After that, Li Dao did not want himself.、I don’t want iron unparalleled people.,Sorctive madness is your own,Ate woman,I have embarked on the road of top ten wicked people.。

Iron and unparalleled don’t know the truth,At that time, I also organized the right hand.,Chasing Li Dali for a while,Every time I heard the name of Li Daizui,Are both heartache、唏 唏……
There is also a pile here,Iron unparalleled things。
That is, in fact, his granddaughter is still alive.,This granddaughter is still young,The world believes that Li Dazhao can’t let his daughter.,However, Li Dali is not really crazy.,His daughter is naturally alive,Just not bring it around,It is rushed to the collar palace adoption!
Jiang Yilang learned from the lotus,Li Daozu is actually a daughter,Maxim、Tiefang,Give it to your friends,His big wicked person,What can I have a reliable friend??
Tie Ping is abused by two couples since childhood,Later, I fled myself.,Coincidentally get into the floral palace。
Because I heard my daughter who said my own,Listen to the rivers and lakes,Li Daren took his wife and woman,Tiefang thought,She ate her mother and her sister,Thinking in the future, I have to find Li Dadu.……
Lotus and Tiefoutang are good,I have heard of this matter.,Later, I gave Jiang Yulang.!
And Jiang Yulang specially found the friend of Li Daozui.,Fake support learned from him,Shake it now,The saying is that Tiefang is abused by the floral landscape.,Always、Don’t get out,Therefore, the people who have secretly harmonized the floral palace retaliate。
Especially let Jiang Yulang say this.,There is a lot of flowers in the transcotary.,What feeling for Tiefang……
Flower no short mist,Tiefang him confirmed,But with his best palace girl is a lotus,Secondly the lotus,Tiefang can only say it is because of his age,So is more cooked。
Jiang Yulang’s speech,Iron unparalleled, I want to kill the flower,After that, two palace owners came to Sanxiang,Borrowing yourself in Sanxiang,And the sex of the moon,After shouting,Collection of Sanxiang Wulin’s power,Will invite the month to kill this!
certainly,This, Jiang Yulang did not speak,Otherwise, no matter what,He has to accompany,Just listen to this means。
Now because Jiangnan Heroes see the autumn,There is also Chu Taicheng to live in the situation.,especially……Moon martial arts!
Sanxiang Wulin,At this time there is only Hengshan School、Iron pauses help these big schools are still,Others have made birds and beasts,Natural iron unparalleled conspiracy,I don’t attack it from breaking.。
After this evidence,The iron unparalleled motive suddenly。
“Pinggui……She is still alive, she is alive.?”I am also surprised after I heard that I have heard it.。
Jiang Yulang Wen Yan,Just acknowledge,As if:Old iron,Have a painter。
After all, he has already taken the route of the flower bonard.,Different with his ace,No need to install a gentleman。
Unlike him,Also play the last moment,At this time, I am depheticing iron unparalleled,A pair he just learned from his son’s mouth.。
“I、I am clear that I have just learned this.!Flower chief……My granddaughter……Are you ok?”Iron is unresolved,Otherwise, the ability,First, I will care for Tiefang.。
“Nature is extremely good。”Flowers have no lancens。
Although I have used myself、Use《Ming Yucheng》Perceive,Tie Ping also was invited to hit the month,but……Master father,Can it be abuse??That is love!
Iron unparalleled this loose tone,And greatly opened:“Since the iron home is not,How can I want to secretly transform the fire??”
Mo Da is also interested 不 大 大,Just saying that it is a thousand gold。
Just in the hearts of everyone,I died again.,Liu Qin behind the iron unpack,At this time, I was glaring by Jiang Yilang.,Later……A bit bite out,Fort-in and pour in front of the Jiang Bifai:“Jiang、Jiang Man!I have something to say.!”
Iron unparalleled appearance first,Then reveal the color of the anger。
No matter what Liu Que is to say?,He wrapped his master,Directly worship the heroes,This movement has made the seniors in the scene frown.……
“You are……Liu Qi Shaoxia?Our rivers and lakes,Only worship the heaven,Side people can’t afford this gift。”Jiang Bifai Crane is busy helping him。
Iron unparalleled anger:“Liu Que!what are you up to?”
Liu Qi heard,怯 神 神,Hide from the Yangtze Crane:“I……I saw,My Master……People dressed to a book,I bought a porcelain bottle……that is……That is the one searched after the scene!I、I didn’t want to say it.,Master is Master、It is Master to kill me.!”
Iron unparalleled chest pain、A flower,Almost fainting,Fortunately, Being Qiong is supported by the side.……
Since the others have not seen,Bai Qiong helped iron unparalleled hand,At this time, you should quietly twist the iron scorpion on your fingers.!
But just at this time,Liu Jing suddenly stood out,Drink:“brute!What are you talking??”
Bai Qiongben was shocked,At this time, I was shocked by this.,I didn’t dare to work immediately.……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 847 trust you

