted to make a call first,Can think again,He thinks it is safer to find it directly。
First1900chapter To avoid suspicion
Dog days of summer,Is the hottest time in summer。
But in this dog days,The old folks of Donglin Township did not hide under the big tree and gossiping,But all the strong labor,And all men, women and children who can work,Sweating like rain for road construction in various villages。
Xia Jian rushed back from the city,I drove the car to the scene the first time。That scene is indeed spectacular,It’s a bit like the popular scene when I studied Dazhai in agriculture。

But the strange thing is that this man and Yuxing’s members have almost no intersection,Just in different time periods,Appeared near the Fengqing Bar。Is it just a coincidence?Ling Feng is not afraid of killing the wrong person,I only worry about not having a second chance,So he suppressed his excitement,Those who are waiting for Sun’s abduction take the lead before making sure。

I don’t know that the development of the plot is not that way at all,The grandchildren are so careless,People are stunned before they act。The suspected Li Tianchou seems to have fallen out of thin air,All the horses were swept away by lightning,Although Sun Guaizi himself hasn’t reacted yet,But Ling Feng has completely determined that this person is Li Tianchou,Especially this person had a brief intersection with Zhu Lei at the side entrance of the Little Sichuan Restaurant,More illustrative。
No time to laugh at Sun Kaizi,No matter how stupid the other party is,Also considered a great help,It’s just that he has no obligation to help warn,Such an overwhelmed brother after death,Hang up if you hang up。Ling Feng, lying on the roof in the distance, had the urge to shoot several times,But the process of Li Tianchou’s appearance alone was extremely short,*’S front sight could not be locked,Plus distance and angle issues,He has never been certain that one blow will kill。
After repeated consideration,Ling Feng temporarily abandoned his plan to kill that night,He spent a whole day,Follow Li Tianchou carefully,Until the other party’s whereabouts and temporary footing are completely determined。
of course,In this process,Ling Feng also witnessed Li Tianchou’s capture of Sun Guaizi.,Surprised him,Feel the other party is more fierce and cunning than before in Shimizu,And very sensitive,Almost found by him at least twice,This made Ling Feng’s heart vaguely disturbed。
In the afternoon,Li Tianchou left regularly“Ghost house”。A kilometer away,Ling Feng, who had been observing from a distance, unconsciously set up*,But just caught the target on the front sight,The other party seems to foresee in advance,Turning his head in return with a sneer and icy gaze,Let Ling Feng shocked,Just a short moment,When he concentrates again,The target in the front sight suddenly disappeared。
After looking very carefully for four weeks,Ling Feng still has no point,Li Tianchou is like the image in the air suddenly evaporated。Unconsciously,He actually broke out in a cold sweat,This is a rare phenomenon,The opponent in front of him made him feel guilty,I haven’t felt this way for many years。
Ling Feng tried to adjust his breathing,Calm down slowly,Let your body shrink as much as possible in the uneven pit,quickly,He gave up the kill plan again。Maybe choose to do it at night,More certainty,but no matter,This is the last time,If it doesn’t work, leave decisively。
Or maybe it was a good choice to go abroad with Zhang Zhiqiang,How could a ghost stay here to take revenge??Ling Feng laughed at himself,But shocked,How can I be so timid??He knows very well that for a professional killer,This mentality change is fatal,Can be afraid,Can also worry,But it’s definitely not when you are about to fight。
Struggled very painfully,Ling Feng makes a choice,He decided to try again at night,Success or failure,Far away,Never come back。
It’s already one o’clock in the morning,Apart from the crying cold wind around the ghost building,Nothing else。Under the clear moonlight,Visibility greatly improved,But Ling Feng felt a little sour in his eyes,Maybe it’s too nervous,He tried to move his stiff fingers,Try to relax the body。
When looking forward,Still grey and black,On the vast garbage dump,Not even a mouse has ever appeared,This place seems to have been completely forgotten by the world。This damn Li Tianchou,Won’t stay outside and won’t come back?Ling Feng cursed secretly,Changed my eyes,But still nothing found。
Sweaty palms,Impetuous mentality,Keep watching the time……Ling Feng gave a brief comment on his performance at night,The conclusion stunned him,This state is worse than a rookie,The already determined mentality actually collapsed like a ruin,He could not help but retreat。
“Bar”A soft sound,Interrupted Ling Feng who was fighting fiercely,He instinctively clenched his hands*,Then listen carefully to the surrounding movement。The sound seems to come from downstairs,Very clear,But the strange thing is that within Ling Feng’s perception,There are no obvious breath fluctuations around。
Could it be small animals like wild cats and wild dogs??Ling Feng at the moment is extremely unconfident,He held his breath,Withdraw the gun slowly,Then bend and change from prone position to sitting position,Muzzle up,But his sullen gaze turned to the black hole at the back of the door。
At this moment,There is another soft noise,“Click”Voice is clearer,Obviously from near the door。Ling Feng Weimi’s eyes suddenly widened,Hair grows up like a hedgehog,“Kara”Click the flat end frame,He concluded that the target was close at hand,I have no time to consider how Li Tianchou got in,Just now。
however,No more noise outside the door,Quiet and scary,Ling Feng’s whole body is like a tight spring,Dare not relax。After a stalemate for a few minutes,He let out a sigh of relief,All my muscles slowly relax,Judging from the perception just now,There is really nothing else at the door,Maybe it’s a mouse,He is too nervous。
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Nine lay down
But Ling Feng is not a rookie after all,Have rich experience in fighting and hiding,After I scared myself,He adjusted his mind quickly,Showed consistent patience and resilience,After tens of minutes of perception and observation,His figure has touched the door silently,Then stand still like a clay sculpture。
There is no sound outside separated by a wall,Ling Feng seems to have regained his confidence,He Will*In the corner,Then slowly drew out the dagger,Suddenly rushed out like lightning。

