Tianjin Jinnan District Fire Rescue Detachment launches Party History Learning Education

A few days ago, Zhang Bin, secretary of the party committee and political committee of the fire rescue detachment in Jinnan District, Tianjin, and the "We are all dreaming people", and all the guidance of the party history of the party history.

The party courses are cut in three levels of "realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, realizing the self-worth of self-value, the modernization of fire protection work", and launched a vivid and detailed ideological education for the warfare. From the Communist Party, the Chinese people stand up, and it is rich to strengthen the glory of the game, refers to the initial mission of the war.

Yuan Longping’s hardship invented rice, Yu Mimic surname is the name of hydrogen, Huang Dafa is 30 years of construction … From a vivid image name, in the deeds of people, the fighters deeply understand the spirit of unnecessary people.

The whole lecture level is clear, the content is rich, the case is informative, and there is both theoretical analysis, and practice, it is guided the guidance of the fighters to continue the mental blood, and practice the initial mission with practical actions. The party class has put forward three points to all fire refers to the warfare. First, we must firmly believe in, perform the duties, and make a solid support for the party to protect the party and defenders. Second, we must love the dedication, hard practice, and do the practitioners who love the fire protection.

The third is to work hard, seek truth-seeking, doing the dreamer of the business entrepreneurship, the actual person. All of the warfaremen said that they must always strengthen their ideals, high spirits, and constantly endive in the new historical starting point, and make new and greater contributions in their position.

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Qinghai Province has made energy insurance for energy insurance

  In order to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, the Qinghai Provincial Energy Bureau further enhances the sense of responsibility, mission, and highlight service in accordance with the spirit of the provincial government’s provincial government on the implementation of the conference of this winter, spring energy insurance. The overall situation, consolidate the foundation, and effectively guarantee the need for the production of the people in the province. Under the unified deployment of the Qinghai Provincial Government, Qinghai Province continues to improve the supply capacity, vigorously promote large wind power and photovoltaic base construction with Desert Gobi desert, concentrated on 15, 10.9 million kilowatwhwwat new energy project, fully promote Mal Bill, pull Power Supply of Power Supply of Li Express. Actively build a clean and low-carbon energy supply system, including the two renewable energy bases of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture reached a thousand kilowatts, and two of Haixi 2nd a total of 1 million kilowatt photovoltaic applications leading the base. The scenery hot storage can complement the 700,000-kilowat photovoltaic project, the first batch of 210,000 kilowatts, the first demonstration photothermatic project, Hainan State 850,000 kilowaton Yangxia water-globulent complementary project, water grate can complement 1 million kilowatt photovoltaic projects National Demonstration Project. Continuous expansion of the provincial internal power grid, take the Hainan Prefecture Xining – Jele-Talai 3rd back 750 kV line project, complete the fish card – Turin double back 750 kV line engineering construction, further improve the power grid collection and transportation capacity . At the same time, strengthen the gas storage capacity, actively connect the company, strengthen the supply management of gas source, and ensure the safety of the province. Accelerate the construction of gas storage facilities and urge the relevant departments to complete the relevant procedures as soon as possible.

Up to now, the people and Hui Tu Autonomous County gas storage station, Golmud gas station, Deling Harbin gas station, Republican gas storage station, Guide reserve station, Xining City Chengxi Gas Station has been basically completed, forming 18 million cubic meters The government has gas storage capacity. Follow-up will continue to advance the unfinished project construction, and strive for facilities that will have a gas storage capacity.

  In addition, further consolidation of safety foundation, join the Qinghai Provincial Emergency Management Office and other departments, longitudinally in-depth major energy security enterprises, find high safety production, systematic analysis, etc. St. orderless. The Qinghai Provincial Energy Bureau said that it is necessary to further strengthen the horizontal linkage, strengthen energy project construction, and consolidate the basis. At the same time, we will have a good job in the planning safety of the energy industry and continue to implement the party Central Committee, the State Council, the National Energy Administration, and the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Provincial Safety Production Committee on safety production, and ensure the province’s energy security. (Editor: Yang Wei, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The Asian-European Culture Festival will kick off

Original title: The Asia-European Culture Festival will kick off as one of the 13th Asia-Europe Summit series, and the Asia-European Culture Festival will be opened on 22 this month. The Secretary of the Cambodian Culture and Art Secretary’s Deputy Subject was introduced to the reporter on the 15th that the theme of this Asian and European: Culture was 12 days, from 22 to 26 this month. Hold in an online and offline.

