Tianxi Expressway construction once again achieved breakthrough progress

On November 13th, the double smooth penetration of the Guangxi Tianxi Expressway Project of Guangxi Fangxi Expressway in China can build Gezhouba Group. At this point, all four tunnels in the section of the construction project of Tianxi Expressway have achieved all the achievements, and the engineering construction has reached a breakthrough progress. It is understood that the Weiyan Tunnel is the longest tunnel of the Tianxi Expressway Construction Project Department. The tunnel is located in Yao Township, Tianlin County, which is the Yue Ring Tunnel. The tunnel import slope is steep, the vegetation is flourishing, the tunnel exit is The hometown of Ba Cun Village is facing a flat venue, and the provincial channel S321 can be connected via the village. The tunnel is designed according to the dual lane separation tunnel design, and the imported area is designed according to the small pincope tunnel; the right line starts from K11 + 822 ~ K13 + 253, the whole length is 1431m; the left line starts from ZK11 + 832 ~ ZK13 + 198, Full length 1366m.

The tunnel import and export uses the end wall hole, the maximum buried depth is about 290m, which belongs to the long tunnel.

The surrounding rock of the 盘 tunnel is poor, the water seepage is large, the overall construction is difficult, and the construction of the Tenti Expressway construction project is a serious summary experience. In-depth analysis of the construction environment, the local system, and the construction plan, Increase the investment in construction resources, strengthen safety, quality control, and focus on resolving the key issues of restricting production, and ensure that the double-scale tunnel has penetrated.

Since this year, the Ministry of Tainxi Expressway Construction Project has vigorously launched "party construction leadership, attacking hard, struggling to open two ‘last kilometers" theme labor competition. In-depth development of the party building in the work area, strengthen the party building leadership, will lead the leadership to the on-site first-line work to form a normalization, continue to promote the project construction and fast development.

Since June 1, this year, the rich tunnel, Xinzhai Tunnel, developed hill tunnel, and the Tunneling Tunnel, which were built by the Ministry of Tongxi Expressway Construction Project, and the Tunneling Tunnel have been achieved. As of November 13, Tianxi Expressway Construction Project Department The department completed the "Four Seasons" node goals in advance, laying a solid foundation for further completion of the production and operation goals in 2021. (Shi Shengfu, Xie Ao Song, Sui Dragon) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

One village check one question

[I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind] a village check one question – Sichuan big investigation to ensure winning, poverty attack I raised two pigs and some chicken duck, the days were very good, and there were more than 10,000 yuan a year.

"Recently, the villagers of Caijiawan Village, Guang’an Town, Guang’an City, Sichuan, finally stabilized, and he was pleased to say about the reporter. Luoshi phase is in 2016, but because improper feeding, there is a rising risk. In 2019 In the first year of Sichuan, the "two unfair three guarantees" returned to see the big investigation work, the Working Group found this problem, when the rectification is implemented, helping him start raising the pig.

After in-depth study, Luoshi phase mastered the breeding technology, and expanded the scale of breeding, eliminating the risks of the rivers.

The big investigation is an important part of Sichuan to carry out the theme education of "unforgettable, remember mission".

Sichuan clearly requested the provincial partial unit to see the main cuthers of the big rows and reform and reform as the theme education. The city county should regard large rows of rectification as an important task of theme education. All levels of Sichuan, various departments conscientiously implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government decision-making deployment, inspect the initial heart and mission, carefully planned, carefully deployed in large investigation work, strongly deployed, strongly achieved solid results. In June 2019, Sichuan officially launched a three-month large-scale investigation. In the past, Sichuan has organized five working groups, and selected five highly representative townships to conduct pilots, field tests and optimized the scientificity of large-scale questionnaire indicators. The reasonable steps of the method steps, the stability of system operation Sex, make sure the big investigation is safe and effective.

"To find out the number, find out the problem, do some targeted, effectively improve the quality of the poverty alleviation, ensure that you will be able to take off the poverty battle in schedule." In the province, the province has implemented the "two unfair three guarantees" back to see the big investigation work deployment meeting, Peng Qinghua, secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, emphasized that the province has to launch the "two unfair three guarantees" back to the big investigation, as a major measures for the spirit of the important speech of General Secrets, General Secretary, True, as a whole, fighting the poverty-stricken completion stage Basic work and "Niu Nose" project, together and work together to do this work deeply.