“My idea,Everyone has no opinion.?”

Xu Laifu said that the sound is very calm at this time.,But this is the calm question,But let’s let the people you want to speak.。
“village head,Why not all partially,It’s time to get together.。”
“That’s right,And there are too many village committees to stay.?”
“Yup,Yup,How do you say that these twelms will be divided again?。”
Listening to everyone, I am saying something in my words.,Xu Laifu has expected it for this scene.。
I immediately smiled:“Hey-hey,You can really,I don’t say it.,You even think of this thousand eight hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred,Is it some excessive??”
“I am here today.,Either you have 10,000 yuan per household,EitherTMDon’t want,I will pay directly,I am here.,At that time, the pool is still me.,You are still not satisfied,Since it is not satisfied,Don’t have anyone else,I don’t have to have a cooker.,How is it??”
Xu Laifu’s fire,A villager is also closed.。
After all, Xu Jiafu has so many villagers who have been so worried.。
“These 25,000 of some of them will give those excavators of fellows.,Mandatory,There is also the canal sand,You don’t want to seal people’s mouth,This money is so easy to get in your pocket.?”
“Don’t say this,Road is repaired,According to Xiao Li,With everyone to make a fortune station,To set up a new rural cooperative,This is the establishment of the establishment.?”
“Besides,Our village should get a new big square,Use a small wind to be a new farmer’s market,This farmer market does not pay for money?
Let you take a thousand blocks,Will you come out??
If you have, you have a few people in your hands dare to say that you don’t hesitate.,There are a few dare to say no distress?”
Asked by Xu Laifu,The people in the scene have no longer talking.。
Li Hui also saw Xu Laifu’s prestige in the village.。
“Don’t fight,Each family sent a representative,Last signing painting,The neighbors have to go to the notice。”
Finish,Xu Laofu started。
This night,The villagers of the whole lotus village are happy。
After all, every 10,000 yuan of each household is the same as white.。
And at the same time,Li Hui Feng has become a good person in the hearts of everyone.。
After all, Xu Lai Fu said yes.,No Li Hui is going to repair the way,Where can I let each household?。
The most critical is that the road is also the wind, which is also the money.,Not white。
The next morning,Li Hui said with Su Cool.,I am going to pack up and go to school.。
Many things in the village are busy, but they are busy.,But he feels that academics are heavy。
First go to school is better。
Let Li Hui’s accident is,Xu Ruzhen did not follow,But prepare to help management orchard with Qin Su Ya。
This is just out of Li’s expectation.。
Third, it is determined that Xu Ru is not followed.,Li Hui is carrying bags,Step on the way back to school。
Just arrived in the village,Li Hui Feng has encountered an acquaintance.。
The other party is more sexy than before,Judging two people,Charming enchanting with a silk soul。
When I saw Li Hui Feng,The other party is also obvious。
Chapter 222, Li Cuihua Kiss