  Jinbin farm said that the Asian Culture Festival will exhibit comprehensive art activities in Asia and Europe, including traditional dance, contemporary dance, music and drama, and exhibition activities will exhibit many artwork of domestic and foreign artists, and a variety of Movie. The Asia-European Culture Festival will invite more than 100 Asian-European national artists to show multicultural and creative works through performances, dance, music, exhibitions and exchange activities.

  Jinbi farm said that the opening ceremony will be held in the title of "Colorful Cambodia". At that time, Cambodia and Asiana national artists will jointly perform exciting activities such as traditional and modern dance. The people can visit the Asia-European Culture Festival through the official website. As for the offline activities, in addition to the art festival, art exhibition will be held in the National Museum, and 4 movies in the MAJORCINEPEX cinema in the Phnom Penh City. Jinbin farm said that the Asia-European Cultural Festival aims to explore the huge potential and cohesiveness of cross-cultural cooperation and art cooperation in two continents, which is an important cultural event under the framework of Asia-Europe leaders. In addition, the cultural festival will promote the awareness of the Art and the public to the Ai-Europe Summit process, show the viewpoints and values ??of Asian Europe, and promote cooperation and development. The 13th Asia-Europe Summit, hosted by Cambodia will be held online from November 25th to 26th this year, the theme is "Strengthening multilateralism, promoting common growth". (Reporter Ouyang Kaoyu) (Editor: Yang Yupo, Endian Pack) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

The Historical Struggle of Zhejiang Revolutionary Struggle after Lonely

Original title: The Si Ming Mountain, the Si Ming Mountain, the Si Ming Mountain after the loneling enemy, located in Ning Shao, the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, with an average of about 700 meters above sea level, and the main peak Jinzhongshan has an altitude of 1018 meters.

Because there is a "four-window rock" on the top of the Dashishan Peak, the sun and the moon are shot through the four stone window holes, so it is called "Si Mingshan". In the west side of Liangcong Town, Yuyao City, Si Mingshan Revolutionary Martyr Monument is located here. Monument to high meter, with granite, majestic, the face is the "revolutionary martyrs permanent" written by Guo Moruo, and there is a "anti-Japanese War period, the War period, the War period, the war The Eastern Region is the martyrs who are bravely dedicated to the revolution. " There are two platforms around the monuments, with a square area of ??3,600 square meters.

From the parking lot to the monument, there are seven layers of 319 steps. Enter the gate of the cemetery, there are two sides of the two sides, there are "the great, death glory" couplet on the column. From the top three levels of steps, there is a red flag stone monument, and Mao Zedong is spent on Mao Zedong. Go on their blood! "After the four-storey step, he entered the Monument Square.

Before the establishment of Zhejiang East China, the anti-Japanese base, in April 1941, the invasion of the Japanese army launched Ning Shao Battle, the Kuomintang defending the festival defended, Shaoxing, Zhenhai, Ningbo, Yuyao and other fills. In order to save the national danger, the Central Committee adjusted the strategic deployment of the New Fourth Army in Huazhong.

On February 1, 1941, the Party Central Committee and Mao Zedong have made a new deployment on the new four armies in Ji Zhejiang: About Zhedong, that is, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Triangle area, our strength is weak, the general command should increase this The strategic base, through the Shanghai Party founded a guerrilla based in the region (based on the original minority armed for Songjiang, the Central Plains Bureau should pay attention to the Shanghai Party.

On April 30, Mao Zedong, Zhu De gave Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi and other comprehensive telegrams, clearly indicating that the anti-Japanese base from the Zhejiang East, and has a separate strategic unit.

According to the central instructions, the Chinese and New Fourth Army divide Tan Qilong to lead the Lunan Government and Pudong Working Committee and hosted by Pudong Zhejiang.

  Zhedong anti-Japanese affixing is created by three strengths: First, the patriotism of Zhejiang local party organization leaders.

At the same time in the extensive development of anti-Japanese national salvation, local party organizations in Dinghai, Zhenhai, Cixi, Yuyao, Shaoxing built multiple anti-Japanese arms.

The armed forces leaders in various local party have been prepared for the opening of Zhedong according to the ground. The second is the party leadership of Pudong armed forces. Since May 1941, more than 900 people led by the CCP, more than 900 people from Nanlu Hangzhou Bay arrived in "Sanbei" (referred to the irregular Yao, Cixi, Zhenhai North Region), and became the basis for the construction of the new four army Zhejiang.

  The third is the guide for the new four army military and Huadian Government. In June 1942, Tan Qilong arrived at "Three North" with more than 100 fighters. By April 1944, more than 300 cadres such as Zhedong’s party, military, government, wealth, text, Wei, military workers.