After the launch of the big troubleshooting, the working groups strictly control the "two unfair three guarantees" poverty alleviation standards, one village is a village, one house, one, one, strictly enforce the verification process, doing both All coverage, no one, one person, but also to high quality, is never false. It is reported that more than 260,000 people in Sichuan directly participate in the big investigation work, and the province (city, district), 4115 towns, 11501 poor villages, 32,79 non-poor villages have been fully covered. "From the inspection situation, the province’s deformed progress is in line with the expectations, the poverty reduction is obvious, and there is a solid foundation for the fight against the poverty.

"The relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Development Bureau told reporters that in the poverty of the establishment of the poverty, it was found that the problem of being depleted" two unfair three guarantees ", accounting for the number of investigations, and the problem of non-poverteen has taken the problem of%, total Accounting; in helping work, the problem is found to account for the number of investigations; in the easy-to-poverty alleviation relocation households, the problem is found to account for the number of investigations. Discover non-built-in-law Lika special difficult households (edge ??households) 37656 .

After the end of the big investigation, Sichuan held a summary meeting to make a detailed arrangement for problem rectification work.

As of February 29, 2020, the province’s inspection "two unfamiliar three guarantees" highlights have been changed, and the special difficulties of non-arrangement of Ru Special difficulties have resolved%.

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Production of self-help, starting from the disaster prevention and mass resettlement point – Daning County, Shanxi Province

  China Taiyuan on October 14th, Self-rescue At the eyes, the flying needle, the whole gods embroidered the tiger head on the jewelry, and the table put two products that have completed the embroidery process, just wait for the staff to pay the money. On the afternoon of October 13, the reporter walked into the largest disaster-critical people in Daning County, Shanxi Province. Seeing Wang Yuemei elderly and more than 100 women gathered in a big conference room to do car hanging embroidery jewelry, the relevant staff on-site receiving points. "I have been in place for 3 days. I have made this embroidery, I have earned more than 300 yuan." Wang Yuemei said that he is a poor household in Southeastburg village. Point money to make up for losses.

  This placement point in the Xiaowun Village Industrial Park in Datun County has placed 542 affected people.

Feng Juan, Chairman of Dalun County Women’s Federation, said that recently, the National Health Committee of the National Health Committee will pay 200,000 yuan to buy a car hanging jewelry made from the local "pull embroidery" process. This resettlement point is passed on the spot, according to the process Live, piecepoint payment, on the spot. Some of the cloth, some paintings, some pieces of silk, some sewing, some embroidered … A embroidery product workshop with complete production pipeline is built here, a unique production and self-help operation Start here. It is located in Danning County in the Loess Plateau. This is very serious, from October 2nd to 7, more than 280 mm, which is the largest precipitation in Shanxi Province. There are more than 50,000 people in the county, and more than 10,000 people are affected. "This is a big disaster, I am very embarrassed, now there is a place to make money, and it is a money, and a lot is also a lot.

"The victims of Chiun Village, Qujiang Town, Daning County, also took off poor, originally live with the big daughter, but the daughter’s house had a danger, but they had to transfer them to the affected people.

He Esiying did the sewing process, complete a earning 2 yuan, daughter as a embroidery process, complete a pair of earning 30 yuan. From Xiaosheng, he will learn to "pull the embroidery", which is both the victims of the disaster and the training teacher at the scene. After the class, I didn’t tire the hand of the students to actually operate.

"I understand them most, most of the students are older old people, it is not easy.

"He Chengying said," Whenever I see them to complete a process, I am very happy to get the money, I feel very happy, I feel worth it. "Currently, producing self-help as soon as possible, reducing losses, is our top priority.

Wang Xiaobin, secretary of Datun County Party Committee, said that all relevant departments are doing everything possible to accelerate this work.

  In another large room at this resettlement point, 50 affected people are accepting the previous training for local housekeeping companies.


Resources more effectively dock the "long triangle entrepreneurship map" map continuous expansion

  During the week of the National Volkswagen Entrepreneur, the Shanghai Branch has held multi-operative large SMEs to docile and investing financing docking activities.

The Long Triangle Double Creative Demonstration Base is expressed, and the regional innovation entrepreneurial resources docking is under mechanism through the "long triangle entrepreneurial map".