Xia Jian heard that Old Xiao wanted to divide the money,Can’t help being surprised,This startup group has a lot of money,Give him a little,May be enough for the rest of my life。

Old Xiao took a sigh of relief,Go on:“This is such a long time since Xiao Xiao left,Regardless of the group and my life or death,I won’t wait for him anymore”
“Maybe she has some difficulties?”Xia Jian is still trying to excuse Xiao Xiao。
Old Xiao shook his head,Sad to say:“Even if you encounter difficulties,Make a call,It should be ok to write a letter!This child is too hard,Even if I raise a white-eyed wolf”
Xia Jian rarely saw Old Xiao being so sad,This may be related to his kidnapping this time。That’s it,Xia Jian couldn’t help but complain about Xiao Xiao,Anyway,It should be okay to write a letter back!It’s been such a long time since she left,Dead or alive,So heartbreaking。
Old Xiao paused,He looked up at Xia Jian and said:“I am going to distribute 20% of the shares of the group to Xiao Xiao,Give you ten percent,Wang Lin 3%,Jin Yimei 2%,I’m sixty percent,Wait for me to die,When Xiao Xiao comes back,She inherited,She won’t come back,I give you all my equity”
Xia Jianyi listen,Said hurriedly:“This makes President Xiao,How am I?,Dare to inherit your equity,You still take it back!I get so much salary every month,Already satisfied”
“Ha ha!What are you nervous,No one ever said that there was too much money he didn’t want,You are an example。It’s you that I value you。We have exceeded the employment relationship,I always treat you as my own child,I don’t know what you think?”Old Xiao was talking,Suddenly asked this question。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Who said no,I regard this as my home”
“Hahahaha!it is good!What I want is your words,It’s late,Hurry up to sleep!”Old Xiao stood up happily,Walk towards his bedroom。
Xia Jian stood up,Gently turned off the living room light,And locked the door,I went back to my room,He is lying on the bed,Can’t sleep for a long time。
This Xiao Xiao,Really an unfilial daughter,Old Xiao is this old,She can even pretend。In case she comes back one day,Old Xiao is gone,I don’t know how she should face it?
Thinking about all these messy things,Xia Jian fell asleep slowly,Once this has fallen asleep,Want to wake up,But it’s not that easy。

But the five blood lights are stabbing on the big formation,But can’t penetrate one or two。

“Traveling in chaos for hundreds of millions of years,Now defeated by manpower,Fall here。”
“If I always stay in the chaotic world,Naturally safe,Will not suffer this bad luck。”
“But if you stay in the chaotic world,How can I experience thousands。”
“Nothing more~”
A chaotic force swept through,The head of the last ape of the chaotic alien race, Ba Lao, was completely destroyed by a trace of chaotic power。
Chaos Alien,The fall of the eight-armed ancestor god Ba Lao。
“he died,You can’t run!”Li Ming super-controls the chaos restriction change on the white jade fairy sword,Actually turned into a misty brilliance,Layers around the true god of shadow。
Just before Li Ming made the big array change and collapse into chaos,This shadow god has already transformed into shadow,Escaped from the big array。
The shadow true god at this moment is not much afraid。
“First Class Ancestor,And has the strength close to the top ancestors,The strength is really good。”There is a smile on the face of the shadow god,Only in Li Ming’s eyes,That smile is a negative test:“That idiot Ba Lao is also considered an ancestral god,Die so easily in your hands。”
“but,Although I am a true god,But the realm is much better than that idiot,And I’m not good at fighting head-on。”
The voice has not fallen,The true god of Yinjie turns into a shadow again,Easily pass through the misty brilliance of the white jade fairy sword。
“Still want to try?It’s useless,If the pinnacle ancestor god might be able to kill me,Your method is useless!”Deep laughter。
“Boom boom boom~”Three breath bursts,Xiaoyao Tianzun、Kuafu and Zhuanxu appeared beside Li Ming。
They naturally saw the scene before。
“So amazing,In contrast《Shadowless》Don’t know how weak it is。”Xiaoyao Tianzun sighed。
“Unexpectedly the strength of Brother Zhulong,There has been such a huge progress in these millions of years!”Kuafu also admires,“but,Against this chaotic alien,This power is not enough。”
of course,Kuafu didn’t say,I am afraid that no one of the three realms alone can kill this true god who claims to be Yinjie,That magical power is really terrible。