  In July 1942, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee decided to set up the armed armed forces from the Party Committee of the Secretary of Tan Qilong. In August in the Cixi Shuanghe Field, the Three-North Tourism, He Kexi, who was commander, and Tan Qilong gave the political commissar, unified leading Zhedong anti-Japanese troops, using scattered motor tactics, after 29 battles, repeatedly Military offensive to Zhejiang District. On April 23, 1943, after 16 hours of attacking, the Liangneang Town Lion Mountain puppet military base was removed, and Liang Dynasty was liberated. The Party Committee and the Sanbei Tourist Command in Zhedong District have been initially established in Liangcang and Hengkanou Village. Since then, Liang became the military, political, economic and cultural center of the anti-Japanese affixing area after Zhejiang East, is known as "Zhejiang Yan’an".

  According to the establishment of 4 years, the Zhejiang Province relies on the four Ming Mountain, with Liang Teng as the command center, with the day, pseudo-and naughty struggle, the troops have grown to more than 15,000 people from more than 900 people, and experience the size of 643 times. 2 of the county, over 110 pseudoquins, and 4 million liberated compatriots, wrote a glorious chapter for the anti-Japanese war compose, and became one of the national anti-Japanese bases.

  After relieving the pain, Zhejiang, the father of the brothers, sisters, southern, southern, southern China, the new four armies have never died. Seeing that the Zhejiang Province, the Zhejiang, the Zhejiang, which is constantly developing. Chiang Kai-shek is in the 1943 consecutive electricity regime to eliminate the China’s military and Zhejiang anti-Japanese base. In October, the Kuomintang set up the headquarters in the Tiantai, which has also attacked more than 20,000 troops, colluding days, and the madness attacked.

  In response to the enemy’s offense, the Zhejiang, the Zhejiang, the leader of the CCP launched heroic and hit and adhered to Zhedong.

At the same time, for the conspiracy of the Kuomintang, in December 1943, the Zhejiang Middle Bureau and the New Fourth Army Military Department were approved. The Zhedong troops were publicly treated by Liang, and adapt to the new four army Zhejiang.

On January 15, 1944, in the Si Mingshan Hushu Village, Zhejiang, the anti-Japanese anti-Japanese base, the highest administrative organ – Zhejiang East Intimensional Administrative Committee, promulgated the "Structures of the Interim Administrative Committee of Zhejiang East" (draft), marking Zhedong anti-Japanese According to the ground, there are planned construction in all aspects, developed to the 4 administrative regions, 16 county-level regimes. In January 1945, the People’s Representative meeting of Zhejiang Province was held, officially elected Zhejiang Administrative Committee, established the Zhejiang Administrative Office, appointed the Si Ming, Sanbei, Jin Xiao, and Shanghai’s four regions of the four regions and counties Long, in the basis of the establishment of anti-Japanese democratic regimes at all levels. After the victory of the anti-Japanese war in 1945, the Joy of the Shengli, but the Kuomintang reactionaries were eager to seize the victory, but not only stepped up to send troops to the Zhedong area, but also called the Zhedong guerrilla column when the enemy had not paid the weapon. "剿".

In order to avoid positive conflicts with the Kuomintang army, it will stop civil war, and strive to come to the new era of Peace, the Party Central Committee and the New Fourth Army have decided to make the greatest endurance and concession, order the Zhejiang New Fourth Army and the anti-Japanese democratic government at the end of September 1945 Exit Zhedong, only to keep a small number of backbone insisted on struggle.

  On October 1, 1945, the CPC Zhejiang East Party Committee reported that "Xin Zhejiang Dongpu" published "tolerance and bid farewell to Zhejiang Master’s Master’s Sister Book". After the northern part of the new four army, he left insisted that there were less than 100 people in the Si Mushan District.

Under the instructions of the China Bureau, the Zhejiang University of Working Committee and the Si Mingshan Working Committee conducted more than 100 models of the revolutionary armed forces and the enemies and the enemy, gradually recovered, and established the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Zhedong Second Guerrilla Color. . The Si Mingshan Revolutionary Base Development became an important part of "Southern Seven District". In Chiang Kai-shek’s old nest, he has adhered to the struggle. He became a sword of Chiang Kai-shek’s heart, which contains some of the Kuomintang army’s strength, and has a strong contribution to the National Liberation War. The revolutionary spirit of Zhejiang Province has passed the New Fourth Army Zhejiang Pleanders in Liangke’s revolutionary experience, leaving a large number of revolutionary relics. Since the full retention of various types of elements such as the party, politics, military, essays, and bathing, and Wei. The country-based system retains the anti-Japanese base of all types of sites, including the local site of the Party Committee of the Zhejiang District, the old site of the Zhejiang Administrative Office, the new four army Zhedong guerrilla vertical team, the old site of Zhedong anti-Japanese military and political department, Zhejiang Lu Xun The old site of the college, the old site of Zhejiang, the new Zhejiang newspaper, the old site of Zhedong Bank, the old site of Tan Qilong, and the people of the people from all walks of life, the old site of the conference of the conference.