Due to tight time,Xia Jian didn’t have the time to grind with them,Directly told these three people about the loan repayment。Li Hulin smiled and said:“The leader is really thoughtful,This is the best way,Otherwise, there is really no way to solve the money issue“

Ding Changwa said loudly:“Great,As long as you don’t collect money,There is no problem with this。What I care about most now is this kind of thing,Because the villagers have already cleaned up the land,Just waiting to plant“
He Yonggui never spoke,Xia Jian glanced at him and said:“Why doesn’t Mr. He give his opinion??and also,What kind of situation is in your village now?“
“I took office less than a day,But the situation in Hejiaping Village is very bad。There are many villagers’ lands that have not been sorted out yet,What kind of black potato is a lie,Because they don’t believe that the price of black potatoes will be so much higher than the price of ordinary potatoes“He Yonggui said helplessly。
Li Hulin became angry when he heard it:“Who are you in Hejiaping Village??Mayor Xia personally ran the project,Run seed。Even the seed money is paid by the bank for us。We just plant it,How come there are so many arguments。Not a single family in Liziwan Village is willing to pull down,Are rushing to plant“
“How about this!If you really don’t plant in Hejiaping Village,Give us all the seeds in Shangxiagou Village,We have the ground“Ding Changwa laughed and said。
He Yonggui smiled and said:“How does that work?Just thinking of your own village being rich。I will find a way,It’s just what Mayor Xia just said,I have no opinion,Just have a clear account,Only then can you convince the public“
“Damn!You Village Chief He is so troublesome,Mayor Xia can lie to us?Can you not hear?The cost of his trip to the U.S. is his own money”Li Hulin couldn’t help but say something。
He Yonggui looked embarrassed,He wants to say a few more words。But Xia Jian has stood up,He picked up the phone on the desk,Called Niu Li,What documents and*Took it。
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa just made up casually,But He Yonggui looked very carefully,I also asked Niu Li if I didn’t understand,Niu Li explained one by one,He Yonggui smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia is really dripping,It’s easier to explain to the villagers”
“Easy to say!Secretary Niu took the black potato seeds*Make three copies,Let the three village chiefs take them back to the village。Since everyone has no objections,Execute it quickly。The seeds will arrive in 17 or 8 days,As soon as the goods arrive,Plant immediately,Who is responsible for the delay”Xia Jian said in a very harsh tone。
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa patted their chests to guarantee,But He Yonggui did not,He smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia!This plant pays attention to the humidity of the soil,Could you please let the weather bureau of our city give us some convenience,It is to pass the weather forecast of the recent period to us in time”
Tong Jie frowned as she couldn’t help listening,I think this person has a lot of things。But Xia Jian smiled and said:“no problem,start from tomorrow,I will ask someone to use the phone to inform you of the weather in Pingyang Town in recent times”
“Chief He!If it doesn’t rain for this period of time,What can you do?”Tong Jie asked He Yonggui a little deliberately。
He Yonggui smiled and said:“If it really doesn’t rain,Even if you use a load to carry water,Also keep the soil moist,Otherwise, this kind of seed is no good if it can’t be produced.,This is a lot of money”
“well said,Your two villages should also be prepared for this,When the time comes, the materials that will come with the seeds have planting methods and later related guidance,At that time, I will let someone give you guidance and training”Xia Jian said and glanced at his watch,Because he has to go to the city for a meeting this afternoon。
Tong Jie is very smart,She saw what Xia Jian meant,So she stood up and said:“Today this meeting ends here,Everyone, go back and handle the loan first,Be fast。Secondly, which old saying,Everyone is always ready,Once the seeds of black potato arrive,Let’s plant it right away”
Li Hulin and Ding Changwa stood up as soon as they heard,They laughed and let everyone say goodbye。But He Yonggui sat and didn’t leave,I can see that there is something in his heart。
as expected,When Li Hulin and Ding Changwa are far away,He Yonggui ran by himself and closed the door of Xia Jian’s office,Then he lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia! I need to report to you”
“it is good!Now the four of us,You just say”Xia Jian said, winking at Tong Jie,Tong Jie quickly took the paper and pen。