As for Wright,After comforting Cecilia for a long time,Send Cecilia with red eyes back to Baruch House。As for how furious the Baruch family will be,What will happen to Peg and Sandy,Wright didn’t bother to ask,But I must not let it go easily。

This is like an episode in Wright’s life,Soon Wright’s life returned to the usual way。Spend four hours of forging every day to polish yourself,The geography courses in the college are never absent,Stick to the practice of meditation and fighting spirit,Pat and feed Xiaopeng Eagle Little Elek,Occasionally go to the teacher to sit,Listen to the teacher teaches his perception of fire magic。
If it’s not the same,After this incident,The relationship between Wright and Cecilia suddenly got better。Occasionally Cecilia will take Wright to play,Wright rarely refuses。Wright himself is a little unclear about the relationship with Cecilia。Lovers?Not feeling full!Say friends,And it seems more than that。
Of course neither Wright nor Cecilia said anything.,After all, the two of them are determined to become the dual sanctuary of magician and warrior,And the chance is still great,The other one is as long as he doesn’t die,Must become the pinnacle of the sanctuary,Enjoy a long life。
Time for them,There are so many more。
Half a year passed,Wright’s life is still so peaceful,The only trouble is that the little Elek gets bigger and bigger,It’s about one meter long now,Can already release a breath equivalent to second and third level magic,It’s a level four monster!
Although Wright also hopes that little Elek will grow up soon,Can be my own help,But with the growth of Xiaopeng Diao,Food intake is increasing day by day,Let Wright worry a little about his gold coins。
this day,Wright finished the course,Return from the college to the courtyard of the imperial capital。Communicate with little Elek’s soul hiding in his sleeve along the way。
Although today’s little Elek has not yet fully mastered the language,Can communicate with Wright smoothly with soul,But just like a child who is babbling,Also say a few words“the host,I’m hungry!”“To hug!”“what’s for dinner?”Short words like。
The moment Wright entered his courtyard。
suddenly—-A strange wave of magic came,Wright’s face changed,Tap,Holding Xiaopeng Diao horizontally for one meter。And a puddle of black liquid emerged from the place before。
“Zizi”The black liquid corroded the ground quickly,The liquid disappears in a while,A pothole half a meter deep also appeared in the courtyard。
Wright frowned,This magic is very similar to the dark one‘Devour the swamp’,But the fluctuation of the elements is definitely not the feeling of dark magic。
I scanned the courtyard,As if pretending to be calm:“Don’t hide,Come out!”

Actually Li Tianzhen has many souls,Each one maintains independence,Given the limitations of the law,Can’t be merged and unified,From Chaos to the Metaverse,Every reincarnation will give birth to a new soul,But only this lavender mortal soul is regarded as the most precious thing by him。