More importantly, it left the Si Mingshan revolutionary spirit and struggle tradition, and the generation of people in the generation of people were stronger and building a beautiful home. In the Si Mingshan area, the Si Mingshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, Memorial Hall and Military History, became a party history education and a clean government base. In Liang Ge, Zhejiang Si Mingshan Cadre College and hangs the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Party School, Si Mingshan, Zhejiang Socialist College, Si Ming Mountain Branch, became a cradle of cadre training. In order to further inherit the red gene, promote the revolutionary culture, Yuyao will change the Central Primary School of Liangong Town as the Red Army Primary School in Zhejiang Province, and promote the Si Mingshan spirit. (The author is the deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education).

Two technological innovation achievements in Liaoning Province won the national excellent award

  Reporter Liu Dabi reported on November 18 that the reporter learned from the Provincial Work Union, in the session of the 6th National Staff Excellent Technology Innovation Achievement Award, two results have received excellent results award.

  It is reported that the National Federation of Trade Unions launched the national employee’s excellent technological innovation achievement exchange activities in 2004, held once every 3 years, currently has been rated as a national employee excellent technology innovation achievement award, some winning achievements are recommended by the National Federation of Trade UnionsNational Science and Technology Progress Award.In the 100 outstanding results of this review, 3 results were received first prize, 15 results were received, and 82 results were excellent.

Liaoning Province award-winning project is the "Belt Wheel Bearing Online Replacement Tool and Method" and China Fair Shenyang Dawn Air Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. declared "aviation engine fan rotor"Technical innovation of methods. "

Editor in charge: Wang Haitao.

Today, I don’t dare to forget, I can’t forget it!

  On December 13, 2020, the Nanjing Massacre Division National Flash Ceremony was found.

Xinhua News Agency, Ji Chunpeng, the tail, the pigeon, the sound of the pigeon Numerous women were killed, and there were countless children died in the dead of a third. The Chinese people don’t dare to forget, can’t forget … Nanjing is the hugeness of smoke in the historical and cultural city of China, and the Yangtze River is surrounded by the poetic, Jiangnan. However, every Chinese will not forget that she has suffered. Deep suffering today, we use three stories to open the historic gate of the dead war: there is a grenade tied to a grenade to the tank wheels in December 1937, the Japanese military soldiers have captured Nanjing to use the cannon. Successfully smashed into the light of the Guanghuamen, a small number of enemies rushed into the city gate, but repeatedly served as Guanghuamen defense teaching team Xie Chengrui and the 87th teacher Yi Anhua 259 brigade and equivalence to take back to the city gate, block the city wall After the whole row, the front servants of the Chinese officers and soldiers were strongly sacrificed on December 13, the Japanese military boarded the Gate. When the tank car opened into the Guanghua door, there was a guard tiered a grenade to the tank wheel … Wen Wan first war, abnormal The tragic is based on "Safe", the second five-nine brigade, and the Director Zhong Chongxin, the Director of the Director Zhong Chongxin and the direct part of the brigade. "A telegraph from Nanjing said:" My military is sad Everyone is committed to death. "It is gentleman who is young, and the soldiers who are in the country have a sore, and there is also a 32-year-old 259 brigade from the age of 32, Zhong Chongxin, just stepped into the marriage of the marriage, the comprehensive anti-war broke out, Zhong Chongxin When I went to the anti-Japanese battlefield couple, I saw the last side of Changshu Car Station. When he suddenly ran from behind her, she couldn’t worry about the lacrimer: "Amei, I will come back." However, Zhang Shuying, hard work Seven years later, she learned that she found all the historical materials from the words of only the famous language. She did not pay for the private donation to the country. It is the land of the country under the foot, and her compatriots have a compatrioven. "Black Cloud pressure" The city "" "" "",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Shuqin, survivors, to participate in the public festival.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Loud photo Daily attack Nanjing Qian Xia family has a total of nine people, a family renting a house in No. 5, Chengnan Xinjun, Japanese soldier, about 30 people, 8 years old, 8 years old, Xia Shuqin The Japanese soldiers used a bayonet to blew three knives and woke up when they woke up, only the bodies of the next place were fortunate to survive Xia Shuqin and my sister and a loved ones living together for 14 days. I was "捡" from the dead Xia Shuqin, who escaped in the dead, has become the most powerful witnesses of the tragic history on August 23, 2006, Nanjing Massacre Survivors Xia Shuqin active at the press conference. On the same day, Xia Shuqin, who was invading Japanese Nanjing Massacre survivors, v. Japanese right-wing infringement case, and the Nanjing Xuanwu District Court made a judgment, and the plaintiff Sumaguen won. Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yongqing took the 65-year-old Xia Shuqin in 1994 to become the first to complain the Nanjing Massaccoon, the survivors who did not let the Japanese people show the Japanese people, Nanjing Massacre. The atrocity of the Iron Card Although the process of every told is equivalent to ignorant her inner scars, they will always cry: "Just a seven people in a morning.