If it is an indivisible magic weapon、Resources wonders, etc.。

Li Mingfen’s five and a half,Xiaoyao Tianzun、Kuafu and Zhuanxu each have a half,Venerable Fuhu Yicheng。
This is also based on the distribution of strength。
“Wow~”On a small star tens of billions of kilometers before the ancient gods,Li Ming flipped,Take out the Ancestral Temple。
But three thousand years,When Li Ming cracked the big array,The other four powers will naturally not stand by the side。
Four Powers,Taoism and Buddhism are all about saving all beings、Save the common people。
Zhuan Xu is one of the Five Emperors,And the gods and devil praise the father also loves all beings,Otherwise, I wouldn’t hunt down those golden crows and run around。
The four great powers are also quite unhappy with the way the blood rule of the gods and demons in this world。
but,They are unwilling to deal with those gods,But it is to guide some of the mundane of this world。
Such as Venerable Fuhu,I value a little guy with a strong desire,It is said that once experienced the red dust,Give up desire,Then it can fit with Buddhism。
And also threw a low-grade innate spirit treasure,And personally follow and guide for a long time。
Kuafu spreads some magical doors in the ordinary。
Emperor Zhuan Xu is even more simply,Find some gods directly,Hand down the method of becoming a true immortal—This world,The highest cultivation method is the realm of heaven,There is no way to break through to become a true fairy。
But in fact,If Tianxian comprehends the avenue,The distance from breaking through the real fairy is really just a thin line。
Only way,Can break through as a true fairy
Tianxian in the world of ancient gods,There really is such a realm,Who knows a great way。So celestial,Emperor Zhuanxu even moved the heart of the Three Realms under his family,After all, the major forces of the Three Realms,There is no shortage of true immortals。
As for Xiaoyao Tianzun—Really happy,Wander around,Accepting a disciple only occasionally,Leave after teaching。

However, the things of Chen Riyuan finally solved,He also suddenly put down a heavy burden.。

“Is it a doctor??”Inspiring an internship nurse,It seems that there are still some nervous look at Zhou Ye.。
Respiratory Bacheon Week, Zhou Niwu and Week。
That ten eight or nine is really looking for yourself.。
Zhou Ye is politely“Um”A sound。
The little nurse saw Zhou Yewu appeared.,May be a nursing student who just undergive。
certainly,Teenage girls in the same age saw the teenager of Zhou Yewu,90% will appear a little shy!
“Sure enough, it is too handsome.……”Zhou Ye, my heart is stinky。
But waiting for a long time,The little nurses have no more words.。
she……It seems to be forgotten.。
Zhou Ye reminded:“Is it what I have??”
Small nurse red face,I remembered this,Hurriedly:“Doctor,Nurse has you call,It seems to be a Mashamian doctor who is on the other side of the old disease.。”
Zhou Ye“what”A sound,“Doctor, what is looking for??It’s hard to be a patient for the consultation.?”
Small nurse shook his head,Said that you are not clear,Then I ran into the ward.。
Zhou Ye thought,Previously in the elderly ward,He is helping Ma Chauyi exhausting machine,It’s still time to let Ma Chao give the old man.。
Look at the time from the consultation,It has passed24h。
Napoto report is estimated.!
Isn’t it a good moving?。
Then Ma Chairi called himself.?
Zhou Ye has once again emotion,Solve the time of the horse,I didn’t expect to have a horse and wait for yourself.!
The surname horse is not today and does not do it.?
Zhou Ye went to the nurse,Take a call,“Hey,Hello,Respiratory ward。”
The horse “of the phone is obviously waiting for a long time.。
He heard the voice of Zhou Yewu,I am excited at an instant.:“brother,The result of the electromalogram report came out.!”
Sure enough, things are like god.!
However, it is a blessing or a disaster.!
Zhou Niwu is not awkward,Whisper“Um”A sentence。
The phone is holding the report.,One hand is then the phone:“EMG report show,Nervine damage of the old man’s bilateral,Surrounding neuropathy……I’m really right.。”
Zhou Ye learned that he did not have a mistake after his consultation.,The chest suddenly quite。
Believe in brother,How could it be wrong?!
He clearly cleared the way:“uh-huh,It is recommended to look from the patient’s past history and medication.,There is also a case where there is no spinal pathogen to oppress the neuropathy.?Or do the drugs for a long time have such side effects??”