As of the end of August 202, "Changda Entrepreneurship Map" has covered 27 cities in the long triangle, and the financing demand for 19 entrepreneurial projects has been successfully paired; 81 large enterprises, 185 entrepreneurs companies. "The steel production process is long, the problem has more affected factors, and the conventional method is difficult to see."

‘Iron + Artificial Intelligence’ is a general trend.

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, our specific needs include intelligent data, self-learning control, predictive maintenance, product characteristics forecast, quality defect diagnosis … Shang, Wang Jun Ting, Vice President of Wusongkou Pioneering Park, President Wang Jun Ting, issued a series of needs. Wang Jun Ting said that as a large company, Baowu Group’s massive data provides basic conditions for all kinds of artificial intelligence innovation applications, such as More than 100,000 product defects, and over 70,000 single-point high-frequency sensing data generated daily.

In addition, Wang Junte also introduces Bawu Group’s demand in green and low-carbon, such as high salt, high-amamine acid wastewater treatment process.

  In addition to Baowu Group, the event site also has the relevant person in charge of China and Shanghai Electric’s two major enterprises introduced their industrial layout and released new needs. The event has obtained a positive signing of SMEs. After a pair of sites on the spot, the final 11 small and medium-sized enterprises have reached a preliminary cooperation intention. "SME business model is more flexible, can bring innovation to new industries in large enterprises; in addition, for us, SME technical strength is also an external fresh blood.

Shanghai Electric is currently integrating its own equipment capabilities, experimental capabilities and engineers, and further providing open service support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the long run. "Shanghai Electric Group Central Research Institute, Hatching / Life, Director, Li Pu Xu, said.

  The Long Triangle Double Creatant Demonstration Base is said that similar corporate docking activities are in the long run of the long triangle.

"We will post related activities on the ‘long triangle entrepreneurial map’, collaborate alliance resources, build a cooperation bridge for SMEs. In addition to posting activities from time to time, ‘long triangle entrepreneurial map’ daily will release large business orders, excellent Innovation project information, as well as various research institutes in the Yangtze River Triangle and entrepreneurial parks, the latest policy support.

"According to statistics, since the release of the 2019 Cover 662 service institutions, 13022 platform projects; 690 cards; Piece.

  With the advancement of the long triangulation, the Yangtze River Triangle has a surge in technology innovation resources, and the traditional research and development in Shanghai, producing manufactures in other regions of the Yangtze River Triangle, is continuously evolving to develop, medium trials and production, It is only different models in the development of R & D links and side focus on the sub-industrial chain.

This greatly promoted the circulation of cross-regional innovation elements, which is conducive to the depth of technology innovation in the long run.

"Wang Zhen, deputy dean of the Shanghai Social Sciences, said.

(Xinhua News Agency, Du Kang, He Xinrong) (Editor: Guan Fei, Li Vu) Sharing let more people see.

Shougang Ski Great Tilting Station starts snow

Original title: Shoushui Ski Great Tilting Table 1 week launch (Reporter Sun Yunkong correspondent Cheng Men) The Shougang Ski Great Tour in Shijingshan District has entered a countdown, according to the weather, the big feet is expected to be officially launched within one week. Snow.

  Realize the secret of the skiing platform "silver-shelled", hidden at the foot of the big feet, 7 buildings and 4 build snow cannons have been in place, will meet the starting zone, help the slope, the jet area and the slope for snow Different requirements for the amount and the snow. Snow pump houses and water supply systems, the power supply system has also been debugged, and the weather is safe to start snow.

  "The snow cannon has a big size, the characteristics of the forefront, the snow gun is more fine, the snow is better.

"Shougang Ski Daji" Han Dong said, "We will start the snowfall under the most suitable conditions," we will choose to start the snow machine under the most suitable conditions, and avoid waste of water resources as much as possible.

"The snow gun has 9 control gear, including the sub-file adjustment function, not only can cause more dry powder snow and different water wet snow according to different gear regulations, but also adjust the amount of water, the amount, etc. The quality of the snow is controlled. The snow pump house located on the big jump Taipei, the water pickup port on both sides of the big jump line, the pump house mainly includes snow control system terminal, water storage pool, cold water tower, water pump Wait.

Han Dong introduced that the snow system has now completed inspection and maintenance. It is currently final debugging before the pump room and water supply lines. It is finally confirmed by the Snow plan. "Snowing work will be started according to the weather conditions, it is initially scheduled to start saving in a week, until the end of January 20, 2022, and lasting for about 1 month.