"Despite the iron card, there is still a Japanese right wing, and Summer, Xia Shuqin is" false witnesses "," do not win the lawsuit, swear! "Summer Shuqin who did not read a day, she was able to defend her reputation. On August 23, 2006, Nanjing Massacre survivor Xia Shuqin was stated in the court. Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yu From 2000 to 2007, Xia Shuqin successively won twice in the Chinese court and the Japanese court and the Japanese right wings, the Japanese right wings not only gave a few people attempt to deny the history of historical realism, but also opened up the path from the legal level. 2006 On June 30th, Nanjing Massacre survivors Xia Shuqin (front row right) in Japan Tokyo and supporters holding "no negative Nanjing Holocaust" banner to Tokyo Local Court. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Guofeng now Xia Shuqin has In the past 90 years, I still said that she did myself to do myself: "Since I live, I will have a truth about 300,000 compatriots," I still have a good thing, although I’m dead. The old man did not repent, and he would use faw to spell the soul to make the truth showed tomorrow. Return to Nanjing’s bustling city wall, endless ruins and tired bones, let him be shocked and uneasy, he was sent back to Japan to return to China, and he collected some spent in Zikinshan. This is a ruin in war. Reluctantly blooming purple Wildflower Shankou Titan’s Back Youth In the yard of the spring Mountain mouth, he wrote a short message. He wrote a short document. Take the name of Zi Golden Grass If you like it, you will be in your courtyard … In order to let the purple golden grass open in Japan in Japan, you will take the train every year. All the way … 1966 Before the death of Taujang has died, he left the son Yamuo Yu: "The purple golden grass is given to you.

"Today, in Japan, you can see the shadow of the Zijin grass from the Hokkaido to Okinawa. After dying in the bombing, she became a primary school teacher and a child. She saw the purple golden grass in the "Dynasty News" newspaper, I found that behind the little flower behind her, she and the composer In-depth interview with the creation of a 1-hour chorus group "Purple Golden Story" later published children’s reading "purple big radish flower", "Peaceful flower" not only open Japan, but also sing all over Japan (left one "The seeds of the flowers, the other side of the sea, with expectation, rooted here. Peaceful flowers, purple golden grass … "In April 2009, there was a purple golden grass girl in the Memorial Garden in April 2009. There was a purple golden grass girl in the garden. The opening ceremony of Wan Yen donated, "Purple Golden Story" was sang in a group of Japanese Zijin’s visit to the Chinese group to sing, and the Gao Zi, who was particularly emotional in the bloody Tucheng of the Japanese for 6 weeks after 1938 In spring, purple golden grass is still blooming as Nanjing City, the fire is born and born. This is the national public festival ceremony of the Nanjing Massacre in the Nanjing Massacre in December 13, 2020.

Xinhua News Agency, Ji Chun Peng took the vicissitudes, the millennium Jinling was still solemn, and the pain of the beautiful and beautiful, the pain of the Nanyin City, and the heroic, tenacity and inclusion of a great nation will always be remembered in December 13, 2020. The Japanese Mother of the Nanjing Massacre in the Japanese lascale ceremony is located.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Long Xiang Zhao Zhao Zhaozhao, the last person, a rumor, accompany us: Do not forget the suffering yesterday’s suffering, the nature of today’s mission, the great dream of not being treated tomorrow, Author: Jiang Fang, Wang Yi, Xuan Zheng: Yu Wei Ya, Zi Wei Wei Home Design: Pan Hongyu Editor: Li Yongxi Ming Xie: Invaded the Nanjing Massacre Victims Memorial Hall Jiangsu Province Nanjing Massacre Research Center.