First351chapter I am also narrow-minded

“Fairy god,Spare my life,Spare my life,I can give you whatever you need,As long as you save my life……”Pu Shiming’s legs were frightened,Knelt directly on the ground,As if offending the gods in the temple。
Folk rumors,Fairy ghosts are the only place,It’s good weather,Is the incarnation of a fairy god who is protected from natural disasters,Zi Zonglin must have done something angry,Will be trampled by the gods。
As a member of Zi Zonglin,Pu Shiming naturally heard such a statement。
At first he naturally sneered,I think some 10,000-year-old spirits are playing tricks,But now bend to the opponent’s strength,Pu Shiming is no different from those so-called fools,Keep bowing,Want a bit of life。
“Originally Pu Da Gongzi,Jing, the proud son of heaven in the entire Great Court Continent, will also believe those ridiculous ghosts and gods.。”At this moment,In the darkness came a sound that sounded familiar。
Pu Shiming was taken aback,Raised his head slowly,His hair is a bit messy,The forehead and face are also full of mud。
To show piety,He knocked very hard。
just,When Pu Shiming saw someone walking out in the dark,This person is actually the life he just ordered to be abolished,The face is full of horror and amazement!!
“wish……Zhu Minglang!!”Pu Shiming couldn’t help but exhale。
“Are you lucky,I am not a fairy?”Zhu Minglang asked with a smile。
“Why are you acting like a ghost!”Pu Shiming was furious,That face rose like pig liver。
Just spit out this sentence,Pu Shiming suddenly saw Zhu Minglang behind,A dragon of the night like a magic snake slowly emerges,Its slender body,Not the enchanting of most evil snakes,Instead, it reveals a terrible sense of strength and strength。
That extraordinary feather scale,Glowing with an extremely rare look,Sometimes colorful,Sometimes dark and deep,It’s like black magic jade,Skin is crystal clear and smooth,Only tail、Some dragon whiskers on the neck,But still has a breath of king!
Its wings are folded,Its fangs are slightly exposed,There is still blood from two purple dragons on it。
Pu Shiming couldn’t help but glance at his two purple dragons,This was a shocking discovery,The sacred lion purple dragon and silver tail purple dragon have been sucked up all their blood,The corpse shrivelled like long dead skin and flesh!
Roll your tongue to your lips,Tianshalong wipes away the remaining dragon blood。
Although it usually steams blood into gas,Then use the wings to absorb the blood and energy,But if you encounter a super tonic like Zilong,Tianshalong still doesn’t mind the hole in person……
Drink some blood of spoiled creatures like stone fairy ghosts,It’s called filling up,

Leo looked at these people,Constant glances。

He doesn’t mind this group of people half-hearted,After all these people don’t even know his name,Talking about being loyal is totally self-deception。
Leo doesn’t care about the loyalty of these people。
Just under,As long as you don’t violate him。
“If you don’t have any comments on the Foge Chamber of Commerce,Then I will treat you as my own!of course,If someone doesn’t want to join my chamber of commerce, I won’t stop,Can leave directly!”
There was a smile on Leo’s face。
It’s just a bloody smile,There is no way to bring people a sense of security。
“well!Everyone opted in,I can only say that you will be proud of your choice in the future!”
Everyone is still silent,Everyone is not a fool,Just listen to these words。
After a short silence,A senior cadre of more than sixty levels stepped forward:“grown ups,I don’t know if there are a few words from my subordinates!”
“Don’t talk if you know it’s inappropriate!”Leo pouted。
“Cough!”The cadre coughed awkwardly,Then continued。“I have a few questions I want to ask an adult。”

Chen Erniu thought about it:“Ok!I listen to the leader。I will ask Mo Yan to go,Just can she go,I can’t guarantee”