During the period, work mainly includes the scene of the track, snow, shaping, shaping, and two stages of the second shaping team. "Shougang Ski Daji Venue Running Team Venue and Infrastructure Manager Liu Yuchuan said.

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The 96th Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial 13th President

  On November 15th, the 96th Director of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress was held in Zhengzhou.

  Zhao Suping, secretary of the Provincial People’s Congress, presided over the meeting, deputy director Ma Yi, Xu Jichao, Zhang Weining, Qiao Xinjiang, Li Gongle and Secretary-General Ji Bingwei attended the meeting, Kong Changsheng, deputy secretary of the Provincial People’s Congress, Zhang Changsheng, member of the party member Li Ya, Mu Mu Participate in the meeting for the people. The meeting listened to the report of the "Henan Provincial Education Supervision Regulations (Draft)" review, about Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan, Anyang, Hebian, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Luohe, Zhumadian 8 sets of local regulations review, The description of the "Digital Economic Promotion Ordinance (Draft)" in Henan Province, the description of the "Regulations on the Protection of Drinking Water Sways (Draft in Henan Province)," Method of Implementing the Chinese People’s Republic of China "(Draft)" The report of the initial review, the report on the first trial situation of the "Decision of the Population and Family Planning Ordinance" of Henan Province, the "Henan Provincial Contradiction Disputes Multiculturalism (Draft)", about "Henan Province The report of the first trial situation of the National Work Ordinance (Draft), the report of the first trial of the Henan Provincial Pension Service Regulations (Draft) The report of the Environmental Ordinance and the "Henan Provincial Optimized Business Environment Regulations" implementation report, on the review results of the 2021st fourth budget adjustment program (draft), the progress of listening to the provincial government’s post-disaster recovery reconstruction Reporting recommendations, follow-up and supervision research report on the rectification of the 20020 provincial budget implementation and other fiscal accounts and other fiscal revenue and foreign payment audits, report on the "Henan Provincial People’s Government on the Development of Cultural Industry" Regarding the report of the "Report of the Henan Provincial Senior People’s Court on Civil Trial Work" report, the report on the provisions, criticism and opinion of the provisions of the 13th National People’s Congress, on behalf of the provisions, criticism and opinion, and held Henan Province 10 The decision of the sixth meeting time of the Third People’s Congress (draft), personnel appointment and removal, decided to drain the above issues to the Standing Committee meeting.

  The meeting heard the implementation plan for the preliminary review of the 722 departments of the provincial direct department, regarding the "Director, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial People’s Congress, the Secretary-General, the Secretary-General Reception", The description of the "National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s annual legislative plan management method (revised draft)", the description of the five system modifications of the "Henan Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee"; study the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress to listen to and consideration The implementation of the report consideration of the report; advice on the twenty-eighth meeting through the provincial 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee. (Reporter Li Point).

Special payment! He will always settle forever in the war epidemic – People’s Political Consultative Conference

On the evening of August 19th, the Ministry of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the National Health and Health Committee and the Central Radio and Television Terrace jointly organized the "Shiny Name 2021 The most beautiful doctor release ceremony". 10 individuals such as Tong Zhaohui were awarded the title of "The most beautiful doctor", the medical talent "group" aid team was awarded the "most beautiful team" title. The publishing ceremony is also specially carried out to the new crown vaccine research and attack on the last moment of life.

Zhao Zhendong, Jiu Sanxue Society, researcher of the School of Pathogenic Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. After the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Zhao Zhendong served as the team leader of the Ministry of State Council’s joint-defense mechanism vaccine. At the end of danger, he intensively surveted five vaccine research and development units such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences within two days, in order to promote the development and production of new crown virus vaccine in my country.

In order to complete the relevant work of new crown virus vaccine development as soon as possible, Zhao Zhendong gave up the rest and continuously fight for more than 200 days, and staying around the vaccine in the first line of vaccine.

At 8:00 on the evening of September 16, 2020, in Changsha to return to the relevant academic conference, it was at the airport, Zhao Zhendong was ineffected by excessive heart disease. It was ineffected by the rescue, leaving in the early morning of the 17th, 53 years old.

He always sets his life forever in the war. Let us remember the nine three people who silently guarding the people – Zhao Zhendong.

(General People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News) Editor: Liu Hei.