Promoting the logic thinking of the CPPCC negotiation and grassroots consultation

As a systematic engineering, the grassroots government conference, as a systematic project, should give full play to the promotion of the promotion of national governance. The author uses the practice of Liuzhou Municipal CPPCC as an example. From the perspective of theoretical logic, the author analyzes, refines, summarizes, summarizes the new form of the exploration of the CPPCC with the social governance.

Logical starting point: Consolidating the party’s ruling basic promotion of the CPPCC and the effective connection of the grassroots consultation, we must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the practice of my country’s new political party system; firmly establishing the concept of grassroots to lead the grassroots governance, and enhance the modernization of grassroots governance Realize the party’s mass work in society’s full coverage, assist the party committee, government coordination relationship, teaching emotions, and resolve contradictions, and further integrate wisdom to seek common development.

Logical fulcrum: The innovation of the development of the CPPCC (1) Crack the "two weak", realizing the full coverage of the CPPCC work is the eye treatment, enrich the work power of the grassroots CPPCC. Liuzhou CPPCC explored the establishment of "CPPCC Committee Service Center" in a conditional area, and counties and districts strive to solve the "one person committee" by increasing the preparation, hiring people. The second is to control this, fully use the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference at all levels.

Choose 1-2 grassroots liaison stations, and coordinate the county government commissions to participate in the key consultation supervision of the CPPCC, investigate inspection activities, formative linkage and performance mechanisms, and further enable members "move", the CPPCC works "live" Duty performance "Real".

(2) Engage the "true negotiation" and give full play to the role of "unique, unique, unique, unique, unique" special consultative institutions, and help each street (town) organizes the community, close the masses, will The CPPCC has extended to the grassroots level, and political negotiation expands to grassroots levels.

(3) Give full play to the subject ‘s role of the committee, improve the effectiveness of the Function of the CPPCC’s performance, and the special performance platform of the membership expertise. The second is to promote the Committee of the CPPCC, stipulate the criteria of the committee "under", clear "under", expand the channel of "under", "under" accurate, form a rigid constraint, to "under" pressure The power of "upper". The third is to strengthen education and training, and participate in learning training in the system construction as an important part of its duties and the important conditions of the "Excellent CPPCC", and count the assessment requirements. Logic footprint: Promoting the CPPCC negotiation with the grassroots consultation (1) Grasping the essentials of "how to sink", the construction of the "CPPCC consultation" platform is the construction of the county government commissions to contact the workstation, forming "eight" and Standardization Construction of "Six". The second is to improve the operation management system of the Committee on the CPPCC.

Strive to ensure the standardization management and normalization of the workstation of the workstation, ensure that the work is available, and it can be in accordance with it.

Establish the connection mechanism of improving members to contact the workstation and the CPPCC work, strengthen organizational management and service guarantee, enhance joint linkage with the CPPCC and district (city) CPPCC. Accelerate the formation of a mechanism to improve the reasonable negotiation procedures and effective interaction, and further enhance the CPPCC to participate in the grassroots consultation institutionalization, standardization, and programming levels.

Timely establish a sound party committee attach great importance to the mechanism of the Commission to contact the workstation, and create a good environment for the members.

(2) Improve the mechanism of "How to Organize", promote the organization of the CPPCC, with the grassroots committee, with the special committee, can break the regional restriction, and achieve the multi-level CPPCC committee to perform the job, the city, county two levels The Committee of the CPPCC has been performing duties, and also can directly perform the duties or joint duties in the autonomous region, the municipal, county-level three-level CPPCC or the national, autonomous region, municipal and county-level CPPCC members. "the goal of. Promote the organization advantage of the Committee, the professional advantages of the special committee, and the main body of the community is closely combined, and fully functioning. (3) Research on how to contact the "How to contact", formative institutionalization to ensure that Liuzhou Municipal CPPCC does not simply divide the members under the region, but combined the committee’s independent choice and organizational coordination, fully considers and coordinates To ensure that the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference at all levels has covered all the counties and districts, and "establish a commission of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference on the CPPCC’s grassroots committee", combining the standardization and elastic performance, forming a normalization of normalization. Subside the commission of the community’s leading organizations, each year, every year to each fixed contact point, no less than 1, and can voluntarily carry out activities according to the actual work. Organization, customization, usual activities, outcome.

(4) Perfecting the "How to Negotiate", construct a new performance mode for the participation of the parties involved in the vertical and horizontal linkage, and the longitudinal multilayer coverage is good.

The superior CPPCC organized the "Tiantianda" to play its own advantages, from top to guide the grassroots CPPCC to find the direction of work.