The other souls have been kept in the blue space where Li Xiucheng once slept,This space is the most inconspicuous in the world of Li Tianyu、Is also the most mysterious place,Since Li Xiucheng’s divinity left,He never paid attention to this place anymore。
Not negligence,But reluctant,About reincarnation,Li Xiucheng and Dayan have hinted,So Li Tianzhen is subconsciously worried,Once you touch something you shouldn’t touch in the blue space,Or release something bad,He won’t be Li Tianzhu anymore,Later he finally understood those who were jealous of him、The unknown is the soul he once had,So he would rather these souls be buried forever with all the dusty fragments。
As Li Tianzhen’s awakening accelerated,The small world has undergone two transformations,But none of them touched this blue space,It gradually sinks in being deliberately forgotten,Sink to the corner,Then it was buried by various fragments that flooded in countless times,However, this burying is just an illusion,Meaningless in front of the rule process,The ultimate goal of awakening must return to its origin,No matter what force can’t stop。
The purple phantom quickly became transparent in the constant impact of the stars,It disappeared like the companion soul back then,Li Tianzhen’s already very large body was once again a big lap,Looks very scary,Body size even surpasses Kuqimo and Shifangjun,He is suppressing the new soul that is about to emerge with all his willpower。
Shinzo,The light blue space has opened up,A very dazzling light flashed,Light golden、Dark brown and milky white light and shadow are superimposed and flow to the edge of the blue space,But stopped abruptly,It’s hard to get out of the bounds of space no matter how squirming,It’s like being blocked by an invisible barrier。
Hard to imagine such willpower,Can actually block the power of rules,The spirit of the starry sky map saw the danger in it,Guess that Li Tianzhen is constantly accumulating strength,The real purpose is not to counter the rules,But want to blew up,Trying to destroy the souls that are about to rush out。
No one can kill Li Tianzhi,Because it represents the lowest level of rules,He can’t do it himself,But if the body of this chaotic matter explodes,The catastrophic consequences are incalculable,Qi Ling screamed in despair,Trying to control Li Tianzhen’s ability to act again failed,Finally went mad and started to guide those remaining void storms,In any case, we must find a way to remove the terrifying energy in Li Tianzhen’s body。
Chapter one thousand and seventy seven Soul of origin
Li Tianzhen is in a bad state right now,The rapid demise of Fansheng’s soul dealt a heavy blow to him,In addition, all the remaining mental power is poured into intercepting other souls in the blue space,The whole state of consciousness is in a daze。
He is not ready yet,Especially it is difficult to adapt to the drastic changes in the late stage of awakening.,Even less willing to give up everything he has in the mortal world,Suddenly there are some extreme thoughts when madly blocking other souls,At first,Li Tianzhen knows it’s dangerous,I got confused later,I just feel uncomfortable,Need to vent。
Star Turtle Spirit is a chaotic attribute after all,Naturally, he knows the source of Li Tianti’s body strength,I am also very familiar with Voidstorm,Easy to guide,quickly,Those violent and chaotic breaths calmed down slightly,The surging power is temporarily suppressed,But the suffering cannot be resolved,The longer these strengths and breaths accumulate,The more terrifying it bursts。
Can do nothing,Revenant,In addition to screaming,There is no other way,At this moment,On the dotted line of the sky map,Suddenly a bright spot of light appeared,It happened to fall in the middle of the trajectory of Li Tianzhen and Ku Chimo,Then there was a thunderous bang,Another heartbeat!
The prestige of this beating is far greater than before,Kukimo was shocked immediately,The body is shrinking rapidly,Even the soul is traumatized,Don’t say it’s it,Even Shifangjun, who was farther away, was shocked.,My head exploded,immediately,The celestial bodies in the entire universe are shaking,Even misplaced,That sprout point sent out thunder anger!
Naturally, the one who suffered the most was Li Tianzhi,The heartbeat is thunderous to the entire universe,But for Li Tianzhu’s extremely sharp sword,A sword pierced his chest,And cut off his mental power,And the connection between the spiritual sense and the forge of vitality。
The horrible hole with its chest like a mountain brings vitality to the helpless spirit,The turbulent storm it immediately led out along the entrance of the cave,Those waves of energy that are already ready to move also gush out,Li Tianzhi’s abruptly swollen body shrank rapidly like a flat ball,And the soul of the gods that was firmly suppressed by willpower in the blue space also rushed out.,Race to the heights of the small world,But everyone avoids struggling in the turbulence of star fragments。
Li Tianzhen’s body has shrunk to a normal posture,The surface looks intact,Just very weak,At this time, he even moved a little finger is a luxury,The severed mental power has begun to heal slowly,Spiritual consciousness is also recovering,Weak perception,But I can see the splendid and weird scene in the gods,Just powerless,Let it go。
Seven or eight ghosts of various colors disappeared one by one in the impact of star fragments,Not just the destruction of every soul,It also means that the traces of Li Tianzhen once existed in a certain era or the heavens have been completely erased,Star fragments are constantly exploding,Only one phantom glowing with milky white brilliance walks through the star rain。
The speed of phantom is not fast,Not even slow,The dense debris seems hard to hurt it,There are more fragments that are not yet close to the white halo and melt on their own,This halo seems to have a very high temperature,Float all the way,Burn all the way、Clean up the mess around after the explosion,Its precarious figure looks extremely tall and straight,Even with no concealment of arrogance。