“Go! Go! Go!You’re a scared wife,I call her,Let her go early to help my mother”Ma Yan said,I really called Mo Yan。
Song Fang came out of the village committee,Suffocating。Unexpectedly, the more she wanted to get closer to Xia Jian,Instead, it got farther。This kind of distance is the distance between heart and heart,Just like before,She can feel Xia Jian’s indifference to her。
More than an hour before get off work。She is the deputy village head,I’m sorry to take the lead to leave work early。This time,Through her unremitting efforts,Make Ma Yan change her mind。Ma Yan gave her the right to ship the vegetable greenhouse,This is also an affirmation of her work ability。
Just when Song Fang lowered her head thinking that her mind was moving forward,Suddenly from behind the big tree at the entrance of the village,Come out,This shocked Song Fang。
“Who are you?What do you want to do sneakily?”Song Fang’s eyes widened,Screamed。
“Yo!Are you Wang Youcai’s sister-in-law Song Fang?!I am his good friend Chen Feng。To put it more popular,I’m Mayor Chen’s brother”Chen Feng didn’t leave,He has been dangling at the entrance of the village,This is not waiting for Song Fang。
I heard that the man standing in front of him is Mayor Chen’s younger brother,Song Fang is still happy,After all, she is a relatively powerful person。
“Oh!Mayor Chen’s brother!Nice to meet you!I don’t know what Mr. Chen is asking for”Song Fang said to Chen Feng very politely。
Chen Feng glanced around and said:“How about let’s get in the car and talk?”
Facing Chen Feng’s invitation,Song Fang couldn’t move,This is her fatal weakness。If this person is not Mayor Chen’s brother,Song Fang will definitely not agree。
Chen Feng’s car stopped by the big tree at the entrance of the village,Song Fang hesitated,Got into the car。Chen Feng is happy,Opened the door on the other side and got in。
“I don’t think we are much different in age,So I just call you Song Fang,Don’t call Mr. Chen anymore,Call me Chen Feng”As soon as Chen Feng got into the car, he confirmed their name。
Song Fang smiled slightly,Whispered:“OK!Are you looking for me,Just say it。We have been sitting in the car for a long time,Inevitably something wrong,So you should hurry up!”
“Ha ha!I have long heard that Wang Youcai has a beautiful sister-in-law from the south,See you tonight,Sure enough。But what I didn’t expect was,You are so feudal,It seems to be affected by this small mountain village”Chen Feng said with a smile。

After Xi Zhen listened to Xia Jian’s arrangement,,He smiled and went downstairs。Xia Jian sat for a while,I called Heiwa again,Let him prepare the car,They are going to Juyue Villa。

Logically,It’s during work now,Where should he go,But where did Xia Jian go for a purpose?。
Late autumn,Yellow leaves fell on both sides of the road。When the black BMW briskly walks through the forest,The tires are rolling on the yellow leaves on the side of the road,Made a rustling sound。
Xia Jian stretched his head out of the car window,He feels the charm of autumn。This way,There are many stories about him。From knowing Zhao Longlong,Since Zhang Teng,He just gave up on this place。
Want to see,A place like Jupeng Villa,Is not the place for decent businessmen。But Xia Jian didn’t think so。What kind of business people are decent business people?They go to the hotel to enjoy higher-end service,Is that called decent??
Not necessarily,Because of many things,People who haven’t been there don’t even know。Xia Jian has been there,So he knows where there are so many hidden things。
The first impression of a place like Jupeng Villa is that everyone has it。But the more so,Some news from the outside is coming soon,Then it depends on how your ears catch。Every time Xia Jian comes here,It can be said to have benefited a lot。
Heiwa while driving,Whispered to Xia Jian:“We were followed by a black Big Ben,I’ve been following,It feels like Xiongji’s car”
“is it?This guy seems pretty smart,As soon as i come here,He showed up right away。Get rid of him,I want to see Zhang Teng in advance”
Xia Jian said,Smile coldly。
Heiwa responded,A slam on the gas pedal。The BMW suddenly moved forward,Speed up and rush forward。Where,The yellow leaves on the roadside follow the wind of the tires to fly。
Once the car arrives at Jupeng Spring Village,Xia Jian said to Heiwa:“Go to the back door”
Heiwa responded,One direction,The BMW car swiftly drove to the back door of Jupeng Quanzhuang。The car just stopped,Xia Jian pushed the car door and jumped down。

But looking at it,In this situation,In fact, Wang Teng is very impatient to solve it。

“prior to,Lucky for Hong Deshao。”
“but,Hong Deshao’s luck,Can’t always be so good。”
Wang Teng is talking here,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
After all now,Actually such a thing,It is still necessary,It can be solved properly。
And at the moment,Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him。
obviously,What will this bring,Actually this matter,It’s very important。
“Lord,They are coming。”
Now,People at Hawbao Camp,He said directly to Wang Teng。
But after these people finished talking to Wang Teng,Now,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,I am a little eager to try。
“well,Since this is the case,Then next,We actually have nothing to wait。”
“Now that it’s determined,Then next,We can go straight away!”
When Wang Teng finished,obviously,In the hearts of those around you,The more I think about it, the better I feel。
Start now,Ready to start。