The Grassroots CPPCC organizes "grounding gas" to understand the difficulties of grassroots party and government work, the mass work hotspots, and to determine the negotiation issues for the Organization of the CPPCC, so that the performance is more close to the actual pending, forming the CPPCC Overall cooperability, play the work pattern of the CPPCC.

The second is to cooperate in horizontal extensive development. Grassroots Member Contact Workstation and Residents (Street) Party Representative Studio (Station), People’s Congress on behalf of the Studio (station) and the people’s groups of the Town Chamber of Commerce, carry out the "Building" research, consultation, and play "two generations "Multi-partial integration jointly promotes the construction of grassroots consultations. With the town party committee, the people, the government, the street party work committee, the office, and form a normative system, communication channels, operational methods, etc.

Late joint exchanges between the neighboring town (street) contact stations, conduct research inspections on the joint concerns, and promote relevant issues to be resolved.

(自 琨) (The author is deputy director of the party building of Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee) (Editor: Li Minjun, Huang Yimei).

Reconstructing traditional business logic, life service, Wu Xi life officially launched

Recently, the Wuhan life advertising e-commerce platform of Guizhou Wuxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. has officially launched the trial operation after the previous multi-stage test. At the launch of the trial operation, there were about 210,000 members of the fans to interact, and the site has also attracted the entrepreneurs visiting a total of many industries. It is reported that Wuhan life is a traditional commercial logic that is committed to applying Internet Technologies Reconstruction, breaking monopoly, with advertising e-commerce for traffic entrance, and empowering local life service enterprises. New ecological platform. Guizhou Wuxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the National Big Data Center Guizhou Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, is an innovative technology company that links consumers to build consumers.

At the event, Ms. Wu Xi Living Lin delivered a warm speech, she said that ordinary footsteps can also finish the great trip, as long as we choose one direction, determine a plan, bravely make a wolf, constantly innovation, Open a new chapter of the consumption. Wu Xi life e-commerce platform is not only a platform for enterprises under communication, but also a platform for more people to turn daily consumption into entrepreneurship opportunities.

Under the common efforts of Wu Xi family, Wu Xi’s life advertising e-commerce platform surpassed our dreams, redefined advertising e-commerce industries, and also gave enterprises and individuals with unlimited business opportunities. Sochi’s life consultant Guanzhou teacher then shared the overall strategic plan of the platform. He mentioned that after the 2021 black swan incident, all walks of life are struggling, chaotic, and Wu Xi people think that the overall situation is currently, technology empowering commercial transformation is imperative.

Consumption needs innovation, thinking also needs to know, this is the time of Wu Xi people. Soi Xin’s life and e-commerce platform is based on the demand for the consumer market, traditional business needs to be changed.

Mr. Zhang Yixing, president of Wu Xixi, was first welcomed by the guests from all walks of life. He said that Wu Xi lived before the trial operation of the initiative, the number of members has broken by 210,000, and it attracts each line. All kinds of high-quality entrepreneurs have visited, why is today’s real life? Wu Xi life advertising e-commerce will slowly develop into a centralized brand hatching ecotropic circle. We encourage more people with entrepreneurial dreams to participate, here you can slowly grow into a team leader, a product developer, a brand holder, do your own boss. Mr. Zhang Yixing said that we will make more ordinary consumers, can also participate in the production and development of the product, brand creation, and opening up the great cause of sales channels, thus creating more employment agencies, casting advertising e-commerce national brands. .

Ms. Wei Shouping, Ms. Wei Shouping, and Ms. Zhou Yishan also conducted a wonderful speech. All the way, there is a setback, there is warmth; there is difficulties, there is also movement; there is tears, more tears, responsibility and responsibility! The above guests and leadership spokes, push the scene atmosphere of the launching meeting to the climax, and Wu Xi life has also opened the way to the merchants, enterprises, and individuals. Han Feizi, the big idea of ??the ancient Chinese French thinking, said: Don’t fly, I have been flying, and the nozzies have been amazing. Any success is a thickness of thin, and it has been in exchange for many years.

Not afraid of walking, I am afraid that I don’t start, Wu Xi life is from tough, exploring development to now steady forward, one step, one step is so stable and practical. We believe that for 2022 we are full of pride, look forward to the future, we are the leaders in the new era! We are new and brilliant creators, and we are a miracle, we are acting.

This is our era, and we will join hands to create a new chapter! Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Shanxi Bank 10 billion special loan guarantees electric power enterprises to guarantee financing

People’s Network Taiyuan October 16 (Duan Siqi) On the 15th, Shanxi Provincial Financial Office, Provincial Energy Bureau and Shanxi Bank jointly organized coal-powered enterprises in Taiyuan. All the 12 Banks of the Shanxi Bank and 12 branches all over the country have participated in the financing demand with more than 20 coal-electricity companies in the scene. Since this year, it has been superimposed by factors such as the rapid rise in energy, the rapid rise of coal demand, has tense in coal and power supply nationwide, which brings great challenge to the stable development of the national economy; in October, Shanxi Province has encountered strong precipitation, province There is a plurality of geological disasters such as internal, landslide, collapse, some coal enterprises, electric companies are affected, coal, and power supply are more severe.

In order to ensure that the internal coal-electricity enterprises in Shanxi Province play the role of energy security "crimping stone", ensuring high quality of coal-electricity enterprises to complete coal and electricity preservation tasks, Shanxi Bank actively implements the provincial government requirements, the first time and provincial energy The bureau, the provincial financial office communication and coordination, quickly identified the list of 22 electricity enterprises currently financing, and jointly organized the Office of the Silver Enterprise Council on the spot.

At the meeting, Zhao Fu, deputy director of Shanxi Bank, said that the power company will resolutely notify the loan, continuously loan, and the coal-powered enterprises that meet the credit conditions will open up green handling channels, prioritize the investigation and investigation and delivery of loans, and improve financial services.

In addition, Shanxi Bank will take a special loan scale of 10 billion yuan to protect the financing of electric companies. Shanxi Bank took the initiative to respond positively.

The two sides will strengthen communication in docking cooperation, deepen understanding, enhance mutual trust, and achieve "win-win".

Next, Shanxi Bank will quickly advance to ensure that the eligible coal-electricity enterprises will get credit funds as soon as possible, and the coal-electricity enterprises will take the coal and electricity guarantee. (Editor: Duan Siqi, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Take each step of your own way you walk (warmth hot comment)

  [Character] "High Plaen Letter" Wang Shunyou [Story] Wang Shunyou, is a hometown of the original "Marbang Post" in the Liangsisang Autonomous County of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. He insisted in post more than 30 years, 330 days of walking in the high mountain snowfield each year, never lost a message, delivery accuracy reached 100%.

On May 30, 2021, he was in the illness, but people still passed his incompetent "Ma Ban Post" spirit. [Reviews] I mention "Marbang Post", many people will feel unfamiliar.

People living in the Internet age may be unimaginable, "" Postage with horses in the mail, "postage," is what is like.

In the history of my country, this ancient ketile method has been connected to many remote mountains, which is the only choice for their foreign communication. Wang Shunyou is a hometown of the "Marbang Post" in Musli County to Baihuangxiang, Sanyu Township, Yumbo Township, Kara Township.

  At the last century, most towns in Mulai County did not pass highways and calls.

This post of Wang Shunyou walks is the only channel of the people and the outside world.

Rhitched postage, connecting the fresh dynamics outside the mountains, carrying the concern of the home wanderer, conveying the party and the government.

From Wang Shunyou, after the moment of his father’s hand, he put the local people on a heavy expectation of the post, and one is more than 30 years.

  Round-trip posts are engraved with Wang Shunyou’s footsteps. Every time, he will cross the sea level 5,000 meters. Half time, half of the year is covered by ice and snow, then go into an altitude of 1000 meters, the hottest temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius There is also a large and small primitive forest and mountain peaks, Digogiang, sometimes I can’t see a movie for several days. Only a horse is with him … The hard dangerous environment, the loneliness is not letting Wang Shunyou gave him hesitation and stagnation, and even a sudden natural disaster did not let him give up sent. On a lonely night, a dangerous moment, it is a firm belief that he supports him, and the "folks need me."

  A person who takes the horse to send a letter, how important is it in the wood? Wang Shunyou said: "Now we have more than a dozen ‘Marbang Post’, more than a dozen townships, everyone runs a road, does not contribute to the eyes, but all these roads, just put the folies and mountains outside the mountain It’s together, I will connect the party and the government and the wood! "In the mountains in the southwest mountain, there are many" loyal letters such as Wang Shunyou, each step of walking, opening up the bridge. A deep mountain and external communication with the convenience channel. In recent years, the traffic conditions in the wood have gradually improved, and now 110 administrative villages in the county have all hardened roads.

In June this year, Mulai County realized a full coverage of the three-level postal post of counties, townships and villages. The "Marbang Post" is being rapidly evolved to modern logistics.

  Today, "Marbang Post" has exited the historical stage, but Wang Shunyou and "Marbang Post" legend will have been remember; his lofty spirit, like Somama in the plateau, still bright and rainy, will also Incentive more people firmly forward in the new